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Steven: shy, awkward, works in mail room. 18. Shaggy blonde hair, skinny, glasses

Sarah: Sarah, office manager, early thirties, dark hair, friendly but sexually aggressive

Beth: HR rep, older, graying black hair.

Steven clocked in, typing his name and password into the computer. The sound of a horn confirmed he was now ‘on the clock,’ and he sighed as he stood. He’d only been working here for two weeks and part of him was already starting to dread it. Being the only guy in the office had felt lucky, at first. But he kept getting the impression that other men were here and he simply just hadn’t met them yet, which was odd.

Brushing aside his unease the eighteen-year-old shook his shaggy blonde hair out of his eyes and made sure his name tag was in place. A smudge on his glasses was quickly cleaned and he stepped out of break room only to run chest-first into Sarah the office manager.

“Oh, hi Steven!” she said excitedly to him, giving him a predatory grin. The dark-haired woman crowded his personal space causing him to step backward until he contacted a countertop. Almost innocently she leaned toward him and pressed her breasts against his chest.

“Uh,” he started to say, doing his best to avoid glancing at her chest.

“Oh, don’t mind me,” she breathed into his ear, “I’m just grabbing something.”

As she spoke she leaned harder into him and a hand rested, coincidentally, near his crotch as she reached behind him.

“Here it is!” she said in a perky tone, withdrawing suddenly with a single paper towel in her hand. There was no sign that she had any idea she’d made him nervous, though Steven was clearly sweating. “I made a mess in my office,” she said as he sidestepped around her and walked as quickly as he could out of the break room.

“Don’t you want to help me clean it up?” she called after him, leaning through the doorway as he strode, red-faced, toward the mail room. The sound of gentle laughter rolled across the room, a small not-quite-cubicle farm where dozens of professional women were working.

“Too bad all the other guys are hard at work, huh?” said one of the women, a relatively recent hire who wore a smart dark blouse over a pencil skirt. One hand almost moved toward her crotch, but she gave a secretive smile while Steven pretended to not hear.

This statement caused more laughter and Sarah laughed with it. She ran a tongue over her lips as Steven turned the corner at the back of the hallway.

“I’ll put him to work sometime soon, I think,” she said as she turned toward her office. “I hate to see a man who isn’t busy.”

Steven took a deep breath once he reached the mail room and shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. Every day it seemed that Sarah found some innocuous way to mess with him, to crowd his personal space, purely for her own pleasure. She clearly loved to watch him get nervous and scared but he knew if he reciprocated in the slightest he’d be fired immediately for sexual harassment and it would be hard to get anyone to believe that he was the victim.

He’s just about had enough. It wasn’t just Sarah, almost every employee here had made a very aggressive move on him at some point, and at first he’d thought it was amazing. At eighteen he felt like he was surrounded by potential sexual partners. But then silent warning bells had started going off, and the only other male coworker there had simply stopped showing up the day after Steven had started working. No call-in, no two-week’s notice.

There was near-constant talk of how hard the men were working there, but Steven had never seen any of them. It was said in the tone of someone who knew they were making an innuendo-filled statement but Steven was only left confused. If this job wasn’t paying so well he’d have already walked, but as it was if he stuck out the summer here he’d be able to pay for a semester of college no problem.

Later that afternoon Steven was almost done sorting through packages when a friendly voice sounded at the half-door that almost gave him some semblance of privacy. He dealt with so many packages and letters it made no sense to give him a real door, but a half door seemed a traditional compromise that at least kept some wood between him and most unwanted visitors.


“Hey Steven!” Sarah called as she entered, shutting the half-door gently behind her. He took a deep breath and prepared himself to endure whatever she had decided to bring with her today.

It’s for college, it’s for college, he repeated in his mind as he finished taping shut a box full of old records.

“Can I help you Ms. Miller?” he asked, turning and putting on his most professional face. Steven worked hard to not notice the top button of her blouse had gone missing, and she was showing significantly more cleavage than she had earlier. Once again he wished his room wasn’t quite as far back in the building as it was; if he was in a higher traffic area he thought the chances of additional witnesses would have slowed down the harassment.

“Oh, you just call me Sarah!” she said with a giggle as she approached. Steven quickly picked up the box he’d just sealed and held it between them. Sarah’s eyes flashed to it, then rolled as she took it from him and sat it down. He’d intended it as a barrier between the two to attempt to try and enforce his personal bubble, but she was the office manager, and his direct supervisor. A box wasn’t going to slow her down.

“You know Steven,” she continued, crossing her arms and giving the room an obviously appraising glance. “I’m not quite sure this is the best place for you here. Although I am looking for a special package.”

At this her eyes flickered to his crotch, but Steven had been prepared. Her package was on top of the mail cart that he’d been minutes away from distributing anyway. Had he been a little faster she wouldn’t have been able to corner him at all.

