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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is the third and final chapter for 'Marriage is Complicated.' I hope you all enjoy it, and a big shout out to the commissioner for laying the foundation that allowed me to bring this to life.

John tried to roll over, shivering in the cold. His hands reached for the blanket and in his groggy state couldn’t find them. He groaned in annoyance, then his mind questioned why, instead of a warm blanket, he was feeling something hard and crinkly. As though he were surrounded by a plastic bag.

“Oh, right,” he said to himself as his eyes opened. The world was hard to see through the wall of the condom, but not impossible. Through the dried pink latex he looked at the ceiling of the bedroom he shared with his wife, and more recently, a surprisingly cool guy named Alex. His body shifted as he looked down, then up, trying to find the open end.

Then he realized it didn’t matter if he could see his way out or not. His legs and abdomen were covered in the dried semen that he’d been left in all night when the condom had been tossed aside, and though his arms were free it would have taken some serious time to free himself. At two inches tall he had almost no real strength. Just enough to rub the tender flesh of his wife and their lover from the inside.

And lately that was all that he needed. Or so he told himself.

At least he and Debra had continued to agree on the condom rule. And the not-using-John as a condom rule, though Alex had heard their one incident involving it and was extremely interested in trying it. John and Debra didn’t want Alex cumming in her pussy, even if she were on the pill, so they’d expanded it to absolutely no bareback as a final barrier and activity that she reserved for John alone. Skin to skin was for her husband only. In her pussy at least; everywhere else was, and had been, fair game.

And John had spent a significant amount of time in Debra’s pussy while Alex used her tight tunnel, his cock wrapped in a condom while he did his best to knock John around while he banged Debra.

“There it is,” John heard Alex’s voice say distantly. The floor shook under the weight of giant heels, and then the condom was rapidly lifted into the air. The shaking broke up more dried semen than John could have in an hour, and he felt himself slide downward with a yelp. A moment later he fell into Alex’s palm on his backside.

“Morning!” John yelled, even though he knew his microphone’s battery had died in the night.

“Hey,” Alex grunted as he tossed the condom into the wastebasket. He was clearly not fully awake, and as John looked about to see the clock Alex walked from the bedroom to the kitchen. A glance told him it was after nine. They’d all slept in.

“Hey you!” Debra said to Alex happily as he shuffled into the kitchen. She’d always been a morning person.

John couldn’t see her, but he knew she’d be nude under her favorite apron. Since Alex had moved in with them the three of them had engaged in what could be considered a continuous sexual encounter. It was a rare encounter for any of them to be clothed in the house, and John was being used so often he didn’t even bother to get dressed most days.

Not used, he thought as Alex sat him lightly on the kitchen counter, I’m playing too, he told himself as Debra gave Alex a playful peck on the cheek and stroked his flaccid cock lightly.

“Pancakes in five,” she told him as she turned to look down at her tiny husband. “Morning honey!” she said cheerfully, having already had two cups of coffee.

John waved up at her, feeling flakes of dried fluids fall of his arm. He waved his left arm in a familiar gesture.

“Right, battery!” Debra replied, her eyes wide. “Can I clean you off first?”

Without waiting for John to respond, though he would have nodded in approval, she gave Alex a wink and leaned forward. John had time to roll his eyes before Debra’s mouth surrounded him. It always reminded him of the T-Rex scene from Cretaceous Camp, but with far less screaming and chewing. Her lips sealed under his feet and she came back to full standing. Alex poured himself a cup of coffee as the blonde bombshell shook her hips and happily cleaned the dried fluids off of her tiny husband with her tongue while she stirred pancake mix.

John’s mind was used to it, but his body wasn’t. His heart leapt and raced as she gently maneuvered him around her mouth, letting her tongue slather every inch of him. If he hadn’t known about her love of all things oral before he shrank he would have been worried. Instead he knew she’d happily keep him here for hours while she went about her day if he didn’t object. Even now she was humming a tune to herself that caused his wet body to vibrate.

Luckily she understood he wasn’t all for that treatment this morning and after some suction that popped his ears uncomfortably, she gently spat him out into her hand.

“All clean!” she said to him with a smile and a shrug before she turned back to mixing the pancake batter.

“What about-“ John started to ask as he wiped himself dry with a kitchen towel.

“Here’s your battery little dude,” Alex said, carefully setting down a small box onto the counter.

“Thanks!” John signed up to Alex, who returned the sign with a thumbs up of his own.

To someone Alex’s size, it was just a little brown box that didn’t open the way one would expect. To John it was a shed a little taller than him, and he’d rigged it so that half the side slid outward like a barn door. A tiny LED light flashed on within, illuminating John’s mobile closet. From inside he picked up a microphone that sat around his neck like modern headphones, and double checked that it had a full battery.

“Testing, testing,” he said into it. In real time he heard his voice be repeated over the speaker on the kitchen table. “Perfect,” he said as he turned it back off to conserve the battery.

He exited his mobile closet and slid the door shut, making sure that the latch hooked before he walked away. In a few minutes one of the giants he lived with would put it away gently. Or maybe not. There was a reason John had made four of them to keep around the house. Even careful giants tended to smash things on accident.

