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Author's Chapter Notes:

Here's my last commission, another fun take on an exciting relationship!

Jen took a long drink of her coffee, smiling as Anna rolled the idea around in her mind. The two had shared more secrets with each other than most grown women ever had the opportunity to, but this most recent one she had kept closer, purely for her husband’s sake. She was worried he’d be embarrassed, but the couple’s relationship with Anna had grown deep over the years.

“So he…” Anna said, trailing off and looking around the coffee shop suspiciously. When it was obvious no one was near she continued: “He gets off on the idea of being so small he can climb into your pussy?”

The redhead smiled and sat her coffee down, leaning forward conspiratorially.

“Oh yeah,” she replied with a nod, “There’s whole communities about this stuff. The front stuff is called unbirth, but he’s really into vore and, well, you know.”

“No! I don’t know!” Anna exclaimed, not sure if she liked what she was hearing but oddly excited by it. It had been a long time since she’d found a fetish she never even knew about. She lowered her voice again.

“What the heck is vore?” the brunette asked.

“Oh you poor thing,” Jen said with a smile as she drained the last of her coffee and rose from her seat. “Let’s talk in the car on the way back to my place.”

Twenty minutes later Jen was guiding Anna into her house, surprised that her husband Andrew wasn’t there yet. Anna was still wrapping her mind around what Jen had told her. Part of her was confused by the idea but another part of her knew she’d be searching for it on the internet that very evening.

“So wait,” Anna said as she tossed her jacket on the couch and kicked off her shoes, “He wants to be a small guy so you can put him up your ass and eat him?”

Jen laughed at her friend’s description but nodded.

“Obviously it’s just a fantasy,” she called as she walked to the kitchen. There was the distinct sound of a cork popping as Anna turned on the television and turned on a video streaming service. “But we roleplay it quite a bit and wow! does it get him going.”

“And there’s other people that are into this?” Anna asked as the movie list appeared slowly and Jen reappeared with a glass of wine for her. Anna sat in the recliner and shifted her hips downward slightly.

“Mmmhmm!” Jen said as she started unbuttoning her blouse. “Search it on the net and you’ll be stunned at what some people have come up with.”

Her shirt hit the floor and Anna smiled, watching her friend’s breasts bounce in her gray bra. She took a drink of wine, ready to start that afternoon’s action.

“But you see,” Jen breathed as she knelt in front of her friend, ready to get this threesome started whether Andrew got off work on time or not, “It’s not just him that’s into this.”

She started kissing her way up her friend’s leg, starting at the knee. Anna’s eyes grew wide with anticipation as her long-time friend’s face approached her burning desire.

“At first I just wanted to do whatever got Andrew going-“ Jen planted a kiss at Anna’s mid-thigh, “but then I started thinking about it, and watching some of the videos he found-“ her tongue slid higher up Anna’s inner thigh, eliciting a gasp, “it started getting me too.”

Anna started to respond when Jen’s practiced hands flipped her short skirt up and a finger started tracing the outside of her panty-less labia, just lightly stroking her as her tongue approached far. Too. Slowly.

The brunette started breathing heavily and tried to slide her ample backside further down the recliner, closer to her friend’s face. The random cooking show she’d picked on the television was already forgotten, pleasant background noise to the afternoon’s fun. Jen just giggled and backed up, knowing her friend wasn’t good at dealing with anticipation.

“Imagine,” she said as she saw her friend’s outer lips start glistening, “a tiny man, whose entire life and every decision led to the moment he got slid into your pussy.”

With that said she plunged a finger into Anna who groaned with pleasure. Jen curled her finger and rubbed it on what she knew was Anna’s most sensitive area, the top of her tender canal.

“Just think,” she told her friend as looked her in the eyes, “someone’s life only matters so you can have an orgasm.”

A second finger slid into her friend and Jen leaned forward to give her clit a quick lick. She could already tell her dirty talk was getting Anna ready for a small orgasm. Her friend had always been quick to cum and combined with her high sex drive she had fit in perfectly with Jen and Andrew’s sex life.

Or perhaps more appropriately Andrew had fit into theirs; Jen and Anna had been intermittently physically involved since high school.

“Will he survive when you cum?”

Anna gasped as Jen licked her again, wiggling her fingers in a rhythm that combined with her words could almost convince her there was a tiny human struggling in her snatch. The idea of a little man who might even die just for her pleasure made her feel powerful in a way that had never even occurred to her. Her orgasm approached as the feeling of power rose up within her.

