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“Son... it is time,” the grizzly man said as he walked towards his thrown. The sounds of his metal plating hitting one another echoed throughout the room. “At the age of 18, son, we all left our nest in order to create a new empire. To forge our own paths, and to keep the Lekard Dynasty alive and well,” the man said as he got to his lavish chair. He turned around and began to sit down, until his eyes gazed towards his son, who was simply looking down upon his phone, completely obviously to what the man was saying.

“DARREN!” The man barked out, slamming his fist onto his armrest. Darren, completely phased out, jumped as his panic eyes locked onto his father’s. “Y-yes, dad?” He asked back.

A heavy sigh left the man’s bearded lips. “Son, I want you to succeed. Your other brothers have gone and conquered dozens of planets. You, on the other hand... well you waited until the very last moment, huh?” The man said, as another sigh left his mouth, “but, late blooming never stopped anyone.”

Darren looked up towards his dad, before slowly placing his gaze back onto the phone that he clutched in his hands. The man slammed his face in frustration. “DARREN!” He barked out once more, startling his son again, “go to the docks. General Reil will assist you on your journey. Good luck my son.”

Darren continued to look down to his phone. His fingers seemed to be a blur as he composed his message.


Darren quickly snapped out of it, before running out of the palace chamber. His father slumped into his chair. He placed his hand over his face, before shaking his head in disapproval.


“Hello Prince Darren Lekard. I am General Reíl. I will be your personal military advisor for the rest of my natural life... or until I am replaced, if you so wish, my lord,” the General stated as she lowered herself onto one knee. Darren seemed to be completely disinterested; he continued to type on his phone as he stood over the general. “Prince Darren,” General Reil stated as she looked up towards the air headed prince. “Yeah, yeah, let’s get this over with,” Darren dismissively said as he walked passed the General.

She quickly stood back up to her feet. “I can see why the King wanted me to watch over him,” she said under her breath as she walked towards her new prison. The large ramp that extended down towards the concrete floor led to the massive underbelly of the colossal battlecruiser that loomed over the officer. The sounds of steam whistling in the distance signaled the start of the lift off sequence. The General’s black high heels loudly tapped onto the metal ramp as she headed into the ship, towards the main command bridge.

Just as she made it into the ship, the ramp began to lift off. The sounds of it’s heavy servos whirling filled the room, as the metallic floor folded onto itself and hid beneath the bottom of the ship. The large, air tight doors slammed shut behind the General, as the ship’s lights began to slowly dim into a reddish color.


The sounds of guns firing echoed throughout the bridge as the Prince laid across his flight chair. The personnel around him walked around, as they prepared to lift off into the dark void that was space. He rolled his eyes as he heard a harsh clicking sound echo from behind his chair. “General,” he said as he continued to play his little game on his phone, “good to meet you again.”

“May you please sit properly, we’re about ready to lift off,” The General said as she took her seat. The battlecruiser began to shake and quiver as the engines came to life. The prince, shocked by the movement, shifted around, setting properly into his seat.

“Atmospheric engines online; moving the ship out of the hanger,” one of the flight crew members stated as the ship began to move forward. “Orbital engines are coming online,” another one blustered out as the view of the outside of the command bridge’s windows slowly shifted towards the starry night sky.

“Alright, you have my attention,” The Prince said as he gazed towards the stars that glimmered in the dark void, “now, can we stop this please? I do wish to head back to my roo—“

“Helmsman, engage orbital engines... NOW,” General Reil commanded, completely ignoring the Prince’s request. A loud humming noise quickly built up to a deafening ring for just a split second, before the stars that once filled the sky ahead of the ship turned into streaks within a black void. The Prince could feel his body being pushed back into the seat, as the General, trying to keep her composure, looked dead ahead with a frown on her face.

“Helmsman, signal the fleet of our departure, and get us into interstellar space,” the General commanded, as the young Prince was left quivering in his seat.


A few months later

“Mm.. no, too hot looking,” Darren stated as he looked at the pictures that were shown on the large command bridge monitors. “Well, how about this world?” the General responded, as a new picture of a desolate, icy world was shown up onto the screen. “Really?” He obnoxiously responded back. “Prince Darren, please, we must pick a planet to conquer,” the General stated as she began to rapidly flip through different pictures.

The young prince continued to look, until something caught his eyes. “WAIT, go back!” He shouted as he pointed towards the monitor. The General, slightly perplexed by this, slowly went back, until a picture of a large city filled the screen. “What planet is that??” Darren said as his eyes widen.

“Designation S-105, P-03. Also known by the locals as ‘Earth’,” the General stared as she looked at the military report, “however, I am going to say no to this one.”

“Why?” The prince said as he stomped his feet in protest. “Because, it’s inhabited. That’s a little bit too complicated for you at the moment, so let’s go with the desert planet. Just go out, plant the flag, and boom, you did your little conquest. Then we’ll work on conquering planets with semi-intelligent life before tackling something like Earth.”

“I want Earth. I’m the Prince, and I order you to direct this ship to it,” Darren sternly said as he glared towards the General. “Forfuckssake, fine,” General Reil mumbled back, “Helmsman, plot a course to Earth.”

“Unlike my brothers, and unlike what you want to do, General, I want to conquer this planet *my* way,” Darren said as he grabbed the folder that contained information about his new target. “I’ll see you guys in a few weeks,” he added as he walked out of the Bridge.

“What an idiot. I can see why his dad wanted me to assist him,” General Reil said to herself as she looked towards the random surveillance pictures of the Earth, “from one of the highest honored military leaders. A “Master Tactician”, with thousands of battles and dozens of wars won. Now, simply, a glorified babysitter.”

The members of the bridge looked at the General, who seemed to be mopping around the table. “Get my staff up here at once, so that we may prepare for the upcoming battle,” she finally said after a long, tense, pause.


Two weeks later

“General Reil, we’re approaching Earth’s orbit,” the Helmsman informed Reil, as she sat upon her command chair. “Alright, before we mobilize our troops... get me the head of our internal Military Intelligence so that we may fact check our information,” the General replied as the sounds of the bridge door opening up filled the air. “Gee, that was fa—“ the General turned her chair around, but stopped mid sentence as her jaw dropped at the sight before her.