Alex was standing behind Debra, one hand down the front of her apron, when John located the two. He rolled his eyes at first and pushed down the slow resentment that had been building up inside for the past two weeks.

Since Alex had moved in, he’d been living in an emotional storm. He and Debra were as in love as ever; they’d found ways to continue to communicate and he was still surprisingly productive, even tiny. John was an inventor and he’d merely had to find ways to adjust his creations to his size before they moved them to the full-sized market. Despite the Shrink Pox downsizing him to two inches tall, he and Debra’s relationship was largely unchanged.

Except for the physical, John thought as he watched the blonde man caress his wife’s breasts while she tried to carefully pour pancake batter on the skillet, giggling the entire time.

Despite he and Debra’s incredible love for each other, he was unable to please her physically. Sure, they’d been as experimental as they’d dared together, but she needed more than his two inch form could provide her. Even from the inside. Which had led them to some risky pseudo-threesomes and eventually to Alex.

“Who is now fingering my wife,” John said aloud, not sure if he should be mad or not as his wife gasped.

The three of them had incredible sex. At first it had been fairly conventional, with John playing dodge-cock inside his wife while Alex did his best to knock him over. Then it had grown and grown until it only made sense for Alex to move in with them, where the three of them were usually having some kind of sex when two of them were home.

And since John only rarely left home, he found himself getting more action than he’d ever thought was possible. Both from Debra and Alex. But lately he’d noticed Alex was using him more and more, with an emphasis on the word using. Though Alex always respected John’s wishes and stayed away from the few things they’d discussed that John simply wasn’t comfortable with. He would not want to massage Alex’s prostate again.

“Okay, okay!” Debra said as she laughed, starting to flip pancakes onto a plate. Her free hand pushed Alex’s away from her sex and he complied, always surprisingly respectful. “I’m meeting Kay at the mall in half an hour, we can play later!”

“That’s okay,” said Alex who was faking being offended, “I didn’t want any anyways,” he said as he swung his nine inch cock and lightly spanked one of her butt cheeks.

John watched the play with envy; he used to do that with her, and while he was thrilled with how well their arrangement was working it was hard to avoid some form of jealousy.

“Hey honey?” Debra asked him as she slid two giant plates onto the table, then fed two pancakes on a plate into a machine on the counter that looked like a small microwave. “Want to ride along with me?”

She tapped just below where her belly button was, where John had happily spent many days making her work day more pleasant as she spoke with unsuspecting customers.

Most days John would have leapt at the chance, and he didn’t miss the significance that he got the offer and Alex did not. Alex may have had the cock, and he and Debra were growing closer every day, but she still loved John as much as ever. She only rarely hung out with Alex outside of the house, and that usually involved a planned public sex outing that always had involved John starting in one of her holes before they left the house.

That being said, John hadn’t liked Kay at full size and he couldn’t imagine her voice was any less annoying now that he was small. Though it was unlikely he would hear it next to Debra’s cervix.

“Not today hon,” he said as the printer-like device beeped twice and Debra carefully lifted a small plate out of it, which she deposited in front of him. “The game is on, remember?”

“Oh I forgot!” she said as she sat down with her own food. “Who’s playing again?”

The three dove into their food, each hungry from their constant playing. Alex was already chiseled from stone, but Debra had somehow gotten even prettier as her body adapted to all the positions and cardio that she had been getting lately. No one could really tell, but John was as in shape as he’d ever been in his life.

Conversation was casual, and an eavesdropper never would have known one of the three talking was two inches tall. Debra regaled them with a tale of a woman from work dropping two reams of paper on her toe, and Alex told them about an ex-girlfriend who had adamantly argued you ate the skin on a banana too.

Ten minutes later they were all cleaning their plates, John having used the same machine to return his to normal size, and they all scattered to go about their Saturday.

Debra kissed John goodbye, letting her tongue dart outward with a promise of what would happen later, then yelled goodbye to Alex who was getting dressed in the bedroom.

John watched his wife leave, hotter than ever in a simple t-shirt and black leggings, as Alex re-entered the dining room.

“Ready for the big game?” he asked John, holding out his hand which John readily leapt into. If Alex hadn’t been wearing pants he would have had reservations; one could only be dragged up and down a cock so many times before they started feeling less like a person and more like a toy.

Which I kinda am lately, he thought, letting his inner voice speak up for once.

But aloud he said “Heck yeah!” as they moved into the living room. It was hard to clink beers with their size difference, but aside from John being on his own couch on the coffee table the two enjoyed the game as much as anyone could. On the second commercial break John started to get the sense that Alex was nervous about something unrelated to the running bet that they’d had for the past two weeks.

“What’s up man?” John asked Alex. Despite the intimate relationship they shared, the tiny man still felt the larger was a good friend.

“Well, I was just thinking,” Alex started, leaning forward and unintentionally towering over John. “There’s something I think you and I should do for Debra. A big surprise.”

“Like what?” John asked as Alex turned off the game. “Hey, what gives?”

Alex didn’t answer, and instead stood up and dropped his shorts around his thighs, which let his cock spring out. Even soft it was much larger than John, and John rolled his eyes.

