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The year was 2086. Zack stared into the vast landscape of overcrowding slums with a look of angry vengeance in his eyes. Dying elders, sobbing women, and starving children dotted the filthy streets under the full moon. Zack’s eyes eventually wandered to the beautiful castle overlooking it all and he clinched his fist.


Suddenly, Zack felt a foot violently kick him away from the window and onto the floor.

“Jesus, Zack, do you ever shut up? If you just forgot about all that crap and enjoyed life like me, maybe you wouldn’t be so miserable.” Zane said as he was playing video games casually on his laptop in bed.

“Enjoy life?! All you do is sit there playing video games all day! You aren’t enjoying life; you’re escaping from it!” Zack argued.

Zane laughed.

“Well, do you blame me? We’re just peasants; we can’t do crap.” Zane chuckled. “Hey, if you don’t like it here so much, why don’t you just leave?”

Zane then burst into laughter before game over music erupted from his laptop.

“Damn, shouldn’t have gotten distracted.” Zane remarked casually.

Zack forced himself to calm down and his eyes wandered out the window again, this time to soldiers marching towards the front gate.

“Maybe I will!” Zack exclaimed as he reluctantly got into bed.

“Zack, you’ve been saying you’re joining the Preservationists for years and you haven’t even enlisted. Why don’t you face it, deep down, you know I’m right. There is nothing you can do.” Zane remarked with a confident smile.

Almost immediately, Zack violently tossed a pillow at Zane and grumpily buried himself under the covers.

“God, I hate that guy. If only those idiots allowed boys and girls to share rooms, I could have shared a room with Violet instead!” Zack thought as he forced himself to start falling asleep.

The next morning, horns woke the boys up at dawn like a rooster and the loudspeaker spoke.

“Classes begin in 30 minutes, please proceed to properly prepare yourselves and have your seats in class not a minute late or your laptop charging privileges will be revoked for the rest of the day.” The speaker orderly robotically.

School was one of the few things Zane took seriously as he couldn’t game without charging his laptop. Zack was always frustrated by how Zane somehow woke up bright and energetic at the crack of dawn despite playing video games half the night.

“Well, come on, school’s starting, “Mister Soldier.”” Zane chuckled mockingly as he threw a pillow at Zack to help him wake up.

The authorities expected roommates to shower together to save time, but Zack always refused to shower with Zane and insisted they make up time some other way. Zane didn’t resist the decision, but this didn’t stop him from poking fun at Zack over it.

“Oh, I forgot, you’re a pedo who prefers showering with 15-year-old girls.” Zane chuckled, relating his joke to the fact Zack often said he wished he could share a room with Violet.


Zane laughed at the fact he triggered Zack and happily went to shower.

Zack then went to pour himself a bowl of cereal, but then realized Zane left the cereal box open after snacking on it without milk last night. Unfortunately, it was now stale.

“That fucking little slob!” Zack hissed as he smacked the box across the room in anger, not even caring that there was now cereal everywhere he would have to clean up later.

Zack sighed and went to fix himself some toast instead, trying to resist going insane as Zane’s horrible signing voice rang everywhere as he sang in the shower.

Later, it was Zack’s turn to shower and Zane’s turn to eat breakfast. This thankfully went over much smoother for Zack. The boys then put on their school uniforms, packed their supplies, and headed off to class.

The crowd in the hallways of their dorm was so large, it was suffocating. However, Zack braced it as he knew it would get better once they were outside. Also, he didn’t want to keep Violet waiting. Even though Zack and Violet were in separate grades, the two friends tried their best to talk whenever they could during their torturous times at school. One of the strategies they had was Violet would wait at the entrance of the boys’ dorm and walk with Zack and Zane to class through the slum streets.

As Zack and Zane walked into the hot sun outside, a familiar shy, sweet little bookworm brought a rare smile to Zack’s face.

“Violet!” Zack shouted as the two friends hugged.

Zack and Violet hoped they could have an uplifting conversation as usual as Zane usually just ignored them both and played his video games on his laptop even as he walked to class. They both needed such a stress-reliever. However, it was one of the days where Zane decided to join the conversation.

“So, if you two are truly just friends and not a pedophilic relationship, what’s your story?” Zane asked curiously.

“I’ve told you before, Zane. Many times. Maybe if you listened for a change, you’d know.” Zack barked.

“Okay, okay, I’ll listen real close this time. How did you two become friends?” Zane responded as he tried to calm Zack down.

Zack paused before beginning his story.

“You see, years back, when this place was still accepting immigrant minors, me and Violet came here together after fighting for survival for months to get here. Just the two of us.” Zack started explaining.

“Huh?! You’re from the outside?!” Zane asked in shock.


Zack then, remembering how Zane is, forced himself to calm down and continue the story.

“Anyways, it all started with my old city’s guardian giantess. I know this is probably hard for anyone else here to relate to, but me and my peers didn’t grow up thinking of giantesses as monsters. Our giantess was always so gentle and playful, we even trusted her enough to let her eat us.” Zack started explaining with a tone of happy memories, but his tone quickly shifted to one of sadness as he continued.

“But one day, she fell madly in love with another gentle giantess and they skipped off to share a city together. Unfortunately, our giantess moved to her partner’s city rather than the other way around. But before she left, she assured us that she sold our city to another gentle giantess and we had a bright future…only, the giantess who bought us only pretended to be sweet so she could gain access to our city. Before we knew it, our new giantess’s other giantess friends had stacked up a wall of large boulders to trap us in the city while they had their way with us.” Zack kept explaining as he got even more sad.

