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It may not have been full summer yet, but it was definitely hot enough for a day on the beach for Susie and Emma. The two giant girls had never been to the seaside before in their lives, so when an opportunity to spend a week of their summer vacation staying at the coast came along, they both leapt at the chance. The young giantesses had been out in the public eye for almost a year now, after having lived their entire lives in secrecy, and even though their every move was no longer treated as breaking news by the media, they still drew lots of attention, especially when visiting places they’d never been to before.

    Since they were much too big to stay in any kind of hotel, the girls had brought with them an appropriately-sized tent and were camping near to the coast on a section of private land whose owners had agreed to let them stay there. This way they could still have some privacy when they wanted, without any reporters or curious rubberneckers bothering them. This also allowed Susie’s boyfriend, Jake, to stay there as well in his own tent. Jake had by now finished high school and would be leaving for college soon, much to Susie’s dismay, so she was keen on having him spend as much time as possible with her before he left. As for Jake, he was happy that he and Susie were still together after all these months, despite their differences and the fact that he hated all the attention that was focussed on Susie, and by extension on him as well. But he couldn’t say no to a seaside vacation, having rarely been on one before, especially if it meant more time with his giant girlfriend. It was a pity that Emma had to come along as well and that the two of them couldn’t be alone by themselves, but he supposed it wasn’t fair to the younger girl to deny her this opportunity of having some fun in the sun too.

    It was the third day of their seaside stay, and as usual Susie decided that she wanted to be as lazy as possible. She walked along the expansive beach, enjoying the feel of the fine white sand under her bare feet, and found a large, empty spot for her to spread out her specially-made beach towel on. Everything she owned was specially made for her, including the new bikini swimsuit she was wearing. Most of it was paid for by her father, but she also received a lot of gifts and donations, both from individuals and corporations, and she was grateful for everything.

    Jake, who had been riding on Susie’s shoulder, found himself being plucked from his perch and lowered onto the ground far below. Even though he was used to being this close to Susie by now and perfectly at ease, the sight of her 110-foot tall body in motion from this close never ceased to amaze him. A slight step to the right from where her feet were, and he’d be no more, crushed into the sand by her immense foot. She wasn’t that careless or clumsy, thankfully, and she was always alert to the presence of normal-sized people in her vicinity. Susie lay down on her back and stretched out her arms and legs, loving the feeling of warmth she got from the sunshine. She had already begun to get a nice tan on her arms, legs and torso, which she planned to work on some more today. If she could have sunbathed topless it would’ve been great, but she knew that complete privacy was something she’d never be able to have.

    After she’d stopped moving, Jake felt it was safe enough for him to approach her again. He walked up to her right shoulder and, with a supreme amount of effort, hoisted himself on top of it. From there he made his way down her upper chest and climbed on top of her right breast, using the fabric of her swimsuit to pull himself up. He then lay down on his stomach, perched on top of her breast as though it were a king-sized bed. Susie giggled and gave him a little rub with her fingertip.

    “You really are enjoying all this, aren’t you?” she said. “Maybe a bit too much, if you ask me.”

    “Can you blame me?” he replied. “How often do we get to be together like this, just the two of us? I’m just gonna stay right here for the rest of day, watch me!”

    “Really? That’s a shame, you’re missing out on so much more of me. But just keep on lying on my boobs if it makes you happy!”

    She pinched his tiny waist and squeezed him a little, making sure not to hurt him. By now she was completely comfortable having Jake lie on her body like this. It wouldn’t be long before she’d be able to deal with being even more intimate with him. Susie knew that most other sixteen-year old girls were probably a lot more familiar with their boyfriends by now, but she wasn’t like them and felt she needed to take her time with her own relationship. She could tell that Jake was getting impatient with her, though he was too polite to tell her so, and she dreaded the thought that he might dump her for another, normal-sized girl if she was unable to move beyond just letting him walk around on her while she was wearing a bikini.

