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The time, when finally it came, filled you with more fear than you ever thought possible.

Your fellow captives scattered, leaving you alone before a wall of glass. You pushed backwards, squirming against the cold surface as the other shrunken people ran to the far end of the container she had dropped you in.

Your eyes were wide, your arms raised above you as you tried in vain to shield yourself from the huge hand that descended towards you.

Her nails were painted green, as long as you were tall. Her fingers spread in an inescapable web, moving with an inevitable speed to pluck you from your prison. The force of her grip, your body held between her thumb and forefinger, was enough to crush the air from your lungs.

She reclined in a wing back gaming chair, her long legs sheathed in thigh high black socks stretched across her desk, her ankles crossed.  The milky blue light cast from the screen of her computer spread across her curves giving her a haunting beauty.

Her eyes shone with delight as she drew her tongue across her grinning lips. The action would have been seductive if not for the number of lives you had seen extinguished between them. Now she was fixed on you, her next shrunken victim.

You screamed and begged and pleaded. You cried for help, not that there was anyone who could save you. On the desk the jar she had kept you in looked so small, the tiny people watching you with eyes filled with sorrow looked even smaller.

Only one other person was in the room. At the end of those long legs, in the shadow of a bobbing foot whose toes flexed above her head, knelt a trembling young woman. Though herself shrunken, she was the size of a doll and therefore many times your own height. Her body was that of a cheerleader, though repeatedly bruised and routinely starved. Her hands kneaded the giantess’ flesh, her lips pushing against the black fabric.

She hadn’t turned her head when those before you had been devoured and you knew she would ignore your pleas now.

All that remained was the giant smiling face that filled the world before you.

‘Mmm,’ she purred, twirling a lock of emerald green hair between her fingers, ‘you’re a screamer. I love screamers.’

She licked her lips again, her eyes sparkling.

‘Any last words before I eat you up little screamer?’

Your mind was mad with fear, your voice a desperate howl as her lips parted, releasing her tongue which snaked out between them. She lifted you above her face, dangling you by the legs to allow you a horrifying view deep into her throat.

Her pearly white teeth, sharp as razors, glowed in the light. Her tongue was a writhing animal, hot and red, just waiting to draw you into the abyss. A low moan escaped the black pit of her throat, her breath ruffling your hair. She closed her eyes in euphoric expectation of the life she was about to consume.

Your last second passed like an eternity, tears falling from your eyes to splash across her tongue. ‘Please, please,’ you blubbered, knowing the words fell on uncaring ears.

The sight of that gargantuan maw was overwhelming. You turned your head, not wanting the last thing you saw on this earth to be the instrument of your demise, and stared into a new and familiar face.

Your heart leapt into your mouth. ‘Wait,’ you screamed, ‘wait, wait, I know her!’

She manipulated you expertly, dropping you into the palm of her hand. Your chest heaved as you knelt on her flesh, the warmth of her skin seeping into you as she lowered her face to address you.

‘What did you just say?’ she snapped, her eyes glaring down upon you.

You choked back a knot of fear, ‘I know her. The girl on screen, I, we’re friends, I know her, please.’

‘Liar,’ she hissed. ‘You little liar, that’s my best friend. I don’t know you and you don’t know her.’

‘No, please,’ you begged, ‘I do, you’ve got to believe me, please!’

‘What’s her name?’ her free hand shot to her mouse and minimised the screen before you could see the name displayed, ‘Ah ah, if you know her you don’t need that to tell me her name. What is it?’

You drew a blank.

‘I, it’s, I,’ you stammered as her eyes narrowed. You knew the woman, you did. You served her every day at the coffee shop. You had shouted her name a thousand times. Her name was written on the cup in your hand writing, what was it?

‘Do you know what I do to stupid little bugs that lie to me?’ her lips twisted into a snarl.

Your mind raced as her fingers began to curl above you. In the last fleeting second before she enclosed you in her fist, the name flashed into your mind. You cried it at the top of your lungs, shouting louder than you had ever shouted before. You repeated the name over and over even has her palm straightened.

‘Hmm, how do I know that wasn’t a lucky guess?’ She put a finger to her lips theatrically, ‘or that you actually know her and aren’t just some creeper?’

The silence opened up before you like a gulf.

‘Answer me,’ she scowled.

Once more your mind buzzed, trying to pick out anything significant from your interactions with the woman on screen.

‘She likes bats!’ you blurted out, the words sounding stupid as you said them. Words your life depended on.

‘Duh, she was wearing bat earrings in that picture dumb ass. Pick something else.’

An image came to mind, a book and a photo.

‘Turtles! She likes turtles,’ the face before you was unmoved, ‘No, not turtles. Land turtles, tortoises. She loves tortoises. She has a book about them, she has one as a pet!’

‘So?’ she shrugged, clearly bored of you, ‘I have this little bitch as a pet. Doesn’t mean I like her.’

She nudged the woman at her feet sending her sprawling backwards. The shrunken woman barely made a sound, scrambling across the desk to resume her duties.

‘Is that all you’ve got?’

‘No, please,’ you blurted out anything you could remember; the time she came in with a new coat, a new haircut, a friend she had sat with. You had chatted with her when the shop had been quiet. You had told her about your screenplay, even emailed an early draft to her; though now you thought about it she had never replied. Her email address, you could remember it as it was really cringe worthy.

‘Her email is Batbaby666!’

There, on the edge of her lips, the first hint of a smile.

‘Hmm, maybe you are telling the truth. Or maybe you got that information from a mailing list? You think that just because you know my friends email address I won’t eat you up?’

She opened her mouth wide again and began to tilt her palm.

‘No, don’t, just take me, take me to her, she’ll vouch for me, I promise.’

The mouth snapped shut, twisting into a playful grin.

‘Oh yeah? And what if she doesn’t? What if you are lying and you waste my time. Do you know what I’ll do to you?’

You were back on your knees, hands clasped. Tears splashed across your cheeks as you pleaded with her.

‘If you’re lying, I’ll kill you; slowly. I’ll crush each of your limbs one by one, breaking every bone. And when you’re nothing more than a screaming little bean, you know what I’ll do?’

You were shaking violently, too terrified to respond.

‘That’s when I’ll eat you. I’ll put you between my lips, roll you around on my tongue and then swallow. Do you understand me bug? If she doesn’t know you, you will die screaming in my stomach as you’re digested alive. Knowing that are you sure you don’t want a quick end as my snack? One bite and it’s over for you.’

‘Please,’ you stammered, ‘just take me to her, she knows me.’

‘Ok, she shrugged, ‘if you’re wrong, it’s your funeral.’

Without another word from her she tossed you back into the glass and selected a fresh victim. By the time she took her slave to bed and turned off the light, you were alone in your glass prison.

You sat on the cold floor of your cell and wept, too tired to sleep.

Through the darkness came a muffled cry of pain followed by gasping sounds of pleasure as the giantess put her pet to work.

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