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Author's Chapter Notes:

Pre-context: Season 1 around episode 13 of the show. The group returns to the tavern to rest and recover after a massive battle with Helbram.


Each of the members entered the tavern except for Diane who was left outside. The giant woman of 30 feet was too massive to join the others. She was known as the Serpent's Sin of Envy. The woman had big purple eyes and medium length brown hair which was usually tied up into large twin tails. She had a particularly well-developed and curvaceous body. Like most of the other Seven Deadly Sins, her facial appearance was relatively childlike despite being around 750 years old.

“I wish I could be normal size again. Meliodas never gave me a clear answer on if he wanted to make babies together.” Diane talked to herself while peeking into the tavern through the main floor window.

As the giantess watched, Meliodas and Ban began arm wrestling. The 2 men were both in critical condition after a day of fighting, but that didn’t stop them from horsing around. Diane didn’t pay too much attention as she had her eye on Elizabeth who was the princess of Liones.

“Meliodas, you need to rest. You can’t keep going without giving your body some time to recover.” Elizabeth begged.

“Sure I can.” Meliodas said turning to face the princess while still maintaining his arm wrestle position.

He was putting in very little effort while Ban was trying his hardest to win.

“You need to rest your head, please Meliodas!” Elizabeth cried out being more serious.

“Okay.” The childish-looking man replied without emotion.  

Right as he finished the word, Ban’s arm got snapped in half as Meliodas applied a miniscule amount of effort. He then jumped up from the table and pushed himself face first into Elizabeth’s boobs. This was a typical thing that happened between them; although, it still shocked the girl every time. She shrieked as his face indented her cleavage.

“Uh sir Meliodas!” She cried out unexpectedly.

“What? You said I needed to rest my head and this is the comfiest place there is.” Meliodas said muffled by the squishy breast against his mouth.

“This isn’t what I meant.” She replied stunned.

Elizabeth then noticed Diane’s eye angrily retreat from the window. The giantess sat outside and pouted as she wanted to be the one groped.

“Meliodas had his chance today when I was his height but he still didn’t care to stick his face in my boobs. And just look at the size of them now that I’m back to being a giant. He could fit his whole body in my boobs, and then sleep until fully recovered.” Diane said envy of Elizabeth.

Thinking about Meliodas sleeping in her boobs started to turn her on. Seeing how the rest of the gang was busy, she decided to go off into the forest for some alone time. She rummaged through her belongings and found a human sized doll that she often used as a dildo while masturbating. With the doll in hand, she quietly left to find a comfortable spot where she could be alone. However, Elizabeth ran outside just in time to see where she was going.

“Wait Diane! I just want to apologise and see if you’re okay.” The princess said following her massive friend into the forest.

Diane eventually made it to a clearing which was surrounded by thick bush. She stripped naked and then made herself comfortable on the grass. She had set the doll down before hand and accidentally covered it with her clothes. Elizabeth walked through the bush just as Diane’s hand was searching for the life-sized figure. The giantess’s fingers met Elizabeth’s body and couldn’t distinguish the girl from her doll. Elizabeth was caught off guard and unable to scream as her mouth was covered by a finger. Diane had a routine to pleasuring herself and she got right into it.

“Oh Meliodas! You’re so naughty, jumping into the nude breasts while I’m enjoying my alone time.” Diane teased herself and squished Elizabeth’s body in between her boobs.

The soft flesh parted, giving way for its visitor. Once perched against her chest, she then firmly pressed her tits together, soaking in the sensation that she was making Meliodas happy. Diane held the pressure until her pussy was nice and wet. Elizabeth tried to cry out for help but Diane’s boobs were just too massive that the flesh was nearly suffocating her. Earlier that day, she was in a similar position; although, Diane wasn’t unaware of her presence and she wasn’t trying to pleasure herself.

“Mhmm you’re body feels so good against mine, let me help you with your clothes.” She said tossing Elizabeth up into her mouth.

After catching the girl, she continued her regular masturbating routine with undressing the doll. There were some small differences between the doll and Elizabeth but nothing that took Diane out from her hormone sedated mood. Elizabeth wanted to fight back but the unfathomed strength from Diane scared her into submission. The giantess then used her tongue to wrap around the princess’ body and remove her top. The massive red muscle was by itself, a hundred times stronger than her. The warm saliva soaked her skin as she began sliding down Diane’s throat to her doom. Diane purposely deep throated the doll so she could then remove its bottoms. Elizabeth’s breasts slid along her throat which felt abnormal to Diane, but not enough to shake her from her climax crave. Once naked, the giantess regurgitated the small body onto her hand.

“Meliodas, now comes your favourite part.” Diane said lowering her hand to her starving pussy...



Chapter End Notes:

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