“They began destroying our homes and businesses like they were nothing. They kicked them over, sat on top of them to ride them down as one floor broke at a time 9/11 style, and even crushed them with their bare hands until all their supports gave out. It was hard, you know? Seeing everything you grew up with and loved be destroyed in a single night. Then, just as we thought it couldn’t get any worse, the girls’ stomachs began growling from all the exercise they got from smashing our home. Of course, you probably already know what was on the menu after their tummies got noisy.” Zack continued as he tried to smile to lift his spirits, but a tear flowed down his face.

“Police officers, firefighters, even some of our parents tried to fight the giantesses off…but they didn’t stand a chance. None of us did. No matter how hard we tried, they just killed us like toys and ate us like snacks. Hell, I don’t think they even realized we were trying to fight them. Even Violet’s mom, a Japanese immigrant who knew insane ancient karate was killed like she was nothing. Many of us eventually gave up and tried to flee, but the giantesses had stacked the boulders watertight while we were asleep and there weren’t any openings anywhere. The giantesses simply noticed us crowding the boulders and began licking them clean. Thankfully, me, Violet, my mom, and Violet’s dad were looking for cracks on the opposite side as most people and they had the attention of all the giantesses for the time being. Even so, we thought we knew we were going to die. No one was escaping from what we could see, and the giantesses were licking them up hungrily.” Zack continued as he clinched his fist.

“I was so angry; it was so unfair. Why did we have to die just to serve as snacks and toys for those cruel women? I was hysterical, throwing rocks in the direction of the hungry giantesses and screaming at them to die. I had only known one giantess my whole life, so seeing them like this really opened my eyes to what a giantess is normally like…and I hated them. I hated them so much.” Zack continued as his sadness switched to anger.


“DIE! DIE! DIE! I HATE YOU! I FUCKING HATE YOU ALL! YOU’RE DEVILS, ALL OF YOU!” Zack screamed as he threw rock after rock at the giantesses, none of them even coming close to hitting them, let alone being big enough to deal damage.

Violet, Zack’s mother, and Violet’s father all looked at Zack empathically, knowing how he must feel, but also knowing there was nothing he could do.

Eventually, Zack tired himself out and simply fell on his knees and began sobbing. The others shared his pain and braced for their fate. Then, Zack’s mother walked over to him and gave him a warm hug.

“It’s okay, honey. We’ll see each other again in Heaven.” Zack’s sobbing mother assured him as she futilely tried to look cheerful.

Violet and her father huddled up as fear rushed through every nerve in their bodies. Zack and his mother then turned to see two giantesses stomping towards the four of them, their bellies empty and rumbling.

The giantesses were truly terrifying up close, they were just so massive by comparison that it was petrifying. The four of them felt so helpless. After a sudden loud tummy rumble, one of the giantesses picked up Violet and her father. The giantess then coldly ripped them apart and began bringing Violet’s father towards her hungry mouth as she held Violet out to watch.

“NO, PLEASE DON’T EAT MY DAD! PLEASE!” Violet begged as she burst into tears.

The giantess cracked a cruel smile as she kept her mouth open. The giantess enjoyed the fact she was taking a little girl’s father away and anger soared through Zack like never before. Zack sprinted to punch the giantess, but his mother held him back.


However, Zack didn’t listen. Zack shoved his mother to the ground and continued towards the giantess in a blind rage. However, the other giantess flicked Zack back with her fingers in a bloody burst. Zack was now on the ground, half dead.

“Aw, the little snack is trying to save her daddy.” The giantess giggled evilly.

Zack looked in worse shape than an average corpse, but to everyone’s shock, he stood again, his anger still seething.

“I’ll kill you…” Zack mumbled.

“Huh? What’s that?” The giantess who flicked him chuckled.


The giantesses recoiled in shock, but then made eye-contact and burst out laughing.

“Oh, really? YOU are gonna kill US?!” The giantess who flicked Zack asked as she gasped for breath from how hard she was laughing.


The giantess then flicked Zack to the ground again, putting him in significantly even worse shape. Zack stopped moving. The giantesses burst out laughing again, thinking Zack was dead.

“And that bloody splat is called: “The Giantess Slayer.”” The giantess who flicked Zack joked.

“STOP, YOU’RE MAKING ME LAUGH SO HARD I’M PEEING!” The other giantess laughed as her pants started darkening, spreading out from her private parts.

Then, Zack, who looked like he shouldn’t even be alive, stood up again.

“Eh, you can still get up?” The giantess who flicked him asked with a tone of confusion.

“Knock me down, go ahead. I’ll just keep getting back up.” Zack hissed through his dying voice as he sprinted for the giantess.

“ZACK, PLEASE STOP!” Zack’s mother screamed as she burst into tears.

Zack then reached the giantess and began climbing up her clothes.

“Go ahead, hero, kill me. Here, I’ll even give you a little handicap. I won’t fight back until me and my buds are done killing everyone else.” The giantess laughed.

“I’ll kill you…I’ll snap your fucking neck!” Zack coughed as his body began shutting down from blood loss and it got hard to climb.

“Ha, what a loser.” The other giantess remarked casually before popping Violet’s father in her mouth and gulping.

Violet burst into a hysterical fit of tears. Zack felt another surge of anger coming, but his body was now so weak that he couldn’t express it. Instead, he simply lost his grip on the giantess’s skirt and tumbled back to the ground. Zack remained conscious, but he couldn’t move.

“Okay, you take a breather and bleed out. I’m gonna go have your mom for a snack.” The giantess Zack was climbing said sadistically as she poked him on the back.

Zack was now almost done finally accepting the hopelessness, but his feelings changed at the last second as he saw a tiny human-sized blur flash onto the other giantess’s stomach. The blur then flashed over to her shoulder and a magic-looking wound formed on the giantess’s stomach. Then, the blur flashed to her knee and another magic-looking wound formed on the giantess’s shoulder. The giantess was screaming out in pain and the blur kept dealing more blows.

“Wha…what is that?” Zack thought.

