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Author's Chapter Notes:

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Lesson number one, don’t get drunk when you’re only an inch tall and your best friend is too busy flirting with all the women at the bar to keep an eye on you. This is the lesson that Nancy learned the hard way, a young woman of twenty one years who tried so desperately to fit in amongst the normal sized crowd as she tried to find her place in the world. But when one is only an inch tall, it is inevitable that trouble will find you.


Nancy’s eyes slowly began to flicker open, her body bobbing up and down upon the surface of hot acid that she was drifting in. Her head was throbbing, and as she began to stir awake further she slowly began to flail around when her lungs began to breathe in the toxic and foul air. She began to panic, looking around the dark and musky environment as she tried to comprehend where she was. She started to hyperventilate, the lack of fresh oxygen overwhelming her as the foul smell of sloshing food and alcohol filled her lungs.


“What!?” She shouted, “wh… Where am I!?”


The belly she was in began to groan and gurgle, and she had to press her hands around her ears in order to prevent her ear drums from shattering. The stomach began to move, causing rippling waves to spread around. Nancy felt chunks of food and other digested bits shove into her, causing her to react with horror and disgust as she shoved them all away while continuing to wade in the pool of burning acid. Her body felt tingly all over, not quite painful but most certainly uncomfortable.


“Wait…” Nancy murmured to herself, “am… Am I in someone's stomach!?”


She could hardly see, but her vision had begun to adjust just enough for her to make out bits and pieces. She had remembered the digestion system documentaries she used to watch in health class when she was still in school years ago. The wrinkly folds lining the stomach wall was a clear indicator, and considering there was digested food surrounding her entirely it was quite clear that she was in fact within the confines of someone’s stomach. Whom or when this unfortunate predicament took place was completely beyond her however.


“Calm down Nancy…” Nancy closed her eyes, taking in a deep breath and trying her best to remain composed, “think… Think back to what you were doing… You went to the bar with Megan… You definitely had one to many to drink… And then…”


Nancy was interrupted as a torrent of alcohol began to splash all over her. She began to wave her arms frantically, the burning smell of cinnamon whiskey filling her lungs and covering her body. It began to burn her eyes as well, and she began to scream in pain as she shook her head violently while causing several splashes in the acid that engulfed her. After the river of alcohol that drenched her entire body, large amounts of mush began to fall onto her head and shoulders. Whoever’s stomach she was in, was clearly still drinking and eating. The mashed up food had been swallowed and was now covering Nancy’s body entirely.


Nancy shivered in disgust, starting to slowly open her eyes in pain as she looked over her body. The mashed up food smelt like chicken, or maybe some kind of chicken pasta. It was impossible to tell, but it was absolutely disgusting and she quickly began to wipe it off of her shoulders as she backed into the furthest corner of the stomach she could find. She wanted to make sure she was nowhere near the center of the stomach, not wanting another unwelcome surprise to land all over her.


“How could this happen!?” Nancy asked herself, starting to cry as she felt herself beginning to burn up. The heat alone was intense beyond reason, and she was starting to sweat profusely. It was like an oven inside this person’s gut, at least one hundred degrees or so. Nancy wondered if she had been eaten by accident perhaps, wondering if maybe she had fallen in Megan’s food and her friend had unknowingly or mistakenly eaten her. But then a more chilling thought crossed her mind, what if it was a complete stranger? What if someone had eaten her intentionally? If that was true, she was likely doomed to digest with the rest of this stranger's food.


“Think!” Nancy shouted to herself, “what happened!? What led to this moment…!?”


Nancy closed her eyes again, once more trying to recall the events at the bar and how she might have ended up here. “Megan invited me out…” Nancy spoke to herself, “and then we arrived at the bar…”


Her mind began to take her back, clearing from the panic that had set in so that she could finally recall the events that had led to this moment. It had started all the way back to when Megan had first brought her into the bar…


“We’re going to have a blast!” Megan shouted, holding up a rock gesture with her fingers as she bobbed her head up and down excitedly. Nancy was in her other hand, resting in her palm and rolling her eyes sarcastically with a stupidly wide grin on her face.


“Just try not to embarrass me please!” Nancy pleaded jokingly, “you are such a party animal…”


“Hell yeah!” Megan retorted, “you ready for your twenty first birthday extravaganza!?”


“I guess…” Nancy looked around the bar, which was also a club. There were loads of young men and women dancing on the dance floor, most of the women scarcely dressed as their cleavage popped out and their camel toes were made known. A few of the women were wearing shorts so short, that their ass cheeks were nearly bursting out of them. It was quite a sight indeed, and Nancy could tell the majority of the club were flat out drunk.