“Dude, again?” he asked, anticipating being used as a masturbation aid again.

“No, we’re going shopping,” Alex said, scooping up the little man. “And when I get back, we’re gonna bang your wife.”

John managed to avoid yelling out as Alex’s hand rapidly brought him toward, then under his cock. Alex’s free hand shifted his massive smooth balls aside and John was pushed between them and his taint, their weight settling on him immediately and holding him tightly as Alex pulled his underwear back up.

“Hey damnit!” John yelled out when he realized what Alex was doing. “I thought we weren’t doing this anymore!”

Alex didn’t hear him; John’s Bluetooth connection wasn’t strong enough to push through his skin and reach the speaker. Even if it had been, Alex would’ve kept doing as he was. He knew how into this John would get soon.

Annoyed at his treatment, John held as still as he could when he felt Alex’s body start shifting rhythmically side to side. There were movements he vaguely recognized as walking. Sitting. The feeling of additional constriction as Alex’s balls were better supported by a pair of jeans. Then distantly he heard a titanic zipper pull upward.

Despite himself John couldn’t help but notice what he was surrounded by: the scent of his wife’s dried secretions from last night. The musty scent was overpowering, surrounding him entirely. Even if he’d been furious at Alex he would have lost the fight to his hormones soon. Less than two minutes after Alex had tucked him under his balls John was hard and maneuvering himself to stroke his own tiny cock.

Alex whistled to himself as he grabbed his jacket.

“It was a boring game anyway,” he said as he felt John’s tiny form start squirming. He smiled to himself, knowing John couldn’t resist long. By the time he had backed out of the driveway he was half hard and knew he’d be a popular man at the store. It was just nice to have something playing with one’s balls as one went about their day. He’d gotten the idea from Debra, who frequently enjoyed all day insertions. Which had given him his newest idea.

As Alex shopped for car parts, John couldn’t help but get more and more excited. Alex’s balls pushed on him on every step, and the heavy testicles pushed him around no matter how he resisted. John couldn’t help but feel how full they were, despite Alex having unloaded into his wife the evening before. Mere centimeters away from his face swam what seemed like gallons of spunk, just waiting for his wife to coax them out into one of her waiting holes.

Oh man, Debra’s gonna get the load of the century, he thought as he held off stroking his own rod. If he played with himself much more he’d cum before the action even started! He better be getting more condoms, John thought as he recalled waking up in a condom that very morning. It had been the last one they had, and he and Debra were very insistent on bareback never happening in her pussy. If it couldn’t be John, skin on skin was a no-go.

It was John’s, and Debra’s, most important rule.


That afternoon Debra came back home with only four bags of clothes, which would have surprised John with her restraint and Alex with how much she could buy at in day.

“Hello?” she called out to the house as she sat her bags down on the kitchen table. “John, where are you hon?”

For a moment she thought the house was empty, then she heard Alex calling from down the hall.

“We’re in here hot stuff!” Alex called.

Debra just rolled her eyes and smiled. Her eyes flickered from all the new clothes she’d bought, then down the hall again.

They can wait, she thought as she peeled her shirt and bra off, tossing them on the hardwood floor while she walked to Alex’s voice.

Just as she suspected, she found him sitting up in the bed with his back on the headboard. Alex’s chiseled, muscular form was as attractive as it ever was, and Debra’s hormones immediately started her pulse racing. She kept waiting for the day that her body tired of Alex, but as her mind began to like having him around more, her body only increased its desire for his solid nine inches.

He was slowly stroking himself, keeping himself just shy of being completely erect, and as Debra crawled across the bed she saw his balls moving slightly.

“Oh Jooohn,” she called out playfully as she pushed Alex’s shaft aside and licked his balls, “Are you stuck under there again? You silly boy.”

She gave Alex’s balls a lick, then sucked one into her mouth gently. Alex moaned as she explored his balls with her tongue, then helped her by lifting his balls himself. In moments her skilled mouth and tongue had found her little husband and carefully pulled him into her mouth.

“Glad I could help, hubby” she said around his form, her voice different from him being in the way of her tongue.

“Thanks!” John tried to say around her tongue, not entirely sure if he was on board with whatever Alex’s plan was. Everything had been fun and games since they’d met, but John was starting to worry about the slippery slope he was seeing with his own autonomy. He’d been spending an inordinate amount of time in (or under) one of the giants he lived with lately, and the tender, carefully attention he’d received at first had begun to slowly recede.

So slowly he was uncertain it was happening.

Alex leaned forward and shared a deep kiss with Debra as she continued stroking him.

“Give him here Deb,” he said after he pulled back, and Debra gently spit John onto his open hand. “We’ve got a surprise for you.”

“A surprise for me too since you never told me!” John yelled up at Alex, causing Debra and him to laugh. “Oh right, sorry about that little guy! Guess I got carried away earlier.”

Despite the acknowledgement, no explanation came as Alex’s hand lowered.

“Hold me straight up babe,” he told Debra and she gave him a quizzical look but obeyed, holding his nine inches straight upward like a tower that she’d rather be devouring.

