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Story Notes:

My first story, please enjoy.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Smut, smut, and more smut.

The downtown zone was understandably derelict, and Tiffani and Samantha were lucky enough to not need jobs, so they were accustomed to having their pick of brunch spots on a Thursday morning, especially with the college having sent all the students home.

"So, yeah, Greg caught it" Tiffani remembered. "Gisele found a pile of his clothes between his apartment and his car, and he hasn't been seen since. Probably got eaten by a cat, or a dog, or something." Tiffani slurped a bit of one of her two morning libations, a mixture of coffee, spices, sugar, and a shot of cinnamon liquor to keep the hangover just at bay until she could get to mimosas, in her other hand she held a water bottle, because in her mind, if one drank water with every shot of booze, one couldn’t get dehydrated.

"I doubt it." Samantha said. She walked with her hands in her pockets, while her head hung low trying to keep the sun from worming around her hat and sunglasses and getting in her eyes.

"No, for real, Greg's gone. No one's seen his taut ass in a couple of days. Sucks, I kinda wish I could have found him, I've never held one of 'em."

"Oh, I believe you. But I doubt he was lucky enough to get torn up by a stray."

"What? What are you talking about?"

"Come on, Tiff, we all know that Gisele's got a sadistic streak a mile wide, she's posted fantasies about eating shrunken people, about fucking them, about keeping them as pets. Fuck, she even made Greg do all that fetish shit when he was taller than her. A Franklin says that Gisele gave Greg the most intense oral of his very short life," Samantha mimicked a hard gulping swallow to illustrate the point. "or poor little Greg is fighting for his life deep in Gisele's horny, sadistic snatch right now, if not crammed up her ass.”

“Ew, Sam. Just, ew.”

“Don’t act high and mighty, I’ve seen your sock drawer and the amount of money you’ve spent on Tom Thumb brand toys.”

“Fuckin’ shit, Sam, is nothing sacred anymore? You want a colon map from me next?”

“I needed some socks, you told me to check your sock drawer, maybe stash your tiny-man-shaped vibrators, butt-plugs, and clit jewelry in more discreet location, you closeted perv. And besides, your tongue has been in my ass, and mine in yours, so ‘no’ I don’t think anything is sacred anymore. By the way I want to try the striped, purple one with the ribs."

“Yeah sure, let’s just get to the fuckin’ cafe, if I don’t keep this buzz going, I’m going to crash hard, and I’d rather be in bed when that happens.”

The pair turned down an alley, a shortcut to their brunch destination, when Tiffani felt the wave of nausea.

“Hold up, Sam, I think I'm gonna puke.”

“Well, aim for the dumpster over there.”

Tiffani walked over to the large metal dumpster and braced herself against the brick wall, preparing for her stomach to worsen when she noticed the movement on the ground. Two small human shaped forms were running to cover under the dumpster.

“Oh, shit! Sam, come here!”

Tiffani squatted down and set her coffee cup down in front of one of the tiny people, picking up the other.

“Sam, it’s two shrunken men!”

Samantha walked over to where Tiffani had squatted down and leaned over to pick up the second shrunken man before she stood back up to examine it.

“Hey, yeah, you’re right, Tiff. Wow, he’s dirty.”

Tiffani remained squatted down as she inspected the man in her grasp. He struggled against her fingers with a futile intensity, and just as Samantha’s specimen, he was dirty, but there was something about his appearance that Tiffani couldn’t quite define that caught her interest.

“Here, hold this one.” Tiffani handed the less interesting shrunken man to Samantha and used her impressively dextrous lips to open her water bottle. Without concern for the little man’s comfort, she began to pour the icy water over him, massaging dirt from him with her fingers and thumb. As the grime cleared, a shocked recognition spread across Tiffani’s face.

“Sam, ohmigod! Sam! Sam! Sam! It’s Greg! Sam, It’s Greg!”

Samantha, too idly distracted by the man in her grasp was paying no attention to her friend, and barely registered the statement. “What? No, Tiff, it’s just some rando shrinkee.”

“Not that one, you twit, this one! Hey, I think he’s trying to say something.”

It was clear to Tiffani that her former classmate, and one-time oral sex partner, now shivering in her hand was trying to speak, but the din of traffic, and the relative quiet of his protests prevented her from making any of it out.

"Holy shit, I guess Gisele didn't cram him up her clam." Samantha noted.

