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- Heavy vore mention
- Anal insertion mention
- Heavy digestive suggestions
- Instant size changing

The room was silent, the late evening shown by the sight of the setting sun through the window. The curtains were left open, the bed unmade and the sheets scattered. Sabrina was sitting on the floor, her legs sprawled out as her back rested against her bed frame. She looked down at her stomach, as she had been doing nearly the entire day. Her face was blotched red, her tears long dried as she sat there in frozen silence.

For the longest time she was alone, after the spell that had been cast upon her had forced her to devour the one person that Prudence had instructed her to keep alive. Every second that passed was agony, torture even, as Sabrina pondered the multitude of ways that Prudence would punish her, likely an end result of death.

For hours Bri had pounded and kicked against the walls of her gut, as Sabrina sat in painful, agonizing silence and distress. She cried and sobbed for the longest time, wanting to puke up her old friend desperately but unable to do so since Bethany’s spell took hold over her mind. She couldn’t even utter Bri’s name, she wanted to, but the spell didn’t allow it. Any word, phrase or gesture that would indicate the truth, her body disallowed.

After the entire day had passed, the dread of Prudence’s inevitable arrival began to gnaw at her soul. How would her friend punish her? She had seen Prudence do many things, such as crushing those beneath her feet, or feeding her enemies to her blonde friend. Sabrina feared only one punishment above the rest, being eaten alive, as she had eaten so many others. She reflected over all of her victims, but as fearful as she was of meeting the same fate, she still had no remorse over what she had done, and she realized that she truly was an evil person.

“Hello…?” Sabrina called out in a whisper, “are you still… Are you still in there…?”

Sabrina grabbed her gut, feeling it gurgle and groan. Bri’s frantic punches and kicking had stopped only an hour ago. If Prudence had arrived before then, Sabrina wondered if there would have been a chance to save her, but being unable to tell Prudence the truth, she doubted it would have mattered. All of her victims seemed to digest at different lengths of time, some lasting nearly ten or more hours and others lasting under two, depending on how soon they entered her intestines.

She knew that if Bri had slipped into the next stage of her digestive cycle, then it was over. Even if the little one had merely passed out in her gut, it only meant her belly would churn and shift the contents of little Bri into her small intestine anyways, so at this point Sabrina figured that it was indeed over. Bri was gone, long digested, and still Prudence was nowhere to be found.

As if on cue, the door to her bedroom opened wide. Sabrina couldn’t even bring herself to look up at whoever entered, already knowing that it was likely Prudence. The sound of leather, goth boots approaching where she sat filled her ears. The blondes' eyes began to tear up again, fear filling her heart as the person who entered the room walked up beside her and looked down at her.

“Where is she?” Prudence asked, looking down at Sabrina with a blank expression.

“She… She…?” Sabrina slowly looked up at Prudence, and she became terrified.

“Yes, where is she?” Prudence asked again, the Dark Grimoire clutched in her hand as she looked down at Sabrina with disappointment.

Sabrina noticed the book in Prudence’s hand, and she dreaded what it meant. “Is that… Is that the Dark Grimoire…?”

“Sabrina,” Prudence spat, “you’re beginning to frustrate me. Where. Is. Bri…?”

“I… I can’t say it…” Sabrina shut her eyes, clenched tight as she began to dread the wrath of her witch friend. She wanted to spill it all, but Bethany’s curse was too powerful, and Sabrina didn’t have the magical abilities to do anything about it. Her only hope was Prudence, but that hope faded as the irritated witch clenched her fists.

“You didn’t… You didn’t!” Prudence hissed, “why? Why, Sabrina? Did you think the threat I gave you was an idle one? Did you really think I wouldn’t punish you?”

Prudence bent down, setting the book on the ground as she reached out and placed her hand on Sabrina’s exposed stomach, the blonde still naked since that morning.

“Revelare…” Prudence chanted, a spell of revealment, as she sensed the contents of Sabrina’s digestive system. She could feel the contents throughout, from the blondes gut, to her small intestines, to her large intestine, and all that was digested, the contents of Sabrina’s body, were revealed to her.