“Alright I’m looking forward to eating some pussy tonight,” Megan announced, striding over to the bar counter and placing her palm flat on the counter for Nancy to hop onto. Two of the bartenders were a bit busy, and so Megan and Nancy had to wait for a few moments if they were going to get anything to drink.


“So… What should I get?” Nancy asked nervously, having never taken a drink of alcohol in her life.


“Anything whiskey or rum if you’re me,” Megan answered, “nothing like some good ole whiskey to fill the gut!”


“I guess I’ll take a shot of whiskey then?” Nancy spoke, not really sure what to expect.


“I think since it’s your first time I’ll get you a shot of fireball!” Megan responded, waving at the bartender to grab his attention. The bartender nodded, handing another customer their drink before heading over to where Nancy and Megan were sitting.


“What can I grab you two beauties?” The bartender asked, smiling handsomely at the both of them.


“I’ll get a shot of your best rum, and a shot of fireball for the little birthday girl down here!” Megan ordered.


“Woman!” Nancy corrected, a little embarrassed by her friend.


“Yeah yeah whatever,” Megan dismissed her little friend, grabbing the drinks from the bartender as he handed them to her. Megan placed the shot of fireball next to Nancy, “I didn’t even consider how you’re supposed to drink this. My God this is hilarious!”


“Can you just tilt the glass?” Nancy asked, “and I can try to drink it that way maybe?”


Megan giggled humorously, “sure thing!” She took Nancy’s shot glass and tilted it slightly, while Nancy did her best to drink from it. The taste of intense cinnamon filled her nostrils as she drank it up, her eyes opening wide in response. The taste was extreme, and slightly burned her throat. It was delicious though, and Nancy was quite pleased by it.


“Woah!” Nancy shook her head as she tried to clear her senses, “that was awesome!”


“Welcome to the world of adults,” Megan teased, “you’re officially a woman now!”


“Ha ha,” Nancy stuck out her tongue, “just make yourself useful and get me another drink will yuh?”


Megan laughed, “oh? Someone’s getting a little sassy now are we?” Megan slipped her finger and Nancy’s body and promptly lifted her upward and into the shot glass filled with fireball. Nancy was drenched in it, whipping her hair around and looking up at Megan with a look of displeasure.


“Not funny Megan!” Nancy pouted, trying to crawl out of the shot glass.


“No?” Megan bit her lip, “what if I drank you up?” Megan picked up the shot glass and began to raise it towards her lips, which parted slightly as they pressed against the edge of the shot glass. The glass began to tilt upwards, and Nancy felt the whiskey leaving the glass as it slipped between Megan’s lips and into her mouth. Nancy couldn’t help but panic, her body being taken towards the mouth of her friend who was seemingly teasing her. Megan promptly set the glass back down, giggling deviously as she winked down at her friend.


“Just kidding,” Megan cooed, “I’m not drunk enough to do something like that… Yet.”


“I swear to God if you do that again…!” Nancy shouted in frustration.


“You’ll what,” Megan teased, “oh right, you couldn’t do anything! You’re too teeny tiny!”


“Just get me out of here please?” Nancy pleaded, “you’re ruining my night…”


Megan sighed, “ok ok, just trying to lighten the mood I’m sorry!” Megan reached in and plucked Nancy from the shot glass, placing her back on the counter, “I didn’t think you’d get so worked up over it, I’m sorry if I upset you.”


“It’s alright…” Nancy responded, “I just don’t like it when you tease me like that! I really thought you were about to drink me up…”


“Oh come on!” Megan retorted, “you know I’d never do such a thing! I’m not a monster!”


“You’re right…” Nancy murmured, “let’s just have some fun yeah? Another round of drinks!”


“That’s my girl!” Megan smiled, “bartender! More shots please!”


The bartender was at the opposite end, turning over to see Megan waving him down again. He nodded and promptly began to grab more drinks for the two. Once he poured them he brought them over to where they stood and placed them on the counter. Megan took her shot glass and collided it into Nancy’s, a way of cheering with her.


“Bottom’s up!” Megan shouted, downing her shot glass as Nancy tried in vain to drink from hers. When Megan was finished she slammed her glass on the counter, giggling humorously as she tilted Nancy’s glass so the tiny woman could drink from it.


“Woooo!” Nancy raised her arms, “alcohol is fun!”


“No one says that you doofus,” Megan teased, rolling her eyes jokingly as she laughed with her little friend.


“Let’s dance!” Nancy spoke, wiggling her butt in amateur style while Megan laughed from above.


“Hell yeah!” Megan shouted, grabbing Nancy off the counter to head out onto the dance floor.


