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Shannon tip-toed as best she could in the dark, easy enough to do on a Friday night in her sleepy small town. She slipped by the water tower on the edge of town, almost to Molly’s house. Pausing for a moment she compared her height to the tower. She reached up, but was still unable to reach the top. At her best guess she was around fifty feet tall now, the maximum height of her hero Nancy from Attack of the 50ft. Woman.

She continued on, now in open fields and able to make better progress. It wasn’t long before she came upon Molly’s isolated house outside of town. Shannon glanced around the house and noticed only Molly’s mustang and her boyfriend’s F-250 parked in the driveway. She figured her rich parents were out of town on some trip and she was probably somewhere inside getting railed by her handsome boyfriend Brian.

Just the thought of that man naked and pounding someone caused her excitement to well up inside her once more, her foot-long labia twitching at the thought of what his dick must feel like.

Shannon crept towards the house, staying in the dark while she tried to pinpoint where they might be. She noticed movement through a dimly lit window on the second story.

“Found you.”

She knelt down on one knee and peered through the window. She saw Molly and Brian naked and fucking doggy style. Molly clenched the bed sheets moaning while Brian pounded her, the sweat on his back glistening in the dim light. Shannon surprised herself when she found her attention focused not on Brian, but on Molly’s large ass. With each pound she watched as Molly’s fat ass cheeks bounced violently.

Shannon sat back on her ass and fanned her face. Whatever chemicals had gotten into her body not only increased her control over her body, but they made her a hundred times hornier. She felt liquid creep into the cracks between her thighs and calves, reaching down she gave her pussy a light rub.

“Just be patient, you’ll have your chance soon.”

Shannon looked around, realizing she almost crushed Molly’s vehicle.

“Shit, I’ve got to be more careful if I’m going to surprise her. Don’t want these things going off.”

She stood up and stared at the vehicles, gauging her ability to move the vehicles.

“Just a little bigger and that should do it.” She thought to herself.

Shannon took a few steps back into the dark and imagined herself one hundred and twenty feet tall.

She felt her bare feet push across the gravel and dirt as her body rapidly expanded to her thought. Her big toes stopped just shy of the parked vehicles, she wiggled them watching the light dance across her toenails.

Shannon knelt down, craning her neck to see into the window once more. Molly and Brian were still at it, the best she could tell and still oblivious to her actions outside.

Satisfied, she turned her attention back to the vehicles. She placed on giant hand on both vehicles and brought them to her face.

“I still can’t believe this. My hands are literally wrapped around two full sized vehicles.”

Shaking her head in disbelief she gently walked away from the house and walked into an open field down the road.

She glanced around making sure she was truly alone.

A twisted grin came across her face and she closed her right hand around Molly’s mustang. She felt the metal give way like paper. She placed Brian’s truck on the ground behind her, repositioned and slowly sat down. She giggled as pieces of the truck pushed through her ass crack and pressed into her asshole.

Dropping Molly’s crushed car, she stood back up and brushed her jiggling ass cheeks.

Below her lay a flattened truck in a large crater created by her ginormous ass.

“I…just…did that!” Shannon began jumping up and down happily, her new breasts bouncing heavily.

Just as quickly she stopped, hoping the tremors created by her joy didn’t alert her prey.

Composing herself, she headed back to the house in a few steps.

She shrunk herself back down to her original fifty feet and got herself ready. Laying down on her stomach she gently pushed the front door open and slowly pushed her hand through gently. Luckily, she found the stairs directly behind the front door and worked her hand up until she felt the stairs take a turn.

“Shit, I’m stuck. If only I could stretch my arm through like rubber. Fuck, so much for surprising them.”

Immediately she felt her arm and hand continue its forward movement, making the bend in the stairs. Her arm was flexing through as if her bones were not solid anymore.

“Holy hell. I can stretch myself too?!” She thought excitedly to herself. “I’m gonna have to do more experimenting with my powers when I get a chance.”

Letting her arm continue to stretch, she pushed her body up with her other arm and peered into the window once more.

Brian was now on top of Molly and looked close to finishing, more importantly she could see Molly’s room door wide open. After a little gentle maneuvering she was able to see her hand in their doorway.

Stretching her fingers through the door she grabbed hold of Brian right as he climaxed and pulled him through the house. His load blasted Molly in the face right before he found himself outside, staring at the largest set of eyes he had ever seen.

