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Author's Chapter Notes:

Within you shall find a fun family affair!

Here's another commission, from the mind of someone you may know. Enjoy!

“You’re kidding!” Caroline said to her younger sister Chelsie. The pair sat around Caroline’s round dinner table, each with a glass of wine in hand. Between them was a tray of cheese and crackers. The two didn’t get to see each other very often so when they did get together they spared no expense.

“You know I don’t kid,” Chelsie replied, taking a sip of her merlot. Her black hair was in a ponytail and she wore tight brown leggings with a tank top, an outfit she’d gotten used to during her years as a competitive weightlifter. “He totally deserves it.”

Caroline just giggled aloud as she pictured the image Chelsie had given her. Despite herself, it was her sister after all, her pussy tingled in a way that told her later tonight she’d need some alone time. She would never have known if Chelsea hadn’t told her. The only sign that anything was slightly off today was that Chelsea was smiling far more than normal, and occasionally a small shudder ran through her body.

It was by far the hottest part of the entire situation, that she never would have known. Caroline had simply thought her younger sister, thirty-five to her own forty-two, was just cold.

“Nope!” she’d responded with Caroline asked her if she wanted a jacket. “I caught a perv who shrunk himself and he’s in my asshole right now.” Casually she sipped her wine as though it were the most normal thing in the world.

Right now, in my sister’s ass, is a little man! Caroline’s inner voice shouted as they laughed and giggled together, having each had several glasses of wine. The older sister couldn’t help but imagine how he must feel in there, stuck in her sister’s rectum. Both how the little man must have been hating life, and how her sister obviously loved the sensation.

It had been so long since she’d had a man inside of her, and never a shrunken man, that even the angel on Caroline’s shoulder was breathing heavily.

“Oh!” said Chelsie as she leaned forward and picked up another cracker. Her eyes shifted to the side; she was clearly feeling something wonderful. “He just got a hand or something through my hole!”

Caroline almost spit out her wine when she heard that.

“Oh my god!” she said loudly, unable to control her voice. Surprised at herself she put both hands over her mouth as though that would make her quieter. Her son, Chase, was in the house somewhere. Probably sleeping.

“Wait wait wait,” Caroline said, holding up a hand before her sister could continue. “Run me through how this all happened!”

Chelsie took a moment to chew her cracker and enjoy her little ass-toy’s attempts to slip back out through her sphincter. Then she took a breath, flexed her butt cheeks, and sucked him back inside. The woman eagerly awaited his next escape attempt.

“Well, remember when I told you I caught a guy hiding in the lockers at the gym?”

“Of course I remember!” Caroline said, “That’s not something to forget.” She shuddered at the thought of some random person seeing her naked, without her knowledge or permission. Chelsie had hit him hard enough to knock him down, but he’d still gotten away from her and the authorities.

“Well, I got a good look at his face when he ran out,” Chelsie said. She paused. “Do you know what Tiny Tinder is?”

The older sister nodded. She knew what it was but had never tried it due to a combination of mistrust and her not being brave enough to ‘hook up’ with a random person. Since Chelsie was pretty close to her opposite in terms of character, she wasn’t surprised to hear Caroline was familiar. Though she would have been surprised how often and vindictively she used it.

“Okay that saves us some time,” the younger sister continued. “So you get a lot of weirdos on there of course,” she said unironically as she held a man for torture in her colon, “But you kinda learn what people want from how they talk about themselves and what pictures they post. Some guys want to be the giant, but most want to be the tiny instead. They just can’t get enough of the ol’ organic slip and slide.”

Together the women giggled as Chelsie mimed a cracker slipping in and out of her pointer and middle fingers.

“But this guy just wanted to be a little observer. His whole profile was about wanting to watch a gal masturbate or get with somebody else.”

“Sooo, you thought it might be him?” Caroline asked, seeing where this was going.

“Exactly!” said Chelsie as she gestured with her wine glass. “And at the end of his picture roll I could see his face in the reflection of a mirror! Most guys don’t show their faces, just their packages. But this was definitely that asshole locker-watcher. So this morning I offered to let him watch me masturbate in a hotel room. He paid of course.”