This was the entirety of the two’s night together, as Megan danced with Nancy in her palm while club goers all around them cheered the two on. Not much else could be explained, as most of their night was nothing more than light hearted fun and lots of alcohol consumption. Megan got drunk fairly quickly, and Nancy wasn’t far behind her. Nancy had also grown a bit popular, many of the club goers fascinated at her size and many enamored with her beauty. Megan herself was going around flirting up a storm, somewhat using Nancy to her advantage in order to seduce other women in the hopes of some naughty fun later into the night.


After several hours of uncontained enjoyment and reckless drinking, the two ultimately ended up back at the bar as they began to unwind. Nancy was stumbling around, giggling uncontrollably as she watched Megan flirting up a storm with another patron.


“Sho… Uh… You wanna.. Hic! Come back to my plashe later tonight..?” Megan slurred, caressing the woman’s cheek with her palm inappropriately. 


“You.. You get em!” Nancy egged on, stumbling onto her ass as she lost her balance.


Megan wasn’t paying any attention to Nancy, continuing to make the effort to get a one night stand. Nancy’s head was spinning in circles, a stupidly wide grin spread across her lips as she enjoyed the feeling of intoxication. She turned her head, seeing the bartender who was continuing to serve patrons at the counter. Nancy wanted another drink, even though her subconscious told her it wasn’t a good idea. She slowly stumbled back onto her feet, looking up at Megan to try and grab her attention.


“Hey!” Nancy shouted drunkily, “get… Get me another… Hic! Get me another drink!”


Megan paid no mind to her tiny friend, too drunk and too busy flirting to realize that Nancy was trying to grab her attention. Nancy’s arms fell limp at her sides, her head falling backwards in frustration as she groaned unnecessarily loud. She then let her head fall forward, her body swaying back and forth as her head continued to spin in circles. ‘I’ll… I’ll do it myself…’ Nancy thought to herself in a jumbled mess, as she turned around and began stumbling towards the other end of the counter to try and grab the bartender's attention herself. Had she been sober, she may have realized that two other patrons were screwing around with one another, in which one of them ended up stumbling backwards. Their hand landed on the counter so that they could keep their balance, but they also inadvertently spooked Nancy.


Nancy stumbled backwards as the giant hand crashed in front of her, all balance lost as she ultimately tumbled over the counter towards the bartenders side. “Whoa!!” Nancy shouted, tumbling a short distance until she fell into a shot glass just below the counter on the bartenders cart. Her head collided with the glass inside with a hard smack, greatly disorienting her already affected mind as she held her hands up to her head in pain.


“Hnng…” Nancy groaned, holding her throbbing head as she slowly sat up. She tried looking around, her environment suddenly distorted as she looked outside of the glass which messed with her vision. She wasn’t entirely aware of her surroundings quite yet, not realizing where she had fallen. As she was about to attempt and stand the cart suddenly jerked which sent her falling back onto her butt.


“What can I get you, miss?” The bartender asked one of the patrons.


“Shot of fireball please,” the patron ordered from over the counter.


“Coming right up,” the bartender turned and reached for the bottle swiftly, already behind on several orders as he tried to keep up with the growing list of orders. He was completely oblivious that Nancy was stuck in one the shot glasses, and because he was quite experienced as a bartender he barely even looked down at the glass as he started to pour the order.


Nancy looked up as a shadow was cast over her, her mind trying to make out what exactly was going on. She wasn’t able to react as a torrent of cinnamon whiskey was poured all over her, getting into her eyes and covering her entire body as she was being drowned in the whiskey. “Ahhh!” Nancy screamed, her body swirling around in the glass violently as her eyes began to burn. Her face smacked the sides of the glass multiple times, until finally things began to calm down when the bartender had finished.


Nancy’s little mishap wasn’t over yet, as she bobbed to the surface of the whiskey only to feel zero gravity as the shot glass was lifted abruptly sending her to swirl even more. The bartender placed the glass in front of the patron who had ordered the drink, “here you go miss.”


“Thanks hot stuff,” the woman winked at him, taking the drink and swirling it around with her fingers as she turned to look out onto the dance floor. She was currently unaware that her drink had an extra ingredient, a tiny woman in agonizing pain and absolute confusion.


“Ow!” Nancy cried, trying to rub her eyes as she looked around frantically. She was too drunk to understand what was going on, her mind spinning as she looked up to see the face of an absolute stranger. “Megan.. Hic! Megan!?”


Megan was at the other end of the counter, still oblivious that Nancy had wandered off as she continued to flirt with the same woman from before. Nancy was on her own, and her situation wasn’t looking so good. Turns out being drunk wasn’t all it cracked up to be, not when you’re the size of Nancy.


