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The group followed her up the stairs and into a little hallway with three doors along the wall.


“As you can see there are three rooms up here. Mine and Tom’s bedroom, the master bathroom, and a room we use as a home office slash library slash game room.”


“That’s a lot of slashes,” Amy said.


Kate shrugged her shoulders. “It’s what we could afford. Come see it in a week or two when I’ve had my goddess palace built. Anyway I figure you should all split up. Two to each room, I’ll drop in with each of you as we go. As goddess I feel each of you lovely lustful ladies is equally deserving of my time.” Then a thought struck Kate. “Eureka!” She shouted. As she did two more Kates emerged from either side of her, each wearing identical clothes.


The six mortal women stared, shocked. Squishing and eating little people was an idea they’d all fantasized about, they were ready to see that. This was different, the most impossible thing they’d seen so far.


“Alright,” each Kate said in unison. “Now there’re enough of me to go around.”


“Did that…” Amy paused. “Hurt?”


“Of course not, dear.” All three Kates said in unison. The one closest to Amy held up her hand. The other two Kates stepped back. “It actually felt amazing, it’s a great pleasure for me, er, us now, whenever we use our powers, but let’s be organized about this. First some ground rules for the three of us. To avoid confusing the mortals whichever one of us is closest to the speaker physically should be the one to do the talking.”


“That makes sense,” the two other Kates agreed.


“So,” the first Kate said, “who wants to go where?”


“Bedroom,” Kelly raised her hand, “Alyssa, please come with me.”


“Alright,” Alyssa agreed feeling a bit flattered. 


     “I definitely want to check out the bathroom.” Aliqua said.


     “Sounds cool to me.” Jesse said.


     “Maybe we could try some of that shit in your stories.” Aliqua said.


     Jesse grinned and blushed.


     “That leaves us.” Alejandra said putting an arm around Amy.


“Looks like.” Amy said.


“This is great,” Kate said. “Remember this is no time to be shy or coy. If you’ve ever wanted to do something to little shrunken men, this is the time to try it out. I promised I can’t be disgusted or put off by anything you ladies might do for pleasure.”


With that, the three trios each went to their chosen rooms.


-Kelly & Alyssa-


Kelly took Alyssa by the hand and pulled her over to the bedroom door. Their Kate twiddled her fingers at the door and it opened itself. Kelly went ahead practically dragging Alyssa, who offered no resistance. Kate followed and closed the door behind them.


The bedroom was a good size with a big queen sized bed sticking out from one wall, facing a big flat screen television on the other side. Curtained windows let in warm afternoon sunshine, and further along the same wall as the bed stood another door. Everything was meticulously neat and clean. The blue comforter seemed very cozy to Kelly and the white sheets looked as crisp and clean as any hotel she’d ever been to.


“This is such a nice bedroom Goddess Kate.”


“Thank you, Kelly.” Kate said.


“It’s so neat compared to mine in the trailer.”


“Don’t feel bad, I cheated. I used goddess powers to get it all this nice.”


“It’s still very nice Kate.” Alyssa said. “I grew up slightly rich, and I can tell you, this is nice stuff. I hate to be all straight to business, but where is our prey?”


“Actually,” Kelly said, “I have something I’d like to do before we start. Is that all right, Goddess?” She looked to Kate with the humblest expression she could muster.


“Of course, Kelly, we’re here to have a good time together.” Kate thought about what a fine priestess Kelly would eventually make.


“Thank you, Goddess.” Kelly turned back to Alyssa. “I know you didn’t want Kate to just, poof them clean, but would it be okay if…if…” She trailed off, nervous.


“What is it?” Alyssa asked.


“Would it be okay if I cleaned all the bodies and gore off of your feet,” she paused, “with my mouth?”


A look passed over Alyssa’s pretty heart shaped face. At first maybe a tinge of automatic disgust, but that fell away as she remembered this was a special day, and a special place.


“Yes.” She answered, “You may clean all these squished boys off of my feet. There’s just one thing.”


“What is it?” Kelly asked.


“I want you to do it naked.”


Kelly’s whole face brightened up like morning sunshine. “Yes, yes, of course.”


