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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hello, this is my first story of this kind.

I'm not native english speaker, so if you find some grammar errors you can leave a review and I'll try to fix it.And if you enjoy the story you can leave a review too!

This fisrt chapter is just an introduction.


«I really don't know how to write this but I'll do my best, because I need to talk about the most exciting, strange and weird event that changed all my friend's life and mine as well.


It all started years ago with the thing that one girl of our group always had and we never knew, a kink... that was just what detonated all the things that we do because of her.»


Her name is Rachel Evans and she is awkward but a really cool girl too, I actually have a crush on her since almost four years ago, and now that we are in high school a lot of guys are after her, and I can't blame them, she ir really beautiful and has a pretty smile that I love and can get lost on (and I probably will...) she has really good figure, with what I remember she said DD's breast cup and a big butt as well (She actually have a normal high school girl figure if you ask me), she is also daughter of an important scientific from around our town so she is actually really smart, like genius inventor smart, we we're all impressed when she said that she's going to trip next month where she is going to present an artifact that she herself made and was working for years.


(So yeah, she is pretty nice and all that... but... I'm confused about how to really feel about her, because I don't talk to mucho with her and she's like always ignoring everyone around herself.)


"Guys, I have a deal for all of you" Rachel said one day in the middle of lunch, when we were all of our group in the same table.


"What is it? " the guy who asked that was William Walker, the 'leader' of our group that make sure always that we're not fighting among us.


"Well, the thing is that you know that I'm going on an important trip right?"


William and me nod our heads.


"I can maybe get all of you a free ride with me to the exposition."


"Really?! That thing is like in the other side of the world, you serious can do that?!" that was Anthony Miller, 'the louder, the pervert and the idiot' of our group, he's like the popular guy that just likes to have some time with people like us, totally losers and awkward people.


"Is not that far you know? It's just an airplane trip" and that one was Angela Johnson, the other girl of the group and  the weird bisexual girl that is on our group and we don't know why'.


"Oh shut up, I like to exaggerate."


"Ahem..." Rachel cleared her throat, trying to catch their attention.


"Oh right, the trip" Anthony said.


"As I was saying... I can make you all go with me but only on one condition."


"Oh! I can do whatever you want lady" Anthony said.


"Just let her talk" William said.


"Okay Okay."


"Well, I need help with the experimentation of my machine and I might need all of you for it, if you only help me with that, then I can obtain a ticket for everyone."


"That sounds fair for me" I said.


Oh! I forget to talk about me, my name is Daniel Anderson and I really like to be a normal guy that you can find everywhere.


"Okay, if you're willing that I make experimentation with your bodies and I'm not responsible for any permanent damage that I can make to you then go to my house tomorrow and we're gonna have a really entertaining time together."


The way she said it make us have shivers but we're used to that kind of thing from her... but this time sounded really true...


(If only we  knew back then...)


The next day was Saturday, so we didn't have classes until Monday.


We gathered everyone in Rachel's house, specifically in the waiting room.


"I'm really curious about the artifact Rachel is doing, she actually never talks about it" William said.


"Yeah, the only thing we know about it is that she's going to that exposition because of it" Angela said.


I really wondered about what could possibly be, Rachel never talk to anyone about her projects but she usually tease me with saying me that she will show them to me one day.


"So this might be that day" I thought.


We waited like half an hour until Rachel come outside of her room/laboratory and come with four bodysuits on her hands.


"Everyone take one of these, unless you're wanna have a bad time with the next part" Rachel said.


"We have to change our clothes?" asked Angela while seeing at us.


"You can put them on top of yous actual clothes, it has the quality to expand or shrink to you own like... I just need you to put them because the texture" Rachel said.


"What about it?" I asked.


"Well... to not make the long explanation, it makes you invincible to any damage and it amplifies your durability" Rachel said.


"And why do we need that for?!" Angela exclaimed.


"Trust me, I proved them myself and they can deal with almost any damage."


"What kind of damage they can't protect us from?" William asked quite serious.


"Fire and acid mostly, it destroys their texture after all."


"We're dealing with something like that?" William asked.


"No" Rachel said with a straight face.


«Well, that's all I need to believe in» I thought and started to put on the protection suit and just as Rachel said it adjusted to my clothes on my body.


"Wow, this thing is amazing, as expected of our genius Rachel" I said.


"Thanks I really work hard on them" Rachel said with a cute smile that only make my heart to melt.


"Oh god, I love her so much." I thought.


Angela was the last one to put on her suit.


