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Story Notes:

This is a commission won through my Patreon.  My patron, BonBon, was very patient and understanding through the whole process and had many great ideas, suggestions and alterations.

Author's Chapter Notes:


Shrinking, Butt, Humiliation, Transformation and Feet.

"Illya, now!"  After a long and difficult fight against a new Rogue Class Card, Miyu signalled for her friend to strike while she restricted the voluptuous, Persian storyteller.  The chains from the Rider Class Card she had Installed rattled as the woman tried to escape, but even for a Corrupted Hero the Rogue Caster was too weak.

Illya, happy everything was going according to plan, rushed forward in the dark garb of the Caster Class Card they had already retrieved, brandishing it's powerful Noble Phantasm, Rule Breaker.  It was her idea to use the Anti-Magecraft weapon to swiftly end the fight but without Luvia, Kuro and Rin supporting both her and Miyu with  ranged attacks it never would have worked as easily.  Jumping to close the distance, the young Einzbern raised her weapon high and swung it down on her target with a mighty, and cute, battle cry.  "Haaa!"

Seeing the twisted dagger falling towards her, aiming to pierce her chest, the rouge Caster wailed in fright and produced a scroll from her abundant cleavage.  Shaking violently, the scroll burst open with a powerful wave of magic, and from it manifested several of the characters illustrated on the page.  Flying up to intercept Illya's attack, a sabre wielding man on a flying carpet knocked her weapon from her hands and grabbed her!

"If you ask for it that much, it can't be helped...  Let me show you...  A fragment of my Noble Phantasm released..."  The soft spoken Corrupted Heroine said as her magic manifested her scroll's illustrations.

"Ahh!  W-What is this?!"  The white haired girl cried as she was swept away and dragged towards the open scroll.

A horde of cartoonish characters in yellow overran Miyu, causing her to release her chains and likewise dragged her towards the scroll.  "I-Illya!"  The black-haired girl cried out, seeing her friend's body start to shrink and flatten as the character pulling her disappeared into the page.  The little, yellow suited mob was likewise disappearing into the scroll.

"Hey!  Hands off?"  Rin yelled, as a giant blue genie crashed down in front of her and Luvia, grabbing the two of them and pulling them towards the same fates as their protégés.

"No, only Shero may lay hands on me!"  Luvia bemoaned, trying to break the grasp of the blue giant to no avail.  "Unhand me this instant!"

At the same time as everyone else, an illustration of a busty, snake-tailed woman appeared before Kuro and began to brush her delicate hand across the girl's exposed belly.  "Shi-ahhh..."  Kuro's body gets paralyzed by a powerful, pleasant force of magic and pulled towards the scroll that had already sucked both Illya and Miku into it.  Small, 2D illustrations of her friends appeared on the scroll after they vanished into it, but lustrous bliss enraptured her mind.  However, just as quickly as illustrated beauty appeared, she vanished and Kuro's senses came back to her as she looked down to see Illya's Rule Breaker stabbed into the ground in front of her.  "Wow, lucky~!"  She cheered with a  bright smile.

"Ahh!  Help!  Kur-!"  Just before she was also absorbed into the parchment of the scroll, Rin saw Kuro get saved and tried to call out, only for the scroll to snap shut and cut her off.

The gentle looking storyteller slowly reached down and picked up her scroll, blowing the dust and dirt off of it and smiled victoriously.  Resting one end of the scroll between her breast, she slowly pushed in deeper into her cleavage, whispering softly.  "Alf Layla wa-Layla.  It's only this far for tonight... Fufu..."

"Oh no you don't!"  Kuro thought, quickly picking up Rule Breaker and analyzing its properties with the magecraft of the Archer Class Card she was bonded with before it completely disappeared.  Projecting a copy of the Noble Phantasm, she altered it into an arrow and drew it back with her bow just as half of the scroll had been consumed by the Caster's chest.  Faster than lightning, she took aim and loosed her shot, piercing the Corrupted Heroine's heart and defeating her instantly.  "Done already?  That was too fast.  Try a little harder next time."  She quipped mischievously as the Caster reverted back to her Class Card form, though her scroll remained and fell to the ground.  "Oh crap!  That's right, Illya and Miyu!"

