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Story Notes:

Trade for a fellow writer I admire. I hope you enjoy it too. ^,^

Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey everyone. Just here to post a story I wrote for a fellow writer here on GTS World named Masough. You can check out his work for yourself. It's pretty impressive and unique in my opinion, and it was a pleasure to trade stories with him.

Here's a spice and wolf story featuring the lovely wolf goddess herself, Holo.


Enjoy. ^,^




*Sniff… sniff, sniff…*




 “Mmmm~, what a pleasant aroma…”



Laying sprawled out on her back, in the middle of a large mound of dirt and withered leaves, rested a lone girl. Her skin was as pale as alabaster, and her hair, as brown as the tawny roots and branches she lay amongst. However, beyond her pristine form, were other attributes, that gave way to her otherworldly appearance. Those being, a pair of pointed, wolf-like ears atop her matted hair, and an equally furry appendage, in the form of a long, elegant tail, swinging back and forth slowly, as consciousness began to return to the sleeping girl.


Clenching her eyes tightly, the animalistic woman soon parted them, as she took sight of the land, she had long forgotten about in her restful slumber. They were piercing red, like that of a predator, rather then the eyes of a young lady she appeared to be.


Darting her crimson pools back and forth as she took in her surroundings unconsciously, the young woman yawned loudly before leaning up and discarding the foliage that had been resting atop her naked form as a sort of makeshift blanket of sorts. In truth, she had simply slept there, and the leaves had continued to bury her all this time… How long, was it actually?


Rubbing her tired eyes after having slept for what was no doubt at least a century, the animalistic woman blinked repeatedly before sighing. ‘That pleasant fragrance is gone… what a shame.’ She smelled something sweet. It smelled familiar actually. Perhaps, it wasn’t too late to search for it.


Crawling forward on all fours, the naked woman began to shake her body back and forth as she loosened leaves and dirt off her matted form. Wrinkling her nose as she smelled herself, the wolf eared woman huffed before rising on her hind legs and standing up normally.


“How… unbefitting. To think I, Holo the Wise Wolf, let myself get this filthy. I need to bathe…” Pouting as her ears folded back like a dog having been just scolded, the brunette now known as Holo began to walk away from her makeshift bed, as she ventured out of what had once been a cave.


At some point, the ceiling had collapsed, and it seemed nature had reclaimed the rocks she was surrounded by now. She must have been sleeping even longer then she had originally thought. Tilting her head back and forth as she stepped out of the entrance of the vine encrusted cave, Holo’s piercing eyes looked out before a wide grin, spread across her face.


Atop the hill, she resided on, were endless pastures. The land, as far as the eye could see, was green, and lush. Fields were full of crops. Grain grew in stocks far higher than those she had witnessed in the past. And the scent if the air, was pure, and untouched by plague or famine. To sum it up, these lands were blessed. Blessed by her to be more specific.


It seems while she slept, the fairly barren surroundings she had once taken shelter in, had blossomed into fruition under her care. Chuckling to herself as she began to walk down the mountain, Holo could only shake her head. “I do hope the town I visited centuries back is still around. Perhaps they will thank me for blessing their lands in the form of a warm bath.” She really needed one…


Not to mention, a warm meal. And alcohol. Honestly, she wanted a lot of things right about now. But, nothing too major. She was sure, for land as prosperous as this, a few, meager accommodations would be the least they could do for her hand in this region’s growth.


As she set foot at the base of the mountain, Holo’s eyes shifted in the direction she recalled the town in question. Sure enough, she could see smoke rising in the distance, and what appeared to be large structures amongst the grain stocks.


Smiling, the petite wolf girl began to walk in that direction, before her eyes landed on the stocks of wheat beside her. ‘Odd… I do not recall this type of wheat…’ It looked, red. Almost like it was bleeding, but the wheat had drunk it instead of water.


Pacing towards the stocks, the matted girl continued to study the crop, before reaching out and plucking a few stems of it before tucking it into her hair. “I guess I will keep you as a souvenir. I wonder if the humans I find can enlighten me about your kind.” She smiled, before continuing on her way.


This new era was just full of surprises. She couldn’t wait to see everything with her own two eyes…



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



Walking somewhat calmly, albeit, on high alert due to her new surroundings, Holo was in a state of disbelief as she navigated the town she had wandered into a little while back. She had been eager to reveal herself to the people here and bask in their praise… but, that probably wouldn’t be the outcome she had hoped for. This place… was trouble…


Hiding under a blanket she had snatched from a man moving his stock out of a tall structure with many windows, the brunette was baffled by everything she was witnessing. The small town that had once been a spec in the vast lands she had navigated in the past, was now a blooming kingdom! But the homes and shops here were unlike any she had ever witnessed before.


They were higher than she could see, and reached the clouds above. The people here were equally as strange. They were all dressed in dark clothes that looked fresh from the loom. No tears or patches on any of them. Were these humans here all nobles?


Wincing as a loud sound which she detested rang out in front of her, Holo glowered as she saw a pair of men in what appeared to be some sort of mechanical carriage. Though what bothered her was the lack of horses drawing it. This place was a little too weird for her tastes.


‘Just how long was I slumbering?’ It was like she had been transported to a new world entirely! Walking back a way’s as she saw a pair of people both garbed in the same odd clothing pass her by with a small child in a dress, Holo’s eyes shifted a bit as she studied their forms.


Their skin was clean and pristine. Their hair was cut short and void of filth. Their posture as well seemed to be linear, and void of hunches or aliments. These humans, had they never known labor? Their bodies were skinny… well, some. It seemed most were either thin or overtly heavyset, like a king or a sovereign.


Perhaps she wasn’t in the same place she had thought she was. ‘I need to leave… now.’ Whenever a change happened, trouble usually followed. And the last thing she needed was to get into any of that right after awakening. She would just have to find a new town. One that wasn’t so… bizarre.