“Uh, what?” John asked as the grip on him shifted, pulling away the floor beneath him and revealing the cock below him. Then Alex’s free hand spread his urethra wide open moments before John’s feet would have touched down on his spongy head.

John felt his feet be enveloped by Alex’s warmth and suddenly realized what Alex intended to do. They’d done very little things that involved testing his tiny body’s elasticity, but they knew from experience he was nigh-invincible. Alex had always wanted to try more things, but John and Debra had so far been resistant.

He’d been stomped flat once, and used as a condom once. John had seen far worst things done to tinies on porn sites and knew that technically he would survive much more. But that didn’t mean he’d be okay with it. The tinies he’d seen distorted in horrifying ways as sex toys sure hadn’t been okay with it.

From the lack of protests from his wife, John could only assume that Alex had finally worn away her inhibitions. And perhaps she wasn’t as interested in John’s. Or maybe she was as shocked as John was, who had a thousand thoughts running through his head but not one that could keep him from being cock-vored.

John was simply too stunned to do anything as he felt his feet be pushed further in. All he could think of was that this had to be painful for Alex, but instead he heard the blonde giant moan over the surprised and delighted gasps of his wife. He sank further into the cock, feeling the urethra narrow around his feet until it seemed that he would be stuck. At two inches tall John was simply too large for this, and he found himself hoping every shrunken person was too large for this even though internet porn had shown him otherwise.

Just as he was about to yell upward for Alex to pull him free, John felt his feet flatten. His head jerked down as though he could see it occur, though of course he couldn’t. The sensation was indescribable, but he knew it from the few times where he’d been smashed or stretched wildly. When pushed against something that wouldn’t yield, his body would simply smush itself flatter to make itself fit and his nerves didn’t know how to make sense of it.

When he felt his calves, then knees, flatten out the same way John started to wiggle and fight against Alex’s fingers. The fingers slipped off his chest and ran up the side of his head, knocking off his microphone and making it impossible for the giants to hear him as his hips started to compress and John’s chest started to enter the towering, consuming cock.

“Hey!” he yelled upward, turned so that he could see Alex, “Let me out!” he yelled again, but he knew it was in vain.

The way he was turned meant that Debra was behind him and couldn’t see his face, and even if she could have she wouldn’t have stopped this. She was too fascinated by what she was seeing and John was too busy panicking to use his ‘safe gesture’ if she’d even realized he was in distress. Alex, of course, was torn between throwing his head back in pleasure as he felt his cock engulf John’s body and staring intently to watch the process.

As John was pushed far enough in that his arms were pushed up by his ears Alex finally looked downward again.

“Holy shit keep kicking John!” he said to him, neither knowing nor caring that John didn’t want to be along for this ride.

John screamed unheard as his chest compressed and Alex’s finger pushed him in far enough that the light of the world vanished. All he could heard was the moaning of the two giants as they watched the bulge of his body travel down the shaft of Alex’s cock.

“That is amazing!” Debra said, moving her hand out of the way so she could see the downward traveling bulge. It was like watching a golf ball be pulled a garden hose on a smaller scale. The blonde couldn’t help but lean forward and place her mouth on the underside of his shaft, tickling it with her tongue. A moment later her tongue felt the cock widen slightly between her lips as her husband passed deeper.

Briefly she tracked him downward, making Alex moan as her hot tongue bathed his shaft millimeters away from the pleasureful package it had just swallowed. Then she pulled back, determined to see what happened when John reached the bottom of the shaft.

John felt his bizarrely flattened body continue moving downward, pulled inward by the hungry cock. It was impossible to tell for sure, but he was fairly certain he’d felt pressure from one side of him and couldn’t tell if that was Alex’s hand or something else. At this point it didn’t matter, whatever happened next he had absolutely no say in. Then, against all of his knowledge of anatomy, he felt the compression around his feet vanish as a space opened below him.

Debra gasped and finally gave in, letting one hand slip into her panties as she tossed out the idea of taking this session slowly. The bulge disappeared at the base of Alex’s cock and she held her breath briefly. Then a moment later one of Alex’s balls dropped lower as something fell into it, coinciding with a groan of pleasure from Alex before that testicle started moving slowly.

Her eyes flicked upward to look at Alex, and he wore an expression of bliss she’d rarely seen on him.

And he’d not even in me yet! Debra thought as her urges started to overwhelm her. She looked again at the slowly moving testicles and moved her face closer, knowing what she wanted, and needed, to do.

Jon couldn’t help but yell and push outward at the steaming prison that held him tightly. He knew he’d somehow landed in one of Alex’s testicles, but between his head being flattened for the trip and the total blackness he had no idea which way was even up. All he knew was that there wasn’t quite enough room for him to stand in Alex’s prodigious balls. If Alex had been hung like the average guy he would’ve been stuck curled up in a ball.

“Hey baby,” he heard Debra’s massive voice say, mere inches away from him, separated by a thin wall of delicate flesh. John jerked sideways, not expecting it, nor the slow wave of increasing pressure that seemed to go from bottom up.

“I know you can hear me in there,” Debra said to Alex’s balls as she licked them gently. Light suction revealed John’s form to her seeking tongue and she had to pull her hand off her clit to keep from cumming at that very moment. With some regret she let her testicle encased husband fall from her lips.

