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Author's Chapter Notes:

Foot crush, followed by a... very original and gorey finisher, in my opinion. Discretion is advised, but if you like body horror, this one's for you.


At Donna's home, a few minutes ago...


The group of three survivors had managed to slip into the bathroom, and after making their way about a normal-sized foot in, they heard stomps returning. They ran for cover underneath the cupboard's lip, and they peeked their heads out to see what was happening.

Dan sauntered in casually, his soft yet still massive cock and balls swinging and smacking against his legs with enough force to break their bones at this size. Sheryl and Ryan looked away in disgust, but John kept looking when he noticed something.

“Hey, Ryan, isn't that... the regrowth cup? Fucking hell man, you put it somewhere they could find it!”

Ryan turned back around to verify. “Oh fuck... Well... We've all gotten wet at this point so I'm not sure it would have-”

“You asshole!” John shoved Ryan, fighting back the urge to punch him. “My girlfriend hasn't, and she could have... fuck, we're so fucked...”

“What's in the cup?” Sheryl strained her eyes. “Ugh, never mind, it looks like he dumped his condom in it, now it's definitely broken. Great.”

Ryan knew he had to raise their spirits, which was extremely hard as Dan started to piss into the toilet with the power of a fire hose. “Look, guys, we can still fix this. See the cabinet door is open! She never had it fixed, so if we can get in there... I'm pretty sure there's nail polish. We can paint a message.”

John and Sheryl, while not happy, agreed it was a better plan than most of the ones he'd had so far, and less dangerous as well. Waiting for Dan to leave took a minute, as he finally shook the last droplets free and walked out of the bathroom, pulling out his phone.

As the earthquakes stopped, the group made their way to the cabinet door, boosting Ryan and Sheryl up, then pulling John in as well. After searching for a few minutes, they found a bottle of sparkly pink nail polish.

“If this doesn't get their attention, nothing will...” said Ryan. “Help me push it out, guys.”

Pushing the bottle to the door was as hard as push a semi-truck put in neutral, but with the combined efforts of all three, they managed to push it to edge, sending it clattering onto the floor, luckily upright.

“Come on, we have to unscrew this, then we can use the brush to paint the message!” Ryan urged them to jump onto the top, all three working together to unscrew it. When the cap finally budged, John's momentum led to him falling off.

“Hey, are you alright?” Sheryl asked.

“Yeah, just give me a minute...” As John rubbed his ass, he noticed a noise. “Hey, do you hear something?”

Everyone was quiet for a second.

“I don't hear them coming, let's hurry up before they come back!” Sheryl frantically pushed the cap to unscrew it as fast as possible, Ryan barely keeping up.

Deciding to investigate, John started walking towards the sound near the toilet.

When it finally detached, the momentum caused it to pop up, smacking Ryan in the face and off the bottle. The polish applicator went into the air, and in a desperate grab for it, she lunged too far... her feet lost grip on the slippery bottle and she tumbled face first into the nail polish bottle.


...And that was the moment that the bathroom door swung open.

“I'M GONNA FRESHEN UP BEFORE YOU GIVE ME YOUR SURPRISE, OKAY?” Donna's voice shook the small bathroom thanks to the echo, rattling the bones of each of the tiny people she didn't know even existed.

The floor beneath them shook as she closed the door, before sitting on the edge of the tub with a sigh. Ryan was panicking, with no idea how to get Sheryl out and John in the middle of the floor, all he could do was hide under the cabinet and watch... and pray.

Donna took off her flats, throwing them on the ground and scrunching her nose at their offputting scent.

A squealing noise was coming from her direction... Squinting his eyes, Ryan could see something on the tip of her left big toe. It was screaming for help. His blood chilled – that had to be Oliver, somehow alive and crushed to her left toe!

Ryan's attention was caught by John, frantically waving at him. He cupped his mouth, yelling something that Ryan could barely make out... 'Jackie is in the trash'? Shit, how was he going to get her...

