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A Goddess Awakens- Chapter 2 


They closed the book. Kate looked at Tom’s face, trying to read his reaction to what they’d read.

     “Well,” she said.

     “Well,” he replied.

     “What do you think?” She asked.

     “So this just showed up in the mailbox this afternoon?”


     “And now you’re, as the book says, a “semi-omnipotent goddess”.

     “You’ve experienced my power all this afternoon, haven’t you?”

     “But your powers aren’t absolute?”

     “Like it said, my powers are fuelled by sexual lust, so if I do something, it must be for protection and survival, or because the thought of it makes me all horny.”

     Tom leafed through the front of the book. “It doesn’t list any publisher or author; it just goes straight into instructions like some kind of manual.”

     “I suppose that’s what it is.”

     “I guess this is a real opportunity to fix things though, world peace, end hunger, all the utopian dreams you think are impossible.”

     “Well,” Kate hesitated, “there’s just that one catch.”

     “What?” Tom asked.

“As much as I’d love to do all those things; end hunger, end war, cure cancer, whatever else, none of those things actually, you know…”

     “Oh,” Tom said catching on, “as nice as those things would be, none of them turn you on enough for you to be able to do them.”

     “Right, this goddess stuff is complicated. I’ve only glanced through the book once this morning, and then just now with you. You might have seen the little info-graphic in the introduction. It outlines an eight week long program that will allow me to fully come into goddesshood.”

     “What you did this morning wasn’t full goddesshood?”

     “Nope, that was more or less a kind of tutorial mode from what the book says, a little something to stretch my divinity and explore my newfound powers.”

     “Wow what happens at full strength?”

     “Like I said, I only glanced through it a little. Apparently week one is meant to be spent gathering worshippers, establishing a proper system of temples, a priest or priestesshood if I decide I want a really organized church.”

     “Geez, sounds complicated. This is why I don’t play 4x games.”

     “Anyway, so tomorrow I figure on having the news conference I mentioned when we were stomping around the square. I’ll take questions from reporters, decide what sorts of rules I want the world to follow, according to the book this world is my responsibility now.”

     “That’s a lot.” Tom said.

     “It also says the world is my playground. I control it. It and its inhabitants belong to me. I’m free to do anything with it that would give me pleasure.”

     “Huh, most of the things you’re into are pretty, um…” Tom searched for the word. “Violent, sadistic, let’s just say that I was a little surprised and relieved when you said you’d put everything back the way it had been.”

“I know,” Kate said, “that took a lot of will. I managed to find a part of myself that was turned on by the idea of having such complete control over people’s lives that I could bring them back for more later on. Plus, if I was going to destroy my whole hometown, and squish or eat thousands of people, I want it to be really special. Thus, River City gets to see another sunrise.”

     “I was surprised at myself. How easily I went along with all that destruction.”

     “I think I may have subconsciously nudged you along a little. The book says that that can happen. If you want a partner whose will is truly independent of your own, it recommends making them a demigod or goddess. I think that’s somewhere in week four though.”

     “Wow, so what do you want to do for the rest of the day?” Tom looked over at Kate. She was naked again. Tom looked down and realized he was naked too.

     “Tomorrow I fully establish myself as the world’s goddess, but for the rest of today and tonight, I’m YOUR goddess.” Her eyes glowed and her voice gained an added resonance on the word “your”. “First I must decide whether to make myself larger or you smaller.”

     Tom looked into his loves eyes, glowing white with power. “I could be small?” He said more question than statement.

     “SILENCE, MY PUNY CONSORT. It is for your goddess to decide.” A strange wind came from nowhere blowing Kate’s medium length hair around in Mucha-esque strands. To Tom she became the very essence of grace and beauty. Tom’s instincts told him to get on his knees, so he did just that, lowering himself down onto the beige carpet of their living room.

     Kate looked on as a smirk curved her now crimson red lips. “Good instincts, my love. You will be my first worshipper the first to bow to the might of goddess Kate.”

     Tom flung himself down, lying prostrate upon the carpet.

     “YES,” Kate intoned, “it gives the goddess great pleasure to see the fervor of your worship. You may speak.”

     “Goddess, I beg mercy. I merely speculated on a fantasy you yourself have often expressed to me.”

