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Author's Chapter Notes:

The story of the tiny man who found himself Anita's newest unwitting, unwilling toy.

Four days ago, at the insistence of his boyfriend of barely two months, nineteen year-old Braden Walsh installed the Syze app on his phone. He carelessly brushed through legal releases and user agreements, but was extremely cautious when setting up his profile. Every option about what kind of behavior he was going to allow, what kind of permissions he was giving both the app and his potential matches, was second-guessed and researched. He knew what the app did, but he didn't trust the assurances of either his boyfriend or the advertisements that nothing that happened while he used it could be done without his consent. Frankly, he didn't even want to install it in the first place.

But his boyfriend made a very compelling argument for using it. Over the several days that he was able to keep up his resolve, his boyfriend explained, both in and out of the bedroom, exactly what they could be doing at that moment if they had control over each other's size. Braden tried to ignore him, but he found himself daydreaming about the hypothetical scenarios, and he couldn't ignore the fact that they did, from time to time, get his dick hard.

Fuck it, he thought one Friday night afternoon after class, and downloaded the app before his boyfriend got home from work. After an hour or so switching between computer and phone, making sure that his settings were such that nobody could ever take advantage of him, he was sure that he had it right. And, when he heard his boyfriend unlock the door, he surprised him by matching with him on the app from his contacts. He heard, from the hallway, his boyfriend's phone chime with the notification, then, a second later, the excited shout of, "Oh my God! Braden!"

He jumped out into the hallway to greet his boyfriend, and was nearly bowled over by his joyous bear hug. "We're going to have so much fun!" he exclaimed.

They didn't leave the apartment at all that evening. With the endurance that only teenagers could boast, they explored the possibilities that Syze offered them for hours on end, pausing only briefly to cook up some grilled cheese before continuing late, late into the night. Braden was abused in ways that should not have been physically possible, and returned the favor with an eagerness that seemed almost sadistic. Surrounded constantly by each other's heat, breathing constantly each other's scent, they both loved every minute of it.

Finally, both of them exhausted, they finished the night with something that Braden had eventually grown adventurous enough to ask for specifically. He let his boyfriend shrink him down to the size of a grain of rice, then shove him bodily into his cock. Pressed in tight on all sides by smooth, wet walls, listening to the rapid heartbeat booming from all around, he was harder than he had been in his life. But he couldn't even move, and that sense of imprisonment made it that much more erotic.

All he could do was lie there as he felt his boyfriend stroke his cock. Slowly at first, then with more energy and more vigor as time went on, his heartbeat growing faster and faster and faster with every passing minute. Eventually, the giant was jerking off so fast that Braden felt like he was being buffeted on all sides, the walls around him pressing in every time he flexed his cock. He could feel the hot precum welling up underneath his feet, then, without warning, his boyfriend came, and he was shot with a glob of semen high into the air.

Shortly afterwards, they were both full size again, covered in sweat from head to toe, and breathing like they had just finished a marathon. They were both too hot to cuddle, and far too hot to go under the covers, so they just lay next to each other, letting the bedsheets soak up the sweat from their tired bodies.

"Holy fuck," Braden breathed. He laughed a bit, fondling his soft, sore groin, and cursed again. "That was amazing."

"I told you," his boyfriend whispered.

A long moment of silence passed between them, no noise but the whir of the apartment's heater and their slowly steadying breathing. Eventually, Braden started to feel the cool bite of air against his sweaty skin, and scooted a bit closer to the warmth of his boyfriend's body. "Do you think..." he started, then paused.


"Do you think we should try to get another person in on this?"

His boyfriend cracked that goofy smile that he loved so much, "Oh my god!" he exclaimed. "We totally could! Have you tried to match with anyone else yet?"

"No, just you!" Braden answered, picking up the excitement in his boyfriend's voice immediately.

"Oh, get your phone, let's see who we can find!"

Braden crawled just far enough out of bed to grab his phone off the nightstand, then crashed back onto the mattress, snuggling up next to the warmth of the man he shared the bed with and holding the phone up above both of them. He opened the Syze app and, together, they swiped left and right through all of the 'men seeking men' who seemed, based on distance, like they lived in Manhattan with them.

