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Author's Chapter Notes:

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Matt ordered a stripper for a friend's birthday party. But no one ever verifies who they're talking to on Tiny Tinder!

Even Ken, the downer of the group, had to admit tonight had been a lot of fun. He’d been on the fence about coming to Jack’s bachelor party for multiple reasons. It was true Jack was his oldest friend so he was obligated to go, but he also knew Matt had been in charge of planning.

And the last time Matt planned anything successfully cell phones hadn’t been invented yet.

But all three stops along the party route had been a blast. There’d been a nice dinner, some dancing, and lots of drinking. Ken could hardly believe it but there hadn’t been any fighting or jackassery at all. If every night out with these guys was like this, he’d have done it more often.

Now they were finishing the night in a surprisingly nice hotel room. There was only a king-sized bed, but Ken planned on ubering home anyway. The only annoying thing tonight was that Matt had insisted on taking their phones so everyone could focus on Brandon; and even that made sense to Ken.

“And then she slipped on the bag!” Brandon finished his story with a yell. The five of them laughed hard, though they’d all heard the story and Steve and Jack had even been there. But they were riding high on the perfect level of drunkenness; they’d be telling the same stories the whole night until they started to pass out.

Then Matt pulled out his cell phone. The whole group looked at him and pointed, letting out their nigh-trademarked ‘oooh! Ooh! oooh!’ chant for when one of them committed a social faux-pas. To a passerby they would have looked like a group of monkeys pointing at fire.

“Relax you animals!” Matt said with a laugh, “I’m making sure the last of our entertainment is almost here!”

The monkey-like chanting stopped as the guys all laughed with him.

“What, you ordered a pizza?” asked Brandon.

“No, buffet crasher, I ordered a stripper who’s about a minute out,” Matt replied, motioning them all to stand up. “Come over here,” he ordered them as he walked to the more open area of the room, between the bed and the jacuzzi in the corner.

A little confused, the group followed him over. As they did Matt was sending a message on his phone. Then when he was satisfied they were all close enough, he tapped one more button.

“Here we go gentlemen!” he proudly proclaimed as nothing happened.

The guys had enough time to awkwardly look at each other, and just as Ken was about to ask what the hell Matt was doing, they were all overcome with a strong tingling feeling. It was as though they’d licked a nine-volt battery, but the sensation was everywhere.

Ken knew the sensation and would have screamed if the world hadn’t shifted around him so suddenly.

“What the hell Matt?” yelled Jack as he picked himself up from the carpeted floor. “What-?” he stopped speaking suddenly as he looked around.

The rest of the group got to their feet quickly as well, and immediately everyone started talking.

“You shrunk us?” Brandon asked Matt as the group realized they were roughly two inches tall. The step to the jacuzzi had been unnoticeable at full size, but now it would have been a team building trial just to get up there. And forget about sitting back down on the bed.

“Why doesn’t that thing ever shrink our clothes too?” Steve asked as they all realized the same thing: they were completely naked.

Right as the men moved to cover themselves, they heard a sound that Ken had been hearing in his nightmares: the clicking of the hotel door opening. As a group they turned and watched as the mountain-sized door opened.

Ken heard the rest of the guys let out yells of excitement. He’d heard their stories of being shrunk and used and knew that they had loved it, even when the gal wasn’t someone they would have hooked up with normally. Ken wouldn’t have shrunk again for a million dollars and an evening in Marilyn Monroe’s snatch. His first experience had been too horrible: his random hookup had been his mother, who hadn’t recognized him until after she’d masturbated with him submerged in her pussy.

Which was why he almost puked as he watched his mother walk into the hotel room again. This was the opposite reaction of the rest of his friends; none of them knew her from anyone so they just saw an older woman who kept herself in decent shape.

Mary walked into the hotel room just at one o’clock in the morning, as agreed. She loved playing with tinies and used Tiny Tinder every chance she got. Even after accidentally matching with her son she didn’t stop; she merely drank more for a week before rationalizing it as an honest mistake and re-downloading the app to her phone.

