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Author's Chapter Notes:

It's a size themed resort! This was done by commission from a very patient commissioner. I hope you've got some time to dedicate to reading this one. Enjoy!

John’s eyes flickered from the pamphlet to the road, and he forced himself to set it on the passenger seat next to him. Both hands returned to the wheel and he accelerated through the now-green light. Eyes on the road.

“Not gonna get in an accident now,” he told himself. One hand went through his black hair and he laughed aloud when his GPS informed him he was halfway to his destination. He ignored his already aching back; distance driving was not his favorite thing.

“Two hours left? I’ve been saving for this for two years, I can be safe on the last two hours.”

He leaned forward and turned the radio up as his excitement built. John had been saving up for this vacation for the last two years and had eagerly been planning it for several more. Every penny, every extra dollar he could make had gone into purchasing his tickets. At times he’d been tempted to use what he already had and purchase a cheaper package just to get there a little sooner, but he’d resisted. An effort that was only more difficult since the resort was only four hours from his hometown.

On the passenger seat a small pamphlet contained his printed-out tickets and confirmation email, and several pages of what one could expect at the resort. Those who bought tickets rarely actually needed the extra information; if someone was vacationing here they knew what they were purchasing. Still, John had made a special point to read through it. Discreetly. He was living at home for the summer and wasn’t interested in his family knowing he was going to the world’s only size-related wonderland.

All the information he needed was freely available from the internet, but this was his first exposure to true, official resort material. It wouldn’t do to get sloppy now. The internet was full of myths; the brochure was reality.

Beautiful, massive reality.

“Macrovia, here I come!” John yelled as his favorite song came on the radio.


“Macrovia, here I come!” Kelly sang softly to herself as she slammed the trunk shut. She hummed as she got into her car then backed it down her parent’s driveway.

She’d only been staying with them for the first part of the summer and had been desperate to find somewhere else to be. Free room and board had been tempting. For a few weeks. Until she’d had enough of her parents asking what she did for money while in school.

The college junior checked her long blonde hair in the mirror as she put her car in drive and headed toward the freeway. It had been great staying with her parents and younger brother for awhile, but after three years of college freedom she was restless.

Kelly could have stayed near her college, but most of her friends had gone home for the summer. The financial idea of paying for her apartment without roommates wasn’t incredibly appealing, especially since she knew her job as an exotic dancer would take a hit with the college guys out of town. So instead of wasting a summer dancing for pennies she’d elected to come back home.

Which had immediately gotten dull. Until she’d chanced upon a pamphlet while delivering laundry to her brother’s room.

“What better way to break the tedium then head to a resort?” she asked herself, double checking she’d brought her reservation information with her.

“Got mine,” Kelly mumbled as she maneuvered her car through traffic, “And….got his.”

The blonde girl smirked as she imagined what she would be doing the next couple of weeks. Her printed out receipt lay on top of another that she’d photocopied, making sure she got the dates exactly the same. This was going to be an exciting vacation.


“That’s the last paper,” the receptionist told John as she double checked all his signatures were in place.

The check-in process had gone just as smoothly as he’d hoped; half of it had been done online when he originally registered. He had been sure there would be some last-minute hiccup but instead the short-haired receptionist had simply checked his identification and handed him a stack of paperwork that he finished in five minutes. His hand shook slightly and he took a deep breath to make his signatures steadier.

“That’s great!” he said as he tried to contain his excitement.

From the moment he’d stepped foot in the resort he’d felt almost in awe of his surroundings. The walls were a beautiful white sandstone, the floor appeared to be a dark marble. All of the furniture had seemed luxurious to the point of being pulled from a movie and before he’d even gotten to the receptionist’s desk someone had taken a drink order for him.

“Sir, your mojito,” said a voice to his left, and John took the drink with a huge smile.

“An umbrella and everything!” he exclaimed, and both the waiter and the receptionist laughed politely. It was obvious he’d never had such good service before.

“Can I get you anything else?” the waiter asked, and John shook his head as he took a drink of the best mojito he’d had in his life.

“No, this is great!” John said, “What do I owe you?” he asked as he reached for his wallet.

“There’s no need sir,” the reception said as she stepped around the booth and beckoned to him.

John nodded politely to the waiter, who gave him a smile then stepped smartly to meet another incoming guest. John lost sight of him quickly as he followed the receptionist, whose charming smile and button nose would almost have been worth the price of his tickets on their own. Her red and khaki uniform stood out against the walls, and he could see all the staff similarly dressed.

“Here at Macrovia we have an accounting system that will automatically settle your bill at the end of your stay,” she explained. “There was a brief explanation in the pamphlet we sent you-“ John nodded as he recalled that section, “-but ultimately depending on how much exchanging and renting and use of our facilities occurs during your stay most of our guests with your particular package end up breaking completely even.”

“I remember reading about that,” John said as they entered a long hallway. It was well lit but had a different feeling to it than the rest of the resort. The walls and decoration had a more medical vibe to them; the sandstone had shifted to white plastics and chrome. John’s heart started beating excitedly as they approached a tall, ornate, metal door.

“I got the VIP package,” he they approached the somehow ominous door. “So I get that part, but how does it work for the people with the cheaper packages?”

The receptionist just smiled and blinked at him with her pretty blue eyes. A small smile flitted across her face and for a moment John swore she seemed about to lick her lips in anticipation of something delicious.

“Let’s just say if I were going to come here as a guest, I’d save up for your package too,” she said as a gentle blue light illuminated the door.

It swung open noiselessly as they approached, and the receptionist put a gentle hand on his chest while she stepped to the side, carefully not entering the room herself.

“Now,” she began with a knowing smile, “Federal law requires us to tell you this is the point of no return. Beyond this door you’ll be entering our guest adjustment facility and every agreement you signed previously becomes legally binding.”

John nodded. He took a deep breath.

“I understand.”

With that said, she gave him an award-winning smile and stepped aside, gesturing him in with one dainty hand.

“Enjoy your stay John!” she said as he stepped forward.

Twenty minutes later John found himself nearly naked and confused. He was standing on a small circular stage surrounded by much-larger-than-life props of what should have been small objects while wearing only a pair of red and khaki athletic shorts. The stage was surprisingly cold against his feet and he couldn’t believe the detail on some of the props, though he couldn’t really see the point.

“Um,” he said as he leaned against a well-made fake can of soda that was taller than he was, “Remind me again why we can’t do this when I’m actually shrunk?”

“Smile!” the camerawoman said, and John heard three clicks as she took several photographs, then moved to get a better angle. Briefly she blocked one of the broad lights before kneeling down and letting it blind John again. She raised the camera to her eye and said, “Because some guests get disoriented and it’s harder to take catalogue pictures once you’ve been adjusted.”

“Oh, that makes sense,” he said, though it didn’t quite click to him. If he hadn’t seen the evidence that this place was for real he would have been nervous that he’d somehow bought into an elaborate hoax. It was easy for him to look slightly confused like the camerawoman called out as he picked up a massive thumbtack that looked surprisingly sharp.

“Just a couple more,” she called out, “Look straight at me!”

John dropped the thumbtack and it rolled away, falling off the stage with a thud. He looked toward the camera, and she held up a hand with three fingers on it.

”Three what?” he asked as the camera clicked and she dropped a finger. “Okay so now-“ another finger dropped. “Oh, I get –“

When she curled her final finger a massive flash of light blinded John, and he shouted in surprise as he threw his hands forward instinctively to protect himself. There was a sudden feeling of pressure all around his body and he fell backward in an attempt to get away from the light. An unidentifiable sensation shot through him and an indescribable adrenaline rush instantly made him lightheaded. For a moment the floor seemed to vanish and he felt weightless as his stomach lurched upward, then he landed again on the platform so softly he questioned if it had really vanished.

“Hey, what the hell!” he shouted as the wave of confusion quickly wore off, now flat on his back.

Quickly he scrambled to his feet as his ears rang and sunspots flashed in his vision. Just as he stood upright his vision cleared, but all around him sound remained oddly amplified. The clicking of the camera sounded from what seemed a mile away, yet still he could clearly hear it. Still annoyed at the sudden rough treatment John pushed aside the life-size soda prop and looked for the camerawoman to demand an answer.

“What the hell was-“ he started to say, but then his voice trailed off.

“Holy shit.”

The camerawoman stood before him, now tall as a skyscraper, and her camera was focused on his stunned face. She had gotten much closer to him and John realized he was only as tall as her ankle. A glance at his surroundings showed him that the entire platform he’d been standing on had suddenly shrank, dropping him and the props around him to a small portion of their former height.

He had the realization that the can of soda had been real all along. The tiny flaws in the paint had been authentic, not poorly done artwork. The woman was close enough he could see tiny imperfections in her nail coloring, and he was sure if she let him look he’d see every single pore on her face.

“That was great!” the photographer said, finally setting her camera carefully on the ground. She knelt in front of John and he took a step back. Her size was so massive compared to his that his instincts were screaming at him to run while his mind was screaming with joy.

It was finally happening!

“I’m sorry for the surprise,” she continued as she held out a hand gently. Without any hesitation John leapt onto it, then stumbled to his knees when she stood. He could strongly smell her lavender hand lotion as her fingers gently wrapped around him.

“But all these pictures will go into your catalogue for the other guests to choose from, and the surprised pictures just before and after the adjustment process are usually the most viewed.”

“That’s okay!” he shouted, and the photographer giggled as she sat him on a shelf near the wall. Quickly he lowered his volume, realizing how close he actually was to her ear. “I understand!”

She’d gone through this process with thousands of guests before, but still she loved the excited energy they put off. That didn’t mean she could spend as much time as she liked with each guest, however.

“Well it was great to meet you, John,” she said with a tone that said she needed to hurry to her next guest.

One finger tapped a sign on the wall not far from where he stood, and John saw below it a door that was just his size.

Above it a small sign read: WAITING AREA.

“Head on through here and you’ll find a personal suite for you to enjoy until a guest chooses you.”

Before John could thank her, the woman gave him a polite nod and spun on her heels. For a moment he watched her walk away, stunned at how graceful she appeared at her incredible size. Then he turned back toward the small door and pushed it open. The feeling of being in a dream intensified.

The door opened to a long hallway, and when John stepped forward the floor began moving. John stumbled at the movement and grabbed a railing, which was also moving. He realized it was a moving sidewalk a la a massive airport, just as the walls suddenly lit up with images. He floated forward as pictures of him next to the massive props flashed by, and by the time the rolling sidewalk was slowing he was laughing at his face when he was mid-shrink. It wasn’t lost on him that the resort’s underwear had shrunk with him, and he appreciated that not every guest would get to see him both scared and naked.

At the end of the walkway another door awaited, and when John strode through he found himself in a small suite, just as promised. The entire room was white, with white tile floors and an off-white couch that looked almost too expensive to sit on. Almost. Otherwise the room was entire unadorned and appeared surgically clean.

After two steps a massive television activated; when it had been turned off it had blended perfectly with the wall. A calm scene of waves on a beach shone while small informational tidbits about the resort floated along the bottom of the screen. On the couch John saw a larger-than-usual remote, and he picked it up as he sat.

“Good afternoon, sir,” said a pleasant but obviously computerized voice from above. “May I get you anything while you wait? The room service menu is available by using the remote, simply the microphone button on the remote and say aloud, ‘menu please.’ Please keep in mind that your physiological needs are suspended while under the effects of guest alteration.”