Turning around and walking back down a long alley of two large buildings on either side of her, Holo tried to maneuver her way back out of the town she had wandered into, but, it seemed like it would be much harder now, as more and more people came out of the buildings around her, as the sun rose higher into the sky for the day.


Cursing under her breath for her lack of foresight, Holo pulled the blanket over her head to hide her ears a little more. While revealing herself might make people recognize her, it could also make them simply lash out at her as well. Humans were just too unpredictable in the worst of times.


Coming to the end of the alley as she saw the street she had followed to get here, the wolf girl’s crimson eyes shifted left and right before she darted through the crowd around her drawing few eyes in the process. If she could just get to the edge of town, then she could leave with little recourse to people finding her out.


However, before the brunette could make it to the corner she needed to turn onto, something soon drew her eyes, freezing her firmly in place. Stopping at the corner of what appeared to be a large park, the disgruntled deities’ eyes fell on what appeared to be a bronze encased statue.


Furrowing her brow, as her mind wandered away with her, Holo silently moved towards it with trepidation. This, looked like a bad omen if she ever saw one. Lying on its side with a hilted sword sticking out of its chest, was a large wolf. Atop it, kneeled a man in armor, holding onto the hilt triumphantly… What was the meaning of this?


Studying the wolf's face silently, Holo soon narrowed her eyes. It was her… The detail looked, to similar not to be her. Even the size seemed to prove it. Looking down at the metal sides of the rectangular pedestal the monstrosity was mounted on, the wolf girl quickly swiveled around it before coming to a stop as she saw an engraved plaque on the back of it.


Reading it in silence, her eyes widening in the process, Holo soon growled gutturally as she bared her fangs. This was wrong… This was a bald-faced lie! ‘With courage and strength, we bless this city with the blood of the Demon Wolf, whose presence plagued these lands. May our hero’s death be a mark of honor, for he has slewed the monster. Forever we will prosper. Forever we will remain. – Marcus Milone IV, city of Pasloe, 1762!’


She was still here… This was the place she had settled in centuries past. This once small town was now a blooming kingdom. And it was founded on a lie! Growling angrily as her fingers sank into her palms with enough force to draw blood, Holo soon tilted her head back without thinking, as her emotions controlled her, forcing her lips to part before she let out a loud, bellowing howl into the sky.


Releasing all her emotions into her scream, silence soon rang out as the wolf gods bloodcurdling cry, deafening all around her, freezing both human and animal alike as they cowered from the hate-filled cry of legends past.


Letting her breath run dry, as all the air in her lungs left her, Holo finally stopped howling before she started to gasp loudly, and panted in anger. ‘These ungrateful humans!’ This lands prosperity was due to her blessing it! They should be celebrating her as their ancestors did in the past! How dare they accuse her of being a demon! No, how dare they claim to have slain her! She was still very much alive… and if it was the last thing she ever did, she would make them realize the error of their ways!


“M-Mam, I need you to calm down and get on your knees. I’m going to have to place you under arrest for indecent exposure. Please don’t do anything reckless.” Snapping her head with enough force to almost break her neck in the process, Holo’s seething red eyes pierced the human in front of her as she gazed at him furiously, her anger still boiling after what she had discovered.


Studying him as she continued to pant through her teeth, Holo soon narrowed her eyes as she saw him reaching for something on his hip. ‘Arrest me?’ What nonsense was this?! They dared to try and restrain her… was this a farce? No… he looked like he was serious. Clearly, he knew not, whom he was dealing with! None of the humans crowding around her now knew who she was.


Reaching up to her hair as the man in front of her pulled out some type of weapon, Holo quickly grabbed the stock of wheat she had tucked in her hair before coming here. “You fools… you’ve angered your goddess… I blessed your lands, and you lied about it once you got what you desired! You will have to atone, for your ancestor’s foolishness!” She hissed, before shoving the wheat she had plucked off the stock into her mouth.


Hearing noises around her as she swallowed the wheat, Holo soon tuned them out as she began to wobble on her feet. What, an odd sensation… She could feel the effect of the wheat. She was about to transform, into her true form! But… it didn’t feel, right…


Falling to her knees as she coughed, the wolf girl’s eyes slowly widened before her pupils dilated. This wasn’t, quite right. But she could feel herself changing… regardless, they would soon learn, just who they were messing with…


Looking to the man pointing something at her, Holo silently grinned before her body suddenly shot out in every direction! Hearing a loud cracking sound as the small patch of trees and rocks she had been in shot away as her expanding body shoved them away, the wolf goddess growled as she dust began to settle. Her transformation had been instant… but at the same time, something was wrong.


‘What, is this feeling…?’ Standing up slowly, as the buildings in front of her shrunk as she rose higher and higher, Holo’s eyes finally parted, as she stared down at the city far below her… She had grown… but, it was a far greater growth then she was used to. She was now towering over the entire city! But, even stranger… she was still in her human form…


‘What on earth happened…?’ Feeling something itching her ankle, Holo’s eyes shifted downward as she saw what remained of the group of people that had crowded around her previously. They looked like specs…


Blinking calmly, as a small grin spread across her face, the brunette couldn’t help but laugh, as her voice was carried over the entire region she now towered over. She didn’t know what was going on… but it was time to put these humans in their place! She needed to remind them, that they were still bugs to her. And what other purpose was for bugs, then to be squashed…


Lifting her foot up off the ground, rocks cascading down from between the wrinkles that had carried them up that high, to begin with, Holo’s eyes lit up with hungry excitement as she saw the large group of specs that had been the large group of humans from earlier.