Kelly quickly undressed herself throwing her clothes down onto the floor as she peeled them off. In her hurry she crushed several tiny men to death, who’d been compelled out by the sight and smell of the women’s feet.


Kate licked her lips in anticipation. She’d been using her powers to dominate. She and Tom rampaged in the city, she had dominated little shrunken Tom, and she had devoured and stomped the little men along with her selected guests. All fun, but this was her first opportunity to watch other people enjoying the fruit of her powers purely as a watcher, and not a participant. It appealed greatly to her more voyeuristic fantasies. “I think I will get naked too, if you don’t mind, that is.”


“Oh, no,” Kelly and Alyssa said in unison.


Kate flicked her wrist and in a sparkle was as naked and Kelly.


Kelly was a pale skinny white girl with a few moles and scars here and there on her body. Alyssa looked her up and down enjoying what she saw. Kelly’s pert little breasts and pale golden pubic fuzz were very appealing to Alyssa who wished she could pop one of the little boobs into her mouth and suck on it. Kate, as Alyssa and Kelly were slightly surprised to see, had the body of a fairly average white woman in her thirties who wears medium sized clothes; a bit of pudge above her fluffy brown pubic hair, a few moles and acne scars there. The two younger women had expected something more goddess-like, but they still found her very attractive.


Alyssa went over to the bed and popped up onto it backwards, slipping off her sandals as she did so. Her long feet with their long spidery toes dangled off the side, encrusted in tiny human remains. “Now get on your knees and start cleaning.” She ordered.


Kelly practically flung herself down and knee walked across the hardwood floor to the bedside, crushing several more tiny men in the process. Alyssa raised her foot so Kelly could take in the messy reality of her task. “You want to clean this messy, sticky, gory foot with your mouth?”


“Yes, mm-hmm.” Kelly gasped and shook her head up and down, almost frantically.


“You may begin by licking this foot. Well, what are you waiting for?”


Kelly leaned in. Taking Alyssa’s ankle in both hands she ran her tongue up and down the Asian girl’s foot. The taste of the crushed bodies was delicious, and the feeling of being so submissive to this pretty woman, while at the same time dominating and squishing tinies by accident was a heady mixture.


Alyssa was getting equally intoxicated with the feeling of having this pretty young white woman at her service. The feeling of the warm gentle tongue on her filthy foot was getting her even more turned on than crushing the tinies had in the first place.


Kate poofed a comfy chair into existence and watched closely as one woman she was attracted to licked the mashed bodies off another woman she was attracted to’s foot. She ran a couple fingers up through her vulva, which was quite wet at this point, and started rubbing her clit.


“You’re doing an alright job.” Alyssa said, but what about these little toes, huh?” She moved her foot so the gore encrusted toes were right on Kelly’s face, under the ledge of her nose. “Are you going to clean my filthy disgusting toes or what?”


“Yes,” Kelly gasped. She shoved her mouth over Alyssa’s toes suckling on them and running her tongue around them trying to suck off each little morsel of tiny remains.


This was just making Kate more and more turned on. She groaned and grunted as her fingers got her off. Kate continued watching the Alyssa and Kelly play, as she started licking her own juices off of her fingers. She saw a little dude running across the floor and swiftly smashed him under her foot provoking another mini orgasm.


Kelly was licking and sucking Alyssa’s foot like it was her favorite flavor, and to be fair, it was. The blood and gore had been almost completely cleaned away, leaving the foot the same golden tan hue as the rest of Alyssa’s skin. Alyssa abruptly pulled the foot away, almost yanking it from Kelly’s grasp.


“Good job little foot servant. Now do the other.” Alyssa presented the other foot still as encrusted with little popped bodies as the other had been. Kelly went straight back to work licking and slurping away. The delicious flavor spread across her tongue, and Kelly couldn’t believe how lucky she was, getting to fulfill fantasies she had only been vaguely aware of earlier that morning.


Kate was still enjoying the show, but wanted something with a little more oomph than her fingers. With a thought she summoned her large wand style vibrator from the container under the bed to her hand. No need to interrupt sexy foot worship when you’re a goddess after all. To her delight, Kate saw that a few tinies were clinging to the soft foam head of the toy.


