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Categories: Unaware, Entrapment, Odor, Feet, Footwear, Humiliation


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From her shoe I could feel the heat increasing and the smell intensifying. Her skin was warm and only had the slightest touch of moisture. Her toes flexed for only the briefest a seconds – probably an unconscious movement for her – but to me it seemed like if the sole of boa constrictor inhabited a very warm blanket – my face was pushed right into her second toe – my lips making contact with her skin. I shut my eyes and prayed that if I was to die in this nightmare it would happen quickly – I didn't want to have my bones slowly broken over the next 16 hours by a woman who was supposed to be helping me. What kind of world is it where I have to lick between the toes of a woman to prevent myself from being killed by the same toes unknowingly.


What was I? Was I even a human being? I suddenly felt a sense of vertigo. She must have lifted her foot. Just as suddenly I felt like I was falling. Her toes lifted off of me for a second - just enough time to move me slightly further towards the ball of her foot. I instinctively flexed my elbows away from them to stabilize myself using the sole of her shoe and the ball of her foot. I could feel the ridges of her flesh. The ball of her foot was soft where my hand was, but by my shoulder I could feel what amounted to rough leather. She had quite the callouses – I didn't want to slide in that direction. If I did – she probably wouldn't be able to feel me as she smothered my naked body.




Everything was vibrating and I was just as suddenly feeling like I was dragged down to the bottom of the shoe. Her toes lifted up again and my body was turned slightly towards the ball of her foot – my face wedged right against the flesh in the gap between her toes. The heat was overwhelming – it felt like I was in a sauna that had the temperature too high and then being covered in damp leather blankets. I could feel the sweat pouring from my face - but I wasn't entirely sure if it was just mine. Moisture poured over my mouth and had a distinctly cheesy quality. Dianne's foot was beginning to sweat.


She had only taken one step. Then I felt like I was falling again, rolling back towards the front of the shoe – momentarily thinking that I might roll too far forward and end up under her toes. The nylon, however, lifted me up towards her toes with them.




I was becoming nauseous. I didn't want to throw up – I would end up wallowing in my own puke under the toes of this woman. I don't know why but even now I had some sense of pride – I didn't want to appear weak. It was ironic. I was concerned with appearing manly. Lying naked under toes that were helping me – and could even more easily turn me into paste.




The heat increased. I was now sweating profusely. Her toes lifted and fell. I was already used to the pattern. Flexing my shoulders to stabilize myself with the nylon and her toes to prevent myself from moving. Then I could see the dark brown flesh from the light that crept in going towards the top of her foot from between her toes.




I closed my eyes. I prayed to god. I starting thinking maybe I should have just stayed with Tracy. At least with her I could feel safe. I wouldn't even care if she propped her feet in front of me and told me to lick the dirt from her soles – at least I'd be able to move and breathe fresh air.




I could feel her flesh becoming more damp. Her foot was beginning to sweat. In addition to my own sweat I started to increasingly feel slick. My curly hair was becoming heavy with the moisture, falling into my eyes – the acidity from the sweat stingy my eyes slightly.




Why was I praying to God? If God was real why was I stuck under the toes of a woman, in her nylon, in her pump – and this being a good thing. What kind of sick deity would do that? Yet I still prayed with a desperation of a man who's completely lost control of his life. I suddenly started praying to Dianne.




I was beginning to forget anything relevant to my life. My world now was a damp sauna – the walls were my masters. Her toes were my gods. I was completely at their mercy. They weren't human things – they were alien. I was their slave – they could kill me whenever they wanted.


“Please” I whimpered. Nobody could hear me. The toes didn't react as they flexed upwards and I slid back towards the ball of her foot. The dampness was making it harder for me to brace myself – and I moved closer to ball of her foot by what felt like a few inches to me.




After the vibration stopped I could see that my body was closer towards the ball than it had been before – the right side of my face was pressed into the flesh between her toes. I could feel the accumulated muck on the side of my face. Dianne probably wouldn't even feel it. Even if she had been looking at the gap between her toes it wouldn't have been enough to be visible. But for me, when the gap of her toes could fit what amounted to a propane tank – the bits of dust felt like clumps of wet rags.




The smell was a mix of leather and coconut – but more increasingly taking on the air of cheese section at my local supermarket. I don't think we were even out of the parking lot yet.




I closed my eyes again. My face was pressed against the flesh between her toes. The rest of my naked body was now sufficiently damp – I could feel the bottom of her third toe against my crotch. The moisture and movement was sliding my crotch against her the soft flesh sauna walls. I was becoming aroused - and I felt even more humiliated by this.