    Jake, on the other hand, was unaware of Susie’s fears about him. He really did care for her and enjoyed being her boyfriend, though he was still unsure whether or not he was really in love with her. But being this close to her was more than enough for him at the moment. He got a thrill from the fact that her gorgeous body was so vast compared to his own, completely overwhelming his senses. He rolled down the lower slope of her breast and onto her waist. Her soft skin, warmed by the sun, felt almost magical against his own body. A couple of steps and he’d reached her belly button, a perfect little hollow in the flat plain of her stomach. He plonked himself down in it, only his head, shoulders and lower legs sticking out. Susie made no effort to remove him, so he lay there for a while, completely relaxed, before the heat of the sun, as well as her body heat, made it a bit too hot for him to be comfortable.

    Still, with so much more of his giantess girlfriend to roam around on, it was hardly a problem for him. He rolled around back-and-forth on her lower waist, just above the fabric of her swimsuit, but she was more ticklish than he expected. In fact, his movements made her giggle so much that he was actually flung off her body by the up-and-down movements of her stomach as she laughed. He landed safely on the towel below, but Susie was still concerned for him, so she actually banned him from hanging out on that part of her from now on. In any case, she decided to turn around and let her back tan for a while. Jake lay comfortably on the top of her buttocks for a while, before growing restless and deciding he’d like to go for a walk and do something else. He carefully climbed down from his girlfriend’s posterior and walked along the length of her body towards her head. When he spoke to her she seemed not to hear him, so he knocked on the rim of her enormous sunglasses and she lifted her head in response.

    “I’m just going for a bit of a walk around, see what I can find,” he explained. “Do you want to come with me or would you like to stay here?”

    “Hmm…I’ll stay here for now,” she said slowly. “I’m really too lazy to get up right now. Maybe I’ll go for a swim later or something…”

    “Okay…well, suit yourself. Wow, it’s really hot today, isn’t it? I need to see if I can find a place that sells ice cream or something like that. I’d bring you back some too, but…well, you know…”

    Susie looked annoyed and Jake wondered if he’d been a bit insensitive, talking like that and reminding her of the fact that she’d never be able to enjoy having an ice cream on the beach, since it would take a whole truckload to satisfy her. He was about to apologise and explain that he wouldn’t be getting an ice cream after all when she interrupted him.

    “You can get going if you want,” she said abruptly. “Go on, enjoy yourself, have fun! Don’t let me tell you what to do or anything like that.”

    “I was only going to…”

    “It’s okay, Jake, really. Now go already – I’ll be fine here by myself!”

    He turned around and walked off quickly, not wanting to cause a scene on a public beach, ‘cause that would immediately draw everyone’s attention. He also didn’t want to get into an argument over something so silly. But that was the problem with Susie: she did have moments where she could be immature and impulsive, and make a big deal out of nothing. But Jake understood that it wasn’t her fault – she had an extremely lonely childhood, without receiving many of the life lessons that most children do when growing up, and her manner around other people, especially people she knew, could be a little off-putting or seemingly rude every now and then. But she has been maturing and learning a lot since she went public with her existence, and he knew her true self – a kind, friendly, selfless young girl who wanted nothing more than to make friends and be helpful to everyone around her.

    After Jake had left, Susie kept on lying in the sun for a while, but without him around she quickly grew irritable and decided to go for a swim. Swimming in the ocean – an entirely new experience for her – was very different from swimming in the little lake back home. Here she could actually swim at top speed for miles on end, in water that was deeper than her height, and she loved it. The giant (to ordinary people) waves crashing against her body made it extra fun. She dropped her sunglasses into the giant basket she’d brought along and headed off into the blue water. Most people were swimming off to her right, where the water was a lot calmer and there were no rocks. To her left there were no swimmers, due to the much bigger waves crashing against a rocky shoreline of cliffs. She could see a few daring surfers further out, riding the biggest waves, but she’d make sure not to accidentally swim into one of them, which would certainly cause a serious injury to any unfortunate surfer.

    “I can’t believe I’m actually doing this,” she thought as she waded into deeper water. “I never thought I’d ever see the ocean, much less swim in it. If it hadn’t been for Jake…”

    She thought back to that day when she’d first met her future boyfriend and how things could have so easily been very different. If she hadn’t decided to walk to that exact spot by the fence, if Jake hadn’t been there as well, if he hadn’t been pressured by that gang of bullies to touch the electric fence and then left behind, if she hadn’t decided to step up and help him…if any one of those many little things hadn’t happened, she’d still be living in secret in her forest cabin, unknown to the outside world, lonely and with no hope of a possible future. But now she was freed from her confined former life and the whole world was hers to explore…

    As she waded in deeper and deeper into the cool blue waters, she began to feel a sensation of calmness and serenity settle over her. She felt far removed from the prying eyes and incessant cares of the wider world, at peace with the sky and the sea. Waves that would be considered dangerous to ordinary swimmers merely splashed harmlessly against her mighty figure. She eventually reached water deep enough to dive into, and the fun began.

