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“Uh….hey” Jackie murmured to her giantess owner on the line. “What’s up” the incomprehensible giantess asked her speck. She focused on Jackie’s face on the video call. “Oh my God. What happened?” Jackie was finally coming back to her senses, but it was overwhelming. The giantess was leaning over their civilization now, her massive face taking up the entire horizon. She couldn’t see them, but she didn’t like her whinging to be ignored by her daughter, much less specks. “What happened?” she asked again, this time much more curtly. The noise of her voice was deafening, and her power was overwhelming. She stammered as she struggled to her feet. In the distance her roommate Mike caught her eye; tattered and bloodied (but apparently lacking any more serious injuries) but just a few feet in front of him she saw the third roommate, Chris, lying motionless. His chest was crushed by a large piece of cinderblock. She felt faint, and felt an acidic surge coming from her gut. She vomited her lunch before passing out.


Jennifer was upset. What was going on with them? There’d obviously been some sort of an accident. She was somewhat frenzied, but her enormous size made her powerless, ironically. But like any helicopter mom, she needed someone to acknowledge her worries. She hurriedly dialed the only other microputian number she knew; the foreign minister of the civilization.


Janie was the microputian “Foreign Minister”. She was sort of out of work because the civilization had been isolated from other nations of their own size.  But she’d been assigned relations with their new prodigan owner, although the giantess seemed to not be interested in speaking with her. So when this crisis hit, she was very concerned with her own family and had few official responsibilities. So she’d gotten a helicopter and flown about an hour away to where she knew her son was in college. This was a town where the soil was slightly softer and had shifted more when the giantess’ ass had bumped it. Casualties were expected to be high. But before they were to the town, she received a call from her work-issued satellite phone. Oh my God. It was her. She regained her composure. The career diplomat knew how to handle talks and negotiations even if she was stressed. She answered as submissively as she could (this had been an adjustment- their microputian nation had been relatively powerful compared to others, but she knew now they were entirely in her mercy). “M’am. This is the foreign minister”. “Hi. Are you in a helicopter? It’s very loud”. Jennifer was getting annoyed and impulsive. “What is going on with you mites”. “Well, m’am”. She looked off in the distance and saw the 20,000 mile woman extend her arm and try to open the little plastic microputian farm lid. “OH MY GOD NO….” Janie yelled. But it was too late. The careless and nosy Goddess had opened the lid, creating a dramatic pressure change. The helicopters gages started flipping out as the pilot lost control and crashed into the ground. Jennifer heard the explosion and then the line went dead. She realized something. It coincided with her opening the lid. She had caused that. And she thought back, she’d bumped the micro-farm, and that probably caused Jackie’s injuries. Oh no no no no. This had been a mistake. She’d been anxious about her daughter going away to college. She wanted something to occupy her mind and an outlet for her obsessive-compulsive smother traits. Even worse, she knew her daughter resented her for it.  But she’d ended up killing millions. This was her life- the day before her 40th birthday. Her eyes welled up with tears and she curled up in her bed to cry.  


Mike had picked up unconscious Jackie and carried her off to a makeshift shelter. It was there that he had heard the terrible news from a family friend. A colonel with whom his mother had worked had arrived by Humvee. The colonel said that helicopters were too dangerous as when the giantess Jennifer had opened the civilization’s lid, the pressure change had crashed most aircraft. His mother had been in one, and she’d been killed instantly in the crash just outside the capitol. Mike gritted his teeth and looked off in the distance at the giantess Jennifer. Curled up on her bed, now peacefully sleeping. She’d killed his mother and his best friend today. But he didn’t feel any rage. In fact, he felt more attracted to her than ever. She hadn’t meant any of it. He thought about how his mother had briefly discuss the research her department had done on Jennifer. He knew her 40th birthday was tomorrow. He knew she was upset her daughter was a freshman in college. If there was only some way he could talk to her….to tell her it was ok….

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