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"When justice is left in the hands of a heartless individual, things are bound to get a little vicious."


      Homura Shizuka is a exterminator, but not the kind of exterminator you'd normally think of. Homura is an exterminator for micros. Her job is to "humanely dispose of" micros that break the law, and she loves every second of it. The thrill of killing such pathetic creatures gives her such a rush that she can't help but torture a "few" of them...


      This story will be nonstop action and fanservice so I hope it doesn't end up being boring for anyone ;)


A commission for: @McAssault_Rifle (https://twitter.com/McAssault_Rifle)

Rated: R
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Published: January 28 2020 Updated: January 28 2020
Story Notes:

This is my first ever commission! My "client" said that it'd be ok for me to post it so I hope you enjoy!!

1. Chapter 1; Acts of Perversion by RI_Weeb [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (2625 words)

I'm branching out and doing a lot of different stuff for this story, so I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!