     “Of course, your impudence is forgiven this time. You were thinking of your goddess’s pleasure, and got carried away, is that it?”

     “Yes, goddess,” Tom’s cock was rock hard at this point. They had played games like this before, of course, and Tom had always enjoyed them, but the added thrill that whatever crazy thing Kate thought of could actually happen, left him aroused and slightly terrified about what might happen.

     “Still, it was impudent. I should correct you.”

     Tom’s instincts told him not to answer back, so he was silent.

     “Good.” Kate said, “I almost thought for a moment you might speak out of turn again, inviting an even more harsh correction than I have planned. You may stand.”

     Tom got back to his feet. His erection stood bulging at full mast.

     “My goodness,” Kate said. “What goddess could ask for a more flattering response? I must, however, still correct you for your earlier outburst, and your ‘response’ here has given me an idea how. Kate stepped forward toward Tom, her head tilted slightly up to look him in the eyes. Even though they still glowed with pale soft light, Tom could see mischief in them.

     Kate reached down encircling Tom’s cock and scrotum with her finger’s, which were now tipped with slightly long manicure nails painted a shiny luscious shade of red. He could feel them poking slightly, pleasantly into the sensitive flesh of his genitals. Kate dug her fingers in behind the cock and balls. Tom was surprised to find it caused him no pain or discomfort. Then she pulled hard, as hard as Tom had ever had his genitals yanked.

     There was a loud pop like an air tight seal being broken, and Kate lifted her hand up to show Tom what she had. She literally held Tom’s cock and balls in her hand. The cock was still plump and bulging with arousal, but Tom couldn’t feel it at all.

     “Look what happened, my dear. Your mouth went off half cocked, so to teach you a lesson I’m taking the whole thing, and these bad boys. Kate held it up by the cock’s shaft and dangled Tom’s own bells in his face. As for Tom, he no longer felt the sensation of arousal, not in his crotch anyway. The new sensation was odd, feeling a bit like sinus congestion in his groin, combined with a sort of numbness like when an arm falls asleep. He looked down and saw that below the curly patch of dark pubic hair was nothing but a patch of smooth flesh.

     “You may touch it if you like dear. It won’t give you any pleasure.”

     Tom experimentally stroked a hand over the smooth patch of skin. It felt no more arousing than if had rubbed one of his cheeks, or a bicep. No special sensitivity, no increase in arousal, no throbbing urgency begging for release. The only remaining sign of his arousal were his erect nipples.

 Kate stepped back and cradled Tom’s genitals in her smooth soft hands. “There’s no reason that I should be denied the pleasure of your cock.” She said and cradled it tenderly to her chest causing the bulging cock head to brush against one of her own very erect nipples. “Or should I say my cock. Who owns this cock?”

     Tom averted his gaze downward. “You own it.”

     “You own it, who?”

     “You own it, Goddess.”

     “That’s very right. You will learn to respect your goddess and obey her in her every whim, is that clear?”

     “Yes, Goddess.”

     “Now, despite the undisciplined way you suggested it, you did have a very good idea I would like very much to shrink you down, so I will.”

     As Kate spoke, Tom felt an energy flow through his body. It was very similar to when Kate had grown him that morning, but in reverse. His point of view lowered and lowered until it was level with the very bottom of Kate’s ankles.

     “Yes,” Kate gasped, obvious pleasure in her voice. “Oh my, shrinking you feels just as delightful as growing us into giants did.” She looked down at Tom.

     Tom looked up, craning his neck way back trying to see Kate’s face. It loomed way up there like an enormous three dimensional billboard come to life. She smirked wider than ever, with the exception of earlier that day when her smile had measured in yards.

     “Ah, yes. You are now at a proper size to give me the devotion I deserve. Now get back on your knees little one.”

Tom fell to his knees again. What had once been tiny unnoticeable tufts of fabrics in the carpet now rose around Tom’s knees like little puffy weeds. Kate stepped forward, her seemingly enormous foot landed gently. Tom felt the air whorl around him as his fiancé’s foot, now over a yard wide and more than a dozen feet long from his perspective, landed on the carpet directly in front of his. Each toenail was the same shiny crimson as Kate’s fingernails, and, except for the pinky toe, outsized Tom’s head.