His boyfriend was more than vocal with his opinion, keying in on minor details about clothing, posing, or even the background of the photos to instruct Braden to swipe right or left. Braden didn't have as many opinions as his boyfriend did, but he enjoyed the experience, fantasizing about how they could use, or be used by a new partner. The possibilities of the Syze app seemed almost limitless.

By the end of the night, they had narrowed it down to about a three dozen potential matches, but only two of them had gone through yet. But these dating apps were all the same. In the morning, he'd wake up to a few more, and, by tomorrow night or the next night, all of the swipes would have resolved themselves into successes or failures. Three dozen men seemed like a wide net to cast given that Braden's size was the thing at stake, but he took solace in the fact that, no matter how many matches he had, none of them could do anything but chat with him until he explicitly gave them permission.

They both slept well that night.


Early in the morning the next day, Braden was grabbing a coffee from the Starbucks around the corner before heading up to class. Seated in the corner of the room, he swiped through the matches that had turned up overnight. Four of the men he had swiped right on had matched with him since he went to bed, but a fifth now seemed to have a picture of a woman in the half-dozen profile pictures. He didn't remember any of that, and he thought that he and his boyfriend had scrolled through all of the pictures of their potential matches. He scrolled through the man's profile, and nothing seemed to be amiss, just the one picture of a young-looking Asian woman, laughing at a party with a drink in her hand and her arm over the shoulder of someone out of frame.

All of the other pictures of the stranger seemed to be of the same person, a man identified only by the name 'Aaron.' The location said '<2 miles,' but, in this city, that could be any one of a million people. Even so, he looked around at the Starbucks, and didn't see the dirty-blonde high-fade that was in any of the pictures, so he shrugged and swapped back to Facebook.

The barista called his name, and he grabbed his coffee off the counter, making his way to the bathroom before he embarked on the twenty-minute walk to school.  Phone in one hand, coffee in the other, he shouldered the door open, then placed the coffee on the sink before turning back to lock the door. But, before he could reach it, he suddenly shrank by half.

His eyes boggled, and the suddenly too-large phone fell out of his hands, clattering on the tiles. He shouted in surprise, but he was already too small for anyone to hear him, and shrinking fast. As the door grew into a monolith above him, the handle receding far out of reach, he panicked, trying to figure out a way to save himself, but it was already too late. In seconds, he was standing naked in a sloppy pile of clothes that surrounded him like a mountain range. He stood there, frozen, looking up at a world that seemed to have grown a hundred times in size, wondering what the fuck just happened.

Then the bathroom door clicked open, and a woman slid in, shutting the door and locking it quickly behind her. She wore a tight pair of jeans, a loose red sweater, and a backpack. She was maybe only about five foot six, given where she stood in the doorframe, but she seemed a thousand feet tall to him. He jumped up and down and waved, screaming his lungs out. "Hey!" he shouted, praying she she would hear him. "Down here!"

As if his tiny body, probably only eight inches tall given how high his clothes seemed to rise up around him, would be any more noticeable than the pile of empty clothes in the middle of the bathroom. In this tiny cubby of a bathroom, there was no way she couldn't notice him, right?

The giant woman looked down at him, and his heart leapt with hope for a moment, before he saw the expression on her face. There was no surprise in her expression, no empathy, not even a degree of excitement. She looked at him like she expected to see him there. She crouched down, back against the door, studying him closely with a passive expression. And it was only then that he realized that this woman was the one that he couldn't figure out in that stranger Aaron's profile picture.

Holy shit. Had he been tricked? He had checked and double-checked his settings. Nobody should have been able to shrink him without his consent, right? He shouldn't even have been able to give that kind of power to a woman; he had been searching the gay side of the app exclusively. How the hell was this even possible?