“If he doesn’t,” she moaned as Jen leaned forward and began tasting her in earnest, “Why don’t you just lick him out of meeee?”

Anna cried out as she had a small orgasm courtesy of her friend who masterfully played with her senses as she had a hundred times before. It wasn’t earth-shaking, but she knew it was only the first of the afternoon.

“Oh, started without me, huh?” she heard Andrew say from the distance as her senses refocused. Her racing heart slowed slightly as her eyes focused on the new trim figure on the far side of the living room.

Her old friend’s husband was certainly the more fit of their trio, a tall distance runner with a sexual appetite that matched both the women in his life. Even before he’d proposed to Jen he’d known about her frequent liaisons with her old friend, and like most men he hadn’t minded at all. Especially since that led to almost monthly threesomes, surprisingly balanced encounters that the three had enjoyed for years without running into any of the hurdles that triplets frequently do.

Jen tried to pull her face back from Anna’s snatch, but instead Anna just grabbed her old friend’s red ponytail and held her where her friend immediately got the hint. Her tongue kept flickering along Anna’s outer lips gently, teasing her toward another slow orgasm.

Andrew smiled as he watched the action and left a trail of clothes behind him as he walked toward the women locked in their erotic embrace. Anna locked eyes with him, then eagerly looked down at his rapidly swelling manhood. In an unspoken invitation Jen wiggled her hips at her husband, unable to turn and see him but after ten years of marriage knowing exactly what he wanted.

“Don’t mind if I do,” Andrew said as he knelt behind his wife. He gave Anna a grin as he drove himself into Jen, causing her to squeal in delight, her voice muffled by Anna’s sex.

“Eat up dear,” he said in a loving tone as he started thrusting, and Anna came again as she imagined the last scenario she’d given Jen before Andrew had arrived: eating a tiny, struggling man right out of her snatch.


Three weeks later Anna approached the front of her friend’s ranch-style home. It had been weeks since their last encounter, and while they’d gone longer without she couldn’t deny the urge had been growing. The triplet made it a point to get together as frequently as their busy schedules would allow, which wasn’t nearly as often as Anna would like.

But she knew an arrangement as great as what they had was a delicate thing to maintain; she’d never tried to sleep with Andrew if Jen wasn’t there to lend a hand. Or a mouth. Andrew didn’t mind the two women having their own playtime, but Jen had been out of town for the past two weeks and Anna was missing her friend. Relationships on her own had been less than fulfilling when compared to how well her longtime friend could pleasure her.

The door opened silently with her spare key and she dropped her purse on the table in the hallway. The brunette shrugged out of her tiny jacket, leaving her only in a bright pink blouse and short frilly skirt that she knew Jen would enjoy. After she kicked her shoes off, she picked her purse up again and walked further into the oddly silent house.

“Andrew?” she called out. “I’m gonna freshen up real quick!”

Anna didn’t even notice the continued silence from the rest of the house as she checked her social media while she ducked into the restroom. Several minutes later she stepped back out into the hallway and put her phone away after checking her makeup one last time. She’d been sure to redo her eyeliner with the cheapest brand she could find; both Jen and Andrew enjoyed how it looked when tears from their rougher play ran down her cheeks.

With a confident smile she looked down the hallway to where her friend’s bedroom was.

“Oh, Aaandreeeew!” she called playfully down the hall when there was no sign of her friend’s husband, “Did you forget we were playing today?”

There was only silence in response and the faint ticking of the large clock in their dining room. Anna rolled her eyes.

“I saw your truck out front, I hope you’re not trying to scare me because you know I’ll hit you!”

Nothing moved in the house.

“Andrew?” she called out again, stepping forward. “Are you asleep?”

“Hey!” Andrew screamed at Anna, jumping up and down, waving his arms madly. He could only see part of her giant form in the hallway; from his perch on the dining room table he’d been able to observe most of her movements aside from her time in the restroom.

Not that it had done any good. The brunette was completely oblivious to his yelling despite the house being completely silent. His voice simply didn’t carry the way he thought it would.

Instead of hearing his tiny yelling, Anna vanished down the hallway, her footsteps sounding like distant thunder in his ears.

When he’d awakened on the wooden table hours ago Andrew had been sure he was dreaming. The event certainly had all the elements of a dream: he didn’t remember how he got there. The world wasn’t obeying ‘real’ rules. He’d had dreams where he was small before, certainly, but this was by far the most vivid.

