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Author's Chapter Notes:

Some M/m fart, scat stuff in here for thsoe who enjoy that. I'm not sure what else to say but I'm very appreciative of the readers. I hope y'all enjoy ;)


Oliver’s eyes were heavy as he awoke from the strange vision he had. A green haze still clouded his mind, along with a faint ringing in his ears. The last thing he remembered was finishing up his League of Legends match and exiting the game before his vision was clouded and his ears deafened. When Oliver finally opened his eyes he seemed to be staring at a ceiling, but it was so far in the distance that it seemed impossible. Lifting his head up and peering around, Oliver was aghast at his surroundings. In front of him was his brother’s computer desk, accept it seemed improbably large. The size of 10 of his school’s campus’ put into one, maybe even more. After noticing the humongous table in front of him, Oliver noticed the location he was laying on. His brother’s black leather computer chair. Oliver than put the pieces together. The whole room around him, where he was in that strange event, was ginormous. Therefore he must be minuscule. It was enough to make Oliver’s head hurt trying to comprehend how or why this was the situation he was placed in. But now was not the time for thinking, for action was necessary. But as soon as Oliver stood up, a great creaking noise was sounded to his right. 


The tiny teen turned to the direction of the noise to get a view of the door opening through the handrest. The handrest blocked his view of looking up at the top of the figure that entered, but he got a good view of its legs. Not only it’s legs, but the bulging pillar thrusting out the center of them. As the massive figure walked booms were echoed in Oliver’s ears. The giant finally got close to Oliver’s view, and he shuddered to see it was his brother. He wasn’t supposed to play on his brother’s PC, and now he was being punished. His brother pulled the chair from the table in a swift motion, causing Oliver to fall forward onto his face. “Oomph” he yelped as his nose landed square on the ground, bending it slightly. Using his arms to lift up, Oliver saw his brother quickly swing his legs in front of the computer chair. He was amazed by the sheer size of his brother but felt rather gross staring at his big butt from this angle. “BROTHER! HEY ED, DOWN HERE. BEHIND YOU!” Oliver yelled as he got up. Oliver shuddered as he saw his brother’s hands wrap into his boxer’s elastic band. The humongous man slowly pulled the grey undergarments down his legs. Oliver got an immediate change in both temperature and smell as his brother’s massive pale white ass slowly bent down ahead of him. That’s when he got a good look at the center of his asscheeks as they spread due to Ed bending down. Ed’s chocolate starfish winked at the small boy when he made eye contact with it as if it was saying hello. It was stained a dark brown, with a forest of hair surrounding it and his ass crack as a whole. Oliver was simply stunned by his brother’s naked butt. He could smell the mixture of ball sweat and shit from here. But, as he was petrified in shock, the tiny teen was too late to put where this was going. 


In slow motion, the titanic ass started to descend down to its seat. Oliver had to make a split decision. He was rather close to the dead center on the chair. He could either run forward or backward. Backward meant possibly being mashed into a paste by his buttcheeks, or getting stuck in his disgusting crack. And forward only lead to a ledge where his cock and balls would be resting. Oliver didn’t want to die either way but decided that if he could make it to the edge of the chair up front, he might be able to get spotted by his brother. Oliver dashed as quick as he could while the shadow of his brother’s behind loomed closer and closer. He hadn’t run so quick in his life, bolting forward at a tremendous speed for his size. But, as he was running so quickly, Oliver didn’t look at the ground to see a strand of stitching in his way. His tiny foot clipped the fiber, and he tripped forward. Landing on his face once again, Oliver had no more time to get up. A pulverizing force crushed Oliver’s legs and lower torso as he attempted to get back up. “AHHHHHHHHH. BROTHER NO!” he yelled as his brother’s hairy ballsack crushed the tiny boy’s lower half. Oliver took his hand and hit the mass of undulating flesh laid on top of him. “Hmmm, now what to look up,” Ed muttered to himself with one hand on the shaft and the other typing. Ed’s engorged testicles slightly pushed up and down as his brother slowly stroked his meat. This gave Oliver a plan, to use his arms to pull himself forward as the balls lifted. He knew his legs were broken but were just glad he could still move his arms. Then, the chair shifted.