Kelly ran her tongue around enjoying the puffy pads of Alyssa’s toes as she lapped up the little bits of people stuck there. She then moved down to the sole, savoring the delicious savory flavor, and the feeling of the soft shallow grooves making up the lines of Alyssa’s foot. She felt a hand come down on her head and pet the short pixie cut. Kelly knew it was Alyssa’s hand. She felt like some sort of combination of servant, pet, and lover, and it was everything she had ever secretly wanted with another girl.


Kate waved her wand gently, showing it off to Alyssa. “Take a look at this, Alyssa.”


Alyssa saw the tiny men on its head and smirked. “They must really want that goddess pussy, Kate.”


“I hope so, because that’s what they’re getting.” Kate gently lowered the wand down to her labia, and ran it up to where it was touching her clitoris. She could feel the little men down there squirming and struggling against her almighty clit.


“Do it,” Alyssa said, “not to give a goddess orders, but I want to see those little bugs smashed and drowned so you can have an orgasm. Consider it a prayer.”


“Prayer granted,” Kate said as she flicked the vibrator’s switch to the milder setting. Mired in her pleasure juices, held against the silky pink flesh of her little pleasure button. Kate moaned as the wand gave her that feeling she loved it for.


Kelly had just gotten Alyssa’s foot totally and completely clean.


“Watch,” Alyssa instructed. “Watch as our goddess breaks these nasty little men for nothing more than a little masturbation fun. Kelly turned and sat on the floor hugging Alyssa’s feet to her body and laying her cheek against their tops. They watched the goddess.


Kate enjoyed having Alyssa and Kelly watch her. She’d enjoyed watching them, so it only seemed fair. The vibration against her clit was feeling better and better. She’d cheated a little again, reinforcing the little men’s bodies so she could torture and play with them longer. She could feel them wriggling desperately trying to escape, unable to even scream. Kate played with one of her now hard nipples to intensify the feelings of pleasure coursing through her like electricity. Finally ready to come, she turned the vibrator to maximum, and took away the little men’s protection. As she came moaning and gasping, she amplified the sounds of the men’s bodies squishing and breaking for Alyssa and Kelly’s pleasure. As they heard the crunches and saw Kate’s orgasm, the two women clapped and cheered Kate on. She turned off the vibrator and pulled it out of her vulva. She showed it off to Alyssa and Kelly. There were little smashed red specks where the bodies had been. Alyssa smiled basking in her goddess’s sadistic pleasures. Kelly asked the obvious question.


“Would it be alright for me to lick it clean?”


“Of course,” Kate said, and as she basked in the afterglow she watched with pleasure as the petite blonde woman licked all the remains and pussy juice off of Kate’s favorite toy.


“Well, this is pretty fun.” Alyssa said. “I wonder how the others are doing.”


-Aliqua & Jesse-


The two women followed their Kate into the bathroom, and closed the door behind.


“Do you think there’ll be any in here?” Jesse asked.


“No doubt,” Kate said. “When I brought them here, I had them distributed all through the house, bathroom included.”


“I can’t wait,” Aliqua said rubbing her hands together. “I’ve got some ideas.”


“Me too,” Jesse said.


“I’ll just bet.” Aliqua said. “You’re stories have given me some of the best orgasms I’ve ever had; solo or otherwise.”


“Oh, stop.” Jesse’s chubby cheeks blushed.


“Seriously, don’t be modest. You know that one couple’s story you did ‘Dumping the Ex’ that woke up interests I didn’t know I had.”


“Oh, I remember that one.” Kate said. “Isn’t that the one where they giant couple find the wife’s cruel ex-boyfriend and, uh, oh, they shit on him don’t they?”


“Uh-huh,” Aliqua said through a big smile. “And when that’s done they go around town shitting and pissing on all the other things that have screwed them or pissed them off. Buildings, neighborhoods, old workplaces; all of them fair game for the shit-storm.”


“Yep,” Jesse was grinning now. “That one was based on a fantasy my husband and I had one night. Whew that was some hot action. I never knew I could get so into water sports type stuff. Henry was though, and before long I could see the appeal.”


“Then thank Henry for me.” Aliqua said. “Pooping giants and giantesses have become a mainstay of my imagination thanks to you two.”