Chelsie grabbed the wine bottle from the middle of the table and emptied it into her glass. Caroline rolled her eyes and stood to get another from near the sink.

“He got to watch all right,” Chelsie continued as her sister uncorked a bottle or rosé. “I knew right where he was the whole time, so I let him watch me and Mr. Hitachi,” her nickname for her favorite vibrator, “play for a bit. Then I snagged him from behind the television and let him do the vibrating for me.”

She giggled as she pointed to her muscular backside with both hands and spoke playfully.

“In my butt.”

“Wait wait wait,” Caroline said again, laughter in her voice, as she came back to the kitchen table, “If this guy’s such a pervert and all, why did you give him what he wanted?”

“Oh I didn’t!” Chelsie said with a wide grin on her face. “He made it very clear that he didn’t want any kind of touching or insertion play. Strictly voyeur. He even told me that if I’d had mentioned slipping his tiny self into me, he’d have just blocked me.”

Chelsie gave her older sister the most innocent look she could make, immediately followed by an obvious orgasm face as a small shudder ran through her body. Caroline felt a twinge of jealousy at seeing her sister orgasm so easily. At having a little living toy to keep for herself.

But mostly at the knowledge that her sister got to punish the little creep. She’d never gotten the chance to punish her ex-husband before he’d ran off with the babysitter to Peru. It wouldn’t be wrong to say she held a small grudge against the Y-chromosome, despite having an unrelenting urge for their one redeeming body part.

What? Chase thought to himself as he walked down the hallway approaching the kitchen. He stopped walking before he turned the corner, realizing his mother and aunt were drinking again. And having what seemed like a very interesting conversation.

Chase loved his aunt very much; she was a fun lady. Especially when compared to his mother’s generally toned back personality. But he knew how she and his mom got when they were drinking and he didn’t want to deal with it until he knew what he might be walking into.

Instead he leaned against the wall. It was cold on his shoulder; he didn’t believe in wearing shirts inside. Each of his girlfriends had appreciated that. He was a receiver on his high school football team and had the body of one. He ran a hand through his shaggy brown hair that his mother frequently insisted he cut as the talking resumed.

“So, have you done that often?” he heard his mother’s voice say. “Messed with tinies?”

“Oh yeah, all the time,” his aunt said, “Usually not like this though. You know I don’t like guys, so most of the time I set the app on a timer and I’m long gone before they size back up and I have to deal with them.”

Chase heard a chair scoot as his mother sat down.

Tinies? He asked himself. Like that app?

“So, you, what?” If Chase didn’t know better, he’d have said his mother was excited about something. “They get small and – I don’t know…”

“Oh just get to it!” Chelsie interrupted. “You can use them for just about everything. An eight-incher is an excellent dildo, three-inchers are great to eat—”

Eat? Chase thought, his stomach leaping into his throat as his aunt kept talking about ways she used tinies.

“Fives are good pussy and ass plugs,” Chelsie continued.

Of course he’d heard about Tiny Tinder, everyone had. Some anonymous and resourceful genius had uploaded it months ago. But even though its popularity had skyrocketed as soon as people discovered it really worked, Chase couldn’t stomach the idea.

“Some women want stretched over a dildo like a condom,” Chase’s eyes bugged a little when he heard her say that.

He couldn’t fault others for doing what they wanted. It wasn’t like people didn’t agree to be shrunk, and if something bad happened to them in the meantime, well what did they expect? He and his friends always laughed at the thought of someone being horny enough to risk their life just to get their rocks off.

“Personally, I like twos for my ass,” Chelsie continued, unaware that her nephew was in the hallway listening to their conversation. “Anything smaller you barely feel, anything bigger makes it hard to follow-up with a plug or another partner.”

“Another partner!” Chase heard his mother say. “You little whore!” There was laughter from both women this time. Neither Chase nor Caroline could feel the tiny pervert’s struggles redouble as he heard her mention bringing a full-size cock into her rectum with him still in it.

“You know it!” Glasses clinked as the women cheered each other. “Lots of guys and girls are into some freaky shit!”

“So I heard,” Caroline took a drink, “That there was a bunch of regulations and rules to keep kidnappings from happening. How does this work if he didn’t sign up for the round-trip tour?”