“What should we do with them, Sam?” Tiffani wondered, still roughly wiping away dirt from Greg’s struggling form. She poured more water, to her just a small stream, to him a deluge of a freezing waterfall.

Samantha was already browsing her phone, intent on finding the right filter for a selfie with the shrunken man, but now halfheartedly searching for a solution to their current situation.

“Says there’s a ‘Placement Center’ in town, where we can drop off any unescorted shrunken people. Ugh, it’s an hour away, in the other direction. We’re not getting brunch.”

Tiffani briefly considered Greg’s tiny body in her hand before coming to a decision. “Like hell we’re not. Keep a look out for me.” Tiffani moved closer to the wall, behind the large green dumpster and began to hike up her sundress.

“What the fuck are you doing, Tiff?” Samantha, instantly abandoning her job as watch, instead stared intently at her roommate’s sudden shift in priorities.

“I’m making sure that we make our reservation. I’m getting my avocado toast and mimosas, and I’m also going to get something else I’ve been waiting on for a long time.” Tiffani hadn’t planned on this when she woke up this morning, but the sundress made for her impromptu disrobing. Setting her water bottle down, she deftly managed to pull her panties down to her knees, where they obligingly stayed as she remained squatted.

“Hey Greg, I know this is sudden, but you’re going to be my first.” Tiffani said, before spitting on the man in her hands.

“Oh bullshit, Tiff.” Samantha said, rolling her eyes so hard Tiffani could almost hear it.

“Not like that, you ass, but he is going to be a first all the same.” Tiffani could feel Greg’s struggles grow in intensity, not that they had any more effect, her grip held him in place without any drama for her. Almost absent mindedly, Tiffani wondered if Greg’s panic was because she had spit a relative bucket of saliva into his face, or if it was because he understood her intentions.

Tiffani took one last look around to make sure there were no unwanted observers before moving ahead with her plan. She brought Greg down to her crotch and began to rub him around her labia. Although she was used to a miniature man that was battery powered, and could vibrate at specified frequencies for maximum effect, the knowledge that Greg was a living thing, unable to resist her assault more than made up for the lack of buzzing and vibrating. That wasn’t to say Greg was without physical advantages. As he was dragged over the routinely shaven nether region, his face being worked against the lips, over the clitoral hood, and down near the vagina, his struggling arms and legs added an unpredictability that was not only novel, it was thrilling.

With her adrenaline pumping, pushing the haze of hangover and alcohol away, Tiffani couldn’t stifle a guttural moan that built slowly within her chest. She let her dress fall back down over her arm still working Greg into her moistening pussy, and devoted the now free arm to massaging one of her breasts, alternating between squeezing and teasing the nipple.

Samantha, not one to pass up a good opportunity, turned around and raised her phone up, catching Tiffani’s squatting form in the background and holding her own captive man up to her cheek. The unfamiliar shrunken man was transfixed with Greg’s fate and twisted and turned in Samantha’s grasp to witness Tiffani’s masturbating.

“Don’t worry, little guy, you’ll get your chance too, after all, there’s two of us here, and I know Tiff’s not going want to stop with little Greg over there.” Samantha pursed her lips and mocked a kiss at her captive. “But maybe we should get you ready, huh?”

Replacing her phone in one pocket, and storing the man, headfirst, in another, Samantha sauntered over to her roommate and leaned over her. With one hand she reached for Tiffani’s water bottle, but with the other she gave Tiffani’s unoccupied breast a squeeze, squatting down behind Tiffani to do it.

“Hey, I know you’re having fun, but don’t forget we’ve got a table.”

Tiffani didn’t even look back, her eyes were already closed in bliss. “Sam, nnngh, just let me have this. You have no idea how amazing this is, uungh, he keeps squirming so nice.”

“Fine, okay, porn star, take your time. I guess you don’t get this opportunity every day.” Samantha stood back up and turned around. She pulled the man from her pocket, using the more of the water in the bottle to wash him as clean as could be managed.

Meanwhile Tiffani was getting into a rhythm. Greg’s struggling was weakening, but Tiffani had found the sweet circular motions she preferred around her clit. Tiffani shoved the middle two fingers of her hand not pressing Greg into her sex into her mouth and made sure they were as lubricated as possible before sending it down to join Greg. Tiffani moved Greg to just above his her vagina, and let the other hand move over him, the two fingers on either side of his head, before she plunged her fingers deep into herself.

