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Author's Chapter Notes:

The first chapter written by me - I would love to hear which style people prefer in the comments. This focuses on more stomach survival during masturbation as well as some foot odor at the end.


Patricia grabbed the edge of her couch with her fingers, hard. Digging into it, she let out a guttural groan of pleasure as her vibrator rubbed against her clitoris, driving her mind wild. Grace was a very expressive woman when it came to making love – her long, pedicured nails had left small scratches on her boyfriends’ backs many times during more… primal moments. She bit her lip, imagining her boyfriend driving his cock deep into her womanhood, pushing the vibrator in to its hilt with her left hand and bucking her hips into the air, screaming as she neared climax.

“Y-Yes! YES! Aaaahhh…. Come on…”

She was so close, her face flush with exertion as she bounced her ass up and down to drive the vibrator even marginally deeper, bringing her right hand to massage her nipples, hoping that would release the heavy orgasm trapped inside. She was so horny, but she had the unfortunate problem of having a very hard time achieving orgasm on her own, even with toys. Knowing if she didn’t call in her boyfriend’s ‘big gun’ she would be riding her vibrator until midnight chasing sexual relief, she grabbed her phone with her left phone, swiping it on while she continued thrusting at her cunt.

Brrring… brrrring… click.

“MMMM! Brett, baby… I need you… Oh, forget th-ahhhnn… the party. Get the fuck over here – ahh… and fucking rail me already… Mmm… Come on, d-don’t make me beg, baby… If you get here in ten minutes, we can do your favorite… See you soon, big boy!”

The sea of stomach acid was going wild, and Katie knew there were only a few reasons it could be this insane. She could barely make out some of the words that Grace had said, and now she was confident Grace was getting off.

Katie whimpered a bit, remembering fingering herself a few days ago in the tub, and imagined what she would have done had she found out she swallowed a tiny person. Overcome with a sense of disgust, Katie gagged, stomach acid splashing into and burning her open mouth, the rancid flavor of sandwich-acid soup and the image of being killed in another woman’s stomach was too much. Katie vomited onto the slowly dwindling sandwich raft, though having nearly nothing in her stomach, all she hacked up was a mixture of blood and bile.

Katie weakly brought the walkie-talkie to her mouth as she spit the last of her vomit out. “O… Oliver, you… I need you to hurr…” She had to stop and choke back another gag and catch her breath, as the walls around her let out a loud groan. “…Hurry. She… called her… boyfriend… they’re going to…” She couldn’t finish her sentence as she began to sob.


On the other side, Oliver had stopped running listened to the radio breathlessly. He could make out bubbling and groaning amidst the static and his sister’s whispered cries for help. His face paled at the thought of his sister being stuck in Grace’s stomach as she had sex. It was a miracle she had survived this long, but if they had sex there was no way she could survive that – he had to get there, fast.

Unfortunately, he had only made it to the door, it would take him an hour to get within range of Grace’s radio. He examined the room for anything that could help him get there faster. Looking at the clock, he realized that it was almost time for the party to start. Ryan had said that Donna knew about the party, which meant she was probably going to go get her sister soon… Dan had gone to Donna’s bedroom a while ago, and the loud noises had stopped, so she could leave any time now. If he could just catch a ride with her…

There wasn’t time to go far, so his options were limited. In fact, the only thing he could get to without running another ten minutes was the pair of shoes Donna had by the door. He slowly approached the black flats, which towered over him. They were leather, giving him just enough traction to climb to the top with a little effort, but Oliver wasn’t stupid. The flats were of minimal design, no straps to hang onto, he would be flung off on the first step.

Slowly crawling over to the opening, a wave of heat met his face, carrying the warm, salty smell of feet, the shoes were still warm from when they were last worn. He felt bile rising up his throat at the smell, it reminded him of what had happened to Carl. He could still clearly see the mashed viscera of Carl’s body in his head, his bones unnaturally snapped and jutting out of raw, red meat like some skinned roadkill. Oliver remembered the grating sound of Carl struggling to beg for death. Oliver had never seen anything so horrific, but Carl was somehow still alive until Grace completely flattened him.

That could be him, the rational part of Oliver’s brain argued. Jumping into this shoe is a death sentence, you’ve seen what a human foot can do to someone your size. Oliver shook his head, trying to shake those dark thoughts away. Bullies at school had called him a nerd and coward all through high school because he didn’t play sports, but this was his chance to do something that mattered. He had to save his sister and prove them wrong. If he could find a safe spot in the toe area, he could get use the radio to get Grace’s attention without ever leaving the shoe.

Oliver grabbed the radio. “Don’t worry Katie, I have a plan. I’m coming.” Turning it off, he started to climb down the warm inner material of the flat.


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