“God damn you, Sabrina…” Prudence clenched her teeth, digging her nails into Sabrina’s gut, “why… Why would you do this…”

“I’m… I’m so sorry…” Sabrina began to panic, shaking her head slowly in denial as the reality of her situation began to unfold, “please… I didn’t mean it… Forgive me…”

“No…” Prudence stood up, looking down at Sabrina with disgust, “the one person I commanded you not to eat, and you swallowed her alive anyways. I was hoping she might be alive… But she’s in your large intestine now. She’s dead…”

Prudence’s fists clenched so tight, that her own nails dug into her palms. She lifted her head, closing her eyes as she tried desperately not to become enraged. She had wanted Bri to suffer, of course, after having sex with her ex-boyfriend. However, Prudence had never intended to kill her long-time friend, she just wanted to make an example out of her. Now Bri was gone, digested inside of her foolish, blonde friend.

Prudence sighed, palming her face with dismay as she wondered what she was going to do. She never actually thought that Sabrina would go against her wishes, she never thought she’d have to actually punish her at all. She had to make an example out of her, she couldn’t let this slide, not when it involved the revenge of the betrayal of her ex Dillon.

“I was really hoping it would never come to this…” Prudence sighed as she looked down at Sabrina with pity, the look in the blondes eyes revealing that of dread and anguish.

“Please!” Sabrina pleaded, shifting on to her knees as she grabbed Prudence's heels and looked up at her teary eyes, “have mercy! You don’t understand! I had to do it! I had to eat her!”

“You disgust me…” Prudence hissed, “you truly have no self control? Do you?” Prudence looked around the room, realizing that Lindsay was gone as well. This made her scowl, “you ate them both… Didn’t you!? Ugh, I should have known you were too crazy for your own good. That’s not the kind of person I can trust, I’m sorry Sabrina. You’ve forced my hand…”

“No!” Sabrina screamed, standing up to her feet and making a run for the door. She wasn’t going to let this happen, she couldn’t. She had to find Bethany, the one responsible, she had to find a way to get Prudence to learn the truth.

“You can’t run from me…” Prudence rolled her eyes in annoyance, lifting her hand, and snapping her fingers.

Sabrina’s breath left her lungs, an overwhelming sensation swelling up inside of her, like the feeling when you drop down a large decline like when on a rollercoaster. The world expanded outwards, growing infinitely as the distraught blonde found herself being shrunk down just like her previous victims. She hit the floor with a thud, her hands catching her fall as they fell into the thick fibers of her bedroom carpet.

‘No…’ Sabrina thought in denial, ‘I’m the predator… I’m the Goddess… Aren’t I…? I can’t die like this, not me, not me…’

The thundering thuds of Prudence’s boots caused the floor to rumble beneath the hands of Sabrina, her head turning around slowly as her old friend looked down at her with a frown. Sabrina’s heart raced, terror striking her throughout, the shattering reality of her doom starting to grip her mind.

“I almost want to make this quick…” Prudence lifted her foot, hovering it above Sabrina as the shrunken teen looked up at her friend in horror.

“Please! I’m begging you!” Sabrina sobbed, unable to contain her nerves any longer, “I didn’t mean it! You know me! You know I wouldn’t mean it, please! You don’t understand!”

“I thought I knew you,” Prudence shook her head, “I was so amused at how much you enjoyed eating Dillons parents… The way you hunted the entire cheer squad, I truly thought it was hilarious. I never quite understood the appetite for flesh, but…”

Prudence realized something, the true punishment that Sabrina deserved. For a moment she felt horrible for considering it, but why should she? She had eaten Bri against being commanded not to, and Bri had to suffer the same fate as everyone else that Sabrina had devoured heartlessly. There was only one fitting punishment for someone like that, just one.