    After playfully splashing about for a long time, diving beneath the mightiest waves and leaping up as high as she could (with no-one around her for her to be scared of hurting), Susie decided to head back. Instead of going directly back to the shore, she swam instead towards the cliffs that were closer to her. The highest of the rocky walls rose almost a hundred feet above the surface of the ocean, and even Susie would have a tough time climbing them. As she got closer, she suddenly heard what sounded like a scream. At first she thought she must’ve bumped into someone, but when she heard it again she realized it was coming from the cliffs. Then she saw it: a tiny figure of a human being, trapped forty feet above the raging waves on a miniscule rocky ledge. Susie knew it was someone in trouble, and she wasted no time in swimming to the rescue.

    Planting her feet on two submarine rocks, the teenage giantess pulled herself up the sheer cliffs until her face was just above the trapped person. It turned out to be a girl only a few years older than Susie, with short black hair and tanned skin. She seemed to be badly injured and was bleeding from several gashes on her arms and legs. Next to her lay the remains of a pink surfboard, split in two, no doubt from being smashed against the rocks by a huge wave. It was miraculous that the girl herself was still alive, Susie thought: even she was having trouble steadying herself against the incoming waves, giant-sized though she was. She placed her open hand next to the young woman, who was staring up at her with a mixture of fear and confusion.

    “Hello,” Susie said. “Don’t be scared, I’m here to help you. Are you badly hurt? Can you move? I’m Susie, by the way…but you probably knew who I am anyway. I mean there’s not a lot of people you can confuse me with, I guess.”

    “I…I’m Mariana,” the girl stuttered. “Please help me! I got caught in a current, and then this huge wave carried me up here, and I can’t get down!”

    “It’s okay, of course I’ll help you. I can take you back to shore. Are you badly injured?”

    Mariana looked at the wounds on her arms and rubbed a bump on her head.

    “I’ll be fine,” she said after some hesitation. “I know it looks bad, but it doesn’t hurt too much right now.”

    Susie slid her hand against Mariana’s back and carefully lifted her up.

    “I’m really sorry, but I need to use my hands to swim back,” she said to her new acquaintance. “The water’s too deep here for me to walk, so…sorry about this.”

    She wrapped her fingers around the frightened girl, trying to hold her as lightly as possible. Then she lifted the fabric of one of her bikini cups and gently put Mariana inside, leaving her head and shoulders free. It was an awkward situation for both of them, but Susie didn’t really have time to think of a better alternative. Rescuing people trapped at sea was a new experience for her, after all. She did the same with the broken pieces of the girl’s surfboard, stowing them inside the other side of her swimming costume. She made sure her passenger was okay and not in any pain, before stepping back from the cliffs.

    “I’m going to swim back to shore, so you’re gonna have to hold your breath for a while, I’m afraid,” Susie said. “It won’t be for long, I promise. As soon as I reach shallow water, I’ll get you out of there at once.”

    “Oh, it’s okay,” Mariana said awkwardly. “This isn’t too bad in here, actually. Don’t worry about me being underwater for a bit, I can hold my breath longer than anyone else I know.”

    Susie nodded, then pushed off from the cliffs and dove into the deeper ocean, swimming at a speed much faster than any normal-sized humans could run on land. She made sure to give Mariana a chance to get some air every now-and-then, leaping out of the water as high as she could. It wasn’t long before she rounded the cliffs and reached shallow waters, and not long after that before she could easily continue walking to shore. She took her injured passenger out of her swimsuit and let her lie down in her palm. Mariana looked absolutely overwhelmed by the whole situation, but Susie knew this was a normal reaction, experienced by everyone who met her for the first time.