Tiffani could feel her hands getting wetter and wetter with each thrust of her fingers. She wanted to make sure that when it was Greg’s time, he slipped in without issue. As a bonus, she could feel Greg struggling harder, she guessed it was from the sudden flood of lubricant coming from her snatch. Tiffani was only vaguely aware of the alley around her. She had enough sense left to avoid fully vocalizing her pleasure, and every moan or scream that built in her was stifled as a squeak or a groan before it could reach out. Still, a few things slipped out as her eyes remained clenched and her hand worked an unwilling sex toy into her pussy.

“Oh, yeah. Come on, you little shit, don’t let me down now.”

Tiffani, having reached a threshold for her own fingers, had to make a choice. She brought Greg from her dripping sex back up to her face, regarding him with lust clouded eyes. Before the shrunken man could make sense of the rollercoaster away from her pussy, through the relatively cold air, and being brought back face-to-face with someone who had just used him for her own pleasure, Tiffani delivered another glob of spit. The saliva covered him, head to chest, and forced Greg to resume his coughing fits.

“I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time, Greg, don’t fuckin’ disappoint me.” Tiffani could hear Greg saying something, pleading and screaming, but small as he was, and with her pulse rushing through her as she struggled to maintain her own pleasurable tension, Tiffani gave him no regard and brought him back down to her pussy. She wasted no time in kneading Greg’s feet into her snatch, his legs following through with a quick thrust of her fingers. Tiffani was ecstatic to feel Greg fight like he had never fought before. His thrashing and the impact of his tiny fists against her labia and clit brought her even closer and prompted an uncontrolled squeal from Tiffani. Tiffani made quick work of stuffing him further into her vagina, until she could feel his arms laid out on her labia, trying desperately to prevent him from being pushed deeper into her sex.

“Sam, this is, ungh, so fuckin’ amazing. I can’t believe I hadn’t tried this yet, he’s so much better than the toys!”

Tiffani used his almost negligible resistance as an excuse to resume massaging her clit, furiously working her fingers above her victim, sticking only just a couple of inches out of her hungry hole. She alternated between stroking her lips, rubbing her hood, and working her fingers in beside Greg’s slippery form. Her other hand even joined in, helping to keep her pleasurable tension building at a manageable pace, while she let Greg soak in her now flowing fluids.

Tiffani paused briefly to move her sundress out of the way and to regard Greg sticking out of her vagina. “It’s time, Greg, I want you to really show me what a first string lacrosse player can do for a girl, and hey, if you make it out of this, I might even keep you around.” With that, Tiffani winked at Greg and pushed him by his tiny shoulders all the way in. Greg measured maybe five or six inches in height, well below Tiffani’s favorite eight inch rigid dildo, and so he slid quickly into the sopping wet orifice. The sudden shock of feeling Greg disappear completely into her caused her to let out a long moan, and almost made her orgasm right then, but she managed to hold back the impending wave of electrifying sensation.

Samantha couldn’t help but be turned on by Tiffani’s display. They’d fucked before, but the sight of Tiffani masturbating with a shrunken man, with seemingly no cares at all, was something else.

"Well, little guy, I've got a better idea for you than the placement center." Samantha looked out to the street quickly ensuring there would be no interruption before walking over to Tiffani's squatting form.

"Come on, porn star, stand up." Samantha grabbed one of Tiffani's arms and pulled her to her feet, giving the lust-addled coed barely any time to register a complaint before spinning her to face the brick wall and pushing on her upper back to lean her forward.

Samantha flipped Tiffani's sundress up, exposing Tiffani's bare ass, and dripping pussy, while Tiffani resumed masturbating. It was Samantha's turn to squat down, bringing her eye level with Tiffani's ass.

"Hey, porn star, can I get a hand here?" Samantha used her free hand to pull one of Tiffani's ass cheeks aside, while Tiffani obliged and pulled the other, revealing her sphincter. Samantha grinned at the man in her grip, giving him just enough time to contemplate what she planned, before Samantha dragged her tongue up his entire body. Coating him in a layer of saliva. The second shrunken man must have realized what was coming because he started screaming, and trying to extricate himself from Samantha’s grip. To Samantha, his screams were just soft gibberish, and his struggle was almost unnoticeable. Samantha turned her attention to Tiffani’s exposed asshole, plunging her tongue deep into the crack and then corkscrewing it into Tiffani’s anus.

