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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is the final chapter written by someone else and edited by me. It focuses on a tiny girl trying to avoid being digested while the woman she's inside masturbates with a vibrator.


Oliver sat in the corner completely devastated. He knew he never should’ve come to this stupid party. He almost didn’t go too. If only he did, he’d be playing video games with his dorm mates and eating junk food. Now he was literally fighting to survive.


He looked up. A small red blinking light was going on and off underneath the couch from before. The radio! A beam of hope shot through his mind. If he could get the radio, maybe he could get out of here. Maybe he could survive. He took a deep breath and started hauling his way across the room, back towards the couch…




He finally reached the couch, stopping to catch his breath, he stood there for a good half minute before moving forward. That’s when he heard a familiar voice.

“H-help... help me…” the voice wheezed over the radio, clearly in a great amount of pain, rasping as if the only energy they had left was being used for this small whisper.

He bent down and picked up the radio, holding it to his face. “K-Katie?” he said, still in disbelief that she was alive.

“Oliver... I’m... I’m inside Grace...” she wheezed, every word seeming to take a great amount of effort. Despite this, learning Katie was still alive gave Oliver a sense of renewed purpose. It gave him a reason to keep fighting. Maybe he could save her and himself in the process.

“Katie...” he said, “You need to stay calm... I’m going to get within distance of her house and connect to her radio system.”

Katie rolled her eyes, “How do you know... she even has one?”

OIiver sighed, figuring it didn’t matter at this point if his explanation sounded odd. “Last time we were over there I was snooping around and found one, not sure why, but she had it in her closet. I even remember the channel it was tuned at. If I can within 20 feet of her house, I should be able to contact her. We can tell her to induce vomiting and you’ll be safe.”

Katie chuckled half-heartedly, she’d already mostly given up on surviving and this plan didn’t sound all that great, but she had already suffered so much, she might as well hang on to that small hope. “Okay Oliver... I’ll just keep you updated as you go-” she was cut off as Grace suddenly sat up. The whole cavernous interior rumbled and shifted as more stomach fluid poured down over her body. Thankfully the pain wasn’t as bad anymore. Most of Katie’s nerve endings had already burnt away.


Grace sighed, strolling across her room and towards her dresser cabinet. She was getting horny and needed to let off some steam. Besides, she’d just bought a new vibrator that she was dying to try out.

“K-Katie?” Oliver yelled into the radio. “W-what’s happening?”

“I... I don’t know” stammered Katie, holding on for dear life with both hands, the radio strapped around her neck.

“Okay, just hold on tight! Grace lives just across the street, so I should be able to get within range in about 45 minutes...” he said, knowing it would probably take longer.

“O-okay...” said Katie, her voice losing the small spark of hope it had from before. “Please... Help me...”

Oliver sighed, taking a deep breath and getting ready for another run. Thank god he was in track and field, otherwise he’d have passed out by now.

Meanwhile Grace sat on the edge of her couch, slowly spreading her legs wider and wider, biting her lower lip as she rubbed the insides of her thighs with both hands, squeezing together her generous bust with her upper arms, pulling her panties aside, she reached for the vibrator and turned it on. Katie felt the effect immediately. A strange, unnatural rumbling echoed within the walls of Grace’s interior. Katie didn’t know what it was, but she knew it wasn’t good for her.

The vibrating rumble got stronger and stronger until finally the walls of her intestine starting to vibrate like an electric massager. The depths of stomach acid were sloshing around Katie, bubbles filtering to the top.

“Mmph... Oh, yeaaaahhh...” Grace moaned, her lustful whines reverberating through her skin. “Yeeaahhh, give it to me Brett...” she sighed, slowly rubbing the tip of her vibrator up and down against her pussy. Pleasure rushed over her in waves as she fell deeper and deeper into a growing swell of lust.

Katie screamed in pain as the vibration reverberated throughout her entire being, generating a new kind of suffering she hadn’t known existed. Violently shaking her in every direction, her bones and joints were slamming against each other, threatening to snap from the overwhelming movement. Grace’s lustful whimpering and moaning grew louder and louder as her pleasure grew more and more intense.

Katie had never known suffering like this. As she held onto a half-digested piece of sandwich within this titan’s stomach, even with Oliver’s reassurances he would save her, somehow she knew this was the end. The buzzing made the stomach lining jiggle as all the organs surrounding her churned, the cacophony assaulting Katie’s ears was the simple sound of another person living their life, the gurgles that nearly deafened her products of this woman’s daily life.

Katie’s life flashed before her, and she somehow knew this was going to be the end of it. The most painful thing she had ever experienced before this was spraining her leg during volley ball at college.

Now, every passing second Grace’s stomach acid was splashed onto her face, finding new nerve endings to burn through. If she was stronger, could accept that this was the end, and let go, maybe it would end mercifully fast. The only thing keeping her grip strong was knowing that her brother was coming. If he was willing to fight on for her, the least she could do was not give up. She grit her teeth, trying to listen past the roaring groans to what was happening outside – with any luck, she would hear something that could help Oliver.


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