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Chapter 5


Tom pulled into the driveway of the home he shared with Kate. He turned off the engine and pulled the key from the ignition. After stepping out of the car and making sure to grab the bag of things he’d impulse bought at the mall, mostly books and a couple of DVDs, he took another look at his phone.


The text message read: Our guests have gone home. I miss all your charms. Come back here and fall into your goddess’s arms.


Tom knew Kate only made little rhymes like that when she was feeling particularly playful. He took a breath, put his phone back into his pocket, and tried to ready himself, mentally for whatever reality bending fun his fiancé/deity had in mind. Tom was looking forward to getting to crush and maim his fair share of the shrunken domestic abusers and rapists that now populated his house. He just hoped the ladies had left him some. Locking the car, he walked over to the front door and let himself in.


“Hello,” Kate said.


Tom looked over and saw Kate sitting on the couch naked.


“Hi, honey,” he said. “How did your ladies luncheon go?”


“Absolutely smashing, they’re a great bunch, and I imagine we’ll be seeing more of them in the coming days and weeks.”


“I’m glad you’re already attracting worshippers.”


“I’m not sure I’d call them worshippers just yet, but I do plan to find places for them when I get my divine hierarchy set up. I already have roles in mind for a few of them, if they’re interested.”


“I’m glad you’re meeting people. I got a few little things while I was out,” Tom stepped further into the house and set his bag down on a nearby counter. “Just some books and movies I’ve…” Tom was interrupted by a loud crunching noise from under his shoe. Dark red gore oozed from beneath the sole.


“Ha,” Kate clapped smiling with sheer delight. “You got your first kill without even trying. You’re going to be a natural at the divine husband-concubine-demigod role I’ve got in mind for you.”


Tom lifted his foot and saw the mangled body of a five inch long man on the carpet.


“Ooh,” Kate cooed, “he was at least a rapist judging by his length.”


“Good,” Tom smirked, “it’s nice to feel like you’ve made a contribution to the world.”


“Anyway,” Kate continued, “why don’t you join me over here?”


“Divine orders?” Tom asked.


“Loving request,” she replied.


Tom stepped over to the couch and sat down next to his naked fiancé. As he sat down he realized that he was also naked.


“Where’d you zap my clothes to?”


“Upstairs closet, you shouldn’t need them for quite some time. Now gimmie some sugar, baby.”


Kate scooted back against the arm of the couch parting her legs slightly and holding her arms apart making a space for Tom’s body. She gestured towards herself with her hands in a ‘come to mama’ type gesture. Tom noticed her manicure had changed since he left. Kate’s nails were now colored soft pink, almost coral, instead of shiny blue and silver. They looked a bit shorter and with a softer curve at each nail tip. Tom melted in as Kate’s warm soft embrace enveloped his body. She closed her arms around his back, and their lips met. Their tongues slid across each other, deliciously cuddling and caressing each other. Tom had to admit, that even with all the new possibilities opened by Kate’s powers, and even with the things they had already tried, there was still something undeniably hot about just holding the woman he loved and having a completely mundane make out session. The feelings, the movement, Kate’s smell, all of these coalesced and Tom felt the beginning stages of his arousal engaging.


That was when he felt a tap on his shoulder, and nearly jumped off the couch in surprise.


“Just what do you think you’re doing?” A familiar voice asked.


Tom disengaged his face from Kate’s and shifted over so he could see this newcomer. He looked up, and, to his surprise, saw another Kate. She stood grinning as naked as the Kate sitting next to Tom on the couch. Tom looked back and forth between the two Kates.


“What’s going on?” Tom asked, clearly puzzled.


“Nothing to worry about, dear,” standing Kate said.


“Just a little something I came up with while I was hanging out with the ladies.” Sitting Kate said. “Handy trick, don’t you think?”


“So are you two exactly the same?” Tom asked.


“Pretty much,” standing Kate said. “Our minds were exactly the same until we split from each other, ourselves, er, whatever.”


“Right,” sitting Kate said, “and at some point we’ll like, merge back together, and all our experiences will merge into one again.”


“And you’re cool with that?” Tom asked standing Kate.


“Sure, I want to know what she’s been up to without me as much as she does to me, at least I presume.”


“You presume correctly,” sitting Kate confirmed.

“So are the two of you going to make some room for me?” Standing Kate asked.


“Of course,” Tom said, and scooted over to make some space. Standing Kate sat down on Tom’s right side.


Tom felt the familiar warmth on either side, felt the familiar skin and shape of his lover on either side. On each side, each Kate leaned into her fiancé.


“What do you say Tommy?” Left Kate asked. “Care to double your fun?”


Tommy felt a little nervous, but also interested. “Okay, let’s see where this goes.”