Dashing over to the scroll, she opened it up to see the pictures of Illya, Miyu, Rin and Luvia posed very heroically as opposed to the fearful expressions they had as they were sucked into it.  The Class Card landed on the page and when Kuro picked it up she felt a surge of magic connect to her magic circuits and the scroll began to fade.  "May yours be a joyful story..."  The voice of the storyteller whispered in her mind.

Before she could process either the reaction to the card, the scroll disappearing or the voice in her head, Kuro heard various cries of surprise followed by four small objects falling into her lap.  "What the...?"

"D-Did we win?"  Illya asked, rubbing her head as she looked around and saw Kuro towering over them all.  "Ahhh!  Kuro?  How did you get so big?"

"I didn't get big you idiot.  It's you guys who got smaller."  Kuro replied, they all seemed fine other than being shrunk but Illya and Miyu weren't Installed with their Class Cards anymore.  "Where are Ruby and Sapphire?"  She asked, noting that the Mystic Codes were missing.

"Hey!  What's going on?  And why do I feel like I'm closer to Illya than usual?"  The voice of the sentient magical stick rang in its preferred Master's head, freaking out.

"Huh?  Wait, I think I just heard Ruby's voice in my head."  Illya said, freaking out a bit.

"Miyu?  Are you alright?  It seems that Noble Phantasm is interfering with your transformation."  Sapphire likewise voiced only for the black haired beauty to hear.  "The Rider Class Card was ejected, but I am unable to disconnect from you for the time being."  She explained calmly and rationally.

"Me too.  Sapphire is stuck inside me somehow."  Miyu reported, much more composed than her fellow Magical Girl.  "What should we do now?"

"Hard to say at the moment.  We don't even know which Servant that woman was, let alone the magecraft she used on us."  Rin commented, contemplating their options.  "Kuro, can you bring us back to your house for now?  Once we learn more we can make a proper plan."

"Sure."  Kuro replied, changing out of her Archer dress and into her casual clothes.  She picked up all of the Class Cards Miyu and Illya had collected in the past along with the new Caster one and put them in her bag.  She then carefully picked up the six inch tall Rin and Luvia and put either of them in her skirt pockets.  "Try not to fall out.  I wouldn't want to lose either of you."  She teased.

"Feel free to drop Miss Tohsaka, Kuro.  She wouldn't be any help gathering the resources we'll need to fix our predicament."  The blond haired heiress said, holding on to the hem of the relatively shallow pocket tightly.

"Ha!  If those oversized drills start getting too heavy, just toss her into a ditch somewhere Kuro."  Rin countered, also clutching the pocket in a death grip.

Sighing and ignoring the two frienemies as they began to cuss each other out like usual, the dark skinned girl picked up Miyu next, standing at a mere four inches, and she sat on her shoulder.  "Just hold on to my shirt or hair."  She suggested, smiling to the shrunken girl.

"Thanks Kuro."  Miyu replied, smiling and grateful for the concern.

Seeing how vulnerable her four inch sister was, Kuro couldn't help herself once she had her in her hand.  "Hey, you two stop arguing or I'll give Illya one of your spots and I'll hold you in my hands instead."  She threatened as she swung her hands exaggeratedly on the long, long walk home.

While it was funny at first, Kuro grew more and more annoyed by Illya's constant complaining about Kuro's treatment of her and sucked any further enjoyment to get out of it.  The only reason she continued to swing her tiny sister around was out of spite.  Once home, Kuro ran immediately up to Illya's room and dropped everyone on the foot of the bed, climbed on and sat with her legs to either side of the group facing them.  She also didn't seem to care that she was flashing them at the same time, or how sweaty the fight or walk home made her and that she was now making them breathe in air laced with her scent.

"Kuro.  A lady should conduct herself in a more refined and dignified manner."  Luvia lectured, though the flashy, borderline adult underwear the girl was wearing was more than enough to cause her to blush.  "Oh my... If Shero saw me in undergarments like those..."