Prince Darren looked at her with a smug smile. Instead of a traditional battle uniform, he wore a simple white, short sleeve, collared shirt, which covered his slim, yet average, physique. His navy blue shorts swayed ever so slightly as they rubbed against his legs. The sounds of his soles hitting his light blue sandals echoed throughout the, now silent, bridge.

“W-what the hell is this?!” The General yelled out as the Prince stood triumphantly before her, “what is this? What are you doing? D-did you shave your legs?!”

“I told you General, I am not going to be like my father and brothers,” the Prince said as he smiled at her, “I have studied all the surveillance data that we got from Earth. Their culture, their language, their... everything.”

The Prince walked towards his seat. “I will be beamed down, by myself, and I will negotiate with the Earth leaders,” Darren said as he sat down upon his chair, “simple, clean and without any blood shed. They will kneel at my feet, and they submit to my new empire.”

“No... now you’re just being fucking stupid,” the General responded, “you’re not going to do that, we’re gonna bomb them to hell, and then we will conquer whatever is remaining. That’s it.”

“I want you removed from your position,” the Prince abruptly said, causing an audible gasp to be heard throughout the bridge. “W-what?!” General Reil said as her mouth dropped wide open.

“Now, we’re going to be doing this my way, you hear?” Darren responded back to the shocked General, “you got it?”

“Yes, Prince Darren,” she responded, as she held her rage back.

“Bow before me,” he responded, “if you want you position, bow down at my feet. Or be removed, and sent back to the home world in shame.”

“Yeah, more like ‘as the only survivor’,” Reil mumbled to herself as she dropped to all fours. She placed her head at the feet of the Prince. A sly smile filled his face.

Reil’s blood began to boil as she felt his bare foot glide on her long, brown hair. “I usually don’t like doing this but... remember who I am. I may act a bit dizzy, but even in my worse day, you, like everyone else, are mere insects beneath my foot,” Reil could feel the Prince begin to place his weight upon the foot that lay on top of her head, “know your place.”

After what felt like an eternity, the Prince raised his foot off of the General’s head. She slowly stood back up; she tried desperately not to snap at the Prince, but her face said it all. “Now, let’s do this,” Darren happily shouted out, as he hopped out from the chair and walked out of the bridge.


The sounds of cars honking, people shouting, and trains rattling on their tracks filled the air within Chicago’s downtown area. The citizens walked around like they would have done in any other Monday, however, today was different. The air abruptly felt more electrified then usual, as a sense of doom seem to envelop the city itself. Business men and women who walked on the side walk stopped in their tracks as they looked at their surroundings. Cars began to stop as trains screeched to a halt on the elevated tracks.

A low, yet loud, humming sound over shadowed the sounds of the city, as streaks of blue light began to materialize themselves a few thousand feet away from the city. The small orbs of light turned into a massive swarm, as the humming noise slowly rose to a skull vibrating pitch. People began to scream as the sound caused their ear drums to pop. Their painful wails were overpowered by the vicious noise.

As the sound came to a fever pitch, the blue light had formed into a massive silhouette that loomed over the city itself.

People tried to watch as they covered their ears, before a blinding flash of light enveloped their sight.

The ground shook violently beneath them as the sound of the Earth wailing in pain as it split apart echoed throughout the Midwest. Skyscrapers wobbled fiercely, as fissures creeped into the city. Buildings crumbled as the ground below them was shattered.

Screams filled the air for a brief moment, before the sounds of twisting metal overpowered their pleas. It felt like an eternity before the ground once again came to a standstill. The people of Chicago looked around at their once glorious city with despair. Skyscrapers were left toppled and broken. The streets were covered by a large cloud of debris and smoke. Confusion, anger and sadness filled their hearts as several citizens began to help one another.

However, a few realized that something was horribly wrong. This was not a random act of God, or at least, they thought it wasn’t. The sun’s glow was blocked out, and instead, the city was drenched in twilight. Those who were near the lake shore looked up, and immediately rubbed their eyes in disbelief to what they were looking at. Standing high above them, looming over the entire city, was a massive humanoid creature. His fair skin seemed to glimmer a bit in the sun’s rays, that passed between his colossal, bare legs.


Most stood there, completely in shock at what they were looking at, while other began to fall to their knees and pray. It wasn’t a random act of God, it WAS God, they thought. Their massive giant, who seemed oblivious about their presence, began to look around. The sound of his colossal body swaying in air caused more panic.

Then, a thunderous, ear splitting boom rang out from the heavens above. Those still standing at the lake shore could see the giant begin to talk to himself. Ever movement of his lips would cause deafening explosions of sounds. They clutched onto their ears as they tried desperately to block out the hurtful noise.


“Did you beam me to the right place?” Darren asked, as he looked at his new surroundings. He could see that he was standing on top of a small chunk of land, probably no bigger then a few hundred or so feet in length, that was surrounded by shallow puddles. “You said that this was inhabitant by creatures,” he added, as he began to become irate, “yet I see nothing but dirt!”

He raised his foot up into the air without much thought, and simply slammed it upon the ground in frustration.


Cries of anger filled the air of the few towns and cities that now lay between the giant’s colossal feet. Those living in Lincoln, Nebraska, were near the epicenter. Their city was left in ruins as the gargantuan light blue wall had appeared out of nowhere. Now the citizens of that city could only look up to see the behemoth’s legs stretch up into the air for miles on end. They could see his colossal navy blue shorts sway in the upper atmosphere as he stood tall over them.

His blaring voice echoed down towards them, causing the remaining windows to shatter within the city. The subtle movements that he had with his foot were magnified, as with each move the ground would crack and break underneath his shifting weight. Those near his sandal clad right foot, near his heel, began to scurry in fear, as he monstrous sole began to peak over his light blue foot ware.

