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Anna is a tiny but she wants to fit in with the big people. She has a dream to bridge the social gap that puts tinies at risk constantly.

She sees an invitation for a party and it mentions it's a big people party, but Anna wants to meet more big people at her college and get them on her side. She decides to go for it, despite the clear danger.

The night of the party comes. Anna sneaks in through the window and has her sights on the table with the punch bowl. She might get someone to notice her and want to talk more out of curiosity. This game plan will also get her off the floor as soon as possible to avoid an errant foot turning her to mush.

Her plan is not to be however. Anna stumbles and falls flat on her face as she gets kicked from behind. A giant pair of sneakers lands on either side of her as she slowly rights herself to look up.  

"Hello bug." The girl towering above her looks satisfied and eyes alight with curiosity. "What's your name?"  

"Anna" She stammers. "Can I just say--"  

"Well Anna" The girl continues on. "I'm Sarah and this is a big people party. There are rules you know."  

"I know I just--"  

"Not to worry, you can still be here. I won't kick you out." Sarah still towered over Anna, with a laser focus gaze on the tiny person.  

"Y-you won't? Can we be friends?" Anna was hopeful even though she could hardly ignore the glint in Sarah's eyes. Anna was well aware that tinies did not have much in the way of persuasive power when it came to big people.  

"Of course, you're hanging out with me and my brother for the rest of the evening. His name is Terrence and he's still single." She winked. Sarah then lifted her left leg behind her and tugged off her sneaker. The cyan blue ankle sock now showing. That socked foot then zoomed towards her, the bottom stopping an inch or two from her tiny body. Anna fell back in fear. There, smeared onto the sock, was a tan discoloration and Anna recognized the shape from many terrifying photos on the internet: it was a tiny boy. He was completely naked aside from tiny boxer briefs being the only thing left to his dignity, and face out on the gigantic sock. Most likely unable to move at all, stuck like gum in place. Anna might not have recognized what he was at all without her extensive research on tiny people injustice. She almost wished she didn't right now.  

"Oh god I can't believe you did that." Anna screamed. "He's a human he has rights."  

The tiny squeaks barely registered in Sarah's ears. "Of course he does Anna, but he wanted to come to the party too and there are the rules I mentioned."  

"You're sick no way he agreed to be a sticker on your sock."  

"I'm pretty sure he did let me prove it to you." Sarah then leaned onto her left foot with Terrence under it and slid it backwards and forwards along the hard wood floor as through scraping off dirt. Her sock sliding effortlessly forward and backward more than five times. It didn't catch at all on the floor, poor Terrence's face and apparently the entire front of his body not able to find any purchase to let him free.  

"See? He knows where he has to be for my party."  

"Your.... party?" Anna realized this tormentress's identity: Sarah Kemdall. This massive terror of a girl was the face of anti-tiny sentiment at her local college. She ran the league for tiny and big people separation of rights, and was one of the leaders in the largest sororities known for treating tiny people as toys. Anna had not noticed this name on the invitation. She should have looked closer. She was screwed. Anna stared up for one more second at the grinning girl then sprinted away in blind fear. If she could just make the corner...  

Again she was thwarted tonight, a large hand wrapping around her whole body including her head, less than three seconds into her flight.  

"....so fast, you can't....party like this....rules remember" Anna's head was squeezed, her sight was blocked and her ears were half muted from the pressure of Sarah's grip. After a minute or two of swaying from which Anna discerned she was being taken somewhere. Suddenly all her senses were given back to her as she found herself flying through the air straight into a sea of white. She landed with a poof on a massive bed, with comforters thicker than her entire body.  

"That was rude back there. I know we can be friends but you can't try to ghost me like that." Sarah pouted as she looked down at her isolated quarry. "Welcome to my room."  

Anna finally caught her breath and balance. She looked at the room around her. Even though the bed was bigger than king size, it filled not a large portion of the room she found herself in. A wall lined with a modest amount of trophies and an immeasurable number of crystals gleamed in the light. Beneath the panorama of crystals was a centerpiece table with several weird looking devices. To call them alien ray guns would cheapen them, as the dark gleaming metal spoke of very uncommon materials. The other walls had more regular features like a vanity station, a stuffed bear collection, and music posters.  