No, it couldn't be possible. This was a dream, wasn't it? It had to be. But nothing about his surroundings let him continue to live in that fantasy. The subtle smell of ammonia wafting up from the bathroom tiles, the quickly-fading warmth from the clothes that surrounded him, and the very, very clear expression on the woman's face told him that he was experiencing a real, very real, reality, however impossible it may seem.

The woman reached down, and he recoiled instinctively, but there was nothing he could do. Her hand wrapped around his body effortlessly and lifted him into the air. He gained altitude at a dizzying speed, finally winding up right in front of the woman's face. Her fist opened slightly, just enough that her deep brown eyes could regard his entire body. Her thumb brushed against his crotch, and he tried in vain to push it away, recoiling against the palm of her hand.

She smiled subtly, then her fist closed back around him and she walked at a nightmarish speed over to the other side of the room, depositing him on the sink right next to his coffee cup.

He was shorter than the cup now, he realized, the warmth emanating off of it like a radiator. She seemed to be ignoring him for now, but what on earth could he do? It was a hundred feet down from where he was to the hard, cold floor. His only escape was into the sink, but, even if he was small enough to fit into the drain, what happened then? He had no idea how he had shrunk, and he had absolutely no idea how to grow himself big again.

The giantess shed her backpack and laid it on the ground, crouching down next to his discarded pile of clothes. She bundled up the clothes and stuffed them into her bag, using his shoes to tamp down the lot before zipping it closed. Then she grabbed his phone off the floor and stood up, flicking through his apps with the same disinterested look on her face.

His feeling of fear and confusion only magnified watching her. What the hell was she doing? His phone hadn't laid idle long enough to lock itself, so she had access to everything. His contacts, his apps, and every tracking service that could possibly key someone in to the fact that something was wrong. Finally, she alighted on the Syze app, which he could barely recognize from the color palate that he saw on the screen. She touched the screen a few times, and her subtle smile returned to her face.

Her gaze snapped to him, and he cringed instinctively. She cleared the distance between him and her in a few quick, short steps, and held the phone up so he could see the screen. On it was the image from Aaron's profile, of her laughing with the drink in her hand. Watching Braden's shocked expression closely, her smile broadened, and she held the power button on his phone until the device turned off. She stuffed the phone into her pocket and walked up to the sink, approaching so fast that his brain froze with the helpless fear of prey under a charging lion.

Her left hand shot forward, and he fell back, throwing up his arms and letting out a weak cry. But she grabbed the coffee cup instead, popping the lid off and pouring the entire thing into the toilet. She tossed the cup into the trash and flushed the toilet with a careless wave of her hand over the sensor. Over the roar of the water, he could hear her speak to him, her voice low, serious, and terrifying.

"My name is Anita Lee," she said, leaning over the sink until all he could see was her expressionless face, her dark, bottomless brown eyes. "And I own you now."

She straightened up, and undid the buttons of her pants. Rocking her hips back and forth, she shimmied the form-fitting jeans, and the thick leg-length winter underwear beneath them, down to her knees, revealing a tight pair of pink panties that hugged her waist. Then she straightened up, and her right hand came forward faster than he could react, her fist wrapping around him, lifting him up off the sink and carrying him down to her hips.

Her left hand pulled open the waistband to her underwear, revealing a clean-shaven crotch and allowing a heady, fishy smell to waft up from between her legs. He gagged, disgusted at the sudden, overwhelming odor, and struggled in vain against her fist. Was she really going to put him into that?

Her grip opened, slowly, and her wrist tilted slightly. He realized he was on the precipice, and kicked in vain against her palm, scrabbling for something to grab ahold of with his hands and finding nothing. Her pronounced pubic mound seemed like a fleshy boulder waiting to crush him between her body and her panties, but, no matter how he struggled, there was nothing he could do to avoid his fate.

Finally, he slipped downwards, bouncing off the tight skin of her belly and tumbling down into her underwear. He felt his feet slide into something hot, wet, and slimy, up to his knees, and looked up in horror at the giantess. Her face peeked just barely over the massive red field of her sweater, an expression of sick joy on her face.

"Goodbye!" she said, waving with the hand that had just dropped him. Then she let the waistband of her panties snap shut.

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