    “Thanks for saving me,” Mariana said, coughing up a little bit of water she’d swallowed during the voyage back to shore. “You…you really are just as amazing as I always thought you were. You know, from seeing you on the TV and stuff.”

    “Oh, uh, thanks,” Susie said, blushing a little bit. She wasn’t used to praise like this, being much more accustomed to people being afraid of her, rude to her and calling her a freak, or trying their best to avoid contact with her – the usual reactions from passers-by she’d never met before. “Um, so…is there a hospital in town I can take you to? I need to make sure you’re okay before I can leave you, I feel.”

    “There’s a small clinic on the north side of town, where I’ve been to before after being dragged down by a wave once. I can tell you how to get there.”

    “Sounds great! Okay, so usually I let first-time passengers ride on my shoulder, but maybe I’d better carry you like this, just to make sure you don’t get hurt again. Honestly, I have no idea how you people who like surfing can do these things when getting hurt is such a big possibility. I mean, if I wasn’t this huge, I probably would’ve been too scared to even go into the deep sea without any waves.”

    Mariana laughed. She had never imagined that today would be the day she got to meet the world-famous giant girl Susie, much less that she’d be carried in her hands and having a friendly conversation with her. But Susie was surprisingly enjoyable to talk to. The giantess strode up the beach, past the super-sized beach towel she’d left earlier (still no sign of Jake anywhere, Susie thought), and easily stepped over the nearest row of houses to reach the town’s streets.

    Susie was used to walking on public roads by now, even narrow streets such as these. She tried her best to avoid blocking any oncoming traffic, which was easier said than done, and of course she made sure never to accidentally step on something – or someone. She knew that even a simple accidental crushing of a person would be nationwide news and immediately turn the whole of the public she’d tried so desperately to win over against her at once. Plus she’d never, ever forgive herself either if she ever killed anyone, even by accident. She was glad she was walking barefoot now, which made the damage she couldn’t help but cause the road surface much less than usual, when the impact of her shoes would crack and buckle even the hardest roads. But now she walked with confidence, stepping over gawking crowds of people and surprised motorists, paying them no attention as they stared up at the towering bikini-clad girl and whipped out their phones to record their ‘close encounter’.

    “We’re almost there,” Mariana said from her safe perch in Susie’s hands. “Holy shit, this feels so cool! It’s like I’m flying over everyone and everything below me on the ground. Hey, you’ve got a boyfriend, right? Do you often take him for rides like this?”

    “Yeah, of course!” Susie said, giggling at her description of this as a ‘ride’. “I should probably go looking for him soon, since he’s wandered off somewhere. I hope he’s not lost or anything…”

    “Oh, okay. Lucky guy…” Mariana looked up at her colossal rescuer and envied this guy she’d never met. Even though it’s been less than an hour since she’d met Susie, she was herself already hooked on the idea of having a giant girlfriend. But what are the odds there’d be a third giantess somewhere in the world, who hasn’t revealed herself yet…and that she’d be into girls instead of guys? Still, she could enjoy this moment while it lasted, and she was definitely going to try and stay friends with Susie.

    Meanwhile, at the other end of the beach, Susie’s fellow giantess, Emma Lenard, was busy having her own version of a fun summer seaside vacation. Normally, a twelve-year old girl like Emma wouldn’t be allowed by her parents to go to the beach by herself, but, since their daughter was almost a full 100 feet tall, they needn’t be worried that she’d ever be in any sort of danger. Emma’s parents were in fact staying in one of the nearby seaside hotels, just in case their daughter needed them, but Emma usually preferred to go to the beach by herself or with Susie and Jake. However, Susie and Jake usually wanted to spend some time alone whenever they went, leaving Emma to herself. She wasn’t too upset, however, since this gave her a chance to make some new friends. And she knew a good way to go about it.

    Using an appropriately-sized plastic spade and bucket, she’d built her own sandcastle on the beach, one which wasn’t that much smaller than an actual castle would be. This was of course an extraordinary sight to all of the normal-sized people who’d also come to the beach for some fun in the sun, and pretty soon she’d attracted quite a large crowd around her. Most of the curious bystanders were content to stay a safe distance away from the titanic tween girl, even though they knew she wasn’t dangerous. But a small group of girls of about Emma’s age were brave enough to approach her and get a closer look at her construction.

