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Author's Chapter Notes:

Here's my latest commission! You should always double check before volunteering yourself for things, lest you get to know someone far more intimately than you expected.

“For the record, I think this is a terrible idea!” Gianna told Sarah as they balanced on a massive pair of barely-covered breasts. Their group was small enough there was no risk of falling; the blonde ‘exotic dancer’ that was conveying them to their party was excessively endowed yet held in place by a tiny, shiny, pink titty-top. To them the breasts were practically a level, if bouncy, floor.

Sarah just laughed. She was getting married tomorrow to the most amazing man in the world, and tonight they were going to celebrate.  At first the plan had simply been to do a bar crawl with her four best friends. But Whitney, the maid of honor, had given her the incredible idea to spend her last single night living an experience none of their group of friends had experienced before: partying with a group of guys while shrunken.

So Sarah, Whitney, Hannah and Lacy were all eagerly balanced at a quarter-inch high on a stripper’s massive breasts. Gianna was there but being her usual pessimistic self.

There was a reason they hadn’t told her about this shrunken party until the last minute. And they wouldn’t tell her who exactly they were partying with until they were going through the door. Gianna was the voice of reason in their party, and tonight that voice needed to get in the backseat and enjoy the ride.

As the girls hi-fived each other their ride approached a massive hotel room door.

“Ready ladies?” the massive blonde asked, but unable to hear the response and not very interested in trying. She was getting paid regardless. Her hand reached out to knock on the door of the surprisingly nice hotel room.

Mike did a double take when he opened the hotel room door. The sounds of his friends partying behind him paused and he laughed when he realized what had happened. The suite held him and his three best friends and it hadn’t been silent for a moment once they’d started drinking that afternoon.

His last single night was to be celebrated with friends. And, apparently, a stripper that looked like every schoolboy’s wet dream. His friends knew what he liked and he knew the silence meant they’d been waiting early for this moment.

“Yeah!” he heard Steve yell from deeper in the suite, “The entertainment is here!”

The stunning blonde swaggered into the room and let the door shut slowly behind her. Blue eyes captivated Mike almost as much as her massive breasts, barely covered by pink material. A pair of barely-there jean shorts highlighted her long legs and hourglass figure. Before Mike was done checking her out she put a tiny hand on his chest and fluttered her eyes at him.

“Mike, right?” she asked in a matter-of-fact tone as she smiled. The woman pushed her chest out further and Mike tried to keep his eyes in his head. Already his penis was screaming to forget about the wedding and drag this woman to the bedroom.

He nodded nervously as he felt someone’s hands on his shoulders from behind. Before he could make a sound Steve dragged Mike into the suite’s large den where Al and Patrick were already waiting. Mike sat heavily onto the couch with a smile as Al handed him yet another beer and the stripper strode front and center.

From her tiny purse she produced a Bluetooth speaker and sat it on the tiny coffee table with a flourish. Instantly a frantic, screaming guitar solo sounded from it as Patrick turned off their own music and muted the television.

All of their pants tightened when they felt the change of energy.

“You can call me Chastity,” she said with a smile, looking each of them in the eyes as she took control of the room. The blonde had mastered the art of sex appeal long ago. Tonight they would be putty in her hands.

Sensually to the beat of the music she started swaying her hips. Chastity’s small hands rode up her torso and pushed her breasts together, further accentuating them but she looked down as five tiny figures grew into existence from what had seemed simply another inch of beautiful, exposed skin.

Mike gasped as she spoke.

“I brought along some toys!” she said happily as she danced, her hips speeding up and rocking back and forth. Gently she stepped forward, enjoying the groom’s eyes on her body. “A little birdy told me tonight was your shot to have all sorts of –“ she leaned forward until she was whispering in Mike’s ear, “fun.”

“Oh shit,” he whispered as she stood back up and put one foot next to his knee on the leather couch. Suddenly her shorts seemed impossibly smaller as she gyrated.

“No!” Gianna yelled angrily as the rest of their group laughed. They had all fallen to their hands and knees on Chastity’s breasts, and she knew that they couldn’t be more than half an inch tall.

“Relax!” Hannah told her. Her own black skin stood out starkly from the blonde’s and she wore a huge smile. She was nude like the rest of them but clearly the most comfortable about it. They’d been naked around each other a hundred times before but suddenly Gianna wasn’t okay with it.

“Yeah, G!” Lacy said with a laugh. Her own red hair was bobbing as their breast-floor started heaving while the bass of the music made their tiny bodies vibrate. “You said just last week you wanted to try the shrinking thing!”

“Not like this!” she yelled back, pointing up at her brother’s face quickly. “That’s my brother you sickos!”

In response the other four girls laughed. It was obvious they were all having a great time; they were all half-drunk already, Whitney was clearly thrilled at living out her own fantasy, and Sarah was looking up adoringly-yet-worryingly at her husband.