"Done admiring?"  

Anna ignored her captor. She kept her back to Sarah and stared at the crystals pretending to be out of it and hypnotized. With her strong involvement in tiny rights she had also picked up some knowledge on tiny survival tactics, namely how to dissuade a large bully. Your reactions are ammunition for the bully, don't give in to their games, pretend apathy to make them lose interest, look for--  

Anna saw the hand come from above far too late at lightning speed. She was slapped into the bed and crumpled in a microsecond. The hand left as quickly as it came. The poofy bed shielded her greatly from the blow and she even bounced back up a few inches from it. The force from the initial slap still hit hard and she had a headache before she even landed. Slowly she groaned and rolled over only to see that huge beautiful face directly over head. Sarah's blond wispy hair streamed down and nearly touched her on all sides, like the view from the base of a willow tree. Sarah's lips curled into an even bigger grin.  

"Welcome back to reality. Where were we? Ah, yes. I was being nice enough to teach you the rules of my party." Sarah stopped hovering over Anna and the bed, and started making her way to the other side with the interesting wall of crystals.  

As she sauntered, Anna winced slightly as she watched each step. She could imagine the current fate of Terrence, still stuck as a stain under the sock of this enormous popular bitch. She didn't believe for one second that he was there willingly. She had heard of rare tinies that could take a crazy amount of punishment, and didn't die from extreme pressure or deformation of their bodies, but so very few as to be insanely unlikely. All the stories she trusted spoke of things like the torture of being squashed into a ball or the wet hot terror of being chewed. One particularly terrible story that she believed because of the pictures was one of a boy and his stepmom who, after gaining all legal rights over him beyond even those of a parent, had permanently stretched and glued him to the shape of the insole of her high heel. Through no fault of his own, he would be stepped on forever. His face likely under the ball of that woman's foot right now. Anna shook herself out of her imaginings, she needed to focus on getting out of her current predicament.  

Sarah had reached the table with the guns. She deftly plucked a crystal hanging above her head to the left without even looking like she knew exactly where it was. Then she affixed it to the barrel of a gun that most closely resembled a water pistol but was very much not toy-like with all the metal. The crystal glowed light green after being attached. Sarah then turned to face Anna again, gun in hand.  

"So here are the rules my tiny friend. Big people parties are for big people only, tinies can come only if they have a sponsor. Lucky for you, I want Terrence to meet people so you can hang out with him." She flipped a switch on the gun and it made a slight electrical noise. "However tinies must be kept out of sight and, since this is my party, immobile." She twisted a tiny knob on the stock of the gun several times. "For example my friend Brittney, let her two roommates come, but they complain a lot so she let them..." Sarah slapped her ass. "Talk to the butt, so to speak. Well they are in the back of her jeans pockets so not quite but you get my point. That girl has a heavy butt so hopefully she doesn't tire out and need to sit down tonight."Sarah grinned evilly. "But that is part of the beauty of these parties, nobody has to think about tiny feelings if they don't want to. I am sorry tiny Anna, but that is the price you pay to hang out with me and Terrence tonight."  

"Holy fuck you are demented." Anna couldn't help herself. "Let me and Terrence go."  

"How about no. Let's check again if Terrence agrees just to be sure." She put her hand to her ear to mime listening, then stomped her foot. *Squish* "You sure Terrence?" She stomped again. *Squish* A horrible sound like a wet rag being rung out. "Okay I'll let her know. That squishy noise is him saying he agrees with me Anna."  

"Jesus..." Anna dropped to her knees, arms on the bed and began to weep. There was no victory here. Not even a slight respite. She could only await her fate.  

"Aw Anna don't worry we are going to be good friends, I just have to mess with your body a bit so you can join Terrence and I at the party. You wanted to be here right?" Sarah then leaned over, brought the gun right next to Anna, and pulled the trigger.  

A slight green glow went over Anna's whole body but quickly faded. Anna felt no different. She looked up again, done crying for now.  