She was especially excited for tonight. It was her first time holding a ‘tiny party,’ where a group of men had agreed to be shrunk. The one she spoke to said it was for a bachelor party, but as far as she was concerned it was a masturbation marathon for her. Five guys just meant more fun for her, even though she’d have to be careful with these. Or would she? As much as she’d had to drink, she couldn’t remember if they’d been toughened or not.

In Mary’s mind, eight drinks into the night, she had a great track record with soft tinies. In reality half the ones she encountered ended up permanently in her stomach. Or forgotten in her asshole when she passed out.

Of course they toughened themselves, her drunk mind insisted. Like, 99 percent of them do that.

“Who’sh ready to paaarty?” she said to the group of tiny men standing near the jacuzzi. Her contact really had sprung for a nice hotel room, and she appreciated that. The door clicked shut behind her and she sat down her thermos half-full of ‘coffee’ on the table and pulled out her phone.

There was a small speaker with an auxiliary cord, courtesy of the hotel, and Mary plugged her phone into it. In a moment the sound of video game background music filled the air. She’d initially thought it hilarious that those things sold soundtracks, but now she couldn’t get enough! Masturbating with these songs made her feel like there was a dragon flying overhead.

Ken’s legs unfroze just as Mary began her striptease. It wasn’t much, certainly not what a younger college girl would have managed, but for a forty-eight-year-old she had some moves. Mary did her best to strip her clothes off slowly, which everyone but Ken enjoyed. The other four men didn’t notice Ken slowly walking backward as his mind raced, looking for a way out.

As she finished peeling her leggings off, leaving only a red thong between her skinny thighs, Mary decided she’d had enough of dancing. She shook her short blonde hair one last time, then walked over to the group. She squatted on her heels, ignoring her knees clicking, and smiled as she fondled one of her lightly sagging breasts.

Carefully she picked up all five of the men, one at a time. She made sure she slipped each of them halfway into her mouth, slathering their legs and cock in her saliva, before she sat them on the bed. They all kicked pleasantly, especially the last one.

“This is gonna be a lot of fun,” she growled at them.

“Holy shit Matt, this is awesome!” Jack yelled as he got back on his feet on the bed. He made sure to hi-five his best man as everyone else cheered in agreement. No one noticed Ken desperately looking over the edge of the bed as they watched Mary climb onto the bed.

“Come up here little guys!” she said, beckoning with one finger as she spread her legs. From where she was at the head of the bed they had a little walk to get to her, but their view was incredible. The tiny men walked past her massive shaved legs as they watched her slip a finger into her red thong. They couldn’t see exactly what part of her the finger was rubbing, but there was really no doubt.

When they were at her knee level, Mary lifted her hips off the bed and slipped her thong off. Her body rocked the bed slightly, knocking the four men off their feet. Ken was untouched; he was running along the side of the bed to try and get to the nightstand, where it looked like he could climb down to the floor on an electrical cord.

When Mary sat her hips back onto the bed, she was completely naked. The guys were close to her steaming snatch as they got back to their feet and she treated them with a view of her pussy. She giggled and held her lips open, letting them see the wetness within.

“One of you gets a choice,” she said to them. Mary had already forgotten this was a bachelor party and was letting her desire to be a dominating giantess run wild. “I need a little man in here,” she indicated which hole by shoving a finger deep into her pussy, “and one in my ass.”

When she said that she shifted her hips backward to give the tinies a view of both her hungry holes. The men were caught up in the moment, staring at her majestic body. She may have been almost twice their age, but they loved these tiny experiences so much that didn’t matter.

Jack, the man of the hour, ran forward and waved his arms at her. Mary giggled with pleasure at his enthusiasm and picked him up gingerly with two fingers. The rest of his friends cheered him on as Mary licked his legs playfully again, then moved him downward.

The soon-to-be married man gave his friends a thumbs up as the hands moved him downward. Then Mary spread her outer lips and slipped him inside. There was a rush of heat as her pussy enveloped his feet, then legs, then her fingers released as he felt his hips enter her slippery self. He heard the giantess moan in pleasure, then his view of his cheering friends was blocked out by a giant finger.