As Zack’s eyes adjusted to the quick movement, it became clear that the thing attacking the giantess was a person. A person moving so fast they looked like superhero, attacking the giantess with a magic weapon. Eventually, after the giantess was covered in enough wounds, her body began evaporating in an explosion of magic-looking energy, leaving behind only her clothes and the contents of her stomach. All the other people she ate had already either died or been digested beyond hope of recovery, but Violet’s father seemed to be okay aside from some slight burns. The mysterious giantess-slayer then stopped as to catch Violet as she plummeted toward the ground after the giantess vanished. Zack could now get a clearer look at the person; he was wearing a hoodie that concealed his face and had strange swords.

“How…how is he able to move so fast?” Zack thought in disbelief.
However, Zack could not remain in disbelief for long as fear returned when the surviving giantess went to confront the hoodie-wearing hero.

“One of YOU things again?! I thought we killed all you freaks!” The giantess shouted as she grabbed a lamppost and yanked it out of the ground, as if to use it as a weapon. “My pussy gets a lot of sexual tension after killing tinies and you just took my slut away! Prepare to wish you were never born!”

The giantess and the giantess-slayer then engaged in combat. The battle didn’t go nearly as smooth for the giantess-slayer this time as he hadn’t caught his target off guard. Even so, he bravely traded blows with the giantess, slowly opening more magic wounds as he just barely dodged her swinging of the lamppost. The giantess managed to smack him with the lamppost once, but the giantess-slayer only looked slightly injured even after getting smacked with a metal stick from a giantess and kept fighting.

“God, I could barely survive getting smacked with one of their fingers a couple times.” Zack thought in amazement.

Finally, the giantess-slayer dealt his last blow and the seething giantess evaporated away just like the last. Zack couldn’t believe his eyes.

“He…he saved us.” Zack thought as a drop of hope returned to his heart.

However, Zack then noticed the giantess-slayer go over to inspect the contents of the giantess’s stomach. Among the mush and bones was Zack’s mother, he hadn’t even noticed she was already eaten. Her body looked intact, but she wasn’t moving. Immediately, Zack was worried. The giantess-slayer then placed his hand on Zack’s mother’s neck as if to check if she was alive. A few seconds later, he looked down in sadness and removed his hand.

“No…it can’t be…MOMMY!” Zack finally spoke again as he burst into tears.

Zack did not have long to cry though as more giantesses were approaching fast. Just before Zack finally lost consciousness, the giantess-slayer ran over to pick him up.

*Return to present*

“And the man who saved us was…a Corruption Hunter.” Zack stated.

Zane snorted. Zack looked at Zane like he was about to snap.

“What?” Zack asked.

“No such thing.” Zane chuckled.

Then, Violet grabbed Zack.

“Zack, please! Who cares if he doesn’t believe us?! It’s just Zane!” Violet begged.

Zack then reluctantly calmed down and they were about to walk into school.

“Alright, I’ll tell you the rest of the story later.” Zack assured.

Violet unfortunately had to go in a different classroom, so the friends’ short time together was already over. Of course, they would have an entire half an hour together during their lunchbreak. Zack and Zane made their way into class and took their seats less than a minute before the deadline.

“Phew, we made it.” Zane mumbled.

Shortly after, Mr. Parker, the teacher, stepped in, his obviously forced smile creeping the students out as usual.

“Alright, take out your textbooks and turn to the page we left off at last time.” Mr. Parker asked through his creepy smile.

The entire class obeyed with varying enthusiasm. Zane obviously caring more than Zack as he wanted to stay on good terms with the school in hopes they would give him a more powerful computer so he could run more advanced video games. Zack didn’t care about getting a more powerful computer, so he was happy being a straight-C student even if he could do better if he really wanted to.

“But before we begin, stand up, it’s time to say our thanks to General Ironbody.” Mr. Parker interrupted before an electric motor dropped a projection background from the ceiling to cover the chalkboard.

The overhead projector then switched on to display a giant picture of General Ironbody’s face on the screen, his stern, strong eyes staring down threateningly at the students. This was Zack’s least favorite part of class, but he was grateful at least he got to get it over with right away.

“What do we want to thank General Ironbody for?” Mr. Parker asked.

“General, we thank you for protecting us from the man-eating giantesses that surround our city.” The students all said in unison, once again with varying amounts of enthusiasm.

“Now, what would you like to apologize for?” Mr. Parker asked, his creepy smile somehow getting even worse.

“General, we are sorry we’re so useless and yet eat so much. We thank you for being so kind as to let us live here anyway.” The students continued in unison.

“Also, what do you promise to our general?” Mr. Parker asked, his extra creepy smile not fading.

“General, we promise to obey your word without question. You are the law and we are nothing but giantess food without laws.” The students kept going in unison.

“And finally, what happens if you don’t obey our general?” Mr. Parker asked.

“General, if we disobey you, please punish us by banishing us from the city and leaving us to be gobbled up by the giantesses like the criminal scum we are.” The students finished in unison.

“Very good, you boys and girls were excellent today.” Mr. Parker shouted with delight as the projector powered off and the electric motor lifted the projector screen back up.

The students then sat back down. It really was exhausting to have to look at General Ironbody’s face. Even if you were technically supposed to not make eye-contact with even his picture to show respect, Zack’s eyes could never help but wander to the general’s frightening, authority-commanding eyes. That was General Ironbody, the commander of the Preservationists and the self-proclaimed greatest giantess-slayer of all time. It was even written in the history books that he killed his first giantess with his bare hands when he was six. Of course, Zack didn’t really believe this story and neither did anyone else. Probably. Not like you could outwardly doubt the general or else you were screwed. Even if he didn’t kill a giantess when he was six, no one could deny that he looked powerful and frightening, the only thing topping him probably being a giantess herself.

