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Author's Chapter Notes:

This story I recently found half-finished. At some point I started it, got sidetracked, and moved on. Hopefully my finishing touches are up to what I had originally planned.

Carly woke slowly, at first unsure if she were awake or still deep in a nightmare. All around her the world was dark, save for an occasional glimpse of light that shone through the periodic opening of her captor's lips. The light did nothing to improve her situation; in many ways she'd rather it have stayed dark.

When the faint light from outside was permitted to enter Carly's prison all it did was temporarily blind her. There was a strong wind from the inhale that gave Carly her rare chance at fresh air when her captor was asleep, but it also came with drippings of saliva that made her sick to her stomach. Even after several days of being trapped in her roommate's tongue ring she still wasn't used to her situation.

Not a situation, she told herself. My nightmare.

It had all started several days ago, for reasons she'd never found out. Would probably never find out.

Carly and her roommate Ella hadn't been the best of friends, but they had gotten along. They had co-existed in their dorm room as a product of necessity. Their schedules were different enough that they didn't run into each other often in their shared common space and the bathroom was clearly planned for two people. A fact they both appreciated.

It had been a normal Wednesday, Carly ending her night studying in her room while Ella blasted music in hers. Carly had grown used to the noise, and even if she hadn't it wasn't worth it to complain to someone she'd be sharing the room with for the rest of the semester.

But now she was sharing far more.

Carly had awoken in a strange place on Thursday morning. The cold hard surface certainly wasn't her bed, and she definitely hadn't gone to bed naked! It was hot and humid like someone had just finished a shower in her bedroom.

Rolling to her side and standing from there, Carly realized she was in a prison of some sort. Heavy metal bars rose from the ground, which itself was a neat circle that sparkled like a polished metal, then converged in a half-sphere about six inches over her head. She reached out to touch one of the bars and found instead of cold metal she felt some kind of plastic.

Still dreaming?

"What is...?" Carly's voice trailed off as she looked upward, still half awake.

Her eyes adjusted to the bright light and she realized where she was just as Ella came walking up to her, perky and naked as the day she was born.

"Hey there little girl!" Ella had said to her, voice booming unintentionally. "Don't mind me!"

Carly fell onto her naked backside as Ella came to a stop. From where her cage was sitting on the countertop she had a terrifyingly up-close view of Ella's barely-there breasts. Carly grew nauseas just imagining how much larger Ella was than her. The girl towered over her like a tower. A surprisingly toned tower despite the amount of partying it did.

Ignoring Carly, Ella stuck out her tongue and looked at it in the mirror. With her hands far above Carly, the giantess carefully twisted the latch on her tongue ring and removed it. Carly watched in horror as she realized what she was seeing. That she wasn't in a dream.

“Hey!” she screamed upward, “You gotta help me! What is-“

Then Ella sat her old tongue ring on the tabletop. Her eyes looked down and sought out Carly, giving no sign at all that she’d heard. Or cared.

"Thanks for helping me update my look!" Ella said in a chipper voice, the voice that Carly vaguely disliked hearing every morning.

Then Ella reached for Carly's prison and lifted it upward. Carly screamed as she realized what Ella was doing, her tongue reaching out below Carly like a wet, hot floor. The spherical prison shook and Carly knew exactly what was happening as she looked up at Ella’s massive front teeth. Once the anchor was secured on the bottom of Ella’s tongue the massive roommate had giggled once, then pulled her tongue back between her lips.

Carly screamed for days but the giantess didn't acknowledge her again, except to occasionally stick out her tongue when she was near a mirror to make sure Carly hadn't fallen out. And then to wink at her.

Which left Carly clinging to her sanity as Ella's sleeping breath swirled a hurricane wind around her.

Every day had been something new, but last night had been Carly's first party in the ring. After the first day she'd realized the only way she could get food would be to catch it as it was squeezed into a mush through the bars of the tongue ring and fight back her retching as she forced herself to eat it. Tacos and cheap hamburgers, salad dressing and other things she probably could have identified at full size. At her current size it all was sickening.

She'd thought that was the worst, but now she knew better. Vodka was the worst. Ella drank it like the nineteen year old party girl that she was, and as a result Carly had been soaked in it all night. And then Ella had brought someone back to her room.

The titanic tongue battle had been horrifying as Ella had made out with that night's score, but her moans and yelling had nearly burst Carly's eardrums. Carly had gotten a good look at Ella’s one-night-stand’s face as she came, her mouth obnoxiously open. She wished more than anything that the guy hadn’t been squeezing his eyes shut as he came himself.

Maybe he would have seen her and rescued her.

Then Ella’s mouth had closed as the nineteen-year-old passed out next to her lover.

Carly's world shifted as Ella turned and started to wake up an eternity later.

"Mmmm," Ella moaned aloud, the sound deafening to Carly. A longer blinding ray of light entered through her captor’s lips when Ella yawned.

She felt movement, which she had learned to recognize as Ella walking. Then there was a flood of ice water threatening to drown Carly as Ella took a long drink, uncaring of the prisoner on her tongue. Or perhaps it brought her pleasure to think about. Ella stopped drinking, exhaling hot air that knocked Carly forward in her plastic prison.

Is anyone even looking for me? she wondered despondently, as she had every hour for the past several days. Is this the rest of my life? Eating mushed up foot and drinking what I can in the hopes I don’t freeze to death?

Then the sensation of moving again, before the floor shifted below Carly and she was fell unforgivingly against the bars as her prison turned sideways. She turned so that she could face forward and out Ella's slightly open mouth. At the very least she may be able to see what was happening out there.