“Hey, what if he fucks her?” Sarah asked Whitney in a worried tone, who just shook her head.

“Uh, have you met Mike?” she replied with a laugh, “She’s already closer than I thought he’d let her get!”

She gestured with her head toward him just as Chastity leaned forward and pushed her breasts into his face. The smile on his face was genuine and Sarah knew it was the smile he gave her every time she got naked.

“No way is he gonna stick it in her!” Whitney replied as they struggled harder for balance. Lacy was already sliding toward the outside slope of Chastity’s breast. The redhead had never been very coordinated, which was half the reason Whitney had ensured they would be functionally immortal while shrunken.

She’d expected the night to get off to a fun start, and the agency that had recommended Chastity had assured her that the blonde knew how to give everyone, full-size or shrunken, a great time. So far from the looks of the other men in the room and their cheering, only Gianna wasn’t enjoying it. None of the other girls had brothers so they couldn’t empathize too much, though they knew Lacy had repeatedly thrown down with her stepdad without a second’s hesitation.

“Hey! Guys!” Lacy yelled out, realizing her predicament. Every shake of Chastity’s breasts was making her slide more toward an unclimbable slope and a terrifying fall. “Gravity still works on me!”

Sarah bit back a laugh at their common joke about Lacy’s clumsiness. She was torn between trying to grab her friend and her worry about how her husband was watching Chastity dance. Part of her was having fun and felt incredibly sexy at her size; another part of her was worried her soon-to-be-husband would take this party a little too far.

Chastity smiled as she felt one of the tiny women sliding. She had done almost thirty of these tiny-double-dance parties, some far dirtier than others, and knew how to use her body to manipulate the little clients in excellent ways. So when she felt one of them hit the sliding point-of-no-return she stood up rapidly and took a step back from Mike’s personal space.

He took a deep breath and she could clearly see the outline of his member through his shorts. Chastity tried to not let her surprise show too much. Her curiosity was piqued; it looked like a television remote had been stuffed in his pants.

“Wanna play a game?” she asked with a sultry smile, her eyes flicking to the half-inch tall forms struggling to stay on her massive breasts. Mike nodded, his eyes trying to take all of her in at once.

“Pull off a sock,” she told him, still swinging her hips as he leapt to obey. Moments later he held forth an ankle high sock, but then adjusted his grip when she instructed him again.

“We’re gonna play catch with one of these little toys.”

“Uh, no we’re not!” Gianna yelled, and the rest of the women, even Lacy who was rapidly losing her battle with gravity, laughed at her over the music.

None of them could quite see what was happening, but reflexively they all threw themselves flat against the woman’s massive breast, clinging onto any skin that seemed like it would hold them. Then a wave of movement came as Chastity lifted her breast and dropped it suddenly, coupling it with a slight spin of her torso. Only Gianna saw Lacy fly free with a half-laughing scream, vanishing into the distance as she fell.

If Mike hadn’t been focusing so hard he wouldn’t have seen the little woman, who appeared to have red hair, fall during Chastity’s dance. But he and his friends let out a victorious cheer when he caught her in his sock, and he stood rapidly in triumph.

Chastity laughed and gave him an approving wink. She spun in place and rubbed her shorts-clad backside against his crotch, then reached back and took the sock from him.

“We’ll hang this from the doorknob later,” she said with a wink at Patrick before she tossed the sock to him. Everyone cheered again as the alcohol continued flowing and Chastity kept dancing.

Soon her tiny shorts had vanished, kicked off during another guitar solo, while Patrick daydreamed about whether she was serious or not. Her bright red thong coupled with the scotch he was drinking made it hard to think. Bachelor parties that went extreme were traditional, but he wasn’t sure if Mike should nail the stripper.

I’ll take one for the team, Patrick thought as Chastity slowly removed her top. Her nipples seemed small compared to the rest of her breasts but their perkiness was unreal.

With a giggle the blonde looked down at her breasts and picked out a target. Her head bent down quickly and her tongue reached out, pulling one of the little black girls into her maw. With a thought the girl was grown larger, and she skillfully spun the girl until her legs stuck out of her closed lips. She smiled around the wiggling toy while the men cheered even louder, and Chastity knew it was time to take things a little further.

She spun once to get closer to the coffee table, then slowly bent in half to give the guys a perfect view of her lingerie and what it barely hid. Just as she expected, the remaining three women tumbled lightly from the top of her breast. Two landed lightly on the table itself, while another landed in an empty shot glass.

Since this seemed serendipitous, she changed tactics. The woman in her mouth shrank rapidly as she focused, the once odd sensation now almost as reflexive as the way she was shaking her ass for these four guys. Making sure to keep eye contact with Patrick, she opened her mouth and let the much smaller woman tumble from her tongue with a wink. Then she stood and spun, making a show of using her breasts to pull the glass stopper off a bottle of what she assumed was scotch.