"We're ready now!" Anthony said.


"Not yet, you need these too" Rachel said while bringing to us some kind of bracelets, that almost looked like wristwatches.


"What can do these things?" Anthony asked a little curious.


"With these I can always know where you are and you can contact me wherever you are by call or if you're unable to talk or even myself, by message."


"I don't know what we're going to do but that sounds useful."


"Are we going to space or something like that?!" Anthony asked excited.


"*sigh* I'm really regretting this right now" Angela said.


Rachel giggle while was thinking on something.


«I usually enjoy seeing her giggle but this time it's actually... different?»


We all put on the wristwatches in our arms.


"Ready!" Anthony said.


"Great, now where going to my lab" Rachel said.


We all walked to her laboratory to see a really simple machine that was on the center of the room.


There it was, a simple laptop and some things that looked like button pins.


"Everyone put on one of those" Rachel said pointing to the pins.


«What the hell?»


We did as she said.




Rachel smile while seeing us.


"I really like where this is going" she said.


"I don't really think I can say the same thing" Angela said.


Rachel started to type on her computer.


"I need to all of you to go to that square over there."


Rachel said that pointing at some tiny square made by blue tape on the floor, it maybe was 3 inches length or less, I can't really tell.


"I don't think that everyone can stand there" William said.


"Well... I don't think the same way" said Rachel smiling really cute while pressing a final keyboard key.


And then... everything went bright...


"What is this?" Everything was confusion in that moment...


"What's happening?!" Everyone was screaming...


And then... I fell down to my feet, having nausea and feeling... lightheaded... when I came to my senses, the last thing I remember was that all the floor that I was standing on... turned blue.


And after that... I collapsed.






Some moments later...








I waked up with a terrible headache that was killing me, I tried to stand and then I heard a really big sound.




"Oh! You wake up cutie!" I heard the voice of Rachel for a moment booming all over the place and the I tried to see around myself to try to see where did it come from.


"Rachel? Where are you?" I asked looking around.


ThenI I heard a giggle booming around me.


"I'm right here Daniel" she said.


There was no sign of Rachel, William or the others wherever I looked... the only thing that I could see was this abnormal and really long pink wall that was in this place.


"Where are you? I can't see you" I tried to exclaimed.


«Is she invisible or something like that?!»


Then I heard a giggle again.


I tried to como close to the wall, maybe she was hiding behind or...


Then the wall just moved, surprising me at the moment and making me fall on my back.


"What the hell?!"


"*giggle* try looking for another perspective can you?"


I looked around myself again, then I noticed something that I couldn't believe it was real at the moment.


"This wall is a finger..." I blurted out.


"*giggle* so you just realized huh?"


I looked for the origin of this giant finger and found out that it really was connected to a giant hand... connected to a giant arm... connected to...


And then I saw her in all her glory, and I was stood in what it seemed a gigantic nightstand or a desk.


Rachel was seeing at me with a cute and BIG smile.


There she was, a really giant and enormous Rachel looking at me with what just looked like eyes the size of big pools.


Her face was massive, something that you never get to see in your life, something abnormal that didn't make sense at all!


And not to much far way from where I was... boobs the size of mountains were standing there, wriggling a little every time she giggle.




"R-R-Rachel? Is that you? "I asked, hesitating a little with my own voice.


"Well im certainly not a random giantess that just look like her, don't I?" she said with a giggle.


"What happened?! Why are you so big?! Why is..."


"We're shrunk by her technology you dumb" Angela said appearing behind me.


«So she's not big... I'm small... like really really small.»




"Angela? You too are small?!"


"She's not the only one" William said while coming at us.


"If I'm honest with you, I really think I can enjoy myself with this" Anthony said coming behind William.


"Well, Daniel was the last one to awake, so I think I can already explain to you what's going on here" Rachel's voice boomed at us.


"*sigh* Finally..." Angela said.


"The thing is that my invention is actually a size changing machine... it can change the size of whatever you want or whoever you want... and with the protection suits you can actually survive to almost anything no matter what size you are" Rachel said.


"That's actually a revolutionary invention! You can do a lot of things with this kind of technology!" William exclaimed with excitement.


"Hehe... thanks... " Rachel blush a little with the compliment.


"So... if we're shrunk... and we are I don't know how many times smaller than you... how can we speak to you so easy? Aren't we like super tiny and our voices can't really reach you so..." Before Angela could finish her questions, Rachel answered.