After several minutes of running across the busy table, exploiting the strange physics of the dream that allowed him to run at full speed without tiring, some thoughts began to occur to him. As he leapt over a decorative plastic apple he realized that he was a little cold. The distant clock was ticking along steadily and he could feel the smooth, lacquered wood under his feet.

But most importantly, when he landed off-center the air was knocked out of him with an ‘oof!’ as he rolled.

The minutes spent exploring the massive world around him turned to hours as he realized something impossible had happened.

“This isn’t a dream at all,” he breathed as he picked himself up from tripping over the handle of a fork.

Then the door had clicked open and Anna, Jen’s old friend and Andrew’s part-time cock holster, had appeared. His eyes flickered to the clock and back to the massive pink-clad brunette as reality truly set in.

“No! Anna!” he yelled after her as she vanished down the hallway. “I’m not asleep!”

Her steps continued and he could hear her calling playfully for him.

“I’m right here,” Andrew whispered dejectedly as she searched around the house, like he was playing a game of hide-and-seek.

Knowing Anna, it would be an hour before she realized something was wrong. The brunette was the walking definition of ‘ditzy;’ the perfect woman to seek for a one-night stand.


So instead of the immediate rescue he’d been hoping for, Andrew sat on the edge of a spoon and waited. In the distance he could hear Anna searching through the rest of the house, somehow convinced he was hiding from her in a strange new form of foreplay. Occasional giggles balanced out his frustrated silence.

Finally, after an eternity, she reappeared with a confused look on her face. Andrew stood and yelled her name again, but she was too busy checking her phone to notice. Instead she idly walked into the kitchen and sat her purse on the far end of the table from him. Without looking up she opened the fridge door and pulled a bottle of white wine from the door before bumping it shut with her hip.

There was a loud ping from the behind Andrew and he jumped as something massive rumbled twice.

How did I not see that? he wondered incredulously.

“Ugh,” Anna said, setting down the wine bottle and walking toward the phone on the table, “Who leaves the house without their phone?”

She picked up Andrew’s phone and activated it, seeing only the notification for her text.

“I better call Jen, they must have forgotten,” she mumbled as she sat the phone back down.

Then movement drew her eye.

She screeched as she drew her hand back, ready to smash the spider reflexively.

Andrew dove out of the way when the phone came crashing down, almost smashing him while Anna screamed. He threw himself back to his feet and jumped up and down, waving his arms again.

“Anna stop!” he called as loudly as he could, “It’s me! It’s-“

He saw the look on her face and readied himself to leap out of the way of her descending fist, even if the dive carried him off the table. Then her eyes narrowed and he saw realization dawn.

“Holy shit! Andrew?” Her hand lowered slowly and she leaned forward.

“Yes!” he shouted, “It’s me! It’s-“

“Oh. My God!” she squealed, her face getting uncomfortably close to Andrew. Her breath washed over him and he smelled lingering orange juice and vodka.

“How did you get like that?” Anna asked, standing. The act made Andrew slightly nauseas; nothing that big had any business moving that quickly.

He shouted up at her, trying to tell her what he knew. That he’d only woken up like this perhaps two hours ago and he was as confused as her. But it was soon evident she couldn’t hear.

Andrew stopped shouting when he saw a devilish smile cross her face. It wasn’t lost on him that her nipples were now pressing through her shirt, each larger than his head. The massive brunette bit her lip gently.

“I can’t hear you at all, little man,” she said in a tone Andrew recognized as her ‘authority’ voice. “But I’ll let you in on a secret,” she continued with a whisper, leaning forward until her lips were mere inches from his body. The air from her voice almost knocked him backward.

“Jen told me about your little man fantasies.”

Andrew felt a wave of cold shoot through his body when he realized what she meant. Not just embarrassment, that his wife had shared such a dirty fantasy with a friend. Even though they both regularly nailed this friend.

If she thinks we did this on purpose…was all he had time to think before her tongue shot out from between her lips and struck him in the chest. Her quick lick launched him backward and she let out a deep throaty laugh as she stood and watched him clamber back to his feet. Without thinking he tried to wipe the saliva from his chest.

“What do you want me to do with you first?” Anna asked as Andrew’s one-inch form stood, marveling at her beauty from his spot on the table. She could only imagine the thoughts running through his head: joy at getting to live out his greatest fantasy? The thrill of knowing he was about to be completely dominated? Or was he terrified now that he and Jen had somehow made this scientific, sensual marvel finally occur?