Tiffani almost shrieked, but managed to catch her mouth with her hand that had been holding her ass open. Even though Tiffani’s help spreading her cheeks had been preoccupied, Samantha was still able to enthusiastically probe the depths of her roommate’s rectum.

When she believed the ass to be fully lubricated, Samantha pulled back, and delivered a firm slap to Tiffani’s asscheek. “Hey, porn star, you’re slacking off back here, spread em!” Tiffani squeaked, but complied, her hand coming back around to help keep her ass cheeks apart.

“Wha... nnnghh, what are you doing, Sam?” Tiffani was lost in her own ministrations.

“I’m helping you check something else off your list, you perv.” Samantha didn’t hesitate before taking the man in her grasp and forcing his head against Tiffani’s lubricated asshole. He tried to prevent himself from being forced into the orifice, but his hands slipped on the fresh film of spit still coating the sphincter and surrounding area. With his resistance amounting to almost nothing, Samantha pushed further, plunging the man’s head into Tiffani’s ass. Tiffani rewarded Samantha’s efforts with a satisfied groan. Samantha didn't take the same cautious pace Tiffani had. Instead with only one more brief shove, the man's wriggling torso and arms disappeared into Tiffani. Samantha wasn't sure if his arms had simply been shoved in, or if that brief resistance she felt give way was the snapping of those limbs, neither did she care. She giggled a moment at the sight of two legs, kicking furiously and hopelessly, sticking out of Tiffani's asshole, then used one finger between those legs to push him in to his ankles.

Samantha's surprise introduction of a new anal toy was having its desired effect on Tiffani, who was speeding up her own masturbation, considerably. Samantha was about to start playing with the man shoved into Tiffani's ass, when a better idea came to her mind. Samantha wetted two of her fingers with her mouth and used them to plunge the shrunken man deep into her friend’s rectum, causing another squeal of shock and pleasure from Tiffani.

Standing up, and pulling Tiffani by the arm with her, Samantha threw one arm over Tiffani’s stomach and began helping Tiffani along, adding her own dexterous fingers to gently kneading away at Tiffani’s clit, while Tiffani focused on pumping Greg in and out of herself. Tiffani and Samantha worked in concert, Tiffani making sure Greg kept in constant motion, and Samantha rubbing Tiffani’s clitoris with a new fury. Tiffani abandoned all pretext of trying to keep quiet, but when Samantha heard a scream building in her roommate, Samantha turned Tiffani to her and locked her lips with her own, pushing her tongue into Tiffani's mouth.

That was enough to push Tiffani over the edge, in Samantha’s embrace, she could feel her own muscles tense up, from her toes all the way up to her eyes; every muscle flexing and seizing. She felt Greg’s body more clearly than ever, and even the stranger trapped in the entryway to her colon got clenched in her so tight that she lost track of him.

The surge of paralyzing pleasure held Tiffani in place, while Samantha held Tiffani in her arms. The wave only lasted about a minute, but was more intense than any Tiffani had experienced before, and when it drained away, Tiffani barely kept her feet in Samantha's arms.

Tiffani pulled her hand back up from her sex and sucked her own lubrication off her fingers with a surprising hunger for some kind of continuance to her most world rocking orgasm. Samantha also introduced her soaking digits to Tiffani's mouth.

"Clean up on aisle me, porn star." Samantha took her time to really work her fingers into Tiffani's eager lips, and for her part, Tiffani obliged, sucking on each down to the knuckle before licking each one clean of saliva. "Come on, pull up your drawers and let's get brunch."

"Oh, fuck, yeah! I am going to fucking destroy some bacon!" Tiffani hastily re-donned her underwear. “I can still feel Greg, Sam, he’s still … nnnngh… squirming around in there. This is going to make brunch so fucking amazing.” With her underwear firmly back over her snatch and her ass, both Greg, and the forgotten stranger had been sealed into their respective prisons. Tiffani was so focused in the pleasurable writhing of Greg she forgot about the man crushed, and suffocating in her rectum.

“If we hurry, we can still catch the bottomless mimosas.” Samantha noted.

The pair made it to the end of the alley and were about to turn back onto the sidewalk when a dark haired figure bumped into Tiffani.

“Hey! Watch it you bi… Oh! Hey Gisele, want to join us for brunch?”

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