“You always made me feel so good on the inside,” she said again as she licked and stroked the heavy cock and balls. “But this is by far the hottest thing you’ve ever done for me baby,” she said, letting her lips drag across her husband’s prison while she talked. She didn’t realize that though she was talking to John, her eyes were looking up at Alex.

“Ready for more?” he asked her, breathing heavily. He’d never been more erect in his entire life and between John’s movements and Debra’s mouth he was barely keeping himself from flipping Debra over and having his way with her like he hadn’t banged a girl since college. The only thing slowing him down was how hot it was to hear Debra talk to her husband like this, and he wanted to see what she wanted the next step to be.

She didn’t bother to respond and instead dragged her tongue along the length of his rod and swirled it around the tip, gathering precum on her tongue before she climbed upward on Alex. One hand grabbed the headboard and the other aimed his rod straight at her pussy.

“No condom?” he asked as he felt his unprotected cock rub on her soaking lips. She paused and he swore he saw an idea flash behind her eyes before she sank down hard on him. “Oh shit,” he said as he finally felt her pussy with no barrier. He’d been in her throat and ass dozens of times unprotected, but they’d made a conscious effort to use a condom every time in her pussy, aside from a little teasing.

Debra’s eyes rolled as she felt his hot flesh and different texture inside of her. She’d always hated condoms.

“Oh this is so much better,” she said to him as she leaned forward and started bouncing her hips up and down the length of his shaft.  “Oh shit, finally!” Debra yelled out as she rose up and began riding him in earnest.

Alex helped as best he could, putting both hands under her ample backside and lifting her up before letting her drop down hard onto him. He felt the movement in his balls redouble; John must have sensed what was happening. Before he knew what was happening Debra was already screaming out her orgasm, grinding her clit onto his pubic bone with his rod buried inside of her.

The blonde man took that as his cue to change positions, picking Debra up easily in his well-muscled arms and throwing her on her back.

“Oh!” she yelled in surprise and disappointment as his cock was suddenly pulled out, then he threw himself back on top of her and rammed his cock in as far as it would go. “Oof!” she said into his shoulder as his much larger form covered her entire body.

John’s world was a flurry of bouncing and distant yelling, punctuated only by brief interludes where the rhythmic movements became more chaotic before up and down reoriented themselves. He tried to push his way free, somehow, anyhow, even though he knew it was useless. He simply didn’t have the power to push his way back up through the space that he’d came through, even if he could find it.  All he managed to do was be the most effective sex toy Alex could imagine as he flipped himself about and stimulated nerves Alex didn’t even know he had.

Every time he grew used to a rhythm the couple changed positions again, spinning him around in a sea of fluids that he’d had covering him fifty times before. Through the tender sac skin he could hear distant moaning, but above all else the wet slapping sound that accompanied every impact of his prison on his wife’s ass as Alex drove every inch of himself into her. Even if John had been turned on by the situation he wouldn’t have been able to stroke himself off the way he always had before; there was simply too much movement.

All he could do was wiggle and squirm while hoping that Alex had either gotten more condoms from the store or had slid into his wife’s ass.

Marriage is complicated! he thought as his inner ear screamed at him again.

Then a sudden lack of swinging told him that something major had changed. John tried to orient himself with gravity as rhythmic motion resumed, but not the long swinging motions that had made him feel like he was on a massive wet swing set. Instead there was a rapid, short bouncing that didn’t cause the swinging, merely a shaking that reminded him of an earthquake.

Debra jerked Alex’s cock rapidly and leaned forward, giving each of his balls a quick lick. Once she’d found John’s little form she sucked that testicle into her mouth and swirled it around with her tongue, tasting her own juices and feeling John’s tiny movements as Alex groaned. He didn’t have the words to tell her how good her mouth felt.

“Oh come for me baby,” she said as she looked upward at Alex. This time Alex was looking down at her and nodding rapidly.

“Get ready babe,” he said as he felt his balls tighten.

Debra felt them pull upward with her free hand and aimed his cock at her forehead as she slowed her jerking to a rhythm that she knew worked well for her lover. In moments he groaned and she felt his hot seed spray across her face in massive spurts. Somehow he kept coming, far more than usual, and halfway through she felt something heavier and thicker land square on her nose.

“Holy shit!” John yelled as he held onto his wife’s sticky massive nose. Moments ago some invisible force had yanked him upward, rapidly smushed his form into something that could fit through a cock, then shot him outward like a cannon. He turned as he heard Debra’s wonderful laugh and got a view of her massive lips sealing around the still pulsing head of Alex’s cock far below him. If he’d fallen onto that cock she would have gobbled him up in her frenzy to catch the rest of his load, and not for the first time.

“Oh damn!” Alex said, feeling his orgasm double after the pressure of John’s tiny body had been propelled free. His entire cock felt like it was vibrating, and though Debra’s mouth pulled off of him when he was done shooting he knew that his cock wouldn’t go down for a while. That had been too amazing. By far the most amazing sex he’d ever had; putting a tiny into his balls had been indescribable.