The woman sighed heavily, continuing to swirl her drink as she absentmindedly caused Nancy further grief. The woman wasn’t totally drunk, but she was getting pretty close. She raised her glass as she prepared to down it in one foul swoop, and Nancy watched in horror as the woman’s lips began to part to make way for the alcohol she was swimming in. Though Nancy was drunk, it didn’t take too long to realize that she was about to be drunk whole, and of course she began to panic.


“W-wait! Wait!” Nancy screamed, flailing her arms in desperation as the glasses edge brushed up against the woman’s lips.


The woman heard a faint sound, her eyes darting down towards her shot glass just as she was about to down it all. She stopped abruptly, her brow raising in curiosity when she saw Nancy swirling in the whiskey. The woman moved the glass from her lips, looking down at the little woman with an amused smile, “what the… How did you get in there?”


“I… Hic! I fell…” Nancy sputtered, trying to speak as coherently as possible.


“What’s that? I can’t hear you?” The woman was having a hard time not only hearing Nancy, but even understanding what the tiny woman was saying. The club music had been turned up ironically, which made it much harder for Nancy to make her voice heard.


“I need… I need help! Hic!” Nancy’s head was throbbing, her vision blurred. Between the alcohol and the pain she was in, her body was beginning to react by shutting down. She was still flailing her arms however, trying the best she could to let the woman know she was in need of assistance.


The stranger laughed, “you’re funny! Looks like you’re having a party in there!” The woman bit her lip, her mind fogged by the alcohol she had already consumed. She wasn’t sure how Nancy ended up in her shot glass, but from her perspective Nancy appeared to be having a blast. ‘She is one wild gal… Might as well indulge her I guess…’ The woman thought, shrugging her shoulders and raising the glass back up to her lips.


“Wait… Wait what?” Nancy was greatly confused as the woman’s lips began to come towards her once more.


“Bottom’s up!” The stranger cheered, tilting her head and chugging the whiskey in one take.


“Wai… Ahhhh!” Nancy screamed as the alcohol washed into the woman’s mouth, taking her along for the ride as she slipped between the woman’s lips almost instantly as the woman chugged the entire glass. It had all happened so quickly, as Nancy brushed over the woman’s tongue before immediately entering her gullet as the woman drank her up. With several large gulps the woman had drunk the entire shot glass, sending it and Nancy herself down her throat.


“Yum!” The woman licked her lips, tasting the cinnamon with satisfaction, “what a silly girl!”


“Can I get you anything else, miss?” The bartender asked, approaching the woman while simultaneously pouring another patron’s drink.


“Yeah,” the woman answered, “I’ll buy the entire bottle!”


Nancy’s eyes shot wide open, as her memory had finally returned to her. She was back inside of the woman’s stomach, back to the present as her memory had caught up with her. Suddenly the horror seemed to increase ten fold, dread washing over her entire body as she realized how she had ended up here. It was literally her worst nightmare, swallowed up by a random patron who had mistaken Nancy’s flails for help as some kind of party dance in her glass. Of course Nancy thought it was absurd the woman could be so stupid to even consider such a thing, but considering it was a bar and the two of them were under the influence Nancy realized the woman probably hadn’t realized what she had done.


“Oh God…” Nancy murmured to herself, “no… No no no! NO NO NO! This can’t be happening…”


The stomach groaned and gurgled once more, her eardrums bursting again as she was forced to cover them in order to tolerate the piercing sound of digestion.


“I can’t be here…” Nancy was freaking out, “I’ll die… She’ll digest me! I CAN’T BE HERE!”


She began to flail about, tears dripping down her cheeks as she began to sob in despair, “Megan! Megan please help me!” Of course Megan couldn’t help her, Megan hadn’t even realized what had happened. Nancy’s heart was nearly beating out of her chest, as she tried to guess how long exactly she had been unconscious in the woman’s gut. Of course it was impossible to know, and for all Nancy knew she could have been there for over an hour. She considered herself lucky for waking up, because the thought of digesting in her unconscious state and never waking up sent chills down her spine. It didn’t console her though, because she was still inside the woman’s gut and as far as she could tell there was no way out.


“I’m never drinking again…” Nancy sobbed, shoving her face into her hands in despair, “why me… Why me!?”


The stomach responded to her question by gurgling even more, digesting the alcohol and contents of food that had been eaten by the woman. Nancy was amongst all of it, the foul smell of digestion filling her nostrils as everything churned along with her. The entire situation was incomprehensible, and Nancy couldn’t help but curse the universe for her diminutive size. She was tiny enough to be swallowed up with whiskey, with practically no effort involved whatsoever. It was so humiliating, so debilitating that she felt as if she wasn’t even a person. At this very moment she wasn’t really, in fact, to the woman’s stomach she was just another morsel to be broken down and absorbed into the woman’s body.