Her other hand tucked the shot glass into her cleavage, and she felt no small amount of satisfaction as the cheering slowed; the boys were completely entranced at what they realized she was doing. Soon the glass held amber liquid almost to the top, and easily visible within was a small swimming form.

“No!” Gianna screamed, coughing around the fumes of the scotch she was swimming in. Massive blue eyes looked down at her with a self-satisfied smile. “I’m not okay with this! You change me back right-!”

“Get over here, big guy,” Chastity said to Mike. After this she’d have to give the other men, boys with bigger penises, really, their own individual attention. Mike was close to popping and she had a lot of fun still planned tonight. The least of which was how she hoped it would end. She knew getting Mike to follow her to the bedroom probably wasn’t going to happen; the dancer knew how to read her clients. But the other three surely would and she hoped to show off her flexibility on a much nicer bed than usual.

He was on her knees before her so quickly she bit back a giggle and instead turned it into a sexy lip-bite.

Sarah and Hannah ran to Whitney, each barely able to breath from laughter. They’d seen their friend fall with a scream, and now she was standing and trying to wipe the stripper’s saliva from her naked body. The coffee table now held the three of them and they were torn between watching the show and marveling at the size of the everyday objects around them.

“Enjoy the ride?” Hannah laughed as Whitney tried not to laugh as well. So many emotions had gone through her head when she was in Chastity’s mouth; fear of being swallowed, delight as a tongue simultaneously ran across her clit and her nipples, that she was giddy from the rush of endorphins.

“This is way more fun than I expected!” she replied with a squeal, seeing her two friends. “But where’s G?”

Sarah pointed upward, where Mike was kneeling in front of Chastity, who herself was slowly leaning forward. Annoyance flickered across her face, but she took a deep breath and reminded herself if she wasn’t partying here she’d probably have a male stripper’s meat in her own face. The trio couldn’t quite see what was happening but Whitney laughed in excitement as she guessed.

Just as she did so Mike suddenly leaned back, his eyes wide. He swallowed, inaudible over the increasingly frantic music, but his cough was loud and tears filled his eyes.

“Holy shit Pat, how do you drink that stuff?” he asked breathlessly.

Chastity giggled and pranced backward, her massive breasts bouncing and her underwear riding up between her labia.

Mike’s friends all roared with laughter and Patrick called out: “That’ll put some hair on your chest!”

Mike kept coughing as he rose to his feet, and laughter followed him out of the dining area as he stumbled into the kitchen. Sarah saw the opening of a massive refrigerator door in the distance but her attention was immediately pulled back to Chastity, who had motioned the other three boys to all sit on the couch Mike had vacated.

In the kitchen Mike poured himself a glass of water and swallowed it down. Instantly the burning started to improve and he felt a little embarrassed; he was drunker than he’d thought but that scotch had been a shock. The fact that it had contained a shrunken woman was almost forgotten in his drunken state but the kicking in his stomach gave him a smile.

His cock grew even harder as he wondered if she was an immortal tiny stripper who worked with Chastity, or an unfortunate passer-by snagged for cheap entertainment.

“Wish I’d have played with more of these before I got married,” he said aloud as he drank more water. He knew there was nothing really stopping him aside from his commitment to not cheat on Sarah; and his own knowledge that he was usually too vanilla to branch out like this. Tiny play had been a long-time fantasy and he was lucky he had such good friends to help him live it out.

Then his eyes shot open when he turned around, realizing that the stripper was laying across all three of their laps, and that they were taking turns lowering their head to her body.

“Uh,” he said as he walked back into the den, “What’s-“

There was a line of white powder on Chastity’s left ass cheek, and some of it was smeared on each of his friend’s noses.

“I hope you don’t mind!” Chastity said with a smile, running her tongue across her top lip and making a pointed glance at Mike’s crotch.

His friends all gave him encouraging words, though none were quite capable of speaking at that point. Having such a beautiful woman sprawled across their laps, coupled with hours of drinking and now blow had reduced them to their basest instincts. Steve’s hand was already inching its way up from where it rested between her knees and Chastity shifted slightly to give him better access.

With an inward laugh she reflected on how much she loved her job. Just as she was sure Mike was going to back out of the room, he instead grabbed something off the coffee table and she felt something small land on her other cheek.

“I’m not into blow,” he said with a laugh, focusing on the tiny woman and causing her to shrink almost out of sight.

Hannah screamed in shock as he continued. The force of his breath almost knocked her over and his face was titanic. Each pore seemed big enough to fall into and she could easily make out impossibly fine hairs on the stripper’s backside. But none of that seemed important considering she could see rope-like nose hairs approaching.

“But I’m not gonna miss my chance to do this!” he roared with a laugh.