After a moment of unfocused vision Carly realized what she was looking at and wished she hadn't looked. Through the narrow opening of Ella's mouth Carly could see a soft penis. Small for the moment but the urethra would easily have swallowed her whole. Then Ella stuck her tongue out, not quite putting her tongue ring beyond her teeth, but it gave Carly enough space to look around and scream.

Then Carly felt her prison move and rapidly drop toward the cock. The massive lips narrowed and Carly’s world grew dark as Ella planted a kiss on the soft skin. She jerked as the tongue flicked forward and pushed against the penis, first lightly then more flickering touches as Ella’s ministrations worked their magic.

Small parts of the soft flesh slipped between the bars of the tongue ring. Not a lot, but enough to disgust Carly. Again and again she was pushed against the member then dragged along its length as it hardened.

Faintly she heard the man groan, and the wall of skin in front of Carly flew by as Ella dragged her tongue up and down last night's lay. Despite herself Carly clung to the bars of the tongue ring. It subjected her to contact with the massive cock, but it was better than being thrown around by every one of Ella's licks.

Then the licking stopped. Carly couldn't help but look forward, just in time to see the head of the massive cock barreling toward her. She screamed of course, but it didn't matter. The massive rod flew above her, far into Ella's mouth.

Carly heard something vaguely like a gag and she realized Ella was letting the cock into her throat already. She'd once walked in on Ella sucking one of the many guys she brought home and knew that Ella's tiny throat could hide a surprising length of cock. Now she got to experience it firsthand.

Back and forth the cock flew, at times throwing Carly roughly around when Ella bobbed her head, and at other times the tongue ring was surprisingly still as the man fucked Ella's throat. The smell of sex surrounded Carly, a heavy musty scent that could only mean one thing.

Ella was sucking her own dried juices off her one-night stand's cock. And now Carly was practically bathing in it. The tiny girl held back the urge to vomit. She'd done that enough the past couple of days. Ella probably hadn't even noticed.

Then as the cock thundered above her and Ella's saliva was rising to near-drowning the girl in her tongue ring, Carly realized something: one of the bars of her prison was gone. At the base she could see a piece that remained, but it had somehow broken off.

Then Ella's tongue began fluttering along the tip of the cock and Carly was thrown toward the opening.

"No!" she screamed as she fell toward the opening. It was easily large enough for her to pass through, but if she did so now she'd be sliding down Ella's throat and closey followed by a load of sperm!

Carly hit one of the remaining bars and hugged it desperately as the suction of Ella's mouth threatened to yank her from her prison, now ironically the only thing keeping her safe. Her legs swept briefly outside of the tongue ring and she felt her bare feet drag along the blazing heat of the giant cock before she pulled them back in.

Just as her arms began to shake and quiver, threatening to release her into her roommate's sucking throat, the suction ended. The massive cock withdrew, letting light back into Ella's mouth.

With a scream of effort Carly pulled herself sideways along the bars and away from the opening. When she felt secure enough to look she turned toward the light.

As she brought her eyes around to look, the light was cut off. Where there should have been an open mouth and light, there was nothing except some rhythmic sound. There was a massive pressure as Ella sucked hard and Carly's ears popped.

Then a blinding light shone through again and Carly lost control of her bladder. Part of her hoped the taste ruined Ella's morning, but if she didn't mind sucking her own juices off a man's dick long after they'd dried she probably wouldn't mind a trivial amount of urine.

“No!” Carly screamed out, knowing exactly what it meant when a man was rapidly stroking his cock and aiming his dome at a girl’s mouth.

The thought passed through Carly's mind and despite everything she laughed. She laughed the laugh of someone inches away from losing her mind and curled up against the bars of the tongue ring.

"Come on baby!" Ella's voice rolled over Carly, making her jerk her head up. In a cutesy voice she said, “Gimme breakfast mister?”

"Oh shit you’re hot!" Carly heard a man's voice yell.

Carly's scream was inaudible over his groan of pleasure as he came. Carly didn't see where the first shot landed; it wasn't in Ella's mouth. Then Ella corrected her aim and stuck out her tongue. The next two shots missed the tiny prison, but Ella made sure to milk the remaining cum out directly onto her tongue ring.

The tiny prisoner gagged as she was covered in semen. She tried to keep her mouth closed but there was too much. When she tried to breath she was only rewarded with a mouthful of what Ella was enjoying.

When the cock was done spewing into Ella's mouth the light from between the lips vanished and Ella moaned in appreciation of what he'd given her. She savored the taste for a moment, then the sucking force returned with a vengeance.

Carly wouldn't have been able to resist this, but luckily it pulled her to the opposite side of her prison from the opening. A massive GLUCK! sound echoed from Ella's throat, then light re-entered the mouth as Ella proudly showed her man that she'd swallowed his seed.

"Good girl!" Carly heard him say as Ella got to her feet.

Exhausted from the ordeal, Carly wrapped her arm around the bars of her prison again and did what she could to catch her breath.

"I'm going back to sleep," Carly heard Ella say sleepily.

How is she tired after that? Carly wondered to herself. She was exhausted and she'd simply been an up-close spectator.

True to her word, Carly felt Ella lay down as her world shifted again and she was pulled to the other side of the prison. She was brought closer to the gap in the rings as she heard Ella's breath immediately turn slow and regular. Through the gap in the Ella’s lips Carly could see her latest boy-toy walking away, toward their until-recently shared kitchen.

As Carly regained some strength she realized that Ella was already back asleep. The darkness of her prison was broken occasionally as Ella's lips opened to let in waves of fresh air. And illuminate the broken portion of the tongue ring.

Carly's eyes narrowed as she watched Ella's lips open and close slowly. She steeled herself, looking inside to find her last vestiges of strength and courage.

Then she started crawling toward the opening in her prison.

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