“You love my toes and feet little Tom. Show them the proper worship.”

Tom crawled forward on his knees toward the enormous toes of his love. If he were standing they would have some up to above his waist.

He wrapped his arms around the tip of her big toe and rested his head on the smooth hard surface of the toenail. He squeezed and cuddled it much as he would squeeze and cuddle Kate at his usual size. As he did he planted kisses on the nail. Kate watched from above, appreciating the worship. She fantasized idly about crowds and crowds of people doing the same. Hundreds, maybe thousands, crowded in some public square to worship and adore her enormous feet to kiss them, massage them, and lie prostrate before them. And in her might and power, she would, she would…

Kate looked down at Tom. “The other toes are just as sacred as the big toe, worship them all.”

Tom did his best to follow orders stroking and cuddling each toe in turn, kissing them all over, and rubbing his hands on the nails as if to buff them. If he still had his dick, he reckoned he would have had an orgasm somewhere around this point. Instead he felt the psychological pleasure of submission before the overwhelming force that was Kate the Goddess.

“Much better but don’t forget the goddesses other foot.”

Kate planted her other foot next to the first. Tom continued rubbing, massaging, and kissing the rows of toes before him.

“I appreciate your restraint in speaking given your earlier infraction. I now give you permission, scratch that, I now demand that you add verbal praise and worship to the fine physical worship you’ve already given my mighty toes. Don’t worry, although you are now smaller than many popular action figures, I will still be able to hear your tiny voice perfectly due to my enhanced senses.”

Tom complied as he rubbed and venerated one of her middle toes. As he finished kissing the pale soft skin on its side, he commenced praising.

“Oh, my goddess, thank you for allowing me the privilege of touching and enjoying your gorgeous and lovely toes. Truly they are splendid beyond compare with any mortal’s.”

“Even that one foot model I know you particularly like?”

“Even her, my goddess, her wretched toes don’t even begin to compare.”

“Come now little one, praise of my toes certainly does not necessitate running down another woman’s. You’ll remember that your goddess also takes pleasure in the lovely feet of others, and it’s just plain trashy to run down a woman’s appearance.”

“Of course, goddess, my tongue got away from me again. I’m just so overwhelmed at the touch of your luscious and delicate toes.”

“Delicate, eh,” Kate said. She moved her foot forward, bowling Tom over onto his back, and pinning him gently under her three middle toes. “How delicate was that?”

From his position on his back, he could see the stern expression on Kate’s face. She held her hands on her hips. “Again you force me to correct you. This time your punishment will not be quite so whimsical.” Her toes started wiggling, slowly pressing up and down against Tom’s body. He felt the great force smashing him down into the fabric of the carpet, but stopping just short of causing him pain. “What shall I do with you? We’ll try a classic and see if that teaches you a lesson.”

As Tom watched, the huge foot lifted away from him, and as soon as it was up to the height of Kate’s calf, it plummeted back down. Tom lost control, instinct took over and he tried to scramble away. Too slow, he only managed to roll onto his side as Kate’s pale dewy sole slammed mercilessly down onto him. The immense pressure shoved all the air out of his little body. The weight on his arm was immense and slightly painful. He wondered that it didn’t feel broken.


“Please,” Tom gasped, “I got scared.”

The foot pressed down around Tom. It pressed against him with great force, practically smearing him onto his back. Though the process didn’t crunch or break him, it was extraordinarily uncomfortable, like have his whole body smushed around under a steamroller.

“Fear is no excuse to evade your rightful correction. Now I must correct you further. Until now I have used my powers to enhance my feet leaving them dry and smelling of nothing. This was a reward for your devotion, but no more.”