Before she could scream a second time or even think to run sudden wind surrounded Hannah. Her ears popped and she lunged forward to grab onto anything she could but it was too late; she was yanked upward with a dwindling scream. The world grew dark as she hit something wet then continued being pulled upward against the unstoppable suction.

Mike leaned back with a laugh; he wasn’t sure what he’d actually get from the experience but he could feel tingling in the far back of his nose. His job would test him for hard drugs but testing for a snorted tiny woman wasn’t something anyone would bother doing. He felt a rush of power with every tingle, knowing a small woman was now completely lost in his body, purely for his enjoyment.

The struggling in his stomach reminded him that there were actually two, and his erection strained at his shorts as Chastity slowly climbed off his friends’ laps. Her hand grazed against his hardness as she stood and she gave him the biggest doe eyes she’d ever seen.

“I’m hungry mister,” she told him, slipping her pointer finger into her mouth and walking backward toward where she knew the bedroom would be. Instantly Mike’s friends rose and started to follow; her authentic smile was impossible to miss.

“Should we move this party to the bedroom?” she asked, not pushing too hard. The look on Mike’s face was one she’d seen dozens of times before: desire and hesitancy. Need and conflict. Maybe he’d follow. Maybe he wouldn’t.

Either way she had three guys following her like lost puppies.

“Don’t you dare!” Sarah yelled, suddenly angry at the stripper. She’d watched each display torn between laughter and jealousy but she knew this was the point of no return. And she’d have no one to blame but herself if she lost her husband in this way. She’d literally paid Chastity for all of this, not realizing that the blonde enjoyed her job quite so much.

Mike had a pained look on his face, but he kept himself from following his friends into the bedroom where a king-sized bed and a horny bombshell blonde would soon await.

“No can do, boys,” he said as they all groaned in mock disappointment. They’d all expected him to say no, but they also knew Chastity only had three holes.

“We’ll try not to be too loud,” she replied with a wink, backing up through the open door. Mike kicked himself again as he saw Patrick’s hand reach out and tug on her underwear; the skimpy material snapped and vanished, revealing a tattooed arrow pointing at her muff. “We left you two toys!”

She giggled and the door slammed shut; her giggle was cut off as something unseen but predictable filled her mouth.

The door slipped open and Mike laughed as he saw his sock quickly be dangled from the door, with the tiny woman’s movements causing it to shake as it hung.

Sarah let out a sigh of relief when she saw Mike choose her over the dancer. Part of her filled with even more love for her man; if he’d gone into that room Sarah never would have known. Or so Mike would have thought. He still didn’t know it was her and her friends shrunken and in his sock.

And nose! she realized with a laugh as he walked back toward them.

“Uh,” Whitney said nervously as Mike slid his shorts and underwear down. “Sarah? What now?”

Her question was answered when Mike’s hand easily encompassed them both. He stumbled slightly as he carried them to the couch but regained his balance before he could fall. One unfocused eye looked down at both the tiny women and it seemed to them he was mentally choosing.

“Mike!” Sarah shouted, excited to know what his reaction would be to seeing her this small, “It’s me!”

Instead of hearing her Mike pinched Whitney between his fingertips and raised her up to his face. Sarah watched her friend grow slightly but it was obvious Mike didn’t recognize her.

“Thanks for volunteering,” he told her, and Sarah realized he was much drunker than she’d thought. “No way would I have worked up the courage to do this sober.”

Whitney tried to yell at him but sudden motion disrupted her senses too much. But not enough to see where she was going as he lowered his hand and brought it around behind him. 

Sarah couldn’t see what Mike was doing with Whitney but from his groan it was pretty obvious. She didn’t know if she should laugh in delight or scream in terror. Whitney loved this sort of thing but Sarah had never experienced it before. And she knew how much Mike liked a finger in his backdoor; a tiny person would likely feel incredible.

With the tiny safely through his sphincter, Mike sat down. Between the movement in his ass and the struggling in his stomach, not to mention the last hour of teasing from Chastity, he was more erect than he’d ever been. The world spun slightly and his hand was blurry, but he wasn’t too drunk to position the last tiny directly over his urethra.

“Uh. Wait! Mike!” Sarah called out when she realized what was happening.

“I’m gonna shoot you into my wife tomorrow,” he told her with a laugh.

His cock, massive even normally, was now truly titanic and his opening easily engulfed her to her waist. Panic set in and she kicked to try and free herself but Mike only groaned in pleasure. A finger pushed down on her head and with a scream she vanished under its pressure.

Surrounded by the girth of her fiancé’s cock she felt pressure pulling her down, occasionally countered by a massive stroking pressure from further outside. Sarah cried out and tried to climb but from what Whitney had told her that only made it better for the guy.

“Oh shit,” Mike said, stroking himself slowly. “Steve was right.”

Having a shrunken woman sliding down his cock was incredible. He was doing his best to not pump himself too fast before she was completely dropped into his balls, but it was a struggle. Up and down he stroked slowly, mentally imagining the wonderfully struggling woman’s panic.