“Learn your place, and repent!” She snarled before dropping her foot down hard. Cracking the ground underneath her like brittle glass, the wolf goddess licked her lips hungrily as she gingerly began to grind her toes back and forth before scrunching her digits and digging them into the dirt. This power… if felt, intoxicating! She had meant to simply scare them into submission with her true wolf form… but as she were now, there was so much more she could do to teach them all a lesson that they would surely never forget.


Feeling a pang of pleasure suddenly jolt between her legs, the giantess’ eyes shot down to her rugged quim before she brushed her fingers through her pubic hair, and gently caressed her sensitive folds. Her fingers felt sticky now… Was she, getting turned on by this...?


Smiling at first before an even wider grin broke out across her face, Holo’s bloody eyes looked over the now tiny city she had previously been astounded by that morning. ‘It’s my city…’ She had helped cultivate it when she slumbered. So that meant, she could do whatever she wanted with it… and she could do, whatever she wanted, with its tiny inhabitants.


Sinking her fingers, a little deeper into her glistening folds, Holo licked her lips once more before lifting her foot back up to admire the tiny smudge of red where her toes had just been. To even see that much meant she had to have stepped on hundreds of people. Perhaps even more.


Giggling softly, her mind now to far gone to rationalize what she had just done, her instincts quickly took the place of reason. As far as she was concerned, it was time to play with her new toys. This entire town was built upon a lie. The only proper recourse was to, enlighten them all. And she was more than eager to start!


Taking a single, long stride, and completely stepping over to the outskirts of the city, Holo looked down to where the edges of the forest were before she dug her toes back into the supple earth. Eying the town with a perverse look stretched across her face, the wolf goddess slowly began to drag her foot, causing a massive ravine to form from her simple action.


For the inhabitants of the town, it looked like the girl was simply observing them while causing continental damage to their surroundings. However, the truth of the matter was much, much darker. Finishing her slow walk around the entirety of the city, Holo quietly giggled as she admired her work.


surrounding the small metropolis, to her, was an equally small circle. But, to its inhabitants, the giantess might as well have just cut the people in the city off from the rest of the world. The rift she had formed was hundreds of feet wide, and even deeper than that. Everyone inside the city’s limits was firmly trapped. And the enraged deity they had provoked, knew it. She had done it after all. She wasn’t going to let even a single person, escape her judgment…


Stepping over the small line she had made, Holo couldn’t help but giggle to herself, the goddess’ voice carrying over the entire region as her laughter filled the skies. Her voice, was like that of deafening thunder, forcing all to hear her.


“Consider this divine retribution. I gave your ancestors furtle land. Bountiful harvests! And you act as though I plagued your lives! Well, if you want to view me as a demon wolf… then I might as well act the part!” Holo remarked bitterly. She was going to take great pleasure in this. Literally.


Crawling onto her knees so her head was closer to the ground, the brunette’s crimson eyes observed the ground beneath her. She could see the humans better now, if only barely. But it would be enough. She wanted to watch them flee! They were practically ants! If she weren’t so aroused, she might have thought them cute… but as it were now, she only saw playthings scampering across the ground.


Opening her mouth wide as she smiled, the giantess breathed outward as she observed the effects of her hot breath on the people far beneath her. Instantly many of them tumbled away. She hadn’t even meant to blow on them. They truly were, pathetic!


Seeing some crawling around and wiggling oddly, the wolf goddess had to ponder what they were doing. They looked like they were in pain. Perhaps the scent of her breath was too powerful for them. Breathing raspily onto the cluster of humans once again, Holo soon laughed. They were definitely distraught by that! Well, if they didn’t like her breath, then they certainly wouldn’t like what was stirring in her other end.


Panic was lining the streets as the goddess descended. As her face loomed closer, a pungent aroma festered across the streets, engulfing the once prosperous city in what smelled like a poisonous miasma! What was this foul stench?!


As a group of people directly in front of the gigantic deity’s face tried to flee for their lives, the Titaness mouth suddenly parted, before a gust of hot and sickly air overtook them all. Crying out in disgust as a horrendous smell spread across the streets, all who were unfortunate enough to smell the giant girl’s putrid breath fell to their knees coughing violently. Regardless of her sharp, pointed white teeth, It smelled like she had never even brushed her teeth in her life!


This was madness! They had to escape this sadistic creature. Crawling away, many of the humans attempted to stand, but it was as if the foul smells spread around them seemingly sapped the strength from their very bones! Many faces looked up as they heard bellowing laughter. Whomever this being was seemed to take great pleasure in their torture… and the hearts of all beneath her suddenly dropped, as they watched the giantess stand back up, before turning around, and squatting over them, her pale rear soon causing darkness, to engulf countless streets in the process like an eclipse in the sky.


The sky turned black, as a massive shadow engulfed the city blocks directly beneath the giantess. For many, a sight like nothing ever described to them took shape. Peering up, thousands of eyes all locked onto the giantess’ pert rear end, her plump cheeks slowly beginning to spread apart, as the goddess before them pulled on her pale cheeks.


Shaking their heads, many people who hadn’t been as unfortunate as the ones still gagging on the ground ran to their cars or took off in a sprint, as they heard a loud moan echoing out high in the skies… along with an eerie rumble, like that of thunder.


Panting loudly before letting out a forceful grunt, Holo grinned wickedly as she felt a bubbling feeling deep within her bowels. When she had first eaten that strange wheat, she had felt something within it upset her stomach, though at the time that wasn’t really on her mind.


Now, however, she could use her discomfort, for her revenge! “Hehe~, if you thought my breath smelled bad little ones, then how about you take a whiff, egghh, of, this!” Grunting even louder, a discomforting gurgle echoed out from the giantess’ stomach as she softly panted, her breath continuing to pollute the skies, along with the pungent fumes of her body. It was as if the woman herself was pestilence. If only they knew how right they were.


Sweating profusely as she tried to will her body to release what had been building up in her lower intestine, Holo finally smiled as she felt what she wanted knocking at her back door. “Here you go little one’s~. Here’s your goddess’ gift!” She snapped, before grunting for a final time, as a loud torrent of hot air evacuated from her ass.





