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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is the first story in a potential mini series. Enjoy! I don't often do unaware content so this was fun to write, please let me know what you think.

“Okay, so what’s this now?” Steve asked Dan as his friend passed around a bright blue pill. He held it up to his face to get a better look and could see it was stamped with a company logo and nothing else. At least it wasn’t something Dan cooked up in his own basement again.

“Well I’m not sure what it’s for exactly,” Dan replied, “My uncle snuck it out of the lab and said if it acts the same in people as it does monkeys we’ll be in for the high of our lives.”

Steve wasn’t convinced, and he’d taken some weird things that Dan had insisted were legit. Sure, none of them had died or even gotten injured. But that didn’t mean-

“I’ll take two!” Jack said, and Dan immediately obliged him. The pills vanished into his mouth with a swig of water and no hesitation. Jack never did anything halfway.

Steve took his last when they were passed around and hoped it didn’t make him sick like last time. When everyone had dosed up they exited out of his mom’s van. They made fun of him for driving it but the truth was it easily accommodated enough people it was too convenient to give up.

Jack went first, opening the door to Metro ‘Za as sarcastically as possible. Then Steve, followed by Dan and Dave. Two of Dan’s other friends had joined them but Steve hadn’t bothered to remember their names and he was sure they hadn’t his either. They were interchangeable; Dan’s friends were always a little on the short side and shared a single brain cell between them.

Number one and number two, he thought as they all entered the restaurant. Dan’s drugs were a good enough reason to be his friend, but the biggest one was that Dan was somehow always loaded with cash. Putting up with the guy’s lackeys every so often was worth the friendship and the food the guy bought. And Metro ‘Za made just about the best food on this side of the planet.

The hostess saw their large group coming and met them with a smile.

“Six?” she asked as she tried to ignore every one of them checking her out. Looking good was legitimately part of her job and the short skirt that was part of her uniform made it especially easy. Having large breasts certainly helped too. But it was still annoying when she knew most guys never even looked at her face.

Steve nodded, being the only guy there who made eye contact instead of staring at her thin tank top.

They followed her without question to the biggest corner booth they had, which sat all of them when she brought over an additional chair for the open area. They all squeezed in, and Dan took the chair.

“I’ll be right back with some menus, okay?” the hostess said with a smile. Without waiting she turned and headed back toward the front, and she could feel the groups eyes on her butt every step of the way.

“Man, she’s-“ Dan started to say, but his stomach lurched suddenly.

Steve gave him a look, thinking his friend was about to send back his breakfast. Then he remembered the pills they’d all taken. One by one his friends all clutched their stomachs and made awkward faces.

“Dan, what did you give us?” Steve asked just as his own stomach quivered violently.

Shit shit shit, he thought, We’re all gonna puke just when that hot chick comes back and –

Jack vanished.

Steve stared at the suddenly open spot next to him. The booth seat was empty, except for the fading impression of someone’s legs on the material.

Holy shit this stuff is making me hallucinate! he thought.

Then he turned to look at the rest of his friends to find out if they were seeing things too. Except he was alone in the booth.

“Uh,” he started to say, then the world went black.

When Steve regained consciousness, he was in a different world. His head was groggy but this cleared quickly, as did his vision. He lay on what seemed like a massive off-brown desert that stretched off into a cliff. It was oddly warm. Standing slowly, he was relieved that his stomach didn’t protest movement.

“Wha-?” Steve asked as he looked upward.

Far above him was the table he’d just been sitting at. From his point of view he could see a wad of gum stuck to the underside near the centered leg. To his right was a bread crumb as tall as he was and when he stumbled backward, terrified, his shoe stuck to a week-old soda stain. At full size it was imperceptible and well cleaned. At his size it was like walking on glue.

He lost his shoe with a yelp as he fell onto his back. Recessed lighting in the ceiling stared down at him, uncaring of what had happened. A ceiling fan moved at dizzying speed as Steve tried to wrap his mind around what had happened. Pop music that had been quiet seemed like distant explosions coming from the speakers.

Dan what the hell did you give us? he thought as he panicked, What the hell did you give us?!

Not even attempting to save his shoe, Steve stood and tried to find his friends.

They had to have shrunk too!

But his search was ended abruptly when he felt something massive approach. Spinning around he looked outward toward the rest of the restaurant where the hostess had approached with menus in hand. At her size she looked even more like a Goddess than at full size. Both because her breasts were suddenly mountain-sized and heavenly, but also because it meant rescue.

“Hey!” he screamed upward at her, hoping the ambient music didn’t drown out his voice. “Hey miss! Miss!”