Then he felt her struggles pause momentarily. Chastity’s music switched from rock and roll to a slower instrumental piece; it had gone long past her usual routine and settled onto her own personal music.

His eyes closed as he waited to feel his balls move.

Before he realized what was happening, Mike laid his head back on the couch. To the tune of Mozart Mike fell into a drunken slumber.

With a scream Sarah fell into a suddenly wider space below her. Suddenly she was in fluids up to her knees, the smell of chlorine and heat suddenly going to her head. Stumbling blindly forward she felt a wall of flesh ahead of her and screamed when she realized that everyone who could get her out of this situation was currently already in her husband’s body.

If they didn’t fix this the wedding was gone and she would be missing forever. She didn’t miss the significance of the distantly slowing heartbeat, either.

Early the next morning Chastity quietly snuck through the living area. Her speaker had died, so she tucked it into her purse as she slipped her shorts back on. Then she froze when she saw Mike passed out on the couch, hand still wrapped around his manhood.

“Damn,” she said quietly. Even asleep and flaccid his member was impressive. Then she saw a twitch in his ball sack and smiled. She could only imagine what had happened but it was obvious he’d taken the chance to cock vore at least one of the tiny women.

She focused for a moment and watched the magnitude of the movement increase as she made the tiny inside his balls grow slightly. While she did consider this part of her client’s experience she didn’t actually want the woman to be shot into Mike’s wife on their wedding night. Customers had to survive to leave good reviews.

If he could at least feel her movements then he could get her out in the morning before the wedding began.

“Thanks for the party!” she whispered to the writhing testicles; the movement paused then redoubled but Chastity was already walking to the hotel room’s door.


Mike groaned as the sound of a jackhammer rocked him awake. He sat up rapidly and stood before he even realized he was still naked from the waist down. Instantly his head screamed at him and regretted it.

“Geez, full moon!” Al said from behind him in the kitchen, laughter in his voice.

Between the pounding in his head and his upset stomach Mike realized the jackhammer had actually been the simple act of Al setting a glass of water on the counter.

With a groan he leaned forward and picked up his fallen shorts. They slipped on easily and he ignored Al’s obnoxious whistling. His friend had always been a morning person and somehow immune to hangovers.

Mike stumbled around the couch and toward the suite’s kitchen. Al produced a cup of coffee for him and Mike gave up on the idea of stabbing his friend in the face. Into the dark brown liquid went an excessive amount of sugar and he took a sip with a sigh.

“My head is killing me,” he said, even as he felt his headache recede. His belief that coffee was the nectar of life was reaffirmed.

His stomach gave a lurch as the first of the hot liquid hit it, but Mike did his best to ignore it. He was not throwing up on his wedding day.

“Got any food in here?” he asked Al, who made a plate of toast appear as though by magic.

“Remember how you guys made fun of me for being prepared?” Al asked in a condescending tone. “We won’t need that, Al! Put that away, Al!” he continued in a high-pitched voice.

“Gimme the food and you won’t get hurt,” Mike said as the two shared a grin. They’d done this dance before a hundred times.

His stomach continued its uncomfortable grumbling despite him feeding it bread. With an internal sigh he resigned himself to feeling extra uncomfortable on his wedding day. Despite agreeing on a relaxed ceremony, he was still wearing a tuxedo and he was sure Sarah hadn’t skimped on a dress that he hadn’t been allowed to see.

Another sip of coffee made his head feel better at least. He was also acutely aware of the world’s worst case of blue balls; whatever he’d gotten up to last night had him so pent-up that Sarah was in for a real wedding night treat.

“What did we do last night?” he asked Al, who was spreading butter on his own piece of toast. Mike tried to recall but the night remained a blur. “Was somebody here?”

Patrick and Steve stumbled out of the bedroom at the same time, each pulling on their pants and casting confused looks around the room.

“Hey, so, uh,” Steve said as they approached the kitchen, “There a reason I had to pull these out of my backside just now?”

From his left hand dangled a long, bright red string. Mike focused his eyes on them and realized it was actually a thong, part of it having been snapped or torn.

“Oh shit!” he said with a laugh as he remembered part of the night. Someone’s dancing form was suddenly in front of him and he remembered the vague feeling of disappointment as she led his friends into the bedroom.


Al laughed into his coffee as Patrick and Steve shared a confused look.

“The stripper!” Mike said, gesturing with his hands to try and jog their memory. At her very thought it felt like his balls were going to explode and it took a great force of will for Mike to ignore them. “Blonde? Massive tits?”

Comprehension dawned on Steve’s face while Patrick examined what seemed to be a bite mark on his shoulder.

“The three of us did coke off her ass?” Al asked questioningly, “Then gangbanged her until we thought she died?”

Patrick’s face went white and he laughed aloud as the memory came rushing back to him.