“Oh, it’s right here Ms. Miller,” he said nervously, handing her the book-sized package. She made an annoyed sound.

“Thank you, Steven.”

Her tone made it obvious she wasn’t completely sincere, but as she turned to leave she quite deliberately dropped the package. Steven wasn’t fooled for a moment and he made a point to stare at the ceiling while she bent over in front of him. If he’d been looking he would’ve seen her business skirt, much shorter in the back, expose all but the top two inches of her nylons. She left as little as she could to the imagination and giggled when she saw how hard Steven was working not to look.

“Thanks again!” she said in a chipper tone as she straightened. Gently she tugged her skirt back down slightly while making direct eye contact with the teenager. For a moment she debated ‘accidentally’ pulling it down far enough to show her muff, but then she decided against it.

Part of the fun is the chase, she told herself as she walked back to her office.

Steven took a deep breath to settle himself, and mentally prepared to deliver the mail.

Do it for college, he told himself as he wheeled his cart out into the hallway.

Each office he stopped by either had mail to receive or give out, and each woman had some comment that Steven had to endure. Every one of them was very high on the corporate ladder, and the last thing he wanted to do was to lose his job, and the letter of recommendation, because he didn’t smile at the correct time. But it was very intimidating to hand a woman in a three-thousand dollar suit a package only for her to slip a hand under the table and say, “I wish you were delivering something else.”

That was one of the tamer remarks he got, and when he got to the open area of the office he simply kept his eyes straight ahead and kept moving when he could. The women of the office clearly loved the game they were playing and Steven couldn’t wait to finally run into another man here. Everywhere he looked the women were eying him like a piece of meat.

“Good, another hard-working man!” the redheaded receptionist had told him as she handed him a bundle of correspondence. “We can always use more big, strong guys like you in the office.”

There was gentle laughter from the rest of the office as her hand drifted to his arm and felt his bicep; Steven knew he didn’t have a lot in the muscles department but she made it obvious she was into him. With a nervous cough he thanked her and moved on. He’d almost been tempted to ask her what department the men were working in since he hadn’t met any yet, but the thought of enduring more of those comments drove him onward. There was no way he could have a conversation with her without her getting more physical.

Finally, after two butt-gropes and more comments that made Steven turn red, he got to wheel his cart back to the mail room. Sorting outgoing mail didn’t take half as long as preparing the incoming correspondence, and soon he was out of things to do. After looking at the clock he realized he still had an hour-and-a-half before his shift was over. A glance at the daily planner on the wall told him that once he was done with the mail he was to report directly to Sarah for his next assignments.

He swallowed nervously. Going into Sarah’s office always felt like entering a lion’s den covered in raw hamburger. Then his eyes flickered to the rest of the wall, where the legally mandated equal opportunity paperwork was posted.

“You can always go to Human Resources to talk privately about your complaints,” he read aloud from one of the posters.

It took less than ten seconds for Steven’s internal debate to rage, and he was walking down the hall to Human Resources. He knew the HR rep by sight, she’d done his intake paperwork of course. Aside from that encounter he’d only seen her from across the office occasionally and could only hope she was more professional than literally every other woman in this building.

She’s the HR lady, she’s gotta be on top of this stuff, right?

Beth welcomed him into her office when he knocked gently at her door.

“Come on in, Steven!” the older woman called to him with a smile. As she’d appeared on his first meeting, she simply appeared to be a very well maintained and friendly fifty-something. Her face was a little red, as though she’d finished a workout not that long ago, but Steven attributed that to the steaming cup of coffee in front of her.

“Have a seat!” she said as she stood, and he sat as she went to the coffee maker in the corner. “Cream and sugar?” Beth asked, and when he nodded she mixed both in. With her back turned Steven had to make a point not to check out her legs; in her pantsuit from behind Beth could have passed for a much younger woman. Without the graying hair, of course.

“So,” Steven started nervously as she returned, setting a styrofoam cup in front of him, “I think I’ve got a problem, but I’m not sure how to say it.”

Beth sat down and smoothed the front of her skirt as she sat down, giving him a concerned nod as she did so.

“Just talk it out,” she encouraged, taking a sip of her coffee. “Anything that affects one of our employees affects them all.”

Steven told himself it was just his imagination that she smirked slightly when she said that. Surely he was just on edge.

“Okay, well,” he started, holding his coffee with both hands and taking a drink as he sipped. It was good coffee, but her creamer left an odd aftertaste. To keep the distractions to a minimum he looked at the corner of the room where a bookshelf was stacked with legal books and magazines.

“I’ve only been here a couple of weeks, but I’m really uncomfortable pretty much all the time.”

“Mmmhmm,” Beth sounded, nodding in the corner of Steven’s vision. “What makes you uncomfortable?”

