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Author's Chapter Notes:


1) Nick VS Highschool (Volumes I, II & III)

2) My Tiny Life (Volumes I, II, III & IV)

3) Prudence The Teenage Witch (Episodes 0 - 4)

4) My Tiny Life (Volume V / Final Volume) <---- IN PROGRESS [Phase IV]

5) The Misadventures Of Allison Ali Alan (Optional, can skip) <---- IN PROGRESS [Phase IV]

6) Diana (Begins in Phase V)

7) Nick VS College (Begins in Phase V)

8) My Tiny Life '2' (Begins in Phase VI)

9) Nick VS The World (Begins in Phase VII)

Technically Their Little Secret is part of the Kempverse, HOWEVER it hosts massive spoilers technically in a way that kind of ruins Nick VS College even though it isn't even written yet.... So I've decided to make it NON CANON and thus you can read it after the rest of above.

All other stories on my page are not in the Kempverse and dont' spoil anything. You can identify my kempverse stories by looking at the story summary. You will see this pasted on every story tied to the Nick universe

**(This story takes place in the kempverse, a universe I created in which Nick VS Highschool takes place, and thus you may find hidden easter eggs/recognize characters from other stories that also take place in the kempverse)**



“You were great,” the young man ran his fingers through Bri’s hair, as he stood just outside the front door of her parents home.


Bri smiled softly, butterflies in her heart, “you were great too,” Bri responded shyly, “I’m just a little nervous is all… So I hope you don’t mind me sending you off…”


“Nervous huh?” the young man laughed, “afraid that Prudence is gonna find out you slept with me?”


“Dillon, she is your girlfriend…” Bri said faintly, “don’t you feel… I don’t know… A little guilty?”


“Nah,” Dillon responded, “how could I feel guilty, when a more beautiful girl stands in front of me at this very moment?”


Bri blushed, easily wooed by Dillon’s simple compliments, “oh Dillon, why can’t you just leave her already and be with me fully?”


“It’s gotta be right,” Dillon smiled softly, caressing Bri’s cheek, “you know how Prudence can be, and I don’t want to mess up your friendship.”


“I guess…” Bri sighed softly.


“I’d best get going home, aren’t you going over to her house for a sleepover?” Dillon asked.


“Yeah, ‘Christmas Eve’ sleepover,” Bri answered, “she does one every year, and we exchange gifts with each other and stuff.”


Dillon smiled, “let me know what you get!”


“I will,” Bri smiled, “now get going! I’d best head to her house before it gets any darker.”


Dillon gave her a wink, before blowing her a kiss and heading down the porch steps. Bri watched as her secret lover vanished into the woodline not far away, taking the trail to return home. Bri turned just inside the house, grabbing the bag that she had already packed to prepare for the sleepover. She felt a little uneasy, knowing it would be awkward to be around Prudence and acting as if everything was alright.


It’s not like she treated Dillon very well anyways, and though she made a great friend to Bri, the young woman had heard stories that Prudence was far from a good girlfriend. Always needy and rude, as if her boyfriend was to meet her every need like some little bitch boy. These rumours had soured Bri’s opinion of her long time friend, but regardless she felt very ashamed of going behind her back and fucking her boyfriend. Bri couldn’t help herself, Dillon sure was the charmer.


Bri had headed out onto the roadway, walking towards Prudence’s house which was only a mile down the road. The sun was setting, and the woods all around began to cast shadows. Bri had walked this road many times to reach her friends home, even during the darkest of nights. She had lived on the outskirts of town for the entirety of her life, and even the creepiest of forests could not frighten her.


‘Just play it cool Bri,’ Bri thought to herself, ‘don’t act weird, and don’t give Prudence a reason to assume anything is wrong.’


Bri was very anxious, but not because the sky had begun to turn black. She was anxious because she knew that if Prudence ever found out that her boyfriend had cheated on her, especially with her best friend, that the angsty teen would unleash a torrent of hellfire upon her soul. Metaphorically speaking of course!


After a long walk, the athletic teen finally spotted Prudence’s house in the distance. It was a lovely home, nothing too shabby and just the right amount of homely. Bri crossed the small bridge that stretched out of the creek underneath, which separate the property from the main road. Bri followed the gravel trail up to the porch, and just as she approached the front door it flung open abruptly.


“Bri!” Shouted the voice of Prudence as the teen stormed out of the house and came face to face with her friend.