For a moment John felt disconnected from reality. Even though he had known what to expect, everything that had happened in the past hour had been overwhelming. And now, after everything, he was in a perfectly sized room with a computer asking him if he wanted a drink. It was so calm. The opposite of how he felt; his heart was pounding in anticipation.

“Uh,” he said before remembering to press on the green microphone button, “Can I get a strawberry daquiri?”

John felt silly speaking to the open room, but the voice responded immediately.

“Certainly, sir, please have a seat and feel free to peruse our broad selection of movies while you wait. Your drink will be delivered momentarily. Today’s average wait time is three hours.”

He was already sitting on the couch, suddenly self-conscious in the pair of shorts the resort had given him. They had shrunk with him, but the couch was cold against his back when he leaned against it. It warmed quickly as he browsed the movie selection, and before he knew it there was a gentle ‘ping!’ sound from next to him.

A section of the floor lifted smoothly upward at the side of the couch, and a small table appeared with a pink drink on top. John watched, stunned.

“That was fast,” he said aloud as he picked it up and took a drink. He let out a content sigh and leaned back against the couch. “Now how do I burn three hours?” John asked himself as he searched for a movie.

Just as he settled on an action film he’d seen a dozen times, a repeating series of three gentle beeps sounded.

“Congratulations, guest,” the same computerized voice said, “You have been selected for guest accompaniment. Please exit the waiting area and meet our delivery staff.”

John took a quick drink from his daquiri and sat it back on the table it had appeared on.

“Well damn, that was fast!” he said again as he stood, excited.

The lights in the room dimmed gently, and the border of the doorway he had entered through glowed slightly. Without a second thought, John strode back through it. There was another long moving walkway, but this time John didn’t bother looking at the screens on either side of him. He was too excited watching for the end to this ride. The path took several long winding turns and seemed to take much longer than the first; John could only assume he was now in a far different part of the resort.

When the walkway stopped, he walked through another door onto what appeared to be a large silver serving tray. John looked all about at a massive room that reminded him vaguely of a restaurant kitchen. There were all manner of trays, mugs, bowls, and other tools he couldn’t identify on shelves all around him. A single object was on the tray with him, a simple looking golden cup that almost appeared to be a small vase; it was much narrower at the top than the bottom.

Since for the moment no one was approaching or talking to him, John strode to the edge of the tray. There was a short lip, perhaps an inch high but currently up to John’s waist. He debated hopping over it but didn’t want to get lost in the shuffle. Not far away on that same countertop he saw a mixed drink, deep yellow in color, for a bare moment before a waiter came and carried it away. John watched the waiter exit through a pair of swinging doors and recognized the distinctive style of the resort before the doors swung back shut.

For a moment it appeared someone was swimming on the top of the drink, but it was too distant for John to be sure.

He turned his attention to the marvels around him and realized how incredible the world truly was. At his size he could see details invisible to the naked, regularly sized eye. The smooth metal countertops were actually marred with nigh-invisible chipping and scratches, the blue tile of the wall wasn’t quite as evenly colored as he would have guessed. Even the golden…Cup? Vase? he wondered…wasn’t quite as pristine as it had appeared when he first saw it.

In the distance staff came and went, picking up other trays which held other tinies and seemingly random objects before vanishing to deliver. Through a small opening in the wall he could see someone mixing another drink before placing it through the opening to replace the yellow drink that had vanished earlier. A waiter appeared instantly and spirited it away. John felt like an extra in a monster movie, except he had no fear and knew his dreams were about to come true.

The size of everything about him made him spin in circles as he tried to take it all in.

“Good afternoon, sir,” a bemused voice said, and John stopped spinning as his face turned red. He was embarrassed but the blonde giantess above him had clearly seen it all before. She wore the polite grin of an airline stewardess, and he was sure it would vanish the moment he couldn’t see her face.

“You have been reserved by a single guest for the entire duration of your stay,” she started, and John felt his heart sink slightly as she read from a prepared list.

One woman? He’d hoped to get a lot of different experiences here. Then he realized what it meant: the woman must really have loved his pictures. That thought made him smile as the waitress continued speaking, glancing occasionally at a list she carried.

In a rote voice she said: “Just a reminder your package includes, but is not limited to, extreme toughening, physiological pausing, at-will adjustment, location tracking, and emergency readjustment. Your guest has requested you to be delivered inside this container to her room, and from this point on your experience will truly begin.”

“Oh, great!” John said, ready to start. The waitress was obviously ready to get on with her day too; she didn’t wait for his response and instead pinched his body between two fingers. She easily lifted him upward and positioned him over the narrow opening of the cup. He could see now, from above, that the opening appeared more like a funnel, as though the contents were to be poured out over something.

“Enjoy your stay!” the waitress said before gently depositing him inside.

“Thank you!” he yelled upward after he fell gently to the bottom of the container.

There was no sign the waitress had heard him, and he could only see through the hole directly above him. It was as though it were the opposite of the sun; his surroundings were dark but above he could see the ceiling and occasionally the waitress’s face as she carried his tray. After a few failed attempts to stand he decided to sit instead.

“Here we go!” he said happily, hoping his giantess was beautiful.


“Okay,” the waitress said as Kelly finished unpacking one of her suitcases, “Here you go!”

“That’s great!” Kelly responded, shutting the dresser drawer. “Could you put it on that table on the balcony?”

She gestured with one hand, but the waitress was already moving toward the massive glass doors that led outside. Kelly had spent some serious money getting this room, but she already knew it would be worth it. Before she’d even gotten to her room she’d been pampered and given the best screwdriver she’d ever drank. The blonde had been slower than she liked unpacking, but she’d used her time wisely: finding her perfect tiny in the catalogue before someone else could rent him.

Kelly lifted the suitcase and wheeled it into a closet the size of her bedroom at home. At five-foot-nothing she felt small in the massive room but knew something that would instantly make her feel large for the first time in her life. The waitress asked politely if she needed anything else, and Kelly shook her head.

“Enjoy your stay, miss!”

Despite the object of her desire waiting on the balcony for her, Kelly took the time to unpack the rest of her belongings. The rest of the vacation would be pure fun. She could spend five minutes to be more organized.

Finally, after an eternity, she took a sip of her screwdriver and looked out at the balcony at the cup.

“Here we go,” she said, slipping her shorts and shirt off. The skinny blonde felt heat between her legs at the thought of what she was about to do. A cool breeze from the ceiling fan flittered across her small breasts and her nipples immediately stood at attention.

Daintily she walked onto the balcony and felt the summer heat against her naked chest. A glance around showed her dozens of other balconies that also overlooked the resort’s massive pool area, where dozens of people were lounging in various states of undress. At least two of the sunbathing women were openly masturbating not far from an already entangled couple, and it was obvious this was a place where everything went.

Kelly felt herself relax as her balcony neighbor, an older brunette wearing a comically large hat and nothing else, waved to her. She waved back while a tiny man walked carefully along the balcony railing in front of the woman. Then she turned her attention to her prize.

Knowing it was probably useless, she leaned forward and peered through the hole on top of the golden container. It was too dark within to see, but she could hear excited yelling from within. Smirking, she picked up the cup and sat on the long beach chair.

Before she could stop herself, she wrapped her lips around the top of the container and tilted it back like a shot glass.

John yelled with excitement when the light above changed suddenly. Looking up he saw a massive blue eye, but nothing that could tell him who his giantess was. It somehow seemed familiar, but most of his family had blue eyes so he’d seen a lot of them in his life. In his excitement he found it odd that he was thinking of family, so he shook his head and refocused.

Then the light vanished and he felt the cup moving. There was a flash of sunlight, then sudden darkness.

“What is-“ he started to say before his world flipped upside down.

With a surprised scream he fell onto something hot, wet, and soft. Instantly he was lifted upward and slammed against the roof of the giantess’s mouth. Another flash of light illuminated the world outside and he got a narrow view of the resort and the retreating golden cup before her lips sealed him away from the outside. Adrenaline exploded through his body and John pushed aside the urge to scream in fear as the giant predator’s mouth was sudden darker than any night he could imagine.

Rough suction pulled at his body, making his ears pop as the tongue explored every inch of his body. Despite himself John laughed and tried to yank his shorts off, but he was too slippery and his hands couldn’t get under the waistband in the confusion. His excitement and the sudden change in surroundings had him too disoriented to do more than let out gleeful shouts.

“Hey, gimme a minute!” he yelled, laughing, knowing she couldn’t hear him.

Then he felt himself be moved sideways and his legs landed on something sharp. Vaguely familiar laughter sounded from all around, so loud he felt his bones vibrate.

Teeth? he guessed, just as the top row of molars came crashing down on his legs. He shrieked in anticipation of the immediate amputation, but instead he simply felt a strange pressure as the massive pearly whites tried to cut him in half. They retreated, then returned, smashing onto his torso as the giantess did her best to make him a meal.

Finally John guessed she’d had enough, and he had too. Terror had given him an incredible erection but he was sure he’d had his fill of being chewed on. Before he could even realize she was done chewing the massive lips opened and he felt himself tumbling through her open lips and back into the golden cup.

Before he could forget, he yanked off his shorts. Quickly he started rubbing himself, then forced himself to hold back. He wanted his first orgasm here to be inside his giantess, not inside a cup.

The next several minutes were electric with anticipation; he felt his container be moved and shook gently but nothing involving him had happened yet. In the distance he could hear some moaning and gasping, and he could only guess what it meant. And hope it meant his action would be starting soon.

Then he was knocked off his feet when his container was grabbed suddenly and yanked upward.

“Whoa!” he shouted, not expecting the sudden movement.

The giantess clearly didn’t care and he found himself, almost impossibly, getting even harder from her lack of consideration. Through the opening up top he saw a flash of blonde hair and pale skin before the container was tilted sideways, but not quite enough to dump him out. A belly button flew by, a mile of smooth skin, and then he saw it.

“Yes!” he screamed, unable to restrain himself.

She had positioned him perfectly at her entrance; a massive pair of hairless, glistening lips awaited. It was now obvious she’d been playing with herself in anticipation. John found himself grinning like an idiot, eager to slide inside this giant woman. Then he had a realization: his container was shaped like it was for a reason.

Satisfied that she was sufficiently ready, Kelly aimed the container right at her pussy. She hadn’t been sure how she wanted to see her toy the very first time, so she’d elected to use him before he even knew who she was. The golden funnel at the top of the cup would serve her purposes perfectly.

The tiny blonde moaned with pleasure as the narrow top slid into her, and she pushed it as far in as she could comfortably. It wouldn’t work very well as a dildo, but she didn’t need it to. Before she could think any more, she tilted her hips backward and lifted her feet to her ears. This had the result of turning the cup upside down completely and she felt, with great delight, something small fall out of it and into the deepest parts of her sex.

Instantly she felt her body spasm in reaction, and a small orgasm ran through her as she gently pulled the golden object free. It fell to the floor with a silent thud as her fingers sought out her clit. A silent cry of pleasure escaped her lips as her sensitive bud leapt to life when she finally gave it the attention she’d been screaming for. And the meal her pussy had been yearning for ever since she’d had her most perverted idea ever.

John fell with a happy shout, bouncing off one soft, wet wall and landing hard on what he knew had to be the giantess’ cervix. Instantly he was overwhelmed with her scent, and he tried to stand only to fall forward as her hips shook. His hands pushed on smooth hot flesh and he looked up at a sudden flash of light. For a moment he could see the entirety of her tunnel, pulsating and glistening, as his container was pulled free. Then the path to the outside world slammed shut, leaving him in humid darkness.

