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Jon groaned, his head full of fuzz and a headache doing its best to crack his skull wide open. He grabbed at his head with one hand and rolled to his stomach, glad he’d crashed on something soft last night. Despite his immediate fear his stomach didn’t object to movement, though his free hand sank into the odd material.

What the hell? he thought as his mind tried to piece together what had happened last night. Did I go drinking last night? Wasn’t it a Tuesday?

Since his stomach seemed solid, he opened his eyes carefully. The room was brightly lit, either from the sun coming through a window or from a dozen lamps. He was on all fours on a strange light brown fuzzy surface that seemed familiar, but he couldn’t place it. Jon certainly couldn’t think of anything that matched it; it felt like carpet but his weight pushed into it as though it were soft sand. 

“I didn’t drink last night,” he said aloud as he felt his headache receding rapidly, “So where the hell am I?”

He looked around and knew he must have been dreaming. In the distance he could see a door the size of a skyscraper, and to his left was a bed of a size that defied description, complete with a bright pink comforter that was so large he grew disoriented. It was as though he were seeing a wrongly colored sky and all of his senses were yelling different things at him. Everything was massive.

“Holy shit,” Jon said as he climbed to his feet, his head still spinning. “This is one intense dream.”

“It’s not a dream,” said a deeper voice from behind him.

“Whoa!” Jon spun around quickly, his feet getting caught in what he realized now was a type of short carpet. Or at least what his subconscious thought that carpet would look like from that size. Behind him stood a naked man wearing nothing but an odd contraption on his forehead. This being a dream, Jon wasn’t bothered by the nudity, or his own realization that he was equally clothing-less.

“Easy!” the guy said, seeing Jon get his foot tangled in a loop of fabric. He carefully stepped forward and offered Jon his hand, which Jon took before he could fall sideways. “Are you okay? Do you remember what happened to us?”

“You know, for a dream you’re awfully talkative,” Jon said as he double checked that his feet were free. “And what the heck is that on your head? I must be going through some weird shit for my subconscious to be venting this way,” he indicated the world around them with both hands.

There was a stinging sensation across his face and Jon’s head snapped to the right as the man slapped him. Not hard, but when someone isn’t expected a blow to the face it doesn’t have to be record-setting. When Jon almost fell again the man grabbed him by the shoulders and yanked him back to standing.

“Did that feel like a dream?!” the man yelled at him, and Jon heard a tone of fear and desperation that he hadn’t noticed before. “You better get it together so we can figure this out!”

“Don’t worry,” said a softer, female voice from his left when Jon recoiled, “You’re not the only one convinced this was a nightmare or a drug trip.”

Jon’s eyes widened as he turned to his left and saw three more people, all equally naked, all wearing the same odd contraption on their heads. It appeared to be a series of black straps that wrapped around the back of their skulls, with one narrow strip going across the top of their heads and a small box in the front. His heart fell as he reached to his own forehead and felt a rough material tightly adhered to his head.

“Don’t try to pull at it,” the woman said, a blonde who clearly had no issues being naked around a group. Jon tried not to stare; it was clear something big had happened to them all, but his hormones couldn’t prevent him from stealing a quick look at her perky breasts. She rolled her brown eyes and continued, “Somebody’s glued these cameras on pretty tight.”

Just as Jon leaned forward to see that she was correct, there were indeed tiny cameras in the harnesses that they’d been forced to wear, a distant explosion rocked them and a gust of air threw them all off their feet. Collectively they screamed in surprise, and Jon untangled himself from the man who had slapped him just as a deity began speaking.

“Oh, sorry about that!” said a familiar voice that boomed like a volcano erupting. There was a faint giggle behind the apology and Jon wasn’t fooled. The giant woman that had just entered the room clearly found some joy in their plight. “I keep forgetting how easy it is to toss you littles around!”

Now on his back, Jon looked up at the massive woman that had just walked into the room. He couldn’t help but see he wasn’t quite as tall as her big toe, and her legs were skyscrapers leading up to a pair of red panties that wouldn’t have hidden anything from even a normal sized man. Had he not already been on his back, he would have fallen again as he kept looking upward, seeing a belly button ring decorating the toned stomach, then a bright red sports bra holding back breasts that probably wouldn’t be that impressive if Jon were his full six-foot height.

And above those giant globes, a face the size of a battleship grinned down at them from miles above. Short red hair, blue eyes, pale skin and freckles. A smile that didn’t quite go all the way up on the right which only made her button nose crinkle slightly and enhanced her nerdy beauty.