Ed had finally found a site for him to start getting his stroke on, and bent back into the chair and grabbed his meat. As his brother bent back into a comfortable position, the leather chair bent with him. A hill was made behind the tiny boy, and he started to slide down it. Oliver tried to grab on to the leather surface to no avail. Slowly he slid down until he stopped right under the center of his brother’s testicles. “NO, NOT LIKE THIS,” Oliver said as a boost of energy was found within him. He attempted to army crawl up the great leather hill, but to no avail. He could hear some strange noises coming from his brother’s computer. It sounded like some lady going around and crushing cities while mocking her victims as they yelled a stock sound effect. Oliver was lucky his bro had his cock in hand, for if he dropped it he would be a stain on his balls. He had no choice but to turn around and go backward. Being in his crack was preferable to being dead, or so he thought. In front of Oliver was his brother’s smelly asscrack, opened just enough for his to crawl in. As he got close to the slightly spread cheeks, he just about puked from the smell. Oliver had a strong stomach and didn’t even notice the smell of his balls. But his ass was just too much. He couldn’t believe himself as he crawled into the crevice, inching forward one millimeter at a time. The fapping got faster from his brother, and as he was getting more into it he decided to switch positions, spelling disaster for his bug brother stuck in his crack. 


The hairy flesh walls surrounding Oliver began to close in on him. He desperately crawled forward until he could no more. He was stuck in place, being crushed on both sides by his brother’s ass flesh. He felt an immense heat above him and took a guess that he was directly under his brother’s poop chute. Yelling and writhing, Oliver bashed around in a desperate rage. As he flailed around, a cruel drop of ass sweat landed on the back of his head, flowing down his face. Oliver puked up his lunch as the watery ass slush approached his mouth. The taste was otherworldly awful, but he had no choice but to accept it. “GRRRRRRRRBLBLB”. A massive gurgle could be heard directly above Oliver. “DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE ED. I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU FART ON…” Oliver’s words were cut short. PHHHHFFFTSTSTSTSSTBBBBBLTBLBLBTLBT. The fart Ed unleashed started off silent and hot, but as it ended turned very wet. Oliver was in the direct blast zone as the hot wind hit him. His back was seared slightly from the warm gust. But as the 4-second long stinker concluded, he was sprayed on the back with a warm foreign substance. Oliver coughed up the rest of his stomach contents as soon as the fart subsided. The smell surrounded him like a cloud of acid. His nostrils flared and he could taste the raw ass in his mouth. He felt the disgusting filth on his back, a hot slimy substance that didn’t take long for him to guess what was. “OH GOD, I DON’T DESERVE THIS” Oliver yelled out between his coughing fits. The stench was inescapable and didn’t seem to pass for Oliver. He could do nothing but bash around and hope his brother would feel him. Little did he know, that would be the worst thing for him. 