The walls of her pussy closed in on him and John felt instinct take over. He knew that he didn’t need to breath, but his lungs were telling him he would run out of air momentarily. He knew that she couldn’t crush or harm him; but being surrounded by pulsating, gripping flesh struck fear deep into his heart.

Despite all that knowledge, claustrophobia struck.

Before John knew what he was doing he found himself pushing toward her opening in a frenzy. She was incredibly slippery and he couldn’t tell if he was making progress, but the walls around him quaked and gripped and squeezed constantly; even if he wasn’t moving forward he knew his giantess was loving it. For his own part he wasn’t quite sure if his love of the situation and finally fulfilling his fantasy was going to outweigh his instinctive, overwhelming fear of being buried alive.

Kelly barely kept herself from crying out in ecstasy as her toy moved within her. With a focused thought she made him slightly smaller to keep the fun lasting longer, but as her finger flew across her clit she knew her orgasm wasn’t far away. The feeling of a tiny man struggling inside her was incredible; she’d used vibrating eggs before but they had nothing on this. Reflexively she clamped her muscles around her little toy and felt him push even harder against her.

With a silent gasp she came, feeling herself squeeze down even harder on the tiny man. While she writhed on the tanning chair she felt him surge forward, using the sudden tightness of her walls for traction. She let him push his way to her opening and widened her legs just as the peak of her orgasm passed. At the perfect time she looked down to marvel at the suddenly appearing hands and arms; she came again from the view of a tiny man pushing his way out of her snatch and leaned backward to moan in pleasure as the rest of his body slid out of her and dropped to the chair.

With her breasts heaving she caught her breath as the sunlight shone down on her. The day was too far along for the sun to be shining in her eyes, and she found herself staring at the blue sky as her heart slowed its racing. There was a faint tickling as the tiny brushed against her legs, surely hoping to catch a glimpse and actually meet the giantess who now owned him for the foreseeable future. With a sigh she realized she could put this off no longer: the only part of her vacation that made her slightly nervous.

And excited.

No matter how it went she’d still have her fun, of course. But this was the only event that she knew she wasn’t completely in control of, and that irked her. Whether on stage dancing or in a relationship, Kelly liked to be in control.

John jumped and yelled again, entranced by the view of the gargantuan vagina that he’d just pushed his way out of. Now that he was free and unharmed, as promised, part of him wanted to climb back inside and bring this incredible woman to pleasure again. But he knew he had to meet her. If she was effectively going to own him for the next several weeks he had to at least know her name, even if she was one of those giantesses that enjoyed ‘permanent’ insertion.

Which he had technically put on his list of interests. Along with pretty much everything else, no matter how unlikely it was to actually occur.

Then she sat up, a mountain of pale, beautiful flesh. Her toned stomach came into view first, and he could tell she was skinny, petite even, but had admirable abs. Then her breasts, small but proportionally larger to the rest of her body, then finally he saw her face. Long blonde hair draped over her back, blue eyes adorned her face, and –

“What?!” John yelled out, recognizing his sister. His erection died instantly as he yelled, and she giggled at his obvious discomfort. He felt the faux wood under his feet shift as he grew slightly, until he could see over each of her skinny, toned thighs. A careful step took him further away from her glistening pussy and he suddenly realized he was covered in her juices. The scent that had intoxicated him minutes ago suddenly filled his nostrils and caused him to shudder with disgust.

“Kelly!” he screamed in frustration, furious that she was here, on what was supposed to be his vacation. Something he’d spent years planning and saving for. And now, at the ultimate completion of his wildest dream, the giantess who’d rented him for his entire vacation was none other than his sister. Not a supermodel. Not a rich girl taking her twelfth vacation this year. Not a housewife looking for a toy to abuse while she hid from her family.

His sister.

“What the hell are you doing?!”

“Well,” she said with an infuriating laugh, “I’m playing with my new toy, of course!”

John yelled wordlessly, furious and ashamed at the same time. How could she do this to him?

“But really,” she explained, putting on a face of fake contrition, “I was snooping through your room like a terrible sister and found your tickets. And since I’m doing so well I thought I could use a little vacation!”

“No! This was my vaca-“ John yelled, but Kelly’s voice easily overrode his. His earlier fascination with being disregarded vanished as she effortlessly shut down his complaint.

“I really think this is gonna be great for me,” she continued with a smile, “I needed a break.”

One hand wrapped around John and he realized he was now almost seven inches tall. He was abruptly lifted upward and Kelly leapt from her chair. She waved to a woman, sitting alone on her balcony and patting her mouth with a napkin, before she skipped into her room. If John hadn’t been so enraged he would have appreciated how luxurious of a room she’d rented.

Instead he found himself angrier with every pure white pillow and spotless mirror that he saw, and he drew in a breath to --

With a laugh Kelly fell onto her back on the bed and scooted upward until her head was supported by the pillows. Her hand lowered until John’s squirming form was inches from her pussy again. Kelly bit her lip as she anticipated how good this was going to feel.

“Let’s face it bro,” she said with an innocent look on her face, “We’ve both got this tiny fetish, the extra kink with my toy being you is just icing on the cake. And you can enjoy it or fight it, but either way: I’m gonna enjoy myself.”

The massive blonde gently bit her lower lip, and before he could respond she pushed him face-first into her sex. He pushed against her tender skin and swung his arms to avoid pushing his face into her, inadvertently striking her clit and causing her to gasp at the shock. Gently pushing his now-larger body into herself, she adjusted her grip around his waist and moaned at the vibrations and sensations his swinging arms were giving her.

Deeper and deeper he slid until finally Kelly only had a grip on his ankles and she could feel the gentle thumping inside that had to mean he was pushed up against her cervix and hitting it furiously. His pulsing fight sent shivers through her entire body in a way that no normal size man could ever compete with.

“Damn John,” she said rocking her hips unconsciously as she held him deep, “If you’d have told me you were into this we could’ve found a way to make it happen years ago!”

“No!” he cried out, only hearing her heartbeat as he pushed against her cervix. Furiously he struggled to keep his face clear of her secretions, but he knew it was a losing fight. Her fingers were wrapped around his ankles and her pussy clung to every inch of his body. It was everything he’d wished for, and more. Except for one thing.

“Kelly! Let me go!”

Unhearing and uncaring, Kelly started to pump her toy in and out of her pussy. With each thrust a new sensitive spot was brushed and she felt most powerful than she had ever imagined. Her brother’s entire life had led him to this moment: to be so powerless against her she could treat him like a literal dildo. Driven as deep as she could push, John wiggled in ways that no vibrator could ever match and Kelly knew, without a doubt, that this would be the greatest vacation ever.

Two hours later, Kelly finally released her hold on her brother’s legs. She’d changed positions multiple times, sized him up to uncomfortably large twice, and felt like her heart was ready to explode. Twice she’d made him so small she could feel him slip all the way to the back of her love tunnel, only to slowly grow him and writhe in pleasure as he filled her walls from within like a living vibrating egg.

She wanted to continue; the sensations he gave her were addictive in the best way. But she was exhausted. Each new orgasm was almost too much for her and she realized that she’d been staring at the ceiling twitching in a constant state of bliss for the last ten minutes. Using all her willpower, she decided that she was finished.

For the moment.

With a groan and a flick or her hand, Kelly slipped her toy out of her exhausted vagina and dropped it to the bed spread.

Thoroughly beaten and used, John tried to crawl away from his sister. He’d been pounded and crushed and squeezed for what seemed like an eternity; his sister’s pussy had been his entire world and it seemed as though he’d been forced to explore every inch of it. Unharmed, a testament to the shrinking process, but exhausted he stumbled to his feet and tried to run on the crumpled sheets.

Instead her hand wrapped around him once more. He screamed but her thumb covered his face and he felt the sensation of movement. His body was swinging wildly as she walked, his feet kicking on open air. When the thumb vanished he had to cover his eyes from the setting sun reflecting from a higher window, and she placed him on the railing of her balcony. Instantly he dropped to his knees and grabbed the railing; his fear of heights had kicked in and the thought of dropping miles into that pool below was horrifying.

“So listen John,” Kelly said, her voice hoarse from moaning. He turned and looked at her, and despite himself he could appreciate how attractive she was. She was a stunning petite blonde with a body that spoke of hard work, not simply skipping meals. If she was literally anyone else he would have been thrilled that she was the giantess who wanted him.

“I wasn’t kidding when I said you should enjoy yourself.”

Kelly felt so satisfied that she didn’t care at all that she was outside naked; it had made her nervous earlier. But not now. And especially not since she could see several couples hooking up on their own balconies. Far below, next to the pool, most of the clientele were as naked as she were, though most of them were simply content to tan without tan lines.

“So I really hope you can relax a bit and make this good for you,” she continued. Idly she started braiding her hair, her fingers flying in rapid movement as John tried to creep away from the edge of the railing. “You got the good package, after all. Everything I can think of we’re gonna do, and that’s that.”

John held still as she picked him up again, feeling himself shrink in her palm.

“Kelly! Just give me back so someone else can rent meee!” he yelled as she tossed him up in the air. With a scream he fell back down and she caught him with her open mouth, careful to stop his body on her tongue and not swallow him. No matter how much she wanted to.

Humming to herself, she went back into her room to change and Kelly couldn’t help but smile. With her brother tucked into her cheek she picked out her tightest yellow bikini and slipped it on. The one rule she knew she wanted to follow here, at least for a little while, was thus: If you were naked, you were fair game to anyone who wanted a piece. If you were wearing clothing there had to at least be some form of consent.

And for the first night at least, the only guy getting up in her business was going to be her brother.

Though as she lounged at the pool among the rest of the guests, she knew she’d have as many men as she wanted in her business.


The following morning Kelly called for room service. John had spent the night squeezed between her muscular cheeks and pushed against her sphincter; had he been able to he would have escaped to run as far as he could. But she’d thought this through; her underwear had been especially made to hold a tiny man exactly where the wearer wanted him. All his struggles had accomplished was to make her smile while she slept.

She sat up in bed after hanging up the phone and wiggled her hips. John screamed at the sudden movement and wiggling, clinging desperately to the material of her underwear to keep from being pushed through her suddenly relaxed anus. Part of him realized he was getting exactly what he wanted: to be absolutely dominated by a giantess. And part of him wished that other part of him had never been born.

Idly Kelly yawned and stood, shimmying her underwear off and plucking John free. With her eyes half opened the blonde woman shuffled into the restroom, dropping John into a heavy plastic cup. He hit the bottom hard and almost wished it had hurt; this part of the shrinking process was impossible to get used to.

“Hey!” he yelled upward at his sister once he’d climbed to his feet. She was ignoring him while reading what appeared to be a massive instruction pamphlet. She mumbled as she picked up what seemed to be a lid, reading aloud all the while. As John continued to yell to get her attention, she screwed the lid onto the cup that held him. Frustrated at being ignored, and ignoring the part of him that liked it, he sat down on the cold, clear plastic.

Then something started humming above him. He looked up and screamed.

While Kelly sat on the commode and did her business, she made it a point to not stare at the cup as a bright light emanated from the bottom of the lid. The ultraviolet light was cleaning her toy far more thoroughly than soap and water could manage, but it would have damaged her eyes if she watched for too long. When she was done the light had turned itself off, and she left the cup to cool while she put on fresh clothes.

The directions had warned her it would be hot, but if she wanted her tiny at a higher temperature she could safely remove, then insert it, after several minutes.