Moaning loudly as she felt the sweet relief that came from farting, Holo’s eyes soon began to water before she cupped her nose. ‘By the gods! What was in that grain!?’ The smell was absolutely wretched! Giggling softly at first, the wolf girl quickly burst into laughter as she thought about the torment she had no doubt just caused the people caught under her. If it smelled this bad by her face, then she probably just killed everyone who was unfortunate enough to be standing right beneath her.


Wrinkling her nose as she turned to look down at her display of power, Holo soon burst into loud laughter once more as she saw the cleared plot of earth that now rested beneath her ass. Her loud fart had completely blown away the spot beneath her.


Licking her lips as her fingers sunk back into her aching quim, the giantess began to pleasure herself at the thought. “Do you see now your mistakes? You upset me greatly. And with just a fart, I’ve destroyed a part of your prosperous city! Do you not see your folly yet?! Do not even think of repenting now… it’s far too late for that!” She hissed, before pulling her hand back up from her dripping neither's.


Looking at the glistening gloss that coated her fingertips, Holo sniffed deeply before shuddering in excitement. The scent of her own arousal. Oh, it had been far too long since she last indulged herself. And this time was shaping up to be the best she had ever felt! She had barely even touched herself and she was already soaking wet!


‘Heh~. A fart, and some petting, and I am but a mutt in heat.’ How truly depraved she must look to her fellow wolves. But they weren’t here. No, it was just these foolish humans. She had almost forgotten about them… almost.


Sitting up on her knees as she looked around the city for what to do next, the wolf girl quickly locked onto a rather imposing building not too far from her. It almost reached her waist while she was kneeling. Perhaps it was important. Too bad it was in a certain shape she longed for right about now.


Grinning licentiously, the goddess crawled over to the large structure crushing building after building in her pursuit of the larger one she wanted. On the ground, it was utter chaos. Everyone who had been in the vicinity of the titaness’ massive ass was suddenly wiped off the face of the continent! Glass in buildings for miles on either end was shattered from the pressure. And the smell… the ungodly smell!


The air was polluted. Forever it would smell rancid. Even in the furthest reaches of the city, people openly vomited on the street as the stench that permitted the town caused nausea to spread. No one was safe from it. Neither in, or out of their homes, cars, or shops.


However, for the ones closer to ground zero, nothing was left. The very concreate that the streets were built on, had been ripped from the ground after the giantess released her gas. The poor unfortunate souls who had been directly under it, thankfully had a quick death, as the foul wind shredded their flesh to pieces in an instant. The same couldn’t be said for everyone else who wasn’t directly under the foul giant’s filthy hole.


Most everyone had collapsed on the street surrounding the giantess, as they breathed in her retched air. And sadly, without the strength to run, many were crushed, in the much larger girl’s pursuit of pleasure. With that said… the true horrors, were only just getting started…


Biting her lower lip in excitement as she reached the building she had wanted, Holo’s eyes lit up as she discovered it was actually one of three all within close proximity of one another. ‘How wonderful! They built me spares to play with when I destroy this one!’ It wasn’t a matter of if. She was going to level the city no matter what. But she was thankful none the less.


Now she had more than one toy large enough to satisfy her lusts. She could take her time with three. Reaching to the base of the building, Holo’s massive digits dug into the cement before completely rupturing the surrounding streets as she began to pull it loose from the earth.


Lifting the surprisingly lite structure up before examining it once it was completely removed from the earth, Holo had to take a moment to pause and let out the softest of chuckles. “Ahh, what a wonderful treat. Do you humans live in this thing? It’s quite large… for you. I wonder how many of you are still inside… Actually, I wonder how many of you will still be inside when I’m done with your precious home. Thank you for the toy to play with! It’s no alpha, but I’ll use it as such.” She remarked lustfully.


Turning the building upside down so the hole that had formed from the base was facing where she wanted it to be, Holo grinned sadistically as she began moving it toward’s her needy quim. If gassing these insects didn’t kill them all, then perhaps drowning them would work. And the thought alone was enough to make her squirt!


Hissing as she began to push the crumbling building into her parted neither lips, Holo moaned softly as she started easing the building in, inch by inch. A part of her wanted to just shove it all in and hump it like a bitch in heat! But, she wanted to prolong this. The longer it took for her to orgasm, the more her little playthings inside of the toy she had acquired would suffer. And that was what this was all about after all. Revenge!


Forcing the cracking building a good way in till just the tip was sticking out from her throbbing lower lips, Holo began to pull it back out, as she reversed the process, before starting all over again. Each time picking up more and more speed. Her patience could only hold out for so long, before her animalistic lusts, kicked in…


As for the people inside the building… it was as if the sun had gone out, leaving the world in pure, and utter darkness. Creaks and loud crunches could be heard all around. Due to not just this, but the fact the entirety of the building had been turned upside down, for the thousands of people who had been working inside the office building, hysteria had set in.


Glass surrounded all sides of every level, and the windows that hadn’t been blown out from the titaness’ powerful fart from earlier, were soon shattered apart, as pink and puffy walls pulsed and throbbed from all sides. Sadly, that wouldn’t be what caused the most mayhem inside the structure, however.


The building was well insolated, and the heat of the giantess’ searing snatch was beginning to bake the people inside of it alive! The entire building had turned into a device of pure, and utter torture, as it brought the much larger woman unfathomable amounts of pleasure in return…


For the few who had been at the bottom of the building after it got turned upside down and was first inserted, their end’s had been swift. The base shattered apart withing moments of being stuffed inside the eager wolf girl’s cunt. Her powerful muscles squeezing the weak base of the structure causing it to crush everyone inside the first ten flours.