"Right now I'm talking to you by your bracelets... because at that size you may not clearly hear what I'm saying" she said.


«It might be that we're actually not hearing her voice directly form her but from the bracelets instead and in reality, we're just getting those booming sounds just from the impact of her voice.»


"But hell... you actually make us really small..." I said looking at the massive finger beside us and getting a glimpse to the two mountains at the other side of the desk.


"By the way, how small are we right now?" Anthony asked.


"Weeeell... maybe like...1/8 of an inch each one of you... I made the calculations and I might seem like 1600 ft tall for you" Rachel answered.


«Wait what?!»


Everyone around me had the same reaction.


"We are that small?" I asked.


"Yeah?" Rachel said looking at us and biting her lower lip a little.


"Okay, I'm already regretting this already" Angela said.


"So you talk to us about all of this because you needed help with some kind of experiment... like seeing our durability, our physical characteristics, maybe if we have some secondary effects of the shrinking exposure..."


"Eh... no..." Rachel said a little embarrassed "I already did all of that the other day and everything's fine... I didn't wanted to risk your security after all"


William seemed surprised by that revelation.


"So what are we gonna do that you needed all of us?" I asked.


Rachel blush a little just from thinking the answer.


"Weeeell... the thing is that I just wanted to play with all of you a that size."




"Hehe..." Rachel seemed embarrassed.


"*sigh* Are you serious?" Angela asked.


Rachel nodded with her gigantic face.


"Can I leave now?" Angela asked.


"Wait! I really want to play with all of you... and I already promised that if you help me today I'm gonna give you free tickets to the exposition so..."




"I thought we were going to do something really important here! But you already did all that without us!" Angela exclaimed.


"I mean, she's right" Anthony said agreeing with Angela, really uncommon actually.


"But..." Rachel tried to say something but was cutted out by her 1/8 inch height friend.


"So... how can we turn back to our normal sizes?" Angela asked.


"With my computer... it's the only way to change your sizes" Rachel said a little disappointed with how the things were going at the moment.


"Well... can you turn us back?" Angela asked.


"I don't wanna" Rachel said pouting, angry and cute in her own way.


"Rachel!" Angela exclaimed a little irritated.


"Why do yoy want to let us stay like this?" William asked trying to find out the reason behind shrinking us.


Rachel blush again thinking in something.


"The thing is that... since I was little I had a fantasy that along the years it turned into a fetish..." Rachel started playing with her hair a little, something that at our size looked actually scary "I alway wanted to play with little people and make them play all over my body... that's the main reason that I created all of this..."


«What...?» for a moment, everything started to make sense and I've realized something very important that I didn't never possibly think of... 


"Oh great... she's a closet pervert..." I thought.


"Who could tell? I actually want to leave even more..." Angela said ironically.


"Just give me an opportunity!" Rachel exclaimed, we feel the vibrations of that on the floor that was Rachel's desk.


"I will not buy that!" Angela said.


Rachel was starting to panic because of Angela and how negative she was about this.


(For me, I was actually speechless with all of this so I couldn't get to say too much...)


"I know! I give all of you one free trip to one area of my body that you have an interest in, you can't leave this opportunity."


"No matter where it is?" William asked to my surprise.


"Yes! No matter where you wanna go... I will grant you that wish and that way we all win in this... you get an one life opportunity exploring a giant girl's body and I get the feeling of you exploring me."


Anthony laughed with this.


"I'm in!" He said.


«Really obvious though...»


"Me too" William said.


«That's actually a surprise.»


"Well... I think that I'm in too..." I said.


"Ugh... boys..." Angela said in low voice.


We all looked to Angela, including the giant eyes of Rachel that at our size looked like pools that we can actually dive in... and they're beautiful as fuck!


"Angela?" Rachel asked.


"I already told you that...!"


"Oh! cut it out Angela! You really like Rachel and don't want to make her sad do you?" Anthony asked to annoy Angela. Then he whispers leaving his bracelet away for a moment. "And I noticed you were staring at her breast when we got here".


"... " Angela glared angry  at Anthony "I hate you..."


"She's in!" Anthony exclaimed.


"Seriously?!" Rachel asked.


"Yeah, you can't see her right now but she's really embarrassed and blushing with the idea of walking across all your big, sweaty, and beautiful body" Anthony said.


"Sweaty?!" Rachel a Angela asked at the same time but with different meaning behind their questions.


After we were done with all the misunderstanding between Angela and Rachel, we tried to look out for this "deal" that Rachel wanted us to do.





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