When he looked back from the ceiling Alex saw the second sexiest thing he’d ever witnessed: Debra had quietly wiped his semen from her face and deposited it into her mouth. Before she knew he was watching she’d idly plucked John’s form from her nose and was licking him clean as well. All of this she did with the happy demeanor of a teenager licking sprinkles off of her ice cream cone while trying to get a boy’s attention.

When the last of his body was clean of fluids, Debra pulled John out of her mouth with a ‘pop!’ that he’d never enjoyed, despite him asking her to stop.

Sputtering, he called out to her having forgotten that his microphone was gone. “All right, that’s enough!”

Then Debra turned him so that he could look at her face, and his heart fell. She wasn’t looking at him with a look of love and care, she was looking up at Alex with big doe eyes.

“Can we?” Alex asked, far above John, and though John didn’t know what he meant he saw Debra nodding eagerly.

“Wait,” John started, waving his arms about in his safe gesture, “This has gone on far eno—”

For the first time ever Debra ignored him. She saw his waving arms and blinked, pretending she didn’t see him trying to end the session. Then her fingers parted his tiny legs deftly, causing him to scream in surprise and terror. That scream was cut off almost instantly as the air was pushed out of his body.

Before she could tell herself to stop and bring herself back from the precipice that she’d been balancing on for the past week, Debra spread her husband’s legs apart rapidly. She’d seen this done before accidentally and had been reading up on it online; she knew that Shrink Pox victims could, and had, survived far more stretching than John was about to endure. One weTuber had even stretched what had been their sister over their entire body like a nano-meter thick sleeping bag without harming her.

Physically, at least. That tiny had almost no sanity left after what had been done to them in the name of views and likes. Debra would not have been surprised to learn that rich people kept stores of shrink victims purely to use as condoms and jewelry holders. Though she would have been jealous.

John’s sanity was a secondary concern tonight. After weeks of holding herself back Debra had finally hit the tipping point.

As Alex watched, Debra pulled John’s legs apart then pushed her fingers into what had been the tiny’s asshole. It was unreal to watch; it seemed as though the tiny should have been torn in half but instead it stretched with every pull. Her fingers rapidly spread his hole, then his whole body, apart in ways that simply should not have worked.

Then she jammed it across Alex’s still hard-as-diamond nine-inch cock. Just like a condom she pulled John downward while his arms and legs kicked uselessly, before she grabbed the legs and used them as pull tabs instead. Alex couldn’t keep his eyes off the process. In some ways it was identical to putting on a condom, but as this one covered more of him it simply got thinner. Clung to him more tightly. Distorted its former human shape into something unrecognizable and far more satisfying than a latex condom.

John tried to scream again but couldn’t; his body was too stretched and all the air had been forced out as instead his torso had been filled with cock. Just like the first time he had no words to describe was what happening. Parts of him could move freely, just uselessly, and other parts clung to the cock within him so tightly that every beat of Alex’s heart felt like a sudden wave of bass at a concert. His vision briefly remained the same and he was disconcerted to see Debra’s eyes on him as she smiled ferally, tugging on his body to cover her lover’s entire cock with a thin layer of her husband.

Her blue eyes were devoid of recognition, of concern, of anything but desire. He’d only seen that look once on their honeymoon, when they’d carefully kept their hands off of each other for a week beforehand. It had been followed by some incredible boat-rocking sex and affirmed to both of them that a week was simply too long apart. That they should never be apart.

John’s vision started to distort as his head was stretched over Alex’s bulbous glans and he felt his heart drop. That look wasn’t for him. Not anymore.

Debra finished pulling John along the length of Alex’s massive rod and leaned back to admire her handiwork. If she hadn’t known it was her husband she would have thought it a high quality novelty condom.

“That’s amazing hon!” Alex said as he looked downward. Through John’s thinly stretched body he could practically see his own cock. Each vein and ridge was highlighted by a thin layer of impervious skin. Halfway up two arms flopped about as John tried desperately to free himself, and he’d been pulled so far down that John’s open mouth was positioned directly over Alex’s urethra.

Debra paused for a moment when she saw that. She’d already impulsively taken this further than she and John would have agreed on. She’d already put her own desires ahead of his safety. She had been on the pill for a month just in case, but she’d already broken the bareback rule five minutes ago. And now her condom had a clear hole at the tip. Alex had came in her dozens of times, but she’d denied him the experience in her unprotected pussy out of respect for John.

And why shouldn’t I get that too? she thought as a bead of precum pushed out of Alex’s tip, then leak through John’s stretched open mouth in the most obscene sight she could imagine. She grew lightheaded and leaned forward, unable to help herself from licking it off. This is all for me, right?

The angel on her shoulder resigned his commission as she tasted the salty fluid, then dove back downward to give John a twisted French kiss, driving her tongue through his mouth and into the tip of Alex’s cock to try and find more salty precum. Alex held her mouth on him with both hands, and when it was obvious she didn’t intend to come back up he pressed her down slowly, feeling the sheer perfection of her mouth and tongue slide down on his rod.

It was as though he wasn’t wearing a condom at all. If anything this stretched tiny made her mouth feel even better, magnifying ever flick of her tongue and squeeze of her throat.