Sadly, however, the ones who had been up much higher were now trapped with no way out. The doors were all upside down, and furniture had pinned many to the ceiling, if not outright crushing them. The heat and smells boiled them… but what did most of the office workers of the building in, were the excited wolf goddess’ fluids.


In the pitch-black hell they found themselves in, sticky, translucent fluids engulfed many, causing them to choke on the boiling juices of the much larger girl. Stairwells, elevator shafts, supply closets, even private closed-off offices. Nowhere was safe, from the giantess’ excitement, as it trickled into every crack, and every crevice, trapping the screaming humans in it, and either searing them from the heat or suffocating them from the amount.


Within minutes of the building being inserted in, none were left to tell about the experience. It was all for naught, as Holo began to viciously pump the crumbling building into her needy quim, faster and faster, her thoughts going wild as she fantasized about what was really going on inside of her newest plaything.


Panting in bliss as her tongue began to roll out the corner of her mouth, Holo’s eyes glazed over before she forced the rest of the building inside of her with one final push. Letting out a high pitched howl that shattered the rest of the glass and mirrors within the city she had trapped, Holo screamed in ecstasy as the most powerful orgasm of her life rocketed out of her quim. The titaness' excitement mixed with rock, rubble, and blood as the murky fluids flooded out of her cunt down onto the shocked population far below her.


Screaming, people for miles tried to escape the tidal wave of juices that had shot out of the giantess, but, it was hopeless, as hundreds upon hundreds of people, were swiftly washed away, and dragged to the edge of the city, before falling down to their graves, in the crevice Holo had made early that day…


Panting on the ground as she tried to catch her breath, Holo soon fell forward crushing roughly a third of the city in the process as she laid sprawled out on top of it exhaustedly. Whimpering softly, the horny giantess’ eyes fluttered open and closed as she basked in the afterglow of her otherworldly orgasm.


‘By, the gods… I should have done this century’s ago!’ She felt, so good! Closing her eyes and sighing happily, the larger girl took a minute to truly relax. The feeling when she had first awoken had been utterly blissful. But this! This was heaven! She had only just cum and she could already feel her neither's twitching in anticipation for more… along with something else…


Furrowing her brow from the itchy feeling coming from her loins, Holo rolled onto her back, crushing another section of the city under her sweaty body before leaning up to get a better look at her privates. Blinking repeatedly as she tried to see what was itching her sensitive skin, the wolf girl had to pause, as she finally figured it out.


Grinning like a madwoman, Holo suddenly bellowed with laughter as a sadistic smile plastered itself to her face. “HAH! HAHAHAHA! LOOK AT YOU BUGS! Can you not laugh at your own piteous states?!” Inside her pubic hair, were countless amounts of humans! It almost looked like her hairs was moving on their own!


Laughing joyously, Holo was content to watch as she saw the disgruntled state the poor little things seemed to be in. It seemed either when she had her orgasm, or when she laid down, she must have crushed a nest with her course hairs, trapping who knows how many people inside of them.


Sitting upright and lowering her hand down, Holo bit her lower lip in excitement as she began fingering herself once more. “Go on, struggle more! Amuse your goddess until she’s ready to play with another toy!” Holo laughed. She would enjoy seeing them struggle vainly. Not to mention imagining the hell they must be in. Even before she took her nap, her lower hairs had been quite thick and musky. Now after hundreds of years… it was probably worse than her breath had been to them. And that alone, turned her on even more. She was really getting into torturing these humans. Perhaps she could think of even grosser things to do with them next…


Screaming in hysterics, people ran wild in the massive pubic forest trying to escape it. The heat and humidity being immitted from the giantess were enough to cause them to grow faint. But the smell… it was worse than what had been on the streets! Running around in every direction as they tried to find a way out of the thick forest of smelly hairs, many people ended up trapping themselves in them as they struggled more and more, tying loose strands of the greasy strings around their body’s, binding them to the giantess permanently.


For many others, however, sweat droplets the size of buses streamed down the thick bushes of hairs, seemingly coming out of nowhere before washing away scores of people. Swimming in the giantess’ sweat, inevitably, all who were trapped within the salty fluid quickly lost what little air they had been saving in their lungs, before the goddess’ rancid fluids engulfed their throats, causing them to drown.


For the few who did make it out, however, they were still, equally screwed. Running to their deaths, many escaped the thicked of pubic hair, before falling off the mounds of skin, and plummeting into the giantess’ waiting lower lips.


For the very unfortunate few who made it out and survived the fall, they soon wound up right on Holo’s eager fingers, as they were ushered to their deaths inside of the much larger girl's massive lower lips. Their lives extinguished, for what wasn’t even considered pleasure to the giant girl, who had been unaware of anyone even touching her.


To her, these humans really were just bugs. But sadly, playtime was now over… She was sufficiently aroused, after watching the chaos within her pubic hair. Grinning widely, Holo ran her hand through her greasy lower hairs as she herded whoever was left in it down into her waiting hand before bringing it up to her face.


Licking her glistening palm and drinking her own juices, Holo’s eyes began to glaze over once more. She could taste the flavors of dirt and blood… It was enough to excite her once again. Sucking on her fingers, and the few who had survived before the pubic culling, the wolf girl quickly cleaned her hand off, before crawling back onto her knees. She was ready for more now!


Though this time, she wanted to try pleasuring, a different hole. One who had seen little action since she started punishing these insects. Looking to one of the two remaining tall buildings she had been saving from her destruction, Holo quickly reached down for the base of it before yanking it out of the ground with as much ease as she had the first one.


It was in a similar shape, though slightly different. Instead of a sharper tip, it was rectangular in shape. It would be a little pointy, but, at her size, that would probably make it feel even better! Rolling onto her stomach over a part of the city she had previously fallen upon, Holo tried to be careful now not to completely destroy what was left of her playground. She wanted to prolong the fun as long as possible!