After the morning brainwashing, Zack’s mind sort of just wandered to half-listening as he knew that’s all he needed to do to get a C. Mr. Parker was going on about the American Civil War, but Zack could care less about a war against other humans now that they were fighting against GIANTESSES in modern times. However, Zack still made sure to not fall asleep and to make it look like he was listening. After all, non-students usually had even worse lives than students. At least students got a decent amount of food to eat and regular limited access to technology. Zack certainly didn’t want to get expelled.

But at the end of class, Mr. Parker asked the class if they had any questions before lunchbreak. Usually, this was the time when Zack left so he could get a few extra minutes to hang out with Violet, but suddenly, he felt the need to ask a history question for the first time after remembering what Zane said.

“Mr. Parker, can you tell us about the Corruption Hunters?!” Zack asked at the same time as he raised his hand, not even bothering to wait for Mr. Parker to call on him.

Mr. Parker looked upset but fought to retain his forced smile.

“Zack, this was a lecture about the American Civil War.” Mr. Parker corrected.

“Please, they’re technically part of American history too! Just tell us the basics! I find them very interesting and I want the other students to have their academic curiosity stimulated!” Zack begged.

Mr. Parker sighed, then to Zack’s surprise, agreed.

“Well, since we have so much enthusiasm, it couldn’t hurt to bend the rules just this once I supposed.” Mr. Parker concluded as his smile got even creepier again.

The students started paying attention, even Zane despite his instant chuckle when he heard “Corruption Hunter.”

“The Corruption Hunters were a terrorist organization from the 2050s that wreaked havoc on innocent politicians and businessmen even though they hadn’t broken any rules and the Corruption Hunters certainly wouldn’t have possessed authority to punish them even if they had.” Mr. Parker began.

Zack sighed, immediately disliking Mr. Parker’s closed-minded view of the Corruption Hunters.

“They claimed to be fighting for political and economic fairness, but of course, if they actually cared about such problems, they would have fought for them legally instead of using them as an excuse to use their superhuman abilities to aid in being terrorists.” Mr. Parker continued.

“Although most of the story on how they achieved their power remains a mystery, our intelligence at the time eventually gathered enough evidence to conclude they had murdered millions of people to gain their powers as if they couldn’t get any eviler.” Mr. Parker kept going as Zack clinched his fist.


The entire class except Zane stared at Zack in shock, but Mr. Parker’s forced smile didn’t leave his face even in this situation. However, it looked like he was struggling more than ever to retain it.

“Are you saying that you sympathize with historical criminals, Zack? As you should already know, rulebreakers are not tolerated within this city and it’s my job to report any unruly youth to the authorities.” Mr. Parker warned as he stepped towards Zack.

Zack froze in fear, realizing what he had just done.

“Shit, I’m screwed!” Zack thought.

But before things could get any worse, Zane interrupted the silence.

“Don’t worry about my roommate, he’s just having a bad day because I accidentally let his favorite cereal go stale last night and he only just realized he couldn’t eat it as it was time to go to class, so he’s hungry and moody.” Zane explained.

Mr. Parker paused, then some tension left his forced smile.

“Alright, I know how teenagers can be, don’t worry. Just remember, the authorities won’t go so easily on you when you’re older.” Mr. Parker warned as he made his way back to his desk.

The bell rang and the students emptied class. In the hallway, Zack confronted Zane.

“Zane, why did you help me?!” Zack asked as he violently yanked Zane by his shirt.

“Umm, would you have preferred if I didn’t?” Zane asked with a chuckle.

Zack then realized what he was doing and let Zane go.

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t expect that out of you is all.” Zack said as he began making his way to the front door to meet Violet. “By the way, thanks.”

“…Thanks for what?” Zane asked.

“Thanks for covering for me when I snapped at Mr. Parker, of course!” Zack barked back before realizing what he was doing again and calming back down.

The students were eating lunch in the front yard of the school since the weather was warm. Zack walked outside to immediately find Violet waiting for him.

“What took you so long?” Violet asked with concern.

“Sorry, I just needed to ask the teacher a few questions after class.” Zack explained.

Violet looked confused.

“Huh, it’s not like you to care about school that much, Zack.” Violet remarked.

“Well, I got a C- last time and I want to make sure I retain my status as a straight-C student.” Zack joked.

Violet giggled and the two went to a table to have lunch. Finally, it seemed they could have their stress-relieving chat…then Zane seated himself at the same table.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Zane asked with a smile.

“Zane, please. I’m sorry I acted so ungrateful when you saved me, but please just leave me and Violet alone.” Zack asked.

“Oh, I’m sorry, do you lovebirds need to kiss?” Zane asked mockingly.

“ZANE, THAT ISN’T FUNNY! SHE’S 15!” Zack shouted.

“Kidding, kidding.” Zane laughed. “Now, wanna continue with your story?”

Zack paused.

“Wait, you mean you actually care about what happened next?” Zack asked.

“Of course, I love fiction.” Zane replied with a teasing smile.

Zack sighed.

“Fine, I’ll pick where I left off.” Zack agreed.


When Zack came to, he opened his eyes to see Violet, Violet’s father, and the giantess-slayer sitting in the ruins of an old barn. Zack tried to move, but he soon realized his entire body was in dire pain and covered in bandages. Zack groaned in pain.

“You have no idea how lucky you are to be alive.” The giantess-slayer remarked coldly.

“Wh-where is my mom?!” Zack asked suddenly.

There was a pause, then the giantess-slayer spoke again.

“Dead. She panicked instead the giantess’s stomach and drowned after breathing in some of her stomach acid.” The giantess-slayer replied with an even colder tone.

Zack then stood up despite his crippling pain, seething with anger.

“You didn’t even try to help her, I saw you! You didn’t try CPR or anything, you just ran like a coward!” Zack shouted.