Both Kates smiled and cuddled up closer to each side of Tom’s body. Each began kissing and nibbling lightly on his shoulders. One Kate put her hands on his cheeks and gently twisted his neck. She moved in and kissed him softly on his lips. Meanwhile the other Kate leaned in and ran her tongue lightly around his earlobe. Tom felt enmeshed in a sweet loving cocoon. Kissing Kate parted her lips from his, and just as gently, the other Kate turned his head to pick up the slack.


“You like this, Tommy?” The non-kissing Kate asked. “Don’t answer, keep kissing her, I’ll tell you. I think you love this. The only thing that ever kept us from having a threesome was the complications of bringing in a third individual; the ethical considerations, not wanting to be unicorn hunters, bringing in some third party just to use them. But, baby, we can be our own unicorns now.”


Tom and kissing Kate’s lips bucked and heaved against each other. Her lower lip ended up lodged lightly between his teeth. Tom sucked it ever so slightly enjoying the softness. She felt the blood flowing through her body, singing for her to take things further. She restrained herself, reminding herself of the overall plan. The two Kates got Tom all settled into the middle of the couch.


“I think it’s time to take things up a notch.” One Kate said.


“Total agreement,” the other Kate said. “Close your eyes and enjoy being the meat in our sexy sandwich.” Both Kates smiled and chuckled at their corniness.


As Tom closed his eyes, he felt each Kate lean in over his torso. They each moved a hand across his belly, intertwining their fingers across his navel. Their other hands ran over his back, likewise meeting and merging, leaving Tom completely encircled in Kate arms. Having their “prey” ensnared, the two Kates moved in unison. Tom felt two sets of lips fasten around his nipples, which he suddenly realized were already stiff with arousal. The soft pleasure flooded his body, as Tom relaxed into the pair’s tongues slowly lashed across his flesh. He recalled Kate mentioning once how she liked this; watching his nipple get hard, then feeling it against her tongue. She said she enjoyed the rough bumpiness. As he was deep in reverie, appreciating his lovers’ ministrations, a third sensation popped in. Tom almost bolted up out of the couch, as warm moist flesh enveloped his engorged cock. The two Kates held him in place, firmly, but without hurting him, using their goddess strength.


Tom opened his eyes and looked down. With some surprise, he saw a third Kate bent down on her knees, her lips and tongue busy slurping and licking away at the head of his cock. She pulled back her head, letting her lips drag torturously slowly over Tom’s swollen dark pink cockhead. It shined with Kate’s divine saliva. She betted her eyelashes and gave him a coy smile.


“What’s wrong darling? You always told me you liked my blowjobs?”


“Just surprised, that’s all.”


“Just relax baby,” the new Kate said. “Sit back and Kate’s going to take care of your every little need.”


Tom did as instructed. The Kate between his legs resumed her task sucking and licking on his engorging cock. The two Kates on his nipples got rougher with their play, scraping their little teeth against the hard little nubs, as they sucked and nibbled him into ecstasy. Feeling completely engulfed in Kate’s bodies, surrounded with her love and desire, Tom felt his balls draw up, his cock twitch, and a torrent of cum blasted into Kate’s mouth. She continued sucking and ran her hand along the shaft, determined to get every drop.


The stimulation crept into the agonizing, and Tom moaned as Kates tongue ran around his head a couple more times, lingering particularly on the little rabbit ear nubbins left from the previous night. Eventually she ended the erotic assault and stood back up, the other two Kates released Tom, and joined her. They stood before Tim, looking identical to each other: the same pale skin with a ruddy undertone, the same medium length brown hair, same boobs, same curves, same moles, same everything.


“Wow.” He sat there and looking back and forth between the three identical women, his heart still pounding from the bone shattering orgasm they had wrung out of him.


“Kind of fun, right Tom?” The middle Kate asked.


“I’ll say.” Tom said. “So is it like one of you is the real you and the others are like clones or something?”


“Nope,” all three Kates answered in unison. The middle one raised her hand, and the other two deferred.


“We’re all the real Kate. We used our powers to split ourselves, and by bedtime we will collapse ourselves back into one being, with all the memories combined. I’m pretty sure it would cause serious cognitive issues for mortals, but, ya’ know, goddess powers.” All three did a little jazz hands move to emphasize their point. “Anyway, we figure we could have some fun until then.”


“This is pretty out there, even compared to some of the other stuff we’ve done, you have to admit.” Tom said.


“Oh,” said the Kate to his left. “That’s nothing, I refrained from a bunch of even weirder ideas for you benefit.”


“Weirder?” Tom asked.


“Well, sure. I seriously thought about turning your fingers into cocks, so you could fuck me while this one,” she draped an arm around middle Kate’s back, “was giving you one of our trademark, best blowjobs ever.”


“It’s the love that makes them special.” Middle Kate said.


“Wow, we really are the same,” Kate on the right said. “I was thinking about doing the same thing, but I also didn’t want to freak Tom out with so much, so early.”