A finger snaked between the bright pink waistline of her skirt and her skin; she hadn’t bothered with panties today. Anna began swaying her hips from side to side as she pushed her hand deeper. She could tell Andrew was liking what he saw, but she felt empowered by the thought that it didn’t truly matter what he wanted. Which was, in itself, something he wanted, but Anna’s thoughts didn’t run deeply in that direction.

She gasped when her finger lightly tickled her clit and she knew what she wanted to do first.

Gently she reached forward and picked Andrew up between two fingers. Her tongue snaked out and licked his entire body; at less than an inch tall she could easily taste him all in one swipe. He sputtered from her saliva but she didn’t wait to assess his reaction.

“That was a rhetorical question,” she said with a smile. “I’m not wearing any panties, so try not to fall, okay?”

Andrew had a moment of fear as her hand lowered, sure he was going to be stuffed headfirst into her snatch. Her airless, wet, squeezing snatch that would surely crush the life from him. He’d noticed how he seemed to be disproportionally strong and fast at his size, but so far there was no guessing as to whether he was now more resistant to damage.

If she slipped him into her pussy it was completely possible it would be his final resting place.

Then her hand moved around behind her. He couldn’t see but he knew she must have bent over the kitchen table; the back of her skirt had ridden upward and her massive backside, admirable even before she was the size of a skyscraper, was revealed. Then her free hand came around behind and pulled her cheeks apart.

“Be good for me, okay?” Anna said as she pushed Andrew against her brown backdoor. She felt him squirm against her sensitive flesh and let out a sigh. She wanted to push him in so badly, but she also knew if she got too busy too quickly then when Jen finally arrived she’d be too tired for much else.

So instead she carefully let go of her left cheek and let her globes smash shut around her best friend’s husband.

Andrew let out a startled squeak as her finger retreated. Gravity tried to do its work but he dug his hands into her wrinkled skin reflexively, trying not to think about how close he was to a true nightmare. He’d fantasized about anal vore hundreds of times, sure. But even as well as Anna tended to clean herself out before their sessions he knew it would never be clean enough for him to explore comfortably.

Even if the air itself didn’t-

“Whoa!” he screamed as the walls suddenly caved in on him. One moment he was clinging to anything he could to avoid a mile-long fall to the cold linoleum floor, the next he was pushing against an endless wave of skin to get enough room to breathe.

Instantly he panicked.

“Let me out!” he cried out as he struggled for air. Her brown hole pushed against his back threateningly.

Anna stood with a smile, letting her skirt fall back down to cover *most* of her backside again. Andrew was doing his best to pleasure her and while the tickling and movement didn’t quite mimic a boyfriend’s probing finger the knowledge that it was a person who was a gentle push away from being engulfed in her rectum did wonders for her morale.

“Oh Andrew!” she said with mock surprise, placing a hand on her heart, “If you like it so much back there why didn’t you just say so?”

With a giggle she picked up her purse and walked to the hall. Each step moved Andrew slightly in her crack and pushed him against her anus. The motion was small but she felt heat blossom in her belly immediately. The power she felt casually holding a human being pressed up against her anus was intoxicating.

Is this what guys feel like when they get rough? No wonder they always want to make me gag!

In her best friend’s room she carefully crawled onto the bed, not bothering to remove her skirt. On her back she simply pulled it up slightly so that the pretend covering of her privates was no longer in the way. After a quick lick to a fingertip she lowered her hand and found her clit.

Instantly a shock of pleasure ran through her body; her body was already crying out for its first orgasm.

Andrew screamed with effort to pull his hand free from Anna’s twitching hole. He was disoriented from being smushed but now that she was laying down he had a good idea of what was going on. Her massive gluteal muscles were clenching and relaxing, forcing him to choose between falling and being smashed under her bulk or clinging to hopefully not be crushed by her squeezing muscles.

Thus far he’d chosen to stay, but a stray hand had accidentally been pushed against her sphincter just as Anna spasmed and before he’d realized it the muscle had clamped around his arm up to the elbow.

In the distance she moaned but Andrew could almost feel her body vibrating more than he could actually hear her voice. At times there was mumbling, dirty talk he was sure, but he was too concerned with survival to pay attention.