    “Hi there!” Emma said to the comparatively tiny girls. “Wanna have a look around?”

    “Did…did you really build this whole thing…by yourself?” one of the girls asked, looking up at the impressive structure.

    “Yeah, of course! I am a giantess, you know, or haven’t you noticed? It didn’t even take me an hour. Come on, let me show you inside!”

    Without warning, she enveloped three of the girls with her fingers and lifted them up into the air. The girls she’d picked up, and those she’d left on the ground, all shrieked with surprise, and a wave of gasps and murmurs rippled through the encircling crowd. Emma put her little friends down on the highest turret of her sandcastle, where their feet sank into the wet sand it was built with. She then took the other two girls and put them down on top of a different tower.

    “Go on, explore and have fun,” she said encouragingly to the girls. “Just try not to break anything, okay? By the way,” she said, addressing the crowd of onlookers, “anyone else is welcome too!”

    Within five minutes, much to Emma’s delight, her sand fortress was a hive of activity, with kids of all ages clambering all over it, while their nervous parents kept on watching from a safe distance. Inevitably, some of the walls and towers got damaged and collapsed, but it was all great fun for the children, and it took Emma only a moment to rebuild any damaged sections. Emma herself every now-and-then would pick up some of the kids and give them a ride in her hands, weaving them back-and-forth through the air dozens of feet above the ground. If the beach wasn’t so busy, she’d even have liked to lie down and let everyone climb around on top of her, but with all of the people around her she didn’t think this was a particularly safe idea.

    She was about to go look for Susie and ask her if she’d like to join the fun, when she saw two people, both adults, come striding towards her. It was a man and a woman, both in their thirties, but they didn’t look like parents of any of the other children. They seemed hesitant to approach her (which was par-for-the-course, as Emma knew by now), but eventually the woman stepped forward and yelled to get her attention. Emma crouched down on her hands and knees, in order to hear her better.

    “Uh, hello up there…” the woman said, sounding very nervous. “Um, is your big sister around? We kind of need her help.”

    “Oh, you mean Susie? Yeah…but I don’t see her anywhere right now. She’s not my sister, by the way – we’re not related. Hang on, I’ll see if I can see her.”

    Standing up to get a better view, Emma saw Susie’s enormous towel, covering one-fifth of an acre, lying in the distance, but there was no sign of Susie herself. She looked down at the woman, so tiny compared to her own feet, and shrugged her shoulders helplessly. The man had walked up to her as well by now. he beckoned up to her to come closer and Emma got down on hands-and-knees again.

    “Hi there, uhh…” the man said, hesitating for a moment, until Emma realized he was trying to remember her name.

    “It’s Emma,” she said, holding an enormous fingertip in front of the man. He looked very confused, then half-heartedly laid his own hand on the much-larger tip of her finger. Emma giggled, as she always did whenever people tried to ‘shake hands’ with her.

    “Pleased to meet you, Emma,” the man said, sounding a bit more at ease. “I’m Dennis, and this is my wife Olivia, and…well, I’m sorry to interrupt you like this…you’re clearly having a great time here and everything…but we do need your help with something. Would you come with us, please?”

    Emma pursed her lips. Following a pair of strangers would be an unwise thing for almost any child to do…but she wasn’t just any child, as she well knew. She asked what this was about.

    “We’ll explain once we’re there,” the man said, sounding impatient. “Please follow us, we’re really in a hurry.”

    Without another word, Dennis and his wife turned around and began jogging off. Emma paused for a moment, then stood up and, taking three steps, intercepted the pair of them and blocked their path with her gigantic bare feet.

    “If you’re that much in a hurry, you’d better let me do the walking,” she said. Then she bent down and scooped up the bewildered couple with one hand. They huddled together in the centre of her palm.

    “Just relax and show me where to go,” Emma said. Dennis nodded and, letting go of Olivia, pointed in the desired direction. Emma set off at once, taking care where she placed her feet and leaving a trail of huge, three-foot-deep footprints behind her. She hoped this wouldn’t take too long, since she didn’t like leaving her sandcastle (and her new friends) on their own – but her parents had taught her to always offer help to anyone who needed it and she always wanted to do them proud.

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