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Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter was not originally by me, but edited, and includes vore and graphic gore from stomping, as well as a great deal of panic.


Oliver looked up with growing dread on his face. Donna looked absolutely massive from this perspective. Like a goddess, a giant booming through the house, completely oblivious to the little people below.

He looked back to his sister Katie, still swimming in the glass of water, who seemed to have not noticed the monolithic woman entering the home.

“Are you trying to shoot me with that thing?” said Katie, noticing the fact he was aiming the ray in her direction.

Oliver snapped back to the moment, lowering the gun and clearing his throat, “N-no...” he said, “There was... I... I just got distracted...” he said, deciding it was probably better to not tell her the fact she was about to be eaten alive by a monstrous spider.

“Whatever,” said Katie, making her way back to the edge of the glass.


BOOM. The front door swung open again as Donna’s sister Grace stepped inside. Grace was a stunning blonde with a big heart shaped bottom, just like Donna. Though Grace was a little less formal over all. Barefoot and dress in loose fitting, dirty clothes, she looked like somebody about to spend a Saturday lazing around their house. Still though, from this perspective her beauty was like an Olympian god.

“Where’s Dan?” said Grace, shutting the door behind herself.

“He’s on the way” said Donna, placing down the groceries onto the counter.

Grace sighed, always seeming impatient for no apparent reason. “So you and Ryan are officially doneso, huh?” she said, looking at her fingernails while she spoke.

“Yeah... We have been for a while” said Donna, planting her bottom on the counter top.

Ryan’s ears perked up as they started talking about him.

“I’m worried he’s planning some kind of elaborate birthday though” said Donna. “Not that I hate it, but... it’s just really awkward...”

“What’s awkward?” said Grace, taking out her phone and scrolling through social media.

“He doesn’t know about Dan yet...” said Donna.

Grace snorted out a laugh. “Who cares?” she said. “It’s none of his business.”

Donna rolled her eyes, pushing off the counter and making her way towards the fridge.

Grace smirked, tucking the phone away into her pocket. “Dan is so much better, anyways...” she said, closing her eyes. “So much bigger...” she added, chuckling.

“Shut up Grace...” said Donna, slamming the fridge shut.

That’s when Grace noticed a strange reflection on the floor. A flicker of waving sunlight dancing on the wooden boards. Curiosity piqued, she slowly lowered down onto her hands and knees, peering underneath the couch. It was a glass of water. Grace shrugged, she was pretty thirsty anyways.


Oliver and Katie watched with hope as this giant woman looked at them. They were so small she couldn’t even tell they existed. Oliver started jumping up and down, waving his arms, screaming to get her attention.

Grace tilted her head, did she hear somebody yelling? Must be from outside, she guessed, shrugging it off and reaching for the glass of water, licking her lips. Wrapping her giant fingers around the glass, Grace pulled it out from underneath the couch.

Katie felt terrified, but she also felt hope. There was no way Grace wouldn’t see a bug sized person in the cup of water. Screaming her lungs out, Katie did everything she could to get Grace's attention.

Rising up to her feet Grace turned her back to Donna. Katie couldn’t believe how massive the room looked from up here, Like a grand canyon vista. She looked up.

Grace's giant, beautiful face loomed over the cup of water like a strange god. Biting her lower lip, Grace took a deep breath, closed her eyes and then, much to Katie’s shock and horror, brought the glass of water up to her lips.




Katie screamed in terror, using all her might to swim against the inevitable, pulling current. Dragging her closer and closer towards Grace’s massive lips below. Until finally, slipping through and into her mouth. Gasping for every breath she could get, Katie tried to grab onto whatever she could. Sliding down Grace’s massive tongue as torrents of water pushed her closer and closer towards the cavernous abyss of her throat.

The mere bumps on Grace’s tongue felt like small hills to Katie. Screaming for help as she grabbed on, only to fall deeper and deeper, bouncing off the tongue and slamming against the back of Grace’s throat. Desperately trying to climb her way back up, only for the water to push her back down. The contracting walls of Grace’s throat pushing her back and forth over and over again.

It was futile, Grace gulped her back and swallowed her whole. Katie screaming as she plummeted down the tunnel of her esophagus. Slamming against the sides of her throat as the darkness turned to pitch black. The claustrophobic air suddenly opening up to a wide opening. Grace’s stomach. Falling for what felt like a miniature eternity, Katie slammed face first onto a small pile of half-digested food. Her left leg shattering in the process. She was lucky though. If she’d landed even one centimeter to either side, she’d have plummeted straight into a pool of burning stomach acid.

Still though, Katie pretty much accepted this was the end. Numbing pain shot up and down her ruined leg.


Katie gasped, a red blinking light illuminate the strange landscape of Grace’s inner stomach. Of course! Katie remembered, the walkie talkie. It was waterproof. Pushing up to a sitting position she saw the radio sat about one inch away. At her size this was about 60 feet away. If she could drag herself towards it, then maybe, just maybe, she could get a hold of the others.








“Did you just drink that?” said Donna, her voice dripping with disgust.

Grace chuckled, slamming the empty glass down on the kitchen counter top. “Maybe” she said, a mischievous twinkle in her eye.