Bri was taken aback, unnerved at the sudden outburst, “uh… Yeah?”


Prudence crossed her arms, a scowl on her face, “you sure have balls showing up here!”


Bri was sweating nervously, “Prudence I can explain…” Bri was beginning to panic.


“You’d better start!” Prudence retorted, “because you’re late!”


Bri froze, suddenly confused as she stared into the eyes of her friend. Prudence’s scowl quickly faded, a snickering smile spreading across her lips, “you’re late, you’re never late!”


Bri let out a sigh of relief, “oh… Yeah sorry, I got sidetracked at home. Parents had me do some chores before I left.”


Prudence grabbed Bri’s hand and started dragging her into the house, “no worries, come on the others are already here!”


Bri was forcefully tugged into Prudence’s home, the door being closed behind them. Bri and Prudence entered the living room, where a warm fire was flickering. In the center of the room were seven white candles, a high school photo of Bri in the center along with a pin needle. Bri felt a chill of dread run down her spine, “oh Prudence… I thought we agreed to keep me out of this stuff…”


Sabrina was sitting with her legs crossed, a blonde haired teen with a slim face and figure. She smiled up at Bri, “hey! You arrived just in time for the good stuff!”


On the opposite side of Sabrina was Kylie, a teen with short hazel hair and full figured body. She waved at Bri anxiously, “hey, my name's Kylie, I’m new to the friend group.”


“Oh, well I’m Bri! Pleased to meet you,” Bri waved back timidly.


“Yeah, Kylie here got accepted into the group for some incredible news she gave me!” Prudence exclaimed, “she found evidence that my bitch boyfriend has been cheating on me! The maggot…”


Bri felt even more dreadful than she already had, trying to remain as composed as she could possibly be, “oh? Um… How’d she manage th-that?”


Prudence waved her hand, “blah, let’s not worry about it right now. I want to try out this new spell I recently learned first!”


“Oh, um… Alright then…” Bri was extremely anxious now, especially now that Prudence knew that Dillon was cheating on her. If she were to confront him, and he were to reveal who it was he was having sex with… Bri knew that all hell would break loose.


You see, there’s a very good reason why Bri was so nervous about Prudence learning the truth, because Prudence was in fact a witch. Though she had never done anything to harm any of her friends, Bri had seen what her wicked friend was capable of to those who did her dirty. She didn’t want to think about what Prudence would do to her once she found out she had been betrayed.


“So… What spell is this exactly?” Bri was looking at her school picture in the center of the unlit candles, a nervous sweat building up on her back.


“You’ll see,” Prudence exclaimed, “you’re going to love this one Bri! I know you hate my witch stuff and all… But I just had to show you this one!”


“Alrighty then…” Bri nervously sat down between Sabrina and Kylie, who both looked at her with a smile.


Sabrina found out about Prudence being a witch shortly after Bri had, both of whom took many weeks to get used to the idea of having a witch for a friend. Kylie was new to the group however, and Bri wasn’t sure how she could have found out about Prudence’s secret. Prudence was very secretive, so Kylie being here made Bri very queasy. Something wasn’t right, and with her picture being in the center of them all she had a feeling that something bad was probably going to happen.


Prudence sat down, completing the circle of friends around the candles, “join hands my sisters,” Prudence commanded.


Sabrina joined hands with Prudence, as did Kylie. Kylie and Sabrina both turned to face Bri, holding out their hands as they waited for hers. Bri gulped nervously, reaching out and conjoining hands with the two. Prudence smiled, closing her eyes. After a short moment, all seven candles lit themselves. Watching Prudence cast her magical spells had always made Bri uncomfortable, simply because she knew that Prudence could do something awful at any time. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Prudence, more so the magic itself made her anxious.


Prudence opened her eyes, staring into the picture of Bri with an immense focus, “truth I seek… Tell me no lies.”


Bri’s hands began to quiver, at the words Prudence spoke. She was casting a truth spell, it was beginning to make sense to Bri. Had Prudence found out? Or perhaps she was suspicious already, and decided to cast the spell to find out for sure. It didn’t matter however, because Bri was absolutely guilty. She couldn’t act out of place though, and decided to remain calm and hope that the spell would fail…. If it even could.


“Questions answered… No secrets shall you hide…” Prudence finished the chant, and all seven candles abruptly burnt out.