“I wish I hadn’t woken up…” Nancy murmured, “I don’t want to die like this… Not like this…”


Immediately her surroundings began to shake, the ocean of acid she was swimming in stirring around restlessly as something began to happen. Nancy looked around in confusion, her heart pounding with fear as she tried to grapple what was going on. She didn’t have time to do such a thing however, as she suddenly felt herself get sucked upwards along with all of the alcohol and bile as she was forced back through the sphincter and into the esophagus of the woman. It had happened in the manner of seconds, as her body became engulfed with bile and she found herself unable to breathe. It didn’t last long, as the light of the outside world filled her vision as she felt herself take a plunge into the cold and now murky depths of a toilet bowl.


“Oh God…” The woman groaned, “I think… I think I drank too much…”


The woman had indeed had too much to drink, and though she had vomited up all of the contents of her system she was still quite intoxicated. She had ended up buying the bottle from the bartender and drinking it all the way back home. She was in the middle of watching an episode of some kind of television show, continuing to drink down the bottle until she inevitably felt the urge to puke. Now her stomach contents were in her toilet bowl, as she hunched over and peered down inside of it. She ended up cackling maniacally, considering the ordeal rather humorous in her intoxicated state. Then her eyes wandered over the tiny flailing form of Nancy, dead center in her toilet water amongst her bile.


“Oh! Hey!” The woman cooed, twirling her fingers around in a nonsensical manner, “I drank.. Hic! I drank you up! But… But here you are!”


Nancy looked up at the clearly intoxicated woman, “help me!” Nancy pleaded, “Please help me!”


“Help me help you…” The woman responded incoherently, “I help the help… Help…”


“What!?” Nancy couldn’t even begin to understand her mumbling, “you freaking drank me! What is wrong with you!?”


“I drank the tiny party girl… Hic!” The woman began to laugh uncontrollably, “silly Helena… Silly Helena drinks the tiny girl…”


“Woman!” Nancy corrected in frustration, “ugh… You’re fucking wasted!”


“Mmmm…” The woman, who had clearly made herself known as Helena, began to sway her head back and forth as she closed her eyes. She opened them up again shortly after, and without warning reached into the toilet bowl and plucked Nancy out of the murky concoction.


“About time!” Nancy hissed, feeling herself being lifted out of the disgusting water, “now can you clean me up? And call my friend to come get me!?”


“Friends…” Helena murmured, standing up and stumbling towards the sink as she struggled to turn on the faucet. In the commotion she dropped Nancy, who fell towards the edge of the sink and slid down the ceramic surface and underneath the running water. She began screaming when her legs began to slide into the drain, and she grabbed the drain locks edge to prevent herself from getting washed down into the pipes. The water continued to pound her body, the rushing current trying to force her in.


“Help me!” Nancy cried, afraid for her life, “please!”


The woman giggled, not entirely aware of what she was doing. She almost felt as if she was dreaming, but after seeing that the rushing water had cleaned up Nancy’s dirty body she finally turned the faucet off and awkwardly grabbed Nancy by the head as she pulled her lower body from the drain and into her palm.


“All cl- .. Hic! All clean…” Helena turned around, falling shoulder first into the door frame of the bathroom before stumbling past it and into her bedroom.


“Please!” Nancy cried, realizing the woman was hardly even listening to her, “call my friend!”


“Yummy yummy…” Helena mumbled, “in my tummy…” Helena giggled even more, clearly amused by whatever thoughts were crossing her mind. Nancy grew frustrated, pounding her fists on the woman’s palm before sitting down in defeat.


Unbeknownst to Nancy, her drunken captor was quite hot and bothered. Helena always became very horny when she was intoxicated, like others who either grew very depressed, complacent or angry while drunk… Helena’s own intoxicated persona was one of untapped sexual tension. Usually she would use her vibrator, or some other sort of toy… But as she was completely smashed, and with tiny Nancy in her palm, her mind quickly misplaced Nancy as one of her sex toys. Helena ended up stumbling into her bedside, inadvertently knocking Nancy off her palm who landed on the soft sheets. Nancy stood to her feet disoriented, turning around to look up at the woman in anger.