“Oh, pssh, that was easy,” Chase’s aunt replied, waving a hand dismissively. “So, he was just too lazy to click anything other than the super-tough mode, and I sent him a request with every size related thing on there. Pretended I was too lazy to check off a few boxes myself.”

“And one of those boxes includes forever-anal toy?” Caroline asked her.

“No,” Chelsie giggled, “I turns out that –“

At this Chase stopped listening. He’d heard enough of this. It was bad enough that he’d stumbled onto his mother and aunt having a talk about sex, but they were talking about tinies and how Aunt Chelsie had one in her ass!

“Yeah, I don’t need to hear this,” the sixteen-year-old said quietly to himself as he went back upstairs.

With her explanation done, and Chase out of hearing range, Chelsie took a break to drink her wine. Caroline just shook her head at her sister’s ingenuity and exploitation of a loophole she’d found in the app’s contract.

“I’ll let him out soon,” Chelsie said, “But he’s tiny forever.”

“You really are something else,” Caroline told her sister as she stood. “Do you mind cleaning up while I get your room ready?”


That evening Chase was getting ready for a shower when he decided he’d see what all the fuss was. The app downloaded quickly onto his phone, and he idly set up his profile. There wasn’t a lot to it, and he wasn’t expecting much. Once his profile was set up he ignored the ‘likes and dislikes’ portion of the app and got to swiping.

His aunt had been right; people didn’t put a lot in their profile pictures. Most of them were close-ups of pussies, both shaved and unshaved. Once he realized that, Chase just kept swiping right. What was the harm? It may lead to some interesting conversation.

Chase finished getting naked next to the tub and idly kicked his clothes into the corner, hitting the side of the shower. His mother hated when he did that, but old habits were hard to brake. Then his phone vibrated with a match.

The sixteen-year-old tapped the app notification.

“Now how do I…?” Chase’s voice trailed off as the app opened. Behind him a bottle of shampoo fell off the side of the shower. He jumped at the noise and didn’t notice his thumb clicked yes on ‘accept request.’ Chase held the phone at his side and leaned into the tub, picking up the shampoo bottle and replacing it.

As he did so, he didn’t notice his thumb press ‘accept terms’ on his phone. Forgetting about the app entirely, he sat it on the bathroom sink as he flexed in front of the mirror. Vanity, thy name is Chase.


While Chase was getting ready for a shower, Chelsie was downstairs in the kitchen enjoying her ass-toy. The little pervert must have really hated being inside her ass; he hadn’t stopped struggling all day.

Enjoying a glass of milk before bed, Chelsie idly perused the new matches on Tiny Tinder. There was a flood of the usual requests. Men were predictable. But as long as they selected the option that let Chelsie have control over their size Chelsie didn’t particularly care what they wanted.

Then the app vibrated after she swiped right on one of the pictures.

“Oooh, a match!” she said to herself. She wasn’t really up to any extra-person action tonight, but she had no problem setting up something for tomorrow. She could use a snack for the long drive back home.

To her surprise, when she opened the chat feature the man had already agreed to her terms. With no conversation at all!

“Tsk tsk,” she said to the empty kitchen, “Does he really think I’m that easy?”

“Holy shit,” she said as the app immediately vibrated again.

“Shrinker nearby! Initiate shrinking?” it asked her, the letters flashing red across her screen.

With a cruel smile, she opened the shrinking dial.

“Have fun you little toy,” she said to the picture on the phone as she slid the slider to the left. “Let’s see how you like life at three inches.”

Without knowing anything about the man she’d matched with, Chelsie casually clicked ‘Final Decision.’ The part of her that wasn’t a fan of men rejoiced as she casually sealed someone’s fate as a tiny. The part of her that was enjoying having a man in her ass flared up yet again. She finished her milk in a long gulp.

Then she went upstairs to her room, where should would spend the evening with her friend Mr. Hitachi, and thoughts of the situation she had just condemned a man to spend the rest of his life in. All because he had the misfortune of matching with her on an app.


Chase had just enough time to wonder what was happening to him before he shrank. There was a feeling of pins and needles over his entire body, and he glanced wide-eyed at his phone.