“What can I say?” Jesse took a mock curtsy.


“I’m not as into that stuff.” Kate said. “I have to admit, I usually skip any scat stuff in erotic stories.”


“You and Tom have never explored that sort of thing?” Jesse enquired.


“I’m not as put off by it as I might be, but I have trouble seeing the appeal. Plus, it’s stinky, and if you’re not careful you can get diseases.”


“You can’t.” Aliqua said. “At least I assume a goddess can’t catch diseases.”


“Still, hmmm,” Kate considered. “Maybe the two of you could demonstrate. You’re both two beautiful women with perversions I find appealing. If anyone can get me into poo-play it’ll be you two.”


“What do you think?” Jesse asked.


“If I get to actually shit on a bunch of little jerks, I think that would be pretty hot.” Aliqua said. “I’d get off while watching them crawl through my waste choking on the smell.”


“Ooh,” Kate said, “hearing you talk, I’m already getting a little into it. Well, let’s hunt out some tinies.”


Each woman searched a corner of the bathroom, besides the one the bathtub/shower was in.


“I’m going to drop any I find off in the tub.” Aliqua said. “That way they’ll stay put.”


“Good idea.” Kate agreed.


 Kate searched around her sink. She went down to her knees and opened the lower cupboard.


“Bingo,” she said, as a flood of tiny men charged out.


Aliqua and Jesse were at Kate’s side in an instant, helping her scoop up and gather a sizable amount of tiny men. Each woman deposited her handfuls into the tub in turn, and soon the bottom was covered with several dozen scared desperate men scrambling and crawling over each other, but unable to climb the smooth, slick walls of the tub. The two women and one goddess were down on their knees alongside the tub looking down into the spectacle.


“Geez,” Jesse said. “Hundreds of horrible little men are all at our mercy.”


“All for our pleasure,” Aliqua said.


“I don’t know about you two, but I think I’ll have more fun naked from this point on.” Kate flicked her wrist and in an instant, her clothes vanished leaving only her own average, but beautiful, naked body.


Aliqua and Jesse agreed that it was a good idea and took off their own clothes, leaving them in neat little piles across the room from the tub. They both agreed that this could get messy.


The three women stood around the tub. They admired each other’s bodies. Aliqua’s was lean with lustrous dark brown skin and just a bit of tone to her muscles. Kate had the body of an average white woman in her late twenties not too thin or thick, as described previously. Jesse was on the heavier side with curves to spare and soft stomach pudge slightly overhanging her pelvis and fat drooping boobs. After looking each other over, they looked down into the tub at their little trapped prey. Each was excited and aroused about the possibilities of something that the day before they had only ever been able to fantasize about. Their mouths were practically watering, as were their pussies, at the sexy possibilities.


“I want to go first, but I’ll need you two to help,” Jesse said.


“What is it?”


“Well, you two may have noticed, I’m a slightly larger lady.”


“Mm-hm,” Aliqua said, “nothing wrong with that. A hottie’s a hottie no matter what size the package is.”


“Well, thank you.” Jesse said. “I know I’m hot, but thank you. For a long time in my life little men like these guys spent a lot of time telling me how gross I was. That my paunch, my flab, my entire body was too disgusting for anyone to want. I’ve fantasized for a long time about forcing it on them, crushing them with fat, smothering them with my softness, diddling myself while I feel them gasping for their last little breaths. Could you two help me make my fantasies a reality?”


“Of course,” Kate said. “That’s what all this is for.”


“Oh, thank you.” Kate instructed the two other women in what she wanted them to do. They carried out her instructions.


Kate and Aliqua each got a handful of one and two inch long men. They took them over to Jesse. Jesse lifted each of her floppy fat boobs up, revealing the under boob are of each. Kate and Aliqua applied their handfuls to said under-boob areas. Jesse dropped her boobs, and Kate and Aliqua pulled their hands out from under them. A couple fell out down onto the tile floor, but were quickly stomped into bloody smears by white and black feet alike. This left a dozen or so men pinned and struggling under each of Jesse’s fat boobs. She found it to be a wonderful arousing sensation, and let her hand wander down to tease her pussy lips. Then she remembered she was with other people. “Is it alright?” She asked.