Screams rang out as chucks of dirt that had rubbed off the bottom of his foot began to rain down on the devastes city below. These black meteorites slammed onto what remained of Grand Island, Nebraska. People ran for their lives as the sounds of the earth shattering from the impact of the chunks of dirt filled the breeze.

His toes began to fidget about, causing mini earthquakes to rattle Kansas. Those living in Wichita watched in horror, as the horizon came to life. The watched as each gargantuan digit, high above on light blue wall, began to shuffle about. The sound of the toes rubbed against each other roar across the state. With every impact, the earth trembled in fear beneath it, sending shockwaves that toppled whatever buildings that dared to stand against the giant.

Then, it happened. His voice came to a fever pitch, causing most of the people around and below the giant to fall down in agony as they tried to cover their ears. The resounding noise of the Earth breaking apart echoed throughout the United States as the giant’s immense left foot began to rise up from the ground below. Those who were near it watched in horror as the unimaginably large light blue wall exploded out from the Earth, sending clouds of debris and chunks of the planet into the air around it. Those nearest to his foot were sucked into the air by the powerful updraft that it created. Buildings, cars and animals joined the unfortunate souls as they tumbled helplessly in the gale force wind.

People began to scream as the pieces of dirt and rock began to come crashing down upon them. Skyscrapers collapsed as they were pelted by the debris. The massive giant’s foot loomed over Missouri, casting a shadow over a majority of the state. Citizens from towns and cities alike watched in horror as the giant sandal’s trends glided over them. Chunks of the earth that were embedded into the bottom of the sandal began to fall back down to the Earth. The remanences of Columbia, Missouri, was pulverized as crushed cars, parts of buildings, and massive chunks of the Earth’s crust came crashing down upon them from the sandaled foot.


Those at the Chicago shoreline watched in horror as they saw the massive sandal, which seemed to barely cling on to the giant’s toes via the thong as it dangled over the United States, shifted towards them. Screams rang out as many thought that the giant was about to crush them, however, this was not the case.


Panic filled the city streets of St Louis, Missouri, as the massive, blue sandal came to a stop right above the city. Flattened cars, reduced to scrap metal, and concrete began to crash onto the city. Citizens ran for their lives as the world around them was bombarded by junk. Those who bravely stood watched in horror as the colossal foot began to descend upon them. Most of these people screamed at the top of their lungs as the shadow that engulfed them became darker and darker.

The wind began to pick up, as the massive foot displaced the air below it. The skyscrapers that were still standing began to sway heavily as the wind turned into a powerful gale. The trends on the sandal looked like massive fissures and crevices that contained chunks of the earth within them. People who kept looking up could see patches of grey scattered among the dirt and grime.

The shadow turned into darkness as the foot came closer to the ground. The sun was completely blocked out, other then the sliver lining of hope that was illuminated from the edges of the sandal. Those who continued to watch, were mesmerized as the massive trends of the sandal turned into large, un detailed plains. The sounds of the wind howling around them masked the devastation of the sandal touching the skyscrapers above the cities. They crumbled like dust as the gargantuan foot ware bulldozed it way down to the ground. Most still ran, while other stood up, watching their doom come towards them, however, others still raised their hands as a last ditch effort.

For a split second, just as everything around them exploded into millions of pieces as the sandal finally made it to the ground, the people who raised their hands up felt the bottom of the giant’s foot. It seemed as though they had stopped the planet sized foot from crushing them. But it was just for a split second. They watched as their arms bent backwards under the weight of the foot. They let out screams, bit the destruction around them muted them.

Their backs were twisted as they were pushed towards the ground below. Their mouths were quickly filled with dirt and mud as the massive foot came to a crashing stop. They felt pain for a split second envelope their bodies before they too were turned into grime beneath the foot of the uncaring god.


A thunderous explosion roared across the planet as his foot slammed upon the Earth. A massive shockwave swept the nation, as fissures and mountains ranges were created around his colossal, uncaring foot. Dust and debris were launched into the air as the world seemed to shift out of its orbit by the power. People nearby were launched into the air with the thick cloud of dust. They screamed as they were pelted by rocks, pebbles, and as their bodies crashed upon concrete, cars, trees and even other people.

Those who survived being trashed about found themselves quickly descending back towards the earth. They opened their mouths, only to be met with wind rushing down their throats. While most splattered on the ground below, other are lucky, or rather unlucky.

For some, they watched a strange peach landscape come into view. As they tumbled about, they couldn’t tell where they were landing at. As their bodies crashed upon the warm, peach colored ground, some were turned into pools of blood and guts, while other, miraculous survived their fall. As pieces of the earth continued to pelt them, they slowly came to. The land was strange and unsettling; foreign yet somewhat familiar.

Dirt and grime began to settle down upon it, leaving a faint vail over the plain. As some people began to stand up, they looked over the horizon, and quickly realized what they were standing upon. They could see the curvature of the Earth in the distance. They could see large patches of grey and green near the very edge of the world, along with the expansive blue ocean. Some looked up, and were met with the sight of the giant’s colossal long, bare, leg, that extended for miles up into the air looming over them. His face, high above the clouds, was blurry and distant.

Some of those who landed on his foot weren’t so lucky. While some had landed on the top of it, some clunk to live on the sides of his massive toes. A young man gripped onto the large dermal ridges that seemed to endlessly go on on the side of the giant’s big toe. He was pelted endlessly by debris that kept sliding down the side of the massive digit. He tried desperately to climb up, as sweat droplets began to form all around him. The heat was unbearable, as the giant’s body radiated it from everywhere.

The man dodged a hot, salty sweat droplet as it slid off the face of the toe. He could see chunks of buildings, cars, and trees swash about within the giant droplet. He heard screams as people below him were washed away by the giant’s mere sweat.

Then, without a warning, his toes came to life. Blood curtailing screams rang out as the gargantuan plains began to shift. His big toe shuffled upwards; the sound of it colliding with its neighbor filled the young man’s ears.

Those less fortunate, who clung to life near the bottom of his toe, watched in hopeless terror as the mountain of flesh and blood that was his other toe came towards them. Some tried to squeeze themselves into the dermal rigid, while other kept watching, as the massive digit came and smeared them across the giant’s fair skin without much effort.