The app! he thought, just as the floor vanished from beneath his feet.

A moment later he found himself kneeling on the cold linoleum of the bathroom floor.

“No!” he yelled; his voice tiny. It immediately vanished in the vastness of the room. “Shit!”

Far above him stretched the sink he’d been flexing in front of. He could even see the corner of his phone sticking out over the edge. Desperate for anything that might help him, Chase spun in a circle trying to see anything that he could even start to climb on to get back up to his phone.

“There’s gotta be something!” he said to himself. “How the hell did this even happen?”

Then there came a sound that shook him to his core. The bathroom door opened.

“Damnit Chase,” Caroline whispered as she entered the bathroom. He’d kicked his clothes into the corner again, and even left his phone on the sink! “Someday you’re gonna have to start taking care of your stuff.”

Shaking her head, she didn’t notice Chase on the ground, three inches tall. He yelled up at her to get her attention, but she was too busy humming to herself to notice. Instead she grabbed his phone and the pile of clothes before leaving the bathroom.

“Chase!” he heard his mother the giantess call in the hallway, “I’m putting your phone on your bed!”

Chase ran after her as fast as he could, but she was far faster than he could ever hope to be. By the time he’d crossed the five feet to the hall she had already entered and left his room. Breathless, he could only look on in dismay as he saw her leave his room and go down the stairwell. It seemed to be ten miles away.

Two minutes later, having decided Chase must have left the house without his phone again, Caroline walked back upstairs. Chelsie had already retired for the night and the single mother essentially had the house to herself.

“Or so I thought,” she said as she saw a tiny figure jogging across the carpet in the upstairs hallway.

Chase stopped jogging when he saw his mother approach. She was looking down at him. He was saved!

“Hey there you little perv!” the giantess said to the shrunken man. “I see my sister decided to let you go? Or did she fall asleep and you got to crawl your way out of her ass finally?”

“Oh shit,” Chase said to himself as he realized what was happening. She saw him alright. And she thought he was the little guy Aunt Chelsie had been torturing all day.

A thousand thoughts ran through Caroline’s mind as she looked at the little perv. She knew what her sister had been doing to him all day, and she knew her sister had promised to let him out sometime soon. She just hadn’t expected it to be in her house.

Then she realized this was her chance too. Her chance to get back at the creep that had been watching women in the locker room. And her chance to finally see what the fuss was with shrunken men as sex toys.

The angel on her shoulder finally gave in.

Before she could think about what she was doing, Caroline snatched up the tiny perv. She knew she didn’t have to worry about being careful; if he’d spent the day in Chelsie’s muscle-bound ass he must have been made super-tough.

She hurried into the bathroom and shut the door behind her.

“So, you think you can just perv around my house too?” she said to the tiny in her hand as she dropped him into the sink. “I bet Chelsie thought that would be just hilarious!”

The single mom didn’t bother giving the perv a chance to respond, didn’t spare him a glance. She knew enough already; he deserved this punishment. And she deserved the chance to let loose for once.

Caroline leaned into the shower and started the water running, making sure it would get nice and steamy in the bathroom.

Chase screamed as he fell and bounced off the side of the sink. He was sure that fall was going to kill him, but instead he slid down the glimmering white porcelain only to be stopped by the sink plug. At his size if it hadn’t been there, he would have had a hard time not simply vanishing into the pipes to someday be fished out by a confused plumber.

His mother thundered out something that he didn’t quite here. The words were just too big, but he got the gist.

She thinks I’m that guy Aunt Chelsie trapped!

The shower came alive, a thundering noise akin to Niagara Falls. Then Chase saw his mother’s arm move overhead and open the medicine cabinet. From it she produced a tube of something he recognized as personal lubricant. Not that he had ever used any…

“Oh shit,” he said to himself as he realized what was about to happen.

Caroline gave the lubricant a long look. She’d bought it months ago, always intending to try out some anal play, but she’d never gotten the courage to explore those depths.

“But I guess it’s not me exploring this time, is it?” she asked herself with a giggle. With that said she stripped naked and sat the tube on a small shelf in the shower. She checked the temperature with her hand and, once satisfied, picked up the tiny from the sink.

