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Author's Chapter Notes:

Here's a short story about an everyday visit to the doctor. In a world where tinies are everyday, of course.

Jessie sat nervously in the small room she’d been ushered into. It smelled vaguely of antiseptics and just like every other doctor’s office, it was cold. The nurse had been present, briefly, and asked her a pretty standard array of questions. Her blood pressure was a little high and she was ten pounds heavier than she should have been, but once she explained why she was in the office the nurse just shrugged and nodded.

“That makes sense, if I were in your position I’d be a little stressed too,” the nurse had said as she wrote everything down on her clipboard.

“Just wait here and the doctor will be in shortly,” she’d said before she stepped out, leaving Jessie alone with her phone and the ache in her stomach.

To kill the time she tapped on her phone, checking social media and giggling at pictures from the party several days ago. Then she groaned as her something in her stomach lurched. There was a sharp pain from below, much lower than she knew her stomach was actually located.

“Dammit!” she said as she gripped the arms of her chair, holding her breath as the spasm rocked through her, seemingly lasting hours but actually mere moments before it subsided.

Just as she was able to breathe again and relax the door opened and in walked a pair of blue eyes in a white coat.

Oh, please let him be single! she thought almost by reflex as she took in the six-foot-two walking movie poster who was apparently her physician.

“Jessie Dorne, right?” he asked as he took the swivel stool on the far side of the room. He had a laptop rather than a clipboard and sat it carefully on the small desk.

“Oh marry-“ she caught herself with a fake cough, “That’s me!” she instead of embarrassing herself.

The doctor chuckled as he clicked briefly on the laptop then gave her a look that said he knew exactly what she was going to say. Jessie couldn’t help but notice there was no ring on his left hand. And his biceps-

“Well Jessie, we haven’t seen you here in a few years it looks like,” he said, “That’s a good thing, right?”

“Yeah,” she said as she tucked her hair back behind her ear, “It’s been a big couple of years but until last week I’ve been healthy as a horse!”

Her stomach gurgled dangerously again and when Doctor Sellen noticed her grimace his winning smile slid from his face. Part of her wished she could believe he was checking her out when his eyes slid down to her stomach. She was wearing a crop top and pink short shorts, in the summer heat anything else would’ve been torturous, and she knew she had a figure men usually tripped over to get inside.

But she had a feeling he was in the small percentage of men that placed profession over pleasure. And despite herself she really hoped he was able to focus on the job at hand.

“Stomach pain, huh?” he asked, waiting briefly for her nod before he continued, “And today’s what, January fifth?”

The pain had subsided again as quickly as before.

Jessie grimaced, “Yeah, why? I don’t know if your computer shows it but I’m not due for my cycle for two more weeks.”

“Oh no, not that,” the smoking hot doctor as he grabbed his stethoscope and slid his stool smoothly over to her. “That’s not what I’m thinking of.”

“Ever since the tiny revolution-“ he waved his hands briefly and mimed an object getting smaller, “There’s been a huge change in the things we see in here. Lift up your shirt, please.”

With a giggle she gripped the bottom of her shirt but stopped herself from baring everything for him. The party girl in her had briefly lost the fight with the part of her that was tired of wondering if she was about to re-enact the scene from Alien. So instead she only lifted her tank top high enough to just barely show the bottom curve of her breasts.

But that didn’t stop her from noticing him pause briefly when he put the stethoscope buds into his ears, as though hoping she’d show more.

“I’m guessing you partied it up for the New Years, right?” he asked as he warmed up the far end of his stethoscope with his hand.

Jessie nodded.

“Lots of tinies involved, right?”

When she nodded again, he continued: “Was it a B-Y-O-T kinda thing?”

“Yeah,” she said with a mildly confused smile. Why would he be asking about a party a few days ago?

“I thought so,” he said, “Now breath slow and steady for me. Lean back please?”

She did as he asked, and though he’d been warming it with his hand the cold metal of the scope still made her flinch.


Don’t check out her tits, Todd said to himself as he leaned forward.

His last twelve patients had been victims of their own laziness, and it got old having the same conversation back to back to back. There certainly hadn’t been any chicks who made him contemplate breaking his doctor-client privileges. Today, at least.

She was cute enough to even keep him from mentally rolling his eyes at what was likely to be the eighteenth self-inflicted tiny injury he’d seen since the first of the year.

He placed the bell of the stethoscope several inches below the curve of her breasts, along the mid-sagittal plane.

For a moment he heard only the typical gastric noises, exactly as he expected.

Then, just as he thought he might have to do some extra thinking and admit that he missed his first guess: The sound he’d actually been waiting for.

“HELP!” he heard a tiny voice screaming, just before the gastric sphincter. Todd smiled and nodded silently to himself. “Somebody help me! Let us out! It burns! HELP! Can anybody hear me?! I have a wife and-”

“Just as I expected,” Todd said as several other voices joined the first. He hummed a little to himself, then followed the general pathway of Jessie’s digestive tract.

“Somebody!” another voice, this one female, screamed at the start of the duodenum. “John?! Please somebody! Anybody!”

Oddly muted, Todd thought, but that makes sense.

He followed the duodenum, following a streak of muted cries for help. The words themselves lost coherence as he listened. At times there was a cluster of screamers, continuously growing weaker, other times there was a long pause as he moved further. Each time the yells sounded like they were being pushed through far more than the appropriate layers of intestinal wall.