“Uh, well, a lot of things,” he said, taking a bigger drink of coffee. Beth leaned forward and it seemed to Steven that she was reaching for something under the desk as he talked, but she kept encouraging him to speak.

“Ms. Miller the office manager is always-“ he paused, searching for the words, “-it’s like she’s always in my personal space and she puts her hands on me in ways I don’t like-“

“Like what?” Beth asked, her voice a little bit sharper. Steven felt his face go red and he couldn’t look at her; not like this. He heard her take a deep breath and scoot in her chair.

“Uh, she grabs my butt all the time and she tries to grab my, uh, well, you know,” he said, giving his crotch a glance before looking over at her.

Somehow Beth seemed even more red than before, and Steven guessed she was getting upset by what he was telling her. Her job couldn’t be easy, and now he was telling her about the office manager conducting a slow campaign of sexual harassment. Her hand was still searching for something under the desk, perhaps something in her pocket, and Steven thought he heard a low groan that didn’t quite mesh up with the situation.

His brain grew a little foggy when he tried to focus on it, so he shrugged and kept going. Having started the story it suddenly felt easier to continue.

“And it feels like every woman in the office views me as just, just –“ Steven paused and finished his coffee with a swig, ignoring the aftertaste. “There’s constantly some kind of remark that makes me feel uncomfortable, every woman in the office paws at me like I’m a dog all the time, and constantly they’re talking about the other men in the office, but I’m the only one here.”

After a deep breath he looked at Beth.

“Am I going crazy?” Steven asked as his vision swam.

Then he realized she wasn’t reaching for anything under the desk, and she wasn’t red faced from anger. The rhythmic movement of her hand, the placement of her arm.

“Are you-?” he asked rhetorically, trying to stand, suddenly determined he was quitting then and there. The empty coffee cup fell from his fingers.

But his legs didn’t obey, and as he slumped backward in the chair Beth leaned back as well, putting both nylon-clad feet on the desk and no longer hiding her hand, rubbing the front of her crotch. Horrified but unable to help himself, Steven looked between her legs and could have sworn he was seeing her push around some small object through her wet panties rather than actually rubbing herself.


Even Steven’s mouth didn’t seem to function, but Beth’s did. She leaned forward and tapped something on her desk phone. The sound for the overhead speaker sounded.

“Sarah, your new coworker is ready!” she said, and Steven tried even harder to struggle when he thought of Sarah finding him like this. His legs refused to obey, and even wiggling his body was beyond him. Had he been leaning forward he would have fallen flat on the carpet.

The aftertaste! he thought furiously, desperate to find a way out, She drugged me!

Then there was the sound of a door opening, distant cheering from a legion of women, and Sarah had entered the room.

“About time!” she said happily, running a hand over Steven’s shoulder and down his chest as she sat on Beth’s desk.

“He almost set a record!” Sarah continued, leaning forward to pat his hand and giggling at his horrified eyes, “It was fun while it lasted though, right?”

Steven tried to shake his head as she stood quickly and put two hands under his armpits. With a grunt of effort she pulled him out of the chair and dragged him to the side of the office, where she propped him onto the couch. He sat limply as Sarah yanked his clothes off roughly, tossing them into a large wastebasket in the corner.

In moments he was naked while Beth continued playing with the odd bulge under her panties and Sarah began stripping herself. Her blouse went on the back of the chair Steven had just been pulled from, then her long professional skirt and nylons went on neatly as well. Last, she peeled her panties and bra off, leaving the panties on the floor.

Under different circumstances Steven would have been thrilled; she as a beautiful older woman and he’d only had sex once before. But now?

He let out a silent scream as Beth casually tossed Sarah a condom. A tear ran down his face when she fondled him, and his manhood betrayed him. The condom was on almost instantly, and Sarah looked down at his rod with satisfaction.

“This is a good one!” she called to Beth before giving Steven a smile and straddling him. One hand reached down to guide him.

“I’m glad we can expand your role here,” Sarah said with a wink before sinking down onto him.

Her wetness felt incredible even through the condom, but Steven didn’t care. This was rape. The woman bouncing on his cock had harassed him for weeks, he’d even had nightmares about her! And now he was drugged! Another tear escaped while she rode, and when she saw it Sarah only bounced faster.

“Oh yeah! You’re gonna be a great, hard worker!” she said, grinding her crotch onto his as she buried him completely in her. A shudder ran through her body as she had a small orgasm, but Steven knew she wasn’t done.

Before he realized it himself the teen felt his own orgasm building and saw a small light at the end of the tunnel: when he came she’d get off him. Right?

With that in mind Steven didn’t even try to stave off his orgasm; she was going to be mad at him for ruining her fun but at least it would end this. Probably.

So as she bounced Steven tried to think of other things that actually excited him: cheerleaders. Librarians. That girl from the commercial, but naked and in his shower.