“No, please! Don’t!” Violet’s father shouted, clearly afraid that Zack would anger someone even more powerful than a giantess.

Zack then went to throw a punch at the giantess-slayer, but he moved away so quickly that Zack’s eyes registered it like he teleported. The giantess-slayer had moved behind Zack and proceeded to violently kick him to the ground, making him spit up blood.

“I heard you say you would kill every giantess in the world. Pathetic.” The giantess-slayer remarked coldly before grumpily stomping outside.

Zack tried to stand up again, but his pain was so great now that it was nearly impossible to move even in a blind rage. He spat up blood again.

“Son, please stop! You’re going to kill yourself!” Violet’s father warned.

Zack didn’t move for the rest of the day. Instead, he just laid on the ground and watched Violet’s father try to comfort his sobbing daughter. Finally, just before the sun set, the giantess-slayer returned with some hares he hunted.

“I only found three, but don’t worry, I’ll be the one who doesn’t eat.” The giantess-slayer stated coldly.

Zack then looked at the back of the giantess-slayer’s right foot and thought he had an opening to kick him to the ground. Zack swung his leg at the giantess-slayer’s foot, but the result was the same. The giantess-slayer seemingly teleported above Zack and dealt him another painful blow. Then, without saying a word, the giantess-slayer got to work building a fire to cook the hares. Zack felt humiliated and helpless, just as he did with the giantesses

And so, began the journey of Zack, Violet, Violet’s father, and the giantess-slayer. They had asked the giantess-slayer many times where they were going, but he refused to say. In fact, he rarely talked at all aside from giving orders. Even so, they stayed with him as he was their only hope of being safe from the many hungry giantesses wandering around. Zack hated how the giantess-slayer had to carry him around and his wounds were taking weeks to heal. However, what angered Zack most was how the giantess-slayer kept ignoring any giantesses they crossed paths with, preferring to hide and sneak away rather than fight. Zack hated giantesses so much that he really wanted to watch them die, so he finally snapped and got a giantess’s attention in hopes it would force the giantess-slayer to kill her.


The giantess looked in the direction of the voice and smiled.

“Aww, you’re feeding yourself and your friends to me even though they don’t want to be eaten? That’s so sweet, I’ll even have to consider not digesting you…Your friends are becoming my shit though.” The giantess said with a warm smile as she licked her lips.

Zack was then rewarded with his eye-candy as the giantess-slayer leaped into action and slaughtered the hungry giantess with a few swipes, the giantess taking too long to realize what she was up against and only fighting back towards the end. But when the giantess-slayer returned, he slammed Zack against a tree threateningly and bent down to speak to him.

“You do that again and I’ll leave you behind.” The giantess-slayer threatened coldly before throwing Zack back over his shoulders.

As the weeks went on, Zack’s wounds continued to heal, and he was eventually able to walk again. Although, he would sometimes run low on energy as his body was still healing and need to be carried again. Zack’s irrational hatred for the giantess-slayer continued.

“Just you wait until I’m finally completely healed, and I’ll kill you.” Zack thought.

A few more weeks later and Zack was finally feeling like himself again, but rather than celebrate, his eyes filled with bloodlust. Zack finally had the strength to “fight” again.

“Hey, you! I challenge you to a battle to the death!” Zack suddenly shouted at the giantess-slayer after he found him alone. “Meet me at the top of that hill at noon if you aren’t too scared!”

The giantess-slayer said nothing, and Zack stomped off to wash his face in a nearby river.

“I don’t care if he saved us, he left my mom to die! I’ll kill him!” Zack shouted.

Later, when it was almost noon, Zack made his way to the top of the hill. Zack sat down and waited, a slightly rusted pocketknife he recently found on the ground in his pocket for a possible sneak-attack. However, the giantess-slayer didn’t show up and Zack became more infuriated than ever.

“YOU FUCKING COWARD, I TOLD YOU WE WERE HAVING A BATTLE TO THE DEATH AND YOU DIDN’T SHOW UP! FUCKING COWARD!” Zack screamed as he kicked a rock down the hill, sat down, and buried his face in his knees in sadness.

Zack just sat there and wept for a while, but his tears dried as he heard something huge moving in the trees. Zack felt the hairs on back of his neck stand up and he slowly turned to look at the source of the noise. A giantess had just dropped her skirt and panties and was having her bathroom break not far from Zack’s hill. In fact, if the giantess turned her head, she would probably see him. A swirl of poop then began leaving the giantess’s asshole. It looked just like normal human poop…except it was on a much larger scale and dotted with human bones. Zack then noticed the small group of screaming people in the giantess’s left hand. The giantess’s belly grumbled hungrily.

“Nothing like a good shit to help make some more room for delicious snacks inside.” The giantess remarked happily as she began snacking on the people in her hand, filling herself back up with new tinies as old ones left the other end.

Zack felt disgusted, then his eyes wandered to a nearby vine that looked like it could be used to swing to the giantess’s neck. Zack proceeded to feel his pocketknife in his pocket and his imagination began running wild.

“I could swing from that vine…land on the back of her neck…and severe her spinal cord!” Zack thought.

The giantess kept casually going to the bathroom and enjoying her helpless snacks. Meanwhile, Zack grabbed the vine and swung himself at the giantess’s neck while screaming like an angry jungle man. Surprisingly, Zack managed to land on her neck, but upon trying to cut through her flesh, Zack realized that despite giantess flesh being very soft and cozy, it was nearly impossible to cut through. Zack applied every ounce of his strength and he only made a scratch the size of the tip of his pocketknife on the giantess’s huge neck. To make things even worse, the giantess still hadn’t fully realized what was happening and continued casually swallowing people up even as Zack attacked her, the “ground” he was standing on moving as to carry the contents of the giantess’s mouth to her stomach with each snack. Finally, Zack just lost it and started rapidly stabbing the giantess’s neck, her flesh simply bending as the knife made contact without cutting. After the giantess finished her snacks, she rubbed her satisfied belly and turned her head to look at the tiny on the back of her neck.