Waving his arms to get her attention, Steve did draw the eye of Jack, who had been sitting next to him before their drug had taken effect.

It did not get the hostess’s attention at all.

“Oh, uh,” she said as she looked at the empty table. It looked clean and straightened out, exactly as it should have after being cleaned. She fiddled with the menus for a moment and glanced around, wondering if the gawking guys had moved to another table. A confused look crossed her face.

“That’s weird,” she muttered when it was obvious they were just gone, “I hope I’m not having a stroke,” she joked as she went back to the front podium to greet the next group.

“Hey! No! Come back!” Steve yelled, but it was clear she didn’t hear. Her gargantuan backside didn’t look as nice as it faded into the distance and left him to fend for himself on the booth seat.

When he stopped waving his arms and yelling, Steve heard faint yelling from behind him. He turned quickly and looked deeper into the booth, where another small figure was running toward him. Jack had always been fast and he was covering the distance quickly. He seemed to be a football field away, but Steve could see him waving his arms to get his attention.

He waved back.

“-you!” he heard Jack yelling.

“I can’t hear you!” he called back as Jack started waving and pointing with just one arm.

“Behind you!” came his voice faintly as Jack stopped sprinting toward Steve, and instead turned and began sprinting the other way.

Just when Steve was sure the day couldn’t get any worse, he turned around.

“Oh shit,” he said aloud.

Approaching the booth, led by the same hostess, was a group of teenage girls wearing shirts from the local college and the shortest, tightest shorts he could imagine. At full size he would have caused a car accident watching them. Each girl was stacked with cleavage that put all of his exes to shame, but the shorts and what was in them…

Camel toe described the front, but phrases from dozens of rap songs could only be used to describe the amount of ass that was walking toward him. Each girl had muscular legs, but their glutes looked big enough and strong enough to crush diamonds. There was no way they got those shorts on over those backsides without help.

And they were coming right for their booth.

Each of the six boys had recovered just enough to realize what was happening, no matter how ridiculous it seemed. And all but one of them had seen their approaching massive doom.

Ned, ‘Number Two’ in Steve’s mind, was marveling at how thick a leftover hair from the last patron was when a shadow passed over him. He glanced up as one of the girls ran a hand along the booth, stabilizing herself as she slid further in. Before he could even register the danger, the girl’s finger smashed him against the seat. There wasn’t even time to scream before he was pushed against the seat and pulverized by her casual movement.

Idly, Carrie wiped her hands on her shorts as she sat down.

Someone didn’t clean this very well last time, she thought as the rest of her friends piled in. The four of them fit easily in the booth with room to spare, and the hostess picked up the extra chair to put return to where she’d taken it from.

Dan screamed as the chair he was on rocketed upward. The massive hostess easily hoisted it, not noticing the little man half the size of a grain of rice. When she swung it slightly to set it down, Dan was launched into the air. With a scream he landed on the front of the waitress’s tank top, too terrified to move. Desperately, he clung to the fabric as her voice boomed overhead, rattling his whole body.

“Can I get you all started with drinks or an appetizer?” she asked the group as she passed out menus.

Each of the girls got their own appetizer, to her surprise.

“We just took regionals,” Carrie explained when she saw the hostess’s face, “This is us getting to celebrate!”

“Congrats!” the hostess said, taking the rest of their order.

There’s no way they’re going to eat all of this, she thought. Her chest itched and she scratched the top of her right breast absentmindedly while she wrote.

Dan screamed again as the massive finger descended. He was dealt a glancing blow from a lacquered fingernail that launched him sideways. His arm twisted in the wrong direction, caught in the threads of her shirt, and he found himself instead being carried upward. Far upward.

“Nooo!” he screamed when he saw just how far up he was being thrown.

The hostess suppressed her urge to sneeze as she wrote down the last order.

“Okay, I’ll go put this right in for you all!” she said as she turned and began walking back to her podium where she would put the order in the computer. Her nose itched again and she rubbed it absentmindedly, taking a quick deep breath through it. That always seemed to help.

Hurricane wind yanked Dan further into the cave of her nostril, where he hit something hard enough to knock him out. When he awoke he was covered in slime. Every couple of seconds massive wind rushed over him, then immediately reversed direction. The heat was stifling. An obvious heartbeat thudded in the distance.

Distant mumbling could be felt through the vibrations of what he was laying on.

“Somebody help me!” he screamed, only for his voice to be overwhelmed by the casual action of the hostess’s bronchi that he’d landed in.