“Listen here you stupid bitch!” Nancy shouted in frustration, “call my friend right now or I’ll-”


Her voice was cut short, as she realized that Helena was undressing herself. Though it was quite amusing to watch Helena nearly fall over while removing her clothes, it was also quite unsettling. Her shirt, bra and then pants all dropped to the floor, followed lastly by her laced panties as she kicked them to the side and once again stumbled backwards. Nancy was hit with the full view of the woman’s body, which was littered with tattoos of dragons, knights and other mythical creatures. The woman was clearly a fan of mythical tales, and she had the tattoos to prove it. Her nipples were pierced, as was her clit along with her belly button. The woman then hovered over Nancy, looking down at her groggily with a mixed expression of lust and confusion.


“What… What are you doing!?” Nancy asked, wondering why the woman had declothed herself, “why won’t you listen to me!?”


“Sexy little party girl… Hic!” Helena murmured, “so kinky… So sexy…”


“Listen to yourself!” Nancy pleaded, “what the fuck are you even saying!? You’re making no sense!”


Helena didn’t answer her questions, her mind only craved one thing, and it was to please the sexual tension that had built up throughout the day of drinking. Helena brought her knees onto the bed, hovering her pussy over Nancy’s body. Nancy backed away slowly, a look of horror washing over her. In that moment she prayed for mercy, prayed that this woman wouldn’t harm her. Her prayers would go unheard, because in this moment she was at the complete mercy of this wasted woman who had her eyes on the tiny woman.


“Play time…” Helena spoke, reaching down and grabbing Nancy in a heartbeat. Nancy squirmed in the woman’s grip, as she was raised past the woman’s moist vagina and beyond her smooth stomach. She was then promptly pressed against the woman’s breast, more specifically her hard pierced nipple. Nancy got a face full of the woman’s bumpy and rough textured nipple, as Helena tumbled onto her side in a drunken haze while beginning to rub Nancy’s body against her own.


“Mmmm…” Helena moaned, feeling the tiny little woman squirm against her sensitive breast. Nancy’s body was grinded into the woman’s nipple, her arms smacking against the cold hard metal of her piercing while her face continued to get shoved further and further into the woman’s areola. Nancy began to sob, flailing around helplessly as she was grinded against the woman’s bare chest.


“Please!” Nancy pleaded in vain, “don’t do this to me! I’m begging you! Please listen!”


Helena wasn’t listening, not because she didn’t care but because she was too intoxicated to really understand the gravity of the situation. She was doing what she did every other time she was drunk, taking the kinkiest toy she could find and using it to pleasure herself. Unfortunately for Nancy, she was tonight’s new toy, and there was little she could do to stop it.


Suddenly Nancy was pulled from the rough and hard nipple, but her rest did not come. She was then thrust between the woman’s mounds, two gigantic fleshy mountains rising above her on both sides. Helena took her breasts and gripped them firmly in her hands, arching her back as she pressed them together to engulf Nancy between them. Nancy was swallowed by the woman’s boobs, her body compressed tightly and uncomfortably as she was assaulted by the woman’s tits.


Helena began to rub and grind them against one another, causing quite the struggle from Nancy who squirmed and cringed every second of the act. The woman’s smooth and tatted breasts continued to grind into her body, inadvertently shredding her tiny clothes apart from the excessive and restless motion. Nancy sobbed profusely, hardly able to breathe and most certainly unable to scream for help. She only wished that she had never gone to the bar, and she began to wonder if Megan had dropped the ball by allowing her to stumble into this situation to begin with.


But then Nancy realized she had no one to blame but herself. She was only an inch tall, in a large and dangerous world for someone her size. In the end it was her decision to become impaired, which ultimately affected her judgement and led her to this very situation. The only grain of gratitude that remained within her, was that Helena had puked her up and spared her a gruesome end of digestion with her belly.


“Sooooo… Hic! Goooood…” Helena cooed, allowing her tits to spread apart as her free hand slid down towards her crotch. It was soaking wet, her body stimulated by the feeling of the tiny woman between her breasts. She was completely beyond the mental capacity to understand her actions, completely impaired by the immense quantity of alcohol she had consumed. Even after puking up most of it, she was simply too intoxicated to care nor realize what Nancy was going through.


Nancy slowly stumbled onto her feet, heavily disoriented as she tried to regain her bearings. The two enormous mounds of flesh had rested back to where they were, now that Helena was seemingly done with booby play. Her body hosted only torn and shredded clothing now, her pants nearly obliterated and her shirt so destroyed that Nancy’s own breasts were exposed through the rips. She quickly attempted to make a run for it, panicking and crying as she hoped to escape this insatiable woman. Helena began to giggle uncontrollably yet again, Nancy’s little feet running down her chest eliciting a tickling feeling, which of course only turned Helena on even more.