Compressed into the darkness, his head just close enough to the cracks between Kate’s toes to let a miniscule amount of light in, Tom felt the cool dry sole change. First it got very warm around his body. The sole flexed into him compressing him for a bit, and then letting up slightly for a bit. It went back and forth slowly grinding into Tom’s bruised battered little body. Moisture started building up around Tom’s body. He realized that Kate’s foot was becoming very hot and sweaty. The acrid fluid oozed over his prone body. Then it hit his nose; the smell. Occasionally in the past Kate had subjected Tom to her feet after a long hard day at work or a jog. Her tired feet would fill his nostrils with a dank musty odor that he would recognize anywhere. That smell was now filling his nostrils, flooding his lungs. Sweat, toe jam, and cotton were a few of the specific odors he could recognize. His tongue and lungs burned. Kate’s foot pressed down into him, and Tom opened his mouth by reflex, gasping for breath. Instead of fresh air, his mouth was filled with Kate’s musty tepid foot sweat. In this desperate situation, Tom tried to swallow as much of the foul liquid as he could just to avoid inhaling it. Unfortunately, he just couldn’t keep up with what was becoming a flood of brackish fluid invading his body. It went up in his nose. He could feel it filling his lungs. This was it. He felt like he was going to die under his fiancé’s foot, drowning on her sweat. Part of him felt great pleasure to die in this way completely dominated by Kate’s bodily processes. In the heat and the sweat he gave himself over.

“I’m ready my love. I will go for you a mere toy under your great sacred foot.” He gave the damp sole one final kiss from his lips.

As his lips met the dank wrinkled skin, it all changed in a flash. The air cooled. The fluid coating and filling Tom became light and sweet as nectar. It tasted like the most delicious thing he’d ever known. He stuck out his tongue and licked away at Kate’s sole. The sweat that had just been the foul substance filling his body killing him by inches was now the sweetest draught, restoring his energy, easing his. Kate’s foot lifted away and settled back down on the carpet.

     Tom looked up at Kate the goddess towering above him like a great maple or pine tree. In one hand she held his detached cock and balls, idly sucking on the cock like a big fleshy lollipop. Her other hand was between her legs playing with her own genitalia, lightly caressing her labia, running her middle finger up through the folds.

She popped the cock out of her mouth making a loud popping noise.

“I will brook no resistance, but compliance and properly mannered worship will be rewarded. You can see that I can be wrathful, bitter, but just as easily be sweet, rejuvenating. I am also playful and horny. You are my toy and I will use you as I see fit. Kate bent down at the waist and reached down toward Tom. Tom now knew better than to resist. He stood still and let Kate’s long finger engulf him. Gripping him much as she did his cock in her other hand, Kate lifted Tom up to her eye level. He averted his gaze.

“You may look upon your goddess. It pleases her to see her own splendor reflected in her subject’s eyes.” Tom looked into Kate’s glowing pupil-less eyes, their lashes long and dark with seeming mascara and their lids painted with deep dark eye shadow, enhancing the effect of the glowing. He was in awe of the sheer power evident in them. “I’m sure you will behave now. We wouldn’t want to have to make you suffer more. Right, little one?” Kate’s hand gave Tom a playful, but forceful, squeeze. She carried him out of the living room, into the kitchen and placed him down on the kitchen counter. Then Kate placed his detached genitalia on the counter next him, balls at the bottom, dick pointing upward. If Tom hadn’t known where it came from, he would have thought it was the most realistic dildo he’d ever seen. It towered over him by at least an inch and a half. At his current size it felt more like a couple of feet.

“Look at you dear, outsized by your own manhood. Maybe you don’t know whether to feel humiliation or pride. Well I think you’re a very cute little man, and that this is a very handsome sizable penis you’ve got, and my opinion is the one that counts here. Still, tell me how you feel?”

“I, and my, er, your cock, are both here for your pleasure, goddess.”

  “That’s right little Tom, that’s absolutely right.” Kate stroked her chin with her thumb and forefinger. “I own the cock, and I own you. You both essentially serve the same purpose, but you’ve given me an idea you little cutie, a really good idea.”

Kate took both Tom and his genitals back in hand, sauntering lazily back into the living room. With but a nod of her head the curtains drew themselves open letting warm afternoon sun into the living room, brightening it up considerably.

“Goddesses don’t worry about peepers dear.” She said. “In fact I intend to encourage them.

Kate plopped herself down, lying back on the couched with her back against the armrest. She held Tom and his dick up, looking back and forth between the two.

“You’re both so adorable; I don’t know which one to try first.”

Tom stayed silent, still not entirely sure what Kate’s plan was.