“Huh? How did you get up there?” The giantess asked with a giggle.

Then, the giantess let out a fart.

“You know what, I don’t care how you got there, I need toilet paper anyway.” The giantess decided as she grabbed Zack and began lowering the seething tiny towards her dirty asshole.

Zack kept stabbing the giantess mindlessly as he was lowered towards her butt, starting with her hand and then switching to her butt-cheeks as he was inserted. However, after Zack entered the butt, he immediately started gagging under the rancid smell. After the amount of physical pain Zack had been through, he would have doubted a smell could compare, but being literal toilet paper is basically Hell for the nose. To make matters even worse, the giantess was giggling at Zack’s suffering. This sent Zack into such a rage that he temporarily even overcame the rancid smell of the giantess’s ass after a shit, but this was quickly stopped after the smell was made even worse as the giantess farted in his face.

“Oops, excuse me.” The giantess giggled.

After some more wiping, Zack was then pulled out and washed off in the river, then put back in, then washed off again, a few farts assaulting him along the way.

“Sorry I’m so gassy.” The giantess giggled.

Then, after the rancid asshole was finally clean, Zack was washed off one last time, then brought back to the giantess. Except this time, it was to her mouth, not her butt.


“I know, it’s super gross! But you guys are just so yummy that I can’t even put my toilet paper anywhere but my tummy!” The giantess apologized as she got embarrassed.

Zack then finally resumed his stabbing and the giantess laughed.

“Dude, it’s never going to cut. Why can’t you just accept your helplessness like everyone else? It would be more fun for both of us.” The giantess offered innocently before popping Zack in her mouth.

As if the cruel fact Zack’s knife did nothing couldn’t be rubbed in anymore, the giantess began suckling away Zack’s taste joyfully even as he was stabbing the inside of her mouth. Then, as the hungry stomach below rumbled and the giantess gulped Zack down as to please the chamber below, he kept furiously stabbing all the way down her throat. In fact, his stabbing didn’t stop until he was in her stomach. It was in there that he finally understood what pain was. It wasn’t being flicked on the ground by a giant finger, it wasn’t being used as toilet paper…it was being digested alive. Blood-curdling screams from the other tinies the giantess had eaten during her bathroom break echoed throughout her acid chamber and Zack was not slow to join them.

“GOD, HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO STUPID?!” Zack managed to get out through his screaming.

The hell that was inside that giantess continued for a few more minutes as she casually burped and rubbed her full tummy. This was exactly like how Zack would have imagined the literal Hell, except this one only lasts for 15 to 20 minutes. However, even that short amount of time feels like an eternity when you’re in THAT much pain. Zack screamed out to the Devil that he would sell his soul to escape that stomach…as if that made any sense. But then, to the biggest relief of Zack’s life, the giantess began flailing around and he knew she was being killed by the giantess-slayer. Zack only hoped her stomach would evaporate in time for permanent damage to not be done to his body.

Thankfully, she evaporated away just in time as to allow Zack to escape without permanent damage. As the acid evaporated and the sunlight entered, Zack felt like he was being kissed by Heaven itself…then he fell into the arms of the man he wanted to fight to the death earlier.

Zack briefly looked at the giantess-slayer, but then was dropped to the ground roughly and the giantess-slayer walked away coldly as he put away his swords. After that experience, Zack finally forgave the giantess-slayer. After all, how could he not forgive anyone who saved him from THAT situation.

“Thank you! Thank you so much!” Zack shouted gratefully.

But as usual, the giantess-slayer ignored him. So, Zack began chasing after him. However, the giantess-slayer stopped walking after Zack started running towards him.

“Now do you understand? Humans cannot defeat giantesses.” The giantess-slayer stated coldly as Zack stopped running.

“Wha-what are you talking about?! You just defeated one. You’ve defeated four so far just as I’ve been with you!” Zack corrected nervously.

Then, the giantess-slayer began walking away again.

“Hey, wait up!” Zack shouted as he started running after him again.

Later, the two were walking back towards their hiding spot to meet up with Violet and her father, but Zack wouldn’t stop talking.

“What you can do is amazing! If you trained other humans to fight like that, we could finally have a fighting chance against the giantesses!” Zack argued.

“Fighting like me is not something you can train yourself into.” The giantess-slayer interrupted dismissively and coldly.

“Of course, it is, how else did you learn to do it?!” Zack asked in confusion.

The giantess-slayer paused.

“Five million.” The giantess-slayer then said coldly.

“…Five million what?” Zack asked as his confusion got even worse.

“Five million tried to put themselves through the limit-breaking training I put myself through to gain this power. Only two survived including me. Thinking you can be become like me is so ridiculously impractical it shouldn’t even be considered.” The giantess-slayer explained coldly before continuing his walking.

Zack was greatly frustrated by the stubbornness of the giantess-slayer but was still grateful that he was finally willing to consistently answer questions.

“But you could refine the training! You know what it takes to survive and could help others! You could help us wipe out the giantesses and reclaim our planet!” Zack kept begging.

Then, suddenly, the giantess-slayer turned around to face Zack and pulled back his hoodie and shirt as to reveal his heavily damaged shoulder.

“This is from getting hit with that lamppost. Due to my extreme strength and discipline, I can push the crippling effects of this permanent damage aside and keep fighting, but if I ever get hit here again by a similar blow, I will die.” The giantess-slayer asserted.

Zack gasped at the morbid injury.