"I... I feel nothing what did you do to me?" She was afraid to know the answer but carried a strong suspicion.  

Sarah had sat down on the bed next to Anna and brought her legs up to sit Indian style. The bottom of her clean cyan blue ankle sock, the one without Terrence on it facing Anna. Anna looked at it and shivered.  

"Terrence needed my help to attend the party and I was happy to do the same for you. Here let me show you."  

Sarah's right hand snaked down and quickly pinched Anna's tiny hand.  

"Ow!" The pain for Anna was instant but left just as quickly. There was left a dull pressure on her left hand as she quickly looked to sooth it. There though, in her sight and inescapable, her suspicion was confirmed: her hand was now paper thin and cartoonishly wide. She tried to sooth it with her still working hand but it didn't help. The slight sense of pressure there stayed.  

"Do you get it now?"  

"Fuck, yes, I get it."  

"Good let's get ready to go now Anna. I think you understand the rules." Sarah reached towards Anna again, slowly this time.  

The speed didn't matter. Anna froze in fear and terrible realization. Terrence was a rare tiny and higher than average number of rare tinies were known at the local college, the college Sarah. These guns were terrible instruments of torture. Likely in the hands of only a few. Who knew what other horrible things they could do, what kind of tortures tinies had gone through.  

The hand reached her but did not grab her this time. Instead, it cupped behind her and started pushing her towards the waiting blue cyan sock.  

Anna finally reacted. She screamed and tried to run around her moving prison, to escape the force of the hand but it was inexorable and faster than her. She only managed to stumble and fall as the hand continued pushing her even on her side. The comforter was very scratchy and giving her friction burn at her current velocity, but she had no control left. Eventually the ride stopped.   "

Welcome to your party ride Anna."  

Anna stared up at the cyan wall in front her, she had to crane her neck to see over it and see Sarah smile serenely and look down at her.  

"Let's get you settled."  

Sarah then brought her other hand over and started manipulating Anna into her new place. First she pinched Anna's waist with her right hand and moved her to be face out on the bottom of the sock with her waist near the end of the arch, just before the ball of the foot. Then Sarah's left index finger started working her. Pushing hard on each of her body parts and that awful pressure was given to each of them. She could only watch in horror as she was affixed and flattened in position. She too would be smeared like Terrence.  

"Left...leg! Right...arm! Left...boob! Right boob! Left arm! Right leg!" Sarah talking to some beat, punctuating each of Anna's flattenings. With her bodies new gumlike quality, Anna could only stick further and further in place and watch.  

Finally it was done but her head hadn't been poked yet. All over most of her body, was just that slight pressure and for a moment her curiosity won through her fear. Still able to rotate her neck, she shouted up.  

"Not going to do my head?"  

"No Anna you've done great so far, I wanted you to look around and watch your entrance into my shoe the first time." Sarah then uncrossed her legs and tilted her foot up so Anna could see her. She also grabbed a shoe and brought it towards her right foot.  

"First time? What the fuck is that supposed to meanNOOOOoooo......." Sarah then brought her sneaker onto her foot as Anna's new party vehicle. Done with the charade, and Terrence's party vehicle still adorned, she quickly uncrossed her legs hopped off the bed onto her left foot which was Terrence's foot. He made that nice squishing noise again in her sneaker.  

"Yes that's right Terrence you've got a new friend. Her name is Anna and we're about to find out if she is nice too. Ready to find out why I really left your head free Anna? Ok, here. We. Go."  

And then it came. Sarah quickly stomped Anna, into her sneaker for the first time. *SQUISH* She twisted her foot back and forth a bit like she put out a cigarette to make sure to get the full symphony of squishing.  

"Oh Anna you are a really nice new friend." Sarah moaned a bit with the sensation under her foot. Tinies, in her experience, were always comfortable in just the right ways.  

"Alright now you can attend my party appropriately. I need to get back to entertaining my guests. I'll introduce you both to some people too."  

With that Sarah walked back down to her party, and if anyone paid close attention, a quiet squishing could still be heard with each of her steps.                

Chapter End Notes:

I may or may not add chapters in the future, definitely not on a schedule. I guess we'll find out.

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