Prudence lowered her foot to the side, bending her knees as she lowered herself towards Sabrina. The blonde looked up at her fearfully, desperately trying to sputter the truth, but she couldn’t even make an attempt. The curse was strong, insanely so, she never fathomed that she’d be in a situation like this. She knew she couldn’t trust Bethany, she only wished she had done something about it sooner, not that she had the power to anyways.

“You brought this on yourself…” Prudence said harshly, “you realize what I am going to do, don’t you? I have to make an example of you, Sabrina… And you ate my friend in cold blood…”

Sabrina’s eyes opened wide in shock, as she began to shake her head violently. “No! Oh God… Please, don’t do it…!”

“I’m going to eat you Sabrina,” Prudence revealed cruelly, “you have to learn your lesson. You’re going to digest inside of my belly, just like Bri did inside yours. You’re going to slip into my intestines, my body breaking you down as you melt down to the bones. Otherwise, before you die, you’ll never fully grasp the reality of your heinous sin.”

“No!” Sabrina quickly stood to her feet, backing away in a panic, “you can’t do this to me! You don’t understand! I… Gah! I… Fuck! I can’t say it! Why can’t I say it!?”

“There is nothing to say at all,” Prudence interrupted, as she began to reach down for her frantic friend, “I’ll try not to enjoy it, only for the sake of our friendship, but it is over, Sabrina. I’m sorry it had to end this way for you, I was looking forward to watching Bethany slip down that tight throat of yours… What a shame…”

The giant witch snatched Sabrina off the floor, as the shrunken teen began to scream and beg. “Please! Prudence I’m sorry! You’re my friend, I’d never do anything to upset you! Please! Please forgive me!”

“I can’t…” Prudence responded, “at least you're already naked… I never understood how you could eat their clothes too. Ick…”

“Oh God!?” Sabrina couldn’t believe it, this was happening, and she was helpless to stop it. “Please! I’ll do anything! I’ll do anything to make up for it! Please don’t eat me! I don’t want to die!”

“The more you struggle, the worse you’re going to make it for yourself…” Prudence felt her gut wrench, actually starting to feel remorse. She had come to consider Sabrina quite a true friend, somebody that did as she instructed without question. How was she supposed to forgive the girl who devoured her friend? The one she was supposed to ultimately punish? She had wanted to give Bri a second chance afterwards, but alas, that chance died inside the gut of her blonde friend.

Prudence lifted Sabrina overhead, staring up at her with a somber expression. This pained her, more than Sabrina could ever know, but she couldn’t allow this sin to go unpunished. Diablos had given her a great power now, and how could he possibly have faith in a witch who didn’t punish those who wronged her? She had to do this, the Dark Grimoire was far more important than an act of mercy. An act of… Weakness.

“I will take no joy in this… Sabrina,” Prudence said softly, “I never wanted to eat anybody, but you have to suffer the way Bri suffered… It’s your penance, for the sin you committed against me… I’m only sorry that our friendship couldn’t have lasted longer.”

Prudence parted her lips, plush and coated in a thick, black lipstick. Her maw opened wide, her tongue settling flat to expose her once hidden, pulsating throat. Sabrina’s eyes opened wide in horror, wider than ever before. Her body fell limp, her struggles seizing as she realized that Bethany had won. There was nothing she could do, as she stared into the menacing gullet of her friend.

Prudence had perfectly aligned, white teeth. Her tongue was a reddish pink, her throat tight and her tonsils rather large. Her uvula was a bit longer than most, the tip nearly resting on the back of her tongue. Sabrina’s tears streamed down her cheeks silently, as the blonde realized that there was nothing she could do to stop this. Her friend did always have a sick sense of justice, she should have realized this is what her fate would be. Bethany had hoped this would be the outcome, and the bitch got what she wished for.

“Prudence…” Sabrina murmured, as Prudence closed her eyes.

The witch couldn’t bear to look into the eyes of her friend, admittedly, her heart began to wane. She didn’t want it to come to this, she never thought it would. She began wondering what this would feel like, as she swallowed Sabrina alive, the same way Sabrina devoured so many before her thanks to Prudence’ magic.

‘Goodbye Sabrina…’ Prudence thought to herself, as she prepared to drop her friend into her awaiting mouth.