The three Kates laughed and cackled together.


“I’m glad you didn’t, the three of you are enough surprises for one afternoon.” Tom smiled.


“I hope you’re joking.” Left Kate said.


“We’ve got such plans for the rest of the day.” Middle Kate said.


“We’ve been plotting and scheming since we texted you, between self-cest, masturbation, whatever you want to call it.” Right Kate said.


“We ate each other, er, ourselves, out.” Middle Kate said.


Left Kate spread two fingers and wagged her tongue between them, pantomiming their previous stimulating activities.


“Gee,” Tom said, “I’m sorry I missed that; sounds pretty hot.”


“Don’t worry, baby.” Middle Kate said. “We’ll include you next time.”


“Or you-s,” left Kate said, “as in plural Toms.”


Tom could feel his refractory period fading, and arousal building up again listening to his fiancés talking about their activities together.


“We’ve got other plans for you tonight.” Middle Kate said.


“That’s right,” left Kate said.


Middle Kate continued. “For tonight, and only tonight, we will share with you a vestige of my power. You will be able to mold and reshape us, and yourself too, to your desires. Whatever situation would give you pleasure, we will make it happen.”


“It’s only fair.” Right Kate said. “I did the same with you last night.”


“So what’s it going to be, Tommy?” Middle Kate asked grinning widely. “What are you going to do with three Kates at your complete and total mercy?”


Tom stroked his chin, full of intrigue. “First, I don’t want any of the little creeps around for our show.”


“Already done,” middle Kate said. “I induced them with a dread of all four of us, so they’ll all be hiding in the nooks and corners of the house.


“Cool,” Tom said, “guess it’s time to try out a few fantasies.”


“Let the transfer begin,” the three Kates said in their goddess voice. Their eyes glowed with energy. Tom’s heart thumped away. Bluish purple arcs lanced out from each woman’s eyes crackling like electricity. Each arc found its target in Tom’s eyes. He felt it inside, great power and energy filling his mortal frame. The arcs vanished, as the women’s eyes returned to their usual hazel color.


“Alright,” Tom said, “let’s get started.


He looked at three identical women, and felt his borrowed power, an idea popped into his head, and with that, he raised his hand before them, and then dropped it back down.


All three Kates felt themselves dwindling and compacting like some kind of bizarre reverse stretch. It actually felt very nice, like tense muscles sinking into relaxation and then going beyond that. She thought it seemed like a kind of relief feeling. They watched as the room around them expanded to seemingly immense size, and Tom went from their loving, usually submissive partner to a relative giant, gazing down on them, rubbing his hands together in anticipation, and a certain gleam in his eyes. All the Kates remembered that gleam from when he’d been a giant with her, destroying the city, and using the citizens as pleasure toys. Kate ran her tongue across her teeth, savoring the moment before whatever Tom was about to do.

     “I don’t know if you three noticed,” he said, “but it’s been quite a few minutes since you ambushed me with that welcome home orgy.” He pointed both pointer fingers down at his already thickening member. “This guy is almost ready to go for another round, and you’re lucky enough to help him get up to the task.”

     He bent forward and kneeled. With both hands, he reached down to the Kates. They each felt the same shiver, the same feeling in their heads. Tom was the big one now. They were just his helpless little playthings and who knew what his twisted, perverted mind would come up with for them. Excitement and dread mingled in their hearts, but also the relief Kate always felt when she and Tom switched roles. It was all out of her hands now, whatever Tom wanted to do, he would do, she couldn’t do anything about it, and that was just the way she wanted it at that particular moment.


Tom stood back up, taking his time, careful not to handle his handful too roughly. He took a step backward, sat down on the couch, then stretched out along it. As he lay down, Tom propped his head up against the armrest and deposited the three little women onto his stomach. It wasn’t a six pack by any definition, but it was smooth and mostly flat with just a little bit of paunch and a patch of soft dark hair. Kate liked to run her fingers through it, to feel all the soft little hairs against her fingertips. Now she, and her other two selves, sprawled amidst those same hairs. Rising from soft the pale ground that was Tom’s stomach, they reminded her of creosote bushes from some old desert. She estimated that they were maybe about two inches tall now.


“Alright little ladies,” Tom said, “if you look straight ahead you will see one of the glorious wonders of nature Mount Cock.”


All three couldn’t help but giggle in reaction.


“We’re going to have a little contest to get started off. The three of you are going to race to mount cock and with the expert dexterity I now you posses, climb as fast as you can. The first to the top is the winner, the other two, well, we’ll see won’t we? Now, ready, set, go!”


The three raced ahead over the stomach toward Tom’s penis. It began to loom over them has it visible lengthened and firmed. All three reached the base at about the same time. Each Kate felt an equal surge of lust at the musky familiar scent of Tom’s most intimate region. They each scrambled around searching for likely hand and foot holds.


