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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. 

Some of the tags, like unaware and mouthplay, are not common themes throughout the story, so to find which chapters they're located in make sure to use the Table of Contents below.




How to Train Your Dad is a special kind of story because there’s multiple versions, but they both follow roughly the same storyline: Marcus has just gotten laid off after shrinking down in size, and is feeling empty and purposeless. But his loving daughter Jessie wants to cheer him up again, so with all of his free time he becomes more embroiled in her life—balancing school, sports, and friends—than he ever had before. 

Both iterations of the story follow the same general guidelines with the same major plot points, but approach them from different perspectives. If you love reading all types of giantess content, I’d obviously suggest both, but if you’re a bit more selective here’s the general differences

Version 1 is best if you’re into...

  • a PG-13 story that emphasizes Jessie’s gentle and loving nature, but still with occasional teasing
  • a size difference of Marcus being 2’7 vs Jessie being 5’5
  • the slowest progression of Jessie and Marcus’ relationship

Version 2 is good if you’re into...

  • an R-rated story where Jessie takes on a bit more of a maternal role, while a bit more rebellious too
  • a size difference of 9 inches vs 5’5
  • a bit faster paced

Version 2 isn’t done yet and new chapters generally come out once a week, but Version 1 is 100% completed, so you can finish the whole thing from front to end before starting up the current version. And just as an additional note, version 1 of this story is a lot less slow and more eventful than version 1 of How to Train Your Brother (in case you’ve read that one).





Below is the list of chapters, along with tags for what kind of content they contain. There are a lot of scenes that I just didn’t know how to categorize, and lots of little moments that were too small to warrant adding but technically fell under various categories. For example, there’s a chapter where they go to a movie theater and he rides piggyback under her hoodie so she can sneak him in, and then sits in her lap while they watch the movie together, and another scene where she pressures him into doing her homework for her. Those kinds of interactions could be categorized as gentle or femdom respectively, but it's sort of a stretch to call them that. They contribute to the general theme of the story but idk how I'd fairly fit them in.

By the way: Findom and femdom are different in case you didn't notice, and FM+/m means a group of giants of both genders while FFF+/m means a group of more than 3 giant girls. 


Version 1:

Day 1 - Gentle

Day 2 - Gentle

Day 3 - Gentle

Day 4 - Gentle, hair

Day 5 - Gentle, FF/m

Day 6 - Gentle

Day 7 - FF/m, yoga

Day 8 - Gentle

Day 9 - Bra/boob discussion, findom

Day 10 - Yoga, teasing

Day 11 - FFF/m, dirty socks

Day 12 - Body discussion

Day 13 - Size discussion, dirty feet, butts

Day 14 - Gentle

Day 15 - Twister, butt, teasing

Day 16 - Thong discussion

Day 17 -  Light femdom, butt, teasing

Night - Dream

Day 18 - Dirty socks, femdom

Day 19 - Wrestling, sweat, armpits, dirty feet, findom, gentle

Day 20 - Feet

Day 21 - Butts, light cuck

Day 22 - FF/m, butt discussion, humiliating massage

Night - Dream, humiliating

Day 23 p1 - FM+/m, dirty socks, humiliating

Day 23 p2 - FFF/m, light femdom, feet, hair, butts, pet play

Day 23 p3 - FFF/m, twister, boobs

Day 23 p4 - FFF/m, diapers/ageplay, foot worship

Day 23 p5 - FFF/m, boob discussion, femdom, gentle


Version 2:

Day 1 - Gentle

Day 2 - Gentle

Day 3 - Gentle, humiliation, mouth play (on Patreon til Aug 2)

Night - Dream, unaware, vore (on Patreon til Aug 12)

Day 4 - Hair, muscles, unaware, dirty socks (on Patreon til Aug 19)


I hope for this story to have a little bit of something for everyone by the time I’m done with all 3 versions, whenever that is. Hope you enjoy!

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