"It's not that big of a deal.  We're all girls here and it will be easier to hide you all if someone comes in."  Kuro said dismissively, picking up the girl of prestigious birth and setting her down closer to her crotch but facing away from her.  "There, now you don't have to look if you don't want to."

"Just go ahead and sit on her or something Kuro.  It's not like she could come up with a good idea that doesn't involve spending an unnecessary fortune as well."  Rin said, spreading out the Class Cards.

"Excuse me?  How will you contribute when it comes to procuring the materials necessary to break this spell?"  Luvia snapped back, grabbing the Rin and spinning her around.  "I'd like to see what connections the Tohsakas have.  Oh, that's right, you don't have any.  Do you, maid?"

Visibly irritated, Rin took Luvia's bait.  "You can't just buy an answer like you think you can everything else!  Family fortunes and connections will only get you so far.  You need real talent, like say an affinity for all fi-ah!"

Already annoyed from all the yelling and screaming Illya did on the way back, Kuro was in no mood to listen to yet another argument between the two adept mages.  Before either could react, she lifted her butt up off the bed just enough and lightly swatted them under her.  "If you two aren't going to help, maybe you can massage the butt I worked off saving you!"

"K-Kur-!"  Both girls yelled fearfully only to be cut off by the sweaty, small rear crashing down on them and pinning them under it.  There was no skirt between them and the mischievous girl's soft tush as her underwear disappeared in between her cheeks, leaving them to soak up the warm, foul liquid coating her flesh.

"Kuro!  Get off me this instant!"  Rin thought yelled at the dark skinned girl, trying to push her oppressive weight off of her only to fail.  "Sit on Luvia, sure!  Heck, shove that arrogant bitch up your butt for all I care, but get off me!"  She could feel Kuro's sweat soaking into her clothes and skin by the second, her complaints, like her, unable to reach out from under a girl's butt.

"They'll be fine."  She assured a worried looking Miyu as she pressed them into the mattress with her weight.  "The pictures would be the exact same...  This is why there was supposed to only be seven of them!"  She complained, looking at the two Caster Cards.

"There were two Archer Cards too... could there be another full set somewhere?"  Miyu postulated as Illya began to recover from the motion sickness she had been forced to endure.

"Kuuuuurooooooo!  That wasn't fun or nice at all!"  The tiny girl yelled.

"What wasn't fun was all the yelling you did..."  Kuro said, picking up the new Caster Card.  "I guess Installing this would be the fastest way to learn how it works."

"Well, with the magical sticks unavailable, I guess you'll have to use it Kuro."  The mini Miyu suggested, hoping it would be that easy.  "But aren't you connected to the Archer one?  Will you be able to use it?"

"I... I don't know actually...  Just give me a second."  Kuro agreed, as she got up off the bed, with Rin and Luvia stuck to her butt by her sweat, and closed her eyes.  "Huh?  Oh, are... that is hilarious!  Rin and Luvia are stuck to my butt!"  She thought, giggling internally as she felt the two older girls trying to peel themselves off her backside.

She searched through the library of Magecraft imprinted into her memories from when she was being prepared as a Holy Grail, she let her magic lead her to the best solution.  There had to be a way, and if there was she could skip the process to achieve her desired result.  Her body began to glow softly and her eyes opened but seemed to be staring into a never ending void.

"Desired Task: Install new Class Card.  Error: Manifesting through Archer Class synchronized with Magic Core.  Solution: Synchronize with the new Class Card.  Processing: Connection established.  Link stable.  Success.  Caster Class Card now compatible with Magic Core."  Speaking in a monotone unassociated with the energetic, mischievous girl, everyone on the bed watched as Kuro seemed to be possessed.  "Install."  Pressing the Class Card to her chest, Kuro's body absorbed the card without pause.  "Task: Install New Class Card, complete."

The light faded from Kuro's body, and her face took on her normal expression as she looked at her hands in almost disbelief.  "Wow... Thanks cheat ability.  You never let me down!  Though I wish I actually knew how I did it."  She giggled, looking down at Illya and Miyu.