Tom loved the sensation they gave him just moving around his cock. Each little hand feeling around sent minute jolts of pleasure through his body. Tom did his best to keep still. He wanted to feel them crawling their way up his cock, not flung out into a couch cushion.


All three Kate’s made their respective assents, finding creative ways to cling onto stray pubic hairs, or hold onto a vein or wrinkle. They eventually found the best method was to wrap their legs and arms around the shaft and wriggle their ways up like someone climbing a palm tree. They were surprised to find that the skin of the cock wasn’t that hard to cling onto despite how increasingly hard the cock itself was. They couldn’t know that Tom used his borrowed powers to give the skin more traction than normal. He also slowly shrunk them smaller as they climbed, each in equal measure, so that the delightful stimulation they gave his throbbing cock could be prolonged that much longer. As each Kate shimmied further up her lover’s monster cock, about three to four times taller than the Kates, she provided exquisite stimulation for the cock’s owner. Tom watched rapt with the pleasurable sensations and the feeling of power of his little goddess fiancé. The three Kates managed to pull themselves up and over the crumpled foreskin, and onto the head of Tom’s cock. The feeling of six tiny little feet standing on his sensitive glans was like no sensation Tom had ever felt before. They turned to face Tom’s enormous pleasure wracked face. He looked down at them, thinking how delicious and perfect each little woman looked. They looked around realizing that they’d dwindled to maybe around half an inch tall. The pink purple fleshy plateau of Tom’s cockhead spread out before them like a sexy mountain summit.


“It’s a tie. No surprise, I guess, you all have the same level of fitness and the same thought processes.”


“Sorry,” one of the Kates called out.


“Not your fault little ones, Tom will just have to think of another contest.” Tom said.


Kate loved when Tom referred to himself in the third person. It meant he was really getting into the naughty spirit of things.


“I’ve got it.” Tom said “Each of you tell me a little something about what you did with your guests today. Whoever’s is the hottest will be the winner. I’ll be the judge. You go first.” He pointed at a random Kate.


     “We filled up the bathtub with tinies and then shit all over them and watched them drown in our shit,” said the random Kate.


Tom gave her a concerned look, as did the other two Kates.


“I cleaned it up with goddess power, of course.” She reassured.


The other Kates clapped and commented how hot that was, and that they couldn’t wait to integrate those memories into themselves.


“Pretty good, what about you?” He pointed at another random Kate.


“I crushed tinies against my clit with the magic wand while one of my guests licked and swallowed the smashed little people of another’s feet until they were clean. It was totally hot and my little twerps got mashed into jelly when I got off.”


The other two Kates fanned their faces with their hands.


“Very sexy,” Tom said, “and you.” Tom pointed at the last Kate.


“We went into the office and tortured a little abuser by cutting off his limbs with scissors and shoving a stick up through his entire body like a medieval impalement.”


The other Kates gasped at the brutality, but then commented how hot that sounded.


“Oh,” she continued, “then we ate him off of the stick like a corndog.” She gnashed her teeth for emphasis.


“Woo,” Tom said, “strong stuff, but you know I adore your sadistic side.”


“We know,” the three chirped sweetly in unison.


Tom considered the stories, and then made his selection.


“Foot licking, torture-fest, and poop tub, in that order.”


The Kates congratulated the winner with handshakes and kisses, and then validated the runners up with hugs and more kisses.


“Now for you prizes, first, the winner.”


The winning Kate felt a little odd. A strong pulse of arousal spread throughout her vulva like a warm blossoming flower, accompanied by the usual feelings of wetness. A feeling of deep forceful stretching accompanied the arousal. Kate looked down toward her crotch and saw that her pussy was expanding, sliding up and over her torso, seeming to somehow merge with it at a rapid rate. Tom reached over and plucked her off of is dick. Kate felt her entire back side stretch and thicken. As her face merged with her clitoris, she realized what her prize was. Tom had made her into a living Fleshlight, following the idea from the press conference that morning. His warm fingers wrapped around her outside, and she could feel it. It was so good, so delicious; she felt her combined pussy and mouth flooding with thick luscious lube. Whatever it was felt great lodged in her. Her field of vision seem to be just above the opening, so she assumed that she was essentially looking out through her clitoris. Her mouth labia occasionally threatened to block her view, but she found that by flexing she could actually move and retract them much like she normally would the lips on her mouth. It was a strange, but sweet, sensation consciously rubbing her labia against each other. Tom lifted her up to his eye level. She looked up into his enormous face, her favorite face. It smiled from ear to ear.


“Can you hear me?” He asked.


“Yethss I can,” she slobbered back through her well lubed mouth-vagina hybrid. Just the feeling of speaking in this form gave Kate a pleasurable tingle throughout her new tubular body.


“Good,” Tom said. “And can you see me?”