Then he had a realization: He’d been fighting for his life for what seemed like an eternity, but he wasn’t tired. Her muscles were far larger than he and he should have been flattened like a bug, yet here he was. Her anal sphincter was squeezing hard enough that his arm should have been crushed, yet all he felt was minor discomfort.

Even when she’d been walking and he’d felt his body be twisted in bizarre ways by her simple movements, he’d simply snapped back into his regular shape without lasting damage.

He wasn’t going to die, he realized.

Hell yeah! Andrew thought as another powerful squeeze did little more than make him feel cramped, I’m gonna live!

Just as he started shifting his body, intending to use his feet to tickle Anna’s backdoor, a stronger contraction held him still despite his strongest pushes. He froze, recognizing the trademark cry of Anna’s as she had her first orgasm, and he realized with surprise that he must have only been against her backside for a few minutes, not the hours it had seemed like.

Then she relaxed and Andrew resumed his shifting. He wasn’t on board with being pushed into her rectum; now that the possibly was very real he wasn’t so sure about sliding through that dark hole. But he sure wasn’t going to give up the chance to have some fun either. Andrew felt one foot press against her backdoor and let his hand rest on his cock.

Surely now that she’d came she’d retrieve him and they’d talk about this situation, right? She had to know this was some bizarre mistake.

Right? he questioned internally as the world adjusted around him once more. The bottom of his foot only slid across the wrinkled skin of sphincter briefly before he fell backward with a shout as her cheeks were pulled apart again.

He landed on the blanket with an ‘oof!’ and only had a moment to recover before a massive hand scooped him up once more. There was some odd jiggling as Anna tried to balance him on her finger, then lifted her hand slightly.

In the distance he could see her smiling face looking down at him, peering between her massive breasts.

She smiled down at him exactly as she’d smiled at him before when he came for air after going down on her.

“Andrew,” she said between breaths, “I can’t believe how hot this is. You better be able to make this happen more often.”

And then shifted her hips, obscuring him from her vision as her hand lowered again.

“Hey, wait a second!” Andrew yelled as her backdoor presented itself once more. He loved spending time in that hole at full size, sure, and playing at the door without sliding inside it had been fun once he knew he wasn’t going to get smashed. But the idea of really being pushed into there?

“Damnit Jen!” he whispered, wishing his wife had never confided in Anna.

Online and in stories the idea of sliding into some woman’s asshole while she went about her day had been extremely appealing. But now that the opportunity was approaching at finger-speed he wasn’t so sure.

“Can we talk about this!?”

Anna groaned as she felt her finger and new toy push against her backdoor.

“Gah!” he yelled as her brown hole pushed against his face.

It opened easily against the pressure of her finger and Andrew felt her puckered skin slide over his face. For a moment he felt the heat of her insides roll over him in a comfortable wave, then her finger stopped pushing. He was pushed hard against her thick ring of muscle and he was too stunned to move. Desperately he held his breath, knowing this part of the experience never made it into his fantasy.

His legs were completely within her and he kicked reflexively against her skin, hoping desperately it was only her skin. Then her finger began sliding back and forth gently. He could feel his legs push against her sphincter and then kick out into open space of her colon before returning. His face pushed hard against her backdoor as he was completely engulfed, then her finger slid back out to give him a breath of fresh air.

Anna made herself hold back as she slowly fucked her asshole; it was only one finger but Andrew was doing all he could to pleasure her. His vibrations were nice, but again it was the knowledge that she so thoroughly commanded a tiny person that drove her passion. She wanted to feel him squirming that way for hours, but she knew Jen and Andrew would surely make their shared fantasy a reality again in the future.

So she gave Andrew what she knew he wanted.

With a giggle at how dirty she felt, Anna drove her finger as deep into her rectum as she could. Then rotated her hand until she felt Andrew fall free. Instantly she could feel him moving on the walls of her anus and she gasped with pleasure.

“Oops!” she giggled as she pulled her finger free. With her other hand she reached blindly into the bedside table where Jen kept her toys. There was the crinkling of a package she faintly recognized, then the hand returned with a small pink vibrator that she instantly drove into herself as far as it would go. The toy vanished, held inside her pussy only by her fingertips while her palm rubbed circles on her clit.

Pretending that it was actually a second tiny person struggling within her body almost made her leap off the bed in excitement.

Andrew picked himself up from the soft floor where he landed with a yell. There was a flash of light above him as her finger withdrew and her asshole stayed open for a bare moment, then he was once again encased in darkness.

