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Author's Chapter Notes:

Second chapter, focused on feet.



"So..." Rachel was seeing at us with shine in her eyes, expecting to one of us to choose where should we go.

"Yeah, so who is choose first?" Angela asked.

We all looked at each other, then we all looked at Anthony.


"What?!" He asked.

"We're all sure you know already where you want to go don't ya?" Angela asked.

"Of course I already know! But I have principles and I want to be the last one to choose" Anthony said.

That's Anthony for you... he just want to be the last one to make us experience what he is thinking about.

"I think we're gonna need some time to think about this" William said.

"Oh, In that case! Why don't we go to my room so we can have all the fun in there?" Rachel said that while she was trying to look for a tiny container to put us in.

«She knows that she can just take us there and explained on the way, right?»

She put her giant finger in front of us, the thing was actually massive, tall as a wall and the length was actually indescribable.

"Get on top of my finger and I take you all there" Rachel said.

If this is just her finger, I can't even imagine how big other parts of her body might be...

Just thinking about it make me terrified... but that feeling get away as I remember the protection suits that we all had.

"Okay, let's do this..." I said to myself.

We get on top of her finger actually climbing a little but it was easy to grab her skin so we did it fast.

"Is everyone there?" Rachel asked with a cute smile on her face.

«Can't contain the excitement huh?»

"Yes, we are all on the... eh... finger" William said.

"Great" Rachel said, moving a little her finger.

"Woahh!" We all were surprised by the sudden movement, trying to grab on her skin to not fall.

Then, the world get upside down when Rachel dropped us in the palm of her other hand.

"There you go, like this you can't fall to the ground, but if by mistake that actually happens, don't worry your mass is so little that you might not get any injury at all, and even if you can, you might just be protected by your suits" Rachel said all that while she was walking and taking us to her room.

«She really did think everything huh?»

"So, who is gonna choose first?" I asked remembering what we were supposed to discuss.

"I'm not choosing until I can get the idea of what are we doing here..." Angela said.

"Then it's between William and Daniel" Anthony said.

A part of Rachel's body that I want to explore? I mean, im good with everything but... if I had to choose...

"Then I'm choosing!" William exclaimed.

«Eh?! Oh well, whatever... I'm actually a little bit curious about what William would choose»

Rachel made it to her room and heard that William was choosing, she take her hand closer to her face and we were facing the massive, giant, enormous face of Rachel.

We weren't even close to her but we all could feel her breath, that make us clear that we were completely at the mercy of this giant weird girl.

I was engulfed in her eyes bigger than anything and seeing right at us, her beautiful lips that are probably really soft starting to part away as she was going to speak and...

"Okay William, where does my tiny little group should go first?" She bit her lower lip a little as she said that.

She was clearly teasing us, something that really work on me because I fell on my back.

Rachel sat on her bed and was still seeing at us, waiting for an answer.

"I want to explore your feets" William said.

"What?" Angela asked.

"My feets?" Rachel asked kind of surprised.

"That's right, you heard me" William said.

"So your into feet William?" Anthony asked.

"Don't misunderstand me, I'm not into feet, it's just that I feel a little excited of this journey so I wanted to know how Rachel's feets would look from our point of view" William explained.

"So you ARE into feet" Anthony exclaimed.

"Well... that's correct too" William said.

"Then don't go doing excuses from nowhere!" AngelaI exclaimed.

"Um... So you want to go to my feet... I wonder how could I... you know... put you there..." Rachel asked.

"Just do what you can" William answered.

"Okay then... going down" Rachel said that getting her hand on the ground.

"Ah, this it's gonna be a toetal fun" William said.

"Pffft" Angela let out a chuckle "he's such an idiot sometimes".

We stepped outside Rachel's palm, on the ground, in front of two large pillars that go to the sky.

«Wow... she's just sitting there on the bed but I can't imagine going up there... and even if I said that I was just that high a moment ago».

"This is all so unreal..." I blurted out.

I notice that Rachel smiled when I said that.

"Look at that precious feet..." William said while looking at the opposite way I was looking...

In front of us, we were greeted with a pair of feets larger than a house, everything was covered by giant socks but we knew that there were giant feets behind all that clothing.

"So... I take off my socks? I'm not really into this thing so I don't know..." Rachel said.

"You're not into feet but you actually are into tiny people exploring all your body?!" Angela exclaimed.

"Some... specific parts of my body actually... I just don't get the idea of squishing people under my feet.. that and I can't actually imagine things from this perspective" Rachel said.

"Well, then I suggest you to take off your socks because what a feet lover like me prefers the most... it's the smothering skin you have in your sole" William exclaimed.