“Uhf-huh,” she answered.


“Do you like your prize?”


“It’ths pwetty interesting tho far,” she said.


Tom’s eyes glowed for a second. “Try to speak now.” He said.


“What did you do?” Kate found that although she felt as gooey and lubed up as before, it was now much easier for her to articulate words. “Oh, I see. Pretty impressive, I don’t think I even have a tongue in here anymore, but it’s much easier to talk now.”


“You’re welcome,” Tom said. “I have to say, that you make an exceptionally lovely Fleshlight.”


Kate could see Tom’s face getting closer and closer as he brought her in closer. He moved in and ran his tongue up through her pussy lips, then flicked it across her field of vision. Kate loved the feeling; it was like getting kissed and having her clit licked at the same time. Hus tongue came back into view whirling and stroking through her field of vision, replicating one of Kate’s preferred rhythms for getting eaten out. Combined with the feeling of those warm strong fingers wrapped securely around her body, the stimulation ad her whole body thrumming with arousal. He got her right up to the peak of pleasure, then moved away swiftly.


“Uh-uh,” he said, “you’ve got a little job to do for me before you get ant orgasms, my dear.”


“Oh, c’mon,” Kate put on her best pleading voice.


“Don’t worry, when the time is right you’ll get to come your brains out.”


“Yay!” she cheered.


“First I have to take care of these two.” Tom turned Fleshlight Kate around in his hand so she could see him pointing at the other two Kate’s still standing on his cock.


Tom gently plucked up the third place Kate. As he did, Tom re-enlarged her a bit.


“You got third place, unfortunately, so you don’t get any fun, sexy transformations like your sisters here, but,” he paused for emphasis, “you will be an important part of the festivities.”


Tom upended Fleshlight Kate, who found she was looking straight up at the ceiling. She saw Tom’s hand come into view, and could make out the mixture of excitement and fear on her other self’s face. He held the hand directly over her. She saw him flex and adjust things, and now the other Kate was dangling from Tom’s big thick fingers. Kate realized what was going to happen to the Kate above her. Tom flicked his fingers. Fleshlight Kate saw the little Kate growing in her field of view. Little Kate fell and fell. Fleshlight Kate felt the little body land right smack between her labia. Fleshlight Kate moved her pussy lips in around little Kate trying to feel and experience her as thoroughly as she could.


Little Kate smacked against the vaginal opening of the toy beneath her. She felt the warm lips move and mash around her, rubbing and clamping against her. The musky smell was a familiar one, this giant version of her own pussy smelled and tasted exactly as it had when she was going down on the other Kates earlier, but now it was engulfing her entire body.  A feeling of sweet submissive helplessness rose through her, she would be nothing but a toy to please her own hungry horny pussy, and then, she presumed, Tim’s huge sexy cock. The feeling overwhelmed her and she fingered her own much smaller pussy in delighted anticipation.


Tom moved his fingers in swiftly and smoothly. He pressed his little fiancé deep into the Kate-light’s inner vaginal canal with his three center fingers. Once he had them stuffed all the way in up to the bottom knuckles, Tom moved his thumb around, lightly strumming the pink pearly bulb of her clitoris in an effort to drive her crazy with pleasure, and because he loved the feeling of her pleasure seat against his skin.


Crazy with pleasure, Fleshlight Kate was driven. An anxiety filled her little cylinder of a body, but it was replaced by little Kate, and Tom’s big thick fingers. Normally she could only tolerate one finger inside her, sometimes two if she got really randy, but this was just delightful. Her vagina stretched and stretched, but there was no pain, no discomfort, only a satisfying sensation of being good and full. In pleasure, she clenched and squeezed with her internal muscles and found she could actually grip quite tightly. She could feel the little Kate’s body being engulfed and squeezed within her flesh. She didn’t want to smother or crush the poor little thing, but it felt so good she couldn’t help clenching herself around the little tidbit, plus she figured Tom had probably made her resilient enough to survive such rough handling.


Fleshlight Kate was right. Little Kate could feel the soft thickly lubed walls closing in and squeezing against her with all their might, but it didn’t exactly hurt. There was an intense feeling of extreme pressure, but overall she was finding it pretty enjoyable being subsumed in what she knew was basically her own vagina. She still worked away at her own own clit with her fingers and had really enjoyed being so overpowered and dominated by her love’s fingers.


Fleshlight Kate felt Tom’s finger pull back out of her depths, leaving little Kate. Kate could feel her in there, a little surprising as she’d always read and experience that most women didn’t feel much deeper in there. She could feel this though, little Kate, nothing but a morsel to be mashed and slobbered on for Fleshlight Kate’s pleasure, and it was pleasurable. Fleshlight Kate just imagined how this would feel when she integrated all the memories. Dominating and being dominated by herself simultaneously would probably be pretty hot. She renewed the mauling of her smaller self, wanting to make sure both sides of the memory would get to have as good a time as possible.