“Prudence…” Bri called, though she hadn’t intended to. She felt a knot build up inside of her, as if it was working it’s way up her throat in an attempt to be free.


Prudence smirked devilishly, “something you’d like to say, Bri?”


“I… I…” Bri began to tear up a little, realizing it was too late, “I fucked Dillon…”


“Well then…” Prudence shook her head in disappointment, turning to face Kylie, “I guess you were telling me the truth Kylie… Guess I won’t have to wipe your memory after all. Welcome to our group!”


Kylie smiled, and nodded with approval, “glad to join you…”


Bri pulled her hands from Kylie and Sabrina’s grip, standing to her feet in a panic, “Prudence… I can explain…”


“Save it,” Prudence stood up, towering over her shorter friend, “you were my bestie from the start… So when Kylie here told me she saw Dillon all over some slut that matched your description, I couldn’t believe it!”


“Prude-” Bri was interrupted.


“It’s a shame… You were like a sister to me really,” Prudence shrugged her shoulders, “but I ain’t gonna let some slut get away with fucking my property!”


“Your… Your property!?” Bri couldn’t believe what she was hearing, and the way Prudence talked about Dillon unsettled her.


“Girls, hold the slut down,” Prudence commanded, Sabrina and Kylie immediately obeying her command.


“What!?” Bri stepped back in terror, “no way! Get away from me!”


Sabrina grabbed Bri’s left arm, and Kylie her right. They kneed her in the back of the legs, forcing her to her knees and keeping her from standing up. Bri was the shortest of the group, and simply wasn’t strong enough to get out of their grip. Prudence pulled a string from her pocket, an evil smile on her lips. She walked towards the coffee table, grabbing a pair of scissors that had been placed there for this moment. She cut the string into five portions, each portion roughly a foot long.


Bri wasn’t sure what she was going to do, her heart beating rapidly as she continued to try and break free of the two girls' grip on her arms. Prudence held all five portions of string in her palm, picking up one of the seven candles on the floor.


“Flame,” Prudence chanted, the candle lighting itself.


“Prudence… I’m sorry,” Bri apologized, tears streaming down her face, “don’t hurt me! Please don’t hurt me!”


Prudence ignored her old friends' pleas for mercy, taking a single string from her palm and holding it over the flame of the candle. The end of the string caught aflame, and immediately the entire string burnt up into ash between Prudence’s fingers, “Brianna Benson, you shall shrink by a foot more!”


Bri immediately felt her world become dizzy, a sudden jolt throughout her body causing her to nearly go into a seizure. Sabrina and Kylie lost their grip, backing away in fright from the sudden occurrence.


Prudence took another string, repeating the process as she burnt the next one, “Brianna Benson, you shall shrink by a foot more!”


Once again Bri felt a jolt, the world becoming seemingly larger before her very eyes. Her head was throbbing, and she was unable to move a single muscle as Prudence continued to cast her wicked spell.


Prudence burnt the third string in her palm, continuing her chant, “Brianna Benson, you shall shrink by a foot more!”


Sabrina and Kylie looked at one another, watching in amazement as Bri literally shrunk before them foot by foot. They envied Prudence’s power, but dared not cross her as Bri had. Prudence burnt the fourth piece of string, saying the chant yet again, “Brianna Benson, you shall shrink by a foot more!”


Bri was only five feet and one inch tall, and though her mind was spinning in circles she was able to understand what Prudence was doing. Prudence burnt the final string, repeating the chant for the final time to complete the spell, “Brianna Benson, you shall shrink by a foot more!”


Bri vanished within her clothing entirely, a mix of her jeans, shirt and undergarments piling on top of her. Sabrina and Kylie hovered from above, looking down at the pile of clothes for any movement. All was still however, as Prudence approached the pile of clothing and joined her two friends.


“Did… Did the spell kill her?” Sabrina murmured, still seeing no sign of movement.


“I doubt it,” Prudence scoffed.


Suddenly movement could be seen, as Bri began to move around her underwear. She was panicking, trying desperately to find a way out of her own clothes, of which were now a hundred times her size. She never imagined that Prudence had the ability to completely reduce her as a human being, and the thoughts of what Prudence would do to her at this size terrified her to the bone.


All of a sudden her clothes were lifted into the air, and Bri looked up in fright to see the swift hand of Sabrina as the blonde reached down and quickly snatched her up off the floor.