     “As loath as I am to punish you, dear Tom, your goddess must admit that holding you under my stinking foot until you drowned on my sweat was a real turn on. Make no mistake Tom, without my divine intervention you would have died, and I would have crushed you into bloody paste on the carpet. I would have come very hard doing it, but then I wouldn’t have my first and favorite worshiper around. But Tom, I’m still very horny, and I need to come very badly. You two are going to help me, and I’ve decided you get the first shot, my little dickless lover.”

     Kate lowered her hand and Tom down to her crotch. Without ceremony she opened her hand and pressed him in against her aroused vulva so that his head wad up by her clitoris and his feet were down by the vaginal entrance. It was goopy, warm,and had a musky smell, but Tom found it much more pleasant than the sweaty foot. He leaned his head in and started rubbing away at the pink fleshy nub of Kate’s clitoris.

     Kate groaned and moaned, her voice becoming ragged. “Oh yes, oh little Tom, you’re so good at giving your goddess head with your whole head.” She giggled at her own bad joke, and due to the delightful feeling Tom was giving her.

     Tom for his part brought his hands up to join his face as he gently massaged the seat of Kate’s pleasure. He was coated with Kate’s fluids, but wasn’t having any problems breathing. He was actually finding the warm musky slime pleasant in its own way. He briefly wished he had his dick back as he was sure it would have felt very nice sliding around in Kate’s natural lubrication.

     Kate felt herself getting closer and closer to orgasm. As she felt the pleasure start to crest she pulled Tom back up away from her crotch.

     “Very good, very pleasing to your goddess, but we must give both contestants a fair shot.” She brought Tom up to her mouth and gave his wet little body a great big kiss that covered his head and the top of his torso. Her warm breath was sweet on his naked skin. Kate set Tom down on her breast just above the bumpy, engorged flesh of the nipple. To Tom it looked almost like a big fleshy half gallon ice cream container. He sat and looked down the length of Kate’s body. He saw some of his favorite parts of his goddess; her slightly oblong navel, her wide curvy hips, the little paunch just above her pelvis that made a so called “muffin top” in some of her outfits.

     Kate took the detached dick in her hands and started stroking it, just as she had many times when it had been attached to Tom.

     “Usually I’d need a little lube to do this.” Kate said. “But goddess powers seem to let me lube myself up as much and as thickly as I want at will once I’m aroused, so that’s a perk and a money saver.”

     Kate lowered the fully erect cock down to her crotch, and played around a bit, rubbing the swollen purplish head against her soaking gooey labia.

     “Mmmm,” she moaned, “this is going to be so good, little Tommy.”

     She began methodically working the dick in and out of herself, just as if the detached cock of her fiancé were nothing but a dildo.

     “Very nice,” Kate groaned, “Oh your goddess loves being filled with your big bulging cock. It’s too bad you can’t enjoy it too. I bet goddess pussy is the softest, wettest, mist delicious pussy your cock has ever been in, and you don’t even get to feel it.”

     “All I care for is my goddess’s pleasure.” Tom said.

     Kate started working the cock into herself a little faster, upping her tempo. “What a good little worshipper you are, Oh, your goddess loves your cock so much. It’s such a nice little toy she might not ever give it back.”

     Tom silently watched the show Kate put on. His detached cock sunk in and out of his goddess’s womanhood. It glistened coated with what looked to him like gallons upon gallons of Kate’s drippings. It was an odd feeling; he was almost getting a little jealous of his own dick.

     Finally, again just as she was on the verge of a huge climax, Kate pulled the cock out of herself and lifted it back up by the balls. She let it dangle in front of Tom, so he could see it. It dripped with thick fragrant lube.

     “It’s so hard to decide. Of course you did a very good job pleasing your goddess’s clit, and this happy fellow,” here the wiggled the dick around a little causing little droplets of her fluids to fly off misting Tom, “felt absolutely great jammed in my pussy.” Again she looked back and forth between them, and then acted as if she had just come up with a sudden brilliant idea. “Say, what if I use you both at once? My little worshiper has the honor of working away at the holy clit, while I use his cock to plumb the depths of my sacred mysteries. Plus, that would leave me a hand free to play with the venerated nipples.”

     Kate took the two in each hand. She put the cock down at her vaginal entrance, and plopped Tom back down amongst her labia.

     “Now go!”