"Did it work?"  Miyu asked with bated breath.

Flashing a confident grin, Kuro threw up a victory sign and said, "Load: Caster!"  In a flash of light, Kuro's clothes were replaced with an outfit very similar to the Corrupted Heroine they fought earlier.  The bikini she wore to the beach covered more skin, as little more than strips and patches of blue silk formed breast cups and a skimpy bottom set in gold frames.  Her shoulders were draped in gold set finery, several gold bands wrapped her arms and a thigh mounted scroll case was held in place by thin gold bands.  "Oh, this is super cute!"  She squealed, twirling around happily.

"KURO!  You can't wear that!  We can see your butt!"  Illya cried out frantically, seeing how the outfit covered basically nothing in the back.  "And you sat on Rin and Luvia?!"

"Oh, that's great!  I wish I had my camera."  Ruby remarked, laughing at the proud mages' misfortune.  "They're completely flattened too.  Just leave them there Kuro!  Sit that cute little tush down and really grind them in!"

"You're not helping Ruby!"  Illya chastised as Kuro shifted her gaze to her.

Reaching back, Kuro sighed and slowly peeled Rin and Luvia off her butt, dropping them on the bed casually, like it was normal, and smiled.  "You two going to behave, or do I get to sit on you again?"  She teased/threatened, turning around and sticking out her dainty rear in their direction.  A gold band running up through the middle of the crack between the soft, glistening cheeks peeked out for the briefest of moments as she did before she turned back around.  "Please tell me you won't.  Having you two plastered to my butt was hilarious!"

"Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew!  I got some in my mouth!"  Rin was holding back the urge to vomit after she inadvertently swallowed some of the vile, salty liquid seeping out through Kuro's pores.  "Kuro!  Why would you do that?!"

Luvia's mind seemed to, by contrast, completely shut down after getting sat on.  "Warm... and soft...  Warm... and soft..."  She couldn't, or wouldn't let herself think beyond that.

"Seriously, calm down, both of you.  It wasn't that bad and it's just us here.  Also, just so it's known I think I know how to undo the magic that shrank you guys."  Kuro said, manifesting a long staff with a hook lantern at the top and a scroll set into it just below that.

"Oh, really?  Good job Kuro."  Rin praised,quickly shifting gears and breathing a sigh of relief.  "Once we're back to normal I'll teach you to sit on me!"

"Okay, then hurry up and change us back."  Illya said in a more commanding tone than necessary.

"Hmm, well actually, I was thinking.  Don't you girls think it'd be a waste to just turn you back now?"  Kuro asked with her signature 'trouble-maker smile', picking up the other Class Cards and putting them in one of the drawers of the desk.  "After all, it's not everyday a girl gets four tiny people to play with."

"What!?  Are you out of your mind Kuro!  Change us back now!"  Illya whined, stomping her foot on the bed in frustration.  "Change us ba-eek!"

Already more than fed up with Illya's attitude, Kuro waved her staff towards her tiny sister and caused her to shrink even more, by three and a half inches in total.  Devilishly cheerful, she snatched up little Illya and turned to sit on the bed without regard for the person caught in the shadow of her mostly exposed tush, namely Luvia.  Crashing down just inches in front of the diminutive heiress, the depressing of the mattress causing her to stumble forward into the gigantic backside.  "Warm... and sof- huh?  What am I...!?"  Snapping out of her daze, Luvia jumped back from Kuro's butt.

 Kuro giggled as she bent down and fiddled with Illya out of sight down near the floor.  Faintly, inaudible protests from the tormented magical girl barely reached the now nervous group until Kuro bolted up excitedly.

