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I dropped into her swimsuit and slid down her chest. Her firm cleavage caught my fall with little effort. Judging by her enormous breasts, I would guess that I was about two inches in height. That was the typical size from my lucid daydreams. My small form was perfect for slipping into tight spaces. Brittany's one-piece was the perfect example. Her sizable D-cup boobs compressed in the restricted bathing suit that she wore for the swim team. Every guy gawked at the bulging fabric practically bursting from every seam, but I was the only one that could explore them. I was jealous of her breasts; they were so much bigger than my small Bs. I pressed my bare chest against her skin, soaking in the radiated heat from her massive melons. Her flesh was tighter and less squishy while she wore her outfit. I forced my way into her cleavage, soaking up every moment, and enjoying every second surrounded by her compressed skin. I could feel my pussy tingling in hormonal lust. It was spectacular, at least until she dove into the water. The freefall was exhilarating between her boobs, but as soon as she hit the water, I snapped back into my natural body. 

"Dammit. I lost it." I said, frustrated with myself. 

I looked up from the binder in my lap and found Brittany swimming her laps. There were other girls, but she was the most developed. Her front crawl was impressive as she glided through the water. Her muscles powered through all the resistance caused by her curvy figure. I watched hand over hand, breathing at every third stroke, and then flipping at the wall to push herself in the opposite direction. Her ass looked almost like a shark fin coasting along the rippled water, drawing everyone's eyes to it. I focused on the lining that had seeped its way between her cheeks. It was hard with all the movement and other distractions, but I eventually got a good visual. I closed my eyes and quickly opened them to water spraying against my face. I held tight onto the fabric that disappeared like a G-string between her thighs. She was holding a steady flutter kick that bounced me up and down on her wet ass. I concentrated hard not to get kicked from my vision. I took a deep breath and tried with all my might to squeeze my way into her ass before she reached the wall. I squirmed frantically, trying not to drown.

"Thea?" A voice said, breaking my vision. 

I gasped for air as I turned to face my friend Lin. 

"You were daydreaming again, weren't you?" He asked, very enthusiastically.

"Yeah, I was until you karate chopped me out of it," I said jokingly.

"Just because I'm Asian, it doesn't mean I know Karate… I'm much better at Jujitsu or Kung Fu." He replied, smiling. 

"In your dreams." I laughed. 

"Your face is pretty red," He said. "I bet you had a pretty wild dream." 

"Yeah, you could say that," I said, reluctant to reveal what happened.

I had tried explaining it to him before, but he got very spiritual, saying that it means all these different things that didn't make sense. I decided to keep the specifics of my dreams to myself. Besides, they were nearly all perverted fantasies anyways. 

"So my sister and I were killing it last night in Warzone. Too bad you couldn't play, we had like three victories in a row! There was this one team that tried snipping us from a rooftop, but I sent down an airstrike that killed them all. It was sick." He said, very excited about his gaming experience. 

"Nice, that's awesome! By the way, how is your sister doing at that new college?" I asked, genuinely curious. 

I had met her multiple times at different family events at Lin's house. She was a little younger than me, but we sort of had a spark that never progressed into anything more. I think we both feared how Lin would react, and we didn't want to ruin a good friendship between the three of us. She was adorable, short, brown eyes, black hair, cute smile, skinny body, and surprisingly decent sized boobs. Although she usually hid her beautiful figure behind baggy clothes. 

"She's lonely, I think. But I told her you'd be on tonight, so she's excited to kick some butt, although she and I will probably carry you. But a win is a win. Anyways, we should hurry to class. I think Miss Croft is bringing in a computer engineer to talk about his experiences working directly with Bill Gates." He said, sounding way too eager. 

I was more excited to see the teacher. And by see, I meant to explore. There were quite a few very hot female professors at college. 

"Okay, okay, Brittany is almost done her laps, we'll go after," I added.

"Ugh her again? She's only into guys. You don't stand a chance, she's like a GTX Titan Z graphics card, and you're a…" He said before I cut him off.