Then he exploded, filling the condom with his seed in the most unsatisfying orgasm of his life. His cock jerked briefly as she bounced, and Sarah just laughed when she realized what had happened.

“Oh, you poor pathetic little guy!” she said as she continued bouncing, “Is that all you’ve got? Well, I’m gonna make sure you get more than enough to last the rest of your life!”

Steven felt himself turn red with shame as, instead of climbing off, Sarah continued to ride him harder. Faster. If anything the knowledge that he’d came so soon had only excited her. He’d misjudged the office manager: every action that he took which made him look weaker only excited her more.

Her gripping wetness continued riding on his cock, and soon Steven started to feel uncomfortable. His cock wasn’t going flaccid like it should have, and it was almost painfully sensitive. Something on his face must have betrayed him, because Sarah grabbed his ears and forced him to look right at her.

“Perfect,” she whispered before she shuddered again, her pussy clamping onto Steven’s rod before she started sliding up and down again.

By now the condom was starting to crinkle slightly, enhancing the sensation for Sarah but Steven was far past that point. It was painful. His body was screaming at her to stop, crying out for relief, and the teen felt like every wet stroke was instead an attempt to break his cock off. His distress grew and grew, yet the only sound he could make was the faint cry of someone in the midst of sleep paralysis, and each tear only caused Sarah to orgasm again.

Finally she seemed to slow, not satisfied with her number of orgasms, but because of a glance at her watch. Sarah rolled her eyes and pulled off of him just as Steven was sure he was going to go insane, between the shame of the rape and the pain at his cock. Riding him that long after an orgasm had been excruciating.

“I’ve got an appointment in ten, don’t I?” she asked Beth who was visible again since Sarah had dismounted. The older woman was still behind the desk and breathing heavily. Her feet went down to the floor and she shook herself before patting her crotch and sitting up tall. Steven was suddenly sure the thing he’d seen in the front of her panties was shaped like a person.

“Yeah, with that Asian group,” Beth said, clearing her throat and clearly coming down from her own series of orgasms.

“Ugh,” Sarah said, gathering something from the coffee maker before walking back to Steven. “There’s never enough time in the day,” she continued sadly, patting his still-hard cock and yanking the condom free before raising another styrofoam cup to his lips.

She poured a bitter liquid into his mouth with the emotion of someone watering a houseplant and Steven found himself able to swallow. It was swallow or drown.

“So what’s the plan with them?” Beth asked idly as she awoke her sleeping computer.

Sarah tossed the now-empty cup and the condom into the trash then walked away from Steven, temporarily forgotten. He had a moment of hope that she’d force fed him the antidote and he could flee the building soon. The dark-haired woman started pulling her clothes back on piece by piece but kept her panties and nylons down around her knees.

Then Steven noticed the world getting larger around him. The material of the couch was sliding up his back as he slid further down, and the two women continued talking as if nothing was amiss.

“I think we can get another twelve percent,” Sarah said, glancing in his direction. “Almost there.”

Almost where? Almost where?! Steven thought frantically, as he realized his feet were no longer hanging over the edge of the couch. He flopped onto his back as the ceiling seemed to grow farther and farther away.

“Finally,” he heard an exasperated Sarah say, and she strode into his vision, seemingly fifty feet tall. Steven found he had the strength to let out a small cry, and his arms wiggled slightly to try and escape her hand, which wrapped around him easily.

“Don’t forget to bring files six and fourteen,” Beth said as Steven cried, silently begging for mercy when Sarah’s hand laid him in her panties.

There was already dampness at his back; she must have been excitedly waiting for her moment all day. Steven felt his legs be tucked into something that seemed designed to hold them, like the bottom half of a sleeping bag, then Sarah’s hand finished situating him. Her panties were small, but they held him like a hammock. Straight above he could see her still-wet pussy, her clit still engorged and eager for more.

“I won’t forget,” Sarah told Beth as she pulled her panties up all the way.

Steven tried to scream as he was yanked upward, but no sound came out. His arms twitched upward as he felt some strength return, but it wasn’t enough. His face was slammed into her clit and his body gripped around the front by her wet outer lips. Instantly he felt covered in her secretions as his ability to struggle improved. In moments he found the strength to turn his head sideways for a breath, which overwhelmed him with her scent as a hand adjusted him slightly.

Sarah straightened from putting her panty-toy in place, then made sure her skirt was back in place.

“Looking great!” Beth said, giving her hips a look. “Now go close that deal!”

“I’m on it!” Sarah replied excitedly, giving her a friend a wave as she walked out of the office.

Her toy wiggled pleasantly as she walked, and half an hour later his struggles were simply a pleasant part of her day. She sat in her office and finalized the details of the biggest deal of her career while Steven fought for his every breath against her merciless tender flesh.

“Eleven?” the office manager said to herself, finding some fine-print she didn’t like. “No, we said twelve!”

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