“She’s totally naked!” Sabrina pointed, laughing profusely as Bri began to cry.


“Well she is a slut,” Prudence retorted, “naked, as all sluts prefer!”


“So, what now?” Kylie asked, not entirely sure what came next for Bri.


Prudence smiled, turning her gaze towards the now one inch Bri. She held up a hand and hovered it from above, “Brianna is vulnerable, unsafe and unprotected. Now within my kind magic, protect them from others, from death, pain and collected.”


“Uhh,” Sabrina looked at Prudence in confusion, “what did you just do exactly?”


Prudence smiled wickedly, “just making sure that our little friend here doesn’t break too soon…”


Bri began squirming in Sabrina’s grip, “Prudence! Please!”


“Oh shut it,” Prudence shouted, “it was you who decided to fuck my boyfriend behind my back, now you’re going to deal with the consequences!”


Prudence bent down and brought her face only inches away from Bri, a wicked and unpleasant look in her eyes, “tis’ what happens… When you cross a witch!”


Bri remained silent, not wanting to anger Prudence any further. She knew not what the teen had in store for her, but she knew it couldn’t have been anything good. She had seen Prudence curse several other students over the course of their high school years, though nothing that was ultimately fatal. Most of the curses were very harsh however, but nothing like this. Bri wasn’t even sure if it was possible for her to regain her size, and wondered if Prudence had planned on keeping her this small forever.


“So then,” Prudence gave a toothy grin, “what shall we do... first?”


“Oh!” Sabrina’s face lit up, “can I eat her! She looks super delicious!”


Kylie gave Sabrina an odd look, “what the fuck… Hell no!”


“No one asked you!” Sabrina snapped.


“Besides, shouldn’t we make her suffer? What if we shoved her up Prudence’s ass!” Kylie snickered at the thought of little Bri squirming inside of Prudence’s bowels.


“And that’s any better than my idea?” Sabrina retorted.


“At least mine doesn’t involve murder you sick fuck!” Kylie shouted, “what are you!? Some kind of cannibal!?”


“How about I pile her in your big tits you stupid bitch!” Sabrina threatened, her grip on Bri tightening absentmindedly.


Bri was utterly terrified as Sabrina’s grip nearly choked her to death, as the two teens bickered over what her fate should be. When Sabrina had mentioned devouring her, it sent a chill down her spine. The two had known each other since sophomore year of high school, and for Sabrina to so casually discuss her doom made her feel as if their friendship had never meant a thing to the young blonde. Not to mention, that the idea of being jammed up Prudence’s asshole was equally terrifying for the now helpless cheating teen.


“Girls! Girls…” Prudence intervened, “they are all lovely ideas, but a process of elimination must take place!”


“A process of what?” Kylie and Sabrina both looked at Prudence in confusion.


Prudence grinned maniacally, “obviously devouring this little whore is a one time thing, and to be frank I don’t quite care what becomes of this little mouse. So why not save the ‘eating’ for last, and start with something less deadly?”


Kylie and Sabrina looked at one another, both equally disappointed at the thought of watching their opposite ideas being put in motion, but they decided to play along despite their difference of opinions.


“P-Please…” Bri murmured, finally speaking up again.


The three towering teens all looked down at her, their eyes gazing into their ex friends as they waited to see what she had to say. Bri gulped nervously, knowing this was probably the last time she'd have any of their attention before they began to have their way with her.


“Prudence… I know I fucked up… He just, Dillon hit on me so abruptly,” Bri explained, trying to reason with her closest friend, “I felt guilty the whole time, you have to know I never meant to hurt you! Please, have mercy on my soul!”


Prudence let out a long sigh, rubbing her temple as she tried to gather her thoughts. Finally she locked eyes with her now shrunken ex friend once more, “it’s the fact that you were my best friend Bri, my best fucking friend and you went behind my back and fucked my boyfriend. You knew me well toots… You knew that this would happen.”


“Prudence I…” Bri was cut off.


“Kylie, let’s make sure the spell of protection is working properly,” Prudence smiled over at Kylie, “why don’t you put that spell to the test… With those nicely plump breasts of yours?”


Kylie narrowed her eyes at Sabrina, knowing that it was the blondes threat earlier that gave Prudence this idea. Regardless she gave a toothy grin, her eyes setting on Bri in Sabrina’s grip. Sabrina handed the shrunken teenager to Kylie, as Kylie dangled Bri up in front of her eyes.