The three-inch man was incredibly light and tough in her hand. Caroline stepped into the shower and closed the curtain behind her. The room was already steaming up, just the way she liked it, so when she held the tiny up to her face she didn’t get the good look she was hoping for. She wanted to know what her first ass-toy looked like, but that would have to wait.

Chase thought he was saved. His mother was naked, and he’d already seen more of her than he’d ever want, but when she held him up to her face he realized she didn’t recognize him. There was steam everywhere, and the water from the showerhead was streaming over her eyes.

Oh I’m fucked.

Carol stopped trying to see the tiny man through the water running over her face and started to move him south.

“Watch this, asshole,” she said with a giggle to the tiny man as he felt him squirm in her hand. The power she felt over him was exhilarating, intoxicating. Finally, she could get some revenge on at least one bad man.

Briefly she held him up close to her snatch, hot and steamy from its own excitement. She let him have one last view of something he would like: her other hand came down and started softly stroking her outer lips, just teasing her clit at the end of each stroke. Then she let her manicured finger start running its well-practiced path along her clit.

“I think that’s enough for you,” she said to him. Carefully she squatted down onto her heels and leaned back against the wall of the shower for more stability.

She grabbed the tube of lubricant and popped it open, then squirted a healthy glob onto her ass-toy’s dark hair. The tube she dropped onto the floor, then took some lubricant off his head. Caroline quickly rubbed some lubricant on the outside of her brown eye, not quite daring to put one of her own fingers in there.

Her ex-husband had been a boring man when it came to sex, and Caroline simply wasn’t an adventurous woman. Today that changed.

Before she could talk herself out of it, she positioned the tiny directly under her asshole. Her hand brought him up until she felt his head contact her taint, then adjusted aim until she felt him massaging her sphincter.

Here we go! Caroline told herself. She took a deep breath, let it out slowly and tried to relax. Then she started pushing him upward.

At first her asshole was completely resistant to the idea of swallowing the tiny man. Without it being willing, her toy’s head just slid around the tight circle of muscle. Then she took another deep breath, recalled what Chelsie had said about pretending she was having a bowel movement, and felt her backdoor relax.

This time when she pressed, she felt his head slip right through her anus. Caroline’s eyes rolled as she felt the sensation of anal penetration for the first time ever. It was wonderful! She adjusted her grip around the slippery tiny, who had somehow started fighting even harder than he already was and pushed him upward again.

His shoulders stretched her asshole and she knew this was the moment of truth. If she could get the shoulders in, she’d be fine. With one more slow exhale she relaxed, and a single push from a finger between his tiny legs sent him the rest of the way in. Once his shoulders made it through her sphincter the lubrication and muscle itself did the rest of the work. With a *shluck!* that she couldn’t hear, the little man slid his way into her ass.

“Oh my god!” Caroline said to herself as she felt the little man start kicking up a storm in her rectum. It was like having a high-class vibrator that she could wear all night! She lowered herself until she was sitting in the shower, letting the hot water and steam relax her even more, and started playing with her clit while enjoying the little perv’s panicked motions.

“Chelsie had the right idea!” she said to the perv, uncertain and uncaring if he could hear her. “You needed punished, and I needed something to help me work into anal! Everyone wins!”

Chase screamed and fought against his mother’s fingers for all he was worth. He was strong for a sixteen-year old, but against a woman a hundred times his size? When he was only three inches tall? Chase’s best efforts were worthless.

She said something to him, but he couldn’t hear her over the roar of the falling water. But it was obvious what she meant when he was lowered down to get a front row view of her massive pussy. The teenager watched, horrified, as a massive finger stroked the massive pussy in front of him, and when she started tickling the massive clitoris he turned to vomit.

The vomit didn’t get as far from him as he ‘d hoped; there was just too much lubricant. But the running water carried away some, and to be honest he had bigger things to worry about.

Like the massive asshole he was approaching. It was a little shiny, she must have put some lubricant on it when he wasn’t looking. The ring-shaped muscle pulsed briefly and if Chase hadn’t already thrown up, he would have again.

Earlier that day the worst thing he could have imagined was dropping a catch when he was wide open. Maybe failing a test and getting held off the team until he got his grades back up. Now he had a new standard for horrifying.

