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All I could do was watch, as Alice, now titanic, picked up her newest victim from the ground. The tiny girl probably didn’t even understand what had just happened to her: she simply could grasp how something so unnatural could have occurred to her. And that was all for a silly reason, because she accidentally angered the wrong person. The giantess walked back in my direction, a triumphant smile on her lips. She dropped the poor girl near me and whispered: “I brought you a little friend”. She giggled and sat down on the bench, contemplating us, her little preys between her feet. She slowly raised one of her socked foot above the terrorised girl. Nicole started screaming, as the massive sole hovered over her. Small particles of dust rained on her from the greyish texture of her sock. “Do you understand what I can do now? I can flatten you like dust, you little brat. I bet that you are really sorry for pushing me, now, aren’t you?”. Nicole screamed in panic at the top of her lungs “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”. Alice simply laughed, and slowly lowered her dusty foot, enjoying her fear.

I could simply stay there and watch as Alice was about to hurt an innocent. I just ran for it, grabbed Nicole by the waist and shoved her away, just a few seconds before the giantess’ foot slammed down on the ground. At first, she was surprised that she didn’t feel the tiny body underneath her, and scrunched her toes, searching for it. But when she saw me with her victim in my arms, her eyes flared with rage. “Oh, would you look at that, a tiny knight in shiny armour. I thought that, by now, you knew what was good for you, but it seems that you didn’t learn your lesson the first time. Let us girl settle our business by ourselves, while you get a nice trip where you can’t disturb us”. She caught me with a swift movement of her hand, caging my puny body in her palm. I was dropped on the bench, next to her. “I don’t think you’ll be able to bother us anymore from where you will be in a few seconds” she said, mischievously. Alice got up from the bench, and positioned her perfectly sculpted butt, the result of her daily training, right above me. She turned her head towards me, barely containing her laughs, teasing me: “look at the bright side: Every boy in school would die for this view, and you are the only one with the privilege to have a close look at my ass!”. She burst into laughter and lowered her massive rear upon me. Despite the terrifying pressure, her butt was actually too soft to crush me to death. Instead, it slowly engulfed me, smothering me against the fabric of her shorts. I struggled under her left cheek, trying to breath, but she simply snuffed out my efforts with a slight twitch. Then, she turned to Nicole.

“At last, it’s just you and me. Let’s see, where were we?” said Alice, teasing the tiny girl between her feet. “Oh yes. I remember. You were about to regret what you did, right?”- “Yes, YES, please, forgive me!” squeaked the shrunken brunette. Alice smiled: “Oh, but you must be punished, in order to show me how sorry you are. It would be too easy, otherwise. Yeah, I think that a small punishment is just fair. Then, I’ll accept your apologies, ok?”. Nicole nodded, unsure. “Awesome! Now, let’s see…” she said, removing her dusty right sock and placing her long, slender foot before the scared girl. “How about you give me a little foot rub? I think it could work” she said, almost gently. Nicole approached Alice’s big toe, that slightly exceeded her in height. Timidly, she brought her hands to the warm surface of the giantess’ bare skin and started massaging. “See? That was not too bad, huh? Alright, it may be slightly sweaty, but after a game, your tiny feet probably are too. Would you mind giving my sole a massage too? Then, you’re done” promised Alice in a condescending tone. She raised her foot by a few centimetres and held it above Nicole’s microscopic body. The tiny girl reached the massive sole tiptoes, but as soon as she touched it, the enormous foot came down upon her. “You worm! Do you like being stepped on? Do you like being humiliated? Because that’s how you made me feel, and I do not deserve to be humiliated. Never!”, Alice shouted, bursting into rage. Nicole, meanwhile, was about to suffocate under the foot of her captor, unable to move and feeling her own body about to give in to the unbearable pressure. Then, Alice lifted her foot, looking proudly at the battered girl that struggled to breath. Still gasping and shocked, the brunette muttered “But… you promised… that all I had to do… was massaging your sole… and I’ll be free…”. The giantess smirked: “You tiny people never learn: if I shrink you, it’s already too late”. She grabbed her sock, then lifted her and, after giving one last look at her prey, she dropped her inside. The girl’s screams were soon muffled by the thick fabric of the sock. Alice then proceeded to slowly place her foot on top of her, enjoying every second of the cruel torture she was about to inflict. She felt the poor girl’s body adhering to her sole, nothing more than a shivering lump beneath the dusty texture of her sock, and put her shoe back on, tying it tightly and sealing Nicole away from the world, without leaving a trace. The giant girl enjoyed the squirming of the tiny being for a few minutes, before remembering about me. She still had to deal with another prisoner.