“Holy shit, Erika?” Jon said aloud as everyone around him burst into chaos.

“Holy fuck!” yelled someone Jon couldn’t see on his right, as everyone around him scattered in panic.

Jon was overwhelmed by the number of people that were suddenly running in every direction. He was too confused to bother counting, but he knew that if Erika was here then he didn’t need to run. She’d fix whatever was going on. Though Jon did think it was incredibly strange they’d all woken up in what was clearly her bedroom while she was wearing extremely little clothing.

He and Erika had the kind of relationship that most coworkers wished they had. They only knew each other from the cafeteria and occasionally running into one another at the store and flirted mercilessly with one another. Neither ever knew for sure if the other was serious, and neither tried to take it any farther. But their brief interactions had shown them enough of each other’s real personalities, and though they’d never hung out outside of work they both considered each other good friends.

The possibility that Erika might not mean him well never crossed his mind until she moved above him like an avalanche. Even Jon’s generally hopeful and upbeat demeanor couldn’t withstand her casually sitting down.

Legs the size of apartment buildings flew around him as she sat and encircled the screaming group with her calves. Jon was hit by a wave of vertigo as her legs flew past him, closely shaved and massive, and he watched with horror as her heels clicked together not far from him. Close enough that he could smell the soap she’d used not that long ago. And hear a more distinct scream underneath what sounded like an exasperated sigh from Erika.

Recognizing the sound of someone in pain, Jon turned his head rapidly and saw that someone had been caught under her calf. In a motion that she probably hadn’t even thought about, she’d accidentally smashed someone! Jon ran to help the blonde man who was desperately trying to pull his legs free from beneath her immense bulk. Erika was a petite, well-shaped woman. But at Jon’s current size her pinky finger could have easily smashed him.

“Help me!” the man screamed as Jon ran toward him, reaching out from below her calf as though he were stuck under a car. But not fast enough, Jon saw.

“Ugh, really?” Jon heard Erika’s voice boom out, as annoyed as if she’d dropped a French fry. “Come on!”

As Jon got near the man, her leg shifted again, so large that it appeared the entire landscape had suddenly pulled away from him. Despite himself Jon stumbled; her movements were simply too large and stunning. When her leg shifted the pinned man was briefly yanked along with it, stuck to her skin before falling with a scream to the carpet.

Jon stopped when he saw the man’s lower half. Both his legs were clearly broken and his screams for help were drowned out by Erika’s sounds of annoyance. Before Jon realized what was happening a massive hand swooped down and daintily picked the blonde man up, pulling him quickly into the sky with a receding scream.

“So apparently,” Erika said to somebody that Jon couldn’t see, as she waved the man about between her pointer finger and thumb, “We only have ten players this time! This little one wouldn’t have gone far anyway.”

Jon looked toward where she was looking and saw only her computer. And next to it several video cameras as differing angles, all with green lights shining above their lenses.

“But at least he was tasty!”

“What?” Jon said aloud as he turned back to Erika and looked at her now empty hand miles above him. She smacked her lips exaggeratedly and licked the tip of one finger. “Oh shit.”

The tiny crowd was surrounded on all sides by her legs but that didn’t constrain the chaos or stop them all from scattering again, this time Jon included. He didn’t know what was happening and he didn’t care. He joined the screaming throng as they ran in every direction, not knowing where they were going or if it were even possible to get there.

Above them Erika giggled, then the sound of a thousand guns firing at once sounded above them. Jon screamed and covered his ears from her clap. Despite his terror he looked up, and saw Erika drop a white plastic disk near her ankles. As he did so his shoulder struck a heavyset black man as he ran, and Jon fell to his back while the man simply kept running. Not that Jon could blame him.

A coaster? he thought as his mind processed the only thing in the situation that he recognized.

“Okay, everybody, time to learn the rules!” Erika said excitedly, ignoring the terror of the people she had trapped by the circle created by her legs. “I’m gonna be nice this time, so I’m giving you all until the count of ten to get on the coaster.”

Jon climbed to his feet as she spoke and saw that he wasn’t the only person who’d heard her. After the initial panic had worn off everyone had reached the same conclusion: There was no escape. As a group they turned and looked up to her, too stunned and nervous to move. They knew what she could do by accident and none of them wanted to find out what she would do on purpose.