Back beneath the couch, Oliver was in full on panic mode. Grace had just swallowed his sister whole without even noticing. This nightmare was only getting worse. His mind racing to come up with solutions. As a prospective engineer. Oliver was always incredibly logical and rational. This bizarre situation was really throwing him for a loop though. It was going to take some serious planning to get everyone out of this alive.

There was a good chance Katie was already dead too. That’s when it hit him. The radios. Of course. Katie might’ve had the mini one in her back pocket.

He pulled his own radio out, maybe there was a way to rework the signal and contact Donna through radio. It was a long shot, but at this point Oliver was willing to try anything.


Meanwhile, Carl was still in shock at his new state of being. Carl hated not being in control and being smaller than a bug was the absolute loss of all control. Worse still, the shrink ray he had been holding had melted into a mish-mash of wires, not designed to be shrunk itself. His mind was racing faster and faster as he tried to keep himself calm. He needed to get out of this house, get away from these giants. Looking up, he saw the front door.

He could easily slip away under the crack. At this point Carl didn’t even care about the others, he only cared about his own safety. Taking a deep breath, he readied himself.

It looked like Grace and Donna were distracted across the kitchen. If he went now, he might be able to get out.

“3... 2... 1...” he broke into a full on sprint. All of his fitness classes paying off as he ran across the floor. Relatively speaking, the distance was probably a few miles at his size. Carl was used to running 10 mile marathons so this would be easy.


Donna sighed, running a hand through her hair as she chomped down on a stick of celery. “I just hope Ryan understands” she said, “I mean he’s a really good friend, and I... I don’t want to hurt his friendship with Dan, but...”

“Fuck Ryan!” said Grace, grabbing a stick of celery and biting into it. “You gotta look out for number one,” she said, chewing away.

That’s when Donna noticed a small speck, moving across the ground with surprising speed. “EW” she screamed, pointing at it.

Grace chuckled, rolling her eyes. “It’s just a bug” she said, casually strolling across the room.

Unbeknownst to them, this little speck was their friend Carl, literally running for his life while Grace caught up to him in three casual strides. The ground shaking and booming with her every step.

“This is how it’s done Donna” Grace’s booming voice echoed as she slowly raised her bare foot up. The shadow casting over Carl like a doom cloud. He ran faster, the foot coming down with a slow, dramatic push. Getting bigger and bigger as it loomed over him.

Carl froze with terror. Dropping to the ground and curling up into a ball. Shaking with absolute horror as Grace’s bare foot pressed down onto his body.


He could actually hear his bones snapping and shattering. Splintering into other parts of his body as her foot squeezed him against the floorboards. Wheezing and gasping for breath as his body flattened like a pancake between her foot and the floor.

Finally, she pulled away, chuckling to herself as she saw the look of disgust on Donna’s face. "What?” said Grace, lifting her foot up and flicking off the gore still stuck to her heel.

“Why would you do that with bare feet?” said Donna, almost gagging at the thought of it.

Grace rolled her eyes again. “You’re so boring Donna” she giggled, completely unaware of the misery she had caused below.


Carl was crushed into a wheezing, gargling pile of gore, barely alive, but painfully aware. Stabbing pain shooting through what little remained of his mixed up nervous system. He didn’t even look human anymore, more like a monstrous gooey mess.

Contorted and twitching. He couldn’t believe he actually survived that, and now he only wanted to die.


Grace sighed, strolling back towards the kitchen. “Well, anyways,” she chuckled, sitting down at the kitchen table, “What time is Dan getting over?”


Meanwhile, the others were planning on how they would rescue Katie. There was a slim chance she survived being swallowed and if they worked fast enough, maybe they could save her.

“We need to get their attention...” said Matt, surprisingly calm given the situation. “If we can get Grace to induce throwing up, maybe Katie will be okay...”

Sheryl shrugged, “I don’t know... It’s a long shot, we might need to focus on escaping instead...” she said, still unaware that her husband had been stepped on only moments ago.

John put his arms around Jackie protectively. "I still think we should go for that safe area..."

Ryan raised an eyebrow as he suddenly remember the radios. Pulling his out, he turned it back on.

“H-help... Help me” Katie’s voice said over the radio.

“Oh god..” Sheryl cried out, grabbing the radio from Ryan, “Katie? Katie, we're gonna get you out of there okay?”

“I can’t... see” Katie mumbled. The signal cutting in and out through static.

“We have to save her before anything else,” said Matt, turning to face Ryan. “You got her into this. How are you getting her out?” He was sounding madder by the second.

Ryan’s mind ran with different scenarios until it finally hit him, “Of course!” he said. “For our last anniversary...” he trailed off, saddened by the memory, “I... bought Donna a radio set... If we can turn that on... then maybe we can use our radios to communicate with them....”

The others looked at one another. It wasn’t the worst plan.

“Okay,” said Jackie. “Let’s stick close to the walls, no point in getting stepped on.”

Sheryl smiled, “Oh Carl will be on the way, we can meet up with him too.”

“Sounds good,” said Ryan, starting to feel hopeful again.


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