“Prude…?” Sabrina whimpered, feeling the grip on Prudence’ fingers begin to release her, “please… don’t…”


Prudence’ eyes opened, the sound of another woman catching her ears. It wasn’t Sabrina, no, it was someone else across the room. Prudence snapped her mouth shut, and Sabrina thought she was going to faint after feeling a bit of relief. Her head became dazed, the room starting to spin. She thought for sure she was about to be devoured by Prudence, it was a split second away from happening, but someone had called out to stop it.

“Who the hell…?” Prudence turned, and to her absolute disbelief she saw the still shrunken, and alive, Lindsay from the cheer squad running up to her feet from the ground.

“Don’t do it!” Lindsay shouted, “it wasn’t her fault! You don’t understand!”

“What…!?” Prudence couldn’t believe it, why would Sabrina devour Bri before eating the other available morsel first. It made no sense, and Prudence knew that despite Sabrina’s uncontrollable urges, she was still somewhat sensible.

Prudence clutched Sabrina tightly in her grip, lowering her by her waist as she gazed down at Lindsay. “Explain, now! Why the hell are you alive, and Bri isn’t?”

“It was that nerd! Bethany!” Lindsay revealed, “I am not really familiar with this witch shit… But she seemed to force Sabrina to eat Bri! She didn’t want to do it! And then she told Sabrina she couldn’t tell you about it! I think she was cursed or something!”

Prudence scowled, and suddenly she realized that she was the fool all along. She could have easily learned this truth, had she unveiled the curse using the Dark Grimoire, but her ego and her feeling of betrayal blinded her to the truth. Sabrina was trustworthy after all, as she had always been, and Prudence nearly gulped her down like a piece of candy.

“Sabrina…” Prudence held the blonde up to her face, “is this true?”

Sabrina’s teary face looked into Prudence’s eyes, a strain apparent in her expression, “I… Didn’t mean it…”

“Fuck…” Prudence sighed, bending down and placing Sabrina back on the floor. The black teen was immensely irritated, unable to believe she had nearly devoured her only ally that was left alive. If Lindsay hadn’t somehow survived Bethany, or if she had lied and remained hidden to survive from Prudence, Sabrina would have been trapped in her gut right now.

Prudence lifted her fingers, and snapped them. Sabrina instantly returned to her normal size, as swiftly as she had shrunk to begin with. The blonde fell on her ass, looking around the room with a woozy feeling as Prudence seemed to float around her in a daze. For a moment she felt confused, until she hunched over and vomited all over the floor.

“Gross,” Prudence rolled her eyes, “I am sorry, Sabrina, though I admit that it’s slightly amusing you nearly got a taste of your own medicine…”

“I… I thought I was going to die…” Sabrina clutched the carpet fibers in her hands, her heart still heavy as she felt sick to her stomach. “You were… You were going to eat me…”

“Is that a problem?” Prudence snared, “how was I supposed to know you were cursed?”

Sabrina snapped her neck upwards, a somber glare in her eyes, “I’ve always been loyal to you! And you nearly ate me! Do you understand how horrific that would have been!?”

“And what about the cheer squad?” Prudence snapped, “I’m sure they had a joyful time melting inside that gut of yours. I made a mistake, get over it!”

Sabrina sighed, wiping the tears from her eyes. Prudence was right, it wasn’t her fault, but she certainly had a sick sense of perverted justice. Sabrina stood to her feet, cringing at the vomit she left on her floor. She sniffled, trying to forget that she nearly ended up in the belly of Prudence.

“So then,” Prudence turned and bent down to address Lindsay, “how are you alive? And why did you put your life on the line to tell me the truth about Sabrina?”

“Hello!?” Sabrina interrupted, “I am still cursed!”

“Right…” Prudence’s eyes glowed, as she looked over at Sabrina, “reverse!”

Sabrina felt a sharp jab in the back of her neck, but it was brief. “Ow… Bethany was here! I ate Bri! She made me eat Bri!” Sabrina sighed with relief, “finally!”