“One,” she started, and Jon’s legs refused to move. He simply shook like a man facing down a hungry lion.

“Two,” she said slowly with a smile.

“Erika!” Jon shouted up at her, waving his arms, “It’s me! Jon from work!”

“Three,” she continued, clearly not having heard him, and there was a flurry of movement behind Jon as the rest of the tinies scattered.

Far above him Erika continued counting and Jon joined the rest of the crowd at a dead sprint. Somehow they avoided jostling each other long enough to throw themselves onto the coaster, something she’d clearly stolen from a local bar. By the time Erika reached ‘nine’ there were ten people standing on the heavy paper circle with plenty of room left over.

“Sit down!” Jon yelled, throwing himself down as one of Erika’s massive hands moved down to pick them up. His paralysis was over and now his mind was only in survival mode. Her smooth hand slipped under the coaster causing it to tilt, and Jon saw a woman fall backward onto the carpet before he was rocketed upward on the world’s fastest roller coaster.

“Good, a volunteer,” he heard Erika say as he shot upward. He rolled so he lay on his belly to grasp at as much of the faux-floor as he could and was grateful for it when they started moving sideways. Just as his stomach was about to start violently protesting he felt the coaster strike something hard, then be set back down. Jon found himself shaking though the coaster was no longer moving.

“Okay you all,” she said, no longer so far above them, “Get up and pay attention, because I’m only saying this once.”

“Erika!” he yelled at her, ignoring the looks of the tinies around him as they all struggled to their feet. “Erika what the hell are you doing?!” He waved his arms again but she simply continued talking as she gingerly sat down the woman that had fallen moments ago on the desk that they all shared.

“We’re putting on a show today!” she said with a grin, and she waved toward the suite of cameras that Jon had noticed earlier. With a glance he noticed two open laptops as well, each with their lights blinking and showing the action in the distance like a billboard. There was a faint ‘ping!’ of a hotel bell, and a chat bar on the side of the screen was moving slowly as the observers added in their comments.

Erika lowered her head until she was closer behind the terrified blonde woman.

A cam show? Jon thought, incredulously.

“We’re all going to play a series of games,” she continued as the tiny woman, the blonde who’d first spoken to him, stood there shaking. It was clear she wanted to run but her nerve had gone. All she could do now was stand there as Erika’s breath washed over her. With each word she was leaning a little more forward until her lips were close behind the tiny blonde.

“Whoever wins gets to go back on the coaster. Whoever doesn’t...well…” she trailed off, then stuck out her tongue.

“Holy fuck!” Jon heard someone scream as the blonde was scooped up by Erika’s tongue. The giant woman slurped her little body into her mouth faster than Jon could believe and before she had a chance to scream the woman had vanished, dragged through Erika’s smiling red lips. It was surreal; one moment she was there, the next she was gone and Erika was swallowing with a look of bliss on her face. Someone to Jon’s right made a wretching noise.

“Oh,” she said as her eyes focused back on them and she smiled as though she’d just eaten the tastiest treat on the world, “And if you step off the coaster on your own I’ll do even worse to you. My games. My rules. One winner. Got it?”

She didn’t wait to hear if they ‘got it’ or not. Neither did her viewers as several more ‘dings’ came from the computer as money continued to roll in for the giantess. It felt as though all the blood had left Jon’s body when he realized that people were happily paying Erika to torture and kill them. To watch it on the internet like some horrific reality show.

“First game!” she said as she leaned back and away from the group. A hand floated into view holding what looked like two toy swords, which she dropped six inches away. Jon recognized them from a toy set he’d had as a child, though these had clearly been sharpened and were now longer than he was tall. While Jon was distracted by the gray items one of Erika’s fingers landed carefully next to him, causing him to leap sideways and yell in fright.

“You three,” she said as the finger moved away from Jon and shepherded three of his companions away, “There’s two swords, and yes, they’re sharp. In thirty seconds the one of you that isn’t holding a sword is getting dropped in my soda.”

Her finger moved and Jon saw the two men and one woman looking at each other, terrified. Unbelieving. This was all moving too fast.

“Time starts now!” Erika said, holding up her wrist to show them her watch. It was, indeed, counting down from thirty.

The woman moved first, pushing one of the men into the other before she sprinted toward the swords. The men were too surprised to recover quickly and she had covered half the distance before they were able to follow. Jon watched her with cold interest; the scenario was horrifying but he couldn’t help it. Survival demanded he watch and learn. When she reached the swords she kicked one toward the men, picked up the other, then started sprinting away from them.

