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Satisfied, Joyce slumped back on the sofa, her legs spread apart as she panted in joy. She glanced down her voluptuous body to the small pool of liquid between her thighs, and the 6-inch tall boy lying in it. Joyce had never tried something like that before, but she had always wanted to. She thought back to the first time she had slept with Jason, at his ripe young age, but this had been so much better. Never mind that she didn’t have to deal with his nervous fumbling this time, she had complete control and she had cum like it was nobody’s business.


Between her enormous hips lay Jason, utterly exhausted. He had thought that their reunion would be tiring, particularly as Joyce had been mad at his for not visiting his mother more, but this was certainly an unexpected turn of events. He didn’t really know how he felt about the whole thing. His rational brain was screaming that it was not okay, that he hadn’t consented and that he had been in danger throughout the experience … but another part of him had enjoyed it … just a little. He pulled a curly, jet black pube from his torso, handling it like a rope as he tossed it to the side. He reeked of Joyce’s sex and the smell was overpowering as even more came from her still soaked lips. Jason sat up to look straight into the giantess, her unshaven pussy taller than he was.


“Now maybe I forgive you,” Joyce boomed, to Jason’s relief. While it had been fun, being used in such a way was particularly tiring.


“Phew,” he replied, barely loud enough for the titanic woman to hear, “That’s got me beat.”


“Me too,” Joyce muttered, half to herself, “and hungry.”


‘Uh, there’s some food in the fridge think …” Jason started, but the huge woman wasn’t paying him any attention.


“I could really use a chili cheese dog,” she muttered. Her massive thighs suddenly tightened and Jason felt the sofa creak. With gargantuan effort, the mountain of a woman rose from her seat, her enormous pussy soaring over the tiny boy’s head as his wide-eyed stare went unnoticed. At the zenith of her movement, her chunky butt cheeks clenched, like two planets colliding above Jason.


“So do you want to go to the mall? I’ll be fine for a little while if you go without me …” Jason theorized, but Joyce was still not listening to the insignificant little bug behind her. Instead, her hands swopped down to her denim shorts as she bent forwards. The planet-sized cheeks spread apart and Jason marveled at the sheer volume of flesh contained in the colossal orbs. The meaty meteors spanned the entire width of his line of sight, blocking out everything else. As she reached her shorts, her great cheeks were spread wide enough for her tiny charge to look straight down the canyon of her ass crack. Unfortunately, the curvaceous flesh remained pressed together deep in her ass, obscuring her anus and keeping it hidden from the world.


“You can just ride in here,” she boomed with a slight wiggle of her hips. Jason didn’t understand what she was thinking of, right up until he realized that she wasn’t straightening up. Jason fell onto his back as the colossal ass started to fall towards him once more. He vividly remembered the agonizing pressure he had felt beneath her but he simply couldn’t bring himself to crawl away. With unbelievably quick progress, Joyce slammed her ass back onto the couch, swallowing the pathetic little man in her voluminous ass. Pressing firmly down into the sofa with her weight, the giantess ground her juicy booty hard, feeling intently for the puny figure against her flesh.


Jason was in hell. From the moment, her ass had hit him, his entire body had been enveloped by her soft meat. He felt his body sink into its smelly embrace as he was smothered by the inside of Joyce’s left cheek. The weight of the titan was indescribably overwhelming, making him feel like his very bones would be pulverized under her. Worse still than the immense pressure and the vague smell of feces was the heat. While not quick as hot as her pussy, the thick butt was warm to the touch and sweltering to be buried under. All the insulating layers of fat made it like a sauna underneath, complete with palpable moisture in the form of droplets of sweat, almost imperceptible to the naked eyes … unless one was small enough.


Then, as Joyce started to grind her ass down on him, Jason felt like he was being truly crushed. His body was ripped smeared along the material of the sofa by the giantess’s sticky skin. Every so often he felt his body skip across Joyce’s juicy flesh as he found himself travelling deeper between her cheeks. He knew this because that faint aroma of shit was getting stronger and stronger and the air was getting heavier with the humidity trapped between the great mounds of her ass.