This was just as he’d fantasized: here he had space and could stand, not that the spongy walls of her colon gave much support. Instead with every step he took toward her hole he struggled to remain upright, falling so often he instead decided to crawl. Then the world started buzzing.

For a moment Andrew paused in fear, then it was as though a thousand motorcycles were revving up on the top floor of a parking garage while he was stuck in the basement. Her entire body started vibrating as she shook her hips and Andrew knew exactly what she was doing. Not that the knowledge did him any good.

He was flipped and rolled by her bouncing hips, but the entire time he pushed toward what he knew was his only chance out of his prison. He hadn’t stumbled across anything vile yet, but the very idea made him want to vomit. She’d cleaned herself out well but Andrew knew he’d never read another anal vore story again after being completely encased in a real giantess’s colon. Every so often during her twitching and rolling he could hear her cry out in orgasm, and periodically there were momentary flashes of light as her anus squeezed and relaxed ahead of him, occasionally letting in light.

Andrew knew he was lucky she hadn’t driven a toy into her backdoor yet and was determined to get out before she did.

Anna couldn’t tell what Andrew was doing, and it didn’t matter to her at all. The vibrator in her pussy combined with the knowledge that she had her best friend’s husband literally exploring her ass drove her into a chain of orgasms stronger than anything in recent memory. Every time she started to come down she felt another tickle in her ass and it set off another orgasm.

She could only imagine the fun he was having finally getting to live his fantasy, but part of her secretly wished he was someone else. Someone she had secretly found at the grocery store and taken home as a toy, not a person.

Exhausted, Anna moved her hand aside and the small vibrator slid out of her sopping pussy. Her chest heaved as she tried to breath, and with the vibrations finally gone she could suddenly feel an odd pressure at her backdoor. Without a second thought she tensed her abdomen and squeezed, feeling something fall out of her instantly.

Andrew hit the wet sheets with a thump. He was unhurt but exhausted and grateful for the fresh air. Anna’s massive cheeks were above him and her legs seemed to stretch to the horizon. Her brown hole stared at him threateningly.

His erection, which had waned while he stumbled about in her colon, returned with a vengeance at the sight.

Then her hand slammed down on him.

Anna grabbed Andrew and rolled out of bed. He was warm and sticky in her hand and as she stumbled to the bathroom she tried to ignore what he might be covered in. It was incredible to have him back there, but just like every toy he needed to be cleaned after use.

Andrew sputtered as Anna smeared him with soap and then ran hot water over his body. She didn’t care at all about his comfort and though he was struggling to not drown Andrew found himself incredibly turned on. Despite everything he hadn’t had the chance to cum himself yet; Anna’s marathon had been so chaotic it had turned into an impromptu edging session for him.

Then he was thrust into a towel just as he heard another voice.

“Jen!” he tried to yell out, but the hand gripping him squeezed tightly.

“I’ll be right out!” Anna yelled above him, “Just freshening up!”

Then she lifted Andrew up to her face and winked.

“This is gonna be so much fun!” she whispered to him excitedly.

Andrew only had a moment to be puzzled before she tossed him into her mouth.

Anna entered the bedroom with a smile as Jen’s shirt hit the ground.

“You’re so hot,” she said to her friend, taking a moment to appreciate her curves.

“Seen a mirror lately?” Jen countered, kicking off her sweatpants. For a moment the two women simply stared at each other across the bedroom, each waiting for the other to make the first move. It was obvious to Jen that Anna had already been playing, but she saw no sign of Andrew.

Probably out in the shed, forgot all about this, she thought just as Anna dove for the bed.

“Damnit!” Jen cried out with a laugh as Anna reached the bed first despite her own desperate dive.

Her longtime friend just scooted up on the bed, seemed to tuck something into her cheek, and said: “About time you got here, I’ve been playing for half an hour, all alone!”

Anna struck a pouty face.

“I was lonely,” she said playfully, “Wanna play with me?”

Jen just knelt on the bed and shook her head as she smiled at her friend.

“Where’s Andrew?” she asked Anna, liking what she saw as she prepared to get comfortable in front of her friend.

A hand reached around to the back of her head and pulled her forward. Jen let her tongue snake out so she could taste her friend. She was sure he would appear momentarily; he really seemed to enjoy taking her from behind lately and if she was going down on her friend then Jen was simply getting the best of both worlds.

“He’s around here somewhere,” Anna said as she held her friend’s face against her snatch.