That left the third Kate still standing on Tom’s cock. She was now idly playing with herself, having completely enjoyed the sight of herself being crammed into a living sex toy made from her other self’s own genitals. Tom’s imagination never stopped delighting or impressing her. His gaze shifted down, and he was looking down directly at her.


“Hmm and what about you middle Kate? What should the runner up get?”


“Something sexy?” She called back.


“Absolutely, you know, I plan to fuck your copy over here,” he squeezed the warm fleshy toy that filled his hand, and it rubbed and squirmed as best as it could against his grip, “and with your other copy still inside, but you’re a middle Kate, and perhaps you deserve some kind of middle fate.”


Kate rolled her eyes at the corniness.


“I know you’ve heard the phrase, no glove, no love. Don’t you want to protect your little sisters up here from my big bad cock with all its various fluids and cooties?”


“Oh, yes,” Kate said. She thought how well thought out this was. Kate knew that Tom knew, that she loved scenarios where she suffered some kind of degradation to protect someone else. When she was in a more submissive mood it was one of her favorite fantasies.


Tom’s eyes glowed, and Kate felt herself stretching and growing. She was soon about as tall as an action figure, and straddling the top of Tom’s cock. She could feel the urethral opening pressing between her legs in a rather enjoyable way. Tom’s unoccupied hand wrapped around her and stared pulling her downward with great force. Kate yelped in surprise. The force of being pulled against the giant cock was absolutely irresistible. Kate felt her body stretching and stretching, but with no pain. Along with her body, her vagina stretched and stretched over the top of Tom’s cock. Kate couldn’t deny it felt good. Her helps of surprise became yelps and moans caused by the pure overwhelming sensation. She felt herself being stretched out, filled up. Her internal organs squished up and flattened, her whole body shifted to accommodate the all penetrating, but entirely welcome, flesh of Tom’s cock as it was slowly crammed into her entire being.


“If you haven’t figured it out yet baby, you’re going to be my little living condom, while I fuck you sex toy counterpart, with your littler self still inside.


Kate felt her pussy being stretched enormously as it slid with agonizing slowness down and around the shaft of Tom penis. It felt so amazingly good she couldn’t believe it. All the familiar contours and veins and wrinkles; she could feel every one of them right where they should be, but filling up her entire thinly stretched body instead of just mouth or her vagina. Kate felt the back of her head being pulled down into the top of Tom’s “head”. She felt her skull, and presumably her brain, crumpling and flattening. She could still see but she couldn’t move her head at all. She could move her eyes around but for the most part, she was confined to looking at whatever Tom’s cock was pointed directly at. The pulling finally ended, Tom’s warm fingers left her body. Kate took a deep breath and waited she was now where her submissive side felt the most relaxed and comfortable, completely at Tom’s mercy.


“Are you ready ladies?” Tom asked. He didn’t wait for an answer as he gripped Fleshlight Kate and plunged her down onto the penis cover by condom Kate. Pleasure oozed through his body as he felt the soft sheath of Fleshlight Kate’s cock holster descend around his turgid organ.


As for the Kates themselves, Fleshlight Kate could only watch as a cock wrapped in her other selfs stretched body got closer and closer. She could make out the eyes and face pulled tight against the tip of the glans, not unlike the reservoir tip found on many condoms that hadn’t been made of sentient women. The face looking back at her appeared to be having a good time. It was smiling and gazing back up at her with a look in her eyes that Fleshlight Kate interpreted as wonder and anticipation. Deep within her she held a firm grip on tiny Kate. She didn’t want her little charge to fall out during the action. When Tom had her close enough, she tried to call out to her condom counterpart.


“That looks so good, baby! You look so good!”


“Thanks, you’re such a big gorgeous living pussy, I can’t wait to…”


Condom Kate got caught short as pussy Kate was slid down over her. She meant to say that she couldn’t wait to get slurped up by such a big pretty pussy, but she was pretty sure the sentiment got delivered, even if the word didn’t come out in time. Watching the enormous sex toy descend upon her was truly one of the most remarkable sights she’d seen since getting her powers. She marveled at the power and beauty of what, after all, was her own vagina. As she felt it being shoved down over herself, and Tom’s cock underneath, within her, she could smell and taste the copious amounts of pussy juice inside. She felt the tube descending over her body further and further. Despite the dark, Kate could see the pink plush walls parting before her like deliciously sexy curtains ushering her into a warm welcoming realm. The luscious flesh sliding around outside combined with the feeling of being utterly completely stuffed with Tom’s ever stiffening cock and condom Kate had her first orgasm right there inside her counterparts vaginal canal. As she moaned in pleasure she finally bumped up against something.