“Oohh… Mmmm… Hnng…” Helena was groaning with satisfaction, as her fingers slid across her pierced clit sensually and slowly. Her other hand began to slide across her right boob, down towards her stomach where Nancy continued running frantically. The little woman turned in horror to see Helena’s fingers reaching for her, and she tried her best to outrun them but obviously her efforts were futile. Helena grabbed Nancy with ease, wrapping her slender black nailed fingers around her body and bringing her down towards her sensitive region.


“No!” Nancy cried, shaking her head in disbelief as she was brought closer and closer to the woman’s pussy, “please! Please stop! I’m begging you!”


“Soooooo gooooood…” The woman cooed again, excited to shove her new toy up her dripping wet snatch. Nancy’s body was positioned directly in front of it, her body struggling and her mind in despair. Helena wasted no time to make use of her new kinky plaything, pressing Nancy’s partially naked body firmly against her pierced clit. Nancy’s face smacked against the piercing, while her tits were now being shoved into the moist clit. Helena began to rub the tiny woman against it, feeling immense pleasure as the tiny young woman continued to cry hopelessly.


“Why are you doing this to me!” Nancy cried in absolute anguish, “I never did anything to you! Why!?”


Nancy was interrupted when her face got a mouth full of the juices that were coating the woman’s slit. Her face was lowered a bit, below the piercing as it was then unceremoniously rubbed up and down against the woman’s clit. Helena moaned uncontrollably, her eyes opening but quickly closing again before she tilted her head back and let out even more grunts and moans. She couldn’t even make out Nancy’s pleads, between her impairment and her sense of gratification she simply didn’t have the ability to hear a word from the distraught young woman.


Then Nancy’s worst nightmare came true, or more particularly her worst nightmare in this particular situation. Her body began to slid downwards, her face finally freed from having to be shoved any more into the woman’s clit. Her heart skipped a beat however when she realized what else Helena had planned, as her face suddenly began to slide between the folds of her vagina as her body was taking on a new position.


“NO!” Nancy cried, her tears indistinguishable from the woman’s fluids that were coated all over her face, “not in there! Please! Not in there, not in there, NOT IN THERE!”


Helena couldn’t hear what she was saying, and even if she did she probably would have dismissed it anyways. Without waiting any longer she crammed Nancy head first into her pulsating pussy, several grunts emanating from the back of her throat as she opened her mouth wide with pleasure.


“Ooohh…” Helena groaned, as she began to slide Nancy the rest of the way into her pussy using her two fingers. The young woman’s arms and legs promptly retaliated, causing quite the ruckus within Helena’s body which only gave the woman even more pleasure. Though Nancy was fighting to be freed, little did she understand that her frantic movements imitated that of a vibrator. Had she taken the time to compose herself and think things through, she may have realized that she was inadvertently making her situation far worse as she practically egged Helena on.


“So fucki-... Hic! So fucking good!” Helena cooed, biting her lip and shivering with an erotic sensation as Nancy continued to struggle inside her pussy. Helena hadn’t felt this much intensity for a long time, and had she not been drunk she most certainly would have understood why. Nancy was practically giving the woman a time of her life, and the more she struggled the worse it would get.


Meanwhile, inside of Helena’s juicy snatch, Nancy struggled to breathe as she continued to kick and push against the slimy walls of the inside of Helena’s vagina. The walls around her contracted and pulsated, and Nancy could have sworn she could hear the woman’s heart beat as well.


“Let me out of here!” Nancy screamed, “gaaaah!!!”


Nancy violently punched the walls, eliciting more moans from Helena and causing her to use her two fingers to cram Nancy even deeper. Nancy felt the woman’s nails brushing up against her feet, shoving her deeper and deeper into her pussy and ultimately giving Nancy further grief. Nancy shook her head and screamed at the top of her lungs, loads of orgasmic juices making themselves at home as they poured into her open mouth and caused her to choke and sputter. She couldn’t even breathe through her nostrils without more fluids shoving their way in. Any orifice that Nancy had on her body was being filled, and it started to make her situation even more deadly when she literally could not breathe.


“Guh… Gah… GAH!” Nancy tried desperately to take in a breath, but all she was doing was swallowing loads and loads of Helena’s cum. Her body began to convulse, her eyes twitching at the lack of oxygen as her face began to turn blue.


Helena had no clue that she was suffocating her little toy, cramming her fingers inside of her carelessly in the effort to reach her drunken orgasm like she had a hundred times over in her lifetime. Had she not been close, Nancy would have suffocated on her juices and met an untimely demise… But luckily for the young tiny woman this was not the case. Helena, in fact, was quite close to a climax. Her body was already convulsing with pleasure, the brink of an orgasm so close that the smell of her pussy filled her own nostrils. She crammed her fingers deep inside of her one last time, effectively allowing her to reach the breaking point before she felt an overwhelming sense of pleasure shoot throughout her entire body.