As his big toe shifted around, those who landed near the front of it continued their climb towards his nail. As the world moved carelessly, most lost their grip, and tumbled down towards the ground below. Those who missed the sandal sole wait straight towards their deaths, hundreds of feet to the ground.

Those who landed on the black, dirty sandal, quickly got up, and began to run towards the safety of the sandal thong. The shadow that loomed over them as the big toe came to it’s highest peak caused many people to panic. The scent was nearly unbearable, but they had no choice. Sweaty droplets began to crash upon the sandal surface. The hot, steamy liquid oozed into massive puddles all around the surface of the foot ware. Maybe avoided them, however, a few were careless. A group of adults ran, only to be crushed under the impact of a droplet. Their lungs filled with hot, salty water as they were boiled alive by the intense heat.

Just like it started, his toe began to descend upon the sandal once more. Screams were amplified as the walls of flesh closed upon the tiny citizens. A woman continued to run towards the thong; she could see a few dozen people who had made it there. The sounds of the peach flesh rubbing against each other filled her ears as she continued to sprint towards her goal. The shadow that loomed over her turned into darkness as she watched the bottom of his toe come to the top of her vision. She let out a yelp as the unfeeling digit crashed onto her.

Her body bent forward; she watched the dirty ground come to her vision briefly before her vision was turned blurry. She could feel the weight above her increase dramatically as her body began to split apart. She tried to scream, only to be forced to eat the dirt beneath the giant’s toe. Hot sweat wrapped around her body as the liquid oozed all around her.

It felt like an eternity, but after a split second, her body was pulverized, along with countless of others who were unfortunate to be beneath the digit.

Those who stayed near the thong watched as the mountainous toes settled down. The little light that trickled down from between his toes gave the survivors hope. Though, most realized that there would be no salvation, as the heat slowly began to rise.


Those who felt the safest were the ones who had made it underneath his nail. Most hug, as they reconnect with friends, while others simply looked out into the horizon, and realized how strange this all was.

The thunderous, deafening voice of the giant rattled their ear drums once more, as he began to speak to himself.


Darren stomped his foot down is anger. “Really?!” He shouted, “you gave me some lecture about how this was going to be a big deal... d-did you do this on purpose?!”


“No I did not, the information that we gathered about this planet should be correct,” the General replied, as she scanned the paperwork once more. Then, without warning, a officer burst from the open doors that led to the bridge. “General! We figured out what happened!” He said as he jogged towards the General, “look at the top right of those photographs.”

Her blue eyes glanced towards the top of the picture. “What the fuck,” she said as she glared at the x1 million magnification symbol. “We’ve never had something like this happen before, so we really never had to check for that,” the officer said, “so...”

She looked towards the pictures that displayed on the monitor screen, then she pressed a clicker that she had in her hand to switch to a live feed of the prince standing on a greenish grey plain. Then, it clicked in her head.

“So that planet is populated, except... they’re tiny?” She asked out loud.


Darren stood there, angrily, as he waited for a transmission from the ship. Without much thought, he began to tap his right foot impatiently.


The sounds of the earth breaking apart echoed throughout the Midwest as the giant’s massive light blue sandal began to lift off from the ground below. As it exploded from the cocoon of rock that surrounded it, a colossal storm of dust and dirt began to sweep across the Nebraska and the surrounding states. People watched for a brief second as his mighty digits seemed to pull the unimaginably large object from the surface of the Earth, before the storm swept in and decimated their cities and towns. Those farther away watched in horror as the giant’s toes and front part of his foot were lifted off the ground.

They could see dust and debris rain down upon the unfortunate souls who were caught near it. Just as it seemed as though he was going to lift the entirety of his foot, without warning, the crashed back down to the earth at breakneck speeds.

It looked like a blur before it crashed upon the ground. The storm that was created by him simply lifting his foot up was now dispersed by the powerful gale created by the impact. The tremors that followed rattled the countryside. Skyscrapers buckled before crashing down upon the civilians below. The shriek of metal bending filled their ears as the ground below them began to rip apart. Roads were torn to pieces as fissures and crevices were formed all around the Midwest.

Yet, it wasn’t over. While the people panicked, the giant’s mighty foot had stood up once more. It crashed upon the ground again with the same intensity as the last stomp. Mountains began to appear as jagged parts of the Earth were formed by the vicious earthquakes. The last remaining buildings began to topple and crash, as the massive foot once again floated up into the air.

Once more, it exploded upon the Earth, sending millions of pounds of dirt, debris and people into their doom. Chunks of the planet’s surface began to crash into cities and towns. Their impacts sent even more dirt into the air, blanketing the Midwest in a sea of darkness.

A light coating of dirt, debris and even people began to cover the giant’s titanic foot. However, unlike his actions below, this did not go unnoticed by the giant.


Darren could feel sand, or something like it, begin to build up on top of his right foot. He looked down upon it and winced in disgust as he saw a fine coat of dirt laid upon it.

Just like before, without thinking too much about it, the Prince began to slide his left foot from its sandal.


It was the calm before the storm for those huddling underneath the giant’s toenail. They looked over to the horizon, and could see the endless expanse of green ground down below. Low thuds rang out as the rain of debris continued to pound against the nail; keeping those within it safe. Their guards were down, as many began to devise a way to get off the giant’s massive digit. Some even got a bit courageous, and began to walk towards the edge, where the shadow casted by his toenail ended, and the sharp, terrifying drop of his round digit began.

Without warning, everything changed. A sharp, powerful movement caused many to loose their footing. Those nearest the edge tumbled down towards the ground below, as the powerful thrust pushed many who were clinging on to be thrown out as well. The sound of his sole rubbing against the plastic sandal echoed throughout the Midwest, as the massive foot began to slip off the tattered footwear.

Those who were launched out from beneath the toenails watched helplessly as they fell down towards the sandal. They could see the digits slid away from them, becoming nothing but distant, peach colored blurs. The sheer, yet insignificant, movement of the giant’s foot caused powerful gale force wind to ravage the land around it.

