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Daniel and his friends make a deal with their genious friend Rachel.

If they helped her to make some test experiments with her new invention, they can go with her on a trip to the other side of the world...

It's gonna be easy and nothing out of the ordinary right? right?!



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Published: December 30 2019 Updated: January 21 2020

1. Introduction by TinyEd [Reviews - 6] starstarstarstarstar (3066 words)

Hello, this is my first story of this kind.

I'm not native english speaker, so if you find some grammar errors you can leave a review and I'll try to fix it.And if you enjoy the story you can leave a review too!

This fisrt chapter is just an introduction.


2. This is a Toetal fun experience isn't it? by TinyEd [Reviews - 0] (2037 words)

Second chapter, focused on feet.


3. Now say "ahhh" by TinyEd [Reviews - 0] (2126 words)

Third chapter, focused on mouth play.



4. The DD Rachel's mountains by TinyEd [Reviews - 0] (2312 words)

Fourth chapter focused on breasts 



5. The tight and moist cave of love by TinyEd [Reviews - 3] (3050 words)

Insertion centered chapter and the end of the story

6. Epilogue by TinyEd [Reviews - 3] (912 words)

This is the epilogue of the story, I'm not sure yet if I'm gonna do a sequel about this characters but hopefully it might be


Also, this is gonna be a short chapter