Ted, number one in Steve’s eyes, never saw what happened to his friend. He’d been slightly faster and more aware than Ned, but he’d also luckily landed closer to the ‘front’ of the booth seat. When a massive pair of legs moved over him he couldn’t help but scream. One massive leg settled inches away from him and a small puff of air from the action knocked him onto his back.

But he was alive.

Climbing back to his feet, Ted looked left and stared.

Ahead of him, clad in skin-tight black spandex, was the mother of all camel toe. The fact that it was taller than a three-story building didn’t matter to him. It briefly crossed his mind that what he was doing was a terrible idea but that had never stopped him before.

Like a moth drawn to a flame he walked toward the place where this woman’s legs led him, where he’d only been twice before in his life. Including being born. The woman casually shifted in her seat and he found himself knocked forward but when he recovered he saw his destination was even closer, but higher up.

She’d shifted and was now sitting more on her gargantuan butt, and just like the joke this girl was taller when she sat down.

“I gotta,” he said, not sure what he even meant to say.

Ted wasn’t blessed with book smarts, but he could find his way into almost anywhere, which was why Dan had kept him around. And why he immediately located the inseam on the skintight shorts. It was only a couple of inches off the ground and at his height he climbed easily, being careful not to touch the massive leg itself yet, just like avoiding setting off an alarm. The height was comparable to a two-story building but Ted was strong and in good shape, so it posed no real obstacle.

When he reached the seam he slipped into the small gap. Instantly the smell of sweat and hard work filled his nostrils. Light faded as he crawled further upward, seeking his goal. If he stayed in the inseam area he had just enough movement to crawl forward. What, exactly, he planned to do at the end of this tunnel he had no idea. But he was compelled.

“Hey, I gotta scooch out!” Kenzie said, and Amy slid out of the booth to let her. “Gotta hit the lady’s room!”

Ted felt the world around him start to move and bounce. Suddenly scared again he clung to the inside of Kenzie’s shorts, not having any idea that he was mere inches away from her crotch. Each movement jarred him and squeezed him, causing him to slide upward as her shorts rode up as well. The material scratched at him hard enough that he was sure he’d have road rash, but when the pressure receded it was obvious he wasn’t actually hurt.

Fuck yeah, I’m immortal! he thought.

That line of thought didn’t go any further, as at that moment the world was filled with blinding light. The shorts were yanked downward fast enough that Ted was thrown free from his hiding place and into the air. He got a brief glimpse of a stainless steel bathroom stall wall, and a beautiful redhead that was staring at her phone, before gravity took over and he fell with a scream.


Air was forced out of him when he landed on something body-temperature warm and surprisingly soft. Ted rolled onto his hands and knees as fast as he could. Surrounding him in each direction was a broad swath of pink material. He turned to try and see what exactly he was on, but his right foot slipped through a gap in the material.


Try as he might, Ted could not get his leg free. Then the roar of a thousand waterfalls sounded from above, making him cover his ears.

Kenzie finished cleaning herself, then flushed. In a hurry to get back to her friends and celebration dinner, she stood and pulled up her shorts quickly.

Ted screamed as he rocketed upward and held up his hands in a futile attempt to protect himself.

After she washed her hands, Kenzie took a moment to straight out her front wedgie with a giggle.

Maybe I’ll let Andy in there later tonight, she thought, feeling good enough about their regional victory to maybe finally go all-the-way with her boyfriend. They’d messed around of course, but no boy had ever been inside of her. So she thought.

Meanwhile, Ted gasped for air as he was forced into her labia. When she stopped adjusting her underwear he had a moment of respite, then his new owner started walking. Each step caused him to squeezed sideways and up. Before she sat back down with her friends Ted was fighting for his life at the entrance to her canal.

“Sorry about that,” Kenzie said as she scooted back in, “I just get so excited sometimes, you know?”

Each scoot made her canal squeeze and relax, but to Ted it was like being pulled into the throat of a monster. By the time Kenzie was going all the way with her boyfriend that evening he was barely alive from struggling to breathe. The boyfriend’s exploring finger minutes before that had given him a second burst of energy; if he hadn’t started moving deep within the teenager she would have simply been content with fingering that evening.

Instead his attempts to escape only subconsciously excited Kenzie, giving her the final push she’d needed to take things a step further with her boyfriend.

Jack heard Kenzie announce her excitement far too close. When Kenzie had scooted back into the booth he’d seized the opportunity to grab onto her train-sized pinky finger, determined to get her attention and save himself.

Instead as her hand rushed upward, she tucked her hair behind her head. Each strand was like a thick cable and her fine hairs felt like being dragged against a chain link fence. The shock from the pain made John let go of his precarious hold on her pinky nail and his tiny body was thrown forward. For an instant he saw a massive, beautiful face rocket past him, unnoticing and focused on her friends as he fell.