"Thanks for the confidence boost," I added, rolling my eyes. "Let's go before people hear you and think you're speaking some kind of alien language to me," I said, packing up my stuff.

We arrived at the lecture hall and were the first ones there. Lin immediately ditched me to pick the engineer's brain. 

"Looks like you don't share the same excitement as Lin does." Miss Croft stated. 

"Oh, no, not really," I replied nervously. 

It was already hard for me to talk to girls, but someone I had been secretly spying on made it way more awkward. I've used my powers to take peaks at Croft's body without her knowing, so face to face stuff made me uncomfortable. 

"Lucky for you, computers are just a small portion, and there are many different routes you can take with engineering." She smiled. 

"Yeah, true, yeah, okay," I said, feeling my face change color. 

She was too beautiful and sweet for me to handle. Her soft smile and wavy brown hair were intimidating. I awkwardly twirled my bangs before leaving to find a seat. I didn't want to make a fool of myself today. I decided to sit in the back row to have some peace. I sat down and prepared my books in advance for the class. I wanted to take some extra time to relax. The more concentration I had, the longer my daydreams would last. Most times allowed me to venture pretty far; the main things that would take me out were dying, pain, cumming, or movement in the real world. 

Over the last year, I started meditating and found insane improvements. Before, I could only see locations hidden beyond my sightline, but now I can experience them, although there were some rules to follow. I can only teleport my mind to something I can see, and that is between the ranges of 20 to 100 feet, any closer or further just doesn't work. My body remains in a zombie mode, so I need to be in a safe and relaxed location. That also means I don't want anyone seeing or bothering me during that time. I sometimes climax, so I have never tried at Lin's house with his sister Jia. The weirdest thing about my gift was that I could see something that I have never seen before, therefore actually being in that location. However, no one was able to see or feel me, like I was a shrunken ghost. I determined that it was closest to lucid dreaming, like an out of body experience, except I could only do it when I was awake and looking at something. Actual dreams weren't nearly as realistic in comparison. 

"Hey, Lin," Miss Croft said in a soft voice while gesturing at my friend. "We're going to set up for the class now if you don't mind, could you please take a seat." 

"Yeah, no problem." He replied, turning and waving at me before sitting in the front row. 

I acknowledged his wave and then decided it was time to use my power. I slumped in my chair and concentrated on Croft's exposed cleavage. Her dress revealed some bare skin that I decided to teleport to it. When I closed and opened my eyes, I was only 1/8th of an inch tall and standing on her mature breasts. Her familiar sweet scent filled my nose, and her warmth radiated onto my tiny body. Her boobs stretched for miles under my feet and then disappeared into her dress. 

"Okay class, this is Engineer Rutherford, please give him your full attention." The woman stated before sitting down at her desk. 

The movement shook my surroundings like an earthquake, and it sent me sliding down between her breasts. I was too small and slid right past her mounds. I tried my hardest not to wake up as I landed against her soft lower belly. Luckily, I maintained my composure and got to travel deeper. I slipped into her underwear band and came face to face with her vagina. I had seen her private parts before but never lasted long enough to explore her insides while she lectured the class. Now that she was sitting, I had my chance.

I used my incredibly small size to crawl between her lips and enter her body. The warmth and smell were hypnotic; my hormones exploded with lust making me very wet. I kept traveling deeper, venturing through all her folds and crevices until I eventually stumbled across her clit. The massive round figure was giant, and it lured me in. I massaged and caressed its slick wet surface. I then watched in awe as it slowly grew. The air became moister as the mature woman's pussy grew wet in hormones. I couldn't believe it, did I cause that? Before I could make another movement, a massive silicone object parted her lips and pressed into her clit, dragging me along with it. Her internal juices soaked the object and made it sticky. I got swept along her flesh until plunging deep into her vaginal cavity. The giant mass shook my surroundings and put pressure on my clit, creating waves of unexpected pleasure. All of it was just too much as I couldn't stop myself from having a mini orgasm. I woke up from my daydream with all of my muscles flexed, and my undies soaked. No one noticed, except for this one girl sitting two seats to my side. She gave me a perplexed look while her eyes ventured down, examining my twitching limbs. I went from enjoying a fantastic orgasm to being extremely embarrassed. 