“She’s smart!” Jon said aloud as the two men reached the remaining sword. What she had done was obvious; she had too much of a head start for one of them to catch her, so they had to duel themselves for the blade. In a fair fight she stood no chance, so she’d made sure it wasn’t fair.

Behind the struggling pair Erika cracked open a soda, the sound akin to distant thunder, and poured it into a red plastic cup. The sound of flowing liquid reminded him of Niagara Falls from a distance.

The taller man reached the sword first and grabbed its handle, but the other tackled him to the ground causing the sword to roll away. Jon’s eyes nervously looked between Erika’s watch and the struggling men. They were too evenly matched and neither was able to get enough distance between them to grab the sword. If one had held the blade it would have been enough to ensure survival. Instead they rolled together on the floor, each desperately looking for an advantage.

“Time’s up!” Erika said as the taller man finally landed a powerful blow. The shorter man fell backward toward the blade and he rolled to grab it just as Erika’s left hand gently scooped them both up. Jon could hear them screaming in the distance as they were pulled upward.

“Not how I thought this was gonna go,” Erika said as she rolled her eyes and giggled. “Nice move though!” she said as she looked down at the woman who had won the contest.

“And now, I hope you two are good swimmers!” she told the two men in her hand happily before she held her palm over her cup and turned it sideways. Jon watched the two fall briefly before they vanished from sight. Horrified, he watched Erika take a dainty sip with a devious smile. She must have spared them both for now as she sat her cup back down and told them both, “Don’t go anywhere!”

“As for you,” Erika carefully grabbed the blonde woman and picked her up between two fingers causing her to drop the sword in fear, “Drop the pokey and let’s get you back on the stage.”

The little woman screamed as the massive fingers moved her about, but despite Jon’s expectations she was actually placed gently back onto the coaster that was their only safe space.

Distantly Jon heard more pinging from her computer, and she smiled as she saw her numbers continue to climb. He felt sick to his stomach as he saw that she’d already made eight-hundred dollars with her macabre show.

“What is wrong with you?!” someone screamed from behind Jon, but he couldn’t be bothered to look at them as Erika shifted in her chair.

“So what’s next?” she asked as she looked into what Jon assumed was the main camera. “I’m putting up a poll and -- whoa geez,” Erika laughed as she moved her mouse around and clicked, “Okay, candy climb it is!”

Two minutes later, Jon found himself staring up a length of red candy rope that hung from the side of the desk. Unluckily, it appeared smooth and Jon couldn’t see any easy things to grab. From where he stood on Erika’s office chair he knew the climb could only have been a foot at most, but to him it seemed an impossible task. Not so much for the man he was about to lose to.

“So, uh,” Jon said as the man hurriedly stretched in ways that would have made Jon cry out in pain, “What did you do before all this?”

The man didn’t stop warming up as his biceps bulged, but muttered out, “Personal trainer, you?”

“Nurse,” Jon replied despondently as the man started doing some squats and a distant object clattered above them. Jon looked up and saw the lens of a camera suddenly looking down at them both. Their ropes were only an inch apart; anyone watching would see them both in all their desperate glory. “Worked in the same hospital she does, actually,” Jon continued, gesturing at Erika’s red-clad crotch that was at their level for the moment.

“You what?” the man said, stopping his warmup. “You-“

“Okay you two!” Erika said, kneeling until her face was inches from them and her breath washed over them like a tide of soda. “First one to the top wins! The loser, well, I think you’ve all got the idea,” she finished with a wink.

Before she could say ‘go!’ Jon’s competitor leapt onto his candy string and started climbing. Fast.

“Ah shit!” Jon said to himself, and he jumped onto his own string. And promptly slid down. The diameter of the string was too large, and he didn’t have the experience the other man had. But a glance at his opponent showed him that he wasn’t faring much better; the obviously stronger man was sliding down two feet for every three he gained.

Thinking fast, Jon spit on his hands and leapt at the string again. This time the moisture caused the sugary string to stick to his hands, and fear propelled Jon upward just as he heard the chair they’d been standing on be pulled away. A glance below him showed Erika laying straight below their ropes, giggling and putting a finger in her mouth before opening wide.

If he fell he’d find himself screaming all the way down her throat to her stomach.

“Oh fuck!”