“You look terrified…” Kylie spoke softly, seeing the fear in Bri’s eyes.


“Please!” Bri pleaded, but Kylie hadn’t intended to indulge in conversation.


Kylie abruptly let go of Bri, and the frightened young teen found herself plummeting downwards. She tilted her head first as she descended, her vision able to identify where exactly she would be landing. She had a full range view of Kylie’s absolutely and absurdly sized boobs. Even if she were not shrunk, this young teen certainly had an incredible set of honkers. She landed head first into Kylie’s cleavage, her waist up completely engulfed by soft flesh all around.


“Wow, that was hilarious!” Sabrina couldn’t help but crack up laughing, amused at how pathetic her old friend now was, “so small and pathetic, she’d probably pop under my heel if I applied enough pressure…”


“Meh, let’s stick with the ideas we’ve brainstormed already,” Prudence interjected, “besides, I’d rather not clean up a bloody mess on my floor, despite how small it may be…”


“Fair enough,” Sabrina nodded, dropping the idea altogether.


Kylie had a huge grin on her face, as she placed her hands on each of her breasts and began to jiggle them softly. Her tits created rippling waves in her flesh, waves of which drew Bri deeper between them. Bri was squirming around frantically, not at all amused with the act that was taking place. She hardly even knew this student, and being smothered between her tits was more than uncomfortable.


Bri found her entire body sliding all the way between Kylie’s boobs, the giant teen continuing to jiggle her breasts in an effort to torment the shrunken girl. Bri kicked, clawed and bit wherever she could, but at her size it seemed to all be in vain as the goddess sized teenager seemed to be immune to whatever assaults Bri could muster.


“Is she putting up a fight?” Prudence asked, no longer able to see her old friend after she sank between Kylie’s tits.


“Oh yeah,” Kylie said with satisfaction, “her fruitless efforts to stop me is very satisfying.”


“Good,” Prudence stated, “now time to test the spell… Why not apply some pressure?”


Kylie looked up at Prudence, halting the jiggling motion of her tits as she did so. A wide smile spread across her lips, “with pleasure.”


Her hands began to compress her tits together from opposite sides, as she looked back down towards her cleavage. Bri could feel the flesh surrounding her begin to press against her more firmly, her panicked flailing still showing no noticeable results. Kylie pressed harder now, applying more pressure in a slow manner in order to harvest more terror from her shrunken plaything. She had turned out to enjoy this a bit more than she had anticipated, a feeling of pure and total dominance building up inside of her. There was nothing Bri could do, and Kylie had all of the power. It was a wonderful feeling, or at least for Kylie it was.


Bri had found it increasingly difficult to breathe, Kylie’s plump breasts crushing her between them. But for whatever odd reason, she felt no pain. Her bones would not break, and her lungs would not be deprived of oxygen. It was an odd sensation, because as Kylie pressed her tits together with immense force, Bri knew that some harm should have been inflicted upon her. Whatever spell Prudence had casted on her, it appeared to be working. Though it likely meant even worse acts upon the helpless teen, she felt relieved in the sense that she at least wouldn’t feel any pain, or worse… Be killed.


“She’s still moving,” Kylie announced, “I don’t think I’m doing any real damage to her.”


“With that kind of pressure… You would think you’d at least hear a bone break or something,” Sabrina muttered, impressed at how well Prudence’s spell seemed to perform.


“Perfect,” Prudence stated, “then I suppose it’s time for a trip… Up my ass.”


Kylie smiled wickedly, glad to know that she’d get to watch Bri squirm like a pathetic insect as Prudence shoved her inside of her bowels, “can’t wait…”


Sabrina showed a look of disgust, “ew, I don’t want to eat her after that.”


“Don’t fret Sabrina,” Prudence smiled at her, “there truly is a spell for every occasion.”


“Alright…” Sabrina decided to put her trust in Prudence, as the vengeful teen turned to face Kylie.


“Shall you do the honors?” Prudence asked with a devious grin.


“I shall…” Kylie smiled wickedly, plunging her fingers into her cleavage to retrieve the shrunken teen trapped inside.


Prudence turned around, gripping the waist of her pants as she swayed her hip back and forth, working her pants off slowly. Kylie plucked Bri into the open, the sobbing teen squirming relentlessly before spotting Prudence before her.


