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This is about a woman called Rachel that bought something off a black market website.  She just so happens to be a vegan, and they are usually known for having bad smelling gas.  We will see how her being a vegan makes this more interesting.  

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Published: August 13 2020 Updated: August 15 2020
Story Notes:

Disclaimer this has ideological sensitive themes.  If you are easily triggered please do not read.

This story containts bondage, smells feitsh, fart fetish, ass fetish

1. A new toy by Bigbutts69 [Reviews - 2] (645 words)

Okay what I have not released yet is this woman is called Rachel and she wen to Hilda to pick up her purchase she made.  Hilda realized she was dealing with a woman with a quite intense fetish, and he soon will find out why.

2. Toilet fun by Bigbutts69 [Reviews - 0] (937 words)

This is a pretty intense chapter.  I would not read if your not into toilet fetishes.

3. Getting sewn in by Bigbutts69 [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstar (571 words)

So this chapter is when he gets sewn into the panties.  So you could only imagine what comes next.

4. Gym torture by Bigbutts69 [Reviews - 0] (1042 words)

This chapter has to do a lot with the giantess using him at the gym.  She works out and then she goes home.


This chapter focuses on smelling, farting, unwilling fetish