Debra savored the sensations in her mouth. John’s little arms flailed in her throat, a faint tickling sensation for her. Her tongue tasted John but her mouth felt every little ridge of Alex’s cock as she had fifty times in the past several weeks. With Alex deep in her throat she bobbed up and down, feeling his head move about in her throat as more precum leaked straight down her esophagus.

This is perfect! Debra thought as she carefully breathed through her nose. She pulled back to taste precum, then dove down again to push her nose against Alex’s abdomen. It was the most satisfying thing she’d ever tasted; precum dragged along her husband’s distorted body. 

John would have cried if his body hadn’t been so distorted. He’d felt the change in the room and even if he hadn’t, once his wife had given him a final French kiss that was actually a way for her to taste Alex’s precum even the most obtuse man would have noticed. She’d forced him to play condom, ignoring his wishes. She’d made it clear she knew Alex’s fluids would leak right out anyway, which meant she’d only slipped John onto Alex for pleasure. As a toy.

I’m just a toy now? John thought sadly as his wife bobbed up and down around his body. Only it wasn’t really his body anymore. It was her and her lover’s toy. Who he’d invited into their home.

Debra pulled her mouth off of Alex’s cock and climbed upward, letting her slick lips drag upward across his shaft. She giggled as she felt his cock magnified by John’s stretched body along the length of her vulva.

“This is so wonderful,” she told her blonde man as she grinded her pussy on his cock and looked into his eyes. Her stomach was doing somersaults, her hormones were doing backflips. She leaned forward, pushing her naked breasts into his chest and giving him a deep kiss that he returned with a passion.

Together they pressed their mouths together and their tongues fought like titans as John flung his useless limbs in any direction in an attempt to wiggle free of the pulsing rod that had been driven through him. All they noticed was a pleasant vibration.

Alex pulled free from the kiss and breathed heavily before Debra lifted herself higher. His hand grasped his rod and aimed it upward just in time for her to slide back down onto him with a cry of pleasure. She’d rode him dozens of times, but now? With this incredible condom? It was as though it was their first time.

John was forgotten as she rolled her hips up and down, forward and back. Almost instantly she was crying out in orgasm and Alex let her continue to run the show. It felt incredible for him as well; his cock was as sensitive as it had ever been, but he could sense that she needed this release far more than he did. Her eyes were squeezed shut as she rode him so she could focus on the electric feelings rushing through her pussy.

Debra cried out over and over again as she bounced, and Alex’s hands sought out her breasts. He squeezed and rolled one nipple between his fingertips as he sucked the other. The extra stimulation made her bounce even faster before she sat as far down as she could and came with a squeak. Before that orgasm was finished Alex slipped his other hand below her and started stroking her clit in sync with her motions.

When Alex felt her third orgasm squeeze his cock he couldn’t take it anymore. She’d been riding him in a state of bliss and the two had been fucking passionately for almost ten minutes. They were hot and sweaty and somehow connected deeper than ever before. Both Alex and Debra knew this was special. Debra hadn’t felt this way since her honeymoon, and Alex had never experienced anything so erotic in his life. This was more than sex.

“On your back!” he ordered, and Debra didn’t pause. She simply let her next bounce go a little too high so that he slipped out of her sopping tunnel and fell backward, her breasts heaving as she tried to catch her breath.

Alex didn’t give her the chance; he grabbed his condom-clad cock and threw himself onto her. Moments later he was pistoning in and out of her like never before. Her legs wrapped around his backside to help him push harder, and she pulled him into a desperate feverish kiss. The couple writhed together on the bed, cries of passion growing into a crescendo that someone walking on the sidewalk outside could have heard and been jealous of.

His cockhead was millimeters from slamming painfully into her cervix and with each thrust he tried harder and harder to get that extra depth. Occasionally Debra felt something brush her deepest barrier and gasped. Her condom’s flailing arms only heightened the experience, and part of her brain still registered that it was her husband deep within her.

The part of her that only recognized him as a toy.

“I’m gonna go babe,” he told Debra as he pounded her. Even in his lust he knew he wanted to give her one more chance to choose. It didn’t matter that he knew what she would pick. It would be impossible to choose anything else.

Debra pulled away from his face, looked Alex directly in his eyes, and smiled.

“Fill me up Alex,” she told him, cumming again as she realized what she’d said.

When he saw her eyes cross as she came, Alex didn’t hesitate. He leaned forward to give her another deep kiss and she squeezed him harder with her arms and legs, needing to be even closer to him. With one final jerking thrust he drove forward and came.

He moaned into her mouth as he felt the biggest orgasm of his life flow out of him and straight into Debra’s pussy. He’d came in her mouth, in her ass, and on almost every part of her body. But this was the final barrier, and he was covering it in his boiling semen. His hips thrust back and forth, letting his final inch drive back and forth through Debra’s clinging pussy lips as her body milked him.

If John could have screamed he would have. He felt more than saw gallons of semen flow through Alex’s cock only to explode out of his mouth. His bulging eyes could only see darkness, but they could certainly feel the sudden change in fluids that he was near-drowning in. He could feel his wife’s pussy quivering down his entire length and knew that Alex was finally doing it. Every barrier he and Debra had set had just been crossed as John couldn’t help but tastes the semen that he was being drenched in.