“Let me go!” Bri shouted, not wanting to endure whatever else these twisted peers of hers had in mind.


“I have to admit,” Prudence spoke, kicking her pants to the side before reaching for the strap of her undies, “I really did think of you as a close friend…”


Prudence began to slip her silk underwear off, her thick ass cheeks being exposed in all their glory, “to learn that you betrayed me, by screwing my own boyfriend… It really hit me where it hurts.”


“Prudence…” Bri’s voice cracked, “please… Show some mercy.”


Prudence slipped her feet out of her underpants, tossing them to the side as she slid her hands around and slid her palms across her perfect ass cheeks, “you know me Bri… I’ve never shown anyone mercy.”


Bri’s eyes were red from tears, her sobbing endless because she knew what Prudence said was the truth. Deep down she knew she was fucked the second Prudence had shrunk her, but she had to at least try and reason with her didn’t she? Bri couldn’t accept the fact that she had fucked up big time, fucking Prudence’s boyfriend. Now she was facing the consequences, and though she hoped desperately to survive this ordeal she knew deep down that probably wasn’t going to happen.


Prudence slowly got on her knees, leaning forward and using her hands to spread her ass cheeks wide open. Her wrinkled ass hole now stared Bri in the face, and Bri couldn’t help but gulp loudly and anxiously. Kylie approached Prudence, also getting on her knees as she brought the shrunken teen closer to Prudence’s glory hole. Bri began to writhe even more, violently. Kylie was far stronger than her however, and her efforts to escape were all fruitless and pathetic.


“You can make it up to me though Bri,” Prudence said sarcastically, “maybe feeling you worm your way through my bowels will cause me to empathize with you, I mean… My boyfriend is pretty hot. I don’t blame you for fucking him behind my back to be honest.”


“Prudence!?” Bri was brought face to face with Prudence’s titanic ass hole, as Kylie held her just in front of it.


“Well?” Prudence shouted impatiently, “what are you waiting for Kylie? Shove the little slut in already!”


“With pleasure,” Kylie grinned evilly, positioning Bri head first before slowly pushing her against the puckered anus.


Bri quickly brought her hands up, trying to prevent the inevitable. Her hands sunk into the disgustingly soft flesh of Prudence’s butt hole, an attempt to stop herself from being pushed inside. Kylie grew nervous, trying to get Bri shoved inside but not wanting to harm her either.


“What is taking so long!?” Prudence snapped, “do I have to shrink you too!?”


“I… She is putting up a fight…” Kylie was growing nervous, Prudence’s threat slightly unnerving her spirit.


“She’s unbreakable, I made sure of it,” Prudence mocked, “so just ram her inside already will you!?”


Kylie gulped, nodding obediently. She had just become a part of the group, replacing Bri. She didn’t want to screw it up so quickly. With a firm grip, she positioned her middle finger behind Bri’s feet. With a swift motion, her finger shoved the distraught teen completely inside of Prudence’s asshole, Bri’s finger going as deep as it could to make sure Bri wouldn’t slide right back out.


“Ohhh,” Prudence bit her lip, not expecting Kylie to practically finger her asshole, “fuck yes…”


Kylie smiled, “did you like that Prudence?”


“Of course she did,” Sabrina snapped, “are you blind?”


Kylie glared at her, “I didn’t ask you…”


“You’re only here because of your usefulness and your knowledge…” Sabrina hissed, “you haven’t earned my respect yet, so do us all a favor and shut your pie hole!”


Kylie slid her finger out of Prudence, her jaw dropping at Sabrina’s blunt statement, “why I oughta…”


“Enough!” Prudence shouted, licking her lips as she stood upright. Her cheeks clenched shut, Bri trapped deep inside of her. She gave her ass a good patting, “Bri is where she belongs, I’ll let her out later when I feel that her punishment has been sufficient.”


“Don’t I get to eat her!?” Sabrina crossed her arms in a pout.


“I’m sorry Sabrina, but everything I said in Bri’s presence was a facade,” Prudence informed, “I have every intention of forgiving her. She’s young and horny, and she’s also been my friend longer than you.”


“But…” Sabrina was genuinely disappointed.


“Do not worry, you’ll have your fill still,” Prudence smiled, placing a hand on Kylie’s shoulder.


“I will?” Sabrina seemed confused, “are you going to shrink Dillon?”