“Don't get an erection” I kept repeating to myself. I didn't want Dianne to be offended. Then I realized she probably wouldn't even be able to feel it. What was I? Was I even a human being? I didn't even know what was worse – if she felt it or if she couldn't. Just as quickly as I was aroused I was now suddenly humiliated and afraid.




This time the click clack of her heels sounded different – no longer on concrete. The lighting had shifted to a more bluish tint. I could hear voices. She was inside of the airport. My face was now feeling like it was pushed towards the gap between her toes.



The foot didn't lift this time. “Dianne Trabaow checking in for the flight 997 to New Zealand.” I could hear from above. The center of gravity of the shoe pitched downwards and my face was again pressed against her toe gap. She must have lifted her foot slightly.


The heat was immense and even though I could see some light it seemed like I was breathing air only that was trapped in a plastic bag for an hour. I guess I was lucky that their was some fresh air – this was already such a hell I don't know how some tinies have lived completely encased in boots and ugs – a fate I narrowly avoided with Jen. I really would have spent the rest of my days as her toe jam.


“Yes – do you have anything to check in?” A receptionist said.


“Just this bag” Dianne said. My cage shifted again while simultaneously constricting. She was moving her foot unconsciously – or so I presumed. I was completely locked with my face pressed against her gap – even though we leveling off. And then I saw something that terrified me.


From above me I could see sweat. Just a drop or two. But these drops were about the size of my face. And they were growing. And I couldn't move. And then it started sliding down the gap of her toes- towards my face. I suddenly felt as if a gallon of hot water left on the back of a flatbed was just dumped on my face. It poured into my nose, my mouth, and my eyes. The sweat was salty and had a bit of a provolone taste. I was choking – coughing desperately in an attempt to breathe as more sweat poured into my mouth. Hopelessly trying to breathe but more and more sweat continued to pour.


I began to panic and instinctively started to struggle. It was completely futile. I started swallowing the sweat – not intentionally but out of a desperate attempt to breathe.


“Go right on through mam.” A receptionist said. Her toes shifted upwards, allowing me to turn my head for a fraction a second and letting the sweat pour onto the side of my face. I breathed deeply – even though it was hot and humid foot air it felt like I was breathing in the middle of an alpine forest in contrast.




The process of walking restarted. Vibrations, vertigo, free fall. My face shifted back between her sweaty toe gap and then the callous under her big toe. There were clumps of what felt like wet cloth on the side of my face.




I was no longer anywhere near aroused. My crotch was pressed against her toes, and in the rise and fall occasionally squeezed my member. It might have been pleasant but it was becoming so difficult to breathe that I was getting dizzy. If I passed out I might slide under her foot and end up paste. But at least I wouldn't have to experience this hell.




Things started to shift in color. I was getting increasingly confused. I'm not sure if it was the lack of fresh oxygen or just the rapid movement and slamming pressure of her toes as they fell.


The walking speed slowed and was becoming irregular. Her foot rapidly moved up and down, lifting me into her toes and then pressing me into the sole of her pump.


“You know the rules Dianne – same security check we always have” A voice stated from above.


There was a pause. My consciousness was beginning to fade. Suddenly it was bright and I could breathe fresh air that made me feel like I was in heaven. I was completely blinded by the light – and I felt like was in complete free fall until my back felt like I was being pressed against a wall of ice.


Dianne had taken off her shoes for security. The ice was just a room temperature floor – but to me almost felt colder than anything I had ever felt. I was suddenly wide awake.


From above, I could see Dianne looking forward. I could see her hands reaching into her pockets as her long black hair drooped over her shoulders. I could see up her nostrils, but I could not make out her eyes. Her other arm was grabbing a plastic bin.


I was lifted up again – this time I could see the world shifting around me, up her nylon clad leg to the darkness below her skirt, and white light surrounding her. If I wasn't so afraid she would have looked like a Goddess. But as it was she was more like a terrific force of nature. Chaotic, and completely at her mercy. As I began the process of free fall, I was more terrified than I had been. Being inside the pump made it harder to tell how quickly I was moving. This time I was sure I would end up as paste below her toes as they fell back towards the ground.




Nothing. The gap between her toes was just the right amount of space so that the ball of her foot made contact with the ground before her heel touched down after it – her toes pressing into me as they landed. Not enough force other than to slightly squeeze me. I guess she was experienced at this. Or at least naturally light footed. I was observant enough to know that most people were slammers when they walked – which is why tinies were routinely smushed after it became popular to use them as insole services. A fate which I briefly had experienced before being rescued by Tracy.




My memory of Tracy was thrown from my mind as the world swirled around me. Dianne had entered the scanner. I could see her lift her arms over her head as the machine began to buzz and the scanner began it's spin. Her shirt was lifted slightly and I could see the brown flesh of her chest – a view partially obstructed by the flesh of big toe behind me. I looked at the toes for a second – meaty brown things that were seemingly alive. The whirring got louder.