Before he could lose more ground, Jon pulled himself upward at a speed he couldn’t believe. When his hands started slipping again he spit on them once more and kept pulling. There was a scream from the other rope, and Jon spared the other man a glance. He hadn’t fallen, but his rope was swinging wildly and the man was struggling to hold on.

“I better keep it even, right?” Jon heard Erika say below him, and his own rope jerked as she reached up and bit off a piece. Her tearing teeth caused the rope to bounce violently and Jon to scream as well.

Blinded by fear Jon flew up the rope, spitting on his hands for traction when he needed it. Lungs and forearms burning, he looked up and saw the end was nigh. And his competitor wasn’t ahead of him anymore; the man had fallen behind.

“Please!” the man yelled, arms quivering as he looked upward at Jon. He knew he was too far behind Jon to win, and Erika’s teeth below couldn’t coax any more strength from them. “I’ve got a wife and –”

Jon never heard what else he had. The man’s hands slipped as Jon pulled himself over the edge of the desk. The moment he was safely on the wooden surface he spun around to look downward. His competitor was nowhere to be seen, but Erika was looking up at him with a smile as she chewed. The nurse pushed down his need to vomit; he knew he’d only done what he’d needed to survive, and he’d seen death before. But this was the first he’d caused.

As he sat on the coaster and shook, trying to get the feeling in his hands back, two more of his shrunken companions had a footrace across a shallow sea of chocolate syrup. Neither of the men he’d spoken to yet, but they both seemed to do well across the sticky solution. The dark fluid was only up to their knees and it seemed like they were wading through high mud. Until the one in the lead fell forward.

Once more of his body was covered in the heavy chocolate he had no chance. The other man slowed and moved more carefully while his competition struggled with the very act of standing back up.

Jon turned his head so he couldn’t see the loser be consumed, but he couldn’t block out the sound of Erika’s giggle and her tongue lapping at the chocolate. Nor the distant, suddenly cut off scream. Without the screaming Jon could have fooled himself that he was listening to the audio of a porn video.

“It’s okay, it’s over,” someone told Jon, and he opened his eyes just as Erika let out a surprised gasp.

Before Jon could even see who’d spoken to him he gazed reflexively upward at Erika; anything that surprised her could easily end his life. She was leaning forward and reading something on her computer screen with interest. Then her head whipped around to look at the tinies gathered on her coaster.

“One of you works with me?” she asked excitedly, leaning forward to get a closer look. “The cameras have audio and one of the viewers said Ron knows me from work?!”

Jon didn’t quite like the look on her face, nor did he like the sudden attention from the rest of his tiny cadre, but he knew this could be his only chance at survival.

“Here!” he screamed up at his co-worker, waving his arms. “Jon, not Ron! It’s Jon!”

Erika didn’t hear his voice, but once she was leaning forward enough to see who was jumping up and down she immediately recognized him and Jon knew he was saved. Surely she would pull him out of this nightmare, right?

“Holy shit!” she said with a laugh, “Jon, not Ron!”

Erika leaned back and laughed, causing her breasts to bounce interestingly, which Jon did his best not to notice despite his predicament. Then she leaned forward again and all hope of a rescue vanished. Her face was cute. Friendly. Focused. Excited.

“This is so great!” she said, and Jon felt the ire of his fellow shrunken victims vanish. “I’ve never played with someone I knew before!”

“What, no! Help me damnit!” Jon yelled, not that she could hear. Or cared.

“I hope you’re ready for a challenge!” Erik said as her fingers came forward to pick Jon up. He was pulled upward at a dizzying pace until he was close to her face, where her eyes narrowed in on him. “You know,” she said playfully, replaying the energy they shared with their flirting at work, “This isn’t how I wanted you to see my place, but I’m glad you made it anyway!”

Which was how Jon discovered that his flirty friendship with Erika only made her want to kill him more. Though there were several others that hadn’t participated in any of her twisted competitions, Jon found himself back at the head of the line.

“I’m sorry!” he yelled to the first man he competed against as he knocked him off the tongue depressor into a glass of water. Jon had taken two self-defense courses in his life, and one of them had included a dirty trick to trip one’s opponent. The other man hadn’t seen it coming, and Jon got to watch in horror as Erika chugged the water, screaming man included.

And then there were four remaining.

This time Erika didn’t even bother to place him back on the coaster before the next game began. Instead she pulled her red lace bra off, revealing small but perky breasts and her barbell nipple piercings. There was a sudden flurry of bell sounds from her computer as her nudity inspired more viewers to open their wallets.