Mary slipped him halfway in and savored the feeling of another tiny entering her body. She had been afraid that after Ken she wouldn’t be able to get the same sensation she used to from tinies. But her fears had not come to pass; in fact, her appetite for tiny toys had only grown!

She moaned and adjusted her fingers until she felt her middle rubbing on his head. Then she pushed him further inside. Her finger quickly slipped into her own wet folds and she kept pushing, shoving the volunteer toy as deep inside as she could get him. When she felt him start kicking like a good toy, she pulled her finger back out.

Her eyes unfocused for a moment as he worked his magic, then Mary picked up another tiny without bothering to look. There were three left between her thighs, and one of them she quickly slathered in her spit before she moved him back downward. With her free hand she spread her butt cheeks and moved him closer to her backdoor.

The older woman relaxed her sphincter like she had a hundred times before and pushed the tiny into her. If he had been larger she would have used him like a butt plug, but at his size he was really only good for complete insertion. He easily slipped into her practiced asshole and immediately started kicking just like she wanted him to.

Harder, even.

“Ooh he’s so enthusiastic!” Mary exclaimed as the tinies in both her holes started working overtime. A movement at her side drew her attention, and she saw a tiny man carefully walking up the side of the bed.

“Shit!” Ken yelled as a giant hand wrapped around him. He panicked, knowing it was his mother’s hand, knowing what she was into. What she was doing with his friends already.

His mother’s hand moved through the air rapidly, and then there was a sensation of dropping. The hand relaxed for a moment and Ken felt himself drop onto something hot and soft. He had a moment to realize he’d been sat down right next to a nipple almost as large as he was.

Initially she dropped the tiny next to her nipple, but Mary remedied that mistake quickly by simple covering him with her hand and sliding him over. Immediately he started pleasuring her nipple, and she couldn’t help but push him into her soft flesh to maximize the sensation.

The two below were doing excellent, but Mary needed a little more. Her free hand moved down to her clit and started rubbing it lightly. As she’d done a million times before. She rubbed her clit and intermittently shoved a finger inside her pussy to keep her toy deep. For someone as enthusiastic about pleasuring a giant as this little guy was, he sure did seem like he was trying to get out!

Before she expected it, her orgasm approached quickly. It wasn’t often that she got to use tinies in both holes. The one at her nipple kept up wonderfully, she even felt him trying to scratch her tender flesh.

“Oh you little guys really know what you’re doing!” she groaned as her entire body began to shudder. Her hips lifted off the ground and her orgasm hit.

With a loud cry Mary came, feeling all her muscles clamp down on her toys. The one in her pussy was strong enough that he kept pleasuring her; he must have done this before. The one in her ass began to slow down, but Mary didn’t mind that much. With an orgasm rocking her body she wasn’t too picky about who was doing what.

 What seemed like an eternity later, Mary felt her body relax. As the afterglow flowed through her body, she dropped the tiny off her breast back onto the bed. Her pussy relaxed and the toy inside was able to make his way to her entrance. She giggled as she felt him reach her opening, and with two fingers she pulled him from her dripping snatch and dropped him to the blanket.

Briefly she tried to get the other toy out of her ass, but as soon as she put a finger into her asshole he started moving again. She pushed her finger further in, briefly wishing for a speculum, but it seemed like he was avoiding her finger.

“Oh, you wanna stay in there?” she said, not knowing or caring if the tiny could hear her. “Well, as long as you keep moving like that, be my guest!”

The two tinies that she hadn’t used yet were cheering distantly. Mary laughed and propped herself up on her elbows. Together the remaining two had ran to help their exhausted friend, covered in her pussy juices.

“How was it Jack?” Matt asked Jack as he helped his friend to his feet.

Even covered in pussy juice the men couldn’t help but notice Jack’s change in body language.

“You okay man?” asked Steve. Jack stumbled to his feet and finally looked up at the two, holding his left arm close to his body with his right.

“Matt you asshole!” Jack yelled. Matt took a step back; being yelled at was the last thing he expected when everything else was going so right.

