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Story Notes:

The races come together to forge something great. The United military or the (UM) for short. The (UM) is an organization that dedicates itself to coexistence between the three races. Tristian Alderman becomes caught up in this organization as he seeks to discover his past.

(Tristan's perspective)

You know, I can't help but think the same thing as I wake up and prepare for work every morning. The world that we are living in, is it really a world worth saving. My name is Tristan Reece Alderman and it may seem like I'm some kind of deep thinker, but in all truth and honesty, I couldn't give a damn if this world is worth saving or not, all I cared about is my simple and quite life. 

As I looked in my bedroom mirror that rested on my sliding closet door, I couldn't help but think of the history that made up this whole entire planet. 500 years ago the whole planet was changed forever, when the greatest discover of all time,Gullivor found out an answer that would change the foundation of this world forever. He found out that this world is a lot bigger than anyone person ever believed it could be. Three races existed on this planet. 

The first are the Brobdingnagians, powerful monolithic beings who are said to be bigger than whole entire mountain ranges, I've never seen one myself but rumor has it that they are able to destroy a Lilliputian city with just their breath. The second are the Gulliverians. The gulliverians are not as big as the Brobdingnagians but they are still as tall as a Lilliputian Skyscraper, so yea not people you want to pick a fight with. The last and certainly the least are the Lilliputians, now if you couldn't tell from my cowardice and comparisons, this is the race I belong to. The Lilliputians are the smallest race in existence, as Gulliverians are only an inch tall to Brobdingnagians, Lilliputians are only an inch tall to Gulliverians, so talk about unfair. The only thing good about us Lilliputians is our advance technology, and our overwhelming numbers. Believe it or not we out number not only the Gulliverians but also the Brobdingnagians a million to one, thanks to our small size, and our technology is on  whole other level. Our technology is so good that the Gulliverians and even the Brobdingnagians us our technology all the time. If you ask me that is the only reason our whole entire race hasn't been wiped out because the Brobdingnagians and the Gulliverians know that without us they would be stuck in the dark ages. 

You may be asking me, how could I be such a downer, how can I think so negatively when it comes to Gulliverians and Brobdingnagians, well let me tell you this, I don't trust people who have the power to easily snuff out peoples lives. It's just not a good idea. You may also be asking me how I know all this stuff, well to be perfectly honest the legend of Gulliver and all three of the races can be found in almost any history book, you just have to study, and also knowing this information is kinda important to my job. 

"Tristan you are going to be late for work!" 

I could hear my dad calling me from down the hall. 

"Yea I'll be right their dad!" I yelled back. 

You see I am part of the United military of the world, or (UM) for short. This organization was founded 200 years ago by a Lilliputian, Gulliverians, and Brobdingnagian who strongly believed that the three races could live together in harmony, and after two hundred years this organization is now the governing body in charge of the whole entire world. Most people would believe that it would be cool to be working for a top class organization, well I'm not one of those people, the only reason why I joined was to make my dad happy. My dad was once part of this organization, so I guess he wanted me to follow in his footsteps. My dad had made it a long way when it came to working in the (UM), before he retired my dad had become a silver rank soilder. 

For all of you who are once again confused their are 7 ranks in the (UM) and each rank has 10 levels. The ranks are as follows BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, KING, MASTER, CHAMPION, AND TITANWhen it comes to my level I'm only a level 1 bronze solider, so I'm not really a big deal. 

It didn't take me long to finish dressing. I wore a white button down shirt with a black tie rapped over my neck, along with blue navy pants, as well as a pair of black Dreby shoes on my feet. As I finished dressing I made sure to get my backpack that rested on my bed before I walked out my door. 

As I walked down the hallway the led to the living room I could smell fresh toast and baken, all essential things when it comes to having a good breakfast. I walked into the kitchen to see my mother in the kitchen, and my dad sitting on the living room coach watching the news and reading the paper. Yea I live with my parents at the age of 25, don't judge me, rent is to high to be living by myself.

"look who is finally up." My dad said putting down the news paper to acknowledge my presence. 

"Where you going to sleep all day boy." My dad continues in his usual stern tone. 

Oh boy I thought, he only calls me boy when he is really upset with me, so all the time.

"Harold leave him alone." My mom says coming to my defense. 

"The boy has no discipline Anyssa, he doesn't learn." Dad responds to mom, getting even more upset that she was coming to my defense as she always did. 

I hated when mom and dad talked about me, because usually the talk always turned into yelling and it was never good. I honestly didn't understand why my dad was so worked up about my job, it wasn't like I had such an important job, my job was simply to pass out fliers to new possible members of the organization, that is literally all I did, easy and simple just the way I liked it. I got to travel to different locations in the city, today I was going to a Lilliputian and Gulliverian college called Mildendo college, I had to be their by 8:30, it was 8:10 right at this moment. I only had to catch the bus at the bus stop which was 10 minutes away from my house, and then I would basically be their after 5 stops. No Biggie.  

I sat down at the kitchen table and was prepared to eat a piece of buttery toast when I felt the table vibrate ever so slightly. 




Small vibrations became out of control earthquakes, earthquakes that I knew could only be caused by one person. 

"Mom you didn't tell me she was coming." I said rather annoyed as I looked at my mom. 

"Oh sorry dear, but you know that she likes picking you up for work." Mom said with an innocent smile. 

The booming soon stops and I with my backpack over my shoulder and a piece of toast in my hand along with a single piece of baken walk out of the front door of my house. As soon as I opened the door I was met by black high heels that where twice my size in height. My gaze shifts upward to see gigantic legs covered in black stockings, and as my gaze reaches higher and higher, I soon see a black skirt along with a black women's blazer. The buttons where the size of my head. The women's face was blocked by her huge boobs but in the end I knew who it was standing 424 feet, totally casting my  parents house in shadow.

"Grace are you going to pick me up every day." I said just loud enough so my skyscraper sized friend could hear me.

Apparently it worked because she started to bend down to get a closer look at my tiny form. 

"WHY NOT? WE WORK TOGETHER AFTER ALL DONT WE?" Her booming voice shook me to the core, even though I knew that she was using her inside voice.

Me and grace went way back. We had known each other since we where little kids. Our parents knew each other so naturally we became close. I know I said that I don't trust Gulliverians and Brobdingnagians, but their is only one exception, that would be grace. She has never once lorded her massive size over me, nor did she ever force me to do something I never wanted to do, honestly I always felt that I could be myself around her. Just like me she had also joined the (UM) but unlike me she was a Bronze level 2 soilder.

"READY TO GO TRISTAN?" Grace asked as she held out her hand so that I could climb aboard.

"Yea I guess but you should know one thing." I said looking up at something that made me blush.

"What?" She asked with curiosity.

"I can see your panties." I said looking away in embarrassment.

(Authors notes: ok this is my first chapter, I hope you like it, as you can see not a lot of sexy stuff but please just keep reading and be a little patience the fun will start soon. Thank you and please comment.)

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