“Sweet, those came out fast!” Jack heard a moment before he landed on something insanely hot.

He screamed as near boiling cheese covered his body. Jack was an athlete, and strong, but this was something else entirely. His eyes almost bugged out of his head from screaming. Despite this new level of pain there was no panic, only trained responses. Jack spread his arms as wide as he could to keep from sinking and tried to hurl himself forward toward the edge of the bowl. But the cheese clung to him enough that there was no standing, no moving, and no swimming out of the way as a massive tortilla chip descended.

Jack kept screaming in pain and fear as the massive chip slid right past him. The movement of hot cheese to fill the gap left behind let him get his arms free, but immediately he was up to his chest in the scalding appetizer again.

“Ooh!” Kenzie said with a laugh as she chewed, “Wow that’s hot!”

That didn’t stop her from dipping another chip in.

“No! Wait!” Jack screamed as he was dragged upward, “You can’t! I’m here I’m here I’m here!”

As Carrie regaled them with the tale of her diving save during the last set, Kenzie chewed her nachos more carefully so as not to burn her tongue.

Teeth crashed down all around Jack, but he was miraculously small enough that he fit into a gap between her molars. All around him food was turned into mush while he hung on desperately to the wire of her braces. Her tongue ran over him once, twice, trying to dislodge what she thought was a piece of pepper. Then brief suction made his ears pop hard enough that he was sure his ears would be bleeding.

When the tongue returned again, Jack pushed himself lower in her braces and this time the suction wasn’t repeated when she didn’t feel him anymore. More food made its way into her mouth as he hung on for his life. In the calm moments between chewing he pulled himself hand-over-hand forward along her brace until he was sure he was on one of her front teeth. He was certainly far enough forward that the straw she drank from no longer nearly drowned him in freezing sugary liquid.

“Okay, what now?” he said aloud as her massive lips opened again. Through them he could see a steaming slice of his favorite pizza fast approaching.

It passed through her lips, then rapidly receded.

“Whoa!” the woman’s voice said, “Wow that’s hot!”

Jack made his decision as soon as he realized what she was about to do. His options were to stay put and be eaten or…

Letting go of her braces, Jack pulled himself upward onto her bottom front teeth as fast as he could. Just in time for her to blow on her pizza. The gale-force wind shot him out of her mouth with an involuntary yell. He had time to see her surprisingly beautiful face again before he struck the pizza crust and bounced high into the air; the crust felt like concrete and he was sure the impact had broken a rib.

He screamed as he was thrown upward, then fell again; it was impossible not to. Jack had already gathered that he was far tougher small than he had been at regular size, but he was falling for miles. Until a mass of blonde hair appeared underneath him. Instead of falling to certain death Jack landed on the tightly woven braid of a waitress leaving after her shift.

Grabbing at anything, Jack failed to slow his fall. He had far too much momentum. Instead he pushed with his legs and managed to redirect himself, instead landing on her neck just above her shoulder blade. Before he had a moment to try and recover himself, the woman’s massive hand reached toward him to scratch and he had to roll sideways to avoid it. In the wrong direction.

Jack fell again with another scream, rolling under the back of the woman’s blouse. She had just worked all day and had sweat just enough that he was half stuck to her; instead of freefalling he found himself tumbling down the vertical surface of her back. No bra strap was there to slow him, and by the time she was walking out of the building he had hit the waistband of her jeans.

“Oh thank –“ he tried to say as he clung to the denim. Both arms felt dislocated but functioned, and he was sure if he survived he’d hurt for a month.

The waitress stepped quickly to get to her car in the summer heat. Jack lost his grip and fell into the crack between her massive cheeks. To him it was falling into a boiling hot crevasse that never ended.

To the waitress it was a minor itch. Something tickled down her crack and she groaned as the bead of sweat moved.

“I hate summer,” she said as she pulled her panties upward. The itching stopped immediately and she sat down in her car, ready for the ride home.

Jack tried to scream as he was forced upward against the giantess’s backdoor, but between her skin and the material of her underwear he was squeezed so tightly he felt like he was going to pop like a grape. Then she shifted in her seat and her anus opened imperceptibly to the naked eye. It was enough for Jack to be shoved inside by the pressure of her underwear.

His final movements went unnoticed as the waitress drove home after a long day.

Dave had a different string of luck on his side. A well-worn string, that is.

He’d been lucky enough to avoid being crushed by Carrie, instead only losing a shoe to her building-sized backside. The millimeter tall man knew he was a hairs breadth from destruction. Barely fighting back a panic attack at the noise and sheer scale of movement in front of him, he saw potential salvation: A hanging thread from Carrie’s shirt.