I knew it! Jon thought despite his predicament when he saw the piercings.

“Not how you hoped to see them, huh, Jon?” she asked, laughing downward at him and grabbing one from below to massage her breast teasingly. “Don’t worry, you’ll get all you can handle in a minute!”

Two minute later, Erika was dancing. Her viewers watched, entranced, as she shook her hips to pulsing club music. There were no words, and it didn’t matter as she shook and twisted about her room. The viewers were mesmerized by her movements. Two years of dance classes hadn’t been wasted on her.

Jon screamed as he held onto the shiny iron bar that pierced Erika’s nipple. His legs were thrown backward by the force of her spinning and his forearms burned. When she occasionally paused he could see another tiny man clinging desperately to her other nipple while she did her best to throw them off. Jon seized the rare calm opportunity to curl his forearms around the metal and redouble his grip.

“You two are gonna set a record!” Erika said above them as she paused for breath. “Try this one on!”

Suddenly she spun again, the fastest pirouette she could manage. Jon screamed, and just as he knew his fingers were about to let him fly into oblivion, she quit spinning. With a desperate cry he adjusted his grip on the bar, ignoring the dark flesh pushing on his face, and turned to see her other nipple had lost its contestant.

“Hey!” he heard Erika yell as she leaned over her table to get closer to the laptop. He thought it was unintentional, but Jon seized the opportunity to let go of her nipple bar and fall what seemed like twenty feet to the tabletop. “Did anyone see where that one landed?” she asked her viewers, Jon temporarily forgotten.

Jon rolled twice when he landed and lay still, exhausted. His forearms screamed as Erika bounced happily to another corner of the room, bringing a camera with her. If Jon hadn’t leapt he would have fallen to his death as she skipped with the enthusiasm of a small child.

“Oh, I was hoping this one would survive the impact!” she said as she laughed with mock disappointment. Jon looked toward where she stood, half bent over and showcasing her well-formed backside that he had several times commented on at work. If he’d known what kind of person she really was he never would have made eye contact at all.

Once again Jon found himself without respite; Erika daintily picked him up with the other two remaining survivors. One was the blonde who had won the first game, and the other was still doing his best to scrape chocolate syrup off his feet. Despite his fatigue Jon tried to plan for whatever was next, and he knew he didn’t want to start out standing next to the blonde. She was smart and dangerous.

But it seemed Erika wasn’t giving them a choice in the matter. As a group they were put into a small paper cup, and they all rushed to attempt to peer through the thin walls as Erika stepped away for a moment. Jon could see her silhouette and could tell that she was giving her viewers another show as she stripped off the last of her clothing.

“She’s naked now,” he said to the other two, who groaned.

“Look,” the other man said to Jon and the blonde, “I don’t want to kill anybody, but—”

“I’ll bury you both to get home to my family,” the blonde said, interrupting him. Jon just looked at her with raised eyebrows and she shrugged her shoulders.

Just as Jon was about to add his two cents, their paper prison shifted as Erika picked it up. Again, Jon threw himself to the floor to try and slide as little as possible and the other two matched him. The cup swayed back and forth several times with each of Erika’s steps, and after a particularly rough moment, they found themselves dumped onto the bright pink bedspread.

“Oh, come on!” the blonde yelled angrily as she looked upward. “You bitch!”

Jon followed her eyes and saw that they had been placed between Erika’s legs again, and she was sitting with her back to the headboard of the bed frame. The red panties were gone and Erika’s massive shaven snatch was too close for comfort. Jon gave up all hope of survival when he saw what she was holding, and his hormones instantly shut up, realizing their days were numbered.

“So,” Erika said with a groan as the speculum spread her lips gently, “I’m all about big finishes, remember that Jon?” she asked rhetorically.

The speculum slid the rest of the way into her, and Erika rotated her hips oddly. On a hunch Jon looked in the opposite direction and saw a camera aimed directly at her crotch.

“So here’s how this works!” Erika said, and Jon’s head whipped around again. “We started with a race, and we’re gonna end with one.”

She was looking down at them all with a new look on her face: Lust.

“First one out survives,” Erika said as she brought a train-sized dildo into view. “The losers…well…I’m loud when I come,” she winked at Jon, “But the losers won’t hear it.”

Her massive hand scooped them up and brought them forward. The three competitors screamed as her hand tilted and they were dumped unceremoniously along the now-hot plastic. Jon was immediately overwhelmed by her scent and slid down the smooth plastic lumen of the speculum until he landed with an ‘oof!’ against her soft cervix.