“Anyways…” Prudence faced Lindsay again, “spill it.”

“When I saw Bethany at the door, I was scared,” Lindsay admitted nervously, “I didn’t even want her to see me, not after she initially intended to eat me… I didn’t want to die!”

“Fair enough, understandable reaction when you’re an inch tall and completely defenseless,” Prudence shrugged, “but why are you coming forth now? I thought you were dead, you could have escaped…”

“Escaped!?” Lindsay chuckled, “and do what!? I am an inch tall! Besides… I belong to Sabrina now! Unless…”

“Unless…?” Prudence raised an eyebrow.

Lindsay gulped nervously, as she looked over at Sabrina. The blonde gave her a gentle look, one that spoke of gratitude almost. Lindsay smiled nervously at her, before looking up at Prudence.

“Sabrina could never love me… She’s not into me that way,” Lindsay admitted painfully, “I was relieved that she was going to let me live. I was happy to serve her! And I understand if you refuse my request… But you can trust me to keep your secret…”

“You want to return to normal, right?” Prudence smirked, “of course… That’s natural, the desire to be normal. Of course I don’t trust anybody, except for Sabrina, I hope you can understand.”

Lindsay felt her heart sink, as she looked down with disappointment. “I… I understand…”

“You should unshrink her,” Sabrina inserted.

“What?” Prudence was shocked, “are you serious!?”

Lindsay looked up at Sabrina, a glimmer of hope in her eyes. Was this real? Was Sabrina actually vouching for her?

“She hid,” Sabrina continued, “and she revealed herself to save my life… As much as I’d love to have her as a toy, I also owe her my life…”

“It’s not up to you…” Prudence stated firmly, “but… I can’t argue that I’d have been quite distressed if I’d learned I ate you for a crime that wasn’t your fault…”

Prudence sighed, “fine! She can live… And be normal…”

Prudence snapped her fingers, and in another instant Lindsay was now returned to her normal size. She immediately fell to her knees, and just like Sabrina, she ended up vomiting all over the carpet from the intense regrowth.

“Gross!” Prudence repeated, “is the process that bad!?”

“Yes!” Both Lindsay and Sabrina shouted in unison, turning to look at Prudence.

“Before you run off,” Prudence looked at Lindsay as the now regular-sized teen stood to her feet slowly, “I’d like to request something of you…”

“Okay…?” Lindsay was curious, “I’ll do whatever you desire. For starters, you taught that bitch squad a lesson… In addition, you returned me to normal… I keep my promises. What can I do for you?”

“Oh… It’ll be a little gruesome, as long as you’re alright with that?” Prudence gave an evil grin.

“W-what… What do you have in mind…?” Lindsay gulped nervously.

Night had taken over, as the day was long over. It was a full moon, the stars visible in the sky as the streets were practically empty at this hour. The sidewalks were lit up by the lights of the apartments and offices in town, a few worker bees hustling out of the buildings as they went home for the day.

The door to Bethany’s room burst open, as she strode inside and tossed her backpack into the corner. It had been a long, disappointing day for her. She couldn’t replicate the shrinking spell, no matter how hard she tried. She truly hoped to feel Sabrina, the predator queen herself, slip down her throat. The idea of devouring such an apex predator turned her on, to give the bitch a taste of her own medicine. She could only hope that Prudence would do what she couldn’t, and she planned on learning the fate of Sabrina later when she’d confront her soon to be witch sister.

A squirming inside of her bowels sent a shiver up her spine, an itch present in her groin. She bit her lip, she had never anticipated that Priscilla would live this long. Bethany wondered how much oxygen could possibly inside of her guts, for Priscilla to survive in her ass for such a lengthy period of time. It had nearly been all day, but the nerdy witch wasn’t complaining. It had brought quite a few, intense orgasms.

“You seem to be having fun.”

Bethany’s ears perked, her eyes growing wide. She turned, and her heart stopped when she saw a now regular sized Lindsay standing in the doorway of her bedroom. Her family was on vacation, she was alone, and Lindsay’s miraculous ‘revival’ and regrowth was something she had not anticipated.