Those tumbling in the air were sucked towards the middle of the dark, dirty sandal by the wind as the colossal foot continued to slide off it. The sounds of the earth shattering rang out as the weight beneath the sandal was lifted, and the footwear ever so slightly lifted off from the ground. The subtle movements as the giant unconsciously tapped and pulled on the sandal caused the colossal footwear to bulldoze cities and towns that were nearby.

Those near the sandal’s thongs held on for dear life. They screamed, but their voices were left mute by the powerful wind that flowed all around them. One young man watched as people around him were flung into the air, as their grips let out. He dug his nails deep within the plastic, as his feet were lifted off the floor. He yelled out, as he was thrashed about by the gale force winds.


Another group of people, who stood on top of the giant’s right foot, watched in awe and fear as he slid his massive, left foot from his light blue sandal. The wind howled in the distance as the thunderous noise of his skin rubbing against the plastic sole of the sandal echoed throughout the area. “What’s going on?” One of the group members said as he continued to watch the foot go out of view behind the giant’s leg.

However, this only lasted for a moment. The wind howled all around the tiny group as debris all around them began to tumble about. The female in the group began to scream as the giant’s massive digits came into view. They seemed like meteorites tumbling towards the Earth as the wind turned into a powerful gale. Without missing a beat, the other members of the group began to run on the endless peach colored plain; hoping to find salvation.

More debris were launched into the air as a dark shadow engulfed the top of the giant’s foot. Other groups began to run and scatter as they tried desperately to escape the giant’s wrath. One unfortunate set of people met their end as the mountainous toes of the giant came crashing down upon them. They screamed as they were pushed towards the hot flesh below them. They felt this heat rise as their bodies were wrapped between two massive continents of flesh and blood. They felt their bones become compressed, and their bodies slowly break apart of the giant’s true weight barreled down upon them.

What felt like an eternity, was just a split second, as their bodies burst into blood and guts. Their remains were then scraped along the peach plain the gargantuan toes that began to rub against the giant’s foot. The fleshy ground began to shake and bend, as the giant’s massive toes began to slide around. Those who continued to run were bombarded by debris that are relaunched back into the air. Other groups ran desperately away from the colossal digits that bulldozed everything in its path.

One group ran together, as the ground below them shook and was warped around. One of the women looked behind herself, and fell onto the floor in shock. The others continued to run; they made no effort in trying to help their lost comrade.

She watched in horror as she saw the massive toes of the giant loom over her. They raced down upon the peach colored plain at a breakneck speed. She could see a tidal wave of dirt, concrete and debris being pushed along the surface. The rumbling became deafening as the shadow that loomed over her turned into pitch darkness. She screamed as she was hit by the wave of grime, killing her instantly. Her body tumbled around in the debris, before it slid down beneath one of the giant’s uncaring digits, and was smeared across his skin unceremoniously.

The rest of her group met the same faith. The skin on the giant’s foot began to rise up as his other foot pushed against it. The small roll of skin to the Prince was a massive mountain to the tiny, insignificant creatures that ran for safety. The group could feel the incline become less and less, as the peak of the mountain kept moving away from them. Their stamina was drained, as they tried desperately to get over the hill of peach colored flesh. One by one, the wave of destruction crashed against their bodies. Their screams and yelps were muffled by the rumbling of the giant’s foot gliding upon the other.


Those near his toes watched as the colossal foot continued it’s march towards them. Most began to run towards the safety provided by the gaps between his digits, while others simply sat there. Their minds were shattered as they realized what was happening. The skin below them began to rise as the foot neared them. Before quickly bring them back down, allowing them to see the wave of destruction before being pulverized by it.

The last remaining humans, who clung onto the sides of the giant’s toes, watched as the catastrophic wave of debris was pushed off of the massive plain of flesh. Some of the bits and pieces rolled down in between his toes, pelting the survivors with rocks and concrete. Those too weak from the power vibrations were knocked off the gigantic digits. They tumbled as the light around them began to dim as they fell deeper between the mountains toes.

Then, a great shadow enveloped the tinies who clung on, as his left foot simply glided over them. The wind howled harshly in their ears. It was powerful enough to knock some of the survivors off of the toes below. As his massive, peach colored sole continued to fly pass them, some watched in awe. It was like a whole different world was passing them by. It felt like eons as the colossal foot continued to fly above them.

Then, the shadow was lifted, as the winds abruptly ended. His bare heel was seen for a split second before the ray’s of the sun filled the peach colored scenery. Some who were underneath his toenails watched as the giant foot continued to glide over the United States. The winds were far from them, leaving them in a state of silence as they watched this colossal thing just effortlessly move around. More clouds of debris were launched into the air as more unlucky cities beneath the path of the foot were destroyed by the gale force winds, yet their destruction was in silence as the survivors watched in awe and shock.


“It’s coming!” one person yelled out in horror as a shadow zipped by the group of people. A powerful, yet brief windstorm blasted the tiny people below. A man and a woman dug their nails deep onto the black plastic below them. They watched as helpless others were blow towards the heel of the sandal. Their bodies tumbled and crashed upon the dirty surface.

The wind subsided, just as the other worldly footwear was moved by its owner. The man turned around and watched in horror as the giant’s toes fell upon the blacked plastic. The sounds of his flesh scraping along the cheap, plastic filled their ears as the ground below them moved violently.

“GO GO GO!” The man yelled out to the woman, and anyone else who would listen. They both ran as a heard of people began to form around them. They could hear the sounds of the black dirt begin to crack and peel as the foot continued to slide forward. “WE CAN MAKE IT” he yelled out as he looked towards the massive thongs that loomed over the group of people.

The roar of the destruction caused by the giant’s foot was amplified as a wave of grime followed his colossal digits. It turned into a deafening orchestra of doom, as the shadow of the giant’s toes was casted over them. “COME ON!” He yelled out again, yet he himself couldn’t even hear it.