“I hope this is also a place where you humans live. You can move here instead though! Your goddess Holo permits it!” The wolf girl chirped happily before sticking her ass high into the air. Flicking her tail away from her pert cheeks, the giantess didn’t bother turning this building upside down. If people fell out of it in the process, they would only end up where she wanted them to a little quicker.


Pulling apart her sweaty ass cheeks as she held the large building over her puckered anus, Holo gently began to lower it down before a soft hiss escaped her throat. She could feel a tingle of excitement just from the outside of it poking her backdoor. She could only imagine what it must feel like once it went in!


Grinning wickedly, the wolf girl didn’t waste her time wetting the building and instead gently fingered the base of her asshole with her own glistening fingers. Whimpering softly as she started to pick up speed from her thrusting, the larger girl had to mentally remind herself that she was only trying to make the building slide in easier. Given half a chance she probably would have continued…


Peering down thousands of feet from the ledges of the many broken windows, the poor office workers of the building Holo was currently positioning over her asshole were left either running around madly or on their knees praying for a miracle. Some even jumped out ahead of the large structure in an attempt to end it before the Titaness did it herself. Perhaps fortunately enough they did, as they wound up on the wolf girl’s index finger before being shoved carelessly into her rectum, their friends still in the building soon following along right after them.


As the base of the structure first entered, it appeared as if the giantess wouldn’t be able to put it in due to its large size… but, as the massive woman’s moans bellowed deafeningly all around them, to their horror, the structure began to go in.


With renewed panic, people began to scream once more, as the workers at the base of the building began to frantically climb up the stairs, and spare what little time they had left, to not end up inside of the giant wolf girl’s hungry ass.


Sadly, none of them really made it to far, as Holo pushed the large structure deeper into her rear, faster than the tiny people inside of it could climb. As darkness enveloped the windowless building much like the other office building had before that ended up in her soaking quim, the unfortunate workers in this one weren’t nearly as lucky.


Immediately a smell strong enough to render many vomiting flooded into the building, along with sticky mucus that lined the giantess’ filthy brown walls. Screaming madly, many tried to get away, but, due to the jarring movements, most were shoved out the open windows, and ground into a smelly red paste inside the larger girl’s sphincter.


None were safe in the end, and it would only get worse, as they descended deeper in… But, for Holo, this was pure heaven! Biting her lower lip as she whimpered loudly, tears of pain and pleasure streamed down the giant girl’s cheeks as she inched more and more of the massive building up her ass.


She had never taken it in this end before, but it felt great! No wonder the harlots she met in the past often bragged about such vulgar things! She should have taken their advice long ago too! Panting in a sweaty mess on the ground, Holo’s tail wagged back and forth wildly causing the wind around her to knock over smaller buildings in the surrounding area. But this only added more to her excitement.


No matter what she did, she caused mayhem and misery. She had never once felt more like a goddess then now. And she didn’t even need humans to worship her! Perhaps, this was just the state these beings were in now. She was a deity… and as her ancestors had done, it seemed like it was her time to finally punish them, and toy with them as her playthings. This new role, seemed better suited in the end, due to her new height.


Twisting the building back and forth, Holo panted louder as she felt it crumbling apart inside of her ass. She didn’t care if she farted it out as rubble, she was going to push it all in damn it! Clenching her anus around it as her filthy hole was stretched further apart, the wolf deity began breaking off pieces of it as she tried her hardest to make it fit.


‘Y-Yessss! Deeper!’ She wanted to feel everything! She wanted it to feel her insides pushed around! She wanted to feel stuffed to her limits! She wanted to enjoy the sensation of thousands of lives waste away inside of her smelly ass! They were all just playthings for her to use! And their suffering would make her even hornier!


As darkness consumed all in its wake inside the titaness’ colossal asshole, hundreds of workers ran around blindly as metal and debris fell in all directions, the walls soon crunching inwards as the heat and smell began to claim the remaining people who were unfortunate enough to last this long.


Many were soon ground together in a mix of waste and rock as the building was crunched into a gravelly mess inside the giant wolf girl, her screams of pleasure reverberating around the remaining humans inside of her. Hearing the rapid beat of her heart sung along by the chorus of her blissful cries, the remaining people who survived were soon crushed into a bloody mess, before mixing with Holo’s waste, leaving not even a trace of their past as the remainder of the building was swallowed whole by the hungry goddess’ darkened colon.


Panting exhaustedly as sweat dripped off her frame, down onto the streets below, Holo was in a state of pure, euphoria, as she basked in the afterglow of her second orgasm that morning. Wincing as she felt her anus twitching like mad as it tried to hold in what remained of the crushed skyscraper she had fed it, the larger girl tried to calm herself, but, it seemed her body had other ideas, as she felt her bladder beginning to stir alongside her bowels.


Grunting weakly as nature's call began to take ahold of her, the wolf girl’s bloody eyes shifted to the outer areas of the city as she smiled perversely. ‘I guess it can’t be helped.’ When you had to go… you had to go. And conveniently, she had already dug a hole to fill earlier.


Crawling to her feet as she tried to gather her bearings, the giantess soon stood up on shaky feet as she admired what she had reduced the once prosperous city too. The center was completely gone, along with many areas in the near vicinity of it. The only parts that seemed relatively intact from her vicious assault on it were the outer ring that stood proud by the canyon she had created with her foot.


Taking two steps to the closest edge, the wolf girl squatted down and tried to see if any humans were still here. Thankfully, it appeared they still were. She could see endless amounts of tiny little ants scurrying around helplessly. It seemed like most of the bugs she had trapped must have tried to flee the city before finding out they were stuck here. This was good for her…She still wanted to play more.