“Oh shit!” he laughed, “Damn she could hold her breath!”

Mike held up a hand to stop him there.

“I don’t wanna know,” he said, marching to the coffee machine and pouring himself another cup. “Let’s just get halfway sobered up and get our shit together. We’ve only got-“ he checked the clock on the oven, “-like five hours til the ceremony.”

“You know in five hours we could be in Mexico, right?” Al asked. Mike glared at him and he held up his hands in defeat. “Just saying! I do like Sarah but I’ve gotta at least try to persuade you against it, right? That’s kinda the ‘Best Man’ thing.”

“If you stand up during the ‘forever hold your piece’ part,” Steve said as he filled his own coffee mug, “I’ll give you fifty bucks.”

“And I’ll give you a black eye,” Mike laughed.

For a moment they all laughed, then stood around the kitchen drinking coffee. Silently they passed around the plate of toast and it vanished bite by bite. There was a strange melancholy feel to the air and even Mike, blue balled from not nailing Chastity and still upset stomach, could feel it.

“I may not remember a lot of last night,” Mike said slowly, sure he was forgetting something important, “But I want you to know you really are the best friends I could ever want.”

Even Steve smiled at that and held back a sarcastic remark. Mike locked eyes with each of them. Friends since high school, they’d been through college, multiple girlfriends, a car accident, and more of life’s ups and downs than they could ever imagine.

“We’ve done a lot together and I’m really glad you’re all here with me now.”

He held up his coffee cup and they all knocked theirs together. Steve wiped away a fake tear. Mike gave him a dry look and Steve pretended to ignore it; he fake-cried a little more.

“I’m not dying you jackass!” Mike roared, and the four of them burst into laughter. “We just can’t hire strippers for the guy-weekends anymore!”

“That’s the same as dying!” Steve insisted, “If you can’t get a lap dance then you’re no friend of mine!”

Al gave him a punch on the shoulder as they all laughed, then drained the last of his coffee.

“Alright guys, enough with the emotions,” he said, putting excessive effort into drawing himself up and pulling his shoulders back. “Us men! Us strong! Us stink. Go shower.”

“Yeah yeah, make more coffee Betty Crocker,” Patrick said, but he was already shuffling away to take Al’s advice.

Mike started to follow him, hoping to beat him to the shower, but his stomach grumbled again and his balls protested the sudden movement. Groaning he leaned forward and put his arms on the countertop.

“Hey, you alright?” Steve asked, concerned. “If you don’t want to get hitched just say so, don’t fake-“

“Cut it out Steve,” Mike said, grabbing his stomach. “My stomach is killing me.”

Steve shrugged.

“Some guy’s stomachs don’t do so hot with the shrunken women and the getting her out part,” he explained, “but you should feel better after getting some food in there.”

Mike stared at him, confused. Al stared at Mike, equally confused. Patrick paused from halfway across the room and gave Mike a look that made him feel like he’d just grown horns.

“Uh. What?” he asked as his stomach pitched again.

“The shrunken women.” Steve said, stunned and slightly worried. “Remember? Whats-her-name brought some of her little dancer friends and you took one down with a shot of scotch?”

Suddenly flashes of last night flew through Mike’s head. Massive breasts in his face, a shot glass held between them. Burning liquor, but before that: someone swimming within the amber fire.

Steve moved closer, sudden urgency on his face.

“You got her out, right?” he asked. “Chastity came and got her out and took the other tiny chicks with her, right?”

Mike opened his mouth to answer but realized he had no idea. Then his balls shifted and he realized: he didn’t have blue balls. He wasn’t sore from a need to explode. He was sore from them shifting around for hours.

Steve’s eyes grew wide.

“Oh, fuck.”

“What do I do?” Mike asked quickly, “I barely remember last night but I’m digesting some chick right now?”

He was close to panic. A tour in Afghanistan hadn’t prepared him for this.

“Don’t panic!” Steve said, holding his hands up to calm his friend, “If she’s still moving and making you feel sick then she’s fine, just probably pissed at her coworker for not getting her out when she finished up. The shrinking process usually makes them borderline immortal specifically for this shit.”

“Hold still!” Al said, biting back a laugh and looking hard at Mike’s stomach. “I’m gonna try and shrink her a bit.”

Almost instantly the movement in Mike’s stomach eased, but Mike didn’t feel any better.

“You make him puke her out!” Steve said, rushing to the bedroom. In moments he reappeared, pulling on a shirt and checking his pockets for his keys and wallet. “If the stripper didn’t get her friend out of you then she probably forgot to leave the restoring spray too.”

This time both Mike and Al shared a confused look while Patrick finally gave up on trying to follow the situation. He strode to the fridge and pulled out a beer. Steve gave them all an exasperated look.

“The-,” he started to say, then abandoned the attempt. “Fucking forget it. Puke her out! I’ll be back in ten minutes!”