"Finished!  Doesn't she look cute?"  The dark skinned girl asked the trio on her bed, placing her heel on the bed with her foot angled up to show off a tiny Illya wrapped backwards around her middle toe trying to get free.  Her face was stuck between Kuro's cute little toes, and hidden from the girls on the bed, her hands and feet had been tied together over top.  "You guys are a little cartoony, so I can stretch and bend you to a certain extent and you'll be fine."  She said, flexing her toes tightly around her little sister, squeezing Illya's torso that was wrapped under the phalange.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!  Kuro!  You're hurting me!"  Illya pleaded mentally, unable to actually move her mouth as the toes squishing her face from either side forced her jaws apart.  The heat of Kuro's body radiated into her and drops of sweat and grime gathered and tainted her body.  She watched in abject horror as one rolled down the side of Kuro's toe and fell into her mouth, causing her to freak out even more.  "Gross!  Nasty!  Kuro, stop, please!  It's in my mouth!  I think I'm going to throw up!"

"Don't worry Illya.  The curse of shared pain should get her to stop soon."  Ruby reassured the white haired girl turned accessory.

Kuro had expected to feel the same pain Illya would feel through the curse on her stomach, but instead she felt a warm, tingly sensation spread through her body.  Though faint, it felt good, so she scrunched her toes again and the feeling came back.  Placing a hand over her mark on her belly, she smiled.  "Though it seems being stretched or squashed beyond your natural state is... uncomfortable."

"Ruby!  She's not stopping!"  Illya thought accusingly for the misinformation of the supposedly 'powerful' magical stick.

Eyeing the frightened faces of her new playthings, Kuro began to reach for Rin when she heard someone coming up the stairs.  "Illya?  Kuro?  Are you up there?"  Their mother's voice called.

"Mama?  Shoot, gotta do something quick or I'll lose my toys!"  Kuro thought, glancing at the door and then back to Rin, Luvia and Miyu.  As if to assist her, Kuro felt like the Caster Card offered her a solution as she quickly cast a veiling spell on the shrunken group.  Hearing the door knob turn, she changed back into her casual wear and flopped down on Illya's bed, burying the others under her.

"Illy-?  Kuro?  What are you doing in Illya's room without her?  Where is she?"  Irisviel asked as she opened the door to find only one of her daughters.

"Mama?  Sorry, I must have dozed off for a moment there."  Kuro acted, sitting up and rubbing her eyes.  She could feel someone wiggling under her butt while the other two were trapped under her legs.  "Illya and Miyu had a project or something for school, so they're working on it over there."

"Oh, okay then.  It's almost time to sleep.  Are you coming to bed?"  She asked, not questioning the lie at all.

"Um... would it be alright if I sleep in here tonight?"  Kuro asked, flopping back down on the bed and exaggerating her drowsiness.

Giggling, Irisviel began to back out of the room and close the door.  "Just don't tell your sister, okay?  And cute toe ring, it looks good on you."  She said, leaving her tanned daughter alone.

"Thanks Mama.  Good night!"  Kuro said, smiling victoriously as she looked down at the horrified expression on Illya's face.

"Mama!  Mama, don't you recognize me?"  The tiny girl cried, seeing her mother's smiling face recede behind the door waving Kuro good night.  "Don't go!  Please.  You have to stop Kuro!"

"Sweet dreams."  The beautiful mother replied through the door, walking down the hall.

Sitting up, Kuro smiled down at her three remaining toys for the night.  "It's only for tonight.  I'll change them back before school."  She told herself, as she stood up and stripped bare naked.  Manifesting her staff once more, Kuro waved it over Rin's body causing her to triple in height.

Caught off guard by her sudden growth, Rin lost her balance for a moment but would quickly be able to catch herself thanks to her martial training.  However, seeing an opportunity, just as she would have regained her balance, she just so happened to slam her foot down on top of the haughty heiress of the Edelfelt family.  "Oh, sorry about that Luvia.  I didn't almost fell over and didn't see you there."  She faux apologized, grinding her foot into the bed.

Neither Miyu nor Kuro, to say nothing for Luvia herself, believed such an obvious lie, but such was the relationship between the two mages. 

Still, Kuro wasn't about to let the ravenette have all the fun.  "Alright Rin, enough fun.  It's time to get ready for bed."  She announced, moving her to the floor.  Before she could start complaining, Kuro brought her foot down hard on Rin, stomping her repeatedly until the girl was completely flattened.  Satisfied with the result, Kuro peeled the young Tohsaka off the floor and pressed her head against her chest.  Kuro then stretched Rin's arms around behind her, tying them in a knot to ensure she wouldn't fall off.  "You make for a great nightie, Rin."  She giggled.