One second John was standing there, the next Donna's foot splattered down onto his miniscule form, instantly making him disappear. And all so that Donna could grab piece of toilet paper, which she used to rub her left big toe clean before casually tossing it into the toilet.

Ryan screamed, realizing that as far as he knew he was the only one left who could save anyone. He had seen everyone he cared about die, get trapped with little help of escape, or fucking his best friend. He started to have a panic attack, running under the cabinet and curling into a ball, refusing to believe this could possibly be happening.




John had heard whimpering from the trash can, and after finally making it there he had yelled up to his girlfriend, who cried tears of joy at hearing his voice, before the door swung open and the room shook.

John had to let Ryan know, in case something happened to him. He waved until Ryan was looking at him.

“Jackie is in the trash! We ne-”

Like a truck hitting a road barrier at 60 MPH, Donna's foot slammed down onto him and flattened his entire body. He was instantly smashed against the ground by the ball of her foot, indescribable pain as nearly every bone in his body smashed to pieces.

In any other situation, that would be a merciful death, but John felt it all, as she ground her foot down on his body. Unknown to John, she was simply cleaning her other foot with a piece of TP.

A few seconds later, Donna lifted her right foot, letting John see the red splotch mark that used to be the majority of his body, only his torso and head remained whole, stuck by their own gore to Donna's gigantic feet.


John let out a moan, the loudest his disintegrated lungs could manage, but there was no way that would get her attention. The foot hung in the air, being brought to rest on her left knee as she grabbed something.

An egg-shaped device for sanding off that tough old skin to keep Donna's feet fresh and soft... but to John, it looked like a cheese grater just his size. He had bought a pedegg for Jackie just last month...

John croaked as it came closer, meeting the foot above him and scraping along it, jiggling his body along with the foot he was attached to... He strained every muscle, hoping that would dislodge him, but he was firmly embedded. The metal edge came over him, and he prepared for the worst, shutting his eyes...

The pedegg's sharp ridges gouged into the flesh of his chest, tearing out miniscule chunk painfully and causing what little blood remained to flow freely. The sensation of having nerve endings ripped out was indescribably painful, and despite his pleas to god for this to end, Donna only casually moved the pedegg along.

Finally reachin his head, chunks of his ear and eyebrow, and then finally his tightly shut eyelids were peeled away in agonizing pain, forcing him to stare into the death machine slowly mincing his body, before it took a small chunk of both of his eyes, leaving him in a dark void of pain. Finally the damage took such a toll his heart finally stopped pumping the last blood he had remaining, as the skin was stripped down to his skull before finally Donna pulled the pedegg away.



Just a foot away, Jackie had been crying tears of joy when she heard John's voice, but the sudden silence from him had been startling. She prayed that he was just quietly hiding... She struggled against the dried cum, but even with her desperate energy she couldn't budge it an inch.

A bloody piece of toilet paper was tossed in, landing a few feet from her. She could hear Donna humming a tune loudly as she worked on something. A few minutes passed in fearful silence from Jackie, waiting for her giant coworker turned accidental serial killer to leave the room.

Finally, a hand appeared, and for a second Jackie dared to hope that Donna might look through the trash... but instead she was holding a device. Pressing a button, a slot opened and debris rained down into the trash can, a white and red mixture of foot flakes and something else. It rained directly over Jackie, covering her in the disgusting mixture of filth as it got stuck in the cum. She even had to spit some that got in her mouth out, but finally the downpour stopped and the hand moved away.

What was this, anyway? Too much of it was red, and blood had started to run down Jackie's left leg, but it wasn't her own...

Just an inch away, sitting on a droplet of dried cum, as if it was staring at her, was an eyeball, or at least most of one. Jackie screamed, realizing she had been covered in the remains of one of her friends, but then she noticed the color of the eyes – it was green, the same beautiful green eyes that John had...

Jackie screamed, tears flooding down her cheeks as she tried – and failed – to thrash around, feeling impotent and helpless to the whims of people who didn't know she was even there. Why couldn't she have just died? Anything would be better than this.


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