“Oooh yes!” they heard from outside their steaming prison.

“Fuck!” he yelled as he turned to look upward. It was as though he were seeing the light at the end of a train tunnel, if that train tunnel ended with a massive camera staring down at it. There was a distant buzzing sound as Erika started a vibrator and waved it in front of her opening for their benefit.

“Make it good for me!” she said, and suddenly the speculum moved. She was pulling it out.

“Wait! No!” the blonde yelled, leaping at the moving plastic and falling forward.

Suddenly the last of the light vanished and the three were entombed. Immediately the wet walls of Erika’s vagina pushed them together and they felt her fluids soak onto their skin. Distantly they could hear her racing heartbeat, then their world began to shake as she held the vibrator against her clit.

Jon felt someone push away from him and he let them shove him. Before he could lose his sense of direction he threw himself forward, immediately pushing to his hands and knees. Boiling flesh and wetness surrounded him, every breath was so full of Erika’s scent that he almost wretched. His hands pushed on her slippery walls, but he found if he carefully pushed sideways and down it seemed as though he could make progress.

Just keep going, he told himself as he crawled forward. He quickly lost his sense of time and direction. The other competitors never made themselves known, though with all the noise and shaking they could have been an inch away and he wouldn’t have known.

Forward through the wet cave he pushed, feeling his air start to run out and Erika’s hips start shaking with urgency. Her distant heartbeat seemed to be speeding up and he had no illusions about her crushing them to paste while searching for an orgasm. Just as he was about to give up hope and lay down to die, exhausted, his hand pushed through into fresh air.

The air brought with it a wave of coolness and he grabbed at the sides of her opening. It was soaked and impossible to grasp but just as before he wriggled his way forward until he was almost falling out. A glance around told him that he was the first to escape. Just above him a purple vibrator was doing its work on her clit, and not far away a camera was aiming straight at him. Below there was what seemed like a twenty foot fall onto a wet spot on the comforter.

“Oh, fuck you!” he yelled, knowing no one would hear him over the vibrator.

“Oh, finally!” he heard Erika say. She must have felt him reach her opening, and the dildo came into view.

“Jump or I’m gonna smash you little one!”

The choice was easy for Jon. He leapt as the massive phallus approached at the speed of sound. There was a ‘squelch!’ from behind as he fell, then he hit the comforter. Exhausted and soaked, he rolled onto his back and watched with horror as the dildo pumped in and out of her massive pussy. There were already red streaks from his competitors.

Swallowing his urge to cry, Jon closed his eyes and breathed in the fresh, relatively clean air.

I made it, he told himself, trying to ignore the lives lost today all for the entertainment of some random wackos on the internet. No matter how much he wanted to pass out, Jon knew he couldn’t stay where he was. It was only a matter of time before Erika crushed him with her bucking hips. He didn’t think for a moment she’d value his ‘win’ over her own passion.

He struggled to his feet but couldn’t find the energy to walk as the bed shook under him. Instead Jon simply found himself crawling away from Erika’s ear-splitting cries. He knew she’d be careful not to crush her camera, so he moved toward it as best he could. So tired he was, that he didn’t notice Erika had came violently around him. Her cries all sounded the same at his height, equally deafening. If he had been listening he would have heard her vibrator shut off and her satisfied sigh.

“Gah!” Jon yelled as her fingers grabbed him by the legs. Once again he was yanked upward at a dizzying speed until he was level with her face, but upside down. “I won!” he yelled, “Now you let me go!”

Instead, Erika giggled and licked her lips.

“I’m glad it was you Jon,” she said, holding him higher above her head. “But when I said there was only one winner, I was including me too. And I always win.”

The redhead opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue. Jon screamed as he was lowered in, and she let out an ‘mmm!’ as she tasted her juices on his skin. Closing her mouth, she slid him side to side in her maw, savoring her last tiny of the day. She’d already forgotten about the two struggling to stay afloat in her soda.

Jon screamed in frustration as the massive tongue bucked under him. His ears popped as she sucked lightly on his body, and he curled into a circle to protect himself from her teeth as best he could.


He thought furiously, hoping for a way out. Any way out. And just as her tongue pushed him upward against her soft palate, an idea ran through his head. Then she gulped.