Molly sat up quickly, her face covered in Brian’s cum, before she knew what happened the window of her room burst open and a giant hand wrapped around her naked body and pulled her from her room. Molly blinked through the thick cum in her eyes and was able to see her Brian trapped like herself in a large hand. Looking upward she saw the familiar and much larger face of Shannon.

“What in the hell?” She stammered.

 “Hey little bitch.” Shannon leered down at Molly.

“Molly, what the hell is going on? Why the fuck is that freak Shannon so large?!”

“A FREAK?!” Shannon squeezed Brian.

“STOP! PLEASE STOP!” Molly screamed as she beat her tiny fists against Shannon’s fingers.

Shannon relaxed her grip.

Brian breathed in heavily trying to regain his breath.

“Let him go!”

“I’ve got big plans for you little Molly, but first you’re gonna watch your boyfriend and me have a bit of fun first.”

Shannon placed Molly on her shoulder. “Stay.” She commanded.

Shannon rested on her ass and put her feet on either side of the house and imagined herself three hundred feet tall.

Molly and Brian watched in disbelief as their vision was overtaken with expanding flesh all around them.

Molly quickly found her self able to stretch her legs out as the shoulder around her grew bigger and bigger. The last view she had of Brian was of his head falling in between the giantess’s growing fingers.

Shannon felt her pussy lips and inner thighs plow through the two-story house as her body grew to five times it’s previous size. Pleasure coursed through her body as her growth slowed and finally stopped.

“Amazing.” Her deep bass voice boomed in the night air.

She felt Brian’s tiny body squirming in the palm of her left hand, bringing it to her face she opened her fist and saw Brian quivering in fear.

“Don’t be afraid my little man. You’re about to get the most pussy you’ve ever had and you better do good or,” She brought her other hand before him and made a crushing motion. “ you’re life is over.”

Brian shivered even more and felt himself piss from fear as her deep voice and hot breath washed over his naked body.

“Aww, you pissed yourself. Let me clean you up first.”

Opening her giant mouth, she pushed her tongue out and lapped up the warm pee in her palm, chasing Brian to the other side of her hand.

He fell down against her fingers, trapped, as the giant tongue began lapping at his body. Moist warm air filled his mouth as her sticky saliva soaked his body from head to toe. Despite the fear, his body betrayed him. His large dick shot out as her rough tongue worked up and down the front of his body.

The giant tongue retreated, replaced by a giant white smile.  “I see you are starting to like this, just wait for the next part.”

The dark night swirled around him and he soon found himself in front of a seven-foot-tall clean-shaven vagina.

The smell though,  “Oh my god, that’s horrible.” Brian choked out as he plugged his nose.

The giantess’s left hand moved down to her pussy and spread her labia apart, revealing her room sized vagina underneath. Shannon’s right hand came behind him and pushed him forward.

“Be gentle Brian, I’m a virgin.”

Those were the last words Brian heard as he was forced into the wet maw of her pussy.


Shannon heard the tiny scream in right ear as she forced Brian into her, using her fingers to push him completely in. She bucked in both pain and pleasure as she held onto his tiny legs and began thrusting as hard as she could. The feeling was incredible, dotted with pain as her large hymen broke from the force of her thrusting the tiny body deeper.

“Oh, god, oh god, oh god, Molly….no wonder you love him.this feels fucking….unh…incredible.”

Molly looked on in horror at the scene far below her. Her poor boyfriend was being used as a human dildo for Shannon. She began losing her footing and quickly grabbed onto strands of the blonde hair around her to keep from falling off.

Regaining her footing, she ventured another look as the giantess finally stopped thrusting. Far below she could barely make out Brian’s lifeless body. Tears began pouring out her eyes.


Shannon gave one last thrust as her body shook from the final orgasm. She pulled Brian out and placed him on the ground.

Glancing down she could tell that his pathetic little body gave up many thrusts ago. The force of her hands and the tightening of her powerful vaginal muscles were too much for him. She lifted his wet body before her making sure Molly could see.

“Killed by a virgin, how sad is that?”

Molly forced herself to look.

His body was covered in Shannon’s blood and cum and she could smell her juices wafting off him in the light breeze. She wanted to vomit, but then to her horror, Shannon lifted his body up higher and lowered Brian into her open mouth.

Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch…gulp.

Shannon savored the flavors that gushed through her mouth as she chewed and swallowed the dead man.

“I see why you liked him so much. He was amazing, start to finish.” Shannon goaded as she rubbed her giant soft belly.

Shannon could feel Molly sobbing as she placed her large hand around her pulling her off her shoulder and out of her hair.

“Shh, little girl. The worst has yet to come for you.”



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