“I will in time…” Prudence smiled maliciously, “but he’s not the one who’ll be digesting in that cute little stomach of yours.”


“Then… Who?” Sabrina was totally lost.


Prudence turned her attention back to Kylie, “Reformidant te!”


Sabrina’s eyes widened in shock, watching as Kylie vanished before her very eyes. The teens clothes simply fell to the floor in a heap, the girl behind them gone entirely.


“Prudence!?” Sabrina held a hand up to her mouth, “what’d you do?”


“You are familiar with copy and paste?” Prudence asked, looking over at Sabrina.


“Uh… Yeah?” Sabrina wasn’t sure how that had anything to do with what happened.


“Think of the same as the spell I cast on Bri,” Prudence explained, “I simply recast the spell, without having to go through the entire ritual again.”


“You… You shrunk Kylie?” Sabrina was greatly confused now.


Prudence kicked Kylie’s clothes to the side, revealing a naked and terrified teen beneath them. Kylie looked up at the towering girls above her, shaking with fear and confusion.


“Prudence!? Why!?” Kylie shouted, tears dripping down her cheeks.


Prudence bent down, plucking Kylie off the floor and holding her before her eyes, “I thank you for revealing my boyfriends cheating ass, but I’m not very trusting and I simply cannot have you running around telling people about my secret.”


“I would never!” Kylie contested, “I can be a part of your group! I swear!”


“You were going to be,” Prudence explained, “but Sabrina doesn’t seem to like you very much, and I value her feelings far more than I value yours.”


Kylie turned to face Sabrina, a feeling of dread washing over her. Sabrina met her gaze, a playful smile spreading across the blondes lips, “so then… I get to have a little snack after all…”


“Just make it quick, I don’t want to hear her pleading any longer than I have too,” Prudence instructed, handing Kylie over to Sabrina.


“No!” Kylie was sobbing now, beginning to empathize with Bri a little more now that she was in her predicament.


Sabrina held Kylie up to her plush red lips, her teeth showing as she grinned with satisfaction. Her thick pink tongue slid out and crossed from one end of her lips to the other to express her hunger. Kylie held her hands up in a pleading manner.


“Sabrina please!” Kylie begged, “don’t eat me! I’ll be your toy, I can serve you! I’ll do anything please don’t eat me!”


Sabrina paused for a moment, holding a finger up to her chin in thought, “hmmm… That actually doesn’t sound half bad…”


Kylie saw that her words were having some sway, “yes! I can worship you! I can please you! I can be useful I swear!”


Sabrina cracked up laughing, “useful, yeah right!” Sabrina began to lift Kylie overhead, “why would I want a little cunt like you worshipping me at all? I think I’d rather just gobble you up.”


“Nooooo!” Kylie screamed in terror, as Sabrina’s fingers let go of her. She plummeted towards Sabrina’s mouth, as it opened wide to accept it’s tiny little morsel.


Prudence glanced for a moment, watching as Kylie vanished between Sabrina’s precious lips. A smile crept on her face, as she simultaneously felt the pathetic squirming of Bri inside of her ass. She massaged her ass cheek a little, facing away from Sabrina as she reached down to pick up her panties and put them back on.


Kylie landed on Sabrina’s giant tongue, a thick glob of saliva gushing between her fingers and toes. Kylie choked with disgust, trying to stand to her feet only to find herself slipping on her back over and over on the slippery surface. It was hot and moist inside of Sabrina’s mouth, and there was a strong scent of grease as if Sabrina had eaten one too many cheeseburgers sometime in the day.


“Sabrina!?” Kylie screamed, but Sabrina wasn’t listening.


“Mmmmm,” Sabrina moaned, using her tongue to force Kylie onto her back yet again.


Kylie felt her body forced flat upon Sabrina’s tongue, as the tip pounded the shrunken morsel in the gut. Kylie wrestled with the member, but Sabrina’s tongue was far more powerful. Sabrina violated Kylie sexually, as if to taunt her before swallowing her whole. She began to lick and rub the tip of her tongue against Kylie’s snatch, forcing her will upon her little snack to break her mentally before finishing her off.


“Get off of me!” Kylie shouted in anger, feeling violated as Sabrina used her tongue to lick her vagina.