She spread her legs wide, using her fingers to spread apart her pussy lips as a rush of fluids began squirting out of her. Along with the mass, Nancy too was shot out of the woman’s vagina, landing in the pool of juices that had been soaked into the bedsheets. Nancy hurled over and vomited, sputtering and spitting a bucket full of Helena’s warm steamy fluids. She finally took in a breath of air, life coming back to her as she was finally able to breathe again. She then began to sob once more, burying her face in her hands as she cried. She felt powerless, she felt insignificant, but above all she felt less than human. She wasn’t human, not to Helena at least. Helena simply saw her as a toy, a sex toy, and she had been taking advantage of Nancy all night long.


The bed shook as Nancy was stirred from her profuse sobs, as she turned around in horror to see that Helena was scooting her ass forward. Nancy attempted to get up and make a run for it, but ultimately Helena’s titanic ass slid over the defenseless woman in one foul swoop. Nancy smacked hard against the sheets, feeling Helena’s bare cheeks sliding over her body and smothering her ruthlessly.


“Mmmm,” Helena moaned, feeling Nancy under her gargantuan buttox as she began to squirm and grind the poor little woman into the sheets. Helena wasn’t even masturbating anymore, she was just savoring the final moments of her orgasm as she gave her toy one last ride.


Nancy was suffering under the weight of Helena’s butt cheek, which was sweaty from all of the intense fun Helena had been having. Nancy felt as the woman grinded her ass into her, and Nancy cried and pleaded for mercy. Her voice was muffled however, her screams quickly dying out as the weight continued to bear down on her body.


Helena then shifted her movement, rolling to her side as she reached her hand around her waist. Nancy was stuck flat to Helena’s ass cheek, plastered there as if she was a speck of dust to be glued by the sweat. She saw Helena’s fingers reach for her, and she cried out in terror.


“Please! Please stop I’m begging you!” Nancy cried, emotionally broken from the abuse she had suffered.


Helena did as she had done every single moment before, ignored Nancy’s cries and continued to do as she pleased in her intoxicated state. She pressed her finger against Nancy’s body, beginning to slide the tiny woman across her ass cheek and towards her crack. Nancy struggled in vain, as she felt the woman cram her deep between the two mountainous ass cheeks. She was engulfed yet again, this time between two fleshy mounds similar to that of her time between the woman’s breasts. Only there it was far sweatier, and more cramped and suffocating.


“Mmm… Ohhh..” Helena groaned with satisfaction, savoring the feeling she felt as Nancy squirmed between her cheeks. It was the best toy she had ever used, and she wanted to prolong the experience as much as she could as she began to clench her ass purposefully to elicit more struggles.


As Helena clenched her cheeks, Nancy felt as if her lungs were going to burst. They pressed into her body violently, compacting her firmly into the flesh without mercy. Nancy was getting a mouthful of the woman’s sweat, which tasted salty and unpleasant. It lubricated her body, causing her to slide deeper and deeper between Helena’s cheeks until she felt her face press into a wrinkled and uncomfortably textured surface. She quickly realized it was the woman’s asshole, which pulsated at her touch and sent a shiver up Helena’s spine.


“Oh… Hic! Oh yeah…” Helena cooed, pressing her hand against her ass and squeezing her cheeks together as if to elicit more reactions from the tiny woman. It felt amazing to have the tiny woman pressed against her asshole, a subtle feeling of dominance filling her up inside.


Nancy sobbed, as she had been doing this entire time. There was nothing else to do, no more struggles to give. After everything, she finally gave up, her face pressed firmly against Helena’s asshole as she sobbed like a pathetic child who was lost in a grocery store. Her life had been reduced to this woman’s pleasure, nothing more.


Helena had grown tired, the intoxication finally starting to take its toll as the woman found herself growing tired. She closed her eyes gently, one of her last thoughts being of how she’d use her toy again in the morning before work. Of course it would be uncertain whether her sober state would warrant some humanity in her actions, and the best Nancy could hope for was that the woman would realize the error of her ways once she was sober and do the right thing.


Helena passed out drunk, her cheeks relaxing as Nancy was stuck against her asshole crying. The night would be a long one, as Nancy would be forced to sleep between this woman’s ass cheeks. Helena snored in her slumber, and by morning she would realize the little treat that she had taken home with her from the night before.


For Nancy’s sake, we would certainly hope Helena wasn’t so cruel while sober… Or would we?




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