“Lindsay…?” Bethany thought she was losing her mind, “how!? I thought Sabrina ate you!?”

“As hot as that sounds,” Lindsay smirked, “she couldn’t even if she tried. I’m a witch, Bethany… Just. Like. You!”

“No…” Bethany shook her head, “you’re lying…”

“Am I?” Lindsay held a finger to her chin in thought, “I wonder… Is Priscilla still squirming around inside of your ass?”

“Maybe…” Bethany gave her an evil grin, “perhaps you’ll join her… Or maybe I’ll eat you, if only I knew how to shrink you…”

Bethany sighed, “no matter, I can’t allow you to live knowing my secret. Goodbye, Lindsay…”

Bethany raised her hands, and prepared to cast a death spell. “Occidere!”

Lindsay yawned sarcastically, lifting her hand and examining her nails amusedly, “as I said… You can’t kill me, remember? Witches cannot harm witches…”

“That’s impossible…” Bethany couldn’t believe it, “but you were shrunk! Prudence shrunk you! I was going to eat you before…”

“Before Sabrina saved my life?” Lindsay interrupted, “she saw the victim that I was, and she freed me from the blatant disrespect of my peers… And the cruel, truly evil gut that resides in that nerdy, ugly body of yours!”

“I don’t understand… I know you weren’t a witch! But now…” Bethany started to wonder, and then the horrific truth dawned on her, “no… Oh no…”

“That’s right Beth,” Prudence cackled maniacally, as Bethany turned around to see her at the other end of her bedroom. Sabrina stood beside her, a blank expression on her face. The most horrific sight, however, was the Dark Grimoire tucked under the black teens arm.

“That’s impossible… It can’t be…” Bethany shook her head in denial, “how did you find it!?”

“I struck a deal with the devil,” Prudence revealed, “and in return he gave me the power to destroy you. I have to admit though, I never thought I’d be able to make more witches too! I granted Lindsay here the inner power to harness the magic of darkness! Now she’s immune to your power, except for mine of course, I have the Dark Grimoire!”

Bethany knew she was fucked now. The witches of the world always knew that the Dark Grimoire was the source of their magic, and also the key to the undoing. Prudence now possessed this book, and Bethany realized she should have never revealed herself to begin with. She killed herself the moment she revealed her witch powers to Prudence.

“Maybe… Maybe we can work something out…” Bethany began to sweat, and suddenly the squirming Priscilla still inside of her asshole didn’t seem so appealing anymore, and more like a nuisance.

“The three of us pondered what to do with you…” Prudence began, “to allow Sabrina to swallow you up… I’ll admit that was my first choice, considering the way you cursed her into eating Bri…”

“I was just teasing her!” Bethany backed away, but Lindsay grabbed her by the shoulders and forced her to remain still. Bethany was starting to panic, “I didn’t mean any harm! I just wanted to have some fun! I wanted to learn how to shrink people too!”

“So you could eat Sabrina, right?” Prudence hissed, “that is what she told me. You wanted to swallow her whole, you wanted to know what it felt like to be the dominant predator, I bet you even admired Sabrina’s voracious appetite! It’d be a fitting end, for you to end up inside of her instead…”

Prudence let out a cruel grin, “but then Lindsay told me how you forced Sabrina to cram Priscilla into your asshole… And she gave me a far more glorious idea… A cruel, but fitting punishment!”

“Oh God…” Bethany shook her head frantically, “don’t do that! Please! I don’t want to be shrunk! I don’t want to be crammed into an asshole!”

“Hm?” Prudence chuckled, “oh, no! I’m not going to shrink you, Bethany. I’m not going to cram you into my asshole either…”

Bethany started to calm down, but she became curious, “then… W-what are you going to do to me?”

“Lindsay, Sabrina and myself have discussed the matter,” Prudence’ smile faded, an empty, evil look in her eyes. “Priscilla was quite the cunt on the bus, and despite her comment to my friend Sabrina here, my blonde idiot of a friend has convinced me to forgive Priscilla, and let her return to normal.”