Jack made a pointed look at his shoulder and Matt saw with horror that it didn’t look right. He knew less about medicine than the average toddler, but Matt would have bet money on something in there being broken.

“You didn’t make us super-tough!?” Jack yelled at Matt again. “I almost died about fifty times in there! If she wasn’t fingering herself there was no air at all!”

Steve got the point before Matt did. He looked with horror at Mary’s giant asshole.

“But that means Brandon-“

Mary didn’t let him finish that thought. She didn’t know what they were talking about and didn’t care. The heat of passion was overtaking her again and all she knew was that two of her volunteer toys hadn’t had any action yet. She grabbed them both quickly, knocking down the one in the middle that was still soaked in her juices. He could have a break.

Steve and Matt screamed as they were each plucked roughly from the blanket. The giantess wasn’t even pretending that they were tough anymore. If she’d even been pretending in the first place. Steve felt something *crack* inside, probably a rib.

Matt had volunteered them to be used by a woman who didn’t care if she killed them.

Just as he had that thought a familiar boiling wetness enveloped him. He’d been with a dozen giantesses before, but never had he been stupid enough to do it while not toughened. Though Steve couldn’t see Matt, he could hear him. There wasn’t enough room for them to be too far apart.

Mary feverishly stuffed the first tiny as far into her as he would go, then the second only halfway. Together they wriggled perfectly, stimulating more of her vaginal canal than one toy could do on its own. She rapidly flicked her clit. The older woman turned her head to try and find her tit-toy but she didn’t see him fast enough so she turned all her attention to her clitoris.

Jack watched horrified as he knew what all of his friends were going through. They’d be lucky if they survived this at all. Then he looked around, realizing one of them was completely missing.

“Oh shit, did she eat Ken?” This bachelor party had gone from good to great, and now with Matt’s stupid decision it was turning into an execution.

Ken hadn’t been eaten, instead he’d seized his chance to run. Knowing there was nowhere to run if he ran down the bed, he had sprinted upward until he could hide under the pillow. Even as his mother writhed and shook on the bed the pillow provided enough cover to keep him safe. Once some part of her flailed onto the pillow above him and squished it down, but it simply smushed around him softly rather than turning him into paste.

All the stimulation, three tinies in two holes, was too much for Mary. She wanted this evening to keep going, but she could feel the tiny in her asshole getting tired again. So she let herself relax, and changed her finger’s rhythm on her clit in a way that had never failed to produce an orgasm since she’d first masturbated at age twelve.

“Don’t stop now little guys!” she yelled as her second orgasm fast approached. She savored the buildup, the blooming heat. It was almost like a sneeze, a pressure that promised wonders, a joy that couldn’t be matched.

Briefly she wished for a dildo to pound the tinies further inside, then she came with a yell. Her pussy clamped down again, this time clamping down on the two tinies within. They were both as strong as the first one, or she wasn’t squeezing as tightly, because they kept wriggling through her entire orgasm prolonging it wonderfully. The one in her ass ran out of steam, again, halfway through.

If it hadn’t been her second time cumming tonight she would have been annoyed with his lack of stamina. After a long euphoric minute Mary felt her orgasm finally start to fade. Her pelvic muscles relaxed and spasmed alternately. She caught her breath again as the two tinies in her pussy fell out. This time she didn’t bother to help them with their exit; they were tough and the fall wouldn’t hurt them.

“You know, you should’ve let me pick someone in better shape for my ass,” she admonished the tinies as they gathered together, helping each other to their feet. As she watched, one tried to stand a simply fell over. “He can barely make it through one orgasm at a time! My last ass-toy kept me happy through a re-watch of Titanic!”

The tinies paid no attention to her as they knelt around the one who had tried to stand but fallen. At first she was annoyed, then her eyes focused and she noticed something appeared wrong with his leg. It was bent in the wrong direction. Mary gasped.

Suddenly she realized why her ass-toy had seemed to have such poor endurance, but revitalized when she let more air into her rectum when she’d tried to pull him out the first time.

“Holy shit you’re not super-tough!?”

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