And then finally, at the ileocecal junction:

“Help! I’m stuck! Oh, my leg!” a man’s voice was calling out, far stronger than it had any right to be at that digestive stage. Stronger than the voice of the one still in his patient’s stomach. “Please, I don’t deserve to-“

Leaning back, Todd pulled the buds from his ears. If she’d been smart about her partying any tiny this far in would be nothing more than a quivering bundle of nerves, Todd thought as he mentally worked through what he was going to say to her next.


After an eternity the doctor pulled back the stethoscope. Jessie had wanted to ask him what he was listening for every time he moved it around, but she had a feeling.

“So,” he said as he draped it back around his neck, “I think this is actually a pretty easy fix.”

“Well, that’s good,” Jessie said cautiously as she lowered her shirt back down, only mildly disappointed he hadn’t asked for her to take it off.

He scooted back on his stool and began typing quickly on his laptop.

“We see this quite a bit this time of year, or after pretty much any big celebration,” he said as he typed. A moment later he turned the laptop to face her and pointed at a blown-up picture of the human digestive tract.

“See, I’d bet you partook in a ton of tinies when you partied, right?” he asked, waiting briefly for Jessie to nod sheepishly before he continued, “Can’t blame you at all, they’re great, but someone brought some super-toughs and you probably tossed a couple down with a shot or two.”

“Now, I was listening along your digestive system for some normal bowel sounds, and I think you had a few tinies with lunch, right?”

Jessie giggled before she could help herself.

“Okay, are you psychic or something?”

“No,” he said with a short laugh, “There’s a lot of yelling going on in your stomach-“ Jessie felt her heart leap briefly and knew she had a date with her favorite vibrator when she got home “-and as we progress through your digestive tract it generally gets quieter as they get digested more.”

As he spoke he followed the drawing with his finger, and Jessie nodded along while she tried to ignore her rising desire. She’d thought a lot about how tinies would be digested and the torture her simple bodily processes would inflict on them, but hearing it put into such a calm clinical description was another thing entirely. Far beyond feeling slowly reducing struggles in her tummy or backdoor.

“But through your whole system everything was muted, so I’m assuming you haven’t had a bowel movement in a few days?”

“Not much of an appetite either,” she admitted, though she hadn’t been able to turn down the offer of fresh-turned tinies at the student lounge earlier that day.

“Yeah, because once you get down here,” he indicated an area just before her large intestine, “You’ve got probably a super-tough tiny stuck just at this junction here, backing everything up and pretty much wrecking your usual movements. Not joking, you’re full of, well. You get the idea.”

Now Todd looked right at her with his beautiful blue eyes and chiseled jawline.

“A couple more days like this and you’d be in some serious trouble. These are called bowel obstructions and they often require surgery to fix.”

“Oh-“ Jessie said, taken aback by what he was telling her.

“But since this is from a tiny getting stuck it’s actually a pretty easy fix. The shrinking process does some weird things with physics and medications, pretty much everything really, but I’m gonna write you a prescription for a medication that’ll get you cleared out.”

With that said he went back to typing on his computer. Filling the prescription, as far as Jessie knew.

“So,” she said, not sure how to ask, “I’ve eaten super toughs before, how come this one got stuck like this?”

It was true; scat play didn’t interest her the way it did some people, but that didn’t stop her from giggling at panicking tinies trying to stay afloat as she flushed them down the toilet with the rest of yesterday’s food.

“Well, most of them do pass right on through and wherever they end up after that it doesn’t particularly matter. This one just had some terrible luck. Or, well, you did.”

With that said, he made a final tap on the computer and turned to look directly at her again.

“At the pharmacy you’re gonna get an enema and a powder, mix that up with water and chug it. It’ll taste funky but it’ll basically turn that tiny cork into sludge you can just push on out. The enema will clear you out from the other side. Tag team.”

“Um, thanks,” Jessie said as he stood, folding his laptop and tucking it under his arm.

“Is there anything else?” he asked before he actually moved toward the door.

You could unzip and let me see what you’re working with?

“Uh, no, that’ll be great,” she said instead. “I’m in for a long day or two aren’t I?”

“Oh yeah,” Doctor Sellen laughed as he opened the door, “Don’t plan on any trips more than two minutes from a restroom.”

He paused as he stepped through the door, not hiding the fact that he was finally giving in and checking Jessie out. With her athletic figure and deliberately camel-toe showing shorts it was astounding he’d held off so long. Jessie picked up her purse and stood to follow him out, giving him a pointed glance at his pants as he pulled out a business card and scribbled something on the back.

“Here,” he told her as he held out the card, “Gimme a call in a couple of days. You may need a more…” his eyes gave her a final once-over, “thorough exam.”

Jessie giggled as she plucked the card from his hand and made no attempt at hiding her stuffing it down the front of her shorts.

“I’m sure I’ll feel faint on Saturday,” she replied as she followed him out the door and located the path to the exit, “probably about eight o’clock.”

He smiled at her, then turned the opposite direction toward his next patient.

Despite herself, Jessie helped herself to two of the squirming half-inchers in an ornamental bowl near the front desk when she checked out. Her stomach gurgled but they went down deliciously. The third she held in her mouth, tucking the squirming, screaming girl into her cheek as she walked to her car.


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