“Let’s say an army of humans became as fast as me, that doesn’t change the fact we have tiny bodies that are so easily broken by the giantesses if we make even one mistake. Once giantesses figure out a tiny or group of tinies can somehow hurt them despite their small size(s), they’re no longer unsuspecting targets that can be taken out through ambushing them and exploiting their underestimation. They will come find you and kill you. Look at me, I killed three giantesses in front of you with relative ease when I took them by surprise, but when even so much as a single average giantess started taking the fight half-seriously, THIS happened, and I almost died. An average giantess did this to one of the greatest human warriors in the world when she wasn’t even giving it her all.” The giantess-slayer lectured as he pointed to his wound.

The giantess-slayer then covered his wound back up and Zack fell silent.

“I will say it again, humans cannot defeat giantesses.” The giantess-slayer reiterated before finally continuing his walk again, leaving Zack speechless.

Zack just stood frozen in hopelessness for a few moments, but then became angry with the giantess-slayer once again and charged at him to throw a punch. But, of course, the giantess-slayer just seemingly teleported behind Zack again and smacked him to the ground. Zack then looked up at something shining in the giantess-slayer’s hand to see he had snatched his pocketknife. The giantess-slayer then tossed the rusted junk in the river.

“You are an ignorant brat with a blind rage who can’t learn from his mistakes. Keep that up and the one thing I can guarantee is you will end up dead, maybe not even because of a giantess.” The giantess-slayer stated coldly before stomping away.

Zack laid motionless on the ground for a while, but he eventually heard something large moving again and looked to his side to see another hungry giantess looking through the woods for something to eat. Zack was lost and confused, but the one thing he knew for certain was he didn’t want to go back in a giantess tummy. He quietly stood up and sprinted back towards their hideout.

And so, their journey continued. The only difference being Zack was now a quiet, depressed-looking tagalong rather than a crippled hothead. Zack wanted so badly to believe the giantess-slayer was wrong about there being no hope of humans defeating the giantesses but lacked the reason to logically convince himself of such.

“It can’t be true…it’s just too unfair! We have to at least be able to avenge our loved ones they’ve heartlessly killed and eaten.” Zack thought as he tried not to cry.

Then, a few nights later, things were about to get even worse for Zack.

Everyone else had already fallen asleep. Or at least Zack wanted to believe the giantess-slayer was asleep. There was no visual difference between his “sleeping” and his sitting. It occurred to Zack it was possible the superhuman hero had somehow also trained his insane body to overcome sleep, but he didn’t want to think about it too much as he found the idea too creepy.

Meanwhile, Zack’s mind was still buzzing with arguments desperately trying to argue himself out of the belief there was nothing humans could do to defeat the giantesses. However, Zack always ended up tiring himself out eventually and drifting off to sleep. But this night, just before Zack drifted into dreamland, he thought he heard faint, giant footsteps approaching the rotting shed they were hiding in. As Zack’s senses began turning back on, he knew what was coming their way: A giantess. No, many giantesses. Zack jolted awake to alert everyone, but he was too late. Just as he jumped up, the entire shed was violently kicked to pieces by a giant foot.

Zack instinctually ran along with Violet. However, neither Violet’s father, nor the giantess-slayer followed. The dust then cleared to reveal a horrid scene: Four giantesses had cornered them, Violet’s father was trapped under rubble, and the giantess-slayer’s leg had been crushed.

“They will come find you and kill you.” Zack mumbled in horror, relating this to what the giantess-slayer said about giantesses coming to kill any tinies they saw as a threat to their safety.

A giant hand then reached down to pick up the giantess-slayer. However, the giantess-slayer sprung to action and cut off his own leg. He then stood up on his remaining leg and held his swords out.

“GO! I’LL HOLD THEM OFF LONG ENOUGH FOR YOU TO ESCAPE!” The giantess-slayer shouted.

Violet’s father was not in good shape and Violet instinctively ran to go help him. Then, the giantess-slayer snapped.

“Hey, boy! Stop her! If she gets too close, she will die too! Use force if you must!” The giantess-slayer commanded.

Zack paused then nervously proceeded to sprint to restraint Violet.


“Okay, you deal with the freak and I’ll go grab the kids for a snack.” One of the giantesses suggested as she licked her lips.

“YOU CAN’T STOP ALL OF THEM AT ONCE!” Zack shouted reflexively.

The giantess-slayer then paused before throwing back his hood and turning to face Zack and Violet.

“Humans may never defeat giantesses, but I sure as hell will hold these giantesses back long enough for you kids to keep the young lives they have no right to take away from you. NEVER underestimate a Corruption Hunter!” The Corruption Hunter shouted back with a wink, both Zack and Violet recognizing his face.


“Only five us, the other six including myself stopped fighting after the leader ordered us to stop and had a new plan. However, I could not accept such an evil plan once I saw what it truly entailed, and I left the Corruption Hunters! Then, I decided to dedicate whatever strength I had left to rescuing modernized humans who were especially unlikely to survive in a world filled with giantesses and sneaking them into the safety of the Server Archives! It seems you will be the last people I save, but that’s okay! I’m happy I got to die helping the powerless like a proper Corruption Hunter! Now, go! The giantesses who destroyed your city are masturbating to the idea they killed everyone there without leaving any survivors! Live! Live to spite them!” The Corruption Hunter ordered at the top of his lungs.

“God, he seems like a completely different person.” Zack thought, realizing how serious the situation really was.

“GO! TAKE THIS AND GO!” The Corruption Hunter continued as he reached in his pocket, took out a compass, and tossed it at Zack and Violet.

Zack barely managed to catch it.


Zack immediately went to obey the Corruption Hunter and run, but he almost forgot that he had a little girl in his arms trying to pull them the other way. Violet’s father coughed up blood.

“LET ME GO! PLEASE, HE’S DYING!” Violet screamed.