With that said he jogged to the door and vanished.

“Well, you heard the man,” Al said as he clapped his friend on the back. Mike groaned but held back one important fact: if there was one stuck in his stomach then there was at least one in his balls. And he didn’t remember how many there were supposed to be.

“Let’s get you ralphing!”

Mike stood back and watched as Al rooted through the kitchen. It was a hotel room, but surprisingly well stocked. In minutes Al produced a saltshaker, three chicken bouillon cubes, and had stolen Patrick’s beer.

Both Patrick and Mike watched horrified as Al combined the ingredients and stirred them rapidly together in a large glass. With the mixture still spinning he slid it toward Mike.

“Bottom’s up!” he said with a smile. Al knew Mike wouldn’t drink it, and it wasn’t designed to be drank. It was designed to stink.

“Oh, I’m not gonna-“ Mike said as Patrick grabbed the glass. “I can’t-“

Patrick held the glass up to his nose and Mike made the mistake of smelling it.

Instantly his stomach clenched. With a shout he rushed to the sink as his body rejected everything it had consumed in the past day and a half.

“The drain!” Patrick yelled, “Don’t puke her down the drain!”

Before Mike could even try to change course Al threw a dish towel into the sink, plugging the drain just as Mike ejected the contents of his stomach. There wasn’t much but he instantly felt better; a small pool of green slime had landed on the dish towel and his stomach lurched again as he smelt alcohol mixed with stomach acid.

Quickly he stood up and got away from the scent; then drowned it in the last of his coffee.

“So where are the rest?” Patrick asked as Al peered at the towel. Already he was focusing on the slime-covered woman, and she was almost an inch tall. He was going to have a good time rinsing her off.

“Uh,” Mike said, his face turning from green to red in embarrassment. “I should probably get this one out myself.”

Before they could ask any more questions Mike rushed to the bathroom. His friends exploded in laughter as they realized what Mike had meant, then roared with laughter again as he brought back his sock which had fallen from the bedroom doorhandle.

“Found another!” he said, tossing it to Patrick. Whoever was in the sock was just barely large enough to throw off its weight, otherwise he wouldn’t have noticed her at all. A moment’s focus had made her large enough to swing the sock like a counterweight and it sailed through the air to his friend.

“Weird!” Patrick said as he caught it and gently upended its contents into his hand. “One of your socks isn’t crunchy!”

Mike bit back his retort as he sat on the toilet and kicked the door shut. His shorts were dropped and he was looking nervously at his testicles. For a moment they twitched as something moved inside and with his cock freed it instantly leapt to attention. Before he could forget the most important part of this process Mike focused hard like he’d seen his friends do, imagining the tiny woman, or women, sequestered in his body.

It felt silly and pointless, but as soon as he imagined them shrinking down to a grain of sand the twitching in his balls stopped.

With the pressure somewhat relieved Mike leapt to his task with a vengeance. He didn’t remember much of last night beyond the stripper looking like his favorite porn star, but he’d thought about this situation hundreds of times before. Of course, in his fantasies he was cock-voring a chick he’d picked up at the bar to later feed to his wife after a blowjob. But this was probably as close as he’d ever get to that scene in reality.

He put no effort into dragging the situation out, picturing his favorite scenes of redheads licking screaming teenagers out of each other’s snatches, or hiding innocent librarians in their panties as they strode through the public library. In his head a college professor dropped a screaming cheerleader into the front of his pants, assuring her she’d earn an ‘A’ if she could make him cum before he got home, and only a ‘C’ if he didn’t cum until she’d been shoved into his wife.

Exactly as every time before his cum shot out with great force and would have gone a surprising distance if Mike hadn’t made the effort to catch it in several pieces of toilet paper. He was almost disappointed he’d shrunk the woman so small he hadn’t even felt her passage.

Next time, he thought hopefully yet sadly. Shrinking tech remained expensive and he didn’t want to know who had spent what kind of cash to make last night happen.

Putting those thoughts aside, he cleaned himself off and laid the toilet paper on the sink. Grabbing a clean piece, he focused on where he thought the woman, or women, might be and focused on growing them up to half an inch tall. Thought Mike knew he could probably make them much larger he didn’t want to recognize them on the street somewhere.

“There was only one in there,” Mike said, putting on a smile as he rejoined his friends in the kitchen. He was sure they’d be laughing and joking and playing with the two tiny women they had already ‘rescued.’

Instead they both gave him a grim look as though they had just witnessed a train wreck. Mike’s smile faded as he turned the corner and saw two tiny, naked women on the countertop, each still shorter than Patrick’s empty beer can. He sat his own on the countertop near them as he gave his friends an odd look.

“Uh,” he said cautiously, “Did I miss something?”

Tiny squeaks came from the women, and the third ran to join her compatriots. Al sized her up to match their size quickly and Mike gasped when he realized he recognized them.