“What the fuck,” Ed said annoyed, “Is there something in my ass?” he concluded. “I swear to god if it’s another bug, it’s going to regret this,” Ed said as he paused his giantess porno and stood up. Oliver’s prayers were answered as he felt the asscheek walls lift up around him, and semi-fresh air once again entered his nostrils. He flipped himself over like a fish to see his humongous brother’s silhouette ominously loom over him. He saw that he still had his hand on his red hot cock, and was slowly stroking it. He made eye contact with his brother and yelled to him, “FINALLY! ED YOU FUCKER. YOU BROKE MY LEGS AND FARTED ON ME! I ALMOST DIED!” Oliver screamed. “Oh, my my, another pest under my ass hmm” Ed unknowingly responded to his brother, “You things must love my ass or gas. Something draws you to this eh?” Ed said while turning and slapping his bubble butt. “So what is it, bug? You love my ass?” He asked the helpless victim on his chair. “No, no god no. IT’S ME, OLIVER!” the tiny teen responded to his brother’s smutty talk. Oliver screamed as his brother’s fingers drew close and proceeded to grasp around his torso. The pressure from the grab was enough to crack a few of his ribs. He flailed in the giant fingers as they rose quickly, stopping at the giant’s eyes. “Another of you weird lookin’ bugs? God, this is what, the third or fourth I’ve gotta kill today.” Edward announced. “NO PLEASE ED. I’M NOT A BUG, I’M YOUR BROTHER!” Oliver screamed in desperation as his brother contemplated. “Hmm, but how to kill you? Stepping on you maybe, Nah too quick and not much fun.” Ed contemplated out loud whilst holding his tiny victim. Oliver yelled more and more, trying to get anything else but cruelty out of his brother as he stared at his massive eyes. “Ohh, I know. Since you love my butt so much, you’d wanna be my little ass toy, right buggy?” Edward asked what he assumed was just a bug in his drunken eyes. “NOOOO, PLEASE NO. ANYTHING BUT THAT!” Oliver yelled back to get no response he wanted. “Yeah, let’s just get to the bed and lube you up real good,” Ed said while using his off-hand to continue his stroking his girth. Oliver just continued to scream and flail as his brother walked toward his bed and sat down, proceeding to lay on his back and reach for the lube on his headrest. After grabbing it and popping the cap open, he set the bug down on his chest. Oliver fell down on his brother’s chest, being flanked by his massive moobs to the left and right. His legs being broken still, he tried to crawl away but didn’t make much progress before being lifted once more. As the hand lifted upward, Oliver looked to his left and saw the other hand. On the opposite hand’s index finger was a generous glob of clear lube. “Ohh yes bug. I think both you and I will enjoy this. You being up my pooper was just the thing I needed to get me really going.” Edward said to the tiny toy in his fingers. Then in a quick flash, Edward started to cover the toy in the slick substance. Oliver screamed as the finger full of lube approached. When it got close enough Edward placed him in his palm and proceeded to lube up the tiny. The giant finger spared no space on Oliver’s body, getting lube in every crack and pore. He was flipped and pressed into the hand several times as the slimy substance covered him. “Good good, looks like your all lubed up and ready to go exploring my cave then bug?” Edward said as he positioned himself to receive the small package. 


Oliver was positioned once again in the man’s fingers, then the hand moved. It moved until landing in front of its destination, Ed’s spread ass cheeks. Ed had his legs lifted straight up and moved his fingers close to his pucker. “Oh wait, I got a present for you before you enter,” Ed said while pressing the bug directly on his pooper. Oliver was shoved face-first onto the massive brown stained hole ahead of him. He immediately heard another gurgle coming from the bowels ahead of him. Before he could scream, the gas already started to leak out. FSHHHHHHHHHHHBPBPBP. Another blazing silent one escaped the spread cheeks, with a little wetness at the end. Oliver was blasted directly in the face by the humid air. The smell was enough to make Oliver pass into unconsciousness for a brief moment. It had an almost eggy taste to it as Oliver breathed it in. He started to heave and cough as his brother turned him sideways for entry. “When you see your friends I ate in my shit, make sure to say hello to their bones eh?” Ed said in a hot tone as he prepared to stick the little ant in. “NO, PLEASE NO!” Oliver yelled as his face was once again pressed onto the open asshole. His head fit directly in the center hole, and with his body properly lubed it took just one quick push from the massive finger to plop Oliver in hell.