Little Kate had gotten used to the grip of Fleshlight Kate’s insides when she felt everything descending very fast. She could feel the vibration of something coming up underneath her. She looked down just in time to see her own face rocket up between her feet.


“Holy crap!” She cried. The force underneath shoved her upwards unmercifully like an out of control elevator stuck on up. She felt herself being pushed up and up and up, and then, finally her back was slammed up against the ceiling. Still looking down, Kate say that they other Kate’s head was coincidentally sticking right up against her vulva.


Condom Kate felt herself pushing her other self up further and further up through the shaft. They hit the ceiling with a sort of bump. She saw that tiny Kate was squished right up against what would normally have been a cervix, but here was just a smooth pink ceiling. She found that her head had ended up situated right between the other Kate’s legs, right in front of her lightly furred vulva. Not letting the opportunity go to waste she went to work immediately sucking and licking at the smaller woman’s genitals. She truly loved this. She was wrapped around her loves cock, shoved up a version of her own vagina, and now at the same time was going to lick and pleasure yet another version of her own vulva.


Tiny Kate moaned and played with her nipples as Condom Kate went to work. It was so good receiving head from someone who literally knew what all her favorite moves and rhythms were. The pleasure within her rose, was just beginning to crest, and that was when the head giving her head was suddenly yanked away.


Tom pulled the toy up off of his cock, and then plunged it back down. Every time he plunged up into Fleshlight Kate’s depths, the Kate on his cock ate out Little Kate just as little more, just a little more, and just a little more. It was agonizing, near torture, but little Kate loved every second of it, as did condom Kate.


Meanwhile Flesh light Kate was in pure ecstasy. The sensation was so amazing and odd and nice. The only thing she could compare to was getting fuck super deeply and deep-throating a big cock at the same time with the same opening, but without any gag reflex, or any pain, just the pure pleasure of being filled and stretched. She could almost taste it. She wasn’t receiving much clitoral stimulation, it was true, but in this changed body it was like her clit extended internally, so that every stroke along Tom’s cock was also like having her clit rubbed and massaged slowly, deeply. Her mind had almost disintegrated into a puddle of pure receptive feeling. She loved being completely utterly filled by her lover. She loved the feeling of her smaller self bumping up against her… cervix? Did this body even have a cervix? She wondered. Kate squeezed and clenched her internal walls against Tom’s cock as hard as she could. She wanted to give Tom, and her condom self as much pleasure back as they were giving him.


Tom slammed his toy-fiancé down around his cock over and over. The wonderful squeezing toy Kate gave him, the thoughts of what might be going on inside the toy, and feeling of his cock pounding and squishing into that tiny little body all intersected at the right moment.


Every Kate felt Tom’s cock twitch.


Condom Kate felt gallons of cum surging through her stretched compressed form filling up every nook and cranny. She got slammed deep into the cock sleeve one more time and held there. She went back to work eating out little Kate.


“Mmm, mmm,” tiny Kate moaned, “whew, I really know how to please myself, huh? I thought I felt some sort of twitch or something. Did Tom blow his load?”


Condom Kate opened her mouth to answer. Instead a hot load of sticky jizz erupted out landing in creamy globs all over little Kate’s lower body.


“Guess that answers that question. Gee, we don’t make a very effective birth control method do we?”


Condom Kate shook her face as best she could. Eyes slightly glazed over in bliss.


“Well, back at it miss leaky,” little Kate pointed down at her goo cover crotch, which condom Kate went back to licking and sucking cleaning and swallowing the semen as she did so. Little Kate ran her finger through the sticky warm fluid and put it in her mouth. She sucked it for a moment, then popped the finger back out clean. “Mm-mmm, that boy sure knows how to cook what we like, huh?”


Fleshlight Kate sat at the very tipping point of ecstasy. She felt her lover’s seed overflow condom Kate’s sides and leak into her interior canal with a sensation that made her whole inhuman form tremble in her lover’s warm firm hand. With such intense physical pleasures, Kate hadn’t really paid much attention to what she was seeing, mostly Tom’s fuzzy crotch rising toward her and falling away as he pumped her entire body over his cock. Now something interrupted the view. A finger came into view and stroked right against Kate’s clit-head. The marvelous feeling made her shudder and grip everything inside her with great force. The finger stroked again and again finding that perfect rhythm.


“You’ve been such a good Kate, today. It’s time for a reward.” Tom said.


His fingers brushed and stroked just right, and Fleshlight Kate finally felt a sharp beautiful climax erupt from her face and run down and through the rest of her body making her squirm and shudder against the bodies of her little captives.


Condom Kate continued licking and sucking away at little Kate’s cum covered vulva when the walls around her contracted and shuddered tightly around her. An undulation rippled against her clit and that was all it took at that point to set her off.


Little Kate lay back against the moist vaginal flesh and sank back into the cunnilingus she was receiving. Soon she got off too, bucking and gasping against her other self’s face.


