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Author's Chapter Notes:

A vore/oder (burping) shapter for those who want to find specifics

Emily had finally awoken from this strange vision. But as she arose she felt and tasted a wet, sweet substance around her. As she gasped for some breath she tasted the substance and noticed it was ketchup. The ringing in her ears was finally starting to wear off but was replaced by a loud voice that boomed from above. “Well since no one’s here I suppose no one would mind me taking one of these puppy’s” the voice from the sky proclaimed. Emily’s eyes widened as her brother’s towering figure suddenly loomed above her. She looked around and suddenly realized the situation she was in. Somehow she had shrunk to the size of an ant, and gotten stuck in one of the hot dog’s mom had made. As Emily was trying to comprehend the situation she was in her colossal brother had suddenly gotten very close, his gargantuan face approaching her at a violent speed. Emily let out a desperate cry of fear as Ed leaned into the delicious hot dogs in front of him to sniff the aroma. “Mmm, and their still fresh too. Wonder where everyone is?” Ed pondered before adding, “Oh well, I’m starving.”

Emily’s shrieks only increased as her brother’s football-field-sized hand started to fall from the sky toward her. She closed her eyes as the light was blocked by the massive palm. After a moment she opened her eyes back up as she sees her brother pick up the dog right next to her. She yelled his name out as loud as she could, with no success as her brother pulled the chair back and sat down in front of the plate of a dozen or so scrumptious looking hot dogs. Emily attempted to stand but found the ketchup below her to be rather slippery. She immediately slipped and fell face-first back on the dog covered in ketchup, relish, and jalapenos. She lifted herself back on her knees and wiped the sweet condiment off her face. As she looked back at her giant brother she saw that he was almost already finished with his first dog. She knows her little brother all too well. She knows that he could very well scarf down half or more of these dogs and still ask for more. Emily was desperate to do something in this dire situation but felt all too helpless as her cries for help fell on deaf ears.

As Ed shoveled the last bite of his first dog in his face, Emily began to realize that her crying out for help wasn’t going to help her. She couldn’t reasonably walk on the slippery ketchup without falling over and over. So she began to army crawl in the forward direction; her face going directly into the endless mound of ketchup. Emily crawled on the hot dog for a little while until she hit a green wall. In her path was a house-sized jalapeno. She once again wiped her face clear of the ketchup and looked back up to see her brother down another dog. She wasn’t even sure if this was his second or third. “Come on, get out of the way” she yelled while trying to push the jalapeno out of her way. A moan of enjoyment came from Edward as he scarfed down the last bite of the dog in his hand. Emily’s had pushed herself to the limit and faced that she couldn’t move the huge jalapeno ahead of her. She had broken down into tears and started to weep. Then suddenly the world around her started to lift, and her sobs of desperation turned to a cry out for saving once more.

Her brother lifted his next dog to his face and immediately took a large bite out of it. Emily turned around and gasped as she saw her brother’s gaping mouth take a bite out of the landmass she was on. He put the dog slightly away from his face as he chewed this bite up. Emily got a good view of her brothers to face as it gyrated to chew his food. She yelled and howled as loud as she could to get her brother’s attention. Even resorting to waving her arms and jumping around on the slippery floor. Unfortunately, her efforts were in vain as her brother’s mouth once again loomed closer and took another huge bite from the hot dog. Emily saw his teeth rip straight through the huge mass of food and easily draw it into his abyssal maw. Emily was left on the last bite of the dog held in his hand. Hopelessly, Emily yelled out to her brother as he chewed his food, “Please Ed, don’t eat me! It’s Emily, I’m in your hot dog!” She cried out. Then out of the blue, she got a sliver of hope.

Emily’s spine shivered as she saw her brother’s eyes focus on her. She gasped and yelled out, “Oh thank god! Bro, it’s me, Emily!” Her brother raised his right eyebrow and got a closer look at the morsel of food left in his hand. Emily was shaken as her brother’s face got so close and yelped slightly as his massive eye reflected her image in front of her as he gazed closely. His eyes retreated upwards as Emily once again got a view of his full face, albeit closer than before. She saw something strange happen as her brother got a strange look on his face, almost as if he was puffing out his cheeks. That’s when she realized what was happening all too late. A deafening belch escaped Ed’s mouth and washed past Emily. The burp itself lasted 3 seconds, in which Emily was blasted by the warm air. After the wind seized to blow out of the cave in front of her the stench that was left afterward was nightmarish. Emily immediately puked up her lunch as the stench invaded her olfactory system. She couldn’t stop puking as her brother smiled and let out a phrase, “Hmm, is that a bug in my hot dog? Ah well, more protein for me I suppose.” he said as Emily was only half listening due to the intense fumes invading her lungs. Ed’s mouth approached rapidly as Emily tried to yell but only gasped up the last of the fresh air in her lungs. “So what do you say bug, ready to be my food?” Ed said to what he thought was only himself, “It’s only the natural order of things. You become my food, then my poop so you can fertilize the plants that feed bugs like you.” he exclaimed. 

Emily could only let out a gasping cough as her brother mistook her for a bug, and now is trying to devour her. Her spine shivered as the gargantuan mouth in front of her smiled briefly and then quickly opened up. Her brother’s freshly shaven face glided past her as she desperately cried out to God for help. The last bite of the dog was dropped in, and Emily saw the light slowly snuff out as the maw closed off her only exit. Suddenly her world got a lot darker and more frantic as she could feel the mass of food around her undulating as Ed chewed the food in his mouth. Emily could find no time to do anything as she was bounced around from one side of the dark and damp mouth to the other with each chew. Then without warning, she fell on something hard and a massive pain surged through her back. Once again the light was poured in as her brother cruelly opened his mouth, teasing her to attempt an escape. But as she looked up in the brief flash of light provided she saw where she was. Directly on the center of his molar. Emily knew she was finished as the tooth above her fall rapidly towards her. In slow motion, she thought of all the times she ate with her brother and called him a pig, or fat. Never did she know that those comments would literally come back to bite her one day.

Ed felt something pop and crunch as he was finishing up the last bite of this dog. He honestly wasn’t sure if it was that tiny bug he found or a piece of jalapeno he pulverized in between his teeth, and he really didn’t care. Either way, he realized he was always a little cruel to bugs he found. As he swallowed up the last bite and reached for his next dog he pondered over his obsession over killing every bug he finds. He remembers doing it since he was a kid, and was pretty sure he got it from his mom. She always told him to dispose of any bugs in the house, and the way he reasoned, it didn’t really matter if they ended up as a stain on his foot, a meal in his tummy, or just flushed down the toilet. Either way gets the job done. After pondering the thought for a minute he let out one more rancid belch and decided he was bored of sitting on the dining room table and took the plate with the remaining dogs over to the couch. Little did he know, he was about to take an occupied seat.

Chapter End Notes:

I won't promise anything, but I'll try my damnest to get more chapters out ASAP! Hope y'all enjoy :)

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