Saliva was starting to fill Sabrina’s mouth, her salivary glands going into overdrive due to Sabrina’s tasteful satisfaction. Kylie quickly found herself waist deep in saliva now, all while Sabrina continued to slide her tongue all over her body. Kylie sobbed, trying to fight it off but finding it impossible. She began to regret ever coming forth to Prudence, and learning of her secret at all. She shouldn’t have gotten on Sabrina’s bad side, she should have known that Prudence would side with her in a heartbeat. It was too late for regrets though, her fate was sealed.


“Mmmm,” Sabrina began to slosh Kylie around her mouth, coating her body in the mass of saliva that had filled her mouth.


Prudence had just finished pulling her jeans up, still feeling Bri’s pathetic struggles inside of her bowels. She bit her lip with pleasure, enjoying every moment of it. She’d probably leave her there all night, and let her out in the morning after she had an acceptable amount of time to think about her actions. Prudence decided she’d give Bri a single pass, punishing her and hoping that her friend wouldn’t make such a grave mistake twice. With their history, it just felt wrong not to at least allow Bri to live, givin she was willing to atone for her sins.


Prudence looked over Sabrina with a smile, “enjoying yourself?”


Sabrina paused what she was doing, smiling at Prudence before tilting her head back and swallowing the mass of saliva whole in one gulp, along with the screaming and kicking Kylie who put up a fight the entire way down Sabrina’s throat. Sabrina wiped her lips, before winking at Prudence.


“Hell yeah I did! Honestly I’m happy it was Kylie over Bri, I really didn’t like that bitch,” Sabrina said.


“I thought you would be,” Prudence placed a hand on Sabrina’s cheek, “I’ve had a change of heart…. I think I will have you dispose of Dillon for me. Watching you swallow Kylie was kind of amusing, I think it’s fitting for a cheating boyfriend.”


Sabrina jumped up and down with joy, “oh boy! When!?”


“Why don’t we pay him a visit tonight?” Prudence suggested, “I was going to wait… But it's Christmas Eve, and I want my gift a little early this year!”


The two devious teens shared maniacal laughter, gathering their things as they prepared to give Dillon a visit. They cared not for the two shrunken peers who suffered differently from one another. Though Bri was trapped in the slimy and mucus covered bowels of Prudence, she would at least be allowed to live by morning. Kylie however… She had unfortunately not been as lucky.


The young teen had reached the end of Sabrina’s esophagus, the muscles working her through the sphincter that sent Kylie plummeting into the murky depths of the blondes stomach. She found herself submerged beneath acid and bile, a mixture of digested food that was no longer recognizable. Kylie broke the surface, gasping for air but only filling her lungs with a burning and vile draft that was encircling the inside of Sabrina’s gut.


“Help me!” Kylie screamed tragically, “I don’t want to die in here! Please! Sabrina, Prudence! Don’t let me die in here!”


Kylie kicked and fought to stay afloat, but the burning acids were very potent and already working to break down the tiny and weak teen. Unlike Bri, Prudence had not cast a protection spell on her. She was very much vulnerable, and was very much going to die inside of the cute little blonde who had devoured the busty teenager. Kylie’s tears were all but evaporated by the heat, her body sinking slowly into the slurry of digestive food and other particles, her body beginning to bleed as open sores began to cover her all over.


“Sab-rina…”  Kylie’s voice began to break down, her body getting caught up in a pile of digested hamburger meat that was currently in the process of being slurped into the sphincter that led to Sabrina’s small intestine. Kylie’s struggles became weaker and weaker, the acid taking its toll on her small and insignificant body.


“P-please…” Kylie’s voice began to fade, the digested meat pushing her along with it as her feet began to slip through the sphincter, “I… D-don’t want… T-to die…”


Those were Kylie’s final words, as her body was sucked into Sabrina’s small intestine along with a chunk of digested meat and other particles. Her breath was cut short, her body engulfed by digested material as Sabrina’s small intestine began to coat the digested food with digestive enzymes. Kylie’s body was coated along with it all, her body breaking down along with the rest of the mush as Sabrina’s body absorbed the shrunken teens nutrients, which would be stored for later use to fuel Sabrina’s perfect body.


After a short while, Kylie’s body was nothing more than the remnants that Sabrina’s body did not need. Her remains would be discarded with the rest of the unwanted matter, to later be excreted from Sabrina’s bowels when the process of digestion came to an end.


Twas a cruel fate to suffer the night before Christmas, a fate that would not only befall poor Kylie... 

… Dillon had better prepare himself.



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