Oliver fell into the asshole as he was pushed in, landing with a wet thud. He couldn’t see anything but felt something below him. It was clearly a large shit stain that hadn’t been crapped out yet, and Oliver had just landed right on it. “OH GOD, I’M, I’M GONNA...” Oliver said as his stomach found more content to jettison from the horrid smell. He puked once more, followed by more heaving. The smell was beyond awful. No adjective or metaphor could properly describe its disgusting stench. Oliver couldn’t stop heaving and felt his lungs start to produce sharp pain. As he heaved again and again, eventually blood was spat out. “OH GOD, PLEASE GET ME OUT OF HERE!” Oliver screamed. He crawled around and started to pound on the wall of flesh that was the sphincter. It didn’t even budge slightly from his punches. Oliver’s breathing became more and more strained with every inhale of the awful ass air. His punches turned into light slaps at the wall as Oliver started to get light-headed. Then, without warning an even warmer air entered the toot tunnel. Once again, Oliver started to heave. The air around him somehow got even worse, and warm. He was sweating feverishly from the warm wind as it remained in the tunnel. He then got an idea. If this was a fart, then his asshole would have to open slightly as it escaped. “It might be my only chance,” Oliver said while climbing the sphincter wall. Soon enough a gurgle rumbled all around Oliver, and his wish was granted. The huge blast of wind lifted him up and out of the hole. He was flying in the sky for a few moments before crash landing on the bed below him. He couldn’t believe he was alive, but as he turned himself around and looked up realized it might not be for long. 


Oliver’s scared eyes looked up at his brother staring right on him as he stroked his cock fastly. He watched as his brother leaned forward and smiled, then proceeded to point the end of his dong at the tiny victim. “Ohh, look. That little fart let you escape huh? Well then,” he said while pumping his meat faster and faster, “it looks like you could use a cum bath!” Ed moaned as he felt his climax approaching. Oliver couldn’t even move as his brother said this. He was sore and his breath was heavy. All he could let out was a small, “please” before his brother blew his load. Oliver’s eyes centered in on the cock’s eye as it started to cum. A little pre-cum was released just before a huge spurt of white baby batter was released. Oliver was sprayed completely by the mound of cum guzzling from the tower sized penis. As it landed on him the warm liquid was spread on him and the sheet around him. It got in his mouth, his eyes, everywhere. Oliver coughed up some of the white juice from his mouth, trying to spit the rest of his brother’s cummies out. “BRO, PLEASE STOOOOP!” he yelled before the second wave was released. Once more he was blasted with the sticky stuff, as it started to pile up around him. He was now completely submerged in his brother’s semen. He was so small he could feel the individual sperm in the liquid as they died in the open air. He tried to push away some of the liquid covering him up but was only met with more landing on him. After many spurts cum being let out, it was looking like Ed had finally released all his load. Oliver began to crawl forward, trying to escape drowning in his brother’s sperm. But before he could drown or escape, he felt those familiar fingers wrap around his torso and was lifted upward. “Ohh, the little buggy is all covered in cum. Hmm, well I’m not sure how to end you now.” Edward said while holding the cum covered bug. “I suppose I should just gas you to death, I’m feeling a real big one building up.” Edward continued to talk while walking off the bed out to the living room. “God I love being alone in the house, I can just do whatever I want to you without getting caught,” said the giant as he walked toward the dining room table. He pulled a chair out and faced it toward himself.