For the head of the Tohsaka family, she thought her arms were ready to rip off with how far Kuro had stretched them beyond their limits.  However, with her face pressed firmly in the girl's non-existent cleavage, her protests and complaints were muffled in the dark toned flesh.  "Kuro!  Kuro, enough with this nonsense!  Let me go this instant or I'd give you the spanking of your life once all of this is over!"

"Oh ho ho ho ho ho!  You do make for fine nightwear, Rin.  Great job Kuro."  Luvia, conversely to Rin's internal tirade, praised the girl.  "Now, since you seem intent on making the most of this situation, you can just turn us back tomorrow.  You girls still have school, so we should get some sleep."

"Okay.  However Luvia, I have a bit of a problem.  Do you think you could help me out with it?"  Kuro asked, picking up the six inch mage.

"Uh... o-of course?  How may I be of assistance?"  Luvia agreed, realizing she didn't really have a choice in the matter.  "A-and why are you looking at me like that?"  She added, noting the cheshire grin of mischief on Kuro's face.

"Miyu, I believe Kuro may be indulging in her new abilities a bit too much."  Sapphire advised from within the black-haired girl's mind.  "She has been ensuring that neither you nor Illya come in contact with a Class Card.  Perhaps we can still Install one of the cards and then you could go get some help."

"Good idea Sapphire.  When she's distracted I'll try to slip away."  Miyu agreed.

With a playful giggle, Kuro tied the blonde's right and left wrists to their corresponding ankles, which was far less painful than it looked thanks to the smaller girl's malleable body.  "Well, you see... it would be, as you would say, 'improper'," she explained, pulling her right foot through the right loop of Rin's limb and her left foot through the left loop, "for a 'lady' to go to sleep without underwear, right?"

"No!  No, Kuro.  Cease this at on-!"  Luvia tried to plead, staring straight up at the girl's tight, little butt only to be ignored and swiftly pulled up quickly.  Her face and body disappeared into the subtle curves of Kuro's still developing body.

Kuro felt Luvia's breath and frantic screams directly on her butthole and, for maximum enjoyment, adjusted the unfortunate Edelfelt's arms to stretch tightly behind her head.  "Oh?  After all the fuss you were making about my panties before, you cover so much less.  You're so riding up so much, it's like I'm wearing nothing at all!"  She laughed, the sensation of the blonde's face getting buried in her sweaty anus sent a shiver up Kuro's spine.  "Mmmm, yes!  All of your family wealth and resources don't account for much now, do they?  Geez, you're worth how much again?  Well, now you get to sniff another girl's butt!"  Both girls were a snug fit, but Kuro enjoyed the fact that it was likely worse for them than it was for her.  Feeling a bit drained, Kuro tightened her grip on her little toe ring and could feel the wealth of prana she contained.  Licking her lips, she established a connection through the sweat coating her sister and began syphoning Illya's magic for herself.

"Hey... Ruby?  I'm... I'm not feeling all too good all of a sudden."  Illya thought as massive amounts of her prana was drained away.

"You're just running low on magical energy."  The Mystic Code commented, supplying her with some of her own.  "Here, as long as I'm with you, you'll never run out!"

"Thank Ruby..."  Drowsiness receding, Illya breathed a sigh of relief as she was filled with prana again, then immediately regretted it as the odor of Kuro's feet filled her lungs.  "Ugh!  Kuro, your feet stink and are super sweaty.  Take me off, please!"

"Convenient.  I have a little battery tied around my toe."  Snickering at Illya's misfortune, Kuro picked up Miyu before she could try to jump off the end of the bed and get away.  "Nuh-uh-ah.  Little Miyu is sleeping with me tonight."  She said, growing the little girl to the size of a teddy bear and squeezing her tightly.