Just as she was unscrewing the lid and dumping an angry John onto her palm Kelly heard a knock at the door. His yelling vanished when she curled her fingers around his suddenly two-inch form.

“Perfect!” she said as she hurried to the door.

Breakfast was on the other side, and the waiter wheeled it in on a silver cart. Professionally he removed the lid from the plate and the scent of bacon and pancakes filled the air. Before Kelly could ask he’d made a carafe of hot coffee appear and was pouring a cup. Cream and sugar followed without her having to ask.

“Your other request is on the shelf below, ma’am,” he told her before stepping back through the open door and closing it behind himself.

“Oh this smells good, don’t you think?” she asked John, not caring to hear his response.

Before he could even try to respond she looked at the lower shelf of the cart and smiled.

“Here, keep yourself busy,” Kelly said as she casually dropped him next to her special request.

John fell with a scream, but the fall didn’t hurt as he had feared. Instead the metal surface he landed on simply felt like a massive wrestling mat. He rolled twice from momentum as he heard his sister humming above him, likely already starting to eat. Despite her petite size she ate more than most men she knew.

Climbing to his feet, John ignored her legs for the moment and turned around. He’d heard the waiter’s statement and knew it couldn’t be good for him.

“Oh shit.”

Twenty minutes later Kelly was on her back on the bed, watching fascinated with her legs behind her head. The position was easy for the flexible blonde to hold, and she was well motivated: in this position she could easily see the vibrator sliding deep into her snatch. She let out a moan as the tip stroked her g-spot, then slid it out briefly.

A scream was heard faintly over the vibrating noise, and Kelly slid the pink tube back inside of herself, letting John’s suddenly dampened scream propel her closer to orgasm. She withdrew it slowly again, hearing the three-inch man scream once more. He was held at the tip of the vibrator by a harness that had wrapped around his waist, putting him perpendicular with the rest of the vibrator. Every push made him feel like a particularly bulbous cockhead, and every one of his struggling movements pushed against each of her walls.

Knowing she had the entire day ahead of her Kelly didn’t try to drag this orgasm out. The squirming toy filling her cavity would have made that extremely difficult even had she wanted to. Holding it deep inside, she angled the vibrator against the top of her vagina while she slid a spit-soaked finger across her clit. Between the two different stimulations she came rapidly, letting the incredible movements bring her to ecstasy before she’d even finished her entire cup of coffee.

Giggling, she slid the toy out of her still-spasming pussy. Her heart was pounding as she carefully lowered her legs back to the sheets, and she brought the toy up to her eyes. John was still screaming, now turned from fear to anger, and she opened her mouth wide.

With a thought and a flick of her finger he was released from the toy’s harness and simultaneously shrank to one-inch tall. His angry yelling turned to a faint squeak as she caught him in her mouth and closed her lips. Licking and sucking all the flavor from him that she could, she stood and picked up the phone. Instantly an operator was responding, and Kelly was thrilled to hear that she had called in at the perfect time.


Kelly groaned as the masseuse’s skilled hands ran across her back. Between the hot towel across her butt and his incredible fingers she felt muscle knots that she didn’t even realize she had vanishing. Hot oil trickled down her back as he pushed and kneaded her sore muscles.

“This is wonderful,” she murmured as a faint cry for help reached her ears. Kelly only smiled and relaxed further in response.

John cried out through a mouthful of oil as the masseuse pushed him into his sister’s skin. One hand was free and rubbing circles along her shoulder blade while John was being pushed and dragged along her spinal muscles. The man’s hands were unforgiving but masterful; under his palms John had been turned into a living massage tool.

Briefly the masseuse folded John in in half, backward, and used his tiny body to work out a particularly large knot at the base of Kelly’s neck before letting the tiny man unfold. The air had been forced from his body and John was unable to resume his furious yelling before the hand grasped him again.

“You’re really tense,” the man told Kelly. She wished she could remember his name but all she could think of was how nice his hands felt on her naked body. “If you don’t mind I can give you a more thorough, deeper massage.”

The blonde didn’t miss the innuendo in his voice and she just wiggled her butt invitingly in response. She didn’t see his smile, but she felt his hands start to move lower gently, not breaking a circular pattern that occasionally caused shivers that went down to her toes. Occasionally she could hear a faint yell, and finally she felt his hands start working on her bare bottom.

Gently he worked on her gluteal muscles, working deeper into her thick muscles as she relaxed more. The heat of the oil spread down through her crack and the masseuse followed it, first innocently as he made sure he coated every inch of her in the soothing warm oil, then less so as he let his fingertips brush against her pleasantly dark backdoor.

Kelly gasped as she felt the finger continue downward while his other hand worked more laterally; as one probing hand began deftly manipulating her clitoris the other began loosening a muscle on her outer thigh.

“Let me go!” John screamed when he was finally allowed to come up for air an eternity later. The hand refused, of course, simply shifting him to the other hand before pushing him onto his sister’s other cheek. Imperceptibly fine hairs rubbed against him as he was pushed into her other side. A gasp revealed to him what he had feared: the giant man’s finger had a very distinct smell.

With some effort Kelly kept herself from tensing up; she was so relaxed from the rest of the massage she didn’t want to ruin the effect. Instead she spread her legs slightly to let the masseuse’s probing fingers dip into her sex as she gasped in delight. Her other cheek received the same attention as the first, and just as she felt her orgasm start approaching that hand vanished.

“Noooo,” she moaned as she felt the hand pull out of her soaking pussy, “Put them back!”

“One moment, miss,” the masseuse said confidently as he covered the tiny in a small amount of oil. She didn’t see his smile, the smile of a man who truly enjoyed his job.

True to his word, he replaced his fingers inside of her momentarily. She gasped as he started to massage her sensitive insides more urgently, and he knew she wasn’t far from bliss. It was his favorite part of the best job he’d ever had, and he knew he was skilled.

While Kelly’s orgasm built he started to rub the tiny against her lower back in another circular pattern, this time bringing the tiny further south with each pass. By the time the tiny was being dragged across her incredible crack she was ready.

With a gentle cry she came on the table, her vagina spasming around the man’s fingers as he curled them and pumped gently, expertly matching the rise and fall of her hips. As she came he slid the tiny between her cheeks and waited for her final gasp. Gently he pushed the little man against her anus, timing his final push carefully.

When the blonde writhing on his fingers finally slowed her lustful cries the masseuse changed the pressure on her sphincter and pushed with a little more urgency. The oil covered tiny slipped right into her hungry rectum and Kelly cried out again, her orgasm suddenly renewed as vibrations from inside her colon suddenly began.

With a smile the masseuse changed the angle of his probing fingers and slid his thumb straight through her anus, rubbing them together through her tender walls. As expected the tiny was caught by his anally inserted finger and his squirming form only added to his masterful inner massage.

I love this job, he thought as she squirmed and moaned.

“Let me out!” John screamed as he raged against the finger sliding in and out of his sister’s asshole. Intermittently there was enough space to give him a ray of light, and John leapt toward freedom only to fall once more to the spongy walls of her colon. In the distance her heartbeat raced, then began slowing as the finger gave John a derisive flick and withdrew.

He fell to his back as one more ray of light shone down on him, then vanished as the tight ring of muscle closed reflexively.

The masseuse wiped his fingers down quickly before he gave Kelly a final pat down and covered her with a warm sheet.

“Stay here as long as you like,” he told her as he withdrew, leaving her to bask in her afterglow.


That afternoon Kelly found herself on a small tour of the resort. It was far larger than she’d expected originally, a thought that made her giggle.

“Too bad you can’t see any of this,” she said to John, her face pointed toward her panties. Kelly didn’t expect that he could hear her, and that was okay. He was still, technically, getting the tour of a lifetime.

At four inches tall he was currently entirely encased in her vagina. She’d been at a loss of what to do with him once she’d slid him from her asshole after that wonderful massage, but a thorough cleaning and a question to room service had given her several great ideas. Minutes after her call a waiter had arrived, handing her a fresh garment bag and a small pamphlet with hundreds of ideas for using tiny people.

She’d chosen to tie his feet into the special panties she’d been given and push him as far into her as he would fit. It was like walking with a small, squirming dildo, and if Kelly hadn’t seen several other women, and at least one man, obviously doing the same thing she would have been red-faced and embarrassed.

As it was, she’d gotten two hi-fives from women who knew exactly what she was enjoying.

Kelly passed by the gym, where she saw a cycling class through the large glass window. She stopped for a moment, both to enjoy John’s movements which were slowly bringing her to yet another orgasm, and to watch the cyclers sweat. Both the men and women were in various states of undress and Kelly wished that society could be like this all the time.

“I need to move to a nudist colony,” she mumbled as she noticed something peculiar about the seated on the bikes. Carefully she looked more closely, then realized she hadn’t worked out in almost a week. Her stomach grumbled as she checked out the class times.

“I’ll swing by tomorrow,” she said as she turned and started following signs toward ‘Le Table Russo.’

She hadn’t been sure what to expect at the resort’s most popular restaurant; the décor seemed an odd mixture of Japanese and French vibes. On one wall paintings showing French characters sharing a bottle of wine were done in the style of Japanese water paintings, and on the other French abstract paintings depicted distant snowy mountains and fishing villages. Kelly found it difficult to follow the waiter for fear of missing seeing something amazing.

There was a small table against the wall for her, and before she had scooted her chair in a glass with red wine was being placed in front of her. Fresh bread and olive oil were brought out as she read the menu, and she realized tonight was a golden opportunity. For a moment she glanced around the restaurant, embarrassed at what she was thinking of doing, then she remembered that her low-cut dress that barely went below her hips was considered overdressed. One hand moved south and she focused briefly before bringing it back upward.

John took a breath of fresh air as he was suddenly exposed to the world again. He got a brief flash of a gently lit dining area and his sister’s smiling face before he was flipped upside down. Dangling by his ankles again he felt distinctly like a caught fish.

“I’ll have the sashimi,” John heard Kelly say before her hand dropped him.

He fell with a squeak onto something soft, and before he realized what was happening he’d been completely wrapped in what seemed to be a giant white piece of silk. Soft voices spoke for a moment and he recognized some of the mumbling as Kelly’s, then his prison began swinging from side to side as whoever was holding him began walking. Despite his best efforts he couldn’t push his face against the material hard enough to see through it, though he could tell when he’d entered the kitchen. Suddenly voices were calling out for different ingredients, and a much-nearer voice called out “For thirty-one!” before his prison was suspended from a hook.

“Hey!” John yelled as terror ran through him, “This isn’t part of my deal! Let me out!”

Distantly, but still too close to comfort, he heard someone sharpening a knife. He spun in his hanging cage like an animal caught in a net, desperate to fight his way to freedom. Sure, he’d technically agreed to everything a giantess could think of. But the instinctive fear of being eaten refused to vanish and every sound of a knife on stone struck fear through his heart.

“Let me go!”

Just as Kelly’s wine was being refilled, her entrée arrived.

“Mmm,” she said, excited, as the waiter placed a silver tray in front of her then lifted the lid, “I can’t wait!”

John screamed when the lid covering him was removed. A thin strip of seaweed had been wrapped around his head, then another around his entire body before he’d been rolled in rice and sat carefully on the center of the dish. Luckily he’d struggled just enough as the waiter had carried his sister’s meal to her that his blindfold had fallen.

Unluckily, he’d gotten over his fear and confusion and had realized where he was.