“Of course,” Kate said. “This is what we’re here for; delicious forbidden pleasures at the expense of these men.”


Jesse continued playing with herself as she felt the little men who were her captives.


“It feels really good.” Jesse said.


“How good?” Kate asked, smiling at Jesse’s pleasure.


“It’s absolutely delicious, feeling them struggle against me with no chance of escape. I think some of the ones that are more deeply buried are already starting to suffocate, and that’s hot too.”


“Is there anything else you can think of you want to do with them?” Kate asked.


“Oh, yes.” Jesse said, removing one slimy finger from her pussy and sniffing it lightly. “I want to feel them crammed between my butt cheeks. Not up my butt, mind you, just stuffed between my nice soft, unyielding butt cheeks.”


“Sounds good,” Kate said. She and Aliqua gathered more tinies. Jesse bent over, hugging her boobs to keep her little captives securely trapped under them. Kate and Aliqua each took a big plush cheek and pulled it, spreading the big butt wide as they could without hurting Jesse. Between the cheeks they applied their handfuls of tiny horrible men, until they were packed in squirming. Kate messed with gravity just tad, to make sure they’d stay there as they released the cheeks, entombing them in the fleshiness of Jesse’s big butt.


Jesse giggled and laughed as they did this. “Oh, they’re a tickly bunch, ‘but’ I like them and that’s the ‘end’ of it, hh-hu.”


“I see you’re a punster in real life, as well as in your stories.” Aliqua said.


“I can’t help it.” Jesse said. “My funny bone’s connected to my horny bone.”


Jesse stood upright. She felt the writhing and struggling under her boobs and in her butt. She thought about the bullies who’d said such rude and hurtful things in her past. It felt utterly glorious to have all these little jerks held captive, squeezing and killing them without lifting her finger, letting her flab do the work for her.


“A couple of the men under my boobs have already stopped moving.” She said with a smile. “I hope the all suffocate, and the ones that don’t I’ll eventually mash into goo with my boobs and ass. It’s so hot I feel like I could come at any moment.”


“Feel free to.” Kate said.


“No,” Jesse said. “I want to leave them there for a while. If I get off just yet I’ll be too tempted to squish them all. Let’s try some other games for now.”


Thus their fun continued while Jesse’s tits and ass were packed with dwindling lives tickling and stimulating her.


“That was a blast.” Kate said. “What about you Aliqua. Want to try some of this poo stuff you were talking about?”


“Maybe,” Aliqua said feeling a sudden bashfulness. “I don’t want to mess up your nice clean tub, though.”


“It’s cool,” Kate said. “Goddess powers will make clean up a breeze.”


“Alright,” Aliqua said. She stepped into the tub crushing a few tiny men under her feet, but paying them no mind. Then she squatted down trying to aim her butt at a high population part of the tub. Kate caused pheromones to emit from Aliqua’s fine firm ass rooting the little men where they were with terrifying desire. Aliqua stayed squatting like that. She breathed in through her nose, out through her mouth, and relaxed. As she gave of a little moan of aroused stimulation, Alqua produced a little ugly brown log of shit from her thick pretty brown butt. It slid out like a snake, dangled a little, and then plopped straight down on top of some tinies, standing like a mushy smokestack made of shit. After a moment’s hesitation, it fell down along its length, catching more tiny men as it did so, like lumberjacks smashed under a soft stinky tree.


Jesse covered her mouth with her hand in delight. Kate felt a twinge of arousal, and for once, saw how shitplay could be a lot of fun.


“How many’d I get?” Aliqua asked.


“A few.” Kate said. “That was hot. We should do some more.”


“That was so fuckin’ naughty,” she said, “but I think that’s all I got down there.” Aliqua said.


“That just won’t do.” Kate said. Her eyes glowed softly and she flicked her wrist. Each woman, Kate included, felt their bowls gurgle, and groan as they filled of their own accord with waste that needed to be evacuated.


“I suggest stepping out of there.” Kate said to Aliqua.


“Right.” Aliqua hopped out.