Then he was rudely shoved upward. He screamed as he felt his face contact the brown pucker above. It was smooth from the lubricant, but some short hairs rubbed roughly against him, and even though it was very slippery it was just like being pushed into a brick wall. The sphincter had no give in it at all, and if he hadn’t been super-tough it would have broken his neck. Without even meaning to Caroline was idly putting enough force on him to kill him.

The hand holding him pulled back for a second, and the water running off his mother’s butt cheeks dripped onto his face. Reflexively he looked away to keep the water out of his eyes. Chase looked up again at the sensation of movement and screamed.

His scream was cut off almost as soon as it started. The massive sphincter relaxed to accept his head easily this time and Chase redoubled his struggles against his mother’s massive fingers. It didn’t accomplish anything but he knew he had to try something. Anything.

Her hand released him momentarily and he tried to bring his hands up so he could push against her asshole that was clamped around his head. Chase held his breath as well as he could, though the ring of muscle was thick enough he couldn’t have breathed anyway. Just as Chase felt he was making some progress to getting his head unstuck he felt one of his mother’s fingers settle in under his backside and between his legs like a log.

The high schooler let out a muffled scream as the finger propelled him upward. All the strength in his arms was immediately overwhelmed as he slid upward, further into his mother’s asshole. The finger stopped pressing just after he felt his shoulders be engulfed in her. The sound of running water immediately vanished only to be replaced by the distance thumping of her heart.

Then the sphincter tightened around his midsection. Chase felt the asshole try to close around him and the lubricant only made him slide further in.

*Shluck!* he heard as his body was pulled upward.

“No!” he screamed, knowing it was inevitable. His struggles really only sped up his inward journey. For a moment he felt his feet get stuck in the sphincter, then her anus squeezed around them one last time and he popped all the way into Caroline’s rectum.

He felt squeezed by the walls of her ass and pushed against them. Railed against them. Despite himself he took a breath of the humid, unholy air. If he hadn’t been panicking and already fighting for his life he would have tried to throw up one more time. Almost instantly he lost his sense of direction in the darkness.

Caroline was too busy playing with herself to hear him scream. She stopped herself from cumming too fast, there in the shower, and cut off the water far sooner than she normally would have. Wrapped in a towel and still dripping water Caroline ran for her bedroom, every step bringing her closer to orgasm as the little pervert fought for his life in her asshole.

She threw herself onto her bed and slipped her favorite vibrator out from under her pillow. It buzzed to life and she wasted no time in sliding it through her labia and manipulating its curved tip to rub against her g-spot. Between the little man in her ass and her vibrator in her pussy, Caroline came hard. She turned her head to scream into her pillow to not wake her sister.

Chase wasn’t the best student in the world, but he knew what that rumbling sound had to be. And he knew what the increased shaking and quivering meant. And just as he found his mother’s sphincter and managed to get a hand through it, seeking freedom, Chase’s entire world compressed around him and he heard a distant scream.

The walls of his rectal prison squeezed around him and yanked him upward and away from the prison gate. His arms flailed and legs kicked, doing nothing but helping Caroline on her way to another mind-blowing orgasm.

One hour later Caroline finally turned off her vibrator and laid it next to the other two that she had broken out for this occasion. She was exhausted and satisfied in a way that she never had been in her life. If she had known tiny play was this fun she would have started doing it months ago when the Tiny Tinder app first came out!

She caught her breath slowly, feeling the tiny still struggle in her asshole. If she hadn’t already masturbated to the point of soreness she’d easily have gone again. And again. As it was, she’d worn out the batteries on two of her more conventional toys.

Caroline giggled as she felt the toy get near her sphincter again. He must have gotten used to rectal anatomy while he spent all day in Chelsie’s asshole; he’d found her sphincter quickly and half of her pleasure had come from denying the little pervert the escape he was after. If he hated it that much, it only made it that much better for her.

“But I can’t sleep like this,” she told herself wistfully. With a sigh she knew what she needed to do.

Carefully she reached down to her backdoor and spread her cheeks apart. She pushed gently as though she were on the toilet just as her toy was tickling the inside of her sphincter again.