Delighted with what she saw, Kelly carefully picked up a piece of her sashimi with her chopsticks. The motion felt awkward but she was determined to use them properly this time. The fish was fresh and obviously caught mere hours ago, and after a quick dip in soy sauce it exploded with flavor on her tongue.

John struggled against his seaweed-wrap prison while his sister devoured his surroundings. Pieces of fish flew into the air to vanish into her maw before small vegetables he couldn’t identify followed. At his size the smell was overwhelming but the sensation and feeling of the seaweed against his skin was somehow the worst. Despite everything he couldn’t help but feel utterly humiliated by one thing: the paper-thin piece of plant that wrapped around him was still too strong for him to tear through and escape.

Finally he felt something shift in his prison just as the last piece of meat vanished. With a mighty yank John pulled an arm free and started to wriggle upward, not sure where he was going to go, but sure it would be better than his sister’s stomach. A glance upward showed him that she was busy taking a deep drink from her wine glass, and he freed his other arm. His feet were wrapped more tightly, but now that he had some room to kick and shift he could feel them moving.

Almost there! he thought as a piece of white rice fell on his face. He sputtered and brushed it off, then looked upward. The blood ran from his face as he made eye contact with his giant, hungry sister.

Kelly swallowed her wine, then quit delaying. The anticipation had been fun, but the fire in her belly needed to be sated. She picked up her chopsticks once again and looked down at the final morsel on her plate. He’d somehow gotten his arms free, but not fast enough. They met eyes and he let out a small, hilarious scream as she gingerly picked up the seaweed roll.

“Oops!” she said with a laugh as he squirmed, causing his prison to slip from her chopsticks and landing in soy sauce. Sheepishly she looked about, but no one had noticed her drop her food. This time she clamped onto the piece of food a little tighter.

John spat out as much of the salty liquid as he could, but he was thoroughly soaked. Before he could even try to continue his escape the massive chopsticks squeezed him around the midsection and picked him up once more. At a sickening speed he was yanked upward and he gasped for air, trying in vain to yell to Kelly for mercy.

Instead she looked down at him with a smile that told him she was embarrassed.

“Let’s just pretend that didn’t happen, okay?” she said with a smile.

Then he was yanked forward. John screamed in terror, sure that this was the end. Fear had overwhelmed his senses and all thought of the protections that his expensive vacation package had guaranteed him vanished. The instinctive fear of being devoured kicked in as he passed through her ruby red lips. The fruity scent of her red wine overwhelmed his nose just as her lips closed, cutting off all light.

Teeth crashed down on John, hitting him harder than he could ever have imagined. In his panic and the absolute blackness of her maw he didn’t realize they weren’t cutting him, and he fought for all he was worth. In the darkness he rolled onto her tongue, onto lumps of chewed rice and seaweed, then was tossed onto the other row of teeth which bore down on him again.

Kelly chewed on her brother, marveling at the texture. The seaweed and rice tasted excellent, and true to the menu’s description, she got an incredible umami flavor from chewing his tiny body. She could feel his struggles which delighted her, and for a moment she pushed him to the roof of her mouth so she could swallow everything that had wrapped him tightly for her enjoyment.

After a horrifying eternity John was rolled back onto Kelly’s tongue. With a scream he reached for his legs, sure they’d be missing. Instead they seemed entirely intact, and he laughed in insane confusion. Bright light assaulted his eyes suddenly and he saw that his legs and torso seemed completely unharmed. The light seemed to bring comprehension back into his mind, and he realized that the resort had protected him just as perfectly as they’d claimed.

This had even been something he’d expressed interest in. If only his giantess hadn’t been his sister!

Then he was thrust upward again, colliding with the roof of her mouth and animal instinct took control once more. He screamed as he was yanked backward, feeling the tightness of Kelly’s throat encompassing his legs. He’d spent hours inside of her other holes but this was different; this felt final in a way John could never put words to.

“No!” he shouted as Kelly’s lips closed and he was surrounded by darkness. Then his ears popped as invisible pressure pulled him even harder backward.

Before he could scream again he was engulfed.

Kelly felt her final morsel slide down her throat. He wriggled interestingly in her throat and not nearly for long enough. When the lump vanished and she felt movement start in her tummy she resolved to try it with a guest who had a cheaper vacation package than John.

I bet they struggle even better when they know it’s permanent! she thought excitedly as she sipped the last of her wine.

John screamed as loud as he could and thrashed with all his strength, but it was all for naught: his sister’s simple biological process of swallowing was far stronger than he ever could be. Rhythmically he was yanked downward, lubricated by spit and wine, his nostrils overwhelmed to the point of shutting down. Then finally, as the sound of her heartbeat grew louder and louder until he was sure he was inches away from her beating heart, there was nothing below John’s feet.

“Shit!” he cried out as he fell momentarily.

Something soft greeted him as a landing pad, and John rolled in disgust off the piece of fish he’d landed on. Instead of finding solid ground his legs slipped into a near-boiling fluid that instantly started his skin to tingling. He looked around desperately for a way out, but the darkness was so complete he almost questioned whether he’d actually opened his eyes, except for how the air itself was burning them.

“Kelly!” he screamed.

“Just Kelly,” the blonde said to the waiter after he called her formally by her last name. He’d already swiped her room card to add the restaurant charge to her bill, and then offered her a mint. She took it happily, then raised her eyebrow questioningly at its strange appearance.

“It’s less a mint and more a light for your dinner,” he explained when it started glowing in her hand. “Having a light present keeps them moving for longer.”

“That’s a great idea!” she said as she stood, ready to head back to her room for a quiet evening. The wine had gotten to her head rather quickly, and she had big plans for tomorrow. It had been quite the day already and she wanted to make sure that at least part of her vacation was restful.

“Yes! Great!” John yelled as a light grew steadily from above. He was out of his mind with terror. His entire body was covered in what he knew to be stomach acid, and the tingling had begun turning to burning. All thought of his VIP package was gone, only near-mindless terror remained. Until the light arrived.

He slogged through the mush of Kelly’s dinner, certain the light was some form of rescue.

Instead a small circular disk dropped to the top of the mush, giving off an odd yellow light that did him no favors as it illuminated John’s organic hell.

“What-?” he said aloud as he picked it up, still hoping against hope that his final moments weren’t upon him. It was the size of a large dinner plate and as he held it up he saw his hand illuminated in its sickening light.

Just before it flickered off and condemned him to darkness once more, he saw the skin of his forearm eroding enough that his muscles were visible.

John drew in breath to scream.

Wow, Kelly thought as the movement in her belly skyrocketed, that waiter wasn’t kidding about it increasing movement!

The tiny blonde kicked her shoes into a corner of her room and threw herself face down on the bed. Before she could even think about freeing John from her stomach she was fast asleep.


John awoke with a scream. He threw himself to his feet and ran forward blindly, not sure where he was but sure he had to be somewhere else, and fast. Three steps in he hit an invisible wall and was thrown onto his back. Almost before he’d landed he’d rolled to his hands and knees and was greeted with the most confusing sight of his life.

There in the distance was the sleeping form of his sister, still clothed and illuminated by moonlight, on top of her sheets.

“What is-?” he asked as he stood, his heart pounding. One hand pushed against the plastic of the cup he was imprisoned within, and he was relieved to see his arm intact. A quick glance told him that he was completely unharmed despite his most recent memories being of the bones of his hands falling through his melting skin into a sludge of rice and meat.

Then a bright light shone from above and the cleaning cycle began again.


Ten hours, and eight timer regulated cleaning cycles later, Kelly plucked John from the Macrovia Mini-Maestro ™ and dropped him into the front of her shorts. He’d tried to talk to her, but she was in a hurry. The blonde had overslept slightly, but by the virtue of her youth the wine hadn’t even given her a faint hangover. Frustrated and terrified all at once, John focused on not sliding deeper into her panties.

With every step he failed.

Smiling and relieved she’d made it on time, Kelly slipped out of her shorts to match the rest of the guests and plucked John from his space between her lips. With a thought he was grown to a more manageable size and the man on the bike next to her showed her how to mount him properly on the seat.

“Thanks!” she whispered to him, not-so-subtly checking out his exceptional package as the man climbed on his own bike. In the front of the room the instructor was clearly about to start the class, so Kelly started climbing on as well.

“No problem!” the man said, and Kelly laughed inwardly at his face as he slid his own tiny, an Asian woman he’d sized to surprisingly large, deep into his rectum. She gave his package another appraising look, then focused as the trainer began introducing herself. It was obvious her workout neighbor was gay, but Kelly knew today she needed a real, full-size man in addition to her little plaything.

“Okay everybody!” the brunette instructor called out, clothed in a barely-there outfit that sported the resort’s red and khaki colors, “Insert ‘em if you got ‘em and let’s get moving!”

Loud dance music started blasting as Kelly slid John’s fighting form deep into her sex. The instructor started them on a slow warmup ride, letting their toys struggle deep within before she picked up the pace. Before the first mile was up Kelly felt an orgasm already approaching.

“It’s a hill!” the instructor shouted, and as a class the guests started standing and sitting, riding up and down on their toys in sync with their instructor’s motivation shouts.

Moaning filled the air and Kelly joined the group with her first orgasm of the day.


Later that afternoon, after a stunningly good lunch of kale and fruit, Kelly found herself looking. Hunting, more like. Her biking partner that morning had been very well endowed, and though he was gay Kelly found herself craving something in addition to John who was currently being held tight right against her opening. She’d found it was incredibly comfortable to hold him there but knew if she shoved him within then she’d spend the day masturbating with his tiny form instead of exploring the resort.

She quickly discovered the pool that her room overlooked was far from the only one, and while she skipped the salt-water pool the third pool drew the most interest. It was a simple square pool with crystal clear water, but its other contents drew her eye. Before she knew what she was doing she’d stripped down to her pink thong and red sports bra.

“You made it just in time!” said the model with a chiseled jaw and short black hair as she entered the pool. The water was up to his waist, just below her breasts, and the size difference made her wet in a way that had nothing to do with the water.

John struggled against the pink material that held him but knew it was useless. When she walked he’d held still so as not to get his sister excited that her wetness covered him, but through the thin material he’d been able to see where they were when she peeled her shorts off, and he’d seen the water fast approaching as she walked down the ramp. Suddenly desperate to avoid drowning he tried to pry an arm around the material of Kelly’s panties, but the elastic easily overpowered him.

Changing pace, he tried to push his way up into her. Yes he hated the idea, but his brain refused to understand that he was functionally immortal and that he literally couldn’t drown. For Kelly all his efforts amounted to a feeling similar to being fingered by an enthusiastic but inexperienced teenager.

John screamed as Kelly waded into the exercise pool and joined the water aerobics class just as it began.

Cool water surrounded him from below and steaming heat from above. Low bass rumbles reached his ears as Kelly started to move, at times almost giving him enough room to free himself, and at others pushing him harder against her sex. After a time he forced himself to calm down from his survival reactions and found himself with his eyes closed and desperately hugging the material of her thong as it threatened to send him inside her once again.

His body screamed with the urge to breath again, but he’d already filled his lungs with water. All he could do was hang on as his world churned. Once, during a rare break in the chaos, he pushed his face hard against the material and saw other pairs of legs in the distance, some clothed, some not.

Where am I?! he wondered desperately as Kelly started lifting her knees high in rhythm with the music he could faintly hear through the water. His question remained unanswered as Kelly followed the instructor’s commands eagerly.

“That was a great class!” Kelly said to the instructor after the rest of the participants had wandered away. Water aerobics were especially difficult and few of them had any energy left over. Luckily Kelly had frequently taken these classes to augment her stamina while dancing and still felt relatively fresh, though her legs were a little weak after the bike class that morning.