"Happens to everyone at one point in their life," She said, tossing over a tampon.

I came prepared by wearing a pad in my underwear, but not for that time of the month. I have had enough public orgasms to learn how to be prepared. I did find that I was hornier on my period, so I could see why the random girl thought that way. I decided to accept the gift anyways to avoid any more confrontation. Luckily, she kept to herself for the rest of the class. I then brought my attention back to Miss Croft and noticed her right hand hidden under the desk. Her facial and body expression hid any fact of masturbating during class. My mind perplexed that such a beautiful and sweet instructor could be so naughty. I wanted to explore under her dress some more, but there was no way to concentrate with a wet pad under my lips. 

By the end of class, I made sure to slip out undetected. I was finished for the day, so once I cleaned up in the washroom, I headed home. Lin was pre-occupied, so I texted him that I'd talk to him tonight. Eventually, the time came, so I logged on and connected with Lin and Jia. It was fun even though I got my butt kicked most of the time. After an hour, I decided to take a break, so I let them play without me. I stayed on the line so I could still hear them talk. I laid back on my bed and then focused on Jia's voice. She spoke fluent English with just a hint of Asian in it. Her voice was a higher pitch, and she loved to laugh, I couldn't help but smile at her cute giggles. I closed my eyes and imagined her sitting in a computer chair, matching my projected visual thought with her voice over chat. Once they seemed linked, I visualized a spot on her bed and then opened my eyes. 

"Good playing Bro, but I'm going to get off now. I'll talk to you tomorrow, nighty night!" She said, ending the call. 

I couldn't believe my eyes. I was about an inch in height and sitting on Jia's mattress. I had never been in her room before, and yet here I was, seeing everything in full detail. Jia stood before me, towering like a skyscraper goddess. She wore my hoody that I thought I lost years ago; I didn't even know she had it. Underneath the loose fabric, Jia wore some cute pink panties and nothing else. She put on some music and began moving around to it. I soon realized that I came at the perfect time as the girl pulled out a vibrator from her drawer. She danced around her room like no one was watching before flopping her ass onto her bed. I was dead center as her cheeks spread and lowered onto me. I resisted the urge to wake up as her body's weight pressed down into me, smothering me against her anus. She then made herself comfy on the bed before realizing there was something different about this time. She reached down to her butthole and scooped me up on her finger.

"Holy fuck, is that Thea?" She said way too loud. 

"Wait, you can see me?" I replied.

"Well yeah, how did you get here, and why are you so small?" She asked with her eyes full of excitement. 

I was in an awkward situation, so I explained everything to her. She seemed very intrigued and happy to see me. One thing led to the next, and I opened up about my secret powers. 

"Well, I'm sorry I sat on you Thea, you literally came at the worst time, I was about to have some private time." She said, embarrassed. 

"No need to apologize. I mean, for all we know, this could be a dream. Maybe I could help you?" I asked, making the most ballsy move I have ever made. 

"I'd like that. I should lube you up first then." She giggled. 

She then stuck out her tongue and brought her hand up to her mouth. I walked out onto the squishy red carpet feeling her hot breath blow past me. Jia rolled her tongue around my body and wrapped me in her soothing saliva. 

"Mhmm, I can taste you." She hummed, getting very aroused. 

Her massive tongue tossed me around like candy. It felt truly amazing and turned me on so much. As she inserted her sex toy, she gasped in a deep moan and tilted her head back. I slipped into the back of her throat, where I feared getting swallowed. Her throat adjusted in preparation, but before it could open up, I woke up on my bed. I laid there in disbelief of what just happened for probably 20 minutes. I pulled out my phone to text Jia but froze in the thought that maybe it was just a dream. I couldn't bring myself to message her. I decided to hold off sleep on it.


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