Anna groaned as her friend’s tongue flickered out and into her already soaking pussy; her play with Andrew had only been the beginning and the idea of what she was about to do was only getting her more excited. It helped that Jen was playing along perfectly.

With one hand Anna pulled Jen harder into her snatch and the other reached back into her friend’s toy drawer for something she’d never used before.

“You know,” she said to Jen as her fingers plucked out one of the small items, “I put a lot of thought into what you told me a couple weeks ago.”

“Mmrph?” Jen tried to reply, sending pleasureful vibrations into Anna.

“And I did a lot of looking online,” the voice boomed around Andrew. Each breath was a hurricane gale, if that hurricane was also in a sauna. Her voice rumbled through his body like the bass at a concert and her tongue tossed him around with each syllable. There were flashes of light as her lips opened with each word and he could briefly see his wife’s red hair between Anna’s legs.

Despite the chaos he felt himself growing hard again. The sensation of being in Anna’s mouth was incredible, though her taste buds were large enough at his size that they rubbed roughly on his back. But she’d been careful to keep him from her teeth and every opportunity he got he made sure to grind himself onto whatever moist surface he landed on.

“Get up here!” his friend’s voice boomed again, and Andrew saw through Anna’s parted lips that his wife’s face was rapidly approaching hers.

The two lips enjoined briefly and Andrew screamed as tongues larger than his body dueled nearby. Anna made sure to keep his body back far enough that Jen never felt his presence. His ears popped rapidly as the two locked lips and breathed passionately; Andrew recognized the scent of Anna’s sex on his wife’s breath and cursed the chaos that kept him from enjoying the situation. There was simply too much movement for him to do anything other than struggle reflexively to stay upright.

Then his ears popped once more as the two separated.

“You know what this is, right?” Anna said to her friend, holding up a small object between two fingers.

Jen smiled as her eyes flickered from her friend’s face to the little red bear.

“Uh, a gummy be-“ she started to say.

“It’s a little guy I picked up at the mall!” Anna said happily, dangling the bear in front of her.

The redheaded woman smiled when she realized what her brunette friend was doing.

“Poor little guy,” Anna said with a drawn out, exaggerated sad tone, “he thought I was gonna play with him right there in the dressing room!”

Jen’s breath caught in her throat. She’d only ever role played this with her husband, and she was sure it was pure coincidence that had led Anna to her secret stash of ‘tiny men.’ Suddenly it didn’t matter that she wasn’t sure where her husband was. His fantasy had slowly become hers and she wasn’t going to miss a chance to play it out with her best friend.

“Oh, that’s so sad!” Jen said playfully, not missing Anna’s cautious smile at starting the role play turn to a confident winning grin. “Well, I say we make his day so much better!”

“Did you hear that little guy?” Anna said to the gummy bear, a plan hatching in her mind. “My gorgeous lover wants to make your day!”

Andrew couldn’t see what was going on, and he could only faintly hear his wife’s voice, but he recognized the playful tone she was using. This time it didn’t fill him with lust. It filled him with dread. Their role play had never ended well for the tiny ‘guy.’

“I think,” Jen breathed as she kissed her way back down her friend’s abdomen, “This lucky little guy should get to be inside two beautiful women today!”

Anna giggled and gave the gummy bear a wink.

Then her hand plunged downward and before she could think twice about shoving food inside herself the gummy bear had vanished. There was a moment where she and Jen shared eye contact, then Anna spoke.

“Aren’t you gonna make his day?”

Jen attacked her friend’s snatch with a vengeance. Her nose pushed against Anna’s clit as her tongue drove deeper into her friend than she’d ever attempted. Anna squealed with delight as Jen’s probing tongue pushed against her tender walls, but it was far more than physical.

The game they were playing felt so dirty; they’d played rough before but this was different. Rape fantasies were one thing, and Anna had the handcuffs to prove it.

In this fantasy the toy died.

Oh my god! Anna thought as Jen’s eyes lit up. She’d found the bear. I can’t believe she and Andrew set this thing up.

There was an indescribable feeling as the bear was pulled from her snatch little by little, lick by lick.

“What if that was Andrew?” she found herself asking as her pussy quivered.

Jen pulled back for a moment and smiled.

“He’d be cheering all the way down to my tummy,” she said.

Then her face pushed forward again and there was a final tug with her tongue. Just as Anna was at the verge of orgasm Jen pulled back again and pushed up onto her arms.

“You know little guy,” she said as she rolled the gummy around her mouth, “you can go ahead and count this as a threesome.”