Without warning, all his hopes and dreams were stopped. He felt the dirty wave crash upon his body. As he tumbled around the flakes and chunks of old, dirty plastic, he protected himself by covering his head with his arms. He felt a sudden warmth hit his back, as he crashed upon the giant’s skyscraper sized digit. He could feel himself being pushed down by the rubble; he desperately tried to hold onto any groove or crevices that he could on the giant’s toe, but it was no use. The hot, salty sweat had caused the giant’s skin to be turned into a unforgiving, hellish landscape. It proved to be too hot for him to handle, as his hands were left burned.

He felt his right arm begin to be dragged underneath the giant’s toe. He tried to pushed himself away, but it was no use. In an instant, he was sucked beneath the moving digit. He felt his head briefly, as the massive weight fell upon it, before it was smeared across the dirty sandal.


Those standing near the thongs could only watch as the massive toes came barreling down upon them. They grabbed onto the plastic piece, as the winds howled around them. Like a tectonic plate, the mountains digits moved the earth around it. As they glided into position, some of the surviving people were smeared between his toes as the Prince lazy adjusted his foot on the sandal. Screams were heard briefly, before the mountain of flesh collided with groups of people clinging on the thong.

He raised his toes for one brief second; the tinies looked at up towards them as these otherworldly, almost planet like, structures were suspended in the air effortlessly. Without warning, the air around the front of the sandals turned into a powerful gale as the digits crashed down towards their blue platform. The earth shook violently as a dull, yet powerful explosion echoed out as he slammed his toes back onto the sandal. The blast was heard across the Midwest, as cities and towns that were left standing simply began to crumble into dust as his mighty sandal clad foot loomed over the horizon.


“Disgusting...” the Prince said to himself as he adjusted his foot back into its sandal.

“Prince Darren, come in,” the General’s monotone voice rang out from the prince’s small white communicator that was on his ear. “Yes? Did you find out that you fucked up?” His snarky reply irked the General, but she set that aside to tell him the news.

“The surveillance pictures that were taken of this world. They were correct... except... this planet is inhabitant by tiny people,” the General informed the young Prince, who simply rolled his eyes.

“Great... a planet filled with bug people. My first conquest... and it’s a bug planet,” the Prince said disappointingly as he looked down upon the ground below him.

He saw the different colored patches; the dark greens which were probably grand forests, the light green patches that were large plains, yellowish spots that may have been deserts in the distance. All of it was beneath him; simply a design on his new Welcome Mat of a planet.

“No, not bug people... they’re bug sized people... well, actually they’re way smaller,” the General added, “use your portable spy-bot to take a closer look.”

The Prince dug through his shorts pocket, until he felt a small, metallic ball on the tip of his fingers. He pulled it out, and was met with the sight of a small, nearly marble sized, copper sphere.

Before he could do anything with this, he felt a slight tickling sensation on his left foot. The Prince glared down upon it, and saw tiny, insignificant flashes of light appear every so often on his skin. His toes seemed to be lighten up the most.

“A-are... they attacking me?” The Prince exclaimed as he tried to hold back laughter. “This is so pathetic,” he scoffed as he continued to look down upon the hopeless actions of the United States military.


The last remaining groups of people on the top of the giant’s left foot began to run for their lives. This time, however, they were not in danger from the giant himself, but instead their own military. Fiery explosions rang out from all sides, as the peach colored plain was bombarded with artillery shells and missiles. The sounds of jets with their engines screaming above the scattered groups of people filled their hearts with both fear and hope.


As some ran, they looked up to see more missiles being launched towards the towering, seemingly never ending leg. As the hot explosions continued to rattle the people to their cores, some brave individuals stopped, and began to look around the battlefield. The skin that was being hit by the powerful shells and missiles were left completely intact. The fiery detonations had left no mark on the giant whatsoever. His skin was still peach colored as debris that were near the blasts were thrown into the air.


Some looked up to see the fiery impacts of the missiles hitting the giant’s leg. But like his foot, as the black cloud of destruction dissipated, his skin was left perfectly fine; as if nothing had happen. Some of the people cranked their heads up high. A cold shiver went down their spines as they could see the giant’s merciless brown eyes glare down towards them. A mischievous smirk filled his face as he stared down upon the tinies’ fruitless efforts to stop him.

Soon, the explosions came to a halt for a brief moment. The sounds of jets swirling around them had ceased, as a lone, dull humming noise was heard high above the group of people. Those who ran did not care, as they tried desperately to look for cover in this wide, open, peach colored plain.

Those who still stood still looked up into the wide blue sky. Eventually, a few of them spotted three to four little dots flying high above them. The dull noise was quickly replaced with a terrifying whistle. It grew in intensity as the sky was quickly littered with hundreds of tiny black blobs.

Some who stood began to run, as they realized what was happening, while some still stayed as they faced their oblivion head on. The whistling came to a fever pitch, before the thunderous sounds of deafening explosions rattled the plain. Like water droplets, they exploded in rapid succession, hitting the giant’s foot one after the other without pause. Fire rang out around them, but most were not burned alive. Some were obliterated within the blasts, while others were torn to pieces by debris and shrapnel that was scattered by the bursts. The balls of fire quickly turned into thick, black clouds of death as the foot was pelted by the bombardment.


“Hmph,” Prince Darren said as he looked down at his foot, “they carpet bombed me.”

A snicker left his lip as he looked down upon the tiny, insignificant pops of light of smoke appear and rapidly disappear on his skin. He felt nothing as each bomb slammed upon his body.

“This is sad,” he commented as he continued to stare down towards his foot.

He continued to look on the ground until a small flash of light caught his eye within the green patch of landscape. Just a few inches away from his foot, he saw sudden bursts of fire and smoke. After a few seconds, he would then see the meaningless detonations occur on his person.

“I can stomp you out with my foot... but that’s too much effort for such a pathetic attack... I know!” A devilish thought filled his mind as a sadistic smile grew on his face. His cold eyes glared down upon the artillery positions as his swiped his tongue across his lips.



