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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is really just a bit of an intro chapter to get the ball rolling. If you guys are excited to see what happens next leave a review! If enough people are interested I'll do my best to get Chapter 2 out tonight!

Nicki: Hey so, I have a question.

You: Yeah go for it.

Nicki: Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to be a really tiny person

You: Yeah? I’ve always pictured it as a fantasy, though.

Nicki: Well, let me ask you this. Have you ever wondered what I'd do to you if you were a tiny person?

You: Where are you going with this?

Nicki: Because I can tell you right now what I'd do.

You: You're ignoring the question. What made you suddenly want to talk about this? You’ve never enjoyed this sort of thing.

Nicki: You'd go exploring our room, right? Well, I happen to be in a tired mood, and you know what I'm like when I'm tired. I’m not really all that alert. And you poor thing, you're not even that close to me and you can smell my feet from where you are.

You: They do smell quite a bit normally.

Nicki: Shut up, they’re not that bad.

You: Riiiiight...

Nicki: Anyway, it's a lot stronger when you're that small. And, see, I think you're a bug at first. So you just get a giant foot right on top of you. Really squishing your body.

You: ...Yeah?

Nicki: Mhm, and you just get hit with a wall of that really gross and overpowering smell. The flesh of my feet is slick with sweat, so it is pretty wet to you at that size, and you’re sure you’re going to stick to my foot.

You: Yeah? Would you spit on me?

Nicki: Is that like a legit thing you want? LMAO

You: Yes.

Nicki: Then yeah. Sure. You little weirdo. I finally inspect my foot and realize that it is actually my tiny boyfriend. Since I’m such a fantastic girlfriend and know what your weird little kinks are, I spit on you. So you're laying there, all kinds of slimy because it's like the thick spit? As I just start to toy with you around with my toes. It's giving my foot the perfect lubrication to really work you around between them. However, it’s giving my toes the right amount of liquid to really work my toe-jam into a fine paste to cover your tiny body. So you’re now stuck, unable to move, covered in a mixture of sweat, spit, and toe-jam. And I know you’re loving this. I would just continue toying with your tiny helpless body, since you’re unable to stop my toes from doing whatever they want, they just continue working you until you cum for me.

You: Holy shit...

Nicki: Did you like that? 

You: Yes, keep going.

Nicki: Well, actually, I’m about to be leaving work to come home… Maybe we can finish this when I get home?

You: Huh? How would we do that?

Nicki: Let’s just say I’ve got a few ideas on how to really make it seem like you’re tiny and helpless at my feet. Just trust me, you’ll really like what I’ve got in mind.

You: Alright, but if this is you trying to get out of finishing this scenario? I’m going to be so pissed.

Nicki: Oh? What’s my tiny inch tall boyfriend going to do? Besides getting squished by my gigantic sweaty feet?

You: ...That was dirty and you know it.

Nicki: Oh shut up, you know you loved that teasing.

You: Alright, alright… I’ll trust you on this. I’m sure whatever it is will be incredible.

Nicki: I’m glad you’re excited, because so am I. I’m really excited to see if this will work.

You: Oh, by the way, are you wearing those nylons you usually wear?

Nicki: Yeah, I didn’t have another clean pair, so I had to wear the same ones from last night. Those opaque black ones you like so much? I bet they smell so bad.

You: God, I hope so.

Nicki: You’re so weird babe. But you can tell me how bad they smell when I get home. I love you! I’ll see you in a bit.

It didn’t take too long for Nicki to get home, her entrance being made by the sound of a door shutting and her voice ringing out through the living room. “Baaaabe! I’m home!” She yelled, walking in without taking off her black loafers that she wore to work most days. They smelled quite strongly, years of sweat and stink being pounded into the insole from all of the use she got out of them. To be fair, you knew how strong they were after a long day at work… She had fed into your fetish a few times by shoving her feet fresh out of those loafers into your face.

When you walked out into the living room, you saw that she was smirking at you and started to dig around in her purse. She still hadn’t taken off her loafers and sat down on the couch, her legs covered in opaque black nylons that didn’t allow any skin color to be seen. As she dug through her purse, the anticipation of what she planned on doing was building up inside of you, and you were more excited than you had ever been… In more ways than one. You had been reading the text conversation to keep the blood flowing while she made her way home.

“Aha!” Nicki exclaimed, pulling out a small bottle of something clear. It looked like… Alcohol? You were sure of it. That was just a normal bottle of vodka. “Alright, so you’re going to drink this, and then tell me how you feel.” Nicki continued, handing you the bottle that you were looking at with a strange look on your face.

“Uhhhh… This is just vodka…” You said, swirling the contents around as you waited for a response. “Just trust me, didn’t I tell you to trust me and that everything would be fine?” Nicki asked, giving you a look with a furrowed brow. She looked like she was getting upset with you, so you decided to say fuck it and unscrewed the cap, and you downed it without any hesitation. In your haste, you hadn’t registered that the seal had already been broken.

“Sooooooooo?” Nicki asked, drawing out the “o” quite a bit as she did. “I don’t feel anything at all…” You reply, looking down at her with a shrug. “Was this supposed to get me dr-...” Your sentence was cut off as you felt your body begin to tingle aggressively. Your skin was crawling with goosebumps, your blood running cold, and your eyes rolled into the back of your skull as you blacked out.

When you awoke, you sat up and rubbed your head, looking around the room confused about what the hell had just gone down. “Babe… What the fuck was in that bottle? Why does it feel like I just got hit by a truck?” You started, looking around to see that something was incredibly wrong. This shouldn’t have been possible… You immediately got to your feet, your eyes darting around as your head turned every which way, and your eyes widened once you realized exactly what had happened to you. There was no other explanation as your vision cleared and the now enormous couch came into view.

You shrank. You were actually tiny now.

Chapter End Notes:

Sorry if this isn't up to snuff! This is my first story and there may or may not be some problems with it. If you guys liked it leave a review and let me know what you'd like to see in the future!

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