Then, just as suddenly as she had sat down, Joyce shot back up onto her feet, the massive cheeks of her ass clapping back together as she rose, with Jason stuck firmly between them. Straightening up, Joyce slyly flexed her enormous glutes, checking to see if she could feel the 6-inch man in her crack. She crushed Jason’s body as her once-soft ass cheeks turned into a vice, smothering him so completely that from the outside, no one would have seen anything out of place in her vast, gorgeous butt.


Satisfied that her charge would remain where she had put him, without needing any panties, Joyce pulled up her denim shorts. The giantess wiggles and jumped as the tight material initially refused to accommodate her shapely rear, but with persistent effort and some forceful hops, the thick mounds of her rump entered the clothing and she was able to button it up at the front. If Jason had thought his situation dire before, it was compounded ten-fold now. The strong fibers in the denim pressed down on Joyce’s ass from all sides with no mercy, squeezing her flesh into the most condensed space possible. The fatty mountains in turn smothered him completely, filling all available space and then trying to reduce the size of his body any way they could. Jason’s chest and abdomen were squished and his limbs felt like they were encased in stone.


With a content shake of her hips, Joyce made for the door, a grumble coming from her tummy as she thought about where to eat. The first step was excruciating for Jason as the sticky meat of Joyce’s ass cheeks slid past each other. They seemed to drag his skin in opposite directions and he felt as if he was being torn in half by the incredible sheering forces. Somehow, his body managed to remain intact but was pulled deeper into her crack. The second step was the same, the incessant vibrations from her foot fall traveling up her chunky legs to shake him like and earthquake. Jason’s screams were muffled by the stripper’s fat as she walked casually outside and into the boiling summer sun.


The climate inside the Joyce’s crack was unbearable. Never mind the constant, ripping force of her cheeks, bending Jason to their will, the heat was a hundred times worse. The thick layers of fat on the stripper’s body seemed to serve only to hold in the heat generated by her excited hips, her asshole in particular, radiating warm like an exhaust pipe. To compound the situation, her movements seemed to heat up her body, the exertion of shifting so much weight causing tiny droplets of sweat to seep out of her skin. Fortunately, this natural lubricant was reducing the friction on Jason’s skin. Unfortunately, it was only making it easier for him to slip deeper into Joyce’s deep rump.


The sun beating down on her tightly covered flesh was the icing on the cake, turning the makeshift sauna into more of a gigantic oven. Jason himself was drenched in sweat, panting as his body continued through the tight embrace of Joyce’s bouncing ass. Each wobble that the outside world saw as she walked, was magnified exponentially in the eyes of the tiny man. He thought he was going to keep being sucked in forever, such was the enormity of the ebony goddess’s rear, but eventually, his ride came to an end.


Jason grunted as his head hit something more firm than the rest of the stripper’s soft ass. The taut skin stopped his advance as her steps continued to push his face against it. The smell now was insufferable, the once stale odor of farts now a fresh, full-blown reek of shit, and it seemed to be worst on the tough skin that he was being forced against. Jason could swear that this tissue was moving on its own and tensing and relaxing out of sync with the rest of the titan’s ass.


Joyce was mildly aware of something touching her asshole, but she wasn’t too bothered. She was more focused on where she would eat, as her stomach grumbled in anticipation. She continued her stroll along the sweltering sidewalk, briefly forgetting about the puny boy in her butt.


Jason took a moment to realize what it was he was pressing his face into. Suddenly, and inexplicably to him, he felt himself getting hard. It wasn’t that her ass hadn’t been a turn on, but the realization that this massive object before him was in fact her asshole, was like something from a dream. He had never seen Joyce’s this close before and it was marvelous. Even in the complete darkness, the textures and features he could feel with his face were amazing. Little did he know what him rubbing his face around was stimulating the giantess’s sensitive pucker. Joyce didn’t realize why yet, but she was getting aroused, and it was all to do with the tiny bit of muscle that was twitching with pleasure, deep inside her rear.