The sounds of the cannons firing shook the bodies of the soldiers on the ground. They could feel each explosive shot as the powerful artillery pieces launched their deadly payload towards the massive titan.

The Major in charge continued to monitor the situation within his makeshift command center. Each explosion caused the loose fabric of his tent to sway violently in the air.

Suddenly, a frantic private ran into the command center. “SIR!” He yelled out; panic filled his voice, “I THINK WE’VE BEEN SPOTTED!”

“IMPOSSIBLE!” The Major yelled out as the sounds of explosions rang out from outside of the tent. The Major ran out of the command center as the faint whistle began to envelope the area.

As he left his tent, the area was darkened as a shadow loomed over them. “Did he move!” The Major said as the guns fell silent. He looked towards the titan’s colossal legs as they stretched high above the landscape around them. The peach colored pillars stayed completely still, as the whistling noise became louder and louder. Soldiers began to cry out as they scurried around.

The Major looked directly above him, and was met with a horrifying scene. Time felt like it had slowed to a crawl as he was met with the sight of a glistening wad of liquid falling towards them. The heat that radiated from it caused steam to burst our from the glob of water as it traveled towards him and his men. The shadow turned darker as it came closer and closer towards the ground.

Before he could bark any orders, the whistling came to its fever peach, deafening all those on the ground. It burst onto the earth below with such power and fierceness. The sounds of the ground splitting open as the water made contact with it at breakneck speeds was heard but only for moment as the noise of the hot, torrent of liquid violently washing everything away overpowered it. The Major felt his body exploded for a brief moment before blanking out as the water crashed upon him. The Private was less lucky, as the torrent of super heated water slammed onto his body.

He felt himself being pelted by rocks that were washed away by the waves of liquid. He crashed upon trees that were pulled out of the ground and were being taken by the cascade of death. He tried to breath, but the hot water rushed into his lung instead. He felt his eyes begin to burn as he desperately flailed around his liquid prison.

The cannons were washed away by the waterfall; bombs exploded violently as the super hot water made contact with them. Soldiers tried desperately to run away, before the boiling tide of water caught up and engulfed them.


He laughed as a small droplet of saliva rolled down his lips. “So pathetic!” He yelled out as he looked down upon the devastated area.

He could see his blob of split quickly roll down the countryside. The lust green area was turned into a plain of mud and destruction. Small pockets of grey were caught in the torrent of saliva, only for them to be washed away by the Prince’s own fluid. Mountains were carved out as the unstoppable flood continued to revenge the land below him.

“You better thank god... or should I say, thank ME... that I didn’t have to use the bathroom,” Prince Darren added as he continued to chuckle.


Unbeknownst to him, his thunderous laughter boomed across the Unite States. His powerful voice rattled town and cities all the way north in Canada and Alaska, and as down South as Honduras.

People covered their ears as their bodies were shaken to their core. Other fell onto the ground and began to beg for mercy towards their new master.

Other still had hope as they stared up towards the massive, uncaring god.


“Prince Darren,” General Reíl blurted out, “remember the spy bot!”

He stopped laughing as he glared down upon the copper ball in between his fingers. “Yeah, I almost forgot!”

He scanned the ground below for a suitable place to survey. His eyes came across a huge concentration of grey flooring near the edge of a tiny puddle. “Perfect!” He yelled out as he simply flicked the copper ball towards the grey substance, “I can see their living conditions first hand.”


Sirens rang out in Chicago as people ran for their lives. The gigantic ball of death rushed towards the city at a rapid pace. It glimmered in the sun as it tumbled in the air.


Without warning, the sounds of whirling servos echoed throughout the city as the copper ball popped open. Thunderous engines roared to life as the sphere softened its descent in mid-air. As it continued to open, several colossal, metallic and spider-like legs sprung out from within the hardened shell.

Then, it landed near the outskirts of the city. The earth shook once more beneath the feet of the Chicagoans, as buildings swayed in the air. A large, black smoke column rose from the impact site as a red light that illuminated from the machine pierced the thick cloud. Those nearby the massive robotic contraption were blow away by the powerful waves of the impact.

Even though it was tiny compared to the giant, the robot still loomed over the few multi-floor buildings that still stood around it. The giant, still just a massive blur in the distance to the Chicagoans, began to shift about. He took out a colossal, square box from his shorts, and glared down upon it.


“Wow! They’re just like us!” He exclaimed as he saw the live feed from the robot’s camera on his phone. “Their buildings look primitive though... I doubt that they perfected space travel, let alone any other noteworthy achievements.”

Almost as if he was playing a game, the Prince began to move the robot with touch controls on the screen. He briefly looked down upon it to see how it was effecting the city, and was met with tiny puffs of smoke as it traveled through the city.


Gun shots resonated within the streets of Southern Chicago as police officers, gang members, and anyone else with a gun began to attack the giant robot. Their bullets proved ineffective, as it continued to move towards the downtown area, completely unfazed by the attacks. The sounds of the powerful servos whirling as the legs pushed the robot forward filled the air. It bashed through buildings; it’s legs and body were unaffected by the concrete as it bulldozed its way towards the skyscraper filled skyline.

Citizens screamed out in horror as the impacts from its mechanical feet rattled the neighborhoods around it. Streets cracked beneath its weight as buildings were toppled over by its metallic, copper shell.

As all hope seemed to be lost, a sudden, yet familiar, sound filled the air around Southern Chicago. Jets roared into battle as their missiles shrieked passed buildings and trees below them. A new sky was formed as the smoke trails from the planes and missiles filled the sky like clouds.

Their impact caused the machine to pause for a second. Fiery explosions caused the machine to shake and rattle. Black smoke began to pour out of the tiny robot as the servos whirled uncontrollably within it. Sparks began to sly out as the machine was hit with missile after missile. It began to topple over, crushing buildings beneath it as its legs finally gave out. The sound of concrete pelting the ground was over taken by the roar of the copper machine crashing onto the soil.


“Oh their feisty little creatures aren’t they?” The Prince said as he looked towards the tiny copper ball bot that was slump on the grey spot, “fine, I wanted to see your structures up close, but I guess I can’t anymore.”

