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Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter focuses on Katie trying to survive inside a giant woman's stomach as she gives her boyfriend a blowjob. If you like dark and gorey, this is my personal favorite of the chapters I've written.


About two minutes ago, less than a hundred meters away…


Grace flew off the couch the moment her doorbell rang, rushing to the door. Flinging it open, her boyfriend Brett stood there cockily with his hands on his hips and a dumb grin plastered on his face.

“Two minutes to spare baby, you know what that means.” Brett winked at her, pleased to see how worked up she was… that and Grace answering the door naked wasn’t the worst sight he could be greeted with.

“Shut up you stupid lug and get in here!” Grace grabbed him by the ass and pulled him inside as fast as he could move. The second the door slammed shut she pushed him up against it, pressing her lips to his lustfully as her hands got to work on getting the belt on his jeans off.

They were practically intertwined as they moved towards the couch while making out, belt sliding undone, button unhooked and zipper down in mere seconds. After a solid minute of swapping saliva, Grace broke away and pushed him onto the couch forcefully, Brett kicking his pants the rest of the way off as he spread his legs out, letting his walnut-sized testicles and fully engorged cock be displayed in their full glory.

“Hey, you said you’d give me a blowjob if I got over here in time.”

Grace licked her lips at the sight, her lust growing by the second staring at her boyfriend’s massive cock. Truthfully she rather enjoyed sucking him off, but she would never admit that because it was his favorite, and her insatiable appetite for sex wouldn’t be satisfied if she sucked every ounce of semen out of him before they got to the best part.

“Well, since you were a good boy…” Grace got down on her knees, giving his thighs a long lick before giving his balls a kiss. “I suppose I can give you a little treat. Just be ready to ride me for the next hour straight, okay?”

Brett’s smile grew. “Babe, you sure that’ll be enough? I was thinking at least an hour and a half…”

“You drive a hard bargain. Deal.”


Inside Grace’s stomach, Katie was tossed about even more violently as the entire stomach’s contents were doing flips during this ordeal. She could feel the remnants of her food raft disintegrating, and grabbed the radio to beg her brother to hurry. It was impossible to tell what was being said outside with the stomach acid fizzing so strongly, but she didn’t want to know what was going on.

The pain was lessening, but looking at her body she knew why, she could see her own muscles through what little remained of her skin, sickeningly reminding her of the anatomical model at her college biology class. She didn’t understand how she hadn’t died yet, but she wish she’d just been crushed or died immediately when that goddamn woman had drank her whole.

Turning on the radio, all she could do was sob and beg Oliver to save her.

“O… Ollie… Please answer me… th… they’re… Oh god… I can’t take this anymore, I… I just want to die… It hurts so much… and they’re…”

She continued to sob with the last of her strength, holding onto the radio like it was a lifeline. She had no idea that doing so was what was stopping Oliver from responding, leaving her to fear that even he had somehow been killed.


Grace gave Brett’s sweaty ball sack sloppy kisses, and gave his shaft long licks to polish it off. She teasingly took the head into her mouth before slowly sucking in more of his veiny shaft, worshiping his cock with her mouth. She had plenty of practice, her mouth forming a suction that only made his cock grow harder as she ran her tongue in circles around his head. Precum was seeping out readily, which she greedily sucked down. Brett kept a great diet, and his cum was the most delicious she’d ever tasted, so she would enjoy every drop she could get.


In the faint illumination from the stomach acid, Katie could tell something new was entering the stomach. Katie was still a virgin, but even so she knew exactly what the semi-white liquid had to be.

“Oh my god… she’s… giving him a blowjob. I… can’t believe this is how I’m going to die…”


Oliver could hear all of this through the radio, horrified at what his sister was going through. He kept listening just so that if she let go he could at least say something comforting to her, but she still hadn’t… He had cuts all over his body, and constantly had to struggle to keep his legs from being pulled under Donna’s big toe with each step. In a panic, he switched to what he remembered Grace’s radio was on, and tried yelling into the radio, hoping he was in range.

“GRACE! Grace, can you hear me?! It’s Oliver, pick up the radio, it’s life or death!”