"K-Kuro, please just change us back."  Miyu tried to reason with her as she turned off the lights.  "This isn't right."

"Shush my little Miyu-bear, it's sleep time."  Kuro replied, climbing into bed.  Smiling happily, she hugged Miyu tightly, thinking about how if that Caster Servant hadn't knocked Rule Breaker out of Illya's hands, she'd never have gotten an opportunity like this.  "Thanks busty lady.  I'll make good use of your abilities and magecraft."

"I have got to get free!  Kuro is out of control and there's nobody to keep her in lin-huuggh!"  Wiggling to escape, Miyu's thoughts were cut off when Kuro squeezed her tighter, knocking the wind from her.  Panic set in for a moment as Miyu anticipated needing to breathe and not be able to, but her body was fine without any air at all.  "What?  No, that... this isn't logical at all.  Humans need air to live, not being able to breathe doesn't..."  She pondered, trying to rationalize her new physiology and forgetting her escape plan.

Rin suffered the pain of her arms stretching around Kuro's small chest but was unable to free herself.  "Well... I suppose I should be thankful Kuro doesn't have unnecessarily huge breasts like Luvia does.  Stretched any further and..."  She didn't want to think about the possibility of this having permanent consequences on her body, though the unnerving feeling of Kuro's nipples hardening and pushing out into her arms wasn't a welcome thought either.  "Speaking of, I guess being spared her fate is the best consolation I can ask for presently."  She reasoned, forced to breathe in Kuro's natural odor and thinking about how much worse it must be for her rival.

"Kuro!?  Kuro, this is highly inappropriate behavior for a young lady!  You must not use others, besides Miss Tohsaka of course, as undergarments!"  Luvia tried to reason, her face completely surrounded by Kuro's moist anal sphincter.  She didn't care about the pain anymore, and being reduced to butt floss she might have been able to forgive... after proper revenge was enacted. However, such uncouth, juvenile antics were best left for someone of Rin's social standing at best!  To force her face into the foul smelling orifice was step too far.  Even fighting to make herself uncomfortably tight backfired when she felt warm, thick liquid seep out of Kuro's sex and onto her stomach!  "Being a little prankster is fine, but Luviagelita Edelfelt is not some adult toy!"  She asserted, wiggling her head once again to try to slip between her taut arms.  This only made the dark skinned girl reach back and firmly press Rin's face deeper towards her bowels.

"Oh... Luvia, that feels great.  Show my bum lots of love."  Kuro snickered, feeling a building itch in her groin that she began to scratch.  However, what really got her juices flowing was knowing she had Illya wrapped around her middle toe.  The overly proud, inept little sister that had usurped her position in the family was kissing her feet and soaking up her sweat.  Still holding her sleeping companion tightly with one arm, she reached for her heated lady bits and slipped her fingers into her drooling folds.  Constricting and relaxing her toes in rhythm with her quickening breathing, Kuro had never felt so aroused.  It wasn't just having the too-full-of-themselves Rin and Luvia at her mercy was making her so hot, what she was subjecting Illya to, as well as the pleasant pulses she felt from her curse everytime she squeezed her sister in her toes, helped immeasurably.  "A girl could... get use... to this!"

Between the humiliation, physical strain, mental stress and magical exhaustion, Illya could barely even process what was happening to her anymore.  Her sister had turned her into a toy to be played with, subjected her to the horrendous smell of sweaty feet and made their own mother not recognize her.  Another bead of sweat and toe grime dripped into her mouth, since the toes around her head prevented her from closing it, and she stared blankly as her pride as the 'big sister' began to crumble.  "This is just a nightmare... It has to be..."  She told herself over and over.

 Feeling her climax approaching, Kuro absentmindedly reached up and roughly pinched one of her nippled through Rin, shoving Miyu's face into her chest at the same time.  Though, that was the last thing on her mind as she drenched her living, high born panties in a flood of her lust.  Fulfilled and exhausted, Kuro rolled over in bed with a hand firmly pressed against her crotch through Luvia's body.  "Good night, everyone."  She whispered, scrunching her new toering a couple more times happily before falling asleep.


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