“Oh my god!” she said quietly as she felt the tiny slip out through her asshole. Her nerves quieted almost immediately as her struggling passenger finally escaped. Caroline laid her head back on her pillow with a smile.

Then she rolled off the bed and pulled a sock from her dresser. The tiny was just getting to his feet when she turned back to her bed. Again without bothering to be gentle she picked up the tiny, marveled briefly at how warm he felt, then dropped him into the sock.

“Sleep tight you little pervert,” she said to him as she tied the sock shut.


The next morning Chase felt his sock prison swing back and forth like a clock pendulum. He’d managed some sleep that night, but it was hard to tell what was a nightmare and what was reality. He could faintly see through the fabric of the sock and as far as he could tell his mother was carrying him downstairs.

“Hey Chelsie!” Caroline’s voice called. Through the side of the sock Chase could see his Aunt getting her shoes on, her luggage already by the front door.

He shook in fear as he approached the giantess, then let out a small scream as he realized what was happening.

“I had a great time with your little perv sis,” Caroline told her sister as she finished tying her shoes, “But next time let the creep out somewhere else, okay?”

Chelsie took an extra moment tying her shoes when she heard her sister’s statement.

Let him out? Chelsie asked herself, He’s still squirming in my ass right now!

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Chelsie stood up with a conspiratorial smile on her lips.

“Oh, did you give him a show too?” she asked her older sister as she squeezed her cheeks together, sucking the actual pervert deeper into her ass. She saw Caroline had a little squirming figure in a sock, and she reached out and took it from her.

“He didn’t get much of a show,” Caroline said as Chelsie took the little pervert from her. “But he was quite the squirmer!”

Chase tried to scream as Chelsie’s hand wrapped around his cotton prison. He may have spent the night in a terror-and-confusion induced panic, but he knew for sure he didn’t want to go with Chelsie. She was the one that mentioned Tiny Tinder and got him interested enough in it to download in the first place!

Chelsie said her goodbyes to Caroline, which always made the two of them a little sad. They were very close sisters, even though they lived quite far away. But the two were happy knowing that on their next visit, Caroline would be heading out to Chelsie’s home by the beach.

And Chelsie was happy knowing she had another toy, wrapped in a sock and tucked in her jacket pocket.

She made a special point to pull into a Comet Coffee parking lot once she left. Chelsie pulled the sock from her jacket pocket, undid the knot, and dumped out another tiny into her hand.

“Are you the little guy I randomly matched with last night?” she asked him as she held her hand up to her face. Her eyes narrowed as she realized the tiny looked familiar.

“Holy shit! Chase?”

Chase tried to stand, but Chelsie immediately shook her hand enough that he could only get to his knees. He started to yell, then saw the look on her face. Yes it was shock. Yes it was confusion. But mostly it was excitement.

“Well, I’ve got good news and bad news,” she said to Chase as her hand rocked back and forth, due to her using her other hand to pull her panties aside underneath her skirt.

“The good news is, thanks to your agreement on the app, I can unshrink you whenever I want!”

Panties out of the way, she lowered her nephew until he was under the steering wheel. Chelsie knew when he figured out what the bad news was, right around the time he would have gotten a view of her shaved snatch.

“The bad news is, I’m not about to give up the only two guys I’ve ever heard of who agreed to be permanent toys.”

Chase let out a pathetic cry as he realized what was about to happen. Then he screamed as he was accelerated straight into his Aunt’s pussy. The warm lips engulfed him immediately and her hand adjusted so quickly he barely had time to try to slow his envelopment before her fingers pushed on his back and legs. In a moment he hit something hard on the far side of her love tunnel.

“Noooo!” he screamed as he struggled, pushing outward with his arms to try and get enough room to think.

With her nephew firmly in place, Chelsie casually replaced her panties back over her pussy and patted the front of her skirt back into place.

She cranked the radio as she pulled out of the parking lot, happy to let some classic rock get her long drive home started. Chelsie barely made it onto the freeway before her toys’ combined efforts brought her to her first orgasm of the drive.

“Only five hours to go boys!” she told them in a singsong voice as she merged with traffic.

Chapter End Notes:

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