Tom slid Kate off of his cock. He pinched condom Kates between his fingers and pulled her up and off of his dick. As she felt the giant cock withdrawing from her body, Kate also felt her body shift and re-inflating, shaping itself back to her normal shape. Tom smiled down at her.


“You did great,” he said. He leaned in and kissed her sweaty, fluid smeared head, placing it perfectly between his upper and lower lips and pressing them together ever so lightly. He put her back down on the floor and turned his attention to the Fleshlight Kate.


“You need to let Kate out, Kate.” He said.


Fleshlight Kate undulated her insides slightly, amazed how effectively she was moving her smaller self up through her body. Tom watched as little Kate emerged, and plucked her up. He looked back at sex toy Kate, and she reshaped back to her original form like a rubber band snapping. He set her on the ground, and then turned his attention back to little Kate.


“Unfortunately you must pay one more penalty for coming in third place.” Tom said.


“I’m ready,” Kate said.


Without warning or pretense, tom lifted her up, tipped her into his mouth and swallowed her whole.


The two other Kate’s looked on, surprised.


“Mmm, she was tasty. You’ve all done a very good job satisfying my cock, but I’m still in power for a little longer. Let’s try some other stuff. Ladies, get on your backs.”


Both Kates obeyed and lay down on their backs. As they did the each changed size so that they were both just a little under a foot long.


Tom lifted his legs and hovered his feet above them. Both Kates gazed upward at a sole they had seen many times. They were perfectly clean, but covered in rough calluses with bunions bulging here and there. As much as Tom enjoyed Kate’s soft, well kept, nearly always well-pedicured feet, Kate enjoyed Tom’s rough ‘ugly’ feet. She liked how scratchy and horny they were and had often masturbated herself to orgasm while a rough sole was pressed against her face.


The feet slammed down on each woman.  They pressed and squeezed, and if each woman wasn’t protected by goddess powers they knew they’d be crushed into little pretty lady pancakes. The feet pressed and the toes gripped and played with their little prey.


Tom occupied himself tormenting his fiancés with his feet, as he did he went back to stroking his cock getting it nice and hard again.


“Alright,” he said and released his captives. “That was pretty much just to kill time for a bit, here’s the important part. Huddle together.”


The two Kates rush to a central point and huddled together as instructed. As they came together they couldn’t resist giving each other a little kiss. They both looked up and saw that Tom’s cock was aimed directly at them.


“Get ready little babies, Tom’s got one more trick up his sleeve, er, cock that is.”


He stroked his cock, and the two women watched, enjoying the show as it got harder and plumper. After one more round of intense stroking Tom grunted and white seed spurted forth.


The Kates lay back and relaxed as the warm thick load splattered down onto them covering their entire bodies in a big puddle of very thick ejaculate. They breathed it in and felt horniness rising within them.


“I put a special batch of pheromones in there; guaranteed to make Kates lose their minds with lust.”


“Oh, it’s working,” both Kate’s cried as they rubbed the gooey mess into their vulvas and rolled around in it. Soon they came together making out and loving themselves amidst the mess.


Tom looked on watching as his load started to move around of its own accord. The Kates felt the semen thickening and moving around them, caressing and flowing over them as if some intention was driving it. It gathered itself up into a pale pearly white form. They saw that the form was that of another woman, the same woman, it was Kate in cum form.


“Ohmigosh,” it said, “that was something. I felt myself dissolve in Tommy’s tummy, travel down straight into his balls, and then shoot all over you lovely ladies. Oh, I can’t wait to share the feelings with you.”


All three Kates stood up at once as if hearing a cue inaudible to Tom.


“Time’s up.” They all said.


A bright flash filled the room. Where three little Kates had stood there was one normal sized Kate. She beamed at Tom.


“So what do you think?” He asked.


She continued to beam silently, made a little sight trough nose, and then stepped forward and gave Tom a long deep kiss. She put her head against his chest in adoration.


“Oh, darling, that was wonderful. Such a fun idea, and I can remember it all. I remember being on your cock as a condom at the same time I was a shrunken woman being rammed into a sex toy that was also me. We’re going to have so much fun when I come fully into my powers. Oh, that reminds me.”


Her eyes flashed, and Tom felt the divine energy leaving his body.


“What now?” He asked.


“Well, I had a very nice time. It was fun letting my subby side out for a while, but you know, I feel like it’s really my turn again.”


“For what?” Tom asked.


Kate’s eyes radiated with goddess power. She snapped her fingers.


In an instant Tom felt everything shift around him. He had a familiar feeling go through his entire body, and he realized what was going on. He felt Kate’s soft, but firm hand wrapped around his long cylindrical body. She’d turned him into her dildo again.


“For fun,” she said, trotted up the stairs, and went to their bedroom, closing the door behind.


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