The radio actually was charging in the closet, the same radio that Ryan had given to Donna… who had given it to Grace after she and Ryan broke up… But, what Oliver didn’t know, thanks to Ryan only explaining how shrunken electronics only connecting with each other after everything had gone wrong, and Oliver not hearing this, his attempts were futile. Oliver frantically switched back and forth between channels, but as Katie continued to sob with no change, he knew that it wasn’t getting through. All he could do was listen to his sister’s final moments…


Grace continued giving Brett a blowjob with glee, taking his cock’s full length in her mouth. She had gotten quite skilled at deep throating, and there was little more rewarding than when Brett would grab onto her head to help set the pace – every time, she knew he was hooked on the feeling, and she held all the control on when he would get release. Brett’s cock shuddered as she felt him bucking his hips up towards her, but instead she popped the cock out of her mouth and ran her tongue along the shaft, making him wait for release. Grace’s stomach burbled, and she decided she was ready for her snack, swallowing his dick back into her mouth and slurping on it voraciously, pumping her head up and down.

“Ahhh, YEAH!”

Brett bucked up, holding Grace’s head to his crotch as he pumped his full load of hot spunk straight down her throat, which she swallowed down with ease. His cock twitched and pumped for a solid three seconds, letting out multiple spurts of cum before it slowly came down to a drizzle, slowly starting to soften. Grace sucked on the slowly softening cock, taking every ounce of the hot white liquid she could find and running her tongue along his frenulum. After a little teasing that would ensure he’d be back at full mast in mere minutes, she finally released the dick from her mouth, pulling herself up and sitting her bare ass on Brett’s wet lap and dick.

“Seemed like you enjoyed that almost as much as me, babe…”

Brett grabbed her by the neck, bringing her in for a deep, wet kiss, finding it rather kinky that he could still taste his sperm in his girlfriend’s mouth. They French kissed for long enough that he felt his cock stirring back to life under her hot, shapely ass.

Breaking the kiss off as a strand of spit and cum connected them before falling onto one of Grace’s tits, he picked her up by the hips, causing her to giggle with glee at his strength and dominance as he positioned his hardening cock below her pussy and let it slowly sink in.

“I love how dirty you are Grace… and now it’s time for your favorite part!”


A torrent of hot, white, liquid lava pumped down Grace’s gullet into her stomach, drenching Katie’s body in Brett’s cum. It clung to her body stickily, and she was horrified to discover that while the sperm were still too small to be seen, she could feel them wriggling along her skin like she was covered in a hive of hot insects. The liquid, still hot from being pumped through Brett’s balls, burned her skin almost as bad as the acid, and the torrent continued flowing down onto Katie’s body. She broke off from her raft trying to break the surface, getting a breath of musky, sexual air and screaming with the last of her energy as she fought for air, still holding the radio.

Unfortunately, another spurt of sperm shot into the stomach onto Katie’s face as she screamed, shooting into her lungs with the force of a fire hose. The thick fluid stuck in her throat, and as she gagged it only made the cum bubble inside her lungs, incapable of forcing any of it out. Another few spurts entered the stomach, drenching the entire sea of acid in a sticky coat of semen, much of which clung to Katie’s spasming body. She felt the sperm wiggling in her lungs, throat and mouth as she desperately tried to breath, scratching at her own throat as if opening it would give her at least one more breath. Her entire body was coated in the heavy fluid, causing her to sink into the stomach acid as it began to shake violently as Grace and Brett continued their sexual marathon, unaware of the suffering occurring inside her.

As Katie felt the energy leaving her body, her last thoughts weren’t a flash of her life, of her brother, parents, or even the guy she had a crush on. The last thing she processed was actually a rather simple thought.

‘So this is what a guy’s cum tastes like…’

Katie’s body ceased functioning, her brain being starved of oxygen from the sperm coating her lungs. The sperm cells survived the stomach’s acidic interior far longer than she did, violating every inch of her body in pursuit of an egg they would never find, as the girl’s body slowly disintegrating, and soon the only trace of her existence left would be as part of Grace’s morning dump tomorrow.


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