He looked at his screen, and was met with warnings of his robot being damaged. The camera, however, still worked on it. It cut out ever so often as explosions rattled the tiny contraption.

“Guess I’ll see how big I really am compared to you tiny insignificant insects.”

He took his left foot off of his sandal once more.


Jets continued to roar over the neighborhoods, as the pilots took turns on the dying robot. Their missiles illuminated the city in a blaze of fire for just a Jew moments as they exploded upon the giant bot.

Those on the ground began to celebrate, as the sounds of the machine settling down upon the ground filled the air. However, their cheers of happiness were quickly dashed. The thunderous rumble of the giant’s foot rumbling against the bottom of his sandal enveloped the whole city. Screams rang out as people watched the distant blur begin to move rapidly.

Those in the skyscrapers in downtown Chicago watched in horror as the giant slid his foot from out of his sandal, and began to slowly move it towards the city. Those who were not paralyzed in fear started to run towards the stairs and elevators of their prisons. They tried desperately to escape, as the building containing them began to sway due to the wind being pushed towards them by the colossal, bare foot.

They watched as the sole of his left foot slowly turned to face them. Screams and prayers rang out as sheer pandemonium filled the streets. The winds began to pick up as the gargantuan foot continued to glide towards them.


Those near Chicago were not spared. As the massive foot flew passed them, the gale force winds obliterated their towns and cities. People were thrown into the air, as their bodies were torn apart by chucks of concrete and steel. The winds were so powerful that long, deep fissures were dug out beneath the descending foot. The earth rattled and quivered under the power of the Prince.


The shadow that loomed over the city was turned into night as the giant’s foot blocked out the sun completely. Sunbeams glistened from between his toes as the colossal foot continued to fall upon the Windy City. For majority of the citizens below, the giant’s colossal sole became their endless, peach sky. Those who refused to run, or gave up trying, watched as the foot came towards them. They held onto trees and poles as the wind rapidly came to a powerful climax.

The grooves and crevices that littered the bottom of his foot turned into unrecognizable canyons as it got closer and closer. Their screams were muted as the winds howled all around them. Buildings collapsed and were disbursed as the powerful gale rattled the downtown area.

But then... it all stopped.

The rumbling as the giant’s foot came towards them had been replaced with an eerie near silence. The thuds of concrete chunks and people hitting the ground began to fill the sky, like a light summer shower. It came to a crescendo as cars and buildings came crashing back to earth. Screams once again filled the air as people avoided the falling debris.

However, a few still looked up into the darkened sky. Their hearts were filled with dread as the massive, peachy sole hovered over the entire city. The scent of the giant’s foot began to trickle down onto the floor, causing many cringe in disgust.



Those left inside the Willis Tower looked up in horror. The massive foot had stopped just a few hundred or so meters away from the tower. Those still standing near the top of the buildings looked over the horizon. The massive plain of flesh that hovered over them had turned itself into their sky. The massive trenches and valleys that littered the foot seemed to blur into one another as it felt completely surreal to the survivors.

The muffled sounds of engines filled the skies once more, as those in the skyscrapers watched, in a mix of horror and delight, jets flying towards the peach plain. Missiles flew from the wings of the craft and quickly slammed upon the flesh of the giant, illuminating parts of the sole for a brief moment. More missiles were launched as more jets filled the air.


“Wow... I’m huge!” The Prince exclaimed as he watched the feed from the tiny robot beneath his foot. He could see the sole of his foot hovering over the sky. It had blocked the entirety of the sky, as a faint glow was seen in the distance. He watched as tiny flickers of light appeared on his sole.

A smile came across his face as he knew exactly what they were. “Pathetic”

Without hesitation, he slammed his foot down upon the city below.


The jets continued to attack the giant. Whether or not they were causing any damage was irrelevant; they wanted to go out fighting. People on the ground continued to scurry around the torn battlefield. Rubble had filled the streets, as only a few buildings were left standing.

Those high up in the Willis Tower continued to watch the daringly lights from the explosions. But then, without warning, it all came to an end.

The massive foot once again came to life. This time, at a breakneck speed. The people below had no time to respond to the burst of movement. The jets that were zipping around were smeared onto the sole of the giant as the wall of flesh came tumbling down. The Willis Tower began to crumble as the foot bulldozed through the buildings. People screamed as their floor was compacted beneath the massive, uncaring foot. Debris and glass were blown out as it rammed through the once tall structure.

The winds below howled as their powerful gale pinned many of the survivors down upon the ground. They could do nothing but watch as the colossal, endless foot came crashing down upon them. The rumbling became deafening as the winds began to shred people apart. The earth shook violently as the foot came closer to the ground. What felt like an eternity to those beneath the foot was just a mere split for the giant as his sole crashed upon the earth.

Earthquakes rattled the United States as the once flat plain Illinois was turned into a mountainous hellscape. Fissures formed around the foot as the chunks of water from Lake Michigan was blasted into the atmosphere. The Earth seemed to expel its death rattle as the ground was warped and deformed by his powerful stomp.

Debris and smoke were launched into the air once more; as people around the once great Chicago were sent flying into the open air. Thunderous laughter was heard all over America as the giant looked down upon his deed with a sly smile.

The sounds of the Earth waning filled the air as he lifted his heel from the destroyed remains of Illinois.

With no effort, the giant began to grind the ball of his foot into the ground below. The deafening chorus of the ground being pulverized beneath his weight bellowed around the nation. The earth shook violently as smoke spilled from between the giant’s toes.

Then, his heel, like a peach colored asteroid, came crashing down once again. Fissures and mountain ranges were formed as the massive foot began to settle down at last.

The giant glared down upon his deed with a sly smile. He placed his fists on his hips, causing a muffled, yet thunderous thud to be heard around the U.S.


“I think this planet is pretty much conquered!” Prince Darren exclaimed.

He smiled down upon the tiny, unseeable, creature that he now ruled over. With a quick twist from his foot, he let out a hearty laugh, and stood triumphantly over his new subjects. Or what was left of them.


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