Jason was rock hard now, his tiny penis pressed against his leg by his mom’s friend’s meaty ass. Each movement stimulated him and made him more and more horny. He decided to have some fun, not considering the consequences of his actions. Lifting his chin against the pressure of her flesh, Jason stuck out his tongue, laying a long lick on the enormous butthole.


Joyce definitely felt that! A jolt of raw, sexual energy shot through her, causing a skip in her step. She grinned as she continued to walk, her pucker now fully enjoying her little prisoner and yearning for more. Jason did not disappoint. Not satisfied with the massive spasm of the muscle, he decided to redouble his efforts. This time, opening his mouth fully, he bit down on the stripper’s jet black asshole and sucked as hard as he could.


Unfortunately for him, his plan had worked too well. As Joyce gasped far above, her asshole interpreted the sensation as a preparation for sex. Jason felt his entire prison shake as the colossal pucker relaxed, readying itself for penetration. His waiting face was suddenly blasted by a torrent of foul, hot air. Joyce’s fart was barely noticeable to a normal human, but for the tiny man directly in its path, the putrid air choked him, causing his eyes to water and throat to gag.


But his reprisal didn’t stop there. Joyce’s glutes contracted in conjunction with her asshole opening and in the blink of an eye, her reflex propelled Jason forwards. The tiny boy’s eyes widened in panic as he felt his head, then his shoulders brush past the firm skin and somehow sink deeper into the giantess. The smell was awful now, with no air even remotely free from the odor of feces. The walls in this new cave were wet, but not in the same way that her sweat ass had been. These walls were constantly pouring out their own sticky secretions, and Jason feared that he had never seen anything like this before.


The tight ring closed around his midsection but only for a second. After another spasm of the incredibly powerful muscle that nearly cut him in half, the ring opened again and this time, he was sucked in for good. Joyce’s anus sealed its captive in as the miniscule man disappeared from the outside world, swallowed up by the stripper’s hungry booty. Joyce was thrilled as she felt the little guy kicking and struggling in her rectum. She knew that he would still have air to breathe, even if it was her noxious gas, so she decided to leave him be as she stepped into a coffee shop to grab a bite.


Jason collapsed in her colon, the pulsatile movements of her bowels terrifying him. The heat and the smell alone would have been enough to knock him out, but the thought of being inside the stripper was too much for him. As he lay on her mucosa, his throbbing penis somehow still enjoying the torment, he yelled for the giantess to release him.


Joyce unfortunately, had no way of hearing him. The insignificant voice was muffled completely by her glorious butt, which she sat on as she munched on her sandwich and sipper her coffee. She leisurely ate her meal, tickled by the knowledge that her charge was stuck inside her rectum, totally at her mercy. After finishing her meal and paying, she headed back to his home, her jubilant steps carrying her quickly to the apartment, her booty bouncing all the way. When she got in, she decided that it would be mean to keep Jason trapped for much longer, so she pulled down her jeans and carefully licked a finger.


Jason’s world lit up as the colossal digit opened Joyce’s sphincter. He thought he was saved and was about to call out to her, but then the finger pushed its way over him, burying his face in her bowel wall. Jason struggled and gasped as the disgusting mucus and left over shit entered his mouth and coated his whole body. He was smothered for a few more seconds while Joyce pushed her finger past him to be able to hook it around and pull him out. The little man popped out of her asshole with a wet fart accompanying him.


“See,” the giantess said to the boy lying in a shivering heap on the floor between her towering legs, “You’d make a great butt plug or a dildo!”


Jason shook his head, never wanting to experience such a fate again, but unable to help but notice the streaks of cum on his thigh that had exploded out when Joyce had smothered him inside her.


“I should let your mom know what she’s missing out on,” Joyce cooed, still squatting her enormous ass over Jason’s tiny form.


He shook his head, vehemently certain that he would never want to experience his mother’s body in such a way. Or was he?


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