“Well thanks,” he said in a deep voice, meeting her eyes with a smile. A smile that felt vaguely predatory. He looked around the pool and surrounding area to double check he wasn’t leaving a guest in the water alone, then followed her up the ramp. She knew his eyes were on her ass, and she loved it.

After an eternity the water receded and John gulped in a breath of air; it was saturated with Kelly’s scent but his lungs demanded it. Above she was smooth and slippery and he hoped after whatever had just happened she’d want to take a nap. Or do anything that left him alone.

“Oh, whoops!” he heard her say from above, “Someone dropped a penny!”

His heart fell as her legs moved sideways and the floor rushed upward suddenly. There was a moment of confusion, then he pushed his face against the fabric of her thong and realized what had happened: she’d gotten on all fours.

“Oh darn!” he heard a man’s voice say with barely hidden laughter, and a massive shadow seemed to be kneeling behind her. “The waistband on my shorts is too loose!”

John screamed when he saw the man’s cock fall free from his shorts, a beast far larger than John was. Neither giant heard, and he knew neither would care. Kelly moaned and easily overrode his scream when the man rested the tip of his cock on one of her cheeks and pulled her thong to the side.

John’s scream turned into a breath of relief when he realized he wasn’t going to be pounded into her by that monster, but that quickly turned into fear again when the massive cock pistoned straight into her opening right next to him. The material of her thong was keeping it from touching him; pulling it aside had only tightened it on him as a prison. But at least he wasn’t being used for her pleasure.

After a mile of cock slid into her sister part of the cock remained outside, and John realized the man must have bottomed out. But he wasn’t ready for what happened next.

“Hi!” said a bizarrely cheery voice from right next to him.

“Whoa!” John said as he realized who spoke.

Wrapped tightly around the base of the giant’s cock was what at first appeared to be a dark cock ring. On closer inspection John realized it was actually a tightly stretched tiny whose face was now only inches away.

“I know, right?’ the woman said as the giants above them spoke briefly. “Aren’t I the luckiest woman eveerrrrr!?”

Her questioned faded into the distance as John watched the massive cock pull back, then slam forward again. The woman-turned-cockring let out a delighted squeal with each thrust and it was clear that she was having the time of her life.

Please let this end, please let this end, John thought silently as the two giants rutted above him. The new addition threatened how much his mind could take.

“This!” the cockring woman screamed with one thrust, “Is!” she screamed on the next, “Awesome!”

John tuned her out as best he could, but before long he knew the situation was about to change. The thrusts were more erratic, the sounds from the giants changed from short words to animalistic grunts. And after all this time inside of her, John knew Kelly was about to orgasm.

Kelly held off as long as she could while the trainer, whose name she hadn’t bothered to learn, shoved as much of himself inside her as would fit. But when it was clear his moment was near she let herself go. The blonde pushed a towel into her mouth as she screamed, and when her pussy spasmed around the massive rod she felt a rush of heat within, triggering another orgasm as he finally pushed hard enough to get his hips against her tiny ass. She was so full of cock Kelly was sure if she looked down her stomach would have its outline against her front.

And then, when the cock stopped twitching and long before Kelly was ready he pulled himself free.

“Oh!” she moaned as she felt her pussy twitch in response, wishing he would stick it back in. But she knew, like he’d told her, he only had a few minutes.

“Wish I had more time to give you,” he said with an apologetic tone as he stood, and she slipped her thong back over her opening just as his seed started to leak out.

Kelly looked back at him to see just how much cock she’d been filled with and caught sight of him tucking it away.

“Uh, what was that?” she asked as she saw his cock ring; she’d heard of them before, but never used one. It looked significantly less metallic than she’d expected.

“Oh, don’t worry about her,” he said, pulling his rapidly shrinking cock free again to show her. One hand spun the ring around until Kelly could see the tiny black woman smiling hugely up at her. Kelly gasped when she realized it wasn’t a metal ring, but a tiny guest who had been stretching around the largest member she’d ever seen.

“She didn’t pay her bill so we’re keeping her as a tertiary toy until she’s earned enough.”

Kelly felt heat in her belly as the cock vanished and the trainer helped her to her feet. The idea of being stuck here and being used for months on end was surprisingly appealing.

“Don’t,” he said with a laugh, knowing what she was thinking. “Some days she gets a fun job, most days we use her to clean out pipes and grease traps.”

John recoiled in disgust as the giants talked. His temporary reprieve had been instead replaced with something far worse than what he’d already hated: desperate to avoid it he held his breath. But instinct won out once again and his mouth filled with the salty seed of the man who’d just came inside his sister. Every step covered him more in his spunk and John knew it would take years of therapy to avoid screaming every time he saw his own jizz after this experience.


That afternoon Kelly found herself sunbathing; her quickie with the trainer had left her surprisingly satisfied. She was getting a perfect amount of sun and was almost enjoying watching her fellow full-sized guests as much as she was getting the perfect tan. The variety of things the other ‘giants’ had thought of to do with their tinies was incredible. Without exception the tinies seemed to be having the time of their lives, which made her turn her thoughts to John.

She hadn’t spoken a word to him in days and she was sure he’d be loving the situation if she weren’t his sister. His willpower to hold out against his own pleasure was admirable, but her thrill at dominating him so thoroughly was starting to wane.

Could he be ready to be a willing participant? If not, Kelly was tempted to release him back to Central Distribution and select a more willing tiny for herself.

Or maybe find some other ways to make torturing a little tiny even more fun, she thought with a grin.

Without any thought to who was watching, and she knew other guests were watching, Kelly shimmied off the bottoms of her blue bikini. The tiny piece of cloth fell to the ground as she plucked John free from the tiny cloth prison that had kept his face nicely pressed against her backdoor all afternoon. He struggled against her fingers as she lifted him, but he stopped trying to resist when he realized she was lifting him up toward her face and sizing him up slightly larger.

“Hey bro,” she said sweetly as his shielded his eyes against the sun that he hadn’t seen in days, “I was thinking this might be more fun for the both of us if you had a change of heart.”

He crossed his arms, which only made him pout comedically. Kelly stifled a giggle, knowing it would help what she was trying to accomplish. Her eyes went to his crotch and she could only imagine how pent up he must have been. Spending all his days in the snatch of a beautiful blonde woman, yet resisting his own pleasure because he happened to be related to her?

“You’re being silly,” she said in a playful voice. Before she realized she was doing it her tongue snaked out from between her lips.

John was stunned by the first direct, deliberate contact from Kelly. He did his best to not enjoy it but her tongue was hot and wet against his balls, his entire midsection really, and his cock leapt to attention. A moan escaped his lips before her tongue vanished.

“Why don’t you just, you know,” she said as she pulled him away from her mouth, “pretend? Enjoy yourself a little bit? Think of everything you’re not getting to experience because you’re being a grump.”

The tiny man opened his mouth to shout at her, but he held back.

What if he enjoyed it? So what if she was his sister? Hadn’t this been his dream for years?

Her tongue snaked forward and caressed his cock once more and he groaned aloud. She must have heard, because she pulled back again and giggled.

“Have fun, bro,” she said as he felt himself be lowered downward.

Before he could have a change of heart John found his hands wrapped around his cock as his body was brought back toward her massive snatch.

Just do it, he told himself, trying to psych himself up. His hand started stroking slowly and as he was inserted into his sister feet first his resolve finally broke. Her wet heat slowly enveloped his feet and John closed his eyes when he felt her envelope him for what seemed to be the very first time.

Kelly let out a satisfied sigh as she slid John deep within herself, keeping only his head peeking out at her. Careful to not roll her hips downward she leaned forward and started rubbing her clit mere inches away from John’s face. He didn’t miss the sound of slippery skin-on-skin and she saw his face light up when he opened his eyes once more.

The sensation of him stroking himself was faint and if Kelly hadn’t feel carefully looking for it she would have missed it. Instead of trying to bring herself to yet another orgasm, as his tiny movements grew frantic far faster than she expected, she simply played with her clit just enough to keep herself excited. If he was going to suddenly participate then she knew she still had more than enough time to do all the playing she could ever stand.

He could have this single moment if it bought her a newly reinvigorated toy.

John’s orgasm, restrained for far longer than he’d ever done since he’d discovered masturbation, came far faster than he believed. With his new outlook her scent was no longer disgusting, the way her pulsing walls held him no longer infuriating. Her casual disregard that he’d endured for so long was suddenly just the kind of demented treatment he’d came here looking for.

With a yell that was barely louder than the schlick! schlick! of Kelly’s finger sliding across her clit John came. His cock pulsed in his hand in time with Kelly’s heartbeat which shook him like a wave. Stars pulsed across his vision as electricity flooded his body and what felt like gallons of semen escaped in a pressurized wave. Furiously his hand, the only part of his arm that could move, stroked his cock until every ounce of his seed had escaped and he stopped to catch his breath.

Kelly knew when John finally came. She didn’t feel anything at all, but his face said it all. And once she knew he’d had a moment to savor his afterglow Kelly decided to get phase two of her vacation started.

“Whoa!” John yelled as Kelly roughly yanked him from his suddenly comfortable prison. His cock leapt to life again at the feeling of being manhandled and he silently berated himself for holding out this long.

What did it matter she was his sister? He’d waited his whole life for this treatment!

The world grew rapidly and he shook his head to clear out the dizzy cobwebs, kneeling on her fingertip like a flea. A confused flea until he saw what she was doing.

“Perfect!” Kelly said as she pushed John’s millimeter tall form under her clitoral hood. She hadn’t been sure if her idea would work, but he was small enough and as soon as she removed her finger she could feel his gentle vibrations against her sensitive nub. When she slid the bottom of her bikini back into place the added pressure made her smile and let out a small moan.

“Good boy,” she said in a playful voice as she stood. From the direction of the beach she could hear dance music, and she knew the crowd here would appreciate her type of dancing. And she’d love dancing in front of a crowd for the first time in weeks.

John was encased in darkness with booming bass sound being the only stimulus the only clue as to where they were. Not that it particularly mattered to him. Pressed by her skin into her clitoris he was exactly where he wanted to be.

He pushed on the sensitive nub with all he was worth, at times stroking his hard again cock and at others giving her all the stimulation he could with both hands. The new environment was restrictive but he loved it; the switch had been flipped and all the joy and fun he had missed out on was suddenly rushing back at him. John was determined to not miss another moment of enjoying his long-awaited size fantasy.

Until suddenly the bass was louder and bright multicolored light flooded his eyes. A finger the size of a metro bus pulled him from his hot prison and he groaned, exasperated. Now that he was really enjoying himself it seemed as though the world now wanted him to be bored.

All around him was a flood of flashing lights and booming music. He thought he recognized the song but was unable to tell; Kelly didn’t bother to give him a moment to think. In the chaotic swirl of motion he saw Kelly leaning forward to speak into a staff member’s ear, then John was unceremoniously dropped into an empty champagne glance.

Through the clear glass he could see a small crowd of partiers in various states of undress. For a moment he thought he saw Kelly climbing onto a platform from which a tall pole was protruding, but he couldn’t be sure. A moment later he was thrown to his back as the person carrying the tall glass moved far faster than John could believe; though he’d been small for quite some time the speed at which regular-sized people moved was still incredible.