Grinning sadistically back at the tiny humans, Holo reached down to her dripping cunt as droplets of her juices fell down onto the ruble beneath her. “I was wondering where all my faithful playthings were. Since you have given me plenty of fun today, I think It’s time I returned the favor!”


Reaching two fingers down to her soaking quim, Holo began to probe her folds lightly as she shivered in delight. She was still ready for more even after having just come twice. How long before she tuckered out again? She wanted to find out!


Withdrawing her hand, Holo’s sticky digits moved away from her crotch before she lowered it towards the wiggling black mass beneath her. “Come along now, I’m peckish…” She growled before lightly grazing the land beneath her, gathering countless amounts of humans on her fingertips in the process.


Screaming in mass hysteria, thousands of people fought wildly as their body’s stuck to the sticky fluids of the giantess as they rose higher and higher into the sky towards the wolf girl’s colossal grinning face. Some fell, others even drowned… but for most, they were simply trapped, as they were brought closer and closer, to the grinning titan’s plump, parting lips.


Gagging as the giantess began to breathe on them, her rancid breath robbing them of clean air to breath, many began to pass out, but many others weren’t so lucky, as they were forced to suffer the sight, of their frail bodies being moved closer to the giantess’ waiting mouth.


Panting in excitement, Holo’s eyes were dull and void of empathy, as her instincts guided her, to enjoy her meal. Moving her two fingers into her mouth, the wolf girl’s eyes closed, along with her lips, as she trapped the cluster of humans who had been unfortunate enough to be caught in her sticky trap.


Running her tongue up and down her digits as she tasted herself, brunette soon whimpered as she felt her lower lips twitching with anticipation. The thought that swallowing hundreds of people was just foreplay for what was to come almost put her over the edge again!


But, she had to relent, or else that might ruin what she had planned to do next. Sucking her fingers from the hilt to their tips, Holo pulled back before withdrawing her hand out of her mouth and opening her eyes once more.


Swishing her tongue back and forth as she tasted the salty fluids no doubt laced with sweat, dirt, and blood, the wolf girl finished her treat by tilting her head and swallowing everything she had been savoring, in a single gulp. Shuddering at the tingling sensation of what had to be the few surviving humans drug down her pulsing throat, Holo slowly began to buck her hips as she felt her needy quim squirting lightly down onto the streets beneath her.


Popping her lips and smiling back at her captive audience viciously, the wolf girl giggled to herself as she deafened the people under her with her angelic voice. Bringing her hand back down to her neither lips, the giantess parted them as she flashed the foolish humans who hadn’t started running away yet with her bright pink inner walls.


“Thanks’ for the treat~. Now, here’s your reward.” Closing her eyes as she relaxed, Holo winced momentarily as she felt her body’s needs beginning to release, as a warm sensation traveled through her crotch before she sighed in relief. She really had to pee…


Crying out in horror as a massive golden waterfall crashed down onto the asphalte streets, men and women alike tried to run from the tidal waves of smelly fluids, but they didn’t even make it more than ten feet before the wave Holo had created swept the people away and tore through the outskirts of the city like a tsunami hitting an island.


Screaming choruses rang out all around as the wolf diety’s yellow fluids tore through buildings, taking everything along its path of trajectory for a ride. However, the place it was headed for, would be the unfortunate humans who were caught in its voyages graves.


As the rushing salty liquid ran toward’s the edge of the city taking countless people with its fury, many were soon rendered helplessly airborne as they were washed down into the very canyon that had trapped them in their city, to begin with.


Crashing into the bottom of the ravine, people were instantly torn apart as rushing urine, rock, metal, and just about everything else all sloshed down into the wide mote Holo had crafted to keep them in, their bodies being drug under either to be crushed at the bottom by falling rubble, or drowned as they were showered with more and more of the wolf diety’s smelly pee.


Grinning sadistically as she began moving her hips to hit more and more parts of the city, Holo was soon laughing hysterically as she watched the ants disappear as she peed on them. THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC! To be wiped out of existence by nature’s call?! How much more humiliation could these mortals even take?!


Licking her lips as she stopped her stream only to start it back up once she took a few more steps to a new location, Holo continued this cruel process until her bladder finally emptied itself down atop the people who had sadly been caught beneath its rampage.


Continuing to pant as she wanted to cause even more destruction, Holo’s eyes locked onto the area she would have moved next had her bladder not emptied before hse reached down and tore a chunk of the street clean off the ground.


“Make yourselves useful and clean your goddess!” Holo barked before bringing the city blocks she had torn from the earth toward’s her leaking cunt. Smashing the homes and buildings that had been on top of it into her dripping folds, the wolf girl’s eyes lit up in pleasure as she ground the piece of rock into rubble.


Panting wide-eyed as her tail swung back and forth from the indescribable pleasure she felt, Holo continued rubbing herself with the town until only her fingers remained, the streets she had been using before having all but been worn out into dust that trickled through the cracks of her fingers.


Gasping for air as she fingered herself and looked around for something else to do, Holo soon paused as she saw the new blotches of the city that had somehow survived her assault. They were all spread out, unfortunately…


She could go to each one individually… but that was boring. She wanted to destroy them all in one go! Damn it, why couldn’t she have been a little bigger?! She could have used the whole city in one go that way and… and…


Blinking slowly as the haze of lust lifted momentarily, Holo soon began to grin before chuckling darkly to herself. ‘Bigger… I need, to be bigger!’ Pulling her finger out of her dripping quim, the giantess looked around before her crimson eyes landed on the small patched of red outside the line she had drawn around the city.


Stumbling toward’s it as she felt both her bowels and her cunt aching to be used, Holo quickly fell to her knees as she stared down at the ground to make sure she was seeing what she wanted. Licking her lips, the wolf girl nodded to herself before lowering her head down to the ground and trailing her tongue along the patch of grain she had discovered earlier that day. She would eat it again… eat, ALL OF IT!