“Fuck!” Alex yelled as he kept cumming, and Debra dug her nails into his back as she finally felt his hot sperm slam into her pussy. Shot after shot flicked against her cervix triggering orgasm after orgasm until she fell backward, her pussy simply shaking around Alex’s slowly softening cock as her arms shook too hard to pull herself up to Alex’s form that still covered hers.

When the firehose he was mounted on finally stopped spewing, John prayed that he would be pulled free. That this nightmare would be over and he could find a way to move on with Debra, though she’d just made it clear his wishes were secondary to her desires. Instead he felt the cock continue to pulse with a distant heartbeat as Alex stayed balls deep in his wife and the rest of his load slowly leaked out of him. The softening cock pushed his face against his wife’s jizz-covered pussy as it let dropped inside of her.

John knew exactly what they were doing out there, while he continued to be a toy deep within her. Just as he always had with her himself, he knew Alex and Debra were sharing a passionate kiss while they caught their breath. They were looking into each other’s eyes while they enjoyed the feeling of Alex’s cock softening with her, this time augmented by John’s unconsciously flopping arms. They were sharing a moment that John never would experience again.

“That was incredible,” Debra told Alex as she pulled back from their kiss and finally unwrapped her legs around him. He had grown soft enough that keeping him inside was quickly going to be too much work, and she wanted to put on tight underwear before his seed could start leaking out of her. All she could think of was how wonderful that the sex had been as Alex slipped out of her. Even while she quickly grabbed a tight pair of boy-short undies and slipped them on she couldn’t keep her eyes off of his body.

She was drawn to him in a way that she hadn’t been drawn to anyone in over a year.

Speaking of, she thought to herself as she watched Alex peel the condom carefully off of his cock. In a moment John’s little form was gently sat down on the side table, not far at all from the alarm clock where John had first watched her hookup with a man from the bar. Debra laid down on that side of the bed while Alex pulled his shorts back on, watching what she was doing. Wondering what she was thinking.

Is she sorry we finally went too far? he wondered as he watched her staring at her tiny husband. John was clearly yelling something at her and waving his arms in a code that he only slightly understood. She stayed quiet for a moment and just as Alex was starting to get nervous he saw her roll her eyes and her left hand shot out to wrap around John.

“Come over here baby,” she told Alex, beckoning with her free hand.

Alex walked over to her, not missing her eyes on his crotch. He knew there was no way he was getting it up for round three, but he knew that look in her eye and relaxed. She wasn’t mad about their combined lack of restraint and violation of one of their few rules. And he was already forgetting about John in his post-orgasmic fugue.

“Pull them down,” she said as she sat up, and Alex obeyed, freeing his still half-ready cock. He was taking a very long time to go down, which didn’t surprise him considering this romp had lasted over an hour.

Carefully avoiding looking at John’s face, Debra brought her little husband back to the tip of Alex’s cock and started pushing him in, feet first. Alex moaned as he watched her push his feet into his urethra. It had been amazing doing it himself, but seeing her do it? He had no words.

John did, of course, but the two of them weren’t interested in what he had to say. He swore at his wife as he saw where he was going and pushed for all he was worth against her tree-trunk like fingers. All in vain. Before he could even start to make progress against her strength he felt his legs be engulfed up to his knees by Alex’s steaming cock.

“Debra!” he screamed as she pushed him further into the cock. It was partly soft, but just stiff enough that it didn’t move out of the way of his form. When he felt his hips start to compress in order to fit he also felt some impossible force start to pull him down. The massive cock was hungry.

“How could you!” is what the two giants would have heard if they had been trying to hear him. Instead they both watched, fascinated and laughing, as Alex’s ravenous cock took over the work. John continued screaming as his body was compressed and pulled inward again, bulging Alex’s cock outward. Debra giggled as she watched John’s face vanish, watched his form cause a bulge in Alex’s cock and slide downward, then gasped once more as she saw one of his testicles suddenly drop lower and start squirming.

She leaned forward and briefly bathed Alex’s testicles with her tongue, unable to resist feeling the movement within.

“That feels insane,” Alex said as John’s squirming moved his testicle around. Since he’d already drained them twice he was able to tolerate it as a fun tickling and shifting rather than a strong sexual tingling. His cock twitched once more, satisfied with its meal, before it resumed its slow shrinking.

“But there’s no way I’m up for a round three,” he told her as his balls continued moving pleasantly. “I get why you’d want to do this all day!” he said to her, realizing how fun it would be to have this sensation all day long.

“That’s okay,” Debra said as she straightened out the covers and slid under them, patting the area next to her. Alex slid onto the bed with her, and she laid her head on his chest while he pulled the comforter over them both. Exhaustion and satisfaction overtook them both.

“You can cum him into me in the morning,” she mumbled as she started to fall asleep, lulled by Alex’s slowing heartbeat.

John tried to keep from crying in his flesh prison. Faintly he could hear talking, but Alex’s heartbeat was slowing and John had no illusions as to his new place in life.

As a sex toy he was wonderful.

As a person? John was no longer.


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