Zack knew he still had to obey the Corruption Hunter and run, but this did not change the fact coldly pulling a scared little girl away from her only surviving family felt horrible. As crazy as it sounds, Zack even compared himself to the giantess who made Violet watch as she ate that same father. Violet resisted with all her might, but even though Zack was much weaker than a giantess, her feeble body was still no match for him. Zack ran off into the woods and out of the view of the giantesses, never getting to see exactly how their savior died. Zack knew that he and Violet were going to live, but he still rushed to get as far away as possible as not risk forcing Violet to listen to her father’s cries for mercy…which would, of course, fall on deaf ears.

Violet just cried uncontrollably for a while, but she eventually switched to physical violence after they were far enough away.



Violet screamed out in pain, then switched to soft crying and cowering in fear. Zack formed a fist and went to punch Violet, then stopped himself.

“No…what have I done? I just physically attacked a helpless little girl…I CAN’T DO ANYTHING RIGHT!” Zack shouted as he punched a tree instead, then fell on the floor and started crying in frustration.

Violet was surprised by Zack’s outburst, but then realized that she wasn’t entirely innocent either.

“I…I’m sorry…” Violet said softly without eye-contact before standing up and walking ahead of Zack.

Zack too then forced himself to his feet and walked with Violet, letting the compass the Corruption Hunter gave him guide them. Neither of them spoke for days after that. Instead, they just slowly pressed on in deep depression. It wasn’t until ten days later when their inferior food-gathering skills made them so cripplingly hungry that they couldn’t walk much anymore that Violet broke the silence.

“The way I felt when I attacked you back there…that’s how you felt when the Corruption Hunter left your mom behind, isn’t it?” Violet asked shyly.

Zack paused, somewhat startled to hear a voice for the first time in ten days.

“Yeah, I guess. Although, you handled it much better than I did…” Zack mumbled grumpily.

“Well, you’re a boy.” Violet added.

There was another pause. Zack had gotten triggered once again.


“It means you have a shorter temper.” Violet explained softly.

Zack’s eyes widened in frustration, but then he resigned himself.

“Well, I’m worse than most boys.” Zack stated with a depressed tone.

Violet giggled.

“Come on, you still aren’t so bad. A bad guy wouldn’t have cared about his mom so much.” Violet stated as she rolled over and hugged Zack.

“What the hell are you doing?! I don’t want to be hugged by some gross kid!” Zack barked.

“I’M ONLY A FEW YEARS YOUNGER THAN YOU!” Violet stated with mild anger.

However, Violet quickly calmed back down.

“Besides, you need a hug after all you’ve been through. Anyone would.” Violet said sweetly as she continued her platonic hug.

Zack sighed, then reluctantly hugged Violet back.

“I guess you do too.” Zack stated grumpily.

Then, Violet’s belly grumbled loudly.

“Oh, God. I’m so hungry that if I was a giantess, I would eat you.” Violet remarked with deep hunger pain in her voice.

“DON’T EVEN SAY THAT, YOU LITTLE SHIT!” Zack shouted, his anger getting much worse.

“Kidding!” Violet laughed. “You see, my mom told me the best way to cope with your deepest fears is to laugh at them.”

Zack sighed again.

“Well, we’re going to die anyway now that the Corruption Hunter’s gone. Even if a giantess doesn’t find us, we’re going to starve to death.” Zack remarked.

Violet looked away, paused, then shyly looked down.

“Hey…I’ve actually read a bunch of books on survival, you know?” Violet asked.

Zack said nothing.

“But, you see, I’m so little and weak that I know I could never do any of the cool things I read about in books…but you’re strong, so do you think that maybe…we could work as a team to make it out of this?” Violet asked.

Zack’s interest was captured.

“Like, you know, you do all the physical labor and I guide you? Together, we might be able to get enough to eat and finish our journey to the Server Archives.

Another tiny drop of hope returned to Zack’s heart.

*Return to present*

“So, it worked?” Zane asked.

“Of course, it worked! We wouldn’t be here if it didn’t work!” Zack barked.

Zack facepalmed.

“But yeah, all those months working alone with Violet to survive is how we became friends, it isn’t sexual.” Zack finished.

Zane chuckled.

“Hey, you know, you’re only three years apart and the age of consent in this city is only 16, so maybe when Violet-“ Zane started with a troll smile.

“Oh my God, the fucker still doesn’t get it!” Zack hissed through grinding teeth as he started violently shaking Zane back and forth by his shirt.

Then, Violet stopped him again.

“Zack, please don’t worry about what he says! The only reason he says it is because he knows it upsets you!” Violet stated.

Of course, Zack knew how Zane was and that Violet was right, so he reluctantly released his obnoxious roommate. Zack then stared at the sky and started reflecting.

“The Server Archives. To think this place was once thought of as just an illegal fortress made by radical nerds to preserve humanity’s digital history, but now it’s one of the few surviving advanced human cultures in the United States. Who would have known that giant forcefield they constructed is strong enough to keep giantesses out.” Zack remarked as he admired the soft, red glow of the high-tech dome shielding their vast city from the outside world.

“Wait, that forcefield was made by humans? Why don’t they make more of them?” Zane asked with a tone like he thought the world was stupid.

“DO YOU SERIOUSLY NOT KNOW ANYTHING?!” Zack screamed. “The central tower emitting our forcefield was built by The Decahedron. He was the only one who knew how it works and he went missing over 30 years ago.”

Zack then looked back over at the vast slums and the few beautiful castles overshadowing them.

“I bet if The Decahedron still ruled this place, we wouldn’t be forced to live under such tyranny.” Zack remarked.

“Zack, there’s no way he’s still alive.” Violet stated.

“Y…y-yeah, I know.” Zack reluctantly agreed just before the bell rang.

“Alright, let’s head back to class. Thanks for finally telling your story, it was interesting.” Zane thanked.


With that, the three students returned to class.

To Be Continued.

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