Taking the entire field with a single stroke of her tongue, along with the majority of the farming land surrounding it, Holo pulled her head back before swallowing what she had collected in a quick gulp. Kneeling on the ground in silence, the giantess waited… before feeling an all to familiar tingle within her stomach.


Panting loudly, sweat began to form across the wolf girl’s already damp body before she suddenly started to shoot up in height once again! Moaning as she tore the ground apart with her expanding form, Holo screamed in bliss as her fingers drove themselves back into her needy quim once more.


Fingering herself wildly as she tried to derive as much pleasure from her growth spurt as she could, Holo was soon driven to the brink of ecstasy once again as she screamed loud enough for the entire country to hear. Crying into the sky with her fangs raised, the wolf goddess’ screams quickly turned into howls as she lamented her pleasure for the world to hear!


This feeling… she couldn’t, couldn’t control it! Keeping her howl going for what felt like days, as pleasure electrified her body without end, Holo soon came down from her high, as her voice gave out. Falling on her but and cracking the land around her from the impact, the wolf goddess softly panted as her orgasm dribbled out of her.


That had been the best one yet… she had never felt, as good as she did today. She never wanted this to end! Catching her breath weakly, the pale-skinned deity wiped her brow before looking back at the city. Perhaps she had grown enough now to completely wipe it out in one go…


Oh, how right she was…



Blinking slowly as she tried to process what she was seeing, Holo’s eyes were wide with shock. This… couldn’t be real… could it…? Looking back and forth before finally settling on staring downward, a sick smile suddenly fell over the wolf girl’s face.


That wheat… it really was, something else. To her left, was the ocean. And to her right, was another ocean. And as for the town she had been punishing… it was gone from sight completely, as she sat on a small patch of land. She had outgrown, the country…


Peering across the vast stretch of water, the wolf goddess could make out what appeared to be another patch of land. Grinning in amusement at the bizarre twist of events she now found herself in, Holo’s eyes fell down between her legs as she saw the dark patches of earth her growth had caused.


She had got what she wanted… The town was no doubt demolished as she grew to her new height. Yet, she felt, unfulfilled. Like she was robbed of her final act of fun she had planned for the few humans who had remained there.


Eying the surrounding landscape, Holo soon sighed before crawling to her feet. She didn’t have a reason to do this… other than, she simply wanted to. To bad for them… she was probably going to kill off whatever followers of her she still had once she finished.


To bad… but, she would have new ones. In the end, this nation needed to be fixed. If a few centuries were enough for the humans to forget about her, then she would have to remind them all, why it was not wise to provoke their goddess. And what better way was there to do that, then to make an example of this country?


Taking a single step outside the patch of land as her dainty (to her), foot sunk only to her toes in the ocean in front of her, Holo did the same with her other foot, before squatting down, so that her ass hung over nearly all off the continent. “Stare at the sky humans, and pray to me now! I’m going to fix your world for you. R-Right, about… n-now!” She grunted.


Flexing her anus as it winked down at the people who hadn’t been caught in the giantess’ growth, all eyes from every nation of the region, were fixated to the skies, as a shadow loomed high above them… and a smell the likes of which hell couldn’t even produce, began to saturate the atmosphere.


At first, it started as coughing, then screams of pain rang out with people emptying their stomachs onto the streets. Was this, the end times?! In a sense, it was… but for many different reasons then their beliefs were formed around.


Pushing on her bowels, Holo grunted loudly as she felt her colon working to push out everything that had been shoved inside of it that day… there was quite a bit to move out. Pulling her cheeks apart with her hands, the wolf goddess felt a slight pulse against her puckered sphincter before a loud fart escaped her rear, as she tried to relieve herself.


Wincing from the foul smell, Holo couldn’t help but grin one final time as she imagines the hell she had just brought upon the lands beneath her. Did she wipe out a city with a single fart? Did she just suffocate a nation and deprive them of their very right to breathe? Heh~. Those were the fortunate ones! Because with what was about to come next, the ones who perished would no doubt be happy, not to go through what she was about to put the rest of the continent through.


After what felt like an eternity, Holo’s eyes finally softened, as she felt her anus widen before a large lump of brown waste, began to poke out of her sphincter, before falling downward toward’s the lands beneath her.


Crying in bliss as the seal finally broke in her ass, the wolf girl’s eyes watered from the pain and relief she felt as her shit began to freely rain down under her, and completely overtake the land. It started out solid, but, as more and more began to fall out, it became less and less hard, until a slimy brown faucet drained across the ground, engulfing everything in its foul presence.


Looking down between her legs as she saw her poop draining into the sea at her ankles, Holo couldn’t help but smile. Nothing would be left when she was done. She was giving this country a chance to be reborn. No more cities… no more people… just very, very… furtle land.


As the last of her shit finally dribbled out like the last few drops of a well-pump spitting out its flow, Holo gave a final sigh before letting go of her asscheeks and standing back up to admire her work. Looking over the land somewhat thoughtful now, the wolf girl was silently pleased with herself as she saw her shit stretching out in every direction. Even the furthest reaches hadn’t been saved, from the tidal wave of waste she had cast upon the world.


Licking her lips as she felt herself growing horny once again from the sight, Holo had to stop herself since she knew she had no way to vent her sadistic desires now that she had completely decimated the country. Though… that might not be entirely true…


Biting her bottom lip and peering over her shoulder, the titanic goddess soon whimpered as she saw the foreign landmass in the distance. It was just a short walk away…


Smiling softly before grinning like a madwoman, Holo began pacing towards it like a predator stalking its prey. She would eventually get tuckered out…



And when she did, she couldn’t wait to wake back up, and admire the world after it’s rebirth…



All would remember her name. She would make sure of that, and leave her mark on the planet itself. After all… she was a Goddess.



And the very world was now her plaything… along with everyone else, who lived on it.

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