     Tom wriggled and writhed against Kate’s vulva mashing his body round close to her clit, while hanging on to her labia with his hands for dear life. Kate reamed herself with the cock, stroking in and out with increasing rhythm. Tom felt the flesh and hairs of his own cock sliding underneath his feet, as he did his best to please Goddess Kate.

     “Oh, yeah this is the ticket. Keep going Tommy. Your goddess needs you and your big honking dick True to her word she used her other hand to tease and play with her engorged nipples. She loved the feeling of the bumpy flesh under her fingertips. She felt her goddess energies flowing around and thought for a second how nice it would be if Tom was a little smaller. Then he could really use his whole body on her naughty little clitoris.

     As she thought it, Kate’s energy flowed through Tom. He found himself shrinking even smaller. It felt good and he writhed in pleasure against Kate’s clit, which felt good to Kate and she writhed in pleasure. The combination of physical pleasure and goddess power flowing through her body was building up. She moaned rough guttural noises as she experienced the beginning of a pleasure beyond all language.

     As Kate writhed, the movement caused Tom’s grip to slip. As timing would have it, he slid down Kate’s soaking wet vulva landing on the couch just in front of her deliciously oozing pussy. His own cock thrust forward at high speed and ploughed into Tom, shoving him right into the warm wet embrace of Kate’s pussy. The cock was pulled out, leaving Tom trapped in the confines of his love’s loins. Kate felt something delightful moving around in her pussy touching all the right spots, filling her pleasingly. She rammed Tom’s cock into herself faster and faster, wondering why she couldn’t feel him on her clit anymore. It didn’t matter though. Tom’s cock finally reached its peak and shot gouts of sticky seed into Kate’s body, and around Tom’s body. In ragged gasping breaths Kate finally had a big long orgasm that sent delicious feelings shooting all around her body, and left her shrieking and grunting as a flood of liquid gushed from her loins.

     Tom was swept out with the tide. He sat on the couch cushion thoroughly coated in Kate’s fluids, delicious as always, and his own cock’s pearly semen.

     Kate’s breath came in ragged gasps. She felt her goddess powers take hold, restoring her with energy. She looked around for her little acolyte. She saw him in their combined mess and couldn’t suppress a laugh.

     “Poor little Tom, you got creamed by your own cream.”

     “It was interesting, whoops, may I speak goddess?”

     “Yes the goddess is in a very good mood, and is willing to make all kinds of allowances.”

     “Have you come to a decision which of us you like better?”

     “No question; the two of you belong together one way or another. Also, you look humbled enough for my liking.”

     “This has been an extremely interesting experience so far.”

     “I’ll say. Hey it looks like I made you a lot smaller during all the fun.”

     “It gave my goddess pleasure, so it is acceptable.”

     “Sure, babe,” Kate said. “But I don’t know if losing control of the power like that is acceptable to me.”

     “I guess we’ll have to study the book more.”

     “I guess, but seeing you so small I have another idea.”

     “Oh, yeah.”

     “You didn’t get to have an orgasm yourself. I think it’s time to fully reunite you two.” Kate gestured toward the now limp cock still in her other hand.

     “If the goddess wishes it,” Tom said.

     “Oh, she does.” Kate used her fingers like tweezers to lift teeny tiny Tom from the cushion.

     “Are you going to grow me, or shrink my dick?” Tom asked.

     Kate just grinned. “You’ll see.” She moved her hands, positioning the cock underneath Tom. Then she flipped her other hand around, so that Tom was dangling by his feet, his head pointed directly down toward his dick.

     “Hey, what are…” Before Tom could finish his sentence Kate jammed his head down into the dick hole. She shoved him deeper and deeper in plunging her finger down into the urethra. It was a kind of fun feeling having her finger jammed down so far inside a cock and Kate made a mental note of it for later. Tom’s tiny body was thoroughly jammed inside his own penis. Kate let the goddess energy flow into the penis and Tom. Kate’s will became reality, because she had a horny sexy idea. Feeling the snug squishy walls of his own penis around him, Tom felt his consciousness begin to fade. It felt like he was falling asleep.


Consciousness faded back. Tom was looking up right into Kate’s pretty face.

     “Are you back” She asked.

     Tom tried to speak, but his mouth wouldn’t move right.