"Okay! You're the boss" said Rachel taking off her socks at some speed that was actually a little scary for us, something so big moving so fast it just doesn't seem correct or actually legal, it make us seem at a great disadvantage for us.

«We'll never gonna adapt to that normal speed coming from her...»

Rachel put her socks besides her feets.

"Now what?" Rachel asked a little bit excited about this.

"Just leave your feet on the ground, we're gonna do the rest" William said.

"Speak for yourself, I'm not going over there" Angela said pointing at Rachel's giant fingers.

Oh fuck I didn't see them! They're like 9 foot tall from our point of view!

"They're big... really big..." I said.

"Oh really? *giggle* They're that big?" Rachel asked.

I nodded but I don't think she would possibly saw that.

"Then why don't you get to see them closer?" 

At first we didn't understand what she was talking about, but when the massive sole of her feet overcome the sky over us, we did...

Then a giant feet came right at us in all its glory.

I really thought that I was going to die at that moment but when I open my eyes I only feel a bit of pressure over my body.

"What is this?" I asked, seeing that everything was dark.

The environment was warm, a little moist, it smelled nice like some kind of lotion...

Then I realized...

«I'm under her sole...»

"You thought you were going to die or something? I already told you... with those suits you're practically invincible" Rachel said clearly enjoying this.

I felt that she was actually trying to put a lot of pressure, I knew because I couldn't move at all not even an inch.

"Look, I can just put a lot of pressure and you can't feel that bad right?" Rachel asked.

"This is... amazing..." William said clearly enjoying this as much or even more than Rachel.

Rachel lifted her feet from the ground but I still couldn't move...

And the reason was... well is kind of embarrassing to say but...

I was stick to the sole of her feet by her sweat.

"Woahh!" Everyone was exclaiming on the call, that means that everyone was stick to herthe feet just as myself.

"I know I should enjoy this... but all of you sticking to my feet like this... actually makes me to want to play with you some more like this... so..." Rachel stopped talking and we were surprised by the clothing she disposed of before... coming right at us.

"I'm just putting a sock on my feet... but for some reason this feels so exciting" Rachel said.

We were covered in Rachel's sock and feet, and I couldn't see it but I knew that Rachel was blushing with this feeling, the tone of her voice told me that.

«Maybe she's aroused with this?» but she said she wasn't into this kind of thing...

«So maybe it's just the thought of us being here».

«...» then I came to the conclusion.

«She's just a pervert...».

"I'm going to walk a little around my room with you guys in my sock... so enjoy yourselves in there" Rachel said that and the world around us started moving.

"Oh god..."


Then Rachel began to walk around her room.

To her it was just walking, to us it was really a crazy ride going up and down in the darkness and light, in the pressure and the sticky freedom that we were having.

This is actually not so bad, getting smothered against Rachel's sweaty, soft and sweet feet wasn't really bad at all.

It was actually a lovable feeling... something that was making my heart going on a lot.

Then I kiss her foot a little.

I didn't believe that the first time I was kissing Rachel wasn't a kiss on her lips but on her feet.... at the size of a speck...

"This is actually feeling funny..." Rachel said.

"You bet it is!" Anthony exclaimed.

"Hehehe... Now everyone understands the greatness of feets" William said.

"Not yet, I want more" Rachel said still walking on her room.

I could feel myself getting into this, the feeling was starting to feel overwhelming.

The it stopped, Rachel stopped walking and sat on her bed again.

"Everyone, I'm going to take off my sock so let me know if you need any help getting off my... *giggle* sole" Rachel said.

From one moment to another we were getting us free from her sole.

"Phew... that surely was a ride" Anthony said.

"I don't think I'm done yet with the feet thing" Rachel said "but I want you to rest a little before where you're going next".

"I still want to experience your feet though" William said.

Rachel smiled at those words and then she put her giant feet in front of us leaving all of us speechless.

"Then whoever who wants to be pinned down by these" she said while wiggling her toes "then come and get it".

We all watched William running to the giant toes wiggling playfully.

"He's gonna die"

"He's definitely gonna die"

We all were staring until the big toe of Rachel's feet came down and smothered William to the ground.

Rachel started to enjoy this a lot and was playing with her toes while William was trying to get all the feelings from all the sensations he was having there.

Angela, Anthony and me just sit there, trying to rest a little.

"Then who is next to choose?" Anthony asked seeing at us.

"I don't think I'm ready to choose, if things are going this way... I might get to overwhelm with all of this" Angela said.

"Then it's Daniel then" Anthony said.

"Eh? Really?" Rachel's voice interrupted our conversation, still playing with her toes so William can get tired.

"You already think something Daniel?" Asked Anthony.

I take a look at Rachel at the sky.

"I think that I already know where are we going next" I said.

I notice that Rachel blushed a little after hearing that.

«She's just so precious...»


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