Oliver was flung above the chair and dropped unceremoniously onto its hard wooden surface. He landed on his back, causing a heavy pain to shoot over his body. He faced upward as he saw his brother turn around and reintroduced his pale ass to his view. As Oliver tried to move he realized he couldn’t move at all. He assumed his back had been broken and was forced to watch as his brother enforced his cruel punishment. He watched as his brother used his hands to spread his cheeks and reveal his pucker once more. He kept his cheeks spread as he began to sit. Oliver could only watch as the sky was replaced with a direct view of the humongous asshole falling from above. It got closer and closer, and eventually, the ass landed on the seat. Oliver smelt the familiar smell of ass once more. And yet again he was stuck dead under the smelly, warm hole. “Ok little one, I think this next fart should kill you. If not, then maybe the one after. I’ll just sit here and fart until you’re no more.” cruelly announced Edward. “Oh, I can feel it coming little bug. Better plug your nose, hee hee,” said Edward as he leaned slightly forward. Oliver’s body was completely covered by the anus and was slightly smashed by it as he leaned forward. Deep inside, Oliver could hear a great rumble echo in his brother’s guts. He started to cry as he realized his fate was so ironic. His brother was always the quiet and polite one, while he was always such a brat. He could remember farting on his brother in a rude way so many times. And now, the tables were turned. PBPBPBPBLLBPTBLLBTLPTBPTBLTBLFRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPBPB. A loud bubbly 12-second stinker was blasted onto the tiny boy. Oliver’s face was peeled back from the hot wind. Part of his face was actually ripped off from the sheer force of the fart. As it began to wind down a few small pieces of shit, not big enough for Ed to notice, fell on Oliver’s tiny form. One piece landed smack dab on Oliver’s mouth, and he was forced to swallow. He couldn’t bring himself to put the liquidy shat down his mouth, however, and he started to cough as much up as he could. “Ahhhhh. That was a good one, but maybe not quite enough for the little bug. Maybe this will finish him.” Edward said before grasping his stomach and forcing a fart out. Ed grunted just before his foul creation was released. FFFBBPBTPBTPBTPPBBBPPPPP. Another bubbly gas storm was put onto Oliver. This one was all wet, causing a shower of liquid shit to fall onto him. His face was completely covered, and he could do nothing about it. He couldn’t swallow the substance before, but now both his mouth and nose were engulfed by the brown goo. “Ohh, that was a wet one. I wonder if the bug got some special sauce with that one, hee hee hee” chortled Edward after releasing the gas bomb. “Hmm, no I think it’s still living. Maybe one more, and it’s lights out for it.” Ed said while focusing on his gut. “Mmmmmmmm” Ed grunted. PBBBLPLBPLBSTSTPLSPLSPLPSLPLRRRRRRT. Oliver was already suffocating from the brown gunk before the next fart. But this wasn’t just a fart, but a proper shart. To Oliver’s small size, it was as if a full septic tank’s worth of shit had just rained down on him. He was completely submerged by the liquid poo. It entered his mouth, nose, eyes, and everywhere else it could. Oliver couldn’t even scream as he was drowning. Oliver could only release slight coughs and the occasional twitch as he suffocated in the gunk. “Oops, I sharted,” said Ed while standing up and looking at his smelly art. Ed just laughed at the helpless bug stuck in his poop. “Aww, little buggy not strong enough for a little poo huh? Are you gonna drown in my poop? That’s what your useless life leads up to. Eating my shit to death. I bet you liked it, little maggot. Didn’t you?” Ed said as he squatted over the chair. “Well, since it looks like your still twitching down there, it looks like your somehow still alive. I think I’ll just watch you suffer in my shit till you stop moving.” Ed said in a horney tone. And he was correct, Oliver was destined to suffocate via shit. Not just any shit, but his own brothers. Oliver finally passed out from lack of oxygen and was killed from asphyxiation shortly after. In the end, Oliver’s last thoughts were of pain and disgust. Being surrounded by his brother’s brown substance, and brought to the end by it. He couldn’t even think of a more humiliating way to go if he tried. His very last thought was of his mother, hoping that she would at least survive this. 


Ed watched with a happy smile and a plugged nose as the bug in his poop stain finally stopped twitching. He got up and grabbed a paper towel from the kitchen to clean it up. He wiped the stain from the chair in a quick motion and looked at the poo now on the paper towel. The bug was in the center of it, plastered to the towel along with his shit. “Hmm, yep it’s dead for sure,” he said before folding the towel up. He then proceeded to crush the paper towel in his hand, hearing a soft pop in it as he did. “Well, if it wasn’t dead then, it is now,” Ed said while walking toward the trash can. He pressed on the small lever at the bottom to open the lid. He saw that the trash was rather full, but could easily take one more paper towel. He scrunched the towel into the garbage, burying it in-between the other filth. Then, releasing the step, the lid fell back down and the deed was done. “Well that was fun, I suppose. Now I’m hungry again though.” Ed said while looking around. “Ohh yeah, I totally forgot about the cake mom made me.” He said as he spotted the cake on the table. Still naked, he stumbled over toward the cake and gave it a happy, hungry look. “I think I’ll have these pieces,” he said. His mother had loved him all his life, but now Heather would regret the day she had Ed. She didn’t know he would be her undoing.


Chapter End Notes:

Thanks for reading ;)

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