“That’s it…?” Bethany relaxed now, “oh… I mean she is alive, somehow she’s still squirming inside of me…”

“That’s great to hear,” Prudence responded, “anyways, Bethany… I just wanted to tell you. Initially I was going to make your death swift, one witch to another, but you killed my best friend, Bri. She did cheat on me… But I couldn’t bring myself to kill her anyways, and I simply cannot forgive you for that. So you’re going to die, probably painfully, but I’m sure Priscilla will be happy to return to normal.”

“Wait… Wha-” Bethany’s eyes opened wide, a sickening feeling of expansion inside of her bowels. Suddenly she felt sick to her stomach, and she looked into Prudence’s eyes as they began to glow.

The Dark Grimoire glowed with a dark, potent energy. Bethany felt her insides being ripped apart, the squirming from Priscilla began to amplify to an excruciating level. In the span of a second, Bethany began to clutch her ass and gut as she began to scream violently.

“Ahhhh! What the fuck!? Gahh… WHAT THE FUCK IS-”

Bethany’s body exploded, her remains flying in all directions. Her blood splattered across the room, staining the walls, ceiling and carpet. Lindsay felt a blast of Bethany’s guts and remains splatter all over the front of her body, as Prudence cast a protective shield to protect Sabrina and herself from the disgusting display.

The entire thing had happened so fast, that none of them were truly prepared for what became of the nerdy witch. By the time she had exploded, and all that was left of her splattered all over her bedroom, a now regrown, bloodied Priscilla was kneeling on the floor. She looked down at herself, Bethany covering her entire body, or what was left. Her eyes filled with horror, and she began to let out a series of blood curdling screams.

“Oh my God!? Ahhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh!” Priscilla screamed and cried, after being trapped inside of Bethany’s ass for almost the entire day, she now found herself regrown from inside her tormentor and now covered in her guts and blood. She had lost her mind, unable to stop screaming as Prudence let the barrier dissipate before rolling her eyes in annoyance.

“Oh for fucks sake… Stop screaming!” Prudence held up her hand, “silentium!”

Priscilla felt her voice escape her, her screams coming to an abrupt halt as she looked up at Prudence in horror. She didn’t know how to live with this, how to comprehend any of it. One moment she was on the bus teasing Sabrina, the next she was tortured by Bethany, and now Bethany’s remains were all over her. The past two days had truly been an endless nightmare, and she’d be traumatized over it for the rest of her life.

“That’s better,” Prudence smiled, “now then… Priscilla, Sabrina here has chosen to forgive you, since what we just made you do was rather disgusting and horrific, we think you’ve learned a valuable lesson in the respect of others. Would you agree?”

Priscilla looked into Prudence’s eyes with terror, unable to speak or scream. She nodded her head slowly, her heart sinking low as she tried to process what was happening.

“Good,” Prudence curled her lips into a wicked, satisfied grin, “Lindsay here is a witch now, and I taught her my shrinking spell, so if you slip any secrets with that tongue of yours, you’ll end up in her belly… Got it?”

Priscilla nodded again, slowly turning to look at Lindsay with a look of dread. Lindsay slowly smiled at her, biting her lip as if to torment the poor girl further. She then patted her belly, chuckling with cruelty.

“Don’t tempt me…” Lindsay teased.

“Well then, now that all of this is settled,” Prudence turned to face Sabrina, “we have a long trip ahead of us, Sabrina!”

“What?” Sabrina was confused, “where are we going?”

“I made a deal with Diablos,” Prudence informed, “he wants us to track down some cunt named Kali, use her as bait or whatever. We’ll need to question her and learn what she knows, I’m not sure what the dark lord has planned for her.”

“But… Why…?” Sabrina asked curiously.

“Beats me,” Prudence shrugged, “but he was willing to grant me the untapped potential of the source of dark magic itself, the Dark Grimoire, and I will not lose this power by questioning his authority. Will you join me, sister?”