The viewers from home laughed as she swallowed the last tiny down, and most of the remaining subscribers made sure they watched his camera. They always delighted in seeing the inside of their favorite cam-girl’s tummy. But this time, something was different.

With a scream of effort Jon pushed his arms and legs wide apart. The back of her throat didn’t give him much room, which worked in his favor. His hands pushed toward what he hoped was her front and just before he was yanked into her inescapable esophagus he felt something distinct, hard, and slimy. He was small, but for once today that worked in his favor; it was painful, but he was able to shove his left arm through the gap in her otherwise tightly closed epiglottis.

“Eat this, you bitch,” he said as he pulled himself up with the last of his strength. His other hand pushed through the barrier that protected her windpipe and Jon prepared for the fight of his life.

On her bed, Erika coughed.

“Oh!” she said as her eyes watered, making sure the cameras could see, “He went down the wrong pipe!”

Except Jon hadn’t gone down at all. She coughed once, trying to dislodge him. Then she coughed again, her eyes going wider and her hands reaching up to her throat. As her face turned red, Erika tried to leap off her bed to grab her soda from her desk, intending to wash Jon down with whatever was left of her cola.

Instead of nimbly bouncing to the floor like she planned, in her panic Erika tripped, one foot caught in the comforter. All across the world subscribers got ten different angles of Erika falling hard, smacking her head on her dresser and laying motionless on the ground.


“Holy shit!” Biggerbetter7 said as he watched her fall. It was obvious from how she was laying that she was out cold. He debated trying to call the police to help her but knew they wouldn’t be able to find her in time. Then he saw the camera feed from the last tiny. The supposed winner.

“Holy shit!” he said again.


An hour later, Erika rolled over on the hard floor. Her head was pounding, but as she stumbled to her feet the headache was already fading.

Was I drinking last night? she asked herself as she opened her eyes, confused as to where she was and why she hadn’t woken up in bed.

No, it was a Tuesday and I was…

“Oh shit.”

To her left a mountain shifted and she screamed, falling backward on her desk. To her horror Jon’s massive face leaned toward her with a vindictive smile. Then she felt the strange weight on her head. A shaking hand reached upward to feel the camera that was strapped to her.

“Gotta say Erika,” Jon said, his voice making her entire body shake, “You’re quite possibly the worst person I’ve ever met.”

“No!” she screamed, “I was gonna-“

“And crawling my way out of two of your holes is by far the worst thing I’ve ever had to do,” he continued over her faint screaming, “But I honestly can’t believe you left your shrinking machine under your desk; it was the first thing I saw after you fell and cracked your head. Someone up there’s looking out for me. Clearly not you.”

Erika just crawled away from him and shook her head, tears streaming down her face.

This is how it’s supposed to go! she thought, terrified and confused.

“Speaking of looking,” he gestured toward her laptop where messages were still rapidly popping up, “Your fans all loved watching the show, and I looked at where you were having the money sent; it’s my account now, so thanks for that. There’s just one thing left to do.”

Erika screamed as his fingers surrounded her.

“This is how it’s done,” Jon said as he looked into one of the cameras. He wasn’t thrilled about the parallels, but it seemed justified.

Then he tossed Erika’s tiny screaming form into the air like a piece of popcorn. He carefully caught her on his tongue and immediately tossed his head back, pushing her to the top of his mouth and swallowing hard. Just in case she pulled the same trick he’d managed to, he kept one hand on her half-drunk soda, but she slid down his gullet easily.

Out of curiosity he checked the feed on the laptop and saw that she’d landed in what seemed to be a large, wet cave. The camera shook wildly and he could see her hands clawing at the side of his stomach. Faintly he could feel her moving about inside of him, and he smiled faintly, then looked at the laptop’s camera.

“Show’s over folks,” he said before closing the computer. Jon looked around the room briefly, then set out to search the rest of the house for his clothes before he left.


At his home in California, littlelover18 leaned back and put both hands on the top of his head.

“Best. Show. Ever!” he said excitedly before he returned to the topper that he had been stuffing into the end of his rod. She fought as best as she could, but by the time his cock had half-swallowed the former librarian he had already started Erika’s show over from the beginning of his recording. He’d enjoy the second viewing as much as the first.


“Hey!” Brian screamed as the giant man walked past. He was exhausted; treading water in soda was far more difficult than he would have believed. “Help us!”

Instead the giant man just kept walking away, clearly not having heard him.

“Now what?” Grant asked him, equally exhausted. Then Jon turned off the light and the two were left in darkness.


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