Then she swallowed.

Anna tried to reach for her clit, desperate to cum as she watched her friend’s throat bulge with the swallowing motion, but Jen caught her hand and held it up to her throat.

“Feel him?” she asked Anna, who nodded in awe, “I can’t wait to feel him start wiggling in my tummy.”

The brunette didn’t even think of pointing out it was just a piece of candy. She was too lost in the moment and on the edge of exploding for what seemed like the hundredth time that day.

“Let’s give him some company!” she said, reaching for the bag of gummy bears once again.

“Allow me,” said Jen with a wink, “I like picking out my little snacks.”

With that said the redhead leaned over her friend and looked into the toy drawer.

Seizing her chance as Jen carefully picked out her favorite color of victim, Anna spit Andrew onto her palm.

Andrew gasped as he hit Anna’s palm and he spit out a mouthful of her saliva. His erection had vanished as he’d heard what they said. His views from between Anna’s lips had been very limited but he knew exactly what his wife wanted to do. They’d fantasized about it a hundred times before, to both their pleasure.

And he knew Anna was still convinced his shrinking was deliberate.

“Anna!” he yelled out as best he could, but it was no use. Her eyes flickered between him and his wife, who was close, yet far too far away. Andrew could see her carefully picking something out of what he knew would be their toy drawer.

Then Anna’s hand moved suddenly downward. He looked up at her face as it rapidly receded just in time to see her give him a conspiratorial wink.

Jen looked back at Anna just in time to see her pushing something into her snatch. Her friend just gave her a guilty smile and shrugged.

“I had an extra?”

“Well let’s give our little friend two more for company, huh?” she said, holding up two blue gummy bears.

“I think three’s more like iiiit!” Anna replied as Jen drove her fingers into her snatch, pushing Andrew’s squirming form further into her along with two more gummy bears.

Before she could react her redheaded friend was pushing her tongue back into her snatch, as eager to play the game as Anna was. There was no doubt in Anna’s head that Jen knew exactly what her little hint had meant and her fervor was only confirmation.

 This was it.

This was it.

“No!” Andrew tried to cry out, but he knew it was useless.

Anna’s vagina completely encased him. He was soaked in her juices; familiar yet now incredibly overwhelming. Every movement caused him to roll against her slippery, smooth insides and he knew it was useless. But he had to try something. Even if his struggles only brought Anna pleasure.

Then his foot kicked against something semi-solid. He paused, confused, then kicked it again. When his foot sank slightly into the oddly-soft object he realized what it was.

“Other way!” he yelled to himself, knowing what was going to happen next.

Anna’s snatch quaked around him and he felt odd movement down near his feet. Something akin to suction was happening and the walls below him seemed to part slightly, rhythmically as though some great object were swirling in circles, seeking out prey.

Panicking, he tried to push upward and away from the gummy bear. He could tell he wasn’t making any progress in the darkness but desperation wouldn’t let him stop. His foot repeatedly struck the bear below him, then the slippery walls around his legs widened slightly. There was the sound of a satisfied ‘mmm!’ that he recognized as his wife enjoying a treat.

And the bear vanished.

“No! No!” Andrew screamed, knowing what that meant.

Then the chaos increased around him as his wife’s tongue started to probe once more.

Anna’s tunnel squeezed on him and if Andrew had been more calm he would have recognized her Kegels working hard to squeeze him out like a ben-wa ball. Instead he was crying out in terror as something hot and wet brushed against his foot.

“Jen!” he screamed, finally losing himself in terror, “No! Jen don’t!”

Anna came with a scream as she felt Jen finally reach Andrew, the final object she’d sequestered in her pussy. She held Jen’s face against her snatch as she bucked her hips, only letting up when Jen began slapping her thighs in a warning sign that she needed air. With some regret she released her friend’s face and Jen rose up, breathing deeply and wiping her mouth with the back of her wrist.

“Oh shit I’m into this,” Jen said as she shifted around. Anna smiled as her friend’s leg lifted across her face and a beautiful pussy with a patch of red fuzz approached her face. “It even felt like that last one was moving!”

Twenty minutes later the lovers cuddled on the bed, each exhausted. Anna felt like her pussy was still tingling and Jen knew when Andrew arrived he’d simply have to make do with whatever hole was facing up. They were too tired to continue.

Then she made a confused face.

“Okay, really,” she asked Anna, “where is Andrew?”

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