“Of course!” Sabrina smiled, “I told you… I’m loyal to you…”

“Great,” Prudence turned to face Lindsay, “so no hard feelings between us?”

“Are you kidding me!?” Lindsay smiled joyfully, “not only did you let me live, you gave me witch powers!? All is forgiven! Now I can get back at some cunts from school… I owe it all to you!”

“It’s a shame,” Sabrina cooed, “and to think of all the fun I could have had with you… Gonna miss yuh!”

“I’ll admit it would have been glorious,” Lindsay winked at the blonde, “but I am happy to be back to normal, with some added benefits… Meeting the two of you was the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me! And Bethany got what she deserved.”

“You’ll handle Priscilla I take it?” Prudence looked down at the silent, still traumatized teen who simply sat on the floor, terrified.

“Yeah I got her,” Lindsay answered as she grabbed the frightened teen by the arm and forced her to her feet, “I’ll make sure she gets back home, with secrets she shall not share.”

Lindsay began to walk Priscilla towards the exit, as the terrified teen sobbed in silence as she obeyed her powerful overlord. Lindsay turned to face Prudence and Sabrina one last time, a curious look in her eyes.

“I do wonder…” Lindsay said, “why didn’t you accept Prudence’s offer to make you a witch? Back in your room, before we came here?”

Sabrina shrugged, “meh… Magic isn’t my thing, I’d prefer to keep the role of moral support.”

“Really?” Lindsay was surprised, “untold power? The ability to do as you please…?”

“I already have all of that,” Sabrina faced Prudence with a smile, “through Prudence, my best friend!”

“Suit yourself,” Lindsay laughed, “see you two later… Or not, wherever the hell you’re going…”

The teen left the room with Priscilla in tow, as Prudence turned around and smiled gently at Sabrina. The blonde smiled back, as Prudence rested a hand on her shoulder.

“Best friend huh?” Prudence chuckled, “it’s a shame Bri couldn’t be here… Fuck Bethany for what she did to her.”

“I regret having to had been the vessel of her demise…” Sabrina sighed, “even though it wasn’t really me, I can’t help but feel terrible about it regardless…”

“Well if you ever want to experience what it felt like for Bri,” Prudence gave a wicked smirk, “I can enchant you with an invulnerability spell, and you can have a one way trip through my body… I’d still like to see what you taste like one of these days, give you a taste of your own medicine! Except this time you’d live of course…”

Sabrina smiled awkwardly as she scratched her neck anxiously, “I think I’ll pass… I’m still a bit traumatized from nearly being digested by you… Your throat is fucking terrifying…”

“I bet it was,” Prudence grabbed Sabrina by the collar of her shirt, pulling her in close, “but I might not give you the choice…”

Prudence stuck out her tongue, licking Sabrina’s face from the bottom of her cheek, all the way up her face, across her eye and up her forehead. A trail of her saliva stuck to Sabrina’s face, as she recoiled at the wet, slick feeling of Prudence’s tongue.

“Yuck!” Sabrina wiped Prudence’ spit from her face, “that was disgusting!”

“You taste pretty good,” Prudence teased, “admit it, you thought it was hot.”

Sabrina’s face flushed red with embarrassment, “are… Are you serious about…?”

“What,” Prudence grinned, “eating you? Of course I am! I won’t kill you of course, but you still ate Bri, so one day you’ll be coming out this sexy ass of mine whether you want to or not! I’ll chant you with a protection spell, you don’t have to worry darling!”

“I suppose it’s fair…” Sabrina shuddered at the thought of going through Prudence’ digestive system, but as long as she didn’t die, or feel pain, she supposed it was the best she could ask for. She was grateful to be alive, the idea of Prudence eating her mercilessly painful to even think about.

“So… Where exactly are we going then…?” Sabrina asked, not having gotten a clearer answer the last time she had asked.

Prudence smiled, “Seattle, Sabrina. We’re going to the city of Seattle…”

[ Prudence & Sabrina will return in My Tiny Life: Volume V ]

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