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Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter was not originally by me, but edited. It includes more graphic gore, as well as acidic stomach digestion.


Oliver finally collected himself. Climbing down to the floor he was going to find a way to get back with the others. He also wanted to get away from this couch. He didn’t know if there were any more spiders around, and he definitely didn’t want to wait around and find out.

Making his way along the wall, Oliver noticed a strange shape on the floor. A dark smudge, twitching and writhing. Squinting to get a better look, he finally realized what it was. Carl, or at least whatever was left of him. Oliver gulped, feeling another wave of growing dread in the pit of his stomach. He felt like vomiting right then and there, especially considering it was his fault that Carl was ever shrunk in the first place.

Taking a deep breath, Oliver started running towards him. This was his fault and he needed to make it right. The closer he got, the sicker he felt. Carl didn’t even look like a person anymore, his bones snapped and intertwined like a monstrous human/insect hybrid, wheezing and coughing as blood poured out over the floor.

“C-carl?” Oliver gulped, stopping at 5 ‘feet’ away.

“Kill... me” Carl wheezed, his voice sounded like sandpaper scraping against wood. Oliver shook with fear, he’d never seen anything so horrific, his mind spiralled with disbelief.

“Kill me...” Carl’s gargled voice wheezed again.


“EEEK!” a shrill scream pierced the air, slamming again Oliver’s eardrums like a ton of bricks. "There’s another bug!” the voice shrieked, the ground shook as Grace’s thudding footsteps boomed across the floor, lifting up her leg as the shadow covered the ground.

Oliver gasped, scrambling to safety as her foot slammed down, crushing Carl’s mangled body, SPLAT. A spray of blood and gore burst out and spattered across the floor as Grace twisted her massive heal back and forth.

Oliver was frozen in terror as he watched this horrific event unfold. Finally coming back to his senses and sprinting across the floor to safety, praying to god that Grace didn’t see him.

“Oh my god!” Donna whined. “It’s getting away!” she pointed down as Oliver ran faster than he’d ever ran before. A looming shadow darkened his surroundings as Grace raised up her foot. Slowly dropping down.





Oliver dive rolled out of the way at the last second, taking cover in a small crack between the floor boards. Gasping for breath as he collected himself.


“Huh...” said Grace, looking down and looking at her feet, there was no sign of this second ‘bug’ anymore. Shrugging, she turned back and strolled towards the kitchen. Breathing a huge sigh of relief, Oliver decided to wait here until Grace wasn’t around anymore. At least Donna didn’t stomp on every bug the second she saw it.


Either way, this living nightmare kept getting worse.








Katie had managed to drag herself across the small island of wheezing flesh.

Getting close enough the reach the walkie talkie and call for help. Judging by the injury on her leg, there was a good chance she’d pass out any minute now. That’s when she felt a slow building rumble. The ‘ground’ vibrating as the stomach acid surrounding the island rippled and waved.

“Oh fuck...” she whispered, starting to realize what was happening. Grace’s stomach was rumbling. The walls of mountainous flesh slowly flexed inward, a massive tsunami of stomach acid suddenly pushing upward and moving towards Katie with relentless speed. Closing her eyes, Katie took a deep breath of air, and braced for impact.

Her pain before was nearly unbearable, but now it was unimaginably horrific. Tumbling head over heels in a wave of burning stomach acid, grabbing onto every surface nerve and eating away at her body like a thousand needles. Holding her breath, she fell deeper and deeper into a whirlpool of stomach acid and half-digested meals, gasping for air as her head pushed above surface, spiralling around and around towards a deep pit at the bottom of Grace’s stomach.

The pain was only getting worse too, pouring in through her mouth and down her throat, eating away bit by bit, excruciating. Katie had all but given up now. She couldn’t handle another second of this pain. Her survival instinct had other plans, forcing her to fight through and live, whether or not Katie actually wanted to.

Spiralling down, she fell into a small dark tube, Katie assumed it was an intestine. A disgusting tunnel of nightmares, even darker than Grace’s stomach. Sliding down the intestine like a waterslide from hell Katie screamed in terror. This was certainly the end for her.

SMASH- Katie slammed face first into a stuck piece of half-digested food.

Stomach acid pouring around either side like a boulder stuck in the center of a rushing torrent. Holding on for dear life, Katie gasped for breath as waves of repulsive bodily fluid pushed over her body again and again.


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