     “Don’t talk, just think it, and your goddess will hear.”

     Am I still small?

     “Not exactly.”

     Tom felt something warm and gentle wrapped around his body. It felt very nice and made his muscles contract in a very pleasant way.

     Are we done having weird sex?

     “Not by a long shot. We have to get you off, mister.”

     Good. Realization hit Tom. Did you merge me with my own penis?

     Kate nodded her head with a smirk.

     “I honestly can’t wait to try this.”

     Tom felt himself being lifted up. Kate’s face got closer and closer. Her mouth opened. He rose through her pretty lips and teeth. The lips closed pleasantly around him and Kate’s pink muscular tongue moved across his head. It was absolute bliss. Kate’s tongue lashed and massaged him. Tom felt her hand drawing him out slightly, then gently thrusting him back in as her tongue whirled around him with sweet delicious moisture. The contractions became more and more. His entire body was rigid and pulsing lightly. Kate’s hand pulled him out of the warm loving cave of her mouth.

     “Mm, you’re good and hard again. That was an appetizer of sorts; time for the goddess to give you the main course.”

     Tom could see as he was lowered over Kate’s body until he was pointing directly at her still wet pussy.

     Are you sure it’s ready for another go.

 “I’m ready. I’m a goddess remember. What I say goes.”

     Tom felt Kate’s other hand come in from below and play with the dangling flesh that he assumed was his scrotum and testicle. It felt amazing, his genitals were his entire body, and the feelings that were normally confined just to his penis and testicles were now spread across his entire body.

     “Ready or not,” Kate said.

     To Tom it seemed that Kate’s vulva was rushing toward him. He felt the tip of his head-face slid through Kate’s labia and into the warm moist depths of her vagina. It was wonderful, warm and delicious. The labia clung slightly to his sides as he slid through them. A delightful little detail of sensation he might have missed in his normal body. He could smell the heady musk he associated with going down on Kate. Everything just made him feel more and more aroused, more and more rigid through his whole body. He felt Kate’s hands, one playing with and slapping his balls how he liked, and the other adjusting its grip on his shaft. She pulled him out a bit, slid him in a bit. It went on, a delicious sensuous rubbing over Tom’s entire body. The feeling’s got too intense. Tom felt it building up in his entire body. He felt something rising pleasantly in his throat. It all reached the climax as he did. Bliss filled his body as he felt the ecstatic sensation of spewing his seed into Kate.

     Outside Kate had a sudden inspiration and focused her will on Tom’s form.

     Inside Tom felt something growing out if his back. It felt nice and flared out behind him reaching up growing into an engorged sort of thing outside the confines of Kate’s vagina. When Kate thrust Tom into herself, the little horn thing brushed and vibrated against her clit. The sensation felt great to Tom. He quickly regained his arousal and spewed more semen into Kate’s depths.

     Kate was moaning and writhing again, feeling the pleasure flood her divine form. She couldn’t believe what a good idea this had been. Tom, her love and best friend was now nothing but a delicious sex toy for her pleasure. Adding the little rabbit extension had been a stroke of genius, she thought. More so she could mentally hear Tom’s pleasured moans and groans. That just turned her on again, and she thrust Tom into her pussy more having orgasm after orgasm leaving the couch a soaking mess. Even better, every time Tom came, he was ready to go again in less than a minute. After all, Kate thought, dildos don’t have a refractory period, and neither do goddesses.

     Kate spent the whole rest of the day and night playing with Tom the dildo. She gave him blow jobs to taste test his merged come, it tasted the same, she decided. She experimented making it bigger, smaller, thicker, and with more vibration options. Eventually around midnight she restored him to his human form. They took a shower together, and had plain old loving couple, basically vanilla sex. Even thought they’d technically spent all day fucking, Kate still had one of the best orgasms she’d ever had. Afterward, they sat in bed with the lights still on cuddling in the afterglow of their long sexy day. Tom looked down at his cock, still a little amazed that only a little over an hour before, he had been his cock. He examined it thoroughly.

     “Are you sure you want to keep it like this?”

     “Uh-huh,” Kate said gently, but firmly. “What the goddess says goes, and what the goddess says is: The rabbit ears stay.”

     And so they did.


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