The next several minutes were a blur as the glass he was in was shook about and handed between several members of the resort’s staff. He went from the pounding bass of the beachside dance party to the clear, sterile environment of what he recognized as his first waiting area before he’d been sent to Kelly’s room. Before he’d even had time to stand in his champagne glass he’d been whisked away and carried up to her room.

Without a second glance he was dumped unceremoniously into yet another staff member’s hand. A massive woman with short black hair and a cute nose was now holding him, but it was obvious she wasn’t very interested in the tiny man she was holding.

“Hey, what’s-“ he started to ask the stewardess as he tried to stand in her warm palm. She focused her eyes on him and instantly he felt himself grow in her hand, the action of which caused him to fall over again.

This apparently suited her purposes just fine, because in her other hand she produced a bright yellow disc.

“Hold still,” she said absentmindedly. Clearly she didn’t expect him to hold still because her hand squeezed his lower half steadilyy and John couldn’t see what she was doing from his now-awkward position. Something unyielding settled in around his feet and ankles and the woman made a satisfied sound when she was done tinkering.

Another focused look at him caused the item around his ankles to shrink and squeeze him tightly. At regular size John knew the pressure would have broken something. At this size it simply made his ankles feel as though they’d fallen asleep.

The stewardess holding him mumbled something to herself, clearly looking for something. John matched her and looked around, now recognizing the hotel suite’s bathroom. In the distance was the cleaning jar that he was coming to hate, despite his newfound enthusiasm, and just as John tried to call out to the stewardess again she made a happy noise.

Suddenly her hand moved and John’s world was yanked sideways. He let out a startled squeak when the movement was stopped with a sudden impact, then screamed for real when the woman removed her hand. Instantly he fell forward and would have plummeted to the bottom of the tub if not for the object holding his ankles tight.

With a yell of effort he pulled himself closer to the wall and grabbed what was obviously a small handle on what appeared to be an industrial-strength suction cup. Blood rushed to his head; he was essentially upside down, but if he stood he’d have been perpendicular to the bathtub wall. After a moment he recovered and he shot the stewardess a questioning look.

The position wasn’t very comfortable, but he’d been in worse recently. What he couldn’t figure out was why.

“Hey!” he yelled at her as she pushed lightly at the suction cup. She ignored him and John realized he didn’t matter to her in the slightest. With some effort he kept himself from getting an erection as she stood, satisfied with her work. John realized he was at roughly hip height on the woman as she turned and walked away.

“Hey, what the hell!” he shouted after her, moments before she turned out the lights and left him in darkness.

“Uh, hello?” John called out, his voice so quiet in the darkness that it couldn’t even echo.

John hung in darkness and absolute silence for what felt like an eternity until he heard a faint electronic whirring in the distance. The door to the hotel room opened silently but John recognized his sister’s laughter and the sound of stumbling feet. More than one pair.

“Of courssse I do!” Kelly was telling somebody as lights began turning on sequentially in the main suite.

John struggled to straighten himself out, but he simply wasn’t strong enough to stay straight. Gravity would have been far too strong for him in this position at any size. Instead he could only twist his body awkwardly to see the outside rooms light up through the bathroom door.

Another voice mumbled in a lower tone and Kelly just laughed. It wasn’t a stretch for John to guess she was drunk.

Then she stumbled into the bathroom, flipping the light on. John couldn’t be sure, but for a moment it seemed as though she sought him out to confirm his presence before stumbling forward again while pulling someone by the hand.

As soon as John realized that she wasn’t alone, Kelly’s companion slid into the bathroom behind her. His shirt was gone and his pants were already half undone. He wasn’t physically impressive, aside from his titanic size, but clearly Kelly had seen something she wanted.

Together the two did a brief uncomfortable dance and articles of clothing hit the ground. John felt a little awkward watching the giants’ foreplay, but part of him got more excited than ever. It was obvious he was only here until they decided to use him and that was exactly what he’d bought a ticket for.

I’m really a toy now, he thought excitedly.

“Show me!” Kelly told the man with a laugh, and he moved his hand to reveal his manhood; perhaps six inches in real-person size but it was currently as long as John was tall. Kelly made a satisfied noise and ran her hand along it as she pushed daintily on his chest. He was far stronger than she but he knew what she was doing. Moments later the back of his knees hit the toilet and he saw down hard on the cold plastic seat.

“Show me!” she said again, and he smiled as he reached under his testicles while John raised a confused eyebrow.

Comprehension dawned when he saw an inch-tall woman in his hand.

“I told you,” he said when she giggled and licked her lips. John wasn’t sure why she would be so excited over that tiny woman and he recognized the feeling of jealousy. “Remember, I could only afford the ‘B’ package, which means ‘B’ tinies.”

“Perfect,” Kelly breathed, running a finger lightly across her bare stomach.

The tiny woman must have realized what that meant when Kelly licked her lips again. John wracked his brain to remember what it meant as the man started pushing the squirming, struggling woman into his urethra.

“B,” he said to himself as the screaming woman was encased thoroughly so that only her red hair stuck out.

“Minimal physics protection,” John mumbled as Kelly knelt in front of the man and began a long lick up his shaft, starting at his low hanging testicles.

Kelly reached his glans as John said to himself: “No protection or reassembly from gastric degradation.”

His erection reached new heights as he heard the little woman screaming just as Kelly wrapped her lips around the man’s cock. Kelly was a small woman, but she’d spent more than her fair share of time on her knees. John watched, discomfort of his position forgotten, as Kelly instantly swallowed the man to his base.

The giant moaned and threw his head back.

“Damn, you weren’t kidding!” he said as Kelly started bobbing her head up and down, never letting the cock leave her mouth.

Moments later he said: “I hate to stop you, but I’m not gonna last long after all the messing around we did earlier.” One hand went to Kelly’s shoulder and she pulled off his cock briefly.

John could see the tiny woman, drenched in saliva and precum. She was too small and far away for him to tell much else, but it was clear she wasn’t happy. Before he realized it John started stroking himself, knowing what was going to happen to that poor lady.

“Should’ve saved up for at least the ‘A’ package,” he said with a cruel laugh.

“Just shoot when you’re ready,” Kelly said as she took a deep breath and rapidly stroked the man’s spit-soaked rod. “I told you I swallowed.”

The man just laughed and nodded, his cockhead and the tiny woman instantly vanishing into Kelly’s mouth again. One hand sought out his balls and massaged them gently. John slowed his hand so that he could cum at the same time as the giant, but it appeared he wouldn’t have to hold off long. Kelly telling him she’d swallow was clearly all the signal he’d needed, and John wasn’t sure if the giant was more excited that she was going to swallow his load or the tiny woman he was using as a topper.

Before John was ready the giant started thrusting upward into Kelly’s mouth and she made an excited sound. John watched as she pulled back on the cock, leaving only the head on her mouth and ensuring everything he shot would land on her tongue. When the man stopped jerking Kelly gave him several more long strokes then pulled her mouth from his member.

“How does she look?” Kelly asked, sounding as though she had a mouthful of food. Then she stuck out her tongue at the giant and John’s eyes widened.

There, on the tip of his sister’s tongue, covered in sperm, was the tiny redhead. She was on her hands and knees, holding out a hand for help.

Then Kelly’s tongue slipped back into her mouth. John felt his own orgasm escape as Kelly swallowed exaggeratedly, and his hand flew across his cock, suddenly grateful for his bizarre position; his sperm could only fall straight down into the bathtub.

The blonde wiped her mouth and giggled, then gasped.

“That was awesome,” Kelly said as she stood, and the man just nodded in agreement, not quite able to speak yet. “Now get over here,” she told him, pulling him to his feet and stepping into the bathtub.

John wasn’t quite recovered from his ejaculation, but suddenly his sister’s toned backside was directly at face level. He smiled in comprehension, suddenly understanding why he’d been put where he was.

“Get your tongue in here before she stops squirming!” Kelly commanded the man.

Without a second thought, except to enjoy the erratic struggles of the tiny burning to death in her tummy, Kelly grabbed the perfectly placed butt plug. Idly she licked the last of the semen off her lips as her party pickup stepped into the tub with her. She leaned forward slightly and felt a face at her backdoor just as tonight’s companion started to kneel in front of her.

Kelly gasped as the toy slid into her backdoor and instantly started squirming wonderfully. Almost before that gasp was finished her hookup latched his mouth onto her pussy and began doing incredible things with his tongue. He sought out every tender place he could find while her plug massaged every inch of skin he could reach, the two stimulations mere inches from each other.

The triple sensations were incredible and Kelly hoped the tiny in her tummy lasted long enough for the massive orgasm she could feel fast approaching.

John could only imagine the hell the less-fortunate tiny was going through, and it motivated him. Motivated him to squirm and push his hands everywhere he could inside his sister’s colon. He knew that every one of that dying woman’s struggles would be bringing her pleasure, and so would every movement of his own.

He couldn’t be sure what the man was doing, but he could guess.

The world around John began to shake as Kelly’s muscles began contracting in time with her orgasm and John was silently thankful his package kept him from truly feeling pain. Had he gone with a cheaper package he would have been crushed for sure; her sphincter was so tight around his knees they had gone numb just like his nigh-crushed ankles. He felt more than heard her cries of pleasure; her entire body was vibrating as the man found her clit.

“Oh shit oh shit oh shit!” Kelly said, not able to hold back any longer. The struggles in her stomach had started to slow and she knew what that meant. More than anything the knowledge that someone was giving their life for her enjoyment sent her over the edge.

A flexible leg pulled her hookup’s face even harder into her snatch and he eagerly obeyed. As she came, loudly, he continued licking and sucking her clit for all he was worth until he started to run out of air. Luckily she’d already had all the orgasm she could handle and as he pulled back to breath she fell forward onto him with a manic laugh.

John gasped when suddenly he was slid out of Kelly’s ass. Gravity took over once again and he was yanked ‘down’ as the two giants laughed and Kelly groaned in appreciation. With some effort John looked upward at the amorous couple just in time to see the man helping Kelly out of the tub, her legs shaking.

By silent agreement the two stumbled out of the bathroom, shutting the light off as they went.

“Hey!” John called as lights in the outside room shut off as well. He was encased in darkness again, but this time he could hear the couple outside talking in low voices.

Moments later he could hear soft snoring.

Left here just like a forgotten toy, he thought, at first annoyed. Then his cock started to rise again from the realization of how thoroughly he’d been used then set aside. They hadn’t even bothered to take him off the wall after she’d gotten her fun from him.

In the darkness John started playing with himself slowly, knowing he had all night until Kelly pulled him free.


Several days later John found himself in an odd position that he hadn’t been in for far too long. The days had passed in a blur of first defiance and anger, then unrestrained pleasure. He’d spent so much time inside his sister that he often didn’t know if it was day or not, and he didn’t care.

He was living his greatest fantasy, and it was as great as he could have hoped for.

So he was unaccustomed to be left alone on a dinner tray while Kelly finished her dinner. He’d spent so much time on and in her body he felt cold, though he knew that was just an illusion of his mind.

Idly he strode about the shiny silver tray, letting his eyes adjust to seeing things in the distance once again. He was only a few inches tall but the handle of her butterknife still came up to his ankles, her plate up to his waist. While he knew it would be incredible to run around her room at his current height for some reason he couldn’t quite find the willpower to seek independence.

John felt primally connected to Kelly in a way he couldn’t explain. The sexual satisfaction he’d gotten in the past several days was incredible and addictive.

“So,” she said as she put down her napkin, “I think we’re both enjoying your change of mind lately, don’t you agree?”