When she lifted her heavy rear from atop me, I eagerly inhaled some fresh air. It might even have been the best butt in the whole school, but being smothered beneath it was far from being a pleasurable experience. Of course, she didn’t waste time and put me back on the floor, before her shoes. I noticed that the tiny girl I tried to help was gone, and I could only imagine her fate, but before I  had the time to make any assumption, Alice’s voice boomed from above me: “Well, it was a fine afternoon, after all: I won the match and took down a rival, who belongs to me now. I already had my fun with you, so I think it’s time to say goodbye”. Without any further explanation, she raised her shoe above me, and with horror I realised what she was trying to do. I ran as fast as I could, regardless of my size. Her foot landed only a few centimetres behind me, and I thought I heard a faint scream coming from inside her shoe. I was bounced forward by the gust of wind that her stop produced. Alice sighed: “look, we can do it the easy way or the hard way. It’s not like you can escape from me”. I started running again, without a goal, but simply trying to get as far as possible from the mad giantess. I never ran so fast in my life, but she caught up with me with a relaxed pace. Eventually, she cornered me: an impossibly tall row of lockers was blocking my way. I turned back to see the sole of Alice shoe coming down on me. “it was fun while it lasted. Bye!” she said cheerfully. I had to think fast. I noticed a small gap between the floor and the lockers: maybe I couldn’t outrun her, but I could prevent her from catching me. I squeezed under the lockers just as her foot came down on the ground, “What?! Where did you go?” she asked to herself, stunned. She laid on the ground and spied under the lockers. I saw the pupil of her big blue eye focused on me. “Just wait till I get you and you’ll see!” she said, pushing her hand forward. However, it never reached me. Instead, her massive hand was stuck, too big to fit under the tight gap. She vainly flailed her fingers, still too far from me, before pulling her hand out, unable to reach me. “Fine, stay there, then! See if you enjoy your life as a bug forever, living in the dust under a locker! Eventually, you’ll get hungry and will have to come out. I hope you’ll get crushed by a cheerleader or something! That would serve you right! It’s not like you will survive without me, anyway”. Alice got up, and I heard her thunderous step progressively getting away… She turned off the lights and left the locker room. I was left there, tiny and alone, in the dark. I managed to survive, but she was right on one thing: she was the only person in the world that could have restored me back to normal. And she would have never done that.

Since then, I have to survive in a whole different world. The small, dusty crevices of the locker room became my home. I eat and drink whatever I can find at my reach. My meals mostly consist of crumbles and discarded snacks, that I gather after the girls of the basketball team leave the locker. In order to avoid their deadly stomps, I remain hidden, away from their reach. Sometimes, I can even see Alice, always the same: she still bosses everyone around, and probably still uses her power on people. I couldn’t stop her, and now she doomed me to the harsh life of a shrunken person. I wonder if she thinks that I’m still alive. If she remembers me at all. Sometimes, I think that I could try to ask for help to one of the giant girls out there, but if Alice were to find out… I don’t even want to imagine what she could to my saviour or to me. I know it would be nearly impossible to stop her. However, I can’t help but think that the world out there is a more dangerous place because of her.


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