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It wasn’t looking good for me, trapped in the grasps of the athletic giantess. Alice seemed to be pondering over what to do next, holding my minuscule body in her hand and assuming a pensive expression as she looked at me. Then, her eyes glimmered with intuition, and her creepy grin returned, announcing a nefarious thought. With her free hand she pulled the strings of her trainers and unlaced them. She took off her foot, dressed in a thick, grey, knee-high sock and positioned me right above her shoe. She held me by the arms, leaving the rest of my body dangling in the void. “How about I keep you nice and safe in my shoe? Wouldn’t it be nice if you helped me winning? I must warn you, though: it could get really hot in there after a few minutes…” she said, slowly lowering me into her gigantic shoes. I protested, wiggling and thrusting as much as I could, but that only served to annoy her: “Look, it’s not like you’re the first one ok? Most people can survive being trampled on, if they don’t freak out and do something stupid. So, don’t be a wimp and get in there”. Alice threw me uncaringly on the bottom of her shoe and slowly began settling her foot back in, enjoying every second of my terrified screams. The immense socked foot made its way in, five wiggling toes approaching and searching for me. I was overrun, and she grabbed me, squeezing me against her toes and suffocating me with the thick, soft texture of her sock. I heard her voice echoing somewhere in distance: “It’s so nice to have someone your size in there… It’s been so long since the last time! I had almost forgot how good it felt! Better get going now, hold on tight down there, I want you to help me celebrate my victory once I get you out!”. Then, a sense of vertigo, and a sudden pressure: she started walking. I couldn’t even imagine how bad it was going to be.

The pressure and the heat rose with each and every step. Far away, I could hear the loud cacophony of the stadium, muffled by the walls of the shoe. Meanwhile, Alice regrouped with her team, confident as always and ready to crush the rival team. She wiggled her toes around me one last time, then a loud whistle and the match began. She fiercely tackled her opponents, fighting with all of her strength, as if the match was a matter of life or death. Her mind was entirely focused on winning the game, to prove once more her superiority. She knew that her rivals were just common people, and they were nothing before her, and her power. Alice knew she was something more, unparalleled with them: she could shrink them to nothingness in the blink of an eye, if she only wanted to. She always managed to obtain whatever she wanted, and this match was no different: there was no way she was going to lose.

As these thoughts ran through my captor’s mind, I was experiencing an unimaginable torture beneath her. Every dash, every jump and every sidestep she made were catastrophic to me. Her truck-size foot repeatedly hit me hard, and I had no way to shelter myself. She was really giving all of herself, both mentally and physically, at my expense. Soon, she began sweating: her sock dampened, the air filled with a weird, musky scent and the heat increased. Despite all my efforts to get away from under her toes, Alice constantly pressed down on me, forcing me to bear the pressure of the sweat-soaked sock. Her salty sweat soon covered my whole body and I barely managed to keep it out of my mouth as I pointlessly struggled to escape form that ordeal. Suddenly, the pressure stopped, as if gravity stopped working. Then, a booming thud, and the giantess’ whole body shook from the impact. Alice had fallen to the ground. She cursed angrily and massaged her bruised elbows. It was only a matter of seconds before she got up on her feet again and went back to the game, more feral than ever. I could sense her rage with each powerful, painful step she took. All I could do was to endure it till the end of the match. Even survival was not a simple task.

Eventually, I managed to slide to the side of her foot. Sure, it was still terrible being trapped there, but at least I didn’t have to endure so much pressure. When the whistle blew for the end of the match, I couldn’t believe I was still alive. Alice let out a long sigh, her blood cooled, her heartbeat slowed down. She high-fived her teammates and slowly headed back to the locker room, her pace nothing like the thunderous and wrathful steps she took during the game. I knew my torture was almost over. Then, I remembered the stories that Alice told me about her victims, and suddenly I wasn’t so sure anymore. She couldn’t certainly keep me caged in her shoe forever… right? She sat down on the bench, untied her shoe and she removed her foot. Slowly, the pressure diminished and ceased. I fell, prone, on the bottom of the shoe, glad to be somehow alive. Alice grabbed her shoe and brought it to her face. She looked angry. Very angry. That wasn’t a good sign. “You better be still in one piece, ‘cause I really need to stress out” she said, clearly upset. She put her hand in her sweaty shoe and scooped me up in her palm. “Can you believe that? A girl on the other team shoved me. Not only she touched me, that bitch made me fall on my butt! I swear she’s not getting away with it. How dared she?! Doesn’t she know who I am or what I can do?!” she shouted, easily enraged again. The sound of her voice was deafening, hurting my ears. Then, she let out a sigh, and closed her eyes: “Whatever. There’s no reason to get angry now. It’s not like she can escape for me anyway” she said, ominously. Suddenly, as if she remembered something, she looked and me with her eyes wide open and smiled: “But I still got you in the meantime, right?”

Alice lowered me on the ground, between her massive socked feet. Her full size was unconceivable for me. She looked down at me, curiously: “How do you feel? You’re nothing compared to the goddess that I am…”. She bit her lip, excited by her own words. She loved the feeling of being powerful, I knew it. Suddenly, her feet closed around me, gently sandwiching me against the damp texture of her socks. I struggled for all I could, trying to break free from her grasp, but she was simply too strong. Alice shivered in excitement, taking pleasure in my vain efforts. “My toy… You are nothing but my little plaything…” she murmured softly to herself. What was a pleasant game for her, was a nightmare for me. Being smothered by her gigantic feet wasn’t surely nice: with the slightest twitch of her ankle I feared that she could break me and, as the air was forced out of my lungs, I went in apnoea for a few seconds. Even when I was able breath again, the air smelled like the humid, consumed sock of the giantess.

I felt she could have continued forever, basking in her sick pleasure. Suddenly, however, the door of the locker room opened. She dropped me carelessly on the floor and walked to the door. A slim brunette with short hair timidly got in, and unsurely asked to my captor: “Are you Alice? Your teammates told me that you asked to see me”. Alice smirked: “Yeah, that’s right. I remember you. Nicole. You’re the one that pushed me and made me fall during the match”. The girl that Alice called Nicole seemed concerned by the remark: “Yeah, I’m really, really sorry about that! I didn’t want to hurt you, hope you’re ok now…”. She sounded genuinely sorry, but Alice looked at her sternly: “You’d better be. Apologise as much as you want, but you’ll be even more sorry after I’ll be done with you. Did you really think you could humiliate me and get away with it? You’re nothing compared to me! You’ll see what people like you deserve”- “Wait, no, I really didn’t mean to…”. The brunette’s reply was cut short, as Alice gathered her power and unleashed it. I was watching the conversation between the two giantesses from the ground, far away, and when I realised what she was doing, it was too late. Nicole vanished from my view. Alice leaned over with a big smile on her face and picked something from the ground. Then, she got up, holding a tiny, screaming girl in her hand.


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