“You can do this,” Dave told himself as he grasped the string. To him it was wider around than his entire body, but the cotton material and his suddenly pathetic size made it easy to grasp and climb. He’d never been able to climb a rope in gym class but found himself flying up this thread. When he reached her shirt proper it was even easier, though when he looked up he knew he had veritable miles left to climb before he had a chance of getting the giantess’s attention.

The climb ended far earlier than he’d expected.

Halfway up Carrie’s torso the world’s most massive hand appeared and tickled the giantess hard at the kidneys, just below where Dave was climbing. He had a moment’s relief when he realized how close he’d came to being smashed, but that relief vanished when Carrie jerked and laughed in response. The sudden movement threw Dave from his climbing space and he landed on a massive wrist as it returned to its owner.

Tumbling end-over-end he screamed as his roll carried him off the wrist, but the fall was relatively short. Something soft broke his fall. Something warm and delicious smelling.

“No!” Dave screamed as his sandwich cushion was lifted upward.

He had no time for anything else as a massive mouth approached. It opened wide as he stood on shaky legs. Warm humid air washed over him as the girl leaned forward to take a bite. His scream, unheard by all, was cut off when her teeth bit into the section he was standing on.

Dave screamed in the chaos of chomping teeth but counted himself lucky when things got calmer. Encased in a ball of chewed salami and roast beef he pushed his arms free, then his face. Dim light shone through closed lips. Just enough to let him scream in anticipation before he was swallowed.

The bolus broke up when it landed in her stomach and Dave fell free into a boiling room with acrid air. As soon as he landed a wave of acid overwhelmed him and he was pulled under with one final scream.

Steve didn’t know what happened to any of his friends. From the moment the titanic women arrived he’d been fighting for his life.

He’d been lucky enough to not be crushed outright by a planet-sized ass, but that had left him barely enough space to move; his current safe space was a giant woman’s crack. Her shorts clung to every part of her tightly enough that he could run toward what he thought was the back of the booth and after several minutes of desperate dashing he was validated.

Finally he squeezed his way free, finding faint light at the end of the ‘tunnel’ as he emerged into fresh air. He looked around and saw just how desperate his situation really was: he technically had a pathway to freedom by running between the back of the booth and the tight athletic shorts, where it was possible he could leap from the booth and find a way to freedom. If he could survive spending days avoiding being stepped on or caught in a vacuum. And that was assuming there was even a way to return to normal size and he wouldn’t spend the rest of his life scrounging on crumbs from the restaurant floor.

Or he could climb up the biggest, most incredible ass he’d ever seen and at least have a chance of getting her attention and rescue.

“Not really a choice,” he told himself as he grabbed a handful of spandex.

Steve was in shape. He took care of himself, and about once a week Jack had been able to convince him to go to the gym with him. Now Steve was wishing he’d gone more often.

“At least,” he gasped as he rested, one hand and foot easily supporting his body at the waistband of the mountain-shorts he was climbing, “She’s holding still!”

He looked down and immediately regretted it. It was mere inches to the seat but his stomach heaved regardless; to him it seemed a quarter mile. Steve also had no sense of time. Above him the giantesses were talking to each other in a rapid chatter that he couldn’t follow while focusing on climbing. He only knew time was short and getting shorter.

Just as he made that realization, his mountain shifted violently. Steve held on like it was a bucking bronco and watched in horror as the ground became far further away. He screamed as the girls continued chatting and turned to grab onto her shorts with both hands. Fear propelled him upward until he was straddling the top of the waistband with a massive drop to his left and titanic tanned skin to his right.

Laying himself flat, Steve dug in and held on for all he was worth. The booth faded into the distance, then out of sight as his unwitting captor left Metro ‘Za on the way to her car.

“Oooh that was good!” she said from far above him. He screamed as she sat in her car; instantly he was squeezed against her lower back by the seat. The leather seat was scalding hot from sitting in the sun all day.

Steve heard music begin blasting as she began driving home. Pressure on both sides threatened to crush him, so he did his best to crawl toward the only remotely open area he could think of. Out of options, Steve approached the girl’s massive crack. She shifted slightly and that gave Steve the opening he needed.

Before he could be smashed once more between her body and the seat Steve threw himself forward. He fell with a screech into the thin space where her shorts weren’t quite skintight and into her massive crack.

There was a moment’s relief from the pressure threatening him.

Then a moment of terror.

What do I do now? he thought as he clung to her thong, desperately trying not to slide deeper into the woman’s crack.


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