Her toes game me a slight squeeze. She was still looking forward and I couldn't see her eyes – but I had the distinct feeling that this was the first time she was attempting to communicate with me. It was a gentle squeeze – an acknowledgment that she knew I was there. It would have been comforting if I wasn't filled with dread. Instead it just made me feel pathetic. If she squeezed her toes only slightly harder I'm sure she could would start snapping bones before my eyes burst out of my head.


I just prayed that if I was going to die it would be quick – slowly being crushed under the foot of a woman who was supposed to be helping me was not the way I wanted to die.

“Go right on through mam – looks like you're in the barrel today”. And with that I was flying through the air again.




Dianne's foot lifted in the air and I could see her other foot below me. Dianne had sat down and crossed her legs. From within her nylon I could see her eyes for the first time since entering my leather prison. She wasn't looking at me. She looking at her pumps – brushing dirt off from the top of one. Her toes flexed, and her foot shifted upwards, and I suddenly was face first in the gap of her toes and felt the bottom half of my body, slick from my sweat as well as hers, sliding under the damp flesh of the ball of her foot.


Oh no. I was being pulled under her ball of her foot. Her foot bobbed up and down and I tilted my head to see her gigantic hands preparing slide her shoe on below me. As I slid further under her foot I realized that if I didn't shift back into position I was going to be trapped under the ball of her foot as she put her shoe back on – and if that was the case – I don't think I would survive the walk to the plane.


She continued to shake her foot and my body continued it's slide, my head remaining between the toe gap but my feet now diagonally below the ball of her foot, my crotch and chest rubbing against a think leather-callous on the ball of her foot below me. I couldn't move my arms at all but I flexed with all my might to prevent myself from sliding further. I could see Dianne's green eyes from between her toes as she stared down past me towards the ground. And suddenly a massive bus of that was the black leather pump was above me. She was putting her shoe on.


“Dianne!” I screamed. But I was too small the and the airport was too noisy. Her toes tilted up one last time and I started to slide towards the ball again. My face was now wedged right into the gap of her flesh between her big and second toe. Then sweat that had accumulated started to stream into my mouth and I couldn't breathe.


I was going to die. But I didn't want to die. So my fear wont out over the humiliation. I started licking the gap between her toes. And to my horror I found myself with a mouth full of grime and sweat and dead skin. The detritus that had accumulated formed a barrier between my tongue and the soft flesh below. I would need to work my way through it to get her attention.


It started to get dark. Her toes were entering the shoe. In a mad dash at desperation I started licking wildly, faster and more aggressively than I had done anything in my life. The shoe continued to slide on and dragged my body further under the ball of her foot – I could feel my head getting pulled away from my torso as it was stuck on the gap of her toes. I continued licking, and the light was gone. I was completely wedged under the ball of her foot.


And then the sense of falling happened and I realized this was it. If Dianne stood up my guts were going to be coming out of mouth. In panic I did the only thing I could think of, I pushed my face deep into her toe gap, pushing my way through the jam, and bit the flesh, getting a mouth full of toe and jam and sweat that prevented me from breathing through my mouth – but my teeth hit the warm flesh below and I continued to bite and nibble regardless of the fact that I was simultaneously suffocating on the material my teeth was grinding off of her flesh.


Her big and second toe suddenly gave my head a slight squeeze – almost as if to acknowledge that I had communicated. Then there was nothing else. I realized that while she may have noticed me she might not have understood the predicament – so I had to continue to signal her. I was desperate. I coughed up the toe jam that I could and swallowed the rest – and immediately began licking her toes gap. This caused her toes to move in rhythmic pattern – almost like they were enjoying it.


I felt like the detritus I was swallowing, and realized that these toes were my world. I continued to lick and began sobbing simultaneously, the toes flexing in a pattern that reminded me of some kids dancing at a prom.


And suddenly there was light.


After my eyes adjusted I could see Dianne from between the gap of her toes, her pale green eyes piercing me. She didn't react in a way that seemed to acknowledge my presence but her hands appeared from above me like a giant bird of pray.


I was just toe lint, I continued to cry even though I knew I had saved myself. Dianne seemed to recognize now what had happened and her hands moved below me, and she titled her foot forward while using her index finger to push me back towards her toes. I could feel the slickness of her foot wiping over me as I could feel the lint and flesh accumulate on myself as I moved back to the toes. She then moved my shoulder so that my head was no longer pressed against the gap of her toes, but I was still close enough to tilt my head into it if I needed to. I prayed to god that I didn't – but we weren't on the plane yet.


And just as quickly it felt like I was falling again, and became black. The heat quadrupled and I could no longer breathe fresh air – just leather and cheese. I was back in her pump.



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