Kelly leaned forward and rested her elbows on the table. John pulled his eyes from her breasts, small but massive compared to him, and looked her in the eyes. He didn’t bother to respond; even at his size he was sure she could see his growing erection.

“I thought,” she continued, pushing her butterknife in a small circle. John had to leap over it to avoid getting struck by the handle. “That I might give you your own little option this time.”

John paused as he looked up at her.

“Uh, what are you talking about?” he called up to her.

She stopped the spinning knife just before it could knock him over. It was obvious her question had confused him and otherwise it would have knocked him over.

“All that time in my body,” she said, giving him a pointed look and gesturing up and down her naked torso, “and you were always content and happy as my toy, however I wanted you.”

John didn’t miss the emphasis in that statement.

Kelly looked down at him innocently and blinked her blue eyes.

“There’s gotta be something you wanted, right?”

John paused and looked around the room. He thought about everything he’d been through, both willingly and not. The very idea that he was getting the option to choose something was so out of left field he hadn’t even put any thought into it.

But he’d learned a lot about what Taylor liked, and realized he’d spent very little time in one of his favorite fantasies.

“How about some butt plug time?” he asked loudly, and instantly a wave of awkwardness rushed over him. Despite everything it still felt weird asking his sister to slide him into her ass; but the smile that came across her face put him at ease.

Minutes later a stewardess arrived with the brightest pink toy John had ever seen. Kelly thanked the woman and took it gently, sitting it sideways on the tray next to John. Seeing it in front of him, longer than he was tall, something didn’t seem quite right to John. Its widest point seemed far too large to fit into a woman of Kelly’s size and stature, its base seemed a little too wide as well. At its tip John saw no opening for him to crawl into, only one at the base.

He walked around it again as Kelly stepped away briefly before returning with a bottle of lubricant.

“Uh,” he said as he held up a hand, “This isn’t quite what I—gah!”

Before he could finish speaking Kelly had picked him and the toy back up, holding it upside down from what John had hoped for. Instead of being pushed into it headfirst, so only his feet were exposed as she wore him, his feet were being inserted. A light bulb went off in John’s head just as he slid in past his shoulders. Just as he started to try and talk to Kelly again she gave him a stern look and he felt the toy squeeze him on all sides as he grew slightly.

She made a satisfied noise and flipped the toy upside down. John couldn’t find the air to speak, but he heard the cap of the lubricant bottle pop open and the toy shook as she applied it liberally. A small amount of the slippery liquid dripped all the way from the tip of the toy to settle on the back of his head.

Then, from his upside down and awkward vantage point, John saw Kelly put on foot on the bed and lean forward.

“Good choice bro!” she said happily.

The plug moved forward suddenly and hit soft resistance. John heard her groan and the soft plastic around his ankles squeezed slightly harder. Then the tightness of her sphincter loosened, allowing more and more of the toy to slide inside her back door. Soon John’s vision was occluded by the growing mounds of her toned backside, held apart by one hand.

Then, without warning, her sphincter stretched past the widest part of the toy and forcefully closed around the more narrow neck of the plug. John squawked in surprise as the toy settled deep in her bowels.

He felt Kelly shake and moan as she got used to the toy. Testing, he pushed against the tight material holding him and he felt it move slightly, but not nearly enough to allow him to get an arm free. Kelly gasped when she felt it though, and John knew it was enough for him. Then she released her cheek and put both feet on the ground.

John felt odd being upside down once again, and the swaying of her hips as Kelly walked felt even stranger. Then Kelly did something that made him laugh hysterically despite the ‘wrong’ part of him sticking out of her.

Kelly bent forward in front of the long mirror in the bathroom and pulled her cheeks apart once again. The large toy felt wonderful and every step was incredibly stimulating. But she had to see.

And just as she had planned, instead of seeing her tiny puckered brown hole, in its place she could see John’s smiling face surrounded by the pink base of the toy. Satisfied with how her toy was situated, Kelly stood straight again and began planning what she would do the following day.

“Hang gliding could be fun,” she said to herself, John momentarily forgotten.

John couldn’t believe how long Kelly left him in for. Not that he was entirely sure, of course, but he never could have guessed his sister would enjoy an anal toy for so long. As far as he knew it was three days, but time had lost its meaning. He was only removed for her to do her business, then he was quickly replaced.

She went about her day with him safely stored in her backside, happily pretending everything was completely normal. And for this resort, it was.

More than once John found himself face to face with a giant or giantess who, in the midst of going down on his sister next to the pool, saw his plight and spared him only a giggle and a lick before returning to their main goal. Less comfortable was the feeling of a giant’s balls resting against his face while someone plowed into his sister, but even as their mixed fluids leaked out of her used pussy and onto his face John felt oddly satisfied beyond anything he could have imagined.

The only thing that could have made the situation better was if he’d been able to move enough to pleasure himself. The inability to reach his manhood was driving him crazy.

Finally, after a day of having Kelly’s thong bikini pressed against his face, blocking the sun while she went down on several guys on the beach, John felt himself slide out of her ass for the last time. She flipped the toy upside down, gave him an oddly sad look, then sat him on the same tray that had held her delivered breakfast.

“Hey, uh,” he called as she walked away, sensing the change of energy. “What’s going on?”

There was no response beyond the start of the water from the showerhead. Suddenly there was a jerk and his stomach flipped as a waiter removed the tray from Kelly’s room. John panicked as he was taken away.

“No! Wait!” he yelled, but the waiter ignored him. John couldn’t even be sure if he’d been heard, the pink toy he was encased in was rolling around slightly as the waiter put it on a cart which slowly was filled with more and more trays as the staff finished cleaning other rooms.

In his panic and distress he didn’t realize something extremely important. He hadn’t been abandoned and forgotten. He hadn’t been taken away on accident by careless cleaning staff.

“My time can’t be up!” he yelled at the disembodied voice above him.

After an eternity of waiting and rolling around on the empty breakfast tray another staff member had carefully released him from his pink prison. Before he’d had a chance to protest he’d been dropped into a vacuum tube, just like a bank would use, and after a screaming fast ride he’d found himself dropped into the sterile white room that had already started to become a distant memory.

The computerized voice didn’t response to his protests, but instead the nigh-invisible television turned back on and flashed a message: Please Have A Seat. After a few minutes of frustrated pacing he obeyed. The pristine white couch was as comfortable as he remembered. Though the knowledge of what was about to happen robbed him of any pleasure he may have gotten from it.

“Please enjoy a complementary beverage while reliving a few of your favorite moments from your stay here at Macrovia!” the voice said, and John was startled to find a strawberry daiquiri at his elbow on the small table which had once again appeared almost magically from the floor.

Startled but not stunned after everything that had happened, he picked up the drink. Part of him seemed to realize that he hadn’t eaten or drank anything in far too long. Though he knew this room and the highlight reel that was playing on the wall signaled the greatest time of his life was over, he had to admit it was the best drink he’d ever tasted.

On the wall sized-television in front of him scenes from John’s wildest fantasies were playing, and he was so entranced by what he saw he didn’t even question how the resort had obtained footage of things that he knew for certain involved impossible camera angles.

He watched with awe and recognition as Kelly slid him deep into her snatch on the first day, him struggling and fighting at every moment. An impossible camera somehow showed him being chewed on with the rest of her sashimi, and moments later he watched himself be dragged in slow circles down Kelly’s naked back by the masseuse until he was slid into her asshole.

“I can’t believe I got to do all this,” he said as he watched the personal trainer from the water aerobics class pound Kelly from behind. A close-up of his face when the man’s spunk started to leak onto him made John laugh before the video cut to a view of Kelly walking down a hallway with John’s face sticking out of her butt plug.

As he watched himself be mounted onto the top of the seat of an exercise bike, John felt his resolve build.

He made a decision.

“I can’t stop at this.”


“Thank you so much!” Kelly said to the clerk as she completed the last of her paperwork.

The blonde was sad to be leaving the resort; she’d really had the time of her life. Never before had she felt so free to act on her fantasies, and not just ones involving tiny people. She’d even gotten some true relaxation between her time at the beach and repeated massages. The openness of the people who stayed here had been refreshing and liberating.

“We really enjoyed having you here miss,” the clerk said as she took back the clipboard. “But before you go, management has asked me to keep you here just another moment.”

Kelly paused as she picked up her suitcase, then sat it back on the floor.

“Is something wrong?”

“No miss,” said another worker from Kelly’s left. Kelly turned and saw she was holding a small, ornate brown box and offering it to her. “We just wanted to make sure you got your special going-away present. This doesn’t happen very often so we’d hate to have missed you.”

Kelly took the box, slightly confused but pleasantly surprised. The second clerk gave her a winning smile and Kelly knew whatever this was had to be a good thing.

“Just be sure to return it when you’re finished,” the new staff member told her. “Naturally there are more details in the pamphlet inside. Don’t lose the informational pamphlet or you won’t be able to return your toy. Enjoy!”

Before Kelly could ask any more questions the staff members made themselves scarce. And before she could stand in the lobby and continue to look confused, Kelly pulled her luggage to a small corner of the lobby where she was relatively secluded behind a potted palm tree.

“What is-?” she asked, carefully opening the box before gasping in surprise.

“I didn’t get enough!” John yelled up at her when the lid lifted above him. Bright light shone down on him as she smiled. “Did you?”

Kelly ignored the pamphlet that he was standing on and quickly plucked John out of the box.

“Are you sure about this?” she asked him, sure she knew the answer but wanting to give him a chance to back out. It was one thing to use him so thoroughly at the resort, but out there in the real world?

Kelly started getting wet again, and she didn’t even wait to hear John’s reply. Quickly she tucked him into her small amount of cleavage and opened her suitcase. There was one item she hadn’t gotten to try out during her stay. He quivered nicely against her breast and Kelly didn’t even bother to look around as she slipped out of her shorts and pulled on a different pair of pants halfway up her thighs.

“Oh I hope these work as advertised,” she said to herself as she plucked John out of her bra. He didn’t want to let go of her nipple but her strength overwhelmed his before she even realized he was fighting.

There, in the corner of the hotel lobby, she grew John to five inches tall and carefully lowered him down her pants. Where her panties normally would have been spread by her slightly parted legs there was instead a small harness that John’s feet easily fit into. She knew other small pieces of fabric were worked into the crotch and legs; each of her movements would cause the harness to pump in and out of her slightly.

“Whoa!” John yelled when he realized what was happening. His feet were encased once more in an odd malleable plastic and his hands reached out to the side to support himself against Kelly’s bare legs.

He looked up just in time to see her incredible yet-still-massive snatch only inches above him. Then Kelly’s hands reached the sides of her pants once again.

She heard an excited yell that was quickly cut off when John’s head slid into her snatch as she pulled up her pants quickly. Kelly gasped in pleasure as she was filled again and her eyes unfocused as she wiggled her hips to get the pants on all the way, pushing John across her sensitive walls until her pants were settled around her tiny hips. As she buttoned the surprisingly comfortable dildo pants John started squirming deep in her pussy.

“Perfect,” she said to herself as a stewardess walked by, giving her a knowing and approving grin.

“Hey,” Kelly called to the woman as she picked up the fallen pamphlet. “Can you toss this for me?”

The pamphlet with return instructions was tossed in the trash as Kelly stood outside and hailed the shuttle to the parking garage. As she rode to her car she had a single, small orgasm and smiled to herself.

John pushed gently against his sister’s sensitive insides, already intoxicated with his new position in life. It never occurred to him that it wouldn’t be temporary.

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