“Holy fuck!” he shouted, first recognizing a shock of bright red hair then being horrified at who the third tiny grew into. Mike’s eyes widened and his hands went through his hair as he saw the third tiny woman grown into his six-inch-tall, incredibly sexy brunette fiancé.

“Uh, hi!” Sarah yelled upward with a giggle. The fact that she, Lacy, and Gianna were all naked and being ogled by three men didn’t bother her. After what they’d just done even Gianna seemed unperturbed and if Lacy had gotten a better night’s sleep Sarah was sure she’d be putting on a show for Patrick at least.

The three men shared an awkward glance. Al opened his mouth to say something, then closed it. Patrick desperately wished there were more beer.

“I’m back!” Steve yelled in the silence, jogging into the kitchen and pulling a spray bottle out of a plastic bag. His shopping trip had been successful and faster than he’d hoped.

He slowed as he saw their glances, the women still out of his line of sight.

“Did I miss something?” he asked as he strode into the kitchen. Then he saw who was on the counter.

“Oh!” Steve stammered, pretty sure he wasn’t supposed to see his best friend’s fiancé or sister naked, but unable to look away. Especially from Gianna.

Sarah didn’t miss Gianna turning red when Steve turned his gaze on her, nor her giggle.

Steve held up the bottle awkwardly, indistinguishable from a bottle of Clorox save for the labeling.

“Maybe we do this in the bathtub?” he suggested slowly, not sure what reaction the women would have at their actions the previous evening.

Five minutes later the three women were back to fully grown and sitting on the couch. The guys had all brought more clothes than they needed, so the trio was clad in too-large shirts and athletic shorts. Mike had called one of their more discrete friends, who was now on the way to get the women back to their own apartments so they could prepare for the wedding.

“I gotta shower,” Gianna said aloud. One perk of the shrinking process was that almost nothing penetrated the subject’s skin, so she didn’t smell like her brother’s stomach. But the mental stench remained.

Sarah and Mike cuddled on the couch. He’d been scared she would be angry at him for what had happened, but in a way she seemed to be even more attached now.

Good thing I didn’t follow them into the room! he thought as Sarah’s eyes went wide. He could tell she’d just remembered something and she whispered briefly into his ear.

“You shoved Whitney up your backdoor last night! Tell me she’s not in the plumbing!”

Mike stood up rapidly and strode quickly to the restroom again without saying a word.

Twenty minutes later Whitney walked out of the suite’s restroom, dressed in one of Al’s shirts and a pair of boxers. Mike nervously refused to meet her eyes but if Sarah hadn’t been there Whitney would have been glad to tell him she’d had a blast in his rectum right up until nature had surrounded her and taken away her freedom of movement.

No one in their group needed that image in their mind hours before a wedding.


Hours later Mike stood in a small formation with his three best friends, across from Sarah’s own group of three bridesmaids. A hair tickled his nose and he itched it absentmindedly as he watched Sarah approaching. With some effort he held back a sneeze and hoped it didn’t make his eyes water.

She looked stunning in her white dress, a traditional piece that would have fit in at a courtroom ball two hundred years ago. Sarah approached confidently as the small crowd of onlookers stood in her presence. There were two steps to the small stage they had prepared in the park for their small-yet-large ceremony and she ascended them carefully as her two nieces helped with the train and she focused on not twisting her ankles in her heels.

As she took her position opposite Mike, Sarah couldn’t help but look at her three friends with some confusion on her face. Lacy raised an eyebrow at her and gave Sarah and encouraging smile. Then winked at Patrick, who had been eyeing her cleavage while they waited.

“Where’s Hannah?” she asked suddenly, and all three of her friends’ eyes widened as they realized they hadn’t seen her since last night.

Mike’s nose tingled again and this time he couldn’t fight the sneeze. Before he could get his elbow high enough to catch it he sneezed hard, feeling something bounce off the sleeve of his tuxedo and seeing something small zip across the space between him and the bridesmaids.

Gianna gasped as something solid hit her neck, then fell into her own tightly-pressed cleavage. As she looked down in surprise she saw Hannah’s stunned form quickly grow to three inches tall.

The tiny girl let out a sigh of relief as she saw her friend, then a squeak of terror as Gianna’s fingers pushed her down into her cleavage to hide her from the rest of the ceremony.

But it was too late. It was obvious to everyone on the altar what had happened, including the marriage officiant, Sarah’s grandfather. The crowd had been busy taking their seats and the situation hadn’t been noticed by them.

Sarah’s grandfather looked from Gianna’s wriggling cleavage to Mike, then to Sarah’s red face.

“I don’t want to know,” he said to Mike as he pulled a notecard with his prepared speech. Quietly to Sarah he whispered, “But I won’t mention that to your parents if you slip that little one into my coat pocket later.”

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