Kate had them all sit around the edge of the tub, their asses pointed straight into it. Their insides gurgled. Jesse couldn’t hold back any longer, and fingered her clit with sadistic glee thinking about what was about to happen to the men already crammed between her butt cheeks. Then with a loud trio of farts it started. Each woman shat a stream of pure brown filth into the tub filled with little men.


The little men looked around in panic. Each woman’s anus expelled blobby brown matter in their direction. Regardless, they still felt attraction and arousal due to the pheromones Kate had loaded the shit with. Each man felt a torturous mixture of fear, arousal, and shame. Each woman felt a pure physical and mental delight at the long stimulating flow of poop through their anuses and the sounds of men screaming and drowning under their waste. Each woman was now masturbating to the feeling, fingering their clits, and playing with their engorged nipples. As each woman climaxed her torrent of shit petered out. They stood up and looked in the tub at their work. It was half full of brown rancid poop. They could see the bodies in it. Most were already smashed dead, but a few were still struggling to keep from drowning.


“I think all the men in my ass are dead now.” Jesse said with complete nonchalance. “I should let my boob men join their brethren.” Without further ado, Jesse squeezed and rubbed her boobs together. There were audible cracks and popping as thin red lines trailed down from the now crushed bodies. She leaned over the tub, and lifted them, dropping the bodies, and the few still clinging to life, down into the fetid pool of shit. The three of them watched pleased as the rest of the little men drowned in their shit one by one.


“Well, Aliqua, Jesse, you’ve done it.” Kate said. “You’ve made a shit woman out of me.”


-Amy & Alejandra-


                “Well,” Kate said, “This is our little rec. room cum office space.”


     Amy and Alejandra looked around the room. It was actually pretty cozy. There were desk stationed on either side of the room. Several bookcases stood against the walls on the various sides of the room containing novels, nonfiction, and any other kind of written work you could imagine. A couch set against the wall next to the windows provided a comfy looking spot to read those books. There were also numerous board games on the shelves.


     “Where do you think we should look?” Alejandra asked.


     “A lot of them are probably hiding under the desks and bookcases. If we walk around the perimeter our feet should draw them out.” Kate said.


     “This is the most fun I’ve ever had.” Amy said. “I knew I would love stomping tinies.”


     “A real turn on, eh?” Alejandra smirked.


     “Not really to be honest.” Amy said. “I actually consider myself asexual, but it is fun, I get a distinct non-sexual pleasure from feeling them and hearing them…”




     Amy accidentally finished her own sentence by crushing a little man under her foot. She moved her foot off of his body.


     “Looky here,” she said.


     Kate and Alejandra were there in an instance.


     The little man was fairly big, nearly five inches long; in other words, a real piece of work. He was screaming in his little high pitched voice.


     “Oh, dear,” Kate said. “Looks like you only maimed the little dipshit.”


     Alejandra giggled and grinned. “I want to do stuff to him.”


     “What stuff?” Amy asked.


     “There’s no nice way to say it,” Alejandra said, “I want to torture him.”


     Neither Kate nor Amy had any objections. Alejandra squatted down and grasped the man. She lifted him up ever so gently, carried him to one of the desks with a care that someone might have mistaken for tenderness. She put him down on his back. Amy and Kate walked over each looking down over one of Alejandra’s shoulders.


     Alejandra sat down on the office chair and loomed over the little injured man.



     “Hola, little one,” Alejandra said in her best sweet voice. “You seem to have gotten hurt by my friend Amy’s foot. How sad for you. What do you think is wrong?”


     “That goddamned bitch broke my goddamned leg,” He chirped in his squeaky little voice. He pointed to indicate which leg.


     “Which one?” Alejandra asked. She prodded the unbroken leg with her slightly long fingernail.


     “no, no, the other one,” he screamed.


     “Oh, this one?” She prodded the broken leg with her fingernail. The little man winced and screamed as she did so.


     “I know just the thing.”


     Alejandra pulled open one of the desk drawers and gound exactly the things she was looking for. She grabbed one item and pulled it out. It was a pair of office scissors.


     “We’ll have to operate.” She carefully picked up the little man. She held him by his torso allowing both legs to dangle down beneath. She took the scissors and, without pause snipped the man’s leg off. Bone snapped, and the man screamed. The leg plummeted back down onto the desk. Blood gushed from the stump, but Alejandra had taken that into consideration. She put down the scissors and picked up a bottle of white glue, the kind you use in elementary school. She squeezed the bottle and dabbed it against the open bleeding stump. She placed his body back down on the desk ever so carefully.


     “Now that’s staunched the bleeding, and when it hardens it will help with the healing process. Isn’t that good?”


     The little man moaned in pain. Even from her lofty comparative height, Alejandra could make out the tears and snot soaking his pain wracked face. She pretended to have finally noticed something.


     “Oh shoot,” she said flatly, “I see the mistake I’ve made. I left the broken leg and amputated the uninjured one.”


     She took the scissors back up and snipped again, lopping off one of his arms.

     “Whoops.” Alejandra cut off the other arm, and then finally at long last, the leg that Amy had broken.


     “Hmm, you’re a cruel one Alejandra,” Kate said pleasure audible in her voice. You’d be excellent being in charge of punishment in my afterlife.”


     “Can my girlfriend come with me?”


     “Sure why not, I’ll get in touch with you about it sometime next week.”


     “Cool,” Alejandra clenched her fist in triumph. “What about him?”


     “Amy,” Kate said, “what do you want to do with this little monster?”


     “Alejandra’s treatment of him has given me an idea.”


     Amy looked in the desk drawer and found the craft supply she was looking for. She picked up the little man, only clinging to life by Kate’s power (She wants to see what these ladies will do to him. She took a Popsicle sick, wedged it between the man’s butt checks, and then pushed it up into him until popped up out the top of his head, effectively impaling him. By Kate’s grace he was still alive and screaming in more pain than any human has ever survived.


     “Tell us what you did to women little man, tell us what you did and I’ll end this showing you mercy, don’t and I’ll ask Kate here, our new goddess to leave you in this half alive state forever. A symbol of the new order, an example of what we’ll do to men who hurt and oppress women.


     “Fine, he screamed. I beat up my wives, and if they didn’t want to fuck me, they had to correct themselves or suf…”


     Amy had heard enough and bitdown sheering the man’s head, and a bit of his upper torso off with her teeth. She chewed crunching through the bone loudly making yummy noises.


     “Mmm, Kate you made these little bastards taste so good.”


     Alejandra grinned, “Can I try?”


     “Sure,” Amy passed her the grisly snack as if it were nothing more than your standard carnival treat on a stick. Alejandra took a big bite out of the torso’s left side crunching the ribs.


     “Yum, he is so savory, a much better snack than he was a man. He’d be good with a beer.”


     “I would like to claim my right as goddess to finish him off.” Kate proclaimed.


     “Of course goddess,” the two women said in unison.


     Kate took the stick from Alejandra and pulled the entire remaining torso off of it with her mouth. She was happy she’d made them taste so nice. She and Tom would definitely need to share some of these little bastards for a snack later.


     “Well,” she said full a still partially full mouth. “I think everyone else is pretty much done at this point. Let’s rejoin the others”



 -Together Again-



     All six mortal women, and all three Kates met back up in the hallway, went down stairs. The Kates led their guests back out into the front yard and wished them farewell, teleporting them back to their regular lives.


Kate, Kate, and Kate went back inside and shifted their clothes to a more casual white blouse and denim Capri outfit. No shoes though. They wanted to fully experience any jerks they squished. All three sat down on the couch.


     “Well,” said one of them. “I guess we should reintegrate, merge our memories, and call Tom to come home.”


     “Oh, sure,” another one said, “but you know.”


     “Yeah,” another one said pick up the thread. “This right here, this could be kind of fun. I bet Tom would come in his pants if all three of us swarmed him as he got home.


     The other two laughed at the thought.


     “Well,” a Kate said. “I’m also a little curious, like, if the three of us started, I don’t know, making out, or daisy chaining, or whatever strikes our fancy, would that be masturbation, or a ménage à trois or what?”


“We’re the goddess baby,” Kate said. “We can call it whatever we want.


They used their goddess powers to send Tom a text telling him he could come home